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Devils Lake inter-ocean. (Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., Dakota [N.D.]) 1884-1905, June 01, 1900, Image 7

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6«ural 1H»$
Methodists ballot for secretaries
and editors.
4 Democrats are figuring on the
defeat of Bryan.
An unknown priest commits
suicide at Niagara Falls.
Senator Maginnis' credentials
jf are presented to the senate.
Washington warns China that
the "boxers" must be suppressed.
Maj. March and Col. Hare be
lieve that they have struck Agui
naldo's trail.
"f Senator Morgan denounces
Agiiinaldo as a political -adven
turer and traitor.
The three men who dynamited
a Wei land canal lock are sentenced
for life.
Ttte weekly trade review shows
that the industrial conditions are
Ex-Confederates assist in the
dedication of a monument to
Union soldiers at Fredericksburg,
British troops are nearing the
Vaal, and it is thought that a cros
sing will be made today or to
The Japanese government vig
orously protests against the ino
culation of Japanese residents of
San Francisco.
British and French residents on
the Isle of Jersay flight as a result
of the pro-Boer attitude of the
Trial heats are held in the inter
collegiate athletic championship
on Columbia field. Pennsylvania
will probably win today.
A young man is convicted of
murder at Bismarck, N. D., after
accusing his father of the deed.
Bryanites are defeated in Mary
land primaries.
The senate adopts a Cuban in
"vestigation resolution.
A portion of Gen. Roberts' force
crosses the Vaal river.
A New York man confesses that
he killed a woman by request.
Prince Ludwig's speech in the
ui. liutc uuumg O O^CCV/U Xll l/li*
freichstag is criticised in Germany
Recent elections in England put
Lord Rosebery in the ascendancy.
The Presbyterian assembly ad
journs to meet in Philadelphia
next year.
Kinley Mack, 7 to 1, wins the
Brooklyn Handicap in hollow
Pennsylvania 'varsity athletics
win in the intercollegiate track
The Methodists decide to keep
various forms of amusements
under the ban.
Many harsh criticisims are made
concerning America's pavilion at
the Paris exposition.
Treasury and immigration officials
direct inspectors to go to Northern
Minnesota and investigate labor
Boer envoys plan to visit St.
Taul June 7.
Sunday passes in St. Louis with
out a riot.
Methodist bishops are
jonsecrated in Chicago.
A college in Chicago refuses
recognition to athletics.
French Socialists celebrate the
anniversary of the Commune.
Fitzharris and Mullet, the Irish
unvincibles, are ordered deported.
A notorious diamond robber
from America is arrested in
Baptists express themselves in
favor of political and religious ex
Residents oflBemidji dynamite
a dam at thejoutlet of Lake
Gen. Roberts crosses the Vaal
river and is now encamped on the
north bank.
American officers in Cuba say
that they have been unjustly
charged with extravagance.
Republican leaders are looking
for a good talker for the vice pres
'j idential nomination.
President Kruger is reported to
have asked his soldiers whether it
shall be peace or war.
The indications are that the
vAClark case will be permitted to
drop during the remainder of the
I The daughter of Senator Clark
of Montana, is married in New
Roberts is within eighteen miles
of Johnamiesburg.
Minnesota and Wisconsin paper
manufacturers organize.
Col. John H. Stevens, "the fath
er of Minneapolis," is dead.
In the Pennsylvania and Cali
fornia field and track contest rec
ords are broken.
Judge John P. Rea, of Minne
apolis, ex-commander of the G. A.
R. is dead.
Chicago will be the main head
quarters of the Republican congres
sional campaign committee.
Again is the French chamber of
deputies thrown into a state of dis
order by the Dreyfus case.
It is the policy of the army to
capture and disarm the Philippinos
instead of killing them.
A family is shot near Anoka by
unknown parties. One is dead and
three others are dying.
A bill is introduced in the house
authorizing the president to place
higher duties upon German goods
in return for German discrimina
nation against American meats.
Serious rioting occurs in St.
Chinatown, San Francisco, is
A deadlock pervails in the lum
ber trade at Duluth.
Marquis de Gallifet, French
minister of war, resigns,
The crop situation in the winter
wheat states is critical.
The Fifty-third infantry kills
one hundred and fifty Filipinos.
Democratic congressmen hold a
caucus on the anti-trust question.
The United States supreme
court decides several bankruptcy
The quadrennial conference of
the Methodist church comes to an
Russia prepares to take energe
tic measures against Chinese
The Orange Free State is an
nexed and renamed the Orange
River State.
The senate refers a Boer reso
lution to the committee on foreign
Foreign soldiers land on Chinese
soil as a result of the "boxer" in
Lord Salisbury makes an an
nouncement regarding the govern
ment's South African policy.
