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(Continued from Page One.)
Vocal Solo, Mrs. Roy Yourig.'
Reports of Field Worker Miss Geor
ge (M, Chambers, Miss Nellie M. Os
mun and Mrs. Julia D. Nelson.
The White Ribbon Bulletin, Mrs. R.
M. Pollock.
Remarks by Miss Addie A.« Austin.
Adjournment, a'c,
Friday Evening.
(Welcome Night.)
8:00—(Devotions, Mrs. Viola Fouts,
Piano solo. •-,
Addresses of welcome:
For the City, Mr. Fred P. Mann,
Chairman of Commercial club.
For the Churches, Rev. C. L. Wal
lace, pastor Methodist Episcopal
For the Schools, Prof. Y. G. Barnell,
Supt city schools.
For the Local Union, "Mrs. J. H.
Hazzard, president.
Vocal solo, Mrs. Romig..
Response, Mrs. Almena P. McDon
ald, National W. C. T. U. Lecturer,
Vocal solo, Mrs. Avery Johnson.
Annual address, Mrs. Necia E. Byck.
Collection speech, Mrs. Lulu' W.
National Anthem.
Informal reception.
Saturday Mornirtg.
9:00—Devotional exercise®, Mrs. S.
:,J. Patterson.
Reading of Journal.
Cheering news from the districts
Fourteenth District, Mrs, Anna Mc
Thirteenth District, Mr§. J.* Du Vail.
Twelfth District, Mrs. O. E. Hea
Tenth District, Mrs. Laura F. Green
Music. ,:
Opportunities at Fairs and Open Air
Meetings, Mrs. Ida S. Clarke.
The power of the press, Mrs. F. H.
The Importance of My Department,
Mrs. Jane McN. Stevens.
Our Working Tools, Miss Mae Hal
crow. .•
The Power of the Press, Mrs. F. H.
Music. .-.
Temperance Teaching in the Sun
day Schools of North Dakota, Mrs.
Ella Morris Snow.
11:00—The Place of the W. C. T. TJ.
in the Present Political Campaign,
Mrs. Abbie W. H. Best.
Pledges for State Work.
Noontide Prayer. .jS
Saturday Afternoon.
1:30—Devotions, Mrs. A. D. Baugh
man, Grand Forks.
The Prize Essay Contest, Mrs. Lil
lie B. Smith.
"The Legal Status of Woman," Mrs.
R. M. Pollock.
Vocal duet, Mesdames Blonde and
Address, Home and the Ballot, Miss
Candis Nelson.
Vocal solo—Miss Grace Sadcliffe.
3:30—Introduction of visitors and
"fraternal delegates.
Saturday Evening. ... .. ..
(Young People's Night.)
8:00—Devotions, Mrs. (Margaret
Phair, Park River.
L. T. Ll demonstration, in charge of
the state secretary, Miss Georgie M.
Famous for Stdnc&rd Qualities
and Exceptional Values
Vocal solo, Mrs. Ray Young.
Reading (selected) Miss Pearl Kirk.
Address, Woman- Suffrage. Miss.
Mary A. Cosgrove, Wheatland
Duet, Mr. and Mrs. Blonde.
Prayer, Rev. Albert "Torbet, pastor
Presbyterian church.
Anthem by the choir.
Address, Rev. F. L. Watkins, Supt.
State Enforcement League.
Duet, Mr. and Mrs. Blonde.
Announcements. Offering.
Closing hymn Benediction.
Sunday Evening.
Scripture lesson, Rev. A. E. Clatten
burg, Rector Church of the Advent.
Prayer, Rev. C. L. Wallace, pastor
Methodist church:
Anthem by the choir.
Address, Dr. C. C. Creegan, presi
dent of Fargo college.
Vocal solo, Prof. Holm.
Vocal sOlo, Miss Radcliffe.
Monday Morning.
9:00—Devotions,:(Mrs. J. J, Konen.
Reading of journal. &
Cheering news from the districts:
(concluded) ...
Fifth- District," iMrs. Clara Wilson."
Fourth District, 'Mrs-.-'"^Effie ^M.
Stromswpld. -f'
Third District, Mrs. Vipla Fbutg.
Second District, Mrs. M, A. Garry..
First District, Mrs.' Necia'E. Buck
Reports of Committees.
Election of officers.
Election of delegates to
•Noontide prayer. Sf
Scientific Temperance Instruction in
Schools, Mrs. Isabella A. Burley, Cav
Solo, IMrs. Young.
Social Center and W. C. .T. U. work,
Mrs. F. H. Wilder,
Duet, MesdameB Young and Blonde.
Unfinished business.
yonday Evening.
8:00—Devotions, |Miss Nejle M. Os
mun.' .,
Solo, Mrs. Avery Johnson.
Illustrated lecture, (Mrs. Olmena
Parker McDonald.
