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S. M. Goodnea went to Minneapolis
Prof. W. J. Judges, was lie re trom
Cando Tuesday.
Ed. Fuller, of Newville, was In Dev
ils Lake Monday.
E. H. Howe went to Fargo on busi
ness Tuesday night.
W. A. Kimmerly returned Monday
from an eastern trip.
R. A. Stanley, of Webster, was in
-Devils Lake Monday.
C. A. Hale, of Grand Forks, was in
Devils Lake Tuesday.
T. C. Strand, of Penn, was a visi
tor in this city Monday.
A. H. Stein, of Fargo, was a visitor
In this city over Sunday.
C. Storing, of Rochester, Minn.,
Sundayed in Devils Lake.
Joe Longacre and Percy Cadman
went to St. Paul Tuesday.
J. A. Strand, of Grand Harbor, was
a business visitor in the city Monday.
Vere Jamison, of Seattle, was a vis
itor in this city the first of the week.
J. C. McAndreas, of Fargo, was a
5 bnslnesB visitor in Devils Lake Tues
Rev. Meisel and family were down
Ham Garske shopping in this city
C. U. Brown of Rock Lake, was a
business visitor in the metropolis
E. G. Van Bookirk, of Minneapolis,
-was a business visitor in Devils Lake
Ed. Routier went to his farm near
Derrick Tuesday to look after his
Company have changed their
fleeting .night from Wednesday to
Monday nights.
Harold Dodge went to Fargo Tues
day to resume his studies at the agrl
cultural college.
Sam Johnson, who has been work
ing with a threshing rig near Webster,
returned Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haley, who have
4een visiting, at Fessenden, returned
"home Monday night.
H. K. Withey, of Grand Forks, was
a guest at the home of Ed. Richardson
the first of the week.
J. O. Baughman and family returned
i, Monday from a two weeks' visit in
'«the Yellowstone park.
17 Jewel
All Competition
V1 1 M&»
A. C. Rainboth was in from DeGroat
township Tuesday.
Joe Gollinson was at his farm north
of this city Sunday.
Col. Jos. M. .Kelly is quite ill at
Ms home in this city.
Frank Snook, of Grand Harbor, was
in this city Tuesday.
John Bensley, of Grand Harbor, was
in this city Wednesday.
Austin Leavitt, of Grand Harbor,
was in this city Wednesday.
Dan Brennan returned Wednesday
from a business trip to Iowa.
Mrs. H. Hale and Miss Ella Cairnes
visited at Webster last week.
Chas. Cranford, of Knox, was a busi
ness visitor in this city Tuesday.
C. E. Mackey was a business visi
tor from Grand Harbor Tuesday.
Tolsen Brudeseth was in from the
reservation shopping Wednesday.
M. J. Flannigan of Mlnot, was in
this city on railroad business Wed
Attorney W. J. Moe of Fort Totteri
was a business visitor in Devils Lake
The ladies aid of the Presbyterian
church was entertained by Mrs. Wal
rath Thursday,
"Tedo", the Jap porter of Richard
osn's barber shop, has gone to Seattle
to visit the fair..
E. F. Reese is drilling a deep well
at Mercy hospital, and will Install a
water system there.
It will pay you to buy your fruit and
groceries at Mann'B Model Grocery.
Try it for a month and see.
The high school football team will
commence operations by defeating the
Lakota team next Saturday.
Special Agent Leahy, of the Great
Northern, was up from Grand Forks on
business the fore part of the week.
Fruit headquarters this fall is at
Mann's Model Grocery. The assorts
ment is large and the prices always
the lowest.
Register of Deeds M. A. Hoghaug,
and Peter Matson went to their farms
near Edmore Tuesday to look after
threshing operations.
Sells Watches Lower than Anybody.
the Northwest
B. B. Bloom, of Denver, Col., who
for several weeks, has been visiting
with his brother, J. H. Bloom, in this
city, left Monday for St. Paul.
