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unnou, B.»
Dram or tub nkwi nu« all
^AlMhl or THE WORLD.
JMI laHHiat Oeenrreacea af tke
VRif Wrek, MM Dawn «1 Arr
(or Rapid Hndlaf, From
Home aad Abroad.
Pei*lile la Print.
Congressman Henderson of Iowa Is
Critically ill In Washington.
Emma Jucli, the opera singer, Is to
_£ marry Francis Weilman, a New York
I attorney.
It is not generally known that Sarah
Bernhardt, the great actress, was once
a dressmaker's apprentice.
'Edwin Booth's brother. Dr. Joseph A.
Booth, has demanded of the executors
an accounting for the actor's estate.
Pugilist Bob Fitzslwuions was neatly
licked and then put off a train by a
Jersey brakeman.
Rudyurd Kipling undoubtedly feels
that he is In need of a little free ad
vertising. He is again abusing the
Henry Cratzer of Idaho advertised
for a wife. He thus became engaged
to Alice Ylngst of Sand Bench, Pa.
Alice weighs 338 pounds.
Astronomer Hill, of the National
Naval observatory, has sighted the
comet recently discovered by Prof.
Gale at Sydney, N. S. XV.
Ex-Judge WiUiuiu W. Farwell, In the
supreme court bench ill Chicago for
nine years, died of pueumonia. He was
seventy-seven years old.
The widow of Gov. .Inmes E. Browne
of Florida was recently married to
James Ferguson, a Brooklyn lawyer.
Mr. Ferguson is eighty years of age
and his wife seventy-three.
Mrs. Humphrey Ward says that be
fore she finished her lirst novel she was
aeiied with writers' cramp and that
every word of the novel had to be dic
tated to a shortftand writer. She lias
since recovcied the use of her hand.
The engagement of Assistant District
Attorney Weilman of New York and
Miss Emma Jucb, which was reported
a'month ago'and denied by both was
confirmed to-day by the gentleman, lie
•aid that the day of the wedding bad
not yet been fixed.
There are two men living at the pres
ent time who have beards over seven
feet hi length. One Is an Englishman,
Richard Latter of London, who has a
beard ten feet In length, and the other
Is Lagland Lnrow of Missouri, whose
beard is upward of seven feet long.
These are said to be the two longest
beards in the world.
Vafortaante Kveate.
Fire at Cadiz, Ind., destroyed seven
teen buildings and caused a loss of $30.
Nine villages on the Island of Euboca
were destroyed by the recent earth
quake shocks.
Saxon Denham, a young business
man, was drowned at Mnscatlne. Iowa,
by the upsetting of a sailboat.
John Itule was killed in Osceola,
Mich., by being struck by a skip while
oiling rollers in a mine.
A six-year-old daughter of James
Stout was burned to death at ltlpley,
The five-year-old daughter of James
McManls was burned to death at Brazil.
Frank Clements, an old railroad man,
was killed at CrawfordsvlUe, Ind., by
the kick of a horse.
At Ripley, 111., a six-year-old daughter
of James Stout, while playing about a
bonfire, was burned to death.
Irving Person, a wealthy farmer near
Bourbon, Ind., was thrown from his
carriage in a runaway and probably
fatally Injured.
Henry B. Booth, a business man of
Onarga, 111., was killed by a fall from
the roof of his house wliere be was at
kTh JSrt
Proa (he Ration's Capital.
The new cruiser Mnrblekeod com
pletes her final trial trip.
The gold reserve goes below the hun
dred-million murk.
Senator Walsh introduces i» bill for
tho unconditional repeal of the state
bank tax.
By a Tote of 37 to 1 Democratic sena
tors agree to support the tariff bill, in
cluding the compromise amendments.
Postmnster General Blxsell decides
not to appoint as postmasters men who
ore Inlt'i-Mitwl in the siiloou bwiUM
In a diseu iu on the tariff bill In the
senate Tui jite of Indinna makes a vio
lent personal attack upon Aldrich of
Rhode Island.
Supt. Stunp, of tlic Immigratlcn bu
reau, states the immigrants who have
arrived ill this country with orders for
tickets for Western points on the de
funct Scandinavian and Finland Immi
gration company of New York, cannot
In Justice to themselves ind the steam
ship companies Ih deported.
Four horses, valued at 91,000, were
killed by lightning at Bloomlngton, 111.
Peter Stuckey, their owner, as injured,
but not seriously.
