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John Barymore, who made his first
appearance in motion pictures thru
the medium of the Famous Players
production of "An American Citizen"
film comedy that recorded a sensa
tional success in motion picture circles
now returns to the Famous Flayers
program in H. A. Du Souchet's fa
mous comedy success, "The Man Ifrom
Mexico." Mr. Barrymore depicts the
character of Fitzhew, the gay young
married man who still longs for thle
cabarets and other delights of his
bachelor days, and thereby, gets him
self into dreadful dilemmas from
which he extricates himself only by
the most wonderful inventions possi
ble to even an untruthful man. All
the delicious humor of Mr. Barry
more's delightful personality is at its
best in his portrayal of the light-heart
ed and light-headed, bibulous Fitzhew,
whose mythical adventures in Mexico
the comedy so laughably unfolds.
Clementin Fitzhew decides to spend
a night with her mother, but happen
ing to overhear her husband planning
a wonderful time at the Cafe Cleopat
ra with his friend and boon companion
to the gay cafe and watch hubby.Fitz.
hew and Majors betake themselves in
blissful ignorance to the Cleopatra
Majors, she determines to follow them
and proceed to partake not wisely but
too well of the flowing bowl. A pic
ture of Clementina falls from Fitz-
Office Phone 353
Residence Phone 301
Call Tuttle
When You Want Prompt
New Office 513 Kelly Ave.
Night and Day
how's wallet, and is seized by Paquita,
a Spanish dancer, who keepB it to
tease Fitzhew. Majors persuades
Fitzhew to leave while still able to
walk, and as they depart Clementina,
veiled, accompanied by Farrar, the
District Attorney's nephew, who is in
love with Sallie,Fitzhew's sister, enter
At this juncture the place is raided,
and Clementina and Farrar manage
to escape, after giving fictitious
names to the police but Clementina's
face is seen by Louis, the waiter, who
is arrested because he refuses to give
her description to the officer. On his
way home the Joyful but unsteady
Fitzhew engages in battle with a cab
man, and Fitzhew and the cabby are
arrested and taken to court, where
Fitzhew talks too much and is given
thirty days on the island. When Fitz.
hew finally realizes what has happened
he is at his wits' end to account for
the thirty days' absence to his wife,
and being allowed by the authorities
to say farewell, tells her he is going
to Mexico for a month. Clementina,
afraid of being apprehended on ac
count of the raid, and not wishing any
one to know of her own jaunt, is with
difficulty restrained from going with
17 lbs. granulated sugar S1.00
8 lbs. bulk coffee.. $1.00
Good tomatoes per can 8c
Good corn per can 8c
2 lb. can pork and beans 9c
3 lb. can pork and beans 12c
7 bars lenox soap 25c
5 bars electric spark 25c
Good corn or gloss starch 5c
•3 lbs. good raisins 25c
1 package seeded raisins 10c
Birds eye matches per package 18c
1 pint bottle mustard 110c
From now on, Fitzhew's adventures
on the "Island," among his fellow-pris
oners, his attempts to play on the love
of the District Attorney's nephew for
Sallie, his discovery that the Warden
has the picture of Clementina, stolen
by Paquita, and is in love with Mrs.
Fitzhew, his hungary attempts to steal
food from the other convicts, his meet
ing with Louis, the waiter at the Cle
opatra, who wants to kill the warden
and escape, the visit of Clementina to
the prison not knowing her husband
is there, and the melodramic jail de
livery, culminating in Fitzhews tri
umphant recapture of the escaping
prisoners and his congratulations by
the authorities, leaves nothing to be
desired in the way of mirth-provok
ing situations His return home at
the end of thirty days in Mexican cos
tume, with a handbook of the Spanish
language his getting into more tan
gles, and cleverly getting out again
and his hoodwinking Clemetina to the
end, furnish the funniest finish to
one of the funnieBt farces ever writ
Good prunes per. lb 10c
Good peaches per lb 10c
Good brooms each „...30c
7 cans sardines 25c
Rev. Quigley, presiding elder for
the Methodist church for this district,
preached in the local church here Sun
day morning. He left in the after
noon for his Grand Forks home.