7 Jewel
Dueber Hampden
f'- 15Jewvl
Dueber Hampdett
Dueber Hampden—^ii.
2. JewelDueber Hampden adjusted to
/^temperature, isochronism, 6 position*
Miss Luella Goer entertained twen
ty-five of her young friends at her
home from four to six Monday after
noon in honor of her eleventh birth
Eto,WahWrH«ako0r RocUoid, How,
«Hi3outh BenJ Watcfee^
lower price* thai* any Cafelcteue oi' Mail Or
c(er House.
Come in or Write Before Buying EUewhere
Yo«r Watch^e. to be 0mwtW
Ball's Big Improvement.:
It has often been said that a change
of scene oftens benefits a ball player.
This seems to be so in the case of Neil
Ball, the former New Yorker/ now a
member of the Cleveland Americans.
When with the Highlanders Ball play
ed an inconsistent game, bftt Blnce
joining the Naps he has put up a rat
tling good game at short. la q. ^ent
game against' Boston Ball msi&e a
triple play unassisted.
Ball's great achievement plrob&bly
saved the game: for his team.. Wagner
and Stahl of the Bostons, t(te
second inning with clean singles. ..-On
the hit and ran Ball went oyer to bovr
er second, and so was In. a poeltkfa to
spear McConneU*s vicious lliuer, al
most directly ov?r fh£ bag, B^'. had
but to step oq., the cosbioq to .dpoble
up Wagner, who had l^ wjtii^ the
pitch. Stahl .had gnca '^.first
that. be was unable to stbp ,uat4 he
waa within a step, or two 'oilBjall.
Neai had theti but ,16 tag him b^ore
he codld recover to complete the triple
put out. Bail has the distinction of
making the first play of this klnd^that
has ever be«n seen in the,! iAa||or
Only Biz times^ previously in
the hlstory of baseball has tbft ji oc-
T» Boom (Uolne.
Aujniet Belmonfs announcement
that be will race almost exclusively in
America in futme ls regarded aa, ex
cellent proof that the turf In jtlals
country will not be obliterated.
Belmont has paid an unusual arapdnt
of attentian to racing here this aeasoo.
the tracks almost daily, Tand
says be Is convinced that the public
will support the game with eoo^igh
liberality to keep It alive, even-ft it
may be several years before tb^ c£d
popularity returns. Mr. Belmoafs' de
tprminatlon to have thirty nursery]
bred yearlings turned oyer to Trainers^
John Whalen and Tbomas Welsh to'
be prepared for next season^ cam
paign on the metropolitan tracks is .the
result of careful otae^^. anV it
is thought will result m. qoief^pig
turfmen following the example oflibe
Jockey club's chaiman. Mr. Belaxnit
will send three yearlings to Engjand'
more as a compliment to lValnfer Wat
son than for any other reason. jEMit
supert breeding estabUshments -in
Kentucky will be abown on jthe Nirw
York race courses..
8teady 2:10 TVotters 8caroe.
The two minute trotter appeared six
years ago. and the "trotters that have,
beaten 2KXS number sixteen, but- the
person who can breed or develop, a
horse so that he can trot three suc^s
Slve heats in 2:10 can get a price -|dr
him that Will pay well for the effort
and he can also earn money enough
in one year with such a. horse to Kegp
the owner in good condition tbe 'rai
lowlng year, Whlle*the list .ot 240
trotters is a long one, filling oyer tvfco
pages lii the year book, the fact re
mains that a 2:10 trotter is gooc!
enough to win in any country -if
can trot three successive beats thai
fast and the people who go to hajniejit
races will always enthuse over an}.
trotter that can do it
?At the la^ u^etlng of the Amatsw
Athletic rUntoti of the tnited States'
steps were taken for importanl
Changtii. in the tales governing chjunf
plomdilps of tiw A. JL- ]0|[. and/lUt#
lc«^latlon coimmlttee was
ff»r.MsveraI new.
greatest- single
the hop, step and' jump and thrcrirlng
the Jav^Un. These have been added tO*
.the^ champlonshljii
as has also the
ten mile run. .The ten mile ran has
not been given for several years
but It is now made one of the annuaf
A Possible Solution of Mysterious Dla-:
appearances at Ska.
