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Official Directory.
U.8.tlepnwenUtlTO. ISJOHNSON
iimatora, IIAHaBBOUGH and CA8BY
Lbat Governor
tttornoy Genural,
Ohtcf Jurticea,
Railroad Commlesloner® N EA8MU88ON
I 8 E N 8
iupt. Ptib. Instruction. LAUKA I I8ENI1UTQ
3on. Agriculture and Labor, N WILLIAMS
om. Intnranoe, JAMEBCUDHIB,
Firat District, JUDSON LAMOUKE
feond District. 8 BRYNJOLFSON
First District. JAMES
'ecoud District, ROB'T TIIEXTON
fudge l)letCoort,'C TEMPl.BTON,Grand Fks
Jlerk Dist. Court,' A HART, Pemblua
Collector E NELSON. Pembina
U«|)iHy, UOBT. MORRIdON Pvtnblna
*eti"ter. AS ELTON, Urand Fork
Uucolver, 11 8T0KE8, Grand. Fork*
let DItft 0 MYBICK, Pembina
do 2nd 8 K\OLFbON, Gnrdtir
do DRL WM McINTOSII, Crystal,
do 4th DONOVAN, Leroy
do fttli *T08 MOMtlSOK, Drayton
tactaerof Deed*. 3 NO ANDEU*0N, Pembina
'Jotiim Aull't-r W. f. BRIDfc. Pembina
TreaKurer, NEIL THOMSON. Pembina
it-ttew Attorney, YOUNG, linthgato
ihcrilT, A O'CONNOR. Bntbgate
uiitt JuilKt'i E \V CONAIi, Vembifca
MIDI of ShooK 0 E JACKSON, Pembina
Surveyor. 8 O Mtlil'IN. Waltmlla
3 »r »ner, OK. JOS FAKltOW, Cavalier
Railroad Time Tabls.
1 r.*o
South. Winnipeg ...K«rth
4:00 pm
1:15 pm
13:11 pm
8:15 am
R:£A am
1:29 (»m
Grand Fork*
Winnipeg Junction....
4:1H A
9W a 03
0 05 pm
ft to tn
H, J. JAM EM, ». O.
H:« fl lu
1 3 0 am
South 8tPiul...MN«rth
Kicni BB4KCII.
X:G0 pin
3:18 |»m
$37 111
5:&i pin
7:10 am
mm Nechc
.Grand Forks
1:35 pm
1 :Ut pin
11: ir»
7:10 tn
ttt. l'Mil
O. A. R.
\VOHDEN pipg'i NO. ss.
1 lueetlniaeverr second
and tourUiMon.
-.r of nnph montn.
Adjutant. Pott Commander.
A. F.»nd A. H.
to?uUim«etln(iln the evening* ol
ln-tanil ilii.il titty of every month.
t. C. WABNKtt, Bon'T MomuwiN.
Sterol try. tt.sl.
Keel* every flr»t nndlhl:l Tucitny of ill.
CliAf. RnurATH, F. A. llABr,
Recorder. M. «.
w. J. K.1SEU1AW,
Lawyer.. Wtlljpjactice 111 Gourm
ol Dakota
tnoMota. and before United Statea Laud office
louj to Loan andOotleotlona made.
N. D.
Phjnlctan and Hnnreon, Found at all hen*
when not profesalMaily engaged at bis oBIce,
on Stntaman «tr«et at
day time and at lila resl
dtneeonCaTilMrStreetat night.
.Physician and Surgeon, ufl'ce and lesidtnce
over First National Banlt,
Ki« money to loan on Real Estate,
em Bank.
Sporting Goods'of
The undersigned desires to cal
the attention of the farmers and
iieople in genera} to the fact that
'ie» now prepared' to supply all
with Flour and Feed of all kinds,
T.tken in exchange, or for cash, at
the highest market price.
Store on corner Stutsman and
Second streets Pembina.
Contracts for large lots taken
and goods delivered on short no
tice. Orders can be left at tht
'ionecr Bakery.
Ice delivered to all parts of the
ihop and Bath Room.
''nder First National Bank, corner of
Cavilecr and Stutsman sts. Hot
and Culd Uatiisatall Hours.
Everything In first-class order. The
best wprlcnicp and finest shop in the
Primers, etc.
North of Winchester House.
