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Presbyterian Chnreh.
(One block north of poatofflce.)
11 A. M.—Morning worship and ser
mon. 12:10 P. M. Bible School, J. A.
Bug, Supt. 6:30 P. M. Young Peo
ple's lrieeting. 7:30 P. M. Evening
Worship* and sermon. All seats free
and a hearty invitation to all.
Church of the Advent, Protestant
Morning prayer and sermon at 11
Evening service at 7:30.
Sunday school at 12:15.
All services begin promptly on lime
Strangers welcome.
Rev. Frederick H. Oehler, Rector.
Facts About Florida City
Dade County, Southeast Florida
Where many or the best business men of the North
and East have bought and are improving
tor investment and homes.
Marl prairie soil, canals for drainage, paved roads,
good markets-schools and churches, best citrus
and trucking land on account of its
soil and water protection.
Best opportunity in Florida land on account of low
price and liberal terms.
If iuteresti-ii ,•. write for i"Jii-:h booklets auJ Florida City News to
Box 237 Devils Lake, N. D.
you should want
Suit or O a t,
don't fDr et that we
are always right up to
goods and styles. Out
workmanship is the best
and we will guarantee
you entire satisfaction in
goods, workmanship and
price. What more could
you ask. Don't take any
chances but have your
work done by a local
tailor. Think this over
and then come ind talk
with us.
For New Year'sSift-$5 off
on each Suit ordered in Jan.
HALGREN, The Tailor
17 New features in the
1915 Maxwell
The biggest automobile
value ever offered for less
than $1,000.
Powerful, fast, silent and
smooth running. A superb,
fully equipped, real 5-passen
ger family automobile.
A car with a real high tension
magneto, sliding gear Sransmis
8 ion, left hand drive, center
control, anti-skid tires on rear,
:n fact
Practically all the high
priced features of
high priced cars*
Come and let us take you rid
ing in the new 1915 Maxwell.
Holds the road at 50 miles an feour.
With Electric Starter and
Electric Lights $55 extra.
Devlis Lake, DISTRI3UT0R No. Dak
Legislators Give Committees
Chance to Catch Up.
Large Number of Measures Are Dis
posed of, a Majority of Them
Being Killed.
Bismarck—(Special)—After having
run at high pressure for twenty-two
das's, without recess with exception
of one day for the house following the
inaugural ball, the good resolutions
of New Year's to stay on the job and
attend strictly to business fell by the
wayside and' the legislature adjourned
for a week of rest. Perhaps there was
some reason in the plea that the mem
bers would have a clearer view of leg
islation by getting home and talking
the matter over with their constitu
ents also in the claim that this strict
and close attention to legislation may
have narrowed their viewpoint. But
the fact is that a good many members
were anxious to get home and look
after personal affairs for a week and
that a great deal of committee work
must be done before much real prog
ress can be made in passing laws, par
ticularly appropriation measures, and
both bodies must mark time till the
committees can catch up.
The Casualties—Up till adjourn
ment the house had introduced 227
measures and the senate 165, these
aside from some concurrent resolu
tions. The house killed fifty-six of its
own bills and had two killed in the
senate it passed forty-live of its own
and seven of the senate's. The senate
killed thirty-five of its own bills and
had one killed in the house it passed
thirty-five of its own and five originat
ing in the house. Thus there remain
122 house bills and 109 senate bills
yet in the hands of the committees.
If the new rule holds Feb. 9 is the last
day that bills can be introduced. There
will, therefore, be but seven days
when the present recess is ended in
which new measures can be introduc
ed. It is easy to see that it is unlikely
that a large number of bills can be in
troduced in that time, and the possi
bility of a last minute rush and scram
ble is diminished. The total results
of the first twenty-two days is seen
in the passage of twelve new laws,
two of which have already been signed
by the governor, one of which reduces
the legal rate of interest from 7 to 6
per cent and the other making it a
felony for a bank officer to make a
false statement or entry with regard
to the affairs of the bank.
Amond the Dead—Of the house bills
which have been killed may be found
some of general interest. No. 38
would provide for personal bonds for
county treasurers, instead of surety,
under certain conditions—a whack at
the surety companies and their high
premium rate. No. 44 would have
taken away the $500 a year expense
money from the judges of the supreme
court this matter is being taken
care of by senate bill 142. No. 66
threatened to raise a religious ques
tion by permitting the inspection of
convents, monasteries and religious
schools and was therefore shelved.
