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Yii" i»»
b/to li
the pass.-i,,- •.'
the o' ,'
rati "-'-.1
against this
iiig the c.-.-Y
to build a
.i CJ i:
against this
is. M. CRARY, Publisher.
Subscription, One Year in Advance
.. Advertising Rates Made Known Upon Application
Entered at the Postoffice at Devils Lake, N. D., as second class
When the day look kind'er gloomy
And youi- chances kind'er slim,
When the situation's puzzlin'
And your prospect's awful grim,
And perplexities keep pressin'
Till all hope is nearly gone
Just grit your teeth and work and save,
as a newspaper, and the r.ia/iagw.M-nt decided io !i
The Lake
has nassiY
rion Ivlid-Winter Fair
And keep on keepin' on.
O (Contributed.) to be enforced and when they have'
A deal was consumated this week whereby E. M. Crary, pub- It is an old ruse for the law-breaker thus encouraged some one to break
lisher of The World purchased and has taken over trio Devils Lake to try to shift the blame fo* the cost the law, and this law breaker is prose.
Inter-Ocean. The Inter-Ocean is the oldest newspaper published of l:w enforcement upon faithful of- cuted, they ttirn around and blame,
in Ramsey county having been started by Senator I-Iansltrough in jficials and upon good citizens who not themselves who are really to
the early eighties. For sor.ie time past it kas not boon prospering stand for order and docency. He blame, but some one who has been
accordingly, as above stated, E. 3U. Cv:ivy has purcl.usf.d the tit!1, the public. Sometimes unthinking and
good will and subscription list, and the plant will ue dismantled prejudiced citizens are fooled by tliis
and disposed of. The paper from this lime on will published
from The World office and as a part of The World, ar.d from now
on the title will be the
Lake World and Tnte1 -Ocean. All
subscribe:s who are now taldn« the Inter-Ocean will er-t the coni-
bined paper, and those who have paid vip ahead will have their with raise the hue and cry
be expected to settle. It has been known for some time that Dev-
Lake has had too many newspapers, and the result has been
that our business men have been burdened at times in supporting Iv
subscription credited up to tlieni, and those who are in arrears will everyone who obeys the laws of the might have
a weekly, and we fully believe that two is enough. To those who responsible for the conditions that
have given tho Inter-Ocean support in the past we ask a contin-
uanco of that support from The World office. We have had chargc forccment. They are often the
of The World for nearly two years and during that time it has
grown and prospered, raid our aim shall be to conduct it in such
a niaiuvr (i'-'t it will continue to grow and prosper. It is the ",KSS
leading Ro:mh
and ahv
mariner. V-V
this 'yi'
mm»* in the Lake Region of No Dakota
iers the news in a fair and unbiased
those who have so loyally supported
hope and trust that
at Diekins.
ht about by
the govern
:\Uor will be
lion and if e,
and Stock Sho\v for this year
but we believe that the beneficial effects of
this fairwill be felt for some time to come, not only by the fanners
who came here to listen and leam, but by the people and business
.men of the city. This fair brought a large number of people here
an^ naturally they became better acquainted with the city and its
'people, and that acquaintance will eventually warm into friendship.
As a direct result we believe that all have felt the benefits of the
'fair. To be sure the hotels and restaurants, together with the the
iatres and other places of amusement derived the greatest financial
from the fair, but in turn the merchants also received a
haiefit. All in all it was a good fair, and we believe that all are
satisfied with the results.
According to the board of control the state penitentiary was
•ever run in such an unbusinesslike manner as when O. F.- Hell
str»m was in charge as warden, notwithstanding the fact that
•Hettstrom was blowing his own horn so much about his business
method in connection with this institution during the campaign,
wh«n he was a candidate for governor.
Every farmer shosld see to it that his seed is cleaned and ready
to sow before spring opens up, and he should also have it all figured
out just what he is going to put on each field. By doing this you
Wtl be in better shape to go right ahead when seeding time arrives.
Representative Hendrickson has introduced a bill in the North
Dakota legislature providing that no statute shall be declared un
constitutional except by the unanimous vote of the supreme court.
Representative Divet denounced the proposition as a dangerous
jpke, and a project tending to upset one of the fundamental princi
pals of American government, that of the majority rule.
Let us look for a moment at this matter of majority rule. The
members of the state legislature are placed in their positions by
the votes of a majority of the voters of the state. Presumably
tkey represent the preponderant sentiment of the state. The leg
islature enacts a law to meet a general and well understood demand
The presumption is that the laws enacted by the legislature are
constitutional. The legislature and the courts are equally crea
tures of the constitution. They derive their authority from the
same source, and each body has been charged with certain duties.