A special to the Louisville Times from
Paducah says the Time, of the Barret
line, burned opposite there this morn
ing. Three of her barges of ties caiight
fire and drifted down the river. Loss,
(10,000. Origin of the fire unknown.
"While making some repairs at the
bottom, of the elevator shaft of the
Hotel Hays at Warsaw, Ind., John
Slate and Frank Stoner were crushed
to death and William Shinn fatally In
jured by having the elevator cage come
down upon them.
•laa aad Blaaera.
Henrjr C. Young, ubiSlneBS man, was
found murdered at Erie, Pa.
John Mundorf cut his throat in a
barber shop at New York city.
In a quarrel at Brooklyn, ind., Albert
Page shot and killed Hiram Gregor.
Officers in Clinton, 111., have arrested
fonr horse thieves within a week.
William Brasher has been arrested
at Carmi, 111., charged with counterfeit
ing stiver dollars and smaller coins.
A man dies in Wisconsin who had
shown as a burglar, forger, preacher
and the possessor of ten living wives.
Burglars got 1200 worth of silverware
from ft. J. Joehnk's residence at Lyons,
Mrs. Phil Shepler, 05 years old, cut
her throat with a razor at Connersville,
Ind., and will probably die.
John Murpliy. formerly one of Ar
mour's batdiers in Chicago, was Jailed
at Passaic, X. I., for burglary.
81oux City banks lost HdOO through
the operations of Draft.rater Knowl
B. Donnelly of Humboldt, was ss
of the charge of murdering Cur
at Charleston, III.
O...W. Carpenter, a Mew York trav
:.«ling salesman, ended als life with
at a hotel in Richmond, Va.
J^hn Stedanmeyer, arlgarmalwr, was
by footpads at Dubuque, Iowa,
Ot $400.
si Frank Harvey, a Jeffersonville, Ind.,
S oonviot, escaped In his underclothes, but
Zfi Wis recaptured.
An attempt was made to wreck a
v. Lake Erie passenger train at Nobles
viite, Ind.
'. AlpUonae Deeoure was arrested at
Molipe, 111., wanted at Green Bay, Wis.,
for consplrs7.
James Wiggins was convicted at
Woocter, Ohio, of attempting to mar
dcr W. A. Mackey.
John Goats, a laundry agent and stu
«iBt of De Pauw university, lad., to
missing, and Is short In his acarmts
about $300.
A sneak thief at Elmwood, Ind.,
stole a box containing $1,000 that was
to be used In paying the employes of
the Kelly ax works.
Miss Kttle Tye, a school teacher, who
disappeared at Parsons, Kan., was
fonud In an orchard, where she had
tried to end her life with poison.
Burglars blew open the safe in Ull
rich's savings bank at Mount Clemens,
Mich., but could not opm the Inner
door, which saved (30,000.
James H. Parke, a wealthy young
man of Detroit, Mich., has disappeared
at Chatham, Ont. It Is feared by his
friends tlat he has committed suicide.
Moore and Waterworth,'Indicted upon
the charge of highway robbery, were
guilty and sentenced to one year each
at Bloomlngton, 111.
William Roberts, a nmrdirer *n jail
at Greenup, 111., committed suicide by
cutting his throat with a razor. The
act was Inspired by fears of lynching.
Robert Salmons of Dallas, Tex., and
James Howard of Butte, Mont., were
arrested In Kansas CHy, Mo., for coun
Charles C. Whttwood, 40 years of
age, was bound over to the grand jury
at Kockford, 111., for an alleged assault
on Maty Marker, 8 years old, a deaf
J. II. Carney has disappeared from
Jeffersonville, Ind., with $30, it Is al
leged, of the money of the Journal of
that place. He was a collector for that
W. B. Meroney, George Downing and
a confederate named Wilson were ar
rested at Hot Springs, Ark., for bunko
ing Fred Seltzer, a capitalist of Atlan
ta, Ga., out of $430.
James W. Wood, Michigan state
treasurer of the Ancient Ordsr of Unit
ed Workmen, who it is alleged abscond
ed with $5,000 of the order's funds,
hits been located In Mexico. One of his
bondsmen has goue there to see about
straightening accounts with the grand
From Forelaa Shores.
An International bimetallic congress
opens In London.
Noisy anarchists are hustled out of
Hyde Park, London, where they had
been holding a meeting.
Prpsldeut I'clxoto's fleet has capt
ured l'aranagua, Brazil, the last of the
rebel forts there offering resistance.
With a silver pick Presld ait Diaz hao
finished the opening from end to end
of the seven-mile iiuinel out of the Val
ley of Mexico.