T. 1. PRICE.
Mukl Itpwt.
The following is the
wheat market repot of
the past week up to last
evening, furnished liyF.
S. Cheney, of the Mon
arch ElevatorCompany.
S a
3 1
48 47 36
49 48 45 37
40 48 46 37
48 48 15 37
SO (1 46 38
50 49 46 38
Bntmd at th. poitofflr.at PmUiiuiKMd
elwr mail matter.
FRIDAY. MAY 4, 1894.
that hole, get out the filth
and rubbish, clean up, clean up.
C. CAVILKUU wauts the man who
borrowed his unabridged to bring it
JUDGE AKMSTKONG is netting out
a large number of shade trees around
his hennery.
JAMBS MCGUUKK, druggist of
Lmigdon, formerly of Hamilton and
woll known in this county, died at
Langdon, last week.
TIIK river began to fall Monday and
lias ialluu quite rapidly since, but the
rain is likely u. check the rail and
perhaps raise it again.
TIIK Milton Globe takes the cake
It arrived last Saturday printed on
leather. We have had a pair of shoes
made out of the first page.—Grafton
rain on Wednesday
thorougly soaked the gmund again
and will delay seeding accordingly
Yesterday was clear and cool with
strong west winds.
TIIK old Northern hotel at Sk
Vincent in being pulled down and the
remains" will be sold for lumber,
Another monument of St. Vincent's
golden age thus fades away.
I'OKKH has been trying for
some time to bccomc a military post.
When three or four companies were
sent there this week lo help the
Great Northern to run Its trains,
si line of the citizens thought it an la
tiouist aud dramatic reader, will ap
pear at Kittson Unit, next- Wednes
day evening, May »th. The lady has
the highest testimonials which bear
witness that she stands among the
best or America's elocutionists.
CUSTOMS Inspector Walker is Im
proving his residence property, on up
per Kolcttc street, in fine Style. The
house is rc-clapboardcd, a new fence
around the lots, and as soon as weath
er permitSi every thing will be paint
ed. Mr. Walker in a thorough believ
er in an attractive home.
WK arc in receiptor a minstrel show
program, to be given by the band, at
iIallock this c.vciiitiK, and notice con
spicuously among the artists- tbo
names of l'ror. Al. Smith, and John
Commas, of this place. We under
stand there are several of the'jbgiii^
i.oys from here going down.
THE Ladles Aid society, of tbe
Presbyterian church will give their
concert on
Wednesday evening, May
Iflth. Miss Deniars, of Hallock, Miss
Logan and Mr. Arthur, of Winnipeg,
besides our well-known local talent,
arc some of the attractions. A bet
ter report will be given in next week's
The ''Bathgate Public School" is a
new periodical that lies upon our desk.
It is neatly printed and well edited.
Its editors are the teachers and some
of the students of Bathgate Schools.
Us artictcs arc quite general in char
acter and of interest to the school pub
lic ot the whole county. Itisamonth
ly and is SO cents a year.
DAVK KINO brought in several
horses yesterday rrom St. Paul.
Among tbe lot arc two young thor
ough-bred stallion-! belonging to Jim
Booker,"Von Ii."and "Pete" with re
cords 2:35 and 2:18 respectively. Pete
is of the celebrated Kittson stock
and cost $1,500 when a colt. The
rest of the horses were drivers.
JUDGE COKMY went to Fargo last
week to attend tbe meeting of the
democratic state committee. The
date of the state convention was set
for July 26th at Grand Forks. Judge
t'onmy was in favor of July 12th, but
got the laugh on bin), when some
one suggested that the Judge wanted
to celebrate Orangeman's lay as an
A. P. A. man.
AT a meeting of the G. A. It. post
on Monday, it was resolved to extend
an invitation to Judge Conmy to de
liver an address on Memorial Day,
May 30th., and that the pastors of
the M. E. and Presbyterian churches
be invited to arrange for a union
Memorial service in one of their
churches for the Sabbath preceding
Memorial Day.
ELLA L. SWANTON'S entertain
ment last night delighted the audi
ence. Miss Swanton has natural elo
cutionary ability, and the excellent
training she has had makes her en
tertainment a real enjoyment. She
has a voice that is delightful to list
en to, she speaks elojjuepfly, and has
a mopt agrefeable humor. Her rendi
tion of "Home' was very flue, as was
also the old-fashioned Yankee pieces.
