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Devils Lake inter-ocean. (Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., Dakota [N.D.]) 1884-1905, April 27, 1900, Image 5

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Time Card.
Ho. 3........ 8416p.m.
No. 7 11:45a.m.
Xiffo. 4. 3:15a.m.
Ho. 8.v.. JMSp. m.
Trmlna so north on the Can do and St. John branch
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00 p. m.
returning Monday, Wedneadav. Friday at 7:00 a. m.
On tha Bottinwn branch trafni (o north Monday,
Wednaalw and Friday, at 8:45 a. m., retaining
Tneaday, Thnrsday and Saturday at 7 o. m.
Money to loan on farm property.
Brennan & Kennedy.
The "man with the hoe" is now
doing time on the lawn.'
Ladies' tailor-made suits,' to
close, at cost. Stade & Svee. 5-tf
Are our Scandinavian citizens
going to celebrate on May 17th?
£About time preparations were in
Gloves in all shades, at the New
TZork store. 5-tf
If you want a farm loan, write
'jrto J. B. Streeter, Jr., company,
j^Xarimore, N. D. 48-tf
Two or three days good rain at
the present time would gladden
the hearts of our farmers.
Sixty-three styles in ladies' shirt
^waists, at the New York Cash
Store. 5-tf
Crary Courier: Charles Pierce
was down from the "Devils" city
Tuesday. He wore that usual
pleasant look.
Where did you get that hat?
The Lanpher hat" fits your head
.like a glove.
If you want insurance see Wm.
H. Brown & Co. They represent
the best companies in the world.
Mrs. Dr. Anderson is confined
^to her room with la grip.
Cures dizzy spells, tired feeling
stomach, kidney ana liver troubles.
Keeps you well all summer.
Hocky Mountain Tea taken this
month. 35 cents. Ask your
If you want clothing, buy of the
merchant who sells the Lanpher
liat and you will be up to date.
Judge Pattee will hold court in
the council chamber until more
suitable quarters can' be obtained.
Oscar H. Will & Co., of Bis
marck, seed and nurserymen, raise
their seed in North Dakota. By
dealing with them you can depend
upon gettingseed that will grow.
John Daeley is erecting a sub
stantial two-story addition to his
xesidence on Second street.
See, young maidefa, that thou
takest the genuine Rocky Moun
tain Tea, made by the Madison
^Medicine Co., if thou likest thy
lair face. 85. cents. Ask your
Miss Mabel McCormick, who
lias been teaching school at Dry
Lake, is spending her vacation
^with her parents at Penn.
The Burtscher Tailoring Co.
lave received their stock of spring
patterns, and are now prepared to
turn out spits and light overcoats
iqn the highebt style of the art.
The hardware merchants are
drriwpr a thriving business remov
ing heating stoves for storage dur
ing the summer.
Lanpher hats in spring styles
now ready. All colors in stiff and
-^Fedora shapes.
John W. Maher always has
money an hand for farm loans.
'Call on him if you want a loan, tf
Numerous spike nails sticking
«above loose planks in the side
walks is the cause of much annoy
ance and unpleasiant thoughts to
v.*&*•&*£*:^ ^V\ 'f-^-.S'^T^:•*'yp&%3 7 $
mm mm toots
Jast arrived several new, pieces of Pevcale,
Ginghams and different classes of wash goods
for summer dresses and chirt waists. We quote
for your consideration this week:
La Riene Percales, per yard .12|c
Sea Island Percales, yer yard loc
French Ginghams, per yard 10 to 20c
Tnile de Nord Ginghams, per yerd .12ic
White Piqnd^-pe^ yard 15 to 25c
Coma in and wa them, it will do
class goods at popular prices—that's what we do.
ladies who have their dresses hook
ed on to the spikes.
Tobacco and cigars, stationery,
blank books, fruits and confec
tionery in endless variety at T. A.
Ed. LaRue left this week for
Minneapolis, where he will look
over the most modern improve
ments in mill machinery and com
mence building at once.
Get your confectionery at head
quarters. The largest stock and
the freshest goods at T. A.
We are strictly in it—if you want
a sailor or walking hat also trim
med hats. New York Cash Store.
Lakota Observer: Miss Flor
ence Connolly, of Larimore, has
accepted a position in Olson &
Pierce's abstract office.