Another supposed Infernal machine
'was found near a public building lu
London. The "machine" was lying
close to the government powder maga
zine In Hyde park, and was tuken in
cluu'Ke by the police.
A terrific boiler explosion occurred
in the Waltz rendering factory at 11am
merbrook, Hamburg, killing five men
aud fatally Injuring seven. The build
ing was demolished and the dead aud
wounded were burled'in the debris,
A sanguinary encounter between
workingineu and geudarmes is reported
from Zledlltz, Bohemia, the trouble
growing out of the May day celebra
tions. One workman was killed and
a number injured on both sides. The
troops have been sent to asslBt the
Rector Ahlwardt, the notorious anti
Seiuite, who was released from prison
at Berlin March 0 last, where he hud
been confined after being convicted of
libeling the Loewe firm of Hebrew gun
makers, has been sentenced to tlireo
months' imprisonment for insulting
Prussian officials during a recent
speech which he made at Essen.
The case against Count Elio de Tal
leyrand-Perrigord at Paris, who is ac
cused of forgery, has bccome more se
rious. Five fresh bills, -each for fl0,U00
francs, have been discovered bearing
tiie forged signature of Max Lebaudy,
the young inan-about-town. The Prin
cess de Sagay, the count's mother, has
offered to indemnify Lebaudy if the
count abandons his suit in favor of
his brother, and consents to be con
fined lu an asylum.
Ia the Far West.
A butcher In a Washington town
lrcrntly purchased a hog which weigh
ed, when dressed, 735 pounds.
One can go out on Peterson's buttc,
near Albany, Or., and kill half a dozen
rattlesnakes any time.
E. Chauvin picked naval orange
weighing eleven ounces from a two
year-old tree at his place, near Delano.
Twenty-five thousand head of sheep
are said to have been sold within the
past two weeks lu Mor/ow county. Or.,
to Eastern buyers, at about $1.50 per
bead after shearing.
When Mrs. Taylor of Stockton, went
into her cellar when the water had
somewhat subsided, for she was in
the flooded district, she found two
human skulls tied up in a bag.
Walla Walla lias Iteen shipping early
vegetables to Montana.and Intermedi
ate points for the past three weeks
at an average of a ton and a linlf a
day, and the tonnage Is daily Increslng.
The largest gold ungget found near
Redding, Cal., In years was picked up
In a ravine seven miles northwest of
Redding by an old Forty-niner recent
ly. It is five iuclies long, two and a
half in width, shaped something like
an egg.and Is valued at $515,
Freddy Ellsworth,aged thirteen years,
while out hunting near Philomath, Or.,
was startled by a full-grown wildcat
that ran across his path. Being armed
with a shotgun loaded 'With bird shot
he was at first loth to shoot, for fear
the animal would be only slightly
wounded and might attack him. He
finally mustered up courage, however,
and blazed away, killing the cat at the
first shot.
Illinois' attorney general proceeds
against the tobacco trust.
Louisville, Ky., wants the nest Na
tional Encampment of the G. A. R.
Fourteen cases of smallpox are re
ported at Winamac, 111.
Employer of six Kentucky coal mines
have struck. Over 1,000 meu are out.
Paul J. Sorg, a Democrat, was elected
to congress from the Third Ohio dis
War on pernicious juvenile literature
has been declared by the Ministerial
Union of Moliue, 111.
C. W. Buckley of Montgomery, Ala.,
was elected commander of the state
department of the G. A. R.
A demonstration of the unemployed
at Cleveland becomes a riot and many
persons are Injured.
At ft meeting in Philadelphia a move
ment t# unite 0)1 labor organizations is
The Baptist Association qf Central
Illinois has concluded a Sunday school
convention at Virginia, 111.
William Warfield was found dead
on the river bank and sitting upright
against a ley at Swaneetown, 111.
The Bloux City Stock fiords company
has been organised at Sioux City, Iowa,
with a capital stock of $2,500,000.
The Richelieu, one of the leading
hotels of Little Rock, Ark., has passed
Into the hands of an assignee. The
debts are $22,000.
The Victor mine at Cripple Creek,
CoL, Is reported to hare Men ityd to
New York and London capitalists for
$320,000. This Is the largest sale thus
far In the history of the camp.
Lightship No. 68, the first built on
the lakes for ocean sqpfc)*, was
launched at the Craig shipyard l| To
ledo, Ohio, o« the 30t). nie new boat
Is 125 feet long 28 fleet bean and
draws 20 feet of water. Ikt has both
steam and sail propelling powtr. The
new boat will he stattooed on Nan
tuoket Shoals.