^Stark County Herald, Dickinson.
•. CASSBLXAH, the Emerson drug
gtst, Bccomp«Dled by his wife, made a
trip to Winnipeg, down the Red, In
Petorboro canoe. Tbey started' on
Thursday afternoon and renchnd Mor
ns that evening. Friday morning
bright and early, they boarded their
craft and eight o'clock In the evening
harbored In Winnipeg. Mr. Cassel
tnansays that old boatmen in Winni
peg Say the distance Is one hundred
and eighty-five miles. They enjojfcd
their trip Immensely, aqd recommend
It toanv one who wants a coupl^of
WEDNESDAY'S papers brought the
welcome news that the strike on the
Great Northern, was settled after
eighteen days of a tie-up, a large loss
of wages to the men, an Immense ex
pense to the company and Incidental
ly entailing a great inconvenience
and expense to the general public.
The public generally, however, as far
as they could understand the differ
ences between the men and the cor
poration, sympathised with the men,
and will be glad to know that 'the
men were the victors and that .Mr.
Hill had to acknowledge their claims,
CdxKY's army to the number of 350
have at last got to Washington .two
of the leaders got In the' lock-up on
the first attempt to make a demon
stration on the capltol grounds.
Ccxey says they will stay there all
summer. Numerous "armies" .are
springing up in all direction over the
country, but most of them are hav
ing so many hardship* and are so far
away from Washington, that there
will be but few ever hold out. Steal-,
ing trains Is played out, and walking
is hard work and the latter is not
what the average Coxeyite is looking
AT the March examination for
teachers, conducted by Supt. Jackson
the following High school pupils re
ceived certificates to teach: Emily
Green '96, Tcna McMillan 'IW, Rillte
Fife '90, E. J. Itrennan '95, and R.'
Canons '96. All have secured good
schools, and we know they will all do
good work, for all are industrious,
wideawake, intelligent, progressive
and conscientious young people, in
spired by the hope and ambitions of
youth. The Public School extends to
them many sincere good wishes for
their success in teaching the young
minds "to shoot," and heartily recem
mends them to the public.—Bathgate
Public School.
LIMSHATI Grand Concert Company
appeared in Kittson hail Wednesday
evening. Owing to the prevailing
rain the attendance was not as large
as it otherwise would have been. The
concert throughout was a treat. Sjlg.
Libcratl, who has few rivals on the
cornet in this country and Europe,
gave some very fine selections. In
each case he was called back, and rc'
sponded liberally. Mr. Ilenshaw, has
a soft strong tenor voice, will trained
His selections were all or the angcli
cal kind, which did not at all reflect
on his taste. Miss Massuger, pianist,
is very good. Miss Laird has a well
trained voice, and acts the characters
of selections well.
TIIK steam tug, Lsdy tSilen, or Win
nipeg, came on Sunday, and proceed
ed to a point, twenty-eight miles
above here, near Draytofi, where she
took in low a barge, which was blown
ashore while in tow of the same boat
during the high water last spring.
The Lady Ellen returned on Monday
afternoon on her wav to Winnipeg
where the barge will be used to trans
port Wood from near the mouth or the
Bed. River to Winnipeg. The Lady
Ellen is the property of the Booth
Packing Co. and her usual work is the
collect Ion of iisli on Lake Winnipeg
from various fishing stations for that
company. The tooting of the whistle
sounded like old times and brought a
large crowd or Sunday sight seers to
the river bank.
TIIK main abutment or support to
the bridge on the South Pembina
side, is iu a very dangerous position
cause is a landslide of the river bank,
extending back seventy five or a hund
red feet from the water, beginning at
the house of Charles O'llara. The
bank has dropped rivcrward about a
foot and carried the pile foundation
bodily, and apparently otherwise uti'
disturbed, about the same distance
towards the center or the river, which
gfrea the upper supports, from the
(fling to the bridge a dangerous angle,
it will take some pretty good engineer
lug to get the foundation secure
again, and there is no telling when
the land slide will stop. The bridge
cost about 97000 and was built Jointly
bv the township and county.