Brown's in town. What Brown
Why, the one everybody is talking
about, the real estate man, of
course. He leads them all in the
volume of business transacted' in
C. Gifford, of Grand Forks, the
popular hotel man, was in the city
this week—taking a vacation—and
looking after Chautauqua pros
pects the coming session.
Everyone who wants to sell city
or farm property should deal ex
clusively with Wm. H.. Brown &
Co. They have been able to make
sales where others have failed.
Albert Wolbrink, the hustling
wide-awake agent of the St. An
thony & Dakota Elevator Co. at
Penn, was transacting business in
the city this week.
Don't fail to read the cent a
word department on fifth
Rare bargains can be fount
vertised there every week
Bert Kendall was down from
The Chinese Minister in Washington, who is quite a famous post
prandial speaker, asserts that all the costly wars between Chinese
and Europeans have been wholly due to misunderstanding. Now
we don't want to fight in order to prove BAKER PLASTER to
be the
Blest Plaster
on the market. Its ever-increasing popularity proves that it is the
best plaster on the market. We nave just received a carload of it
fresh from the mills.
We have also just received
Minot this week. He speaks of
the prospects of his new location
as being in the ascendancy.
your dealer does not carry
the Lanpher hat, ask him to get
it for you. It gives better wear
for the money than any other hat
in the market.
Chief of Police Sparks is being
admired and complimented on all
sides for his fine military-like ap
pearance in his new suit of blue
and bright buttons.
Oscar H. Will & Co., of Bis
marck, N. D., will send you their
catalogue of seeds, etc. They are
a reliable firm to deal with. It will
pay you to give them a trial.
While waiting his turn in one of
the large stores Saturday, the
rin: ra is breakin ecor
Dee Cwiarts, Bed Spreads, ®c. Shirt Waists.
A pair of Lace Curtains for 98c.
A pair of Fine French Tan Curtains, $3.00
A Cotton Bed Spread for $1.00.
A Marsielles Bed Spread For $3.50.
Inter-Ocean scribe took a look at
the initials on the hand purses of
seven lady customers and arranged
them as follows: E-M-P-T-I-E-S.
Crescent bicycles are going
every day. Ride a Crescent,
the strongest and best wheel
made. At Adams Bros.
W. H. Reid has secured a lease
on two lefts south of the present
hotel, on Chautauqua avenue, and
will erect a large 50x60 restaurant
at the Chautauqua grounds. The
contract for the building h^s al
ready been let, and work will be
commenced some time next month.
Extra A red cedar shingles
are now sold at $2.50 per Mat the
"Big Lumber Yard" of the St. An
thony & Dakota Elevator Co., at
Penn, N. D., A. Wolbrink, agent.
Our home people should see.
Brown & Co. and select from their
list of bargains some land before
the new settlers purchase it. This
firm is making many sales these
days. Farmers and others who
want to sell their real estate will
undoubtedly find purchasers
through Wm. H. Brown & Co.
Rich. Daeley has sold the four
lots adjoining the site of the mill
to the LaRue-Miller Co., the con
sideration being $1,000. It is the.
intention of the company to erect
buildings much larger than the
old ones* and when fitted up with
the new machinery will be second
to none this side of Chicago.
Architect Ross came up from
Grand Forks Tuesday to prepare
the plans for the new mill and
buildings to be erected for the
LaRue-Miller Co.
Charles Curtice left for Minot
on Monday, in charge of Sheriff
Costello, of Williston. Curtice
will be retried Monday next for
the murder of a man named White
car of Kell Island lime and cement.
We want to call your attestion especially to the COOPERAGE
of our lime barrels. They are not the kind that fall to pieces. They
are well made and thoroughly air tight, keeping the lime in perfect
Headquarters for Lumber and
at Williston last Christmas. At
the trial in Williston last month
the jury disagreed, and a change
of venue was taken to Minot.
Capt. Palmer is making consid
able improvements around his fine
residence. In addition to a new
carriage: house and barn he has
planted a double row of healthy
trees around the building.