'fT ITV* n'
-3l j*
Tfcey Are Declare* Oalltr af DIs
plsrlts a Baaaer Bad TnMlas aa
tke Oram Abaat tka Capital—Ther
Will Take aa Appeal.
Washington, May 8.—The trial of the
commonwealers continued to-day. Gen.
Coxey testified and attempted to justify
his course. A verdict will probably be
rendered to-morrow.
Des Moines, May 8.—Kelly's army re
sumed work on the floats at the "navy
yerd" to-day. Sixty boats were ready
last night except the calking aud coating
of pitch. Prof. King, who has been giv
ing exhibitions here, will lead the flotilla
oat of the city on his aquatic bicycle,
rnd announced be will probably con
tinue at the head of the procession until
the army reaches Keokuk, carrying Kel
ly's banner. Progress in the construc
tion of the fleet is considerably retarded
by the scarcity of proper tools.
Minnesota Contingent.
Alexandria, Minn., May 8.—Coxyites
•re here, with b-adquirters at the
Arlington hotel. They are Engineer Wil
eon, bis lieutenant end the steward.
Only three industrials errlved from
Fergus Falls at 0 o'clock last night, and
there were besides only four recruits
here ,. but several are hanging on as
though undecldwd whether to enlist. Wil
son readily talked. He says this is the
twenty-third con pany be has organized.
He and the lieutenant are busy securing
rcuuits, which are turned over to
'Scotty," the steward, a one-eyed man
with a goatee, wlo puts them through
without costs. Their destination is St.
Cloud, where they claim that over 1,0110
mm are to meet. Their final rendez
vous is St. Paul, froin where, Wilson
sn 8, they will take a train through
without steps to Washington with 3,000
men. They are not opposed here, but
are encouraged, lu the hopes of enlisting
tbe element that can be easily spared.
Fergus Falls, Minn., May 8—A Coxey
nryt nicer, who was here with a wing of
the array in un interview said that fS.OIN)
"as raised in Butte to help take the
army which li was orgauiziug from the
West to the East. He says that other
cities on the coast are raising large sums
to send unemployed workingnien East.
They rare uothiug about the effort that
the movement is expected to have ou
legislation, but it is a cheap and popular
way to returu to the East large ariuy
of men which floated West during the
bociii days on the coast, and which is
now a drtig in Western cities. While
the organizer was here a prominent aud
wealthy man gave him a list of 104 un
desirable citizens and offered him $10 per
head for as many of them as lie would
take East, the money payable when he
reached Pittsburg, so that the men will
not drift back ut once. The West bus
been getting dead beats and undesirable
citizens of the Entt, and it is now ship
ping them back by the freight train load,
St. Paul, May 8.—The following reso
lution was presented at to-day's meeting
of the chaml er of coinuii rco aud referred
to a committee
"Whereas, Our country is lieiug bu
ll iliated by the spectacle of numerous
lit dies of unemployed meu from various
localities marching to the national capi
tal to coerce congress into passing meas
ures for their relief. Tbe worst feature
of the movement is that it is a menace
to law and order.
"Resolved, That in a friendly spirit
we would advire these men to abandon
their foolish and hopeless proceeding.
The United States government has mil
lions OT acres of fertile land' which it do
nitcs to actual settlers in quantities of
1(H) acres to ev*ry bead of a family, or
single person above tho age of twenty
one, and If they are disposed to work
they can, by taking tbe benefit of the
horcestcad law, attain competence, as
thousands of others have done.
"Resolved, That the practice which has
'occurred in some instances of communi
ties, municipal and state authorities lend
ing the so-called Coxeyites facilities for
their progress, unloading them as it were
upon the next city or state, should be
heartily condemned"
Washington, May 0.—The three lead
ers of the commonweal, Coxey, Browne
and Christopher Columbus Jones, hare
bsgn found guilty of violating the laws
by a jury of th ir peers and will have
to submit to a sentence hereafter to be
iinpesed by the court for their recent
demonstration on the capitol grounds.
Thus ends what its leaders styled "tlic
greatest march of the nineteenth cen
tury." All three of the accused were
cqnvicted on the first count of the in
dictment which charged tliem with dis
playing a banner designed to bring into
public notice the J. S. Coxey Good Roads
association. Jones of Philadelphia was
acquitted on the second count, which ac
cused them of treading on the grass,
but Coxey and Browne were convicted.