Vocal solo, Mrs. Roqrig.
Collection, Mrs. (Margaret Shaud,
Closing hymn.
Final adjournment.
Address, "What Prohibition Has
Done For North Dakota," Miss Ethel
E. Halcrow, Bowesmont.
Collection, Mrs. EfQe M. Stroms
Presentation of Banners and Prizes.
State song.
Sunday Morning.
11:00—Opening hymn.
Scripture reading,'Rev. A. C. Bar
ron, pastor Lutheran church.
A party returning from Fort Totten
to Chautauqua by motor boat Sunday 63—160 acres.
evening had an experience which they
will remember for some time. It was
late in the evening when the start was
made and a terrifically dense fog.set
tld over the lake. It was impossible,
afU short time, for. the seafaring
party to get their bearings. For two
houis the gasoline' propelled craft
wandered over the lake, finishing 4
hort distance from Fort Totten, from
where the start was made. The moon
later gave assistance in getting back
to Chauatauqua.
Reliahility Qur Keynote
V:A\. .1
Detils Lake's Finest Specially Store Specializing JKerchiindiae of the Better Qrade
Carefully Selected Purs Authorative Style Superior Quality. As Attractive in
''"/•'C Prices as They Are Charming in Style.
We are at your sevice vith the most complete line of Models, every desirable
Fur and Style. Assorments are complete and prices the lowest
Made in
Inspection Will convince You That Our Furs Are Right.
Luxurious Shawls, Throws and Animal Shapes
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service and the advantage,of JE^irst. selection :,,,
Values in Ladiesr Sweaters
(Continued from Page One.)'
science school and machinery display.
There will be an educational vailue
attached to a visit to the Exposition
that cannot be computed.
The Exposition proper will com
prise the most magnificent "collection
of grains and grasses, seeds,, vege
tables and other products of NPrth
Dakota's wide spreading plains and
undulating prairies ever assembled
under one roof. The clays and coals
and other illimitable mineral resourc
es will also be shown to advantage.
There will be no lack of entertain
ment and amusement for Exposition
visitors. Three vaudeville perform
ances dally will occur in the'Exposi
tion theater. A wealth of street at
tractions and carnival stunts will
amuse the crowds outside. Bands aiid
orchestras in all parts of the Exposi
tion building will furnish music at all
hours of the day and night. There
will be no lack of fun. Every little
moment will have somp feature all
its own.
A special rate of two cents per mile
in each direction, for round trip from
all points in North Dakota to Bis
marck for the Industrial Exposition
has been- granted' by- the railways.
Many special trains Vill" be run from
various sections of the state. Every
day will be a special day and evefey
day will he a big day. The Industrial
Exposition- this yfear," accompanyijife
the largest crop in the history of t£5e
state,: offers one of the tyest'- opportiij§
ties: ats
products and resources itJ has .ever
"had, or ever will have. The big land
show? should be"PisiteS by every'-mail..
woman and, .child, of .- this,
Monday Afternoon'.
2:00—Devotions, (Mrs. Eva Olsen.
Benefits of the Medal Contest, MiiBs
Pearl Kirk.
NW^ 'SecV 10-155-61—160 apres.
Sec:. 20-155-61-^320 Acre8/.'*rr
NB% Sec. 30-155-61—1^0 acres!
SW& Seel 29, NW% jjffec. 32-155:61
—320 acres.
(E% Sec.. 2-156-61—^350 acres.
NW% Sec. 29-156-61—16(5 acres."
SW% ISec. 30, NW% 3J-154-62—320
N% iNW% Sec. 7-155^62^—80 acres
SW# Sec. 3, SE% 4-156-62—^20
SW% Sec. 37457-62—160 acres."
E% NE?4 and NW% Sec. 1-153
63—160 acriBB. 5
pf ^Op­
-t '-i
The following-lands: will bes3iden
easy terms to actual farmers, small
cash payment and long*, time ,with
privilege- of paying.,the twhole amount
a a
W% NW%* 19-153-61—80 acres. /.
"SW% Sec. 160 acre'ei.
Sec. 6-155-61—160 acres.
£ec. 10-153^63—-200 acres, t?
NE%, and NE% NW% Sec. 1G-153
63—200 acres.
E% NE% Sec. 12-155-63—80 acres.
E% SW% Sec. 2, E% NE% 1M56.
SE% Sec. 6-156*63.
SW% Sec. 31-157-63 and Lot" 2, Sec.
1-156-63—210 acres.
SW% Sec. 12-157-63—160 acres.
NE%, Sec. 9-158-63—160 acres.
S^ Sec. 1, NE% Sec. 12-154-6&—480
WK SW)4 See. 10-154-66—80 aeree.