Make Your Expenses
The Grove school board met at the
president's home last week. The of
ficers who attended were Mesdames
Ed. Devaney, Fulgle, Laura Siward,
James Hunter and Mr. Angus McDon.
nell. After the meeting a big supper
was served and the evening spnt very
plasantly. The next meeting will be
at the Angus McDonnel home.
Mrs. James Michels and children re
turned to Archer, Montana, after a
Oer sixty people attended the
dance at Charles Peterson's home on
Friday evening. The musicians were
Albert and Esther Olson, Leland and
Bonnie Deaney
Mrs. Homer Weed expects Mr Weed
home in a few days Mr Weed has
been in the east visiting relatives He
was accompanied by his daughter, who
will remain in the east and attend
Moses Bail's hounds who have in the
past established a reputation as wolf
hunters are keeping up their record.
They caught four last week.
Misses CarabeUe Palmer and Hilda
McDonnell made their weekly trip to
Devils Lake to take their music in
Miss Elma Fugle has gone to Ar
cher, Montana, to finish her term of
school. She was accompanied by her
neice, Ieah Michels, also of Archer.
Ben Devaney, who is spending the
winter with his brother, an editor at
Hettinger, is feeling fine and believes
the change of climate is doing a good
da\ towards restoring his health,
which has caused some anxiety.
The many friends of John Fugle
are sorry to learn that he is ill.
Dry Goods
7 spools thread for 25c
sheeting per yard 7c
Best calico per yard 5c
Cretones per yard 7c
6 skeins saxony yarn 25c
Good knitting yarn 19c
Extra heavy outings..! 9c
Ladies' all wool underwear 69c
Children's union suits .25c
Misses' union suits 49c
Ladies' regular 35c hose 19c
Misses' regular 20c hose „13c
Children's regular 15c hose 9c
Ladies' muslin underwear at just half price.
All over laces, trimmings and embrodiers at
half price.
Ladies', sweaters at half price.
1. An Executive Order was issued
by the President on May, 7,1913, re
quiring compietitive examinations by
the Commission for position of
postmaster at all fourth-class offices
at whjch the annual compensation is
$180 or more and at which the incum
bent was not appointed under the Civ
il Service Regulations. Examinations
under this order have been held for all
the States and it is found that there
area number of offices for which no
eligibles were secured.
2. For such of these offices as
have a compensation of as much as
$500 per annum a second examination
has ben ordered ty a recent Executive
Order and the examinations will be
held in this state on the date and
places indicated below:
8 11MM
two weeks visit at the home of Mrs.
I Michel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Devaney have
returned to their home near Temple,
this state.
Mrs. Moses Bail visited Thursday
with her sister, Mrs. A. M. Holt, who
left the following day for Crosby,
where the Holt family will make their
examinations are open
only to persons who reside within the
territory of the office at which ap
pointment is desired and who meet
the requirements of the regulations.
4. Th examinations will be held
on February 20,1915, at the following
named places:
Bentley, Devils Lake, Fargo, Hamp.
den, Jamestown, Lansford, Lisbon,
Minot and Valley City.
tYour cold will break and all grippe
misery end after taking a dose of
"Pape's Cold Compound" every two
hours until three doses are taken.
It promptly opens clogged-up nos
trils and air passages in the head,
stops nasty discharge or nose run
ning, relieves sick headache, dullness,
fevrishness, sore throat, sneezing,
sorness and stiffness.
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blowing
and snuffling! Ease your throbbing
head—nothing else in the world gives
such prompt relief as "Pape's Cold
Compound," which costs only 25 cents
at any drug store. It acts without
assistance, tastes nice, and causes no
inconvenience. Accept no substitute.
Shriff Olson returned Monday from
Mandan where he went to take y
Carter to the reform school.
Notice is hereby given, that a certain
mortgage executed and delivered by Wil-
While Attending
By taking advantage of the bed rock prices on staple merchandise by C. J. Kelly at the old Leader Store, corner of 4th
St. and Kelly Ave. Look at the goods and prices displayed in our show windows. Come in and examine our stock and
you will find that we use no BAITS but every article sold is a bargain and exactly as represented. These are no spec
ials but our regular every day prices.