LASTSaturday the reporter Inter
viewed the assessors on the subject or
the amount of seeding done. From
the reports,he found that Crystal and
the southwestern portion of the coun
ty were well advanced, at that time
some farmers having as high as 100
acres sown. From one half to two
thirds of the wheat in these localities
seemed to be in. Cavalier township
had about one third of its seed sown.
From the rest of the assessors present
the report was S'ouly started." The
weather during this week while not
altogether favorable has on the whole
been drying up the ground and in the
drier localities, the farmers have been
busy seeding under the most favora
ble circumstances, not more than one
third or one half of the total wheat
area will be seeded by Saturday night.
The wet season has assured a good
start for grass and the pastures will
be ready for stock in ten days.
NOTWITHSTANDING the fact that St.
Vluccnt is a good democratic town
and Brother Deacon of the New Era
its prophet, yet by some hocus pocus
the new city hall of which Brother
Deacon is so proud, and which he has
already dedicated to a nightly pro
gram of science, poetry, aod tcrpslc
hore, has In artistic lettering, high
upon Its facade, been christened "Mc
Kinley Rail." Evil minded people
suggest that this Is another scheme
of Brother Deacon to retain posses
sion of the poet office under the ad
ministration of President McKinley,
similar to the attempt to change the
authorship of the Era*s motto
"Tell the truth" from Cleveland to
Harrison. But we know that Brother
Deacon was Imposed up on bv practi
cal jokers in the latter case, and we
do not believe him guilty of placing
McKinlcy's name on his new town
hall,—at least with any sinister of.
mercenary motlvp, buf b$cau$c be
(teljeveg McJCinlcy^ (H)a)l right,
Diseases of iki Bya, Bar and Throat,
A*n«w, or WlnalM, melalM, will b*
at the Winchester hoteirPwaMmaT on Friday.
Ma* lib .after tbeirriv.1
onBaturday the in. Brae
Stted, attttclal eye* U|pIM.
TABOB Grand Opera House.—Miss
Swantbn Is a lady of commanding
figure and splendid presence. Her
delivery Is very good, and her gestures
timely aud graceful. When she had
finished her first recitation, a roar of
applause Allied the theatre. In re
sponse, she recited a picco which gave
scopeItnr her powers of mimicry ami
captured the house. She was again
encored, and was obliged .to respond.
The entertainment was a success IQ
every way.—Rocky Mountain News,
Annual Inapection.
TUBannual Inspection of the Rail,
way lines of this state will be begun
on Tuesday, May 29th, and continue
during June, All complaints or peti
tions should be filed previous to or
during the inspection trip, so that
they-.may be investigated at that
time by the board, and by the officials
of the roads, who have been Invited
to accompany the Board on the trip
and listen to the complaints and peti
tions, if any.
Blgnk forms of petitions tor plat
forms' under the provisions or the
platrorm law may be obtained by ad
dressing the Secretary Finiay Grant
at his office at Bismarck, N. D. These
blanks may also be used in petitioning
for other improvements.
A. H. Anderson the Photo man
came from Hallock on Wednesday
but as the day was so stormey
charged his date to the 15th and Kith
and returned home Albert Cava
lier spent Sunday at home. He was
accompaned by Mr. Smith, harness
maker at Nechc Dr. Rose got
back from his monthly western trip
on Tuesday. The Dr. says "it,s mud
dy." Dr. Agnew of Winnipeg, a
noted eye and car specialist, was a
caller on Wednesday. He will visit
Pembina next week professionally....
E. K. Cavilecr and Louis Bouvettc
went to Humboldt Wcducsday on a
goose hunt The following citizens
of Hallock attended the Libcrati con
cert, Wednesday night: Gus Ander
son, bus Paseman, Editors E. LcMas
urier, E. A. Nelson and J. E. ilou
ve'tte, II. Arnason. druggist C. F.
Peterson, proprietor of the l'acitic
hotel W. II. Neil, C. A. Probst, John
Ferguson, Otto Thorson and II.
Tor the Headers of the Pioneer Ex
press, by Special Reporters.
Dr. Rose, the Pembina dentist, was
In the city 'Juring the past few days.
The woolen mill project appears lo
have been dropped, altogether. At a
recently held meeting, a committee
of three was appointed to solicit, sub
scriptions for stock—and that Is the
last we have heard of the matter.
The county seat removal schtine is
again being quietly agitated. There
has been no action taken in the mat.
ter, as yet-, but everyone here is cm
phntic in declaring that the county
scat must eventually be located here.