No. 74 would compel pool halls to
I close at midnight, but when some en
terprising member tacked on an
amendment requiring public dances
to cease at the same hour nothing
could save its life. No. 82 would
money available (ram the university
and school lands revenue. The secur
ity Is ample, for North Dakota land
will never be lower in price than It is
Finances—As demands for 'money
come in upon the legislature the
work of the special committee, whose
duty it is to find where and how
much cuts can be made in expendi
tures, grows. It is determined that
about $157,000 is to be cut from the
capitol clerk hire and maintenance
and all departments are to be reduced
pro rata. It is understood that state
institutions will also suffer propor
tionate trimming and that every
branch of Hie government will be put
cn shorter rations than before. Yet
some legislators ^seem blandly uncon
scious of the conditions and we have
Mils appropriating $6,000 for a state
business agent $15,000 for another
round of public Accountants $6,000
each for the state fair at Grand Forks
and the state exposition at Bismarck
providing for the establishment of a
state printing office, to erect a build
ing and buy machinery and have it
ready by 1917 for increasing the sal
aries of the state oil inspector and
ether appointive officers
have forbidden newspapers to hold
subscription contests—and it died. No.' patients far in excess of the capacitj
132 would prevent the employment of of the buildings.
teachers who have only passed the -I
eighth grade of the common schools oil Inspection—The old game diei
it would require something ad-dition- hard. It is now proposed to tax gas
al, each year but teachers are Bcarce
and wages are low and the qualittca
tions could not be raised without in
creasing the pay—hence these tears,
The majority of senate bills resting
I in the mortuary are proposed amend
ments to the constitution to affect
I the length of term of various officers,
No. 63 would prevent the state treas
urer from placing his own surety bond
and would permit the state auditing
board to handle it.
'•S* •S*
Rural Credits—A proposed constitu
tional amendment that Is attracting
wide attention among the farmers is
that introduced by Senator Bond ol'
Williston. Congressman Norton of
this state has attempted to have the
federal government take action along
these lines and his example has been
followed by United States Senators
Gronna and McCumber, each of whom
have followed Mr. Norton's example
and introduced measures. Mr. Bond's
plan promises speedier and prompter
relief, for it involves the use of ?100,
000 of state money as a guarantee for
the issuance of state bonds, money
from the sale of which is to be loaned
upon farm lands in the state, through
the state banking board. The loans
can be ma3e payable on tbe plan of
building loan association payments
and £he interest would amount to 4.S
per cent. There is money now on
hand in special and sinking funds,
which is deposited in banks that pay
the state 3 per cent per annum for it,
and in turn lend it to tanners at
to 12 per cent. Why should not the
state lend it direct? it now lends
money on farm lands through the
o]ine an(
such l^e
One redeeming feature is that pro
posed by L. Li. Twichell, who would
rpneal all special mill tax appropria
tion laws and have the maintenance
of the state's educational institu
tions come, as does that of the oth
ers, from a direct appropriation of a
specific amount.
iierose:ir- 71^ cents a barrel
Inspection is no: needed, and thf
only reason for inspection is that it
provides salaries for the inspectors
Game Wardens—House bill No. 194
would abolish g.niie wardens and dep
uties nnd the e-.:x-nse and require th«
sheriffs and deputies of each countj
to perform tlie.e duties. Economj
Mothers' Pensions—Mouse bill 11!
would give mothers with children
from $5 to $1" :i month. It woulc
save many an innocent child from be
ing sent to the reform school, to as
soeiate with yonng criminals, because
the* state lias nowhere else to send
it. But the state cannot afford it just
now It needs an exhibit at the San
Kranc",i('o exposition.
Normal at Dickinson—Another stat«
normal school. The concurrent resolu
tion has passed both houses and will,
therefore, be submitted to the people
in 1916. Probably the voters will feel
richer than the legislators do now.
State Bonding Department—Despite
the tact thai :iie supreme court held
the 1913 law. which provided for the
bonding of state and connty officials
by iiseir through a surety
bonding department, to be unconsti
tutioiu.. .t.- In:: 7S would provide
for this. Tl'." new measure is said to
remove the unconstitutional sections
from the law.
The manufacturers of North Dakota
should have small, attractive displays
of their output on exhibition at the
North Dakota building at the Panama.
Pacific International Exposition at
San Francisco. Owing to the short
time intervening before the opening
day these exhibits should be sent by
express prepaid, to the Secretary of
the North Dakota Commission, North
Dakota building, P-P-I-E, San Fran
cisco, Cal.