House conferees are instructed
to make a compromise proposition
on the armor plant question.
McCoy is given the decision
over Ryan after a six-round fight.
Ryan and Referee Hogan exchange
The senate adopts an amend
ment to the sundry civil bill, ap
propriating $5,000,000 for the St.
Louis exposition.
Gen. Roberts reaches a suburb
of Johannesburg and will enter
the city to-day. He meets with
little opposition.
Maj. March finds no trace of Ag
Prince of Wales Diamond Jub
ilee wins the Derby.
Gen. Otis reaches SanFrancisco
on the transport Meade.
A fatal accident occurs at a bi
cycle race at Waltham, Mass.
The Chinese government stops
the Russian troops at the Taku
The sheriff at St. Louis is called
upon to furnish a posse of a thous
and men,
President MeKinley speaks at
the dedication of a soldiers monu
ment in Maryland.
What is supposed to be another
case of plague is discovered in
Memorial day is generally ob
served throughout the north and
at southern battlefields.
Millions of dollars worth of logs
and timber are destroyed by fire?
in the Rainy lake region.
Announcement of the annexa
tion of the Orange Free State is
made with imposing ceremonies at
The South African war practi
cally ends. British officers are at
Johannesburg, dictating terms of
surrender, Kruger leaves Pretoria
and the soldiers at the forts are
A large party of immigrants ar
rive in St. Paul bound for North
Afire in a Minneapolis boarding
me thii time for twine.
Had oar twine last year, aid he and his
aeigfcbora want -it this year
LAKE, OHIO, April 9, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co:. Chicago, IIL
Dear Sirs I I would like' if you would send samples
and prices of your binder twhie again this spring. The
twine I got of you last year was as good a twine as I er
had, and a good many of my neighbors want to send wit
my neighbors want to send with
Says our twine is all oae could expect
RIPPEY, IOWA, April 6, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co.
It is with pleasure that I write to you, your twine Is all
that one could expect. Please send me samples of your
twine, as I expect to order of you again this year.
Yours truly, BENJ. SUMMERS.
Twiae pleased him last year and he wants
it again this year
MATTESON, MICH., April 10, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co.
Please send price list of your binding twine, als^um*
pies. I used your twine last year and it gave good satis*
faction, so I would like more this year.
I Truly yours, C. H. RICHARDS.
Says his twine last year was first class
CAVETT, OHIO, April 11. 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.
Gentlemen: The twine ordered of you last summer
proved first class and there was no complaint Think I
can send you quite an order this year if tne price is O. K.
Yours truly, W. E. SUNDERLAND.
Our twiae gave him satisfaction ia everyway
KANSAS, ILL., April 9, 1900.
Montgomery Ward fc Co., Chicago, 111.,
Dear Sirs: Would like your very best prices on bind*
ing twine. 1 purchased my twine from you for two years
and it has given us perfect satisfaction in every way.
Yours respectfully, C. C. SHUMAKER.
Twine satisfied him, so did price
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.,
Gentlemen: Send me samples and quote me prices on
binder twine. We used your twine for the past three or
four years. Have saved money by doing so and well
satisfied with twine. Yours truly,
Says ours was the best twine he ever had
ROCKWOOD, PA., April 2, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.,
Dear Sirs: Please give me the prices of your binder
twine, as the twine I got of you last year was the best I
have had yet. Yours truly,
So well pleased with twine he got last year
that he will order again this year
CHARLES CITY, IOWA, April 2, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.,
Gentlemen: 1 wrile to find out what you can sell
Standard Twine this season. Send me samples and prices.
The twine I received trom you last year was all Q. K.,
and I have concluded to order twine from you again this
Was well pleased with last year's twine and
wants it again this year
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.
Dear Sirs: What will you put binder twine at this
year? I purchased from you last year, and it gave per
fect satisfaction, so 1 will make another deal with you if
you are right in prices. I have found your goods to be
what you recommend them.
Yours truly, H. H. ABELS.
Wants samples and prices, as he liked what
he used last year
SMITHTON, WIS., April 9. 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.
Dear Sirs: I bought binding twine of you last year,
and was well pleased with it, so I would like to have you
send me a sample of your twine, and also the prices of it.
sample of your I
Yours respectfully.
Found us, but never touched the
ice. Remember, we still sell ice,
wood and ground feed, and until
we rebuild, you will find our office
next door west of Crawford's
blacksmith shop. We will attend
to farmers' grist as usual. Our
telephone number is 24.
prices c.
Gave him satisfaction and he wants our
twine again this year
OKLAHOMA, O. T„ April 2, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.
Dear Sirs: Please auote me prices, as soon as they are
established, on your blue Label binder twine, as I used it
last year and it gave good satisfaction.