Just how the trick is to be done is a
matter that bothers them considera
A party, consisting of A. (. Disbrow,
Albert Mountain and C'lias. Snell,
went lo Wa'haila, Monday, lo catch a
number of suckers, which arc said to
be plentiful In Ihe I'einbiiia river at
that place. They were provided with
nets, and, under theguldanceorChas.
Andrews, procured a good "catch/'
and report having had a very "large"
The Jcurnal, in its last issue, says,
as a rumor, that Editor Frawlcv, of
the Chronicle, contemplates pun-has
the Bathgate Democrat, and will
move t,o liatligate, as soon as the deal
Is made. Jerry inrorms us that he
has no idea of going to Bathgate, or
of purchasing the Democrat, as his
rapidlySiucreasing business, here, de
mands all of his time.
A meeting was held in Kraft&Kib
bcr's hall, last Saturday evening, at
which an uthletic club was oiganized.
It was decided to get up a base-ball
nine and a foot-ball eleven. The fol
lowing were elected officers of the new
club: Honorary president, II. T. Cole
man secretary-treasurer, L. W. Mtis
sclman captain of base-ball team, .1.
II. McHolland: captain of foot-ball
team. C. E. Halst. C. K. Haist, A. G.
nmledge aud L. W. Mussel man were
appointed a committee to solicit
funds, and the captains of the foot
ball and base-ball teams were instruct
ed to select their players. A meet
ing will be held ncxtSaturday evening
when the names of the men who will
compose the best base-bail and foot
ball clubs In the county will be an
Seeding is in full blast.
Arbor Day plant some shade trees,
Lan Ilalcv reports the geese lo be
very plentiful in cast Carlisle.
Trains all tied up again, no mail,
no freight, and we arc plum jam in
the dark.
Mr. M. Sarver returned from Lake
Charles, La., last week, to look after
bis business at this place.
Mel Frise drove to Pembina Thurs
day, after his sister Miss.Fannie Frise
who has returned from visiting friends
io St. Paul.
Miss Brickcr milliner, has a large
stock of spring and summer goods on
display at Green Bros, and invites the
ladies to call and inspect.
W. II. Roberts, J. L. Brown, W. L.
Abrains, W. F. Grill, J. M. Chlsholm,
B. L. Lewis and Geo. McLcan, went
out cast after geese Saturday after
noon, with all the traps of a first class
hunter. Three geese was the score.
Willie returning to town Friday
evening, Mrs. W. R. Ball, met with
an experience which was very un
pleasant. The horse became mired in
a mud-hole In the road, and Mrs. Ball
was obliged to walk the remaining
distance, to town.
Agent Lewis' little daughter, while
playing near the side of the old rink.
Saturday afternoon, met with what
might have been a fatal accident!
fell into an old, Misused well contain
ing quite a quantity of wator. Her
playmate, Pearl Conncll kept hold of
her hand and called assistance and
she was soon rescued, none the worse
of the accident. This should teach
the people of this place to fill up«onie
these numerous lilies, before some
thing serlpu? happens.
Born tu Mr. aud Mrs. Herring ton,
April 35th, a daughter.
Uncle John Eastmau is the hap
piest man we have seen. The cause
is that there is a grand daughter iu
tbe family.
The editor of the Carlisle Chronicle
got tired of the newspaper business
and gives It up. He will haul milk
for the Bathgate cheese factory this
Wo set every one here reading the
bible last week. A great many have
now concluded that your correspond,
cnt Is as near to heaven as the rest
of mankind. Yes, dear brethren, we
arc strictly in it..
Died at his home in Carlisle, April
28th, 1894, John \V. Argue. Mr.
Argue was'born in Colbornc, Carlton
county, Ont, In the year of 1840, be
ing fifty-three years old. He with
his family came to tttW country eleven
years ago and settled Ih Carlisle and
has resided here ever since. Mr.
Argue leaves a wife and eight child
ren: three sons and five daughters.
He was one of the leading men In
this part, an earnest Christian, a lov
ing father and husband. lie will be
greatly missed by his family and his
friends and neighbors. But ho is
gone to a better land where sickness
and sorrow are not known. He was
a member of the A. O. U. W. and a
true and worthy brother. His re
mains were laid to rest in the Hath
gate cemetery April 30th and was
followed to his last resting place by a
very large number of sympathizing
neighbors and rriends. Brother
Argue, you arc gone from us but arc
not forgotten. The mourning widow
and fatherless children have the sym
pathy of this whole community.