Devils Lake, N. D,'
Mrs. H. B. Mitchell invited the
Shakespeare club and a number of
evening was
spent in Social intercourse and a few
few intellectual' treats. Mre. H. G. Ro
mig sang a number of songs and Miss
Thorne, who is a membet of an "Alp^
ine club" in her home town, gave, a
graphic description of mountain climb
ing which 'iier club did up the Canadi
an Rockies. The climbers courageous
ly chose a" perpendicular ascent and
in spite' of the fad.t that they-were
protected" by hobnail shoes they had
some thrilling experiences which- Miss
Thorne described so vividly that "the
pleased 'audience were, at .times, breath-i
less with "a reaiiisation of the dangers
which did not daunt the explorers. ''As:'
a pastime, the guests wrote a story,
supplying missing -adjectives, and
jirhen their literary effort' was com
plete Mrs. Mitchell read the result to
the amusement of ali present. Re
freshments w^re' served1 at 'the close
o£ the evening.
The Library Board- will receive bids
up to'six o'clock p. m. Saturday^ Sep
tember 28 1912, for furnishing twenty
tons of "hard coal, stove size. The
board reserves the right to reject any
and all. bids. 1
Edgeley, N. D.» Sept 27.—There had
been so "much con^plaint of the oper
ations of bootleggers that' Mayor
Hall and City Attorney Muffin got
buBy last Saturday and nabbed a cou
ple of them. Nothing could be proven
against one, but Isadora Pelter was
caught with the goods and marched
to the city bat cave. He was taken
before Justice Flott, the state's attor
ney being present at the trial, and
bound over to the December term of
court under $300 bonds. A couple of
others who were Buspected of doing
the same line of business, but who
could not be caught with the evidence
were made acquainted with the fact
that their absence would be greatly
beneficial to themselves as well as to
the community. They went. The
mayor then went after the colored
bunch which have been hanging
around the town and out on the edge
of town and they vamoosed—quick.
.The people of the town appreciate
this kind of work, and .while it is im
poppible to clean them all* out, the
CROSBY, N. D., Sept. 27.—It is prob
able that there will' be no further
steps taken in connection with the
prosecution of State's Attorney Brace
and Commissioners Coglan and Ma
kee of Divide county, against whom
charges of irregularities in office were
preferred. When.the matter was tak
en up before Judge Lelghton, be dis
missed the cases betcauBe of faulty
methods employed by attorneys in'
starting. \h?. prosecution. The actions
sought the" removal of the officials in
Coll action
illegal fees was charg-
td against the two commission men
re. The slate's, attorney wv? accua-.
of rrfazmg to prosecute^ fa-- offi
cers. 'The complaints against otl'-fai ee
oifipiafs were sworn to by ?o\tnly Au
ditor W. ,E. Vandies, and" ha claims
that services for which cprtain war
rants were drawn were never. )n fact,
gendered to the cOupty,.
o^po^anlty to «m
«'-e you tbat we make rubber'
-^tampa is good and as Cheap u.cao
Agojivrt etomrheni.
For those who would dress in EASTERN FASHIONS at EASTERN
PRICES. Enjoy comfort and style by getting one of our French
Serge, Plain Velvet or Corduroy Dresses—in Navy Blue, Brown, "s
Changable or Blach'
OUR HATS are the talk of the town.
friends to her home last Friday even
ing to meet her guests, Mrs. Jas. Elton
of Grand Forks, and Miss. Thorne of
Ashboro, N.- C.
(Continued from Page One)
corn that, would easily mature, for
"there wa& much of it shown.
"One farmer at one of the fairs had,
sevent'y-tliree varieities of vegetables
ofi exhibition that he had raised oii
his. plac'e, which sfrow's the grealt pos
sibilities of North Dakota'soil in this
line, the vegetables all. had the' ap
pearance of- being healthy and hardy
and the sight was a revelation to me.
There were many children who also
had displays in this Une.'all veFf cred
itable, and I Was much' pleased With
the sight. "The'soii of that'stectiori ap-"
pears to be very weil'adapte'd to the
growing of vegetables
"Fully 90 per cent of the flax crop:
is now safe from any damage that the
frost can' do &nd this is gratifying.
So -far as I cbuld iearh there were only
several Isolated placeB where the frost
had done any damage Whatever to the
corn .or. flax, and what corn I saw. as
I passed along in the cars showed
green and healthy. In a few more
dayB the corn and all of the flue. will
have passed the danger line. The fact
that 15 per .cent of the grain has been
threshed is-also gratifying, but I want
to say, as I have done before, that the
great safety of the farmers of North
Dakota against all kinds of weather is
Join m.
House Block
fefom what
I could learn some of t^'e0 Smaller
farmere were going into the? M^ness,
next year with vigor, for ohe 6'f them
said to me,that he thougtil it possible'
to: skip them to the larger "cities wit!h
As to the flax.
