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(Monday's Daily.)
Land Man Here.
Gus. Kennedy of St. Paul, represent
ing a big land project in Oregon and
California,..in which several Devils Lake
.people,' ai ej interested, was in the city
.over,1.$imJay. Mr., Kennedy left' today
on lis way east.
Supply Man.
L. J. Shields, representing an Auto
mobile supply house in St. Paul spent
Sunday in the city before leaving for
the west on business. Mr. Shields was
very favorably impressed with Devils
Lake and the new hotel.
Elevator Man.
H. W. Moore, formerly in charge of
the Winter & Ames Elevator in this
city, arrived from South Dakota last
evening. He will go to Webster where
he will take charge of an elgvator.
Got Up Early.
G. D. Davidson, one of our popular
townsite proprietors and also a promi
nent farmer, got up early Wednesday
morning to buy cigars for his friends,
the occasion, being the arrival of an
other little boy at liis home. Mother
and babe doing nicely.—Lawton Repub
Visited at Bottineau.
Sisters Martin and Michael of the
Devils Lake convent spent several days
this week visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Eae. On Tuesday they
drove to the lake and were much
pleased with the beauty of the moun
tains.—Bottineau News.
Runaway Accident.
In a runaway accident Wednesday
noon, Jack Thurwell, the driver, jumped
in an attempt to save himself, and was
thrown against the curb in front of
Smith's store, dislocating his left col
lar bone. Dr. Drew reduced the frac
ture and
patient is resting easily,
bit will t'ft confined to his bed for sev
eral days.—Crary Public Opinion.
Broke Axel.
Fred vSinkler and Ludvik Hanson
motored to Devils Lake Monday where
Ludvik went to get his auto, which
has been in the repair shop up there
since he spent a couple of weeks there
during the Chautauqua season. Just
as he was about to come home Ludvik
broke' the steering aparatus and was
forced to leave the auto there until he
could get a new one.—New Rockford
Banker's Sister.
Mrs. A. F. Pottratz, a sister of bank
er H. L. Schutte, arrived Tuesday even
ing from Portland, Oregon, where she
has spent some time visiting relatives
and friends, and will spend a couple
of weeks here before continuing her
journey to her home at Elgin, 111. This
is the first visit of Mrs. Pottratz to the
great state of North Dakota, and that
she is satisfied that North Dakota is
a good place to live, goes without say
ing.—Penn Hustler.
Were at Chautanqua.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Taylor were
gusts at the F. T. Cuthbert cottage
at Chautauqua over Sunday.
Going to the Forks.
F. T. Cuthbert will leave Tuesday
morning for Grand Forks where he will
attend to legal business.
Ness to Forks.
B. J. Ness leaves tomorrow morning
for Grand Forks to look after business
Rolette Farmer.
Edward Johnson of Rolette was in
the city last Saturday attending to
legal business. Mr. Johnson is a
prominent and prosperous farmer of
No Shoot.
Three times yesterday the members
of the Gun club started out for the
grounds to partake of their regular
weekly shoot. Each time they were
driven back by rain and finally had
to abandon the sport.
Some Ball Team.
Devils Lake claims the baseball
championship of 'the \state and has
good grounds on which to base her
claim. The local team played 49 games
and lost but five. They defeated all
the teams in the state and outside
teams that toured the state. They de
feated the Colored Gophers of Minne
apolis five games out of six. Some
North Dakota ball team.—Beach Gol
den Valley Chronicle.
Entertained at Farm.
The N. Lambert family and the W.
T. O'Brien family spent Sunday at the
Angus McDonald farm. Wild fruit is
evidently plentiful, judging from the
quantity that was returned to the city.
The automobile ride was greatly en
joyed despite the inclemency of the
Mercantile Man.
B. A. Jackson, the Grand Forks Mer
cantile man, was in the city today
visiting at the Lake Grocery company
plant and attending to business mat
Coal Man.
A. M. Vuckle, the Grand Forks coal
man, is in the city today looking after
business maters and visiting with
All From Fargo.
N. D. Wassen, J. T. Purcell and H.
O. Kallgren are all prominent Gate
City guests in Devils Lake today look
in gafter business matters.
Vaughn Was Here.
Forest Vaughn, county auditor of
Towner county, was in the city Satur
day enroute form Bismarck to Cando.
Mr. Vaughn attended one meeting of
the state board of equalization but
says that the board has not been able
to do much due to the fact that the
returns from all the counties have not
been received.
From Minnewaukan.
Louis Basmussen of Minnewaukan
township was in the city Saturday at
tending to business matters at the
court house.
At the Farm.
Judge Cowan was at his farm over
Sunday looking after affairs there.
•Returns From Visit.
Mrs. G. L. Abar, who has been visit
ing at Port Huron, Michigan, during
the summer months, has returned to
Devils Lake.
Norman Nelson Here.
Hon. Norman Nelson of Churchs Fer
ry was in the city today attending to
business matters at the court house.
Operated On.