Our elevator man H. E. Dicmer, is
gone to spend two weeks at Minneapo
lis, where he will be the guest ot X. N
Cargill who is president ol the Victo
ria Elevator Co.
The two sous of John Emerson arc
still iu a precarious condition, and re
quire the constant attention of Dr
Harris. But we hope soon to hear of
their restoration to health, Frank
Emerson is also laid up with a slight
attack of erysipelas.
The sympathy of the residents of
Jollcttc is extended to our rriends
Walter Boyce aud his wire, in this
their hour of bereavement it is al
ways a sad time when the death an
gel visits a home and withdraws one
or its members, and we condole with
Mr. and Mrs. Boyce over the loss ot
their rair little daughter Elsie.
On Sunday last Rev. Mr. Moor
preached his inaugural, sisriuoii as pas
tor or the M. E. church here: there
was a large congregation present, and
they were treated to a very impress
iveseiuion. W,ebelieve that the Rev
gentleman will prove a worthy suc
cessor or our late esteemed pastor
Rev. W.A. Baker who labored earnest
ly tor the spiritual welfare of his
Aud we arc pleased to hear that the
S. A. authorities have seen tit to re
turn Capt. O'Ncil, to the scene or his
old battle fields in the Emerson dis
trict, and we can look Tor a revi\al iu
the meetings circumstancesccrlafniy
seemed to array themselves against
the late Captain who albeit a very
good man, was delicicnt in that tact
which is so necccssary in the manage
ment ot a corps. We hail the return or
Capt. O'Neii withdelight.
Fish are now rutin nig.
Krnest's (would be) doctor was in
town on .Sunday.
Rev. Mr. iiccsc is our new pastor
for the coming year. Welcome.
J. C. Harvey, ot Grand Forks, come
home lo alteud his rathcr's rtincntl
and was taken very sick with lever
Our new orofessor in the person of
Mr. R. Carson, Bathgate, has taken
charge of our school for the summer.
Our advice is, beware of the girls!
Widows and grass-widows if you value
your heart.
Mr. John Harvey, sr. passed away
Friday last, alter an illness for over
six weeks, which he bore with Chris
tian fortitude. lie leaves a widow
and seyeu children, all of whom were
at his bedside when he passed away.
Ills funeral on Sunday last was large
ly attended, about sixty carriages
following to his last resting place.
Hie hope wna built on liolhiiiK les.«
Thau and hit* rightem**.
p'rom the South,
The following is an extract from a
communication that appeared iu the
"'"argo Forum Saturday, which echoes
the sentiment of many like articles
in the slate press at the present-time:
"Wii.it right had the so-called com
mittee lo unseal one ot its members
ind rule said member out or the re
publican.partv'/ His not the judge
or its own members nor has it control
over the political actions of any indi
vidual member. The member is not
responsible to the committee, but to
the people of his district who placed
him there to represent them, and who
can say but the people of the first le
gislative district themselves whether
or not he fitly represented their in
terests and wishes in voting for Sena
tor Roach?
What was the animus that promp
ted the action of the committee in
"expelling" Senator LaMourc while
they "Itcsolved to deplore" the action
of the other eighteen members or
the third legislative assembly who at
various times voted tor democratic
senatorial candidates with the hope
or electing? Theaniinus is evident,
the conclusion rar-rctched. LaMourc
has always been a stumbling block in
the way of ccrtain self-asserted lead
ers who have reached positions far
above and beyond their deserts or
ability to fill, and tearing that the
rellection ot the calcium light of ex
perience through which ud was wont
to view their mental mediocrity
might serve to waken up the rank ant*,
file to the needs of better and u\oi-e
suitable material in which tn place
Its trust, they determine', on this
course in the hope that anew lease of
power would be grunted them before
the awakening which mustcouie, now
that the contrast was su plainly visi
ble, where, brains, not "cheek" is at
work to secure favorable state legisla
If I am not mistaken in the other
eighteen fellows they will not quietly
take the spanking given them by the
committee, but the very tif«t sun-,
shiny day when everything Is looking
most lovely, you w*ll find them oil
swimmii'g again. To give up now is
to, tacitly admit that the methods
pursued by the "Uncrowned King"
ate the only ones that can be pursued
with safety by the Republican nartv
of this state.