Both are expected to perform those duties regularly and consti
The question, therefore, whether an act of the legislature is
or is not an academic question, placed before the deciding tribunal
iii an even-handed manner, with no greater weight on one side
than on the other. The law is, prima facie, constitutional, for it
h^s been passed by a body created by the constitution for that
purpose, and the work of that body, in the absence of overwhelm
ing evidence to the contrary, must be accepted as regular.
But, under the present practise, we reach some curious results.
A case is taken before the supreme court of this or some other
state, or before the federal supreme court. The constitutionality
ofta law is called in question. A majority of the members of the
board less one, decide that the law is constitutional, and state
their reasons. An equal number of judges are certain that the law
is unconstitutional and state their reasons. The remaining judge
has the power to decide. He disagrees with all the others so far
as their course of argument is concerned, but he, like two or three,
of it, and -would make thc-ivi the criminals before
mul tllc
asnai o£
llie-e is a
ibnitteti to
YY will be
i:"i O,
We believ{. that t!
to start an act
-t'a -o
conceded by all that this state will
I iiYn.i for years to come, thai ba
of .s v.-.using an enormous sir/,! of money
»tson or any other point in th-~ state..
din sa\ ingthe state fror/. the useless
:ai should start your ca!n}.u-.ig:i now
or more of the others, holds the law unconstitutional, though on
grounds entirely different from those already advanced. Under
exactly those conditions scores of laws have been declared uncon-:
stitutional, laws which have been enacted by the body created by
the constitution for that purpose, and held to be constitutional by
one or more of the judges of the highest court. But, because there
happened to be a majorityof the court, some of whose members
objected to the law on one ground, and some on another, the leg
islation has been thrown into the discard.
The plan requiring unanimous condemnation of a law by the su
preme court before it can be declared unconstitutional is not an
attack on the rights of the majority. It is a measure for the pro
tection of the majority in its right to govern. The suggestion
for such a law is not peculiar to our state. It has been made else
where frequently, and the passage of the federal law of like char
acter has been urged on congress. It ought to be the rule every
where. The final decision as to the constitutionality must rest
with the court. That is one of the things for which courts were
created. But it is not too much to require that so long as leigsla
tive acts are held to be regular, even by one judge of the highest
court, the law shall stand.—Grand Forks Herald.
sort trick. Tills has been the
mioh practiced tatties of the friends
,:mti an1 lloWs tllat
same. These very gentlemen who general.
lise tlic
As tho matter now stands we have two papers, a daily and enforcing the laws are often the most ence
huHaba'.tio about the cost
added expense of law on-• law
may so
more liberal patronage iu the fu-
I'tyniouti1., Wo.,—"Kid" Wed^o, tb.
lightc ', who became an evange
list a la Billy Sunday, has jumped
back into the prize l'ing again and has
:-. .ucd a challenge.
Salem, W. Ya.—It is quite certain
that the sale of liquor is being carried
on here, bat the offenders have not as
yet been located. It is thought that
this town is but one of many stations
of operation for a large organization
of bootleggers.
Topeka, Kan.
law abiding, and who by act and ?ve—
speech lias encouraged others to obey Xo.
the laws.
If in some way, some of these gen
tlemen who by act and speech encour-
of the booze business. They point to age law breaking could be made to gj
the cost of law enforcement and forth- serve out part of the sentence of the
offender who lias been convicted, it
others should do. on them
very salutary effect up-.
and upon
of obedience to law
•A kitten, alive and
well, was discovered in the ruins of a
burned barn. The kitten was hiding
in a tin can that had been tied to its
Davenport, la.—Miss Daisy Ogden,
of this place, is said to be the only
woman passenger agent in the world.
Wichita, Kan.—Mrs. Beatrice V.
Ttirlrmnn and her daughter -will be
graduated together next June from
the Kansas
state narmal school.
Great Neck, L. I.—Mrs. S. P.
To The Public in General, but To
The Farmers In Particular:
WISH to inform you that we
will be prepared to buy all
the poultry you can raise this
spring and summer for fall and winter
marketing. Also that after July 1st
we will buy all the eggs your hens can
lay. It is our hope that this early an
nouncement will give you plenty of
time to prepare to hatch more chickens
and turkeys than ever before, and as a
result add a considerable sum to your
Bear in mind that we are prepared
to handle an unlimited quantity of
produce and will pay in cadi at regu
lar market prices.
This is your opportunity to start in
a business from which you can enjoy
a steady income the year around.
Lake Region Produce Company
44 Gltrum Building
Devils Lake, No. Dak.