Miss Josie Antonson of this city was
operated on at the hospital last Satur
day for appendicitis. She is doing very
Called Off.
Trips to Chautauqua and excursions
were not as numerous yesterday as
was anticipated, due to the rain, and
those who ventured out were soaked
before their return home.
Black Bust There.
Irwin Thompson has returned from
Grand Forks where he has been visit
ing at his father's farm. He says that
the crop there is exceptionally good
but some of the wheat on his father's
.place has become innoculated with
black rust.
Visiting at Turner's.
E. E. Sparks, father of Mrs. Chas.
Turner, iB in the city today from New
bre township visiting at the Turner
Complete Work.
The state board of barber examiners
completed their sessions at Grand Forks
Friday. Quite a number of applicants
appeared before the board. Another
session will be held in Fargo August
7, 8 and 9. This will be at the time of
the meeting of the barbers' association.
The members of the board are A. N.
Eckler of Minot, president Ed. Rich
ardson of this city, secretary and Chas.
Elsbury of St. Johns.
Filled Up.
Only one vacant room on Saturday
night and the necessity of sleeping on
cots Sunday night is the record of the
Great Northern hotel.
Superintendent Leaves.
T. W. Fox, superintendent at the
Great Northern shops, left Saturday
for a two weeks' vacation at Faribault,
Visits Aunt.
Mr. Bierley is visiting his aunt, Mrs.
H. D. Mitchell, for a few days.
Visited Folks.
Mr. Wm. H. Huesgen visited with
his parents yesterday and left last
night on No. 2 for Grand Forks, vhore
he works in Paul Girard's jewelry store.
Left for Austin.
Mr. Peter Haley leaves today for
Austin, Minn., where he will visit his
brother and sister. Miss Nettie Haley
and Wendell Haley will leave Thursday
and meet Mr. Haley at Austin and from
there they will go to Duluth.
Croder Here.
J. W. Croder of Maza was a promi
nent visitor in Devils Lake today at
tending to business matters.
Gone to Pleasant Lake.
Miss Lillie Hagen left for Pleasant
Lake, where she will take charge of a
school, which opens today for a nine
month's term.
Through Montana
E. T. Beese left last night for a
couple of weeks' business trip through
Returned Home.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Allen were visit
ors in Devils Lake for a few days, re
turning to their home at Grand Forks.
Got Big Tractor.
Gus Fursteneau received a big Ad
vance farm tractor last Saturday to be
used on his farm. A thirty horse power
machine which will operate twelve
plows is one of the largest in use in the
county. Mr. Fursteneau has consider
able of his wheat crop cut.
Haslam's Return.
Mrs. J. R. Haslam and children have
returned from Canada, where they have
been visiting for several weeks.
Back From Minnesota.
Mrs. Burt Halliday has returned
from a visit in different parts of Min
Were at Starkweather.
Mrs. Matson and Misses Bustad and
Stetvold visited over Sunday with Miss
Bustad's sister at Starkweather.
Hotel Crowded.
The Great Northern hotel enjoyed a
splendid patronage Sunday and the
dining room was crowded at the time
of the Sunday dinner.
Sun Man.
George Chambers, of the Churchs
Ferry, Sun, was in town today visiting
with friends.
McKenzies Here.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McKenzie and chil
dren, of Grand Forks, are visiting at
the cottage of A. M. Bond at Chautau
There and Back.
Atty. J. J. Samson was at Lakota
on business today and returned on No.
Meet Tonight.
The Independent Order of Foresters
will meet tonight in regular business
session. There will be a few initiated.
Were Fishing.
Herman Butten and family and Mike
Doheny and family returned Saturday
evening after spending the week at
Wood Lake. They report an excellent
trip and a very successful catch.
McNanny Girls.
Misses Vonie and Stacia McNanny,
who have been visiting in town for the
last few days, have returned to Cary.
On Fishing Trip.
A unique fishing party left the city
today for St. John, where a several
days' outing will be enjoyed. The par
ty consisted of Father Augustine, of
this city Father Corey, of Cando:
Father Favreau, St. John Father Pe
reou, Belcourt Father Troppinnier,
Tarsus and Father Andreu, Bottineau.
To Harvest Fields.
John Dailey, of Springbrook, near
Williston, and Nels Veken, of the same
place, passed through the city enroute
to Olmstad, where they will work in
the harvest fields, their crops in Wil
liams county not requiring, their ser
vices. i.
Will Work Here.
Miss Vera Baker, a niece of George
Rodenbach, who came here from New
York for a visit, will remain at the
Rodenbach & Mundt store, having ac
cepted a position as bookkeeper.
About Zalusky.
Jack Zalusky, who has played in
several of the minor leagues, but this
summer with the crack Devils Lake
team, an independent organization
which played grand ball, blew into
town last week for a few days and
looked to be in swell condition. Jack
says he had a great time up in North
Dakota and that the people of that
town treated him like a prince. The
club has disbanded for the season. Za
lusky already has several offers to go
out and it is believed that he will ac
cept one in the next few days.—Min
neapolis Tribune.