Yours truly, M. E. FRISS.
Says, considering quality and price, it has
no equal
LENA, IOWA, Jan. 10, 1899.
house causes the death of two fe
male boarders.
It is reported in London that
President Kruger was oaptured by
the British six miles beyond Pre
A warrant has been issued for
Ex-Gov. Taylor under an indict
ment as accessory to the Goebel
The Fire
Wm. H. Brown & Co.,
Report that demand for land is
still quite brisk, especially from
Southern Minnesota and Northern
Iowa, and they are expecting quite
a number from that section during
the next few weeks. During the
last few days .they have sola the
160 acres known as the Cowan
land to Ezra Frantz, Towner
160 acres known as the Hill land
to Peter Johnson, Bottineau
160 acres known as the Ole
Hougen land, to P. McGuire,
Pierce county.
320 acres known as the Beaver
and Rosberg lands, to D. D. Hart
sock, Rolette county.
The Brinkman house and lot in
Minnewankan to W. F. Brown.
The market being flooded
with worthless Imitation* el
Te protect the public we call
especial attention to our trade
•ark, printed
every pack­
age. Pewanit the genuine.
Per Sale fcy all DrAggUU.
Montgomery Ward & Co.. Chicago. IU.
Has used oar twiae for past three season, always foaad it food, and
cheaper ia price thaa others offered
for myieU *af inT,™ .ViTs&T
receive samples and prices. W&hing you every
Montgomery Ward
& CO.
Sportsmen's Association.
The sixth annual meeting aad
tournament of the North Dakota
State Sportsmen's association will
be held in Grand Forks, July 12th
and 13th. This year's program is
the most liberal one ever offered
in the history of this association.
President Clarence A. Hale says,
"the two days under the manage­
Every woman loves to think of the
time when a soft little body, all her
own, will nestle In her bosom, fully
satisfying the yearning which lies in
the heart of every good woman. But
yet there is a black cloud hovering
about the pretty picture In her mind
which fills her with terror. The
dread of childbirth takes away- much
of the Joy of motherhood. And yet it
need not be so. For sometime there
has been upon the market, well-known
and recommended by physicians, a
liniment called
HEDRICK, IOWA. March 26. 1900.
Your* respectfully. II
Binder Twine
Will be scarce this year! Order It at once!
It has been predicted that there will be a serious shortage of
twine this year, owing to the scarcity of hemp, largely due to
the war in the Philippines.
More thaa 25,000 farmers purchased their binder twine of
us last year, and we had less than twenty-five complaints all
told. No other brand of twine can show such a record.
Montgomery Word & Co.
Tried Blue Label Twine with different binders and always found
it satisfactory
DAYTON, IOWA, Nov. 6, 1899.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.
DearSiri: I'have used Blue Label Binder Twine for
the past two years, and it has been entirely satisfactory.
Considering quality and price it has no equal that we furnished him, and expresses his satisfaction, his binder being the McCormicIc!
Dear Sirs: We are greatly satisfied with the Blue Label Binder Twine, and our opinion
is that the Blue Label Twine is the best twine used by us for binding grain with the
Champion Binder, and also one of our neighbors used some of the Blue Label Twine
Yours truly, R. CAMMACK. Respectfully, BERGMAN BROS.
which makes childbirth as simple and
easy as nature Intended it. It is
strengthening, penetrating liniment,
which the skin readily absorbs. It
gives the muscles
elasticity and vigor,
prevents sore breasts, morning sick
ness and the loss of the girlish figure.
An InteUigent mother
Butler, Pa.,
•ays: Were I to need Mother's Friend
again, I would obtain
bottles UI bad
to pay $B per bottle tor it.n
Get Mother'# Friend at the drag
store. $1 per bottle.
Write tor
free Illustrated book," Before
Baby Is
Our Blue Label Binder Twiae is the
best ia the world. The average
breaking strength of our twine is 80
pounds and we guarantee every
pound to give satisfaction or we'll
refund your money.
Our 1900
Blue Label Twine
Is put up in 50-lb. flat bales, each
bale containing ten 5-lb. balls.
We do not break bales.
485 to 525 feet
to the pound,
in 50-
lb. flat bales, on board cars II ft
Chicago or Minneapolis, per lb.
Pure whi^e Sisal, 485 to
A|SS|| 515 feet to the pound, in
50-lb. flat bales,
on board cars Chicago or IIA
Minneapolis, per lb IIV
Averaging from 580
to 615 feet to the
pound, in 50-lb. flat
on board
bales, on board cars Chi
cago or Minneapolis, per
Our prices are net cash with
order no discounts to anyone for
any quantity.
