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Official Newspaper
for Ramsey County,
North Dakota.
Siver Serumgard,
Monday, Ferbuary 1, at about 4 p.
m., at the family residence near
Grand Harbor, occurred the death of
Mrs. 0. N. Dion, aged 32 years. S
months and 8 days Mrs. Dion had
been sick for some time, and had been
confined to her bed since last July, and
while everything that loving hands
and medical skill could do had been
done to nurse her back to health, she
passed away as above stated. The
funeral services were held at 11:00 a.
m. today from St. Joseph's Catholic
church in this city, and the remains
were followed to their last resting
place by a large concourse of sorrow
ing friends and relatives.
Since going to press last week the
only case to come up in district court
which is in session in this city, is the
case of Dan V. Brennan and Ray
Young vs. Abe Calof, this case hav
ing taken from last Friday until today
noon. This is a case wherein Bren-'
nan and Young seek to recover about
$1,400 in commission under a claim of
contract to sell Calof's farm in Over
land township. While, they never
sold the farm they claim that it was
Calof's fault ,and Calof's contention is
that he was ready and willing to sell
but Brennan and his partner Young
never came through with any money,
and after waiting some time he finally
sold his land to A. J. Carlson. This
The next case called was the state
of North Dakota vs. Rosecrans, this
case coming from McHenry county
and the defendant Hobert Rosecrans
is charged with assault with a danger
ous weapon with intent to kill. At
torneys Cuthbert of this city and Uls
rud of Towner are prosecuting and
D. C. Greenieaf of Minot is defend
Tuesday afternoon the General hos
pital aid met in the parlors of the
Great Northern hotel. The afternoon
was delightfully spent and the meet
ing was also a profitable one in the
interest, of the hospital.
Last week four different men from
one township in this county came' in
and subscribed for The World, and
three of them volunteered the state
ment that they had been taking the
Journal, but the abuBive policy and
unfairness of that paper had so dis
gusted them they them had stopped it
and from this time on would take The
World, as in their estimation it was
fair and gives the people the news'.
That was from one township, and we
had no less than four or five from oth
er parts of the county tell us practic
ally the:same tiling. j-.y.i
Fargo, N. D., Feb. 3—The remains
of Axel Nelson and John Hall were
recovered from the ruins of the Ford
building at 5 o'clock today. A search
ing party of the fire and police de
partments working with citizens suc
ceeded in digging through the debris
locating the bodieg after an hour's
The contractor of the building who
is employed by the Ford company is
said to be the same who superintended
the erection of the Ford building in
No statement was given out by him,
or any of the men in charge of the
building as to the cause of the acci
dent. Insufficient supports it is alleg
ed, caused the collapse, although this
has not been proven and a coroner's
inquest will investigate further.
The three other men who were in
jured and who were rushed to the hos.
pital are expected to recover. Both
Nelson and Hall the dead men leave
Two floors of the nevj building of
the Ford Motor Co. which is being
The deceased was born Abbots- constructed on North Broadway crasli.
ford, Quebec, Can., and came to North
Dakota about five years ago. She employed on the second floor pouring
was married to O.N. Dion November,
the ground while workmen "were
concrete Cn
24, 1910. Besides a sorrowing hus-! concrete and as a result Axel Nelson
band and a little four months old I
daughter she leaves a father and and several others injured.
mother who live in Abbotsford, fouri The most seriously injured is,'John
sisters and one brother to mourn. Ericksop, carpenter boss who had his
She was a fine christian woman and iegg badly crushed and who is other
was honored and respected by all who wise injured. The other seriously in
knew her and her death has cast a
gloom over the whole community. The
sorrowing relatives have the heartfelt
sympathy of all in their hour of sor
the second cmfwyp cmfyp
John Hall were crushed to death
jured workmen are H| Campbell and
Ernest Kroal, but at this time it lit
impossible to tell exactly how badly
injured these two are.