Goes to India.
Harold E. White, well known here
and a graduate of the university with
the class of 1910 and during the past
year principal of the East Grand Forks
high school, has accepted a position in
Baldwin college, Bangalore, India. He
will leave early in September and will
visit England and the continent en
route. Bangalore is a city of about
200,000 inhabitants, largely of foreign
descent. It has a strong educational
system, including a number of high
schools, as well as Baldwin college.
The Latest on Farming.
The bulletins issued by the North
Dakota Experiment station give the re
sults of the investigations in crop pro
duction, in live stock, in horticulture,
in poultry, in veterinary science, etc,
These bulletins are sent free. Those on
the mailing list get them as issued.
Many have moved away or changed
their addresses. This makes it nec
essary to revise the mailing list so as
to find out who want the bulletins. A
blank was enclosed in the last bulletin
sent out. Those who return this blank
filled out will be put on the new mail
ing list. Anyone not already on the
list and wishing to receive the bulletins
can be placed on the list by sending
in their name and address.
Stopped Off.
Mrs. J. A. Bahan and baby from St.
Lair, Minn., stopped off here Saturday.
They met Miss Luella Stevens from
Des Moines, Iowa, here, and together
they weiit on to Riverside. Washington,
for a short visit.
Miss Bessie Nimmo is entertaining
at a house party at Chautauqua this
week. The guests are Mrs. Wright
and Miss Kittlesby of Sherwood.
Left For Crary.
Mrs. Mary Rutten left yesterday for
a brief visit with relatives at Crary,
Newspaper Man.
Charles Gilman, for several years an
employee of the Minneapolis Journal
and other twin city publications, but
now engaged in work in the National
Enterprise association, a newspaper
syndicate, was in the city Saturday af
ternoon, the guest of II. Z. Mitchell,, of
The World. Mr. Gilman. is just return
ing from a trip to Winnipeg where he
secured facts relative to a big munici-1
pal plant there and from Williston,
where he wrote up the irrigation pro
ject. Mr. Gilman and the editor of!
The World were both natives of St.
Cloud, Minn., at one time and have not
seen each other for several years.
Caught in Act.
About ten days ago, a man named
Madden, who has charge of the com
missary department of Guthrie & Co.,
who have charge of the construction
work for the Great Northern on the
new line ten miles south of Granville
arrived in Granville with a pretty bru
nette, whom he claimed was his wife.
A few days later the woman's husband,
who had followed the couple from the
west, arrived and located the woman
at Kerr's boarding house. She was
eating dinner, as her spouse walked
into the yard, and she ran crying from
the table, much alarmed over her hus
band's apearance. The couple talked
matters over in the yard and the hus
band, who was as badly worked up as
his wife, fainted. The couple secured
a rig and drove to camp where Madden
was working, and all returned to Gran
ville, where they held a consultation.
They wore ordered away from the
boarding house and the woman finally
agreed to return with her husband.—
Towner News-Tribune.
Good Chicken Crop.
That the chicken crop this year will
be one of the largest in the history of
North Dakota is the statement of M. E.
Bennett, of Towner, who is in the city
in connection with the Stevens case.
Towner," said Mr. Bennett. ''This has
been a nexceptionally good year for
chickens and we expect the largest
crop in the history of our section."
Mr. Bennett says that farming condi
tions, are better around Towner that
was expected three weeks ago. North
west of Towner there will be about a
two-third crop of wheat, and south
the crop will be from a third to a half.
—Minot Optic.
(From Tuesday's Daily.)
Here to Meet Mother
P. E. Johnson, assistant cashier of
the State Bank of Brocket, was an ar
rival in the city to meet his mother,
who is coming from the west.
Returns Home.
Anthony Cromer, who has been visit
ing in the city for some time, has re
turned to his home in Faribault, Minn.
Left For Knox.
Rev. E. T. Quam of Rugby, who has
been entertained over Sunday at the
home of Rev. A. C. Barron and had
charge of their out-door service, left
yesterday afternoon for Knox. Rev.
Quam has charge of the Norwegian
hospital at Bugby, N. D.
Pleasantly Surprised.
Bev. and Mrs. A. C. Barron were
pleasantly surprised yesterday by a
visit from Mr. and Mrs. Ira Cleophas.
of Beloit, Wis., also Mr. and Mrs. P. E.
Johnson and two sons of Brocket, who
are all former Wisconsin friends.
Condition is Serious.
The condition of Chris Buck of Edin
burg, the man who was injured in the
insane man's shooting episode last
week, remains about the same today.
He is now a patient at St. Michael's
hospital and a consultation of physi
cians was held this morning in the case.
—Grand Forks Times.
Getting Ready.
Preparations that were made recent
ly for the Minnesota Automobile club
in its tour through North Dakota to
Helena are being repeated in a number
of the cities of the state in anticipation
of the coming of the local tourists.
Bottineau is one of the most active
cities, the autoists of that city having
organized an automobile club which has
as its principal object general road im
provement, together with the creation
of good roads sentiment.—Grand Forks
Busy on Mains.