Scientists abroad are urging d8.ptains'
of the wotldTs merchant: marine andi
sailors in g«*»emi 0 make exact ob
servations of IV^erj?' extraordinarily
larne meteor cptidag within their range
of vision ijin4 Record what they mky
observe. -."V".
There is no doubt^. the niten o£.'sclence
poiut out, that mefeors,.-to a far.great*
er extent than we Until now have real
ized. are responsible for, those iQCOjoi
prbenslble,disappearanEes (t slbdips 'in
weatbef and smooth sear^ Wte
know tha^ metiiors are more frequent
at certain times
1'of the year than at
others. In all' prbbability also certain
Tegions of tha oceans are more^open to
or ha a re he a
Con^icUot» among the more recent:
Meetings ^f ^hiip9 and meteors is that
of the English Bteamer Cambrian. .On
the way from London to Boston .the
ship, in the forty-second degree of
north latitude on the ,16th of: "August
last, only by..a few feet escaped de
struction-. by a meteor as huge r.aa a
four story houses says the' -Chicago
Tribune. The meteor fell into the sea
not over eighty feet away, and: in spite
of 1
ts 6.00Q tons capacity the sUp was
lifted :m^ny feet high in the', air ly the
agitated waters. The terror stricken
crew came out of it iinharmed.. how
The English sail ship Eclipse was not
so lucky'about half a year ago in. the
Pacific qcean, the vessel steering for
the Hawaiian:Islands, an immense me«
teor struck and crushed the foremast
and the bow .part of the ship, The
crew entered into a, desperate but fu
tile contest with, the water streaming
into the hold, but bad* to abandon tt^e
ship and take to the boats. After
two weeks of terrible suffering they
reached one of the Hawaiian Islands,
900 sea inileB from the scene of. the
disaster. Several men died of starva
tion on the water.
A Norwegian newspaper reports am
accident which shows that ships on in
land lakes are no safer than are ocran
The steamer .was in the middle oif
When the deiise' clouds of steam
ed it waa, detected thai tfce maiapr
had struck the smokestack of the ablp
and cut off two feet ot It at the top.
The foremast was struck and cut'off
in the middle. With tb»"same ease
the redhot meteor had melted a.nd
burned its way tbrough smokestack
and mast—New York World.'
Florida's 8eventy Foot Bamboo.
Posslbly tiie tallest bamboo in Amer
ica growa. in, ij»»dia, ITla., and Is
about sevenly feet high. The clump
has a spreau of fifty feet, and the, di
ameter at the ground Is twelve fi^t
,The specimen is only eight yeats old.
This is the common bamboo of litdla,
probably brought, to south Slorlda
from the West Indies. In Jamaica it
has becomo jaaturalized and ls popu
larly supposed to be
Jndig^nous., This
bamboo makes an astonishing ^growth
during our rainy season, the caaes
often attaining their full height In
six weeks, after which they, begto' to
PUt on leaves. The canes aK from
four to five inches in diameter at
their base. Unfortunately this specjes
cannot stand low temperaturesf .and
the specimen In Arcadia, has fi^qnent
ly been damaged by cold- Tp Garden
the 5c, I0cand 25c
Vanderbilf Hasds Winning List
TT. k. Tatfdeflbllt heads the list of
winner on fhfe -French turf slnca tb6
season opened on Mafteh 12 last hlw
horses having won $160,400 up t^
July 15. Maurice Hothschlld corned
atat,, with a total of, ?12l,20tt B»I^h
de KothjschUA's horse Verdoin wmf
cluding ttlj& $78,006 Grand. Prix. $£f:
Tanfliwbllt's Ovenrlgbt comes
with f«i^'i^i«W:cr*di^
tfOre'encawn-n-n-n I"
Along the quldt city streets .,
The hawker wends his way.
tee loudly cries his sreen. supplies
Prom dawn tlli cloae of day.