All orders must be sent to us at
Chicago. We will be glad to quote
freight rates to any point upon ap
plication. We have the twine in our
warehouses at Minneapolis, and all
twine shipped to points in Minne
sota, North or South Dakota will be
shipped from MINNEAPOLIS the
day after the order is received at
ment of the Grand Forks Gun
club are 'crackerjacks,' and it is
our aim to make this meeting the
most successful one even held."
The Grand Forks Gun club is the
only one in the Northwest that
owns its own club grounds, and
they are fitted up in elegant shape.
Mr, Hale hopes to see a large
number of the sportsmen from the
Lake at the annual shoot. He be­
Says he doesa't care fer staples as he kaawa
from experience that the twiae la faai
LEWISVILLE, TEX., April 7, 19001
Montgomery Ward ft Co., Chicago.
Dear Sin: Please send me TOUTpricat an bindertwiaa,
at I will need abaut 800 pounds. Onre me yoor best prices*
please. I don't care (or any samples, as I know the twiae
is good. Yoontraly, E. F. ROB&
Used oar twiae for three yean aad saved
aroaey by doiag aa
VALLEY SPRINGS, S. D., April 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co.
Please quote binder twine prices. Han used twin*
from you lor three years, and saved good money by it.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 111.
Sirs: Please send me samples and prices of your
twine. I ordered my twine from you last year, and it
me the best satisfaction. It was the best twine 1 ever
ad. Yours truly. JOHN M. DEUTSCH.
Bought Biader Twiae from us last year aad
fouad it 0. K.
DAWN, OHIO, March 29, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III.
Dear Sirs: Please send prices on binder twine for this
season, as I found the twine bought of you last season to
be all O. K. Yours truly, C. L. BYARD.
Used it last year, was well pleased with it
aad wants more
WEBSTER CITY, IOWA, March 28,1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III.
Dear Sirs: Will you please send me samples and prices
on binder twine. We used the Blue Label Standard last
year, and were well pleased with it.
Likes twine and intends getting in his
order early
GRANGEVILLE, IDAHO, Mar. 34, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III.,
Dear Sirs: Please send me samples of your binder
twine, also prices. Was well pleased with twine last
year. Want to get order in early this year.
Yours truly, W.J. KYLK.
Twiae was all right aad prices lower
he could obtaia elsewhere
VERMONTVILLE, MICH., March 25,1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, IIL
Deaf Sirs: How about binder twine for this year? It
was all nght last year, and cheaper than we could hare
bought it here, although some predicted it would be no
good. Yours truly, JOHN McCARTY.
Has used oar twiae for several years aad
always foaad it good
BRISTOW, IOWA. March 30, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, IIL
Dear Sirs: Please send me prices on binding twine.
1 have used your twine for several years past and find it
all right. Yours very respectfully, J. W. PIPER.
Says our Blue Label Biader Twiae was the
best he ever used
HELENA, MINN., March 23, 1900.
Vours truly, C. E. McCONNELL.
Liked what he got last year and wants more
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III.,
Dear Sirs: What is the price for twine this year. 1
bought some of you last year, and liked it first rate.
Please let me know the price.
Respectfully, OSCAR ANDERSON.
Don't care for samples as he knows twine
is all right and wants it
MATTOON, ILL., March 10, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III,
Dear Sirs: Please send prices of your binder twine on
or about June I. You needn't send samples. 1 used
your twine for the last few years and find it O. K.
Yours truly, WM. H. TEBUREN.
Yours respectfully, GEO. S. SCHMADEKA.
As good as the best, and much cheaper la
price than that offered by local dealers
THOR, IOWA, Nov. 4, 1899.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III.
Gentlemen: Your Blue Label Binder Twine is all you
claim for it. It is as good as the best binder twine I ever
used. It was cheaper by 4 cents per pound than any
other twine sold here, and it gave entire satisfaction both
In Ramsey and adjoining counties at low
rate of interest, with privilege of making partial
payments. Both interest and principal made
payable at First National Bank.
I was a little afraid of your twine
ter recommend it to anyone.
Yours truly, A. C. HOLM.
in price and quality.
before, but will hereafter recommend it to
He and his neighbors were well pleased
with our Binder Twine
MONITOR, W. VA., April 10, 1900.
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, III.
Gentlemen: .Will you kindly give me quotations for this
season on bifAKt twine? I ordered of you last year for
myself and quite a number ol my neighbors, and it gave
entire satisfaction. Respectfully yours,
lieves there is sufficient material
to organize and maintain a club
at Devils Lake. If a club could
be organized here, the state meet
ing and tournament could be held
on the Chautauqua grounds, and
the Grand Forks boys promise to
help the scheme along. Our local
sportsmen should attend the
Grand Forks tournament, and then
organize a good live club.

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