The police department and several
other city officials have been kept on
the jump the last couple of days re
pairing the damage done by broken
water mains. On several crossings last
evening lanters had to be placed to
warn pedestrians and vehicles of the
Joe Purcell Here.
Joe Purcell of Fargo, one of the best
known traveling men on the road and
a royal good fellow, was in the city
yesterday on his way west. Mr. Pur
cel was a candidate for Railroad Com
missioner at the last election and if
the wishes of his friends have any in
fluence he will again be a candidate
for that office.
Bill Maloney Legalizes.
Bill Maloney, of Wheelock, editor,
attorney, and a strong booster for Wil
liams county, was in the city yesterday
on legal business. Mr. Maloney is an
old timer at the newspaper game and
is equally as ancient in the ranks of
the exponents of Blackstone. He has
a number of friends in the city who
were glad to see him.
Wedding Tomorrow.
Word has been received in Devils
Lake from Rev. and Mrs. C. W. Smith
of Crary, N. D., announcing the mar
riage of their daughter, Miss Leva
Olive, to Mr. W. L. Maulsby, which
takes place tomorrow at the home of
the bride's parents at Crary. The
bride is one of the prominant. young
ladies of Crary and has numerous
friends in this city. The groom is a
prominent business man at Lakeficld,
Minn., where the young people will
make their home after September 1,
leaving on a brief honeymoon after the
wedding tomorrow.
Sather Here.
A. O. Sather of Starkweather is in
the city for a few days looking after
business matters.
Will Open Monday.
Managers Cowley & Nimmo are mak
ing arrangements for the opening of
the Grand opera house, probably next
week Monday, and some good attrac
tions in the vaudeville line are promis
ed. With the lay off for several weeks,
vaudeville with a couple of acts will
no doubt be a welcome feature and
Devils Lake anxiously awaits the open
Visiting Brother.
L. H. Holm of New Rockford, N. D.,
arrived in the city yesterday for a few
days visit with his brother, Prof. Holm.
Mr. Holm is a prosperous farmer living
in the vicinity of New Rockford and is
a firm believer in the producing power
of North Dakota land. He is delighted
with Devils Lake and anticipates an
enjoyable visit.
Beturned Home.
Roy Shears, who has been visiting
his sister, Mrs. Romig, left last even
ing for Utah, after speding two months
in Devils Lake.
World Got Some.
The World acknowledges receipt of
several excellent specimens of the fin
ny tribe, the compliments of A. W.
Tracy, who returned from his home at
Fish Lake, where the fish were caught.
Mr. Tracy brought in a string of thirty
seven pike and he treated his many
friends in Devils Lake in royal fash
ion. ..
Instiling Lights.
The Fashion Shop, which will open
shortly, is installing their new window
lights that will be a feature of that
establishment. Mr. Smith, the proprie
tor, intends to make liis windows one
of the features of his shop.
Professor in City.'
Prof. J. C. West of Webster is in the
city today visiting with friends and at
tending to business matters.
From the Forks.
D. A. McLeod and W. C. Pond, both
of Grand Forks, are attending to busi
ness matters in Devils Lake today.
Nasons in City.
Mr. and Mrs. Nason of Niagara are
visiting friends in Devils Lake today.
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Kline returned
to Devils Lake yesterday from their
honeymoon trip to Little Falls, Minn.
The girls at the Great Northern hotel
arranged a unique spread for the newly
married couple at the hotel last evening
and an enoyable time was had by about
thirty guests. Mr. and Mrs. Kline were
presented with a handsome silver tea
set. Mr. Kline resumed his duties as
baggageman on the Great Northern
dinkey" train this morning.
Grand Harbor Visitor.
James Hunter was in the city yester
day from Grand Harbor visiting with
friends and looking after business mat
Getting Awning.
A representative of the Grand Forks
Tent and Awning company was in the
city today measuring for new awnings
to be installed at the Fashion shop.
Leaves Today.
ft. E. Hatcher, the insurance man,
representing the Great Wesr, of Winni
peg, who has been in the city several
days will leave today fov his home, at
Hughes Is Here.
T. D. Hughes of the Gate City is in
the city today looking after business
Lambert's Sister.
Mrs. Curtain of Rollette, sister of N.
Lambert, is visiting in the city for a
few days.
Left For Coast.
Mr. Roy Shearer left yesterday for
different pointns on the coast.
Miss McLean Back.
Miss Faith McLean has returned
home after spending a week with her
sister, Mrs. Rother, of Perth. She also
visited a few days at Belcourt.
Miss Fenyleson Leaves.
Miss Fenyleson of Bottineau, who has
been the guest of Miss Jennie-Belle
Lewis, leaves today for her home.
Gone Harvesting.
A number of the high school boys
have gone out harvesting and it is re
ported that thehre is plenty of room for
Forty New Ones.
The Independent Order of Foresters
met last night and took in about forty
new members. After the business ses
sion was over a social meeting and
dance were held.
