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Devils Lake inter-ocean. (Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., Dakota [N.D.]) 1884-1905, April 20, 1900, Image 1

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J. S. THOE & CO,
^Successors to Devil* Lake Mercantile Co.)
Dry Goods-
We Are Not the Whole Thing!
Bat we can and will sell yon
^w%VW^Vv '7' &«*
-t*"vA V-
Oar grocery department is compute in every detail. Our
goods »re the best that can be bought and purchasers will
ow as first class goods can be
find that the prices
sold far.
Having jnst opened up a large assortment of the very lat
est patterns in Dry Goods, we would like to have the ladies
call and inspect our stock. Everything is new and fresh
and you will find no shelf worn goods at Thoe Oofc
Men's Working Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes,
Underwear, Qloves and Mittens.
If you want anything in this line we oan suit you. Our goods
are right, tod the prices are bound to please.
BTT.T. Liee'a old stand, East Fourth St.
Nails, Glidden Barbed Wire, Cook Stoves,
Gasoline or Oil Stoves, Bicycles, Builders'
vie. Hardware, Tin and Copper Ware
Of the Best Brands Made for
money than any other dealer in the state
We also have the
And Guarantee Every Job of Work we do.
If you want to make Money, get our prices before you buy.
At Kelley's Old Stand,
Fourth Street. Devils Lake, N. D.
Devils Lake Iron Works
Estimates furnished on all kinds of steam plants. All kinds of ma- i'
chinery repaired. Steam and hot water heating plants of new design.
Practical engineers, machinists, boiler makers and blacksmiths.
1 W
THRESHERSIlf your engines need repairs of any kind, we are
prepared to do the work and do it in first class shape. You can
save money by having them fixed now. Come in and see us.
Devils Lake,' North Dakota.
Meat Market
500 Head of Cattle wanted every year at highest
Market Price.
Cash paid for Poultry, Hides, Furs, etc.
Choicest Meats furnished Customers at lowest pos
sible prices.
Orders Promptly Delivered. 'Phone 26.
Pierce County Republicans Indorse
Judge Morgan for the Supreme
The Republicans of Pierce
county at their conventions at
?argo and Grand Forks, indorsed
Judge Morgan of the Second judi
cial district as a candidate for the
supreme judgeship. Resolutions
were adopted indorsing the Mc
kinley administration and the
ollowing delegates were elected:
To the state convention at Fargo
fay 16, for the selection of
delegates to the Bepublioan
national convention, L. N. Toraon,
chairman, A- J. Lavik, W. D. Mc
How familiar the grounds about
the building are! They consist of
a half or quarter of an acre of land,
selected possibly because it was
good for little else—not a tree to
offer a hand's breath of shade, or
a shrub or vine to break the mono
tony or to hide the unsightly out
buildings. Does it seem, then, a
poor, insignificant thing, this plain
little building in its patch of bar
ren ground?
Under its roof the judge's son
and the cobbler's boy fare alike,
and grow up to know and respect
each other. Men whose only edu
cational advantages were a few
years on these rude benches have
won success in every department
of human activity. At a gather
ing of about three hundred suc
cessful business and professional
men of a prominent city, it was as
certained that about nine-tenths
came from the country.
Is it, then, unreasonable to urge
that the rural school grounds be
made more attractive by the plant
ing of trees and shrubs? With
little expense the bare ground
about the building can be con
verted into a place of beauty. The
pupils themselves, with the aid of
teachers and friends, can do it. Is
it not a work well worth under
taking? The Youth's Companion
believes that it is. Moreover, it
believes that the growth of the
imagination and the artistic nature
TEN PAGES—Pages to 8
M. J. Nash, Hans
""osser, John Brager, Theo. P.
Scotland, Henry Bllingson and
iochus Ell.
To the state convention at
Grand Forks July 11th, for the
nomination of candidates for state
offices, T. Hi Oksendahl, F. T.
ijtronvold, Wm. Elmslie, E. Gun
derson, H. C. Hurd, Milo
Miller, Geo. Spaun, Andrew Warn
sahl and Henry Paul.
The delegates were instructed
to vote as a nnit on all questions
coming before the state Con
ventions, whether relating to
organization or nominations.
Make Our Rural School Houses
tractive by Planting of Trees.
Youth's Companion.
will result that the finer sense
will be developed and the charac
ter or those wno do the work will
strengthened that a love of the
beautiful will be imparted which
will last through life, and manifest
itself in the homes which these
pupils shall build in future years.
The Youth's Companion believes
that this feork of adorning the
grounds of rural school houses is
one which will exercise an impor
tant and lasting influence for the
good of the national life.
From almost every rural school
that many
Rural school houses frequently
stand, Bmall and weather-beaten,
beside the country road- Many of
them look about as they did twenty
five or fifty years ago, although
they have a flag above them now,
which was not there when the men
of to-day were children.
Farm Lands. Farm Loans. Insurance. 1
Easy Term*. No Bonus to Borrower. 20 of the Best Companies.
When you want When you want When you want
to buy improved to make a loan to insure your
or unimproved farm on farm or city property or to
or city property, property, get an abstract,
Devils Lake, North Dakota.
forth into the world
»efc and women who have won
life. We are very sure
these, if they were
made acquainted with your plans,
would be glad to share with the
pupils of to-day in the honor and
pleasure of embellishing the
grounds of the old school house.