I Devils
would be ren-
lads denng a worthy and useful service to
who encourage the blind pigger to be- the community. When we all begin &
gin and to continue his nefarious busi- to talk in favor of law enforcement,
They buy his wares when they' then the lav.- breaker v.-ill find it eon
,o\v thfy are cicmirar-inrr law break- venient to obey tho laws or to move 3&
by act and speech, help to to some other community. If we have
creatr- a situation that tempt some un- to censure some one. censure the man
i..,Y..ar',ous citizen to seek to make a r.-ho violates tho law and the men who
little easy money. They give forth encourage him—these are the men
•/ie impression that laws arc not maoe who make taxes high. ,r
R. Dugmore is the only woman in
Aiv.c.lea V'earing the Cross of the Le
gion of Honor.
C'.kcgo, III.—O'. ing to the fact
that part of Illinois voted "dry" thern
has been a material decrease in intcr
i:::l i-':vo""e collections. The receipts
were nearly ?400,000 less in December
101-i, than they wei'e in December,
Centralis, Mo.—Farmers through
out this section are losing many of
their horses from some unknown dis
ease. The horses go mad before they
there is no doubt but that it will be
the biggest and best yet.
First class music has been secured
and all who attend axe assured a
2 rye 109.
3 rye 105.
community in
And if
use their time and energy
in creating a
in favor
I* ree
ra O
The annHal ball of the Devils Laic
Fireman will be held in the Grand
Opera house hall Monday evening,
February 15, and the various commit
tees are working over tim* to make
this the event of the season. This an
nual occasion! has been looked for
ward to by many people and this year
time. Don't be a piker, but be present
on that evening and help the firemen
out and at the same time have an en
joyable evening.
Quotations for Thursday, Jan. 28
1915, as furnished by the Farmers'
Mill and Elevator Co., Devils Lake,
North Dakota:
No. 1 Northern-134.
No. 2 Northern 131.
No. 3 Northern 128.
No. 1 Durum 142.
No. 2 Durum 138.
No. 1 Flax 172.
No. 2 Flax 169.
No. 3 white oats 48.
No. 4 oats 47.
"C" 63.
"D" 60.
"E" 56.
"F" 53.
Bid* For Burial of Comity Poor
Sealed proposals will be received by
the board of county commissioners of
itamsey county. N. D., up to two (2)
o'clock P. M. February 16th, 1916, for
the furnishing of material, labor and
necessary services for the proper bur
lal of paupers and county poor.
Bids must cover total cost in each
case for the following sizes: infants,
children and adults and mu3t in each
case cover rought box, coffin, robe, dig
ging of grave, embalming, team hire etc
in fact must cover total cost io county
in e-.'.ch size above enumerated.
All bids must be sealed and plainly
marked "Proposals for Burial of County
Poor" and addressed to the undersigned.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
By order of the board of county com
(SEAL) County Auditor.
Dated at Devils Lake, N. D., this 2Srd
day of January, 1915.
Jan. 29-Feb. 6, 12
Methodist Church Notes.
The Tuesday night class for Bible
study and prayer will have for next
week's lesson, "The Life of Abraham"
beginning with Gen. 12.
The Epworth League has been ac
tive in increasing the number of sub
scriptions to their paper, The Epworth
Herald, and has met with very com
mendable success.
The sympathy of the whole congre
gation goes out to the family of Bro.
A. L. Johnson in the loss of their
The topic for the Epworth League
Sunday evening will be "Evenings
with great hymns". Miss Chambers
will lead the meeting.
Popular Baby Contest
Charles Theatre
Mest Monday, February 1
your baby's picture taken at Peterson's Foto Shop, in Glerum Block,
of charge. Voting must be by number and votes must be deposited in
box at door of theatre by 4 o'clock on day following when siven out.
'While attending the
Mid-Winter Fair
Call in and see our Complete Line of
Successful Incubatory
Drinking Fountains
Egg Crates,
A large line of poultry supplies al
ways on hand. OYSTER SHELLS,
The,subject of the sermon Sunday
morning will be "Religious Nature
and Religious Life." and in the eve
ning at 7:30 "The Child and Industry."'
Get a 10-cent box.
Sick headache, biliousness, dizziness
coated tongue, foul taste and foul
breath—always trace them to torpid
liver delayed, fermenting food in the
bowels or sour, gassy stomach.
Poisonous matter clogged in the in.
tastjines, instead of being cast out of
the system is reabsorbed into the
blood. When this poison reaches the
delicate brain tissues it causes con
gestion and that dull, throbbing, sick
ening headache.
Cascarets immediately cleaase the
stomach, remove the sour, undigested
food and foul gases, take the excess
bile from the liver, and carry out all
the constipated waste matter and poi
sons in the bowels.
A Cascaret tonight will surely
straighten you out by the morning.
They work while you sleep—1 tea ct.
box from your druggist means your
head clear, stomach sweet and your
liver and bowels regular for months.

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