Expected Home.
Miss Lawrene Lewis is expected
home today from a week's visit with
her uncle in Grand Forks.
Clifford Lewis entertained a number
of his friends at a birthday party at
W. R. O. Honor.
Mrs. Powell entertained a number of
frinds and the W. R. C. last evening
in honor of Mrs. Reed of Grand Forks.
Mrs. Reed leaves today for Seattle,
Gone to Coast.
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and son Ernest
have gone to the coast for a visit.
To Meet Friend.
Jack Wolf was- in town yesterday
to meet a friend from Chicago who
will visit here for a few weeks.
Merry-Go- 'Round.
Mrs. Lydia Mr -Larson and son have
arived from Leeds and will start a
merry-go-'round here in a short time.
Jahr is Here.
John Jahr is in Devils Lake today
on his way to Landa, N. D., to take
charge of the Murgess elevator at that
Contest Case.
A homestead contest case of interest
is before the U. S. landoffice today,
the case being that of Regan vs. Kehoe.
Bond to Forks.
Allie Bond leaves for Grand Forks
today on business.
Gave Party.
MaudeGray gave a birthday party
yesterday afternoon. Six of her little
friends were invited and all report a
splendid time.
Dr. Williams Home.
Dr. Williams left last vening for her
home in Milwaukee.
Make Home Here.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Brisken, who were
married at St. Paul, have returned to
Devils Lake to make their home.
Foote in City.
Vane D. Foote, the Underwood type
writer man, is in the city. He has
been enjoying a vacation and has not
visited Devils Lake for some time.
Visiting Brother.
H. Wolf, of Stuppensville, Ohio, is
in the city, the guest of his brother,
Jacob Wolf. Mr. Wolf has never visit
ed North Dakota before nor has he
seen his brother for the past tliirty
years. He seems delighted with the
country and commented on the evident
moisture that is here. One of the
sights that interested Mr. Wolf par
ticularly was the Indians. "In our
country," he said, "if any of the In
dians who are with the shows appear
on the streets, the boys and in some
cases men throw sticks and stones at
them." Mr. Wolf will remain here
some little time as the guest of his
Old Resident Dead.
Word was received today through
Alex. Watson, a former resident who is
in the city today, of the death of Mrs.
Mary E. Coster, mother of Mrs. Walk
er, who came here in December, 1SS.".
She left Deviis Lake in ISS6. Since
then Mrs. Coster has lived with her
daughter in Minneapolis, where hi.r
death occurred on July 14th.
Neighborly Surprise.
Mrs. Harry Foster was agreeably sur
prised yesterday afternoon when a num
ber of her neighbors called on her,
bringing along their lunch baskets and
sewing to while away the afternoon in
the cozy little home on Seventh street.
The following were the people present
at the gathering: Mesdames Stewart.
Cogswell, O'Brien, Hall, Veitch and
Snow. After the needlework was com
pleted an enjoyable luncheon was serv
ed at 5 o'clock. Mrs. Foster is a de
lightful hostess, even when taken un
The Socialists were somewhat in the
limelight last evening at the council
meeting, a position which they apparent
ly relished and made the most of. Both
of the remaining Socialists were strong
on motions and seconds and repeatedly
rose to a point of order or information.
Their first climax came however when
City Auditor Jones read the resignation
of Alderman Calaghan, that a few mo
ments before had been impressively
handed to him by A. S. Anderson, one
of the Socialist officials who was rec
ognized by his red shirt. The resig
nation was dated Aug. 7th and stated
that Alderman Callaghan had ruii as a.
Socialist candidate. There were no re-'
marks for several minutes but finally
Alderman Harris caught his cue and
moved its acceptance, seconded by
Miller. Alderman Wineman asked
Whether the resignation was Calaghan's
wish and there was no answer from the
Socialists. Other members asked for
more facts concerning the resignation
but as none were forthcoming it was
not accepted and so far as the records
go Callaghan is still an Alderman.
Aldreman Miller, later, by a resolu
tion, started the ball rolling for Mun
icipal owned public utilities, when he
asked for a committee to investigate
the feasibility of a municipal coal and
wood yard, with an ica house on the
side. The idea seemed to meet with
favor and the Mayor appointed Alder
men Miller, Wineman and Johnson as
a committee.
W. G. Stoughton of Chicago is in the
city. Mr. Stoughton came to Devils
Lake in 1SS3 ami engaged in business,
his store being located where the Gold
berg bowling alley now is. In the fire
of 1SS4, which pretty nearly cleaned
out the town, his entire stock was de
stroyed. Mr. Stoughton, with charac
teristic bravery, telegraphed a whole
sale grocer in Minneapolis to ship him
at once a grocery stock complete. After
the fire he did business in a frame
structure, corner of Arnold and Fourth
street, now the Mann corner, and in
1986 formed a partnership with E. J.
Stoughton & Chamberlain for several
years, later moving to Chicago and en
gaging in loans and real estate. Mr.