The accident happened shortly be
fore noon. The men were pouring con
crete on the second floor when work
men noticed the floor begin to sag.
They gave the cry of alarm and all
rushed to make their escape which
Just what the damage will be is not
known as it has not yet" been estimat
ed by he Ford.Motor Co., which is
erecting the building itself by day la
bor. However it wil lbe.big as two
floors are practically a total loss and
a portion of the north side of the
building caved in.
The dance given last evening by the
local band was a success both socially
and financially. There was a good
crowd present and the affair passed
off in a most pleasing manner. The
music was good and the merry crowd
case consumed about six days and at of dancers tripped the light fantastic
times was rather sensational. Bren- .until the wee sma' hours of the night.
nan and Young were represented by
D. V. Brennan and Calof, the defend
ant had Attorneys J. F. Cowan and
H. S. Blood. The following Jurors
sat in the case: P. S. Anderson, Hen
ry Anderson, Chas. Hollinger, R. A.
Miller, Norman Nelson, Alfred Dahl,
Halvor Thoe, John Stewart, C. A.
Lee, Thos. Holden, Martin Krogfos
and John Sagvang. The case was
given to the jury about 10:30 this fore
noon and after being out about three
"hours brought in a verdict for the de
fendant Calof.
M._H. JBrennan and Yesterday afternoon Mrs. S. L.
Wineman entertained the women of
the Guild of the Church of the Ad
vent. There was a large number pre.
sent and a most enjoyable time was
had. Refreshments were served.
W. E. Bryant of the Lake Fuel Co.
was a business visitor at Grand Forks
this week.
A marriage license has been issued
to Mr. Fred Stamm, formerly of Law.
ton, this county, but now of Alberta,
and Miss Bessie Donahue of Lawton.
Both are well known young people of
this county and have hosts of friends
who will join in congratulating them
on their matrimonial venture.
Announcement is made of the com
ing wedding of Mr. William Huesgen
son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hues
gen of this city to Miss Cora.Kean of
Grand Forks. Thegroom to be,_is a
young man of exceptional business
qualifications and for the piast year,
or two has conducted a jewelry store
in Grand Forks. He has hosts of
friends in this city who will be. sur
prised, yet pleased to learn of the an
To the Editor of The World,
Devils Lake, N. Dak.,
Dear Sir:
My attention has been called to an
editorial under date of January 22nd,
1915, in the Starkweather Timed en
titled a "Good Move" wherein the edi
tor seeks to justify the action of the
board of county commissioners in re
fusing to allow a salary for the as
sistant state's attorney by the present
democratic board. I am not finding
any fault, as I expected it. The ac
tion of the democratic members of the
board of county commissioners was
not done because of the desire to save
the tax payers of .the county any
money, but was done because Mr
Smythe has taken a personal interest
in opposing Mr. Bloom's candidacy
for the local post office. The action
was not justified under any circum
stances or conditions. The work of
the State's Attorney justifies a salary
of twice what is paid. Notwithstand
ing the fact that there is more work
in this county than all of he other
counties in the district put together,
and the records will demonstrate this,
it is the only county in the district
that does not allow either office rent
or stenographer hire. This county
pays about half of what is paid in
other counties where the work is equal
to that of Ramsey county. However, I
am not complaining of this, nor of the
action of the democratic commission
ers. Three men who will take an oatK'
I of office and then, stultify themselves
by reducing the salary of Republican
deputies ten dollars a month, practic
ally all of them married men, with
families, putting them on a salary
basis which means a mere existence
deserve no space in a newspaper.
Silent contempt is too good for them.
I do object to the falsehood contain,
ed in the editorial, and which was
known, to be a falsehood by the editor
at the time fie wrote it. The editorial
says: "There has always been more
business requiring the attention of the
state's attorney than at present."