How orten has he wearlea us
pSTill on this early morn
on his iroubd he made resounds
S, "Ureencawtt-n-n-n! Oreencawn-n-n-n I"
Away with huckleberries now I
with peaches too!
ft Away with cantaloupes and pears
And berries black and bluet
.: Thrice welcdme novfr the huckster's voice,
Though be it close to dawn!
How sweetly :falls each'plaintive call:
"Qreencawn-n-n-nt Oreencawn-n-n-nl"
'-^Boston Herald.
^^liSecbrat^^liEisentlal. -il,
give any milk/'
"No," vaastrered hir liusband. "But
we dash'i: "sell her.- Every summer
boarder asks if we ke«o_a cow, an' I've,
got to be able to say. 'YeB.' Fm blest
tt I see w^ai. tityypeople find so con-i
ornaaj^itall la a^ow.n-Wash-
1. '.JarfSk*
l!«aW:td'hlni, ^0'^i^,anit
Or all that dWell V~.:
On sands, why shunpept thott the world
Within thy, shell?"'
'^Qo to!" he cried.'
"I sSe
t)iat thoji
.^_Where breezes blow
Hast never, lingered. Broken vows
'Thou then shouldst. know
ji And. vanity. .Of summer girls
v. 1 will not blab,
But, briefly they have made of ma
crab." ..
N a
^4'!. Defined.
Mrs. Jones—This paper speaks of a
•lobbyist" as if it was a term of re
Mrs. Plagore—Of course. A lobbyist,
I take it, is one of those deceitful men
who sneak out between the acts for a
drink, claiming .tbey are merely going
into the lobby.—Philadelphia PresB.
Up to Date.
Time was when I have Ionised for wings
And thought how truly grand
'.Twould be to be an angel
^nd wlth the angels stand.
But now I long for earthly things
And much more strenuous, motion. ..
.I'd rather have ah aeroplane
And. fly across the ocean.
—Ne.w York Telegram.
and the time about
midnight. As, the. meteor came, from
behind, the. captain
the pilot on
the bridge, observed nothiqg jb^fbl®
they were enveloped in the teost dk?
zling white light. Almost in the same
moment they beard a crash like that
of a gigantic explosion. The sound
was so loud, piercing uhd toerre rack
ing that the strongest thunderclap in
their recollection was notblng in com?
"Another Qibo.
"Ah, there is nothing like being an
actor!" said the gaunt tragedian with
the two weeks' growth of beard.
"Think of the free life in .the' sum
mer!'-' •. "•».:• •.». ••••.
chuckle^ the fat comedian
with the crimson beak* "and. the free
lunch'in the winter!"—Smart Set
An Mronaut is one who soars
Toward the sun or moon
Or,navigates the. stormy clouds
.In.airship or balloon.
And operates an aeroplane,
But'never soars at all.
—Minna Irving in New Tork Press.
BobbyWants to Know.
Little Bobby (at the beach)—What is
hydrophobia, ma?
Little Bobby's Ma—Fear or dread of
water, Bobby.
Little Bobby (after thinking it over)
—Have,all those pretty girls 'In^ bath
ing salts over yonder got hydrophobia,
ma?—Browning's Magazine.
The New Heroio Pose.
The aeroplane was buffeted: J,.
By winds that whistled free.
tXt fluttered here it fluttered there
And tumbled in the sea.
The boats raced in from "far around
To •sa»e lt from the weti
And there the aviator sat
Ana .puff ec^- bis -cigarette.^
—Cleveland I^laln
T»e merry sunstnne 1 admire,
But merriment .wQl] sometimes tire.
when days of summer heat intrude
Its humor seema ft 'trifie crude.
Resiliency of Language.
"I 6ay. we are down on our luck."
^Yes, we certainly are- up against
ft!"—Town Topics.