Brown Endorsed All 'Round.
Bisbee Gazette: Devils Lake did
itself proud by electing Wm. H.
Brown, its best known business
man and rustler, mayor of the city
We will look for a big boom in
thai quarter this summer.
"Willow City Eagle: William H.
Broken, the rustling real estate
man of Devils Lake was elected
maybr of that hustling little city
last! Monday week, and now the
city) thinks it has done it up
New Rockford Transcript: Wm.
H. Brown, the hustling real estate
agent of Devils Lake, was elected
mayor of that city last Monday. If
Brown is as great a success as
mayor as he is selling land the city
is to be congratulated.
Drayton Echo: "Brown's in
town" now at Devils Lake where
he was elected mayor on Monday.
You can't squelch "the Browns."
Pierce County Tribune: Mayor
Brown, of Devils Lake, was the
recipient of an enthusiastic de
monstration on the evening of his
Dewey and Davis.
Milton Globe.
Admiral Dewey and W. E. Davis
are the two most-talked-about can
didates for office
before the
public—the former for president of
the United States and the latter
for governor of North Dakota
While both are supposed to be
Democrats, Dewey believes in
fusion, but Davis does not, al
though both are ardent expansion
ists. Ex-President Cleveland has
expressed himself as being enthu
siastically in favor of Dewey's
nomination, but what his attitude
toward Davis may be has not yet
been ascertained.
Then Came the Explosion.
BUmarck Tribune.
The Fargo papers contribute
some very interesting gossip to
history in the case of Captain Sigs
bee. It is stated by them that
when the Maine was blown up
the captain was reading over some
old letters and ran across one that
his wife had given him ten months
before to mail—and ju6t then came
the explosion.
Easter Offerings.
There is nothing so touches the
hearts of the suffering than that
they are remembered on festival
days. On such occasions those
who are stricken down by illness
and unable to participate in the
joys with their more fortunate
brethren, recognize in a friendly
visit or an act of kindness a gift
more precious than brilliants, for
it stimulates them with joy and a
feeling of happiness beyond the
burst of song:
On Easter Sunday, their esteem
ed and helpful friend, Rev. C.
Turner, with his usual loyalty, de
votion and Christian spirit of
doing good when and where the
opportunity presents itself, visited
the hospital and distributed among
the patients a most bountiful sup
ply of oranges, lemons, candies and
cakes of various kinds.
Mrs. J. W. Maher also kindly
remembered the patients by pack
ages of candies, etc.
The visit of the members of the
Presbyterian Junior league, in
charge of Mrs. E. S. Eich, con
We Carry the PACO, OEil
at Prices Ranging from Five to Twen
ty-five Doltars. Come in and let us
show them to you. If you purchase a
etc., was very pleas­
ing, touching and highly appre
ciated, the little ones seeming de
lighted at the pleasure their re
membrances brought to the sick.
Mr. A. E. Hodgkinson sent a
supply of most beautiful Easter
lillies with which to embellish the
tables in the sick rooms.
To the above kind hearted and
thoughtful benefactors, the Sisters
of Mercy, on behalf of the patients,
sincerely hope their reward will
come from heaven, as they feel no
Two-thirds of Your Life is Spent in YOUR SHOES!
The Insurance Policy for Comfort
is a pair of S. L. WINEMAN'S
Begin taking pictures now, and when
you have grown old you will have a
collection of priceless value that will
recall hundreds of incidents and places
that would otherwise have been for
gotten. The cost is as nothing com
pared with the pleasure and satisfac
tion a camera affords.
Camera we will be glad to instruct
you in the making of pictures, and it's
surprising how easily the art is ac
We always have a Complete Stock
of Camera Supplies.
A. E. Hodgkinson,
earthly thanks ample to repay
them for their thoughtfulness. ...
The Dancing Classes.
Mrs. Youmans' dancing school
and physical culture class opened
yesterday afternoon in Wineman's
nail with a very good attendance.
The program and hours, which will
be same throughout the course of
twelve lessons, are as follows
4 p. m., Delsarte 4:30 p. m., chil
dren's dancing class 8 p. m., danc
ing class.
The dates are: Thursday, April
19 Friday, April 20 Monday,
April 23 Wednesday, April 25
Tuesday, May 1 Friday, May 4
Monday, May 7 Friday, May II
Monday, May 14 Friday, May 18
Monday, May 21 Friday, May 25.
If you want a bicycle, see P.
We knew we were making no
mistake when we employed a
good TIN SMITH. There is
no part of the business where a
good man is more needed than
in the shop. He will do you a
good job any where he is put—
on the roof, hanging your eaves
troughs and conductor pipe,
making any thing that you
want in the tinware or copper
line, and is second to no man
in the state for neat repairing
work. We particularly solicit
a trial in this line of our busi
P. Brainard & Co.,
S^Fme Shoes
Shoes represent the Highest Development
of Modern, Sctentific and Artistic Shoemaking.
Our phenominal success is not the result of luck or
accident. The use of the very best materials and
an earnest effort to give our patrons the best that
could be produced for the price. This principle has
contributed to make our business such a wonderful
'The Shoe Man.

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