This is absolutely false, and can be
easily demonstrated by the records
There never has been a time in the
probably accounts for as few being history of the county when there has couW be properly^ investigated. Mr.
hurt as was the case. ibeen more work than during my in- Smytne did what he did at thesugges.
The damage to the building is large! cumbency, either civil or crimina mlat. !tlon
ters. Further, there never has been
a time when there has been as much
work, succeeding legislatures enacting
many laws containing the clause "and
it shall be the duty of the state's at
torney, etc."
The editor goes on that the reduc
ing of the work of the state's attor
ney's office has been due to the fa«t
that the law enforcement officers of
Devils Lake have been more active an
attentive to their duties during the
past two years, than previous to that
time, and by reason of the fact that
many of the undesirable characters
I have been forced to leave the city
This, I believe, is an absolute false-
hood, and ask the editor of the Stark
weather Times to name the men who
have done this work, and also name
any single undesirable character that
has been forced to leave the city.
The most vicious falsehood is the fel
lowing statement: "The taxpayers in
the vicinity of Starkweather will re
member the former assistant state's
attorney as the individual who tried
to present the prosecution of deputy
game warden Cull last summer after
a cowardly and brutal att&ck upon a
prominent local citizen, because 'it
would bring the law enforcement of
ficers into ridicule and thus impair
their efficiency.'
The editor of the Starkweather
Times knows that this was a falsehood
and published it to cast reflection up
on Mr. Smythe knowing it to be an
absolute falsehood. I make these
charges upon the statement of Judge
Buttz who tells me he wrote the editor
in full the circumstances with refer
ehce to the Cull matter. will briefly
state them.
Last summer Mr. Cull was deputy
game warden and was. not known to
either Mr. Smythe or myself person
ally, and had some trouble with a
Starkweather citizen growing out or a
demand to see his license. As I get
the facts, during the altercation there
were some hot words passed, and Mr.
Cull struck the aforesaid citizen, and
was promptly arrested and taken be
fore a justice of the peace in or near
Starkweather without an authoriza
tion by the state's attorneys office.
This as everyone knows is contrary to
law, which says that a warrant shall
not be issued without the authoriza
tion of the state's attorney, except in
cases where a justice has good cause
to believe that the defendant will es
cape. No sane.man claims that the
justice believed that MA. Cull would
attempt to escape, nor did he comply
with the law making the endorsement
required. The writer was away on a
vacation at the time, and Mr. Cull
came to Devils Lake and interviewed
Judge Buttz who came with Mr. Cull
to the .office and introduced Cull
to Mr. Smythe and requested Mr.
Smythe to do exactly what he did do,
namely, to call pthe justice and re
quest that action be dismissed as the
prosecution was not authorized by the
proper law officer, until the matter
District Judge. This fact
was known to the editor of the
Starkweather Times, and also to the
editor of the Devils Lake Journal who
has been bus yevqr since trying to re
flect upon Mr. Smythe' for the action
he took in the matter.
I haven't the slightest criticism
of the conduct of Judge Buttz. His
conduct was perfectly proper and jus
tified under the law and facts. If
Mr. Cull was guilty of assault and
There is just one thing further thai
I desire to call attention to, and that is
this: I was never a can'dijfete for the
office of state's attorney of my own
volition, but only after I had been so
licited by men in every precinct of the
county, and in addition to that the
commissioners came to me, including
Tom Maloney, and promised me that if
I would run for the office they would
allow me $75.00 per month for an as-
•#r Wtwfflw
battery, any citizen of Starkweather
could have obtained a warrant in the
proper way. The man doesn't live
who has been refused a warrant from
this office since I have been state's
attorney where there was any evidence
to justify the issuance.
sistant. I became a candidate with
that understanding. Following that
agreement, Mr. Maloney voted the
salary for an assistant two years ago,
and no doubt would have voted it
again if he had not received his orders
from the man who politically owns
I regret that I 'feel it my duty to
state the facts to the public, but 1 do.