Of course you will Want something new for Fall and Winter and you will want the the very best
you can g& for the money regardless bf die price you \rali to pay. Its kchooi &ne and aS the litfle
ihmgs yd to be bought. During summaTthe children's clothes got worn and torn, their boob scat*
,tered .»» preparing then for the new Term. Its hard to get .them altog
herpitiB it* ope of Aepteasuies of motherhood. Jtt easier now—in fact a pleasure since one can go
and get mort of thes little needs from one store. We'ate able to
., imh almost everything will need. We look^veiy carefully after the Ktde needs of life, and mde
We W mix ihe small,and the W and then slight, the former.,, It, only the
wall thmgs we seU and consequently can serve you lie no otbers can. Just now we are paiticulaiiy
7 cooveueat for rndttfen. We waet them all to comem and see our new and 10c and
^'i^c f^'8
yf/c have peactb, tablets and other school necewbe*. and other articles too numerous to mention, y?
Old Time Haymakers.n
In the fourteenth dedtnry hajmak% lyi
ers in England received a peony a
as wages.
The Astor Place Riot
The Astor place riot occurred Ms
May 9,1849, while Macready, the OngC jjx
lish actor, was perfomlng "Macbeth'*!
at the Astor Place 0]elra House
Ncfw York citsv:
Cbinese divide the day into
partq of tWo hours,each.
Pain is a general term. A pain whicb
is local' andr'of abort duration Is a
twinge. If local and conjtiauous it Is
an ache. Agony, torihent^add the like, i'M*
when not the .mere hysteria of over
statement, areh employed An designate
the higher degrees of pain.
National Workshops, t,
Workshops W6re established by the
provisional government of. Frapcel to..
the revolution bf^848 to give work
the unemployed and called "atelier*
Ejctrodinary values in men's and ladies' hose^children's uttierwear,^ket^'
yM pay you to see th«e itetw. We haye%so^:f«hi^ hose^^f^
The oojy hose that is tout tojt wi&oiit a seam.
A., t, BI^OOC
"I nevelr asked the laundryman how
long It takes to do up a shirt," said
the boarder who wantB to be an end
man, "but my experience is that Ifs
not more than: three, washings."—
Yonkers Statesman.
The young man said, "I kept my heaA
When we were thrown from out the
•Tm glad you did," the maid replied, a
"It helped us nicely, sure, to float"
—Baltimore Amerlcan^A1
yital Part
Madge—Is It good form for a girl to
wear such an abbreviated bathing suit?
Marjorie—I guess that depends alto
gether on whether the girl has the
good lorm.—Judge.
Some day, ho doubt with feelings proud,
We'll aviate, and, with a frown
Some copper, from behind a cloud
Will warn us that we must slow down
—St Paul Pioneer Press. ..
Miles—That young fello^r appear* to
have a lot of horse, sense.
Giles—Naturally. He's a veterinary
college graduate.—Chicago
wiD wWutand «hool wear like a 25c axtide.,5
Paint on Clothing.
Equal parts of turpentine and ap.
monia make a.good remover of pai|iti
from clothing.- Soak the spot in ,v.
mlxture, .then rub,lt hard, dlp In
suds and rub it again
paint stain can!'be. 'removed Ja
Gernis^n lyiUoi.'
.. The
than four
The German mile Id more than four
times as long as the English.
gllsh. j,
-r i-
Chinese Era.
The "Chlne&e era" begins B. O. 2697
with, the accession of the Emperor
Yao, who first revised a calendar for
the Chinese dividing 'the year Into 865
days, with an extra day every fourth
year. ...
Dermatologists are now agreed that
warts are microbes in origin.
Tigers of India. ,i
Many, tigers in India live entirely on
domestic cattle, and the upkeep of one
Which does so has been variously esti
mated at from $350 to nearly ten times
that sum.
July derives its name from: Julias
Caesar, who. was born in that month.
Ransoming the Dead.
In mediaeval times "not only vote
living prisoners ransomed by their
Mends, but a ransom was demanded
even for the bodies of those slain* in

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