You cannot make a stylish man
without a stylish hat. The Lan
pher hat, made by Lanpher, Finch
& Skinner, St. Paul, meets every
Langdon Courier Democrat:
Milton is likely to soon lose an
other of its pioneer hnstlers, it
being understood that J. H. Mc
Cullough's extensive railroad in-
And why shouldn't it? What other store in this vicinity is so well equipped to supply all the dry goods needs of this Community in so thoroughly satisfactory
manner? None that we know of, and we fancy we are pretty well posted on dry goods retailing hereabouts. We have a confession to make. We wouldn't
expect to get the lion's share of the business if we were not leaders. We realize ihat to attract trade a firm must offer superior attractions in the way of high-
"Haste Makes"—but not one of our brand.
Let us show you our LADIES' WAISTS.
Fancy Percale Shirt Waists $ .50
White India Linon with embroidery in
sertion.... 1.50
Fancy Dimity with Fleur-de-Lis pattern.. 2.00
Wash Skirts $1.25 to $2.Q0
terests over Devils Lake way will
result in his removal to that city
this fall.
Chas. J. Gray, traveling agent
for the Chicago, St. Paul, Minne
apolis & Omaha railway, was in
the city Wednesday rustling busi
ness for his company.
R. D. Ticknor writing from
Chicago, says: "I anxiously watch
for the Inter-Ocean, and enjoy
reading it. I have had a very
pleasant stay here, and have en
joyed my work very much. I
leave here on the 1st of Ma,y."
Mrs. George Routier arrived
from Saginaw, Mich., on Friday
last. About three hours after her
arrival the big fire broke out, and
it was a narrow escape that all her
wearing apparel, etc., was not de-
Mr. and Mrs. Routier had
apartments at
the Hovey resi-
Good paint is the cheapest.
The T. L. Blood brand is guar
anteed absolutely Pure, an the
Best Paint in the Northwest.
For sale at Adams Bros.
Carpet Cuts.
Buy Carpets and House Furnish
ings of us. Carpets of all kinds,
Rugs, Mattings, Japanese Mattings,
Mattings made of Grass Twine—a
good thing for medium priced floor
coverings, at 30c to 40c per yard.
A Large Line of
Goods, Etc.
•. ^'1'
Jr *5
11 /f\S5
Dm Idta Patterns
Aldermen-elect Davenport, in
the First ward, and V. Haslam, in
the Second ward, having neglected
to qualify within the time specified
by law, a special election has been
called for Monday, May 21st, next,
to fill the vacancies.
Harper Hemming, a demented
man said to hail from Long Sound,
assaulted one of the section men
at Penn the other day. With the
assistance of some fellow workmen
he was driven out of town with
shovels. He reached this city on
Sunday, and after prowling around
for a while suddenly disappeared.
He remarked to a companion, that
"he had left an eye in Chicago and
his mind in St. Paul, and ne was
oq his way after the latter."
*Of the Coontown 400 which ap
peal here next Friday and Satur
day night, the Winnipeg Telegram
of Jan. 2nd, says: The evening
performance drew a crowed house,
who seemed much pleased with
the company. The coon songs
were delivered with much life and
the lady members of the company
are graceful and pleasing. Al
though patrons of tne Coontown
Four Hundred do not have their
All the new styles and qualities, good fitting,
dainty fashions, up-to-date in every way. Don't
fail to see our full line of wash goods, silks and
(*••4 AS11R Our business in Ladies Ready-Made Suits exceeds our expectation.
Good Suits at 18.00. Better Ones at $12.50. All Kinds up to $35
per Suit
y4,I'"^i|^4ig4jPf. %m*.
-^\*i\\ »v. .• .- .'
^•N.* *i 1-^1
are guaranteed to fit when cut
according to Directions.
F. IN. mm SON.
Devils Lake
souls harrowed with the sorrows of
a fair heroine nor are they thrilled
with intensely dramatic scenes yet
they may depend upon enjoying a
mirthful evening and witnessing a
bright and pleasing show. Dur
ing the remainder of the week this
company should draw large aud
iences, which, however can hardly
give them abetter reception than
did the great number of holiday
makers who witnessed their per
formances yesterday. Tickets are
on sale at Hodgkinson's drug
DO YOU KNOW —that we
have a fine and most complete
stock of everything in the
Hardware line?
you can buy from us at St. Paul
and Minneapolis prices—
freight added?
that we have the Agency of the
World's Famous Rambler,
"Crimson Rim" and Laclede
C. P. Brainard & Co.,

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