Stoughton says that he enoys his visits
to Devils Lake and rejoices in the pros
perity that is everywhere in evidence.
(From Wednesday's Daily.)
Remains Shipped.
The remains of Raymond Biwer, son
of M. P. Biwer, were shipped to Yale,
S. D., where the funeral will be held,
it being the former Biwer home. The
little fellow, who was eight years old,
had many friends and playmates in
Devils Lake who will mourn his loss.
He was sick eight weeks, his death
following closely that of his mother.
Good Evidenced
From the number of Deering corn
binders that are being purchased in
Devils Lake it is very evident that the
farmers of. Ramsey county at least are
getting into the diversified farming
habit and as a result a much larger
corn crop is evidenced this year which
should mean a great deal to the farm
ers who have learned a lesson in this
Yesterday afternoon the friends of
Mrs. Peter Erickson had a surprise par
ty on her. The afternoon was spent in
sewing after which dainty refresh
ments were served.. Those" present
were Mesdames Miller, Simonstad, Ban
kin, McGurren, Butten, Henley, Wal
ters, Hines, Noonan, Flumerfelt and
Wedding Invitations Out.
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Hoskins of Bis
marck, N. D., have issued very infor
mal invitations to the marriage of their
daughter, Etta, to Philip J. Meyer, at
the summer home of Mrs. R. P. Hos
kins, Dash Point, on Thursday, August
10. A launch will leave the boathouse
at 12th and Dock streets, at 2:45 in the
afternoon for the accommodation of
town guests. Much interest attends
the wedding, as the bride, whose home
is in the middle west, was brought up
in Tacoma and came to the sound a few
weeks ago, accompanied by her par
ents, to be married at the home of her
grandmother, with whom she lived from
babyhood. Mr. Meyer arrives from Bis
marck this week.—Tacoma News.
It- is very noticeable and citizens
have remarked that for the first time
during the past year the crossings in
Devils Lake have all been cleaned off
after a rain storm. The heavy rain
storms have always made Devils Lake
street crossings almost impassable and
many would not be cleaned off for
weeks, but it is very noticeable that
within the past week the crossings have
all been cleaned in excellent shape.
Residents around Moore avenue and
Eighth street are particularly grateful
for the manner in which the crossings
have been cleared of mud, a feature of
metropolitanism that has not been en
joyed for some time.
Haig at Starkweather.
Superintendent Haig returned this
morning from Starkweather where he
attended to business matters. He says
wheat cutting was started on his farm
Teachers Coming.
Tomorrow morning the teachers' ex
aminations will be held, starting at S
o'clock, the program as announced pre
viously in The World to be carried out.
Superintendent Haig's office force was
busy today sharpening pencils for the
coming test and judging from the num
ber of pencils to do the work a good at
tendance is expected at the examina
tion. The test will be held in the
Commercial room at the high school
Visiting Here.
Miss Amy Hazlett of Minot is the
guest of Mrs. James Lacy of this city.
Miss Hazlett is on her way back from
Springfield, 111., where she was the
guest of relatives. Mrs. Hazlett pass
ed through the city this morning on her
way to Minot where she will make her
home with her daughter.
Children Entertained.
Little Miss Mabel McLean entertain
ed about tweny-five of her friends this
afternoon in honor of her seventh birth
day. Children's games were indulged
in during the afternoon and the im
portant day in the young lady's life
was concluded by a delicious luncheon,
which had as the center of attraction
a birthday cake, with seven wax can
dles burning brightly. Mrs. John Has
lam and Mrs. Ed Rout-ier assisted Mrs.
McLean in entertaining the children.
Marriage License.
A mariage license was issued by
Judge Henry of the probate court today
to John A. Boehmer and Miss Mary
Long, both of Brocket.
Back From Farm.
Judge Cowan returned from his farm
yesterday afternoon. He reports crop
conditions good, with the exception of
fear of black rust, which is evident in
some places, although nothing of any
seriousness has been noticed thus far.
On Way to Minot.
Miss Mae Flore of Minneapolis pass
ed through town last evening on her
way to Minot where she will visit for a
week. On her return she will spend a
few days here with friends.
Banker Nyhus.
Banker H. Nyhus of Edmore was in
the city yester lay, havirg just returned
from Wisconsin whers he has been vis
iting with relatives
Clerk of House.
Atorney Griffin of Edmore, clerk of
the House at the last session of the
legislature, is in Devils Lake attending
to business matters and visiting with
Largest Lodge.
The next regular meeting of the In
dependent Order of Foresters will be
held on Monday evening, August 21st,
When another class will be initiated.
The'lodge recently instituted here is in
a flourishing condition and claims a
larger membership than any other
lodge in the city.
Brother Here.
Mr. Nelson, a brother of Mrs. .Alice
Nelson Page, is in the city from Grand
Forks for a short visit with his sister.
On Webster's Time.
Managers Cowley & Nimmo announce
that the bookings at the Grand opera
house for vaudeville will come over
the Webster circuit, the first perform
ance being billed for next Monday
Todd in the City.