When a newspaper man of the calibre
of the editor of the Starkweather
Times will publish an editorial based
on a known falsehood to justify a con.
temptible, political piece of work on
the part of the Democratic commission
ers, I propose that the people shall
know what the facts are if I can pos
sibly get the information before them.
Mr. Smythe has .been my assistant,
and I know of his work. I know that
he has done his duty in every way
while acting in that capacity, without
fear or favjr.
Respectfully yours,
Berlin, Feb. 4—German army
on the progress of the fight as follows
nthe progress of the fight as follows
"The attack made by the French on
the German positions near Perthes,
have been repulsed. On the remainder
of the western battle front yesterday
there was nothing more than dljtillerx
"There "have been no new develop
ments along the East Prussian fron
"In Poland north of the Vistula,
cavalry onslaughts by the Russians
have been repulsed, while south of the
Vistula German attacks at a point
east of Bolimow ended with the occu
pation of the village of Humin to the
"Fighting for possession of Wolasz.
yelowiczka has been going on since
Monday. In these engagements we
have taken more than 4,000 prisoners
and captured six machine guns.
"Russian attacks at night against
the German positions near Bzura
river have been repulsed.
Tuesday Judge Griffin officiated at
two marriages, the one of Louie An
derson and Dora Rose of Edmore, and
also of Viktor Neimi to Hilma Lailt
nen, both of Lawton.
Attorney Wm. Anderson of this city
was attending to legal matters in
Rugby the first of the week.
—Greene in New York Telegramy
When the case of Hobert Rosecrans
was called in district court this fore
noon Attorney D. C. Greenieaf of
Minot, filed a challenge to the entire
panel of jurymen, claiming that the
present jury is not regularly drawn.
To sustain his contention he put Clerk
of Court Stenseth on .the stand and
asked several questions as to the
drawing and discharging of the jury
called in November, and also the call
ing of the present jury. His motion
was overruled by Judge Buttz and the
case proceeded. Evidently Mr. Green
leaf was making a record in case he
should want to appeal the case.
Many farmers are now looking for
seed corn, and the person who has
seed for sale should be advertising it.
We presume that there is plenty of
good seed corn for sale right here in
Ramsey county, but so few know
where to look for it that they are send
ing to other parts of the state and
paying big prites for the corn when
they could do much better by buying
at home. Mr. Farmer, if you have
seed corn for sale advertise it in this
paper and we will guarantee you re
The Mothers Club will hold a meet
ing at the Commercial Club rooms to
morrow (Friday) at thrfee o'clock p.
m. There will be a program consist
ing of the following: A paper will be
read on "The Child an'd the Dentist,"
Miss Blanche Fox will talk on "Read
ing as Taught in the Public Schools."
Miss Fox's talk will be followed by a
discussion by Miss Cora Wagness tak
ing up the subject from every stand
point. Mrs. B. E. Baldwin will read
an article on "The Twilight Sleep."
Tea will be served by Mrs. C. A.
Dodge and Mrs. M. A. Hoghaug.
St. Paul, Feb. 4—Mamie Nutting
is no longer the "girl hobo." Dressed
in girl's clothes she was taken to the
North Dakota state training school at
Grafton, N. D., today by authorities
from the school. When her name was
called in police court yesterday he case
was stricken.
Mamie Nutting was arrlsted last
September, afte rshe had 'hummed"
her way to St. Paul from Mankato in
a box car with a number of tramps.
She wore man's clothing.
reen 6
Largest Circulation
of any Newspaper in
Lake Region.
Thursday morning last at about 2:00'
a. m. the fire alarm was turned in
and the fire proved to he in the hand
some new Glerum block, which was
completed only last fall. This build
ing was occupied in one of the double
stores by L. P. Dawson as a pool
room and a wholesale cigar store.
Photographer Peterson occupied a
part of the second floor, while the bal
ance of the second and third stories
was occupied by tenants living in flats.