Attorney Lipscpmbe immediately en
tered a motion for a new trial and an
other in arrest of judgment. Judge Mill
er gave him fqur days to fi|e the formal
paper. Two weeks' may e)apse, during
which the trio wil| be free on bail, be
fore the motion for anew trial is argued
ahd decided, fhe penalty f|rqy|deil by
law is the same fpi eucb offense, viz., ii
fine not to exceed $106 and imprisonment
in jail for not mofe than sixty days, or
both, within the discretion of the court.
Accordingly, the maximum puqisbment
which may be meted out to Coxey and
Browne |s $200 and 120 days, while
Christopher Columbus Jones |s subject
to $100 and sixty days.
By a curious congressional error in a
recent bill which reorganized tbe district
courts there is no appellate court to
which a police court case can be carried.
The only method of appealing from Judge
Mi||er's sentence will be an application
to a higher court for writs of babei^s
corpus and certiorari^ Attorney I^ips
couibe has announced that he wi|l take
this step if Ji|dge Mi|ler overrules the
motion for 4 new trial. However, si)ch
a petition will not operate as a stay of
judgment to keep tbe defeqdaqts from
serviug their sentepces while it is pend
Des Moines, May P. Gen. Kelly's
boats are almost completed, and the
army will soon make a start from Des
Moines. They have food enough for
three days. Oskalooxa will send 1,000
loaves of bread and coffee and meat be
sides. The start will be a sort of gala
procession, and the army is in better
spirits than it has been for several days.
Washington/. May 10. After hearing
Gen. Coxer to-day the house committee
ou labor, by a vote of 7 to 2, decided to
report a resolution for a joint investiga
tion by a special committee of the senate
and house of the Coxey movement and
the depressed condition of labor in gen
eral. This decision was hailed with sat
isfaction by Messrs. Coxey and Browne
and by a number of prominent Populists
and Farmers' Alliance leaders and the
chairman and secretory of the People's
party. The vote to report the resolution
Ayes—Erdmaq (Pa.), Wells (Wis.),
Ryan (N. Y.), Talbfrt (S. C.), Democrats
Pence (Colo.), Populist Phillips (Pa.),
Kicfer (Minn.), Republicans.
Nays—Dunn (Detn., N. J.), Apsley
(Rep., Mass.)
|Cbj|ifnian MpGimq says the favorable
qeport will be mady fo-mqrro^ ^nd bt
will sQffn thereafter p^ess for a jufbenslj^
of the rules and an immediate passage
of the resolution. Mr. Dunn says there
jj ill be a minority report.
Tbe district health officers have decided
the Coxey camp to be a nuisance and
nuirance." This doubtless mesimi thaf
ttey must break camp within that time.
Saliua, K.4p., May 11.—Tbp "war" is
over. Tb# iptrepi(|' (Soloradq pogtingeiit
of tbe commonweal which ||M kippt Col
orado gnd Kansas in an uproar fur two
tisys Jim jjuxsnder*). unconditionally tu
Marshal Neeley. They were 450 strong
and every man put under srrest. The stir
tender was madi (variably and the en
tire aimy is being taken to Topeka for
The special train is tow en route with
the captured train rod is making rapid
time on its retarn trip.
Washington, Miy 11.—It is not ipptc
tided her that United Stat,*s Marsh-il
Neeley will have any great difficulty in
recapturing the stolen train and arresting
the thieves. If, however, the marshal
finds that he is not strong enough to
serve the processes nf the court it Is rea
sonable to believe, in view of the action
of the government in similar cases, that
a sufficient force of. troops will be or
dered out to serve the writs and to pro
tect private and public property. It is
known that the governmcne is incoming
somewhat annoyed at these refloated acts
of robbery on the part of these so-called
"armies of peace," and i« likely to use
heroic measures to stop them.
A Flskt Wltk Fire.
Lyle, Minn., May 11.—About 10 o'clock
last night a barn belonging to L. P.
Thompson, in the heart of the village,
was destroyed by fire. Two horses and a
cow also burned, including Bay Charlie,
a valuable trotter. Mr. Thompson was
In the barn attending to his stock and
fell with a lantern in his hand, which ex
ploded and ignited his clothing as well as
the hay. His hands and face were badly
burned before he succeeded in subduing
the flames on his clothing. Several other
buildings near by were saved by hard
work and prompt action liy our citizens
Wko Polsoaed tke Maret
Excelsior, Minn., May 11.—A valuable
gray mare belonging to ex-Mayor W. 8.
Miln-r died very suddenly last night, and
in such a manner that It is believed she
was poisoned. The mare had a record of
2:38 and