Charles Todd, the prominent and pop
ular citizen of Grand Harbor, spent
yesterdaj* in Devils Lake looking after
business matters and visiting, with
Remains About the Same.
The condition of Chris Buck, the Ed
inburg man injured in the shooting
scrape at that city, remains about the
same at St.-Michael's hospital in Grand
Mrs. Leech Coming.
Mrs. F. B. Leech of North Broadway
expects to leave next week for Devils
Lake, where she will bo the guest of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. IJ. Bell
for a month. She leaves at this time
to be present at the marriage of her
brother, A. H. Bell, which takes place
Aug. 22 to Miss Mae Connelly of that
city.—Fargo Forum.
Prominent Attorney.
Attorney F. T. Cuthbert of Devils
Lake, who was prominent in the re
cent Cowan case at Bismarck as coun
sel for the defendant, is spending the
day in the city on business.—Grand
Forks Times.
Bought Binder.
John R. Haslam purchased farm im
plements for his farm this morning,
securing a Deering binder from Haley
& Ilyland and is now ready to start
Trip to Cities.
H. Hanson and family of Minneapolis
passed through the city last evening on
their way from the Mill City to Rolla
where Mr. Hanson is looking over some
land. They made the trip in a Winton
Six and while they struck bad roads
the latter part of their journey report
a most enoyable drive.
Grand Harbor Visitor.
I. De Nars of Grand Harbor was a
business visitor in Devils Lake today
looking after the purchase of some farm
Mrs. Danielson Here.
Mrs. L. C. Danielson of Fargo is in
the city for a visit at the home of
Mrs. C. P. Danielson of this city. She
will remain for about ten days.
Brownlee Is in Fargo.
Dr. Brownlee is at Fargo to attend
a meeting of the state dental board at
which the question of the legality of
several of the candidates who wrote
in the recent examination wlil be thor
oughly inquired into. The papers of all
candidates will be passed upon.
Passed Through.
Forty-two forestry students from the
Biltmore forestry school at Biltmore,
N. C., in charge of Dr. C. A. Schrenek
of the faculty, and M. M. Hubbert of
the Great Northern agency in Philadel
phia, passed through the city in their
special car. The party is on its way to
Marshfield, Ore., where the school ex
pects to establish a permanent forest
ry camp. While on the way west they
will stop off at Belton, Mont., and will
spend a few weeks touring in'the Gla
cier National park.
Editors' Stand.
Results of a poll shows twenty-three
North Dakota editors favoring the
president signing the tariff bills, and
five against.
Left For Vancouver.
James Colton, a nephew of Dr. Mc
Gurren, who has been visiting in Dev
ils Lake, left this morning on No. 3
for Vaneouever, B. C.
Operated On.
Miss Lena Johnson was operated on
at the hospital for apendicitis and at
last reports was doing very nicely.
Soon Out.
C. E. Barber, who was operated on
for appendicitis, has about recovered
and will leave the hospital in a few
From the Forks.
R. M. Hugdal and J. M. O'Neale of
Grand Forks were in the city today
attending to business matters.
All From Fargo.
Among those from Fargo in Devils
Lake today are I. Unger, J. B. and
J. C. Eaton, George Vawter and C. A
Churchs Ferry Guests.
Guests from Churchs Ferry arriving
in Devils Lake yesterday were N. Neb
son and Erick Lysne.
Powell Returned.
Mr. Arthur Powell returned todav
from a visit at the Due II farm near
Visiting Doctor.
Mrs. Albert Roberts came down from
Cando yesterday where she has been
visiting Dr. Roberts for the last few
Enroute to Aberdeen.
Mrs. Frank Murdick and daughters
Edna and Velma and Miss Adah Noyes
came down from Rolla yesterday. Mrs.
Murdick and Miss Velma are going to
Aberdeen, S. D., for a visit, while Miss
Edna and Miss Adah Noves are going
to St. Paul, after which Miss Edna will
join her mother and sister in Aberdeen.
Cruin Here.
Clarence Crum of St. John was a
visitor in town yesterday.
Dunn Here.
Mr. Dnun, brother of J. E. Dunn, is
I visiting Devils Lake for a few days.
Guest at Thompsons.
I Mr. and Mrs. Schutte of Penn and
Mr. Schutte's mother are guests at the
Thompson cottage at Chautauoua.
I Mrs. Williams Visiting.'
Mrs. Ben Williams and children have
gone to Michigan City, wiier. they will
visit for a short time.
Warner Here
J. W. Warner of Fargo WAS a business
visiter in the c'tv yester lay.
King "in City.
II. A. King of Lakota was in town
attending to business matters last even
Democrat Wilson.
Hon. Frank Wilson, the Democratic
war horse and editor of the Pink Pa
per at Bathgate, passed through the
city yesterday.
For Fish Lake.
Albert Powell left today for Fish
Lake where he will visit for a few
days and enjoy a fishing outing.
Moved Here.
Mr. and Mrs. Davidson of Williston
moved to this city yesterday.