It was only a short time before the
fire laddies were on the ground and
working like trojans to extinguish the
blaze, which started in the basement
next to the furnace, but it was one pf
the most subborn fires which has ever
been fought by the department, and
slowly but surely the flames kept wortT
ing up until the west half of the build,
ing was gutted from basement to
roof. All tenants got safely out with
most of their movables, but nearly all
lost some. Probably the heaviest
loser is L. P. Dawson who had the
finest pool and billiard parlors in the
city, and also was a wholesaler of
cigars and had a large stock on hand.
His loss is over $6,000 with not a cent
of insurance. Photographer Peterson
lost his complete outfit and his loss
will be over $1,000 with no insurance.
The Glerum block was one of the
finest in the city and had been recent
ly completed. Mr. Glei-trm carried
$23,000 on the building and $700 on
the bowling alleys in the basement.
The fire is supposed to have started'
from defective wiring, and after it
was discovered the firemen had to
work for nearly two hours before they
could locate the exact spot where it
was. The Brennan block adjoining
and occupied by the New York store
was in great danger and at one time
the fire broke through and it was with
great effort that this building was
saved. The New York store has a
loss from smoke, and has been closed'
this week for an adjustment.
The fact that the firemen worked
faithfully for nearly ten hours before
the fire was entirely extinguished and
yet they were able to confine it to prac
tically the west half of he building
goes to show something of the stub
bornness of the blaze
It was one of the most costly fires
that has ever visited' Devils Lake and
the losers have the sympathy of all
in their heavy financial loss.
Decatur, 111., Jan. 27—W. O. Kiz-
As we tro to Dress the criminal case ?^ecti.v®
charged with as- tn c„rn^
sault with attempt to 1:511. States At- jt0
torney F. T. Cuthbert has charge of P.est f]10 tree with five eggs in
the prosecuion, and he is assisted by
Attorney Ulsru.l of Towner. The tie
Michael Noonan, who has so faith-
fully filled the position of deputy sher.
iff ef this county for the past four
years has resigned his position to look
after his own personal matters, and
Captain Ed. Elliott will take his place.
Mr. Noonan left this week for Flint,
Mich., where he has property interests
and before he returns he expects to
dispose of his land there and return
to Ramsey county to make invest
ments here.
Toronto, Can., Feb. 4—Canadian
military authorities have seized at NL
agara, Ont., nine cars of Western
Canadian grain as contraband of war.
The shipment was consigned from the
milling company to a New York ship
ping firm and for a Baltic port.
Pecatur believes he has found an
of the State of Eh Dakota vs! Hu- !the ™ter At least, his exper
bert Rosecrans is on trial in district'lment brought results in his flock of
Court. This is a case that corned from a dozen hens. Kizer placed a
Towner county on a change of venue, Christmas tree in his hen house and
and the defendant
of making hens lay in
fendant is represented by that well trees for poultry as well as persons
known Ward county attorney D. C.
found a
*n«ay he found four more.
be is a firm believer in Christmas
is at a loss to understand just why
the tree had the desired effect, but
his neighbors have said that
possibly the turpentine in the tree ev-
aporating the air and breathed by the
chickens was the cause. "I still have
two more Christmas trees," said Kizer
and when it dries up I put another in
the hen house. I think I have dis
covered something, or, at least, my
experiment has proven worth while."
Methodist Church Notes
The Ladies Aid society of the Beth
any church was entertained this week
Thursday by Mrs. M. M. Strawheck
The Rev. Mr. Doughty, who is the
financial agent for the Children's
home at Fargo preached at Bethany
church Sunday afternoon.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
society will meet with Mrs. C. E.
Stinson at the parsonage Friday after,
noon. An_ invitation is extended to
others besides members to be present.
The subject of the sermon, for Sun-:
day morning will be "Being. Broad
Minded," and in the evening "Chris
tianity and Friendliness."

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