February opened up with beautiful
weather, and we hope it may continue
for some time to come.
Don't scold your fretful, peevish
child. See is tongue is coated this is
a sure sign its little stomach, liver
and bowels are clogged with sour
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
codl, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't
eat, sleep or act naturally, has stoirw
ach ache, indigestion, diarrhoea, give
a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs" and in a few hours all the foul
waste, the sour bile and fermenting
food passes out of the bowels and you
have a well and playful child again.
Children love this harmless "fruit lax
ative" and mothers can rest easy after
giving it, because it never fails to
make their little "insides" clean and
Keep it handy, Mother! A little giv
en today saves a sick child tomorrow,
but get the genuine. Ask your drug
gist for a 50c bottle of "California
Syrup of Figs," which has directions
for babies, children of all ages and
for grown-ups plairtiy on the bottle.
Remember there are counterfeits sold
here, so surely look and see that yours
is made by the "California Fig Syrup
Company." Hand back with con
tempt any other fig syrup.
We are owners of a large acreage of
bearing orchard ranging from 6 to 11
years of age, in the Wenatchee Val-
Washington. We selected and
planted every tree because of its rev
enue producing possibilities and every
tree is a high grade commercial var
We are not going out of the or
chard business, but a 6 and 12 acre
tract e:e not convenient to operate in
conncetion with t.fco main orchard.
Will trade for first class North Dako
ta land.
If you are looking for a home in a
mild climate in the most famous fruit
growing district of the entire country,
where peaches, pears, apricots, fclums,
grapes, sweet cherries, small berries,
and the highest grade apples in the
Investigations The investigation
into the charges made by the Rott
resolution against the board of con
trol would have resulted in a finding
of "no bill" by the committee, but ai
ihe last moment new charges were World are grown with -telephones,
preferred against the board by three
citizens of .lamestown and as these
charges were specific and sworn tc
by responsible citizens the committee
felt ii necessary that an investigation
be made and so recommended. As a
result committee has been appoint
ed to make full investigation. The
charges include the claim that the
board took $100,000 appropriated foi
a tubercular hospital by the legisla
ture and spent it elsewhere and built
no hospital that it built a new hos
pital and then drove the patients out
and lodged them in the poultry house
and the amusement hall and took the
hospital buildinp for the use of the
superintendent and his official family
of two that it charged two counties
with insane patients when the pa
tlents were employed and,being paic
wages by the board that it paid an
architect $10,500 salary when the law
provides he shall be paid $1,500
These charges are answered by the
board by citing the proceedings o)
the emergency board, by whom tho'}
were authorized to diverge the mono)
from its original destination thai
they have used their best judgment
in handling the affairs of the asylum
and in accommodating a number ol
rural mail deliveries, electric lights,
and daily papers delivered to your
door, you may be interested in one of
these tracts. If so, writo to,
R. F. D. No. 2. Wenatchee, Wash.
Notice is hereby given, that a certain
mortgage executed and delivered by Wil
liam Dobble, a single man, mortgagor, to
H. B. Johnson, mortgagee, dated Decem
ber 16th, 1912, and filed for record in the
office of the register of deeds of
the county of Ramsey and state of
North Dakota, on the 28th day of De
cember, 1912, at 10:30 o'clock a. m. and
duly recorded in book 58 of mortgages
on page 251 and which said mortgage
was duly assigned by the said mortgagee
by an Instrument In writing, duly exe
cuted and delivered to the Northwestern
Trust Company, a corporation, and said
assignment duly filed for record In the
office of the register of deeds of Bamsey
county, North Dakota, on December 14th
1914, at 9:00 o'clock a. m. in book 35 of
mortgages on page 205, will be fore
closed by a sale of the premises in such
mortgage and hereinafter described at
the front door of the court house at
Devils Lake, in the county of Ramsey
and state of North Dakota, at the hour
of two o'clock In the afternoon on the
6th day of February, 1915, to satisfy the
amount due upon such mortgage on the
said day of sale.
The premises described in such mort
gage and which will be sold to satisfy
the same, are lying and being in Ram
sey county, North Dakota, and here des
cribed as follows, to-wit: The Bast One
Half (E%) of the Northeast Quarter
(N. E.%) of Section Eleven (11) Town
ship One Hundred Fifty-Eight (158) N.
of range Sixty-one (61) west according
to the United States government survey
There will be due on such mortgage
at the date of sale the sum of Four
Hundred Forty-seven and 62-100 (447.62)
Dollars, together with the sum of Fif
teen and 77-100 ($15.77). the taxes upon
the lands herein above described for the
year 1913, which were necessarily paid
by the said Northwestern Trust Com
pany under its said mortgage and as
signment thereof, malting a total due on
the said date of sale, and for which such
sale will be made, of and In the sum of
Four Hundred Sixty-three and 89-100
($463.39) Dollars, besides the actual le
gal costs and disbursements.