:%hest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report
certainty as anything political can be
with Grantle IIagar against him, he
can enter the next republican state
convention and resolutions,or proclaim
specifically that the convention no
minees can do without the republican
vote of Pembina County. Whatever
happens, it is ccrtai ud will be strict
ly in evidence when the next scna
torialasplrations will have a mountain
to ovorcoiuc. compared to which Ca
sey's was a molehill. Jud don't for
get—not often. He may be on the
Island" now and without oars, but
when the right time come I think lie
Will have good large steamboat ply
ing back and forth—earring passen
gers, too. I. i). R. M.
Pembina Township Proceedings.
April 28th J8U4. Board of super
visors met, present, Chairman Trudcl,
Wm. Carter aud clerk.
Board signed warrants for collec
tion of road tax.
On motion, Messrs Graber, Londs
borough and Rolette were allowed to
put their road work on grading the
read commonly known as the Grogan
On petition and motion the sec
tion line between Sec. 33 and 34, 27
and 29-l(3-52 was made a public
highway. Also, a road beginning at
sw sec. IU-163-52 thence north on
township line to the Nechc road.
Mr. Carter reported that Mr. Young
had informed him that the papers
in the suit of the Township vs. City
or Peiubiua would be tiled rorthwith
iu the clerk ot court's ollice.
The clerk was ordered to notify the
Nechc board to meet with this board
at A. Bcrtrand's, May 25lh .t one
o'clock, to make an agreement
Adjourned sine diu.
It. A VI.KN,
This mouth, tlir fifth in our calen
dar, was the tlilrc?. with the Romans.
The origin or tlio name is somewhat,
doubful, but the tcst etymology seems
to show that it js derived from the
goddess Maia, the mother or Mercury,
that swirt mci-seugcr of Jove.
Though the Ronuuis held many festi
vals in this month, in one respect they
deemed it to be unl-ucky,—to contract
marriages in May. .in our mother
land of England, fro
.The position LaMourc now occupies
is unique to say tbe least. He can af
filiate with the democratic or populist
parties or remain a free hnce and
work what havoc he may in the ranks
of his private enemy, or, with his dis
trict to back him, which is as near a
time almost
immemorial, the first .'lay of May has
been a time for floral ft -stivtiies, aud
Innocent out-of-door jol litj-. During
Cromwclliaii times the overe secta
ries abolished the may-l '"'e dances
and rejoicing, doing all the could to
turn the world into what Si
edit to bo,—a vale of t,e»P3- Happily
that day of prejudice and Msp "try has
passed, and we welcome (Jic it "nth
flowers, as we should, a i-liuirnii gift
from the Creator. Tra vcl it1 the
Northwest is never pleasa otcr It ir-n in
this month, and nopartof ihissei-.tion
Is more attractive, than II: bcautifnl
valley or the upper Mi? sissippi- A
journey along the east b.- ink this
pitcurcsquc river, if taken in the ele
gant fast trains or the
Route, will always lie a p.
niory. For tickets, maps a
formation, anply to your
write to W. J. C. Kcuyou.
Agent, St. Paul.
Ic.ivBaiit mc
enl in:" in-~
Prize seed oats at the Drug Store,
seeds at
Fresh garden
Ttris week we will make some
startling offi jrs. Call at our store
and see wh£ it they are.
Every ont purchasing one dol
lar worth of Groceries, for cash,
will "be entitled to one can of corn
for four cents.
Every one purchasing one dol
lar worth of dry goods \vill he en
titled to purchase one pair of
at four
or gents' hose,
This sale is for Saturday, Mon
day and Tuesday.
the Drug
Seed Wheat and Barley for Sale.
I have a quantity or wheat and bar
ley for falc to farmers on time.
33tf W. J. KNKKSIIAW, Pembina
Herd Notice.
1 will start a herd as soon as grass
grows, for the convenience or town
people and others owning cattle.
Money to Lend.
Robert Muir & Son, Hamilton, are
now prepared to lend money on real
estate. 41
Bicycles for Sale.