Buy Where Your $ Do Their Full Duty
No matter how competitors try to twist the laws or secretly try to coerce wholesalers not to sell me goods, I will con
tinue to hammer prices and give you goods for cash at prices that will bring Old Long Price and Long Credit Dealers
where they belong. I make no deliveries and sell for nothing but cash. Yours for business,
liam Dobble, a single man. mortgagor, to
H. B. Johnson, mortgagee, dated Decem
ber 16th, 1912, and filed for record in the
office of the register of deeds of
the county of Ramsey and state of
North Dakota, on the 28th day of De
cember, 1912, at 10:30 o'clock a. m. and
duly recorded in book 68 of mortgages
on page 251 and which said mortgage
was duly assigned by the said mortgagee
by an instrument in writing, duly exe
cuted and delivered to the Northwestern
Trust Company, a corporation, and said
assignment duly filed for record In the
office of the register of deeds of Ramsey
county. North Dakota, on December 14th
1914, at 9:00 o'clock a. m. in book 35 of
mortgages on page 205, will be fore
closed by a sale of the premises in such
mortgage and hereinafter described at
Gents Furnishings
Good work shirts 35c
All neckties each 19c
All collars each 8c
Regular $1.25 golf shirts 69c
Regular $1.50 negligee shirts 98c
Regular 50c suspenders 39c
Regular 25c hose supporters 19c
Men's leggings.. 39c
Boys' leggings 25c
4 pair men's cotton sox 25c
Men's canvass mitts 9c
Men's fleece lined underwear, each 35c
Men's wool underwear 79c
Fleeeed union suits 98c
Wool union suits $1.49
There are few games quite so interesting as billiards.
None that require more skill and accuracy.
A very pleasant, intensely interesting way to while away a dull hour.
My tables are the best that money can buy. See them.
I have also constantly on hand a fresh stock of the choicest candies, tobaccos
and soft drinks. Cigars, wholesale and retail.
405 East 4th Street
the front door of the court house at
Devils Lake, In the county of Ramsey
and state of North Dakota, at the hour
of two o'clock in the afternoon on the
6th day of February, 1915, to satisfy the
amount due upon such mortgage on the
said day of sale.
The premises described in such mort
gage and which will be sold to satisfy
the same, are lying and being in Ram
sey county. North Dakota, and here des
cribed as follows, to-wlt: The East One
Half (E%) of the Northeast Quarter
(N. E.%) of Section Eleven (11) Town
ship One Hundred Fifty-Eight (158) N.
of range Sixty-one (61) west according
to the United States government survey
There will be due on such morti
at the date of sale the sum of
The Mid-Winter Fair
Hundred Forty-seven and 62-100 (447.62)
Dollars, together with the sum of Fif
teen and 77-100 (116.77), the taxes upon
the lands herein above described for the
year 1913, which were necessarily paid
by the said Northwestern Trust Com
pany under its said mortgage and as
signment thereof, making a total due on
the said date of sale, and for which such
sale will be made, of and in the sum of
Four Hundred Sixty-three and S9-100
($463.39) Dollars, besides the actual le
gal costs and disbursements.
Northwestern Trust Company,
a corporation, by Fred L. Goodman, Praa
Assignee of Mortgagee.
H. A. Llbby,
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee.
Residence and P. O. Address:
Grand Forks, North Dakota. 52-6t
Infants shoes, regular 80c, now 49c
Children's shoes, regular $1.25, now 89c
Children's shoes, regular $2.00, now $1.39
Misses' shoes, regular $2.50, now $1.79
Boys' shoes, regular $3.00, now $1.98
Ladies $2.50 values for $1.69
Ladies' $3.00 values for $1.98
Ladies' $3.50 values for $2.29
Men's $3.00 values for $1.98
Men's $3.50 values for $2.69
Men's patent $4.00 values for $2.49
Ladies' Misses' and Chil
dren's Cloaks at half
price and less.

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