Northwestern Trust Company,
a corporation, by Fred Goodman. Pres
Assignee of Mortgagee.
H. A. Libby.
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee.
Residence and P. O. Address:
Grand Forks, North Dakota. 52-6t
Split Rock Herring
Sold cheaper than your
local butcfa
ercan buy fishfor. Cutyourmeat
bills In
twoand try our fresh frozen herring for
achange. Shipped safely anywhere. They are
the cheapest food in thcaeday of High Coet of Liv
ing. Order noweowecunmnkeshipmentpromptly.
100 lb. Box SPLIT ROCK HERRING $3.00
SCANDIA FISH CO.. Dock 7, Duluth,
vated January 12,
Write for their prict list.
RATES: Rooms with detached bath and
•alit-v/cr bath—
Om- person 7.")c, $1 00 tint1. $1 £0 p-.T day.
Two persons in r,an:. room, oiU: oxiru.
IKiOMS with private nhs and loilulrt—
Cm* person SI .59 and $'.1.00 pet* dtty
Two persons in same room, Si.00 extra.
.SVrt'J poslii! card for r-jlorcd blotters.
State of North Dakota, countjr of Ham
In County Court, Before Hon. B. H.
Srlffln, Judge.
In the matter of the estate of Sven
Larsen, Deceased.
G. J. Borg, Petitioner.
Andrew Larson, Caroline Larson, LouiBa
Peterson, lira. S. A. Svenson, Britta
Charlotta Larson and August Larson,
The State of North Dakota to the above
named Respondents and all persons
interested in the estate of Sven Lar
son, Deceased.
Tou, and each of you, are hereby no
tified that O. J. Borg, the peUtloner
herein, has filed in this Court petition
pmylnr that letters of administration
upon the estate of Sven Larson late of
the township of Northfleld In the county
of Ramsey and State of North Dakota,
deceased, be granted to G. J. Borg and
that the said petition will be heard and
duly considered by this Court on Sat
urday, the 20th day of February, A. D.
1J16 at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that
day, at the court rooms of this court, in
the county court house. In the city of
Devils Lake county of Bamsey and
State of North Dakota, and you, and
each of you, are hereby cited to be and
appear before this Court at said time
and place, and answer said petition, and
show cause, if any there be, why the
prayer of said petition should not be
By the Court,
(SEAL) Judge of the County Court.
Dated the 8th day of January, A. D.
Let the service of the above citatlen
be made by publication thereof In the
Devils Lake World, a weekly newspaper
of general circulation in s&ld county and
by mailing copies thereof to all the res
(SEAL) Judge of the County Court
Cuthbert ft Smyths,
Attorneys for Petitioner.
To Clara E. Faust and A. R. Faust, her
Please take notice, that you have de
faulted in the performance of the con
ditions: on your part to be performed In
that certain contract for deed entered
into by and between you and each of you
of date January 12, 1911, whereby you
contracted to purchase from the under
signed those certain premises situate in
Ramsey county and state of North Da
kota known and described as the North
forty feet of lot 14, in block 6, of Cleve
land & Kennedy's addition to the city of
Devils Lake, Ramsey county, North Da
kota as the same is officially platted
and recorded, and agreed and covenanted
therein to pay to the undersigned-J. A.
Shannon, the owner of said premises,
certain sums therein specified as and for
the purchase price thereof, which were
represented by promissory notes of said
date made and delivered by you to the
undersigned in the amount of $525.00
and $1500.00 respectively and a cash
payment of the sum of $500.00, said
promissory note for $525.00 being pay
able in monthly installments of $7.60
and said $1500.00 note in monthly in
stallments of $22.50, each monthly
advance and wherein you further agreed
to insure said property in the sum of
$2,000.00 and further to pay all taxea
assessed against said property ana to
keep and maintain the same.
Your default consists in non-payment
of three years* taxes and non-payment
of insurance and in not keeping sala
premises insured, in permitting saia
premises to become damaged from want
of repair and in. default of paymenjts
due in accordance with said
The undersigned has been obliged to
pay three years 'taxes ana interest
which with legal rate of interest to date
from the respective dates of payment,
amounts to *135.44 also to pay Insur
ance In the amount of J5B.45 to pay for
the up-keep of said premises the sum or
You are In default In baclt payments
on principal of the notes »n the amount
of $30.00 and In Interest, $180.91, mak
ing a total amount of $407.65.
Tou are therefore notified hereny.
that said contract for said premises will
be cancelled and terminated on the ex
piration of thirty days from the service
of this notice upon you. If withm that
time you do not pay to the undersiened
the amount aforesaid, together with the
costs of preparing and serving this no­
Lake, N. t.
Bids For Burial of County Poor
Sealed proposals will be received by
the board of county commissioner.1
rtsmsey count}-. N. D., up to two (3
o'clock P. M. February 16th, 1915, for
the furnishing of material, labor and
necessary services for -the proper bur
ial of paupers and county poor.
Bids must cover total cost in each
case for the following sizes: infants,
children and adults and must in each
case cover rought box, coffin, robe, nig
ging of grave, embalming, team hire, etc
in fact must cover total cost to county
in e-.ioh size above enumerated.
All bids must be sealed and plainly
marked "Proposals for Burial of County
Poor" and addressed to the undersigned.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
By order of the board of county com
(SEAL) County Auditor.
Dated at Devils Lake, N. D., this 2ord
day of January, 1915.
Jan. 29-Feb. 5. 12
Notice is hereby given, That by reason
of default in the terms and conditions
of that certain mortgage, made, executed
and delivered by Christian J. Graber
and Freni Graber, his wife, mortgagors,
to Emily E. Smith Haseltine, mortgagee
bearing date the 9th day of April 1910,
and tiled for record in the office of the
register of deds in and for Ramsy coun
ty, North Dakota, on the 4th day of
June, 1910, and there recorded in book
"44" of mortgages at page 535 and there
after duy aslsigned by instrument in
writing to the North Dakota Mortgage
Co., a corporation, which said assign
ment bears date May 3rd. 1910. and was
on the said 4th day of June 1910, duly
filed for record in the office of the reg
ister of deeds in and for Ramsey county
North Dakota, and recorded in Book 51,
of mortgages at page 19, will be fore
closed by the Sale of the premises In
said mortgage and hereinafter described
at the front door of the court house to
the city of Devils Lake, in the said
county of Ramsey and state of North
Dakota, at the hour of two o'clock In the
afternoon of the 1st day of March, 1915,
to satisfy the amount due on such mort
gage at the date of sale, together with
the sum of $47.84 taxes paid by said
North Dakota Mortgage Co. to redeem
said premises from sale for 1910 taxes
The premises described in said mort
gage and which will be sold to satisfy
the same are situate In the county of
Ramsey and state of North Dakota, and
described as follows, to-wlt:
Lot Four (4) and the southwest quar
ter of the northwest quarter (Sw 1-4
NW 1-4) of section Five (5) and lot one
(1) and the southeast Quarter of the
northeast quarter (SE 1-4 NE 1-4) of
section six (6), all In township one hun
dred flfty-elght (158) north of Range
sixty-three (68) west.
There will be due on such mortgage
on the date of sale, including taxes as
aforesaid and Interest, the sum of
$1365.35, together with statutory attor
neys fees and the costs of this foreclos
Dated this 14th day of January, A. D.
North Dakota Mortgage Co.,
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Dickson & Devaney,
Attorneys for assignee of mortgagee,
Langdon. North Dakota.
Subscribe for the Devils Lake World.
Lawyers J.
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state and federal
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oLnrroN SKRB
Physician and Burgeon.
Baugw Block. 9
Ofiee 144 Bee. IN.
xevila Lake, North Dakota. 4
Notice to Creditors.
In the matter of the Estate of
James McClory, deceased.
Notice la hereby given Dy the under
signed Mary A. Flumerfelt, Execut
rix of the last will of James McClory,
late of the dty of Seattle In the coun
ty of King and state of Washington,
deceased- to the creditor* of, and all
persona having claims against, said
deceased, to exhibit with the
necessary vouchers within four
months, after the first publication of
this notice, to said Executrix at her
residence In the dty of Seattle, Wash.
Ington, or with the Judge of the
County Court of Ramsey County,
North Dakota, at his office in Devils
Lake, N. D.
Dated Dec. 29,1914.
Mary Flumerfelt Executrix.
First publication on the 81st day of
December, A. D. 1914.
P. J. McClory, Atty. for Executrix,
Devils Lake, N. D.

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