NEW. ROCKFORD, N. D., Sept. 27.
—Joseph Kappel, who has been work
ing with a Mr. Schulte over nepr Fes
senden during the summer, commit
ted suicide fit Breman last Thursday,
by placing hiB neck on tbe rail in
front of an approaching construction
train. He had just hired out to Davis
Twist for the threshing season, and
made the statement as the train came
along- that he would take it and go
west for a few days and return when
Mr Twist was ready to cammence
threshing. Throwing his hat and coat
on the ground he jumped forward and
piaoed his neck on the rail just in
front of the wheel of the approaching
flat car loaded with gravel, and was
decapitated. Deceased was about 35
years of age and came from Minne
sota, having a ca*d in his pocket which
.statedf tfciat in icase of accident his
brother in {Minnesota should be :notir
fled. No cause is known for the rash
The fall term of federal court vJill
open at Minot October 22, according
to fin announcement of United States
officials at Fargo. A grand jury ses
sion of the court will be held at Fargo
and a petit jury term in Devils Lake
The dates of the term in this city
have not been announced as yet.'. ,v
AaKer's Busiueus college received
pine requests for office help the $ast
week and made the following happy
by placing them in oood positions:
Ed. Axberg, Helen Glvens, Olga Tuff
and John Flaa-. Two of the abovp
are b4nk positions and we could have
placed four mor$ with banks if wir
had had graduates. The A. B. C. does
more -for its graduates than any other
school in the northwest, because iM
more favorably known and. has th?
confidence of business men. -Send far
catalog to A. B. C-, Grand FdrkA N. D"
NAPOLEON, N. D„ Sept. 2t4-Last
Friday afternoon, at the John Wentz d%y.
farm, twelve miles east of Napoleon,^
Otto Wentz, aged 10 years While play
ing with, a gopher rifle .in the hay
mow accidentally discharged the
same, and the bullet-struck his thir
teen-year-old brother, Adam, in the
left sire, piercing his lung and going
out under his left shoulder. He is get
ting along nicely.
With Lafnd Cp.
O ..
Miss Ethel Haffey owes her spied,
did position with the Brown Dan
skin Land Co., of Grand Forks,
Langdon, N. D., Sept 27.—Sheriff.
Drury arrested and placed in the
county jail last "Thursday night an
itinerant bootlegger from Easby ta»
whom the cognomen of John Doe may
be applied a? he refused to divulge,
his name. Ke. was caught with the
goods and will get the regulation dos^
Fessenden, N. D., Sept 27.—N. C_
Smythe had a narrow escape front"
seriouB injury and perhaps deatlk
while'working on -Tom Crissman's gaa
engine last Satq&ay. As it was it
was serious enoAgJt and very painful*
A poorly fitted plug in the top of the
exploding, chanter blew- out, filling
Smythe's left eye with hot gas and.
carbon, causing terrible pain. It wa»
at first thought he would have toe
go to an eye sped^tst, but after work
ing over him forrajsqagt twvo houra, Dr.
Douglas succeeded in extracting the
pieces, Ave in all, and keeping Mr. Jr
Smythe in a dark room for a couple •%,
Garrison, N. D., Sept 27.—At an ex
tra buBineBs meeting of the Swedish
liutheran Birke congregation, Basto,
N. D„ held in the house of J. A. Lund
qulst Sept 14, the congregation unan
imou8ly decided to build a beautiful
church structure. The size Of the
church is to be 50 feet long, 32 feet
wide, and 14 feet posts. The basement
under the whole structure is to be 9
feet in the clear. Work to begin thief
fall. The best material will be used
throughout the structure and be of
first class workmanship. The congre
gation is jubilant as a result of thk
Bismarck, N. D., Sept, 27.—The Su
preme court has finally passed on the
question of dividing Billings county.
At an election last- fall it was voted
that anew county be created when the
matter was taken to the Suprem#
court and the election sustained. Lat
er those opposed to the county being'
divided applied to the Suprerofe Cqi?rt"
for a reliearing whichT was denied in
today's" action. 'fhts-irtrtually datab
I'tfbes ifww county'probably^
kno^ as Golden-yalley ~wUh Jpach
and Sentinel Butto cpnten^pg Writhe'
comty mt. t'v,'
Tie Adttor" ofevthe 'Dawsott
glad he, liy|s8 a
.. v:?.
thei Union Commercial- College of
Grand Fofks) 'K. D. Miss Haffey
strongly advises all young people
to attend the Union if they want -to
get a thorough trianing and a good
position, Send" for their free cata-*'
A. if*
of dayB he Is again at his work. Mr.
Smythe says that if It had been the
plug that' hit him Dr. Douglass would
be out that job, as it penetrated-the
coiling to the depth of over half an
^s.fs ,•
Cfiuse "he can -get his oi

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