1^^ jlftf' "-"I
Secures Job.
E. B. Huhn from St. Cloud, Minn.,
has accepted a position in the furni
ture store of E. W. Gilbertson.
Visiting Aunt.
Russell and Claire Joslyn are visit
ing here for a few days and are guests
at the home of their aunt, Mrs. C. O.
Clausen Here.
Hans Clausen was a visitor from
Webster yesterday.
Senator Baker.
Senator Fred Baker has purchased a
new residence at Edmore and intends
to move there in a short time.
Left for Home.
Miss Busby left yesterday for her
home in Minot, where she will ^pend
two weeks. From there she will go to
Miss Winger Home.
Miss Vera Winger, who has been vis
iting relatives for the last few weeks,
has returned to her home in Grand
I orks.
With The Times.
Clyde Duffy of Grand Forks is visit
ing friends in the city. Mr. Duffy was
employed on the Grand Forks Times.
Were at Brocket.
Misses Julia and Mabel Shelver and
Mary Glerum returned today from a
weeks visit at Brocket.
Cuthbert Back.
City Attorney Cuthifbrt returned last
evening from Grand Forks where ho
iias been on business.
Westegard Away.
Hans Westegard was in McVille on
business yesterday, returning to tho
city today.
Mrs. Robert Keen entertained for her
mother-in-law yesterday afternoon.
After Auto.
J. A. Van Liew left today for Man
ville, where he left his automobile
when caught in the recent rain htorm.
He will travel by auto over the eastern
part of North Dakota.
Chapman After His.
R. Chapman left Uilay far Egeland
where he left his automobile, due to
the rain storm whicx came up wliile
he was enroute home.
Mrs. Greenburg Returns.
Mrs. Greenburg, who has been visit
ing friends in Devi's Lake, returned
to her home at St. Paul today.
Theison is He:-.
Louis Theison, who has been at Hans
boro working iu the drug store, has re
turner. to Devi'? Lake.
Kettwick Here.
P. Kettwick of Noonau township is
here today visiting wit!, friends and
attending to business matters.
A cheap and successful method has
been tried in Kent, England, for keep
ing the grass of the golf grounds close
and free from weeds. This has been
achieved by nothing less than the sub
stitution of the guinea pig for the
mowing machine and weed killer.
Round the lawn is arranged a low
wire barrier, and into the inclosure are
turned a number of guinea pigs or
better, a passage is made from their
liutch to the lawn. The animals at"
once attack all the worst weeds— the
plantains first, then the dandelions and.
daisies. These broad leaved plants,,
mowing machine will touch,,
are killed by the persistent cutting of:
the guinea pigs' teeth.
When they have finished the weeds
they proceed to the grass. In a short
time the lawn looks as if it had been
cut by the closest machine. No harm
is done to the grass.
In the neighborhood of Kent it was-'
found that the guinea pigs did not suf
fer at all by being left to the work in
winter as well as in summer. Indeed,
they were healthier than under the
usual treatment of those who keep
tliein as pets.
An astonishing demand for the an
imals has grown up in the neighbor
hood, and if -the inland golf clubs
which have great difficulty with plan
tains, take to the new method, the
guinea pig population is likely to go
up in the ratio that the natural fer
tility of the animal suggests. -«•.
Grand Forks, N. D., Aug. 8.—Harold
A. Johnston, city ticket agent of the
Northern Pacific railroad in Grand
Forks since June 21, is missing, and a
warrant charging him with embezzle
ment has been placed in the hands of
the sheriff. Between $1,200 and $1,400
is the amount of cash that the ex-tick
et seller is accused of having made
away with for his own benefit.
Johnston has not been in the office
since August ], although the investiga
tion by the Northern Pacific officials
and the warrant did not materialize un
til several days later. The present
whereabouts of the alleged embezzler
is not known, although every effort is
being put forth to locate him.
The accused man came to Grand
Forks from Valley City, this state, be
ing formerly employed by the same
company at that point.
Grand Forks, N. D., Aug. 8.—An un
known man was killed by Great North
ern train No. 6 at Crookston last night,
being caught between the baggage and'
mail car.
The fellow could not be identified
and was evidently stealing a ride, al
though this is not known.
His head was crushed to a jelly and
there was no possible means of dis
cerning who he was. He was fairly
well dressed but there was little on his
person to give any idea as to who he
The verdict of the coroner 's jury was
accidental death, the coroner now bein«
busily engaged in trying to find out
who the man was.
At a meeting of the school board
held last evening the tax levy for the
general fund was made and amounts to
fo-'ooo' ^'1C
3"ear was
Bids for supplying eoal for the
schools this year were opened and the
contract let to C. II. Baker, his bid be
ing $6.55 per ton.
Bismarck, N. D., Aug. 8— Articles
of incorporation were filed today with
the secretary of state for tho launching
of, the Socialist Publishing company of
Devils Lake.
The object of the organization is for
the publication of a morning Socialist
daily to be know as "The Morning
Daily Call." There are five hundred
shares of five dollars each.

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