One second-handed pneumatic tire
bicycle, nearly good as new, for sale
at one third cost. G. G. TIIO.MI'SON
'Mr. W. li.Ininan. graduateoplician
of the Chicago Optical College, will
visit Pcinbina frequently for the pur
pose or iitling Spectacles and Eye
Glasses accurately. All complicated
errors or rcrractiou scientifically cor
reeled. Sec dale or next visit in tu
turc issue.
\Y. R. INMAX &- Co.
42tf Opticians, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Cheap Grass Seed.
I have a lot of Grass Seed for
sale very cheap. Timothy, Mil
let, German Millet, Hungarian,
lted Top, Blue Grass, Lawn Grass,
Clover etc. Come in and see me
before buying elsewhere,
42 H. t\ FKLDMAN.
ference to opening a road on the
township line from section 11M63-52
The following bills were allowed.
Durham, 2 days teaming... .$ 0 00
efoe, work at Ueroux bridge 0 75
N Hoffman same SO
llibault same 7 25
Wm Carter, service as super
visor 8 70
N A Trudcl, same 5-10
It Aylcn service as clerk and
rent 78 00
W Short, rent Kittson llall. 2 410
To the Pembina 1'hotographicStudio
to stay Tuesday and Wednesday May
15th, and Kith,and will lie prepared to
execute anything in my line iu the
lates styles and at price that will be
within the reach of all.
:wtf Photographer.
Dental Notice
Dr. Rose, dentist, will be
in Pembina rrom the 1st
to the loth, NeeherronitheKit.il to
the 20th Uatbgate from the 21st to
the 25th: Hamilton rrom the 25th to
27th Cavalier 2Slh to end of mouth.
This will be followed up until furi.lmp
Uuclclen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world forcuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum,
fever aires, tetter, chapped hands,
chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to jive per
feet satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
T. R. SirAW & Co.
A Million Krinds.
A. friend iu need is a friend indeed,
aud not less than one million people
have found just a friend iulr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds.—If you have never
used this Great Cough edicine, one
trial will convince you that it has
wonderful curativc powers in all dis
eases oi' Throat, Chest and Lungs.
Each bottle is guaranteed lo do all
thai, is claimed or money will be re
funded. Trial bottles free at T. 1!.
Shaw & Co. drug store. Large bottles
50c. and $1.00.
Four Big Successes.
Having the needed merit to more
then make good all the advertising
claimed for tlicni, the following four
remedies have readied a phenomenal
sale. Dr. King's New discovery, for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, each
Ixittle guaranteed—Electric lletters,
the great-remedy for Liver, Stomach
and Kidneys. Hucklcn'sArnica Saive,
the best in the world, and Ir. King's
New Life Pills, which are a perfec
pill. All these remedies are guaran
teed to do just what is claimed for
them and the dealer whose r.amc is
-. attached herewith will be glad to tell
o. more of them. Sold at T. U.
ou more
RA.«S. Si CO*K DM# store. Lar«E Imt
ties r0c.
That's what tve say about
Seeds and you can safely rely
sunnier season you should give your garden every help you
the very best thing you can do is to stock it with May's seeds,
are SATISFACTORY. That's why we sell tlieiu.
-cs? 9
L. L. May & (Jo's. Northern Grown
upon it. In this country of short
can and
Fifty more print wrappers. Made
good wash print, standard cut, well fitting
garments, ruffled all around, large sleeves,
wateau liack, lin'd waist, assorted colors
and patterns. Si/es 32 to 4a. An
olt-gant wrapper for morning wear and
cheaper than you can make them. Come
soon. Last lot went like hot cakes.
Buy them for
$1,35 BACH AT
tatisfautory $tora.
For Spring House
*s, Sheets, Dusters, bap-
A TrMtiks, Yalises, Whips*
and SaoMeiC' Hardware, which
I will sell as cheap as a..^
A nice fresh stock of perfumeries, for the ladies, jusf
Owing to the unusual demand for good
team harness, made of No 1 oak-tanned
leather, it becomes necessary for me to em
ploy another workmen to keep up with the
work. I am now prepared to fill all orders
for light and heavy harness on short notice.
also carry in stock a full line of Fly-
clf1ss shoP
in the SUle
The latest novelties in
Spring and Summer Mil
inery will be on display at
our new rooms from May
1st to 5th. The ladies are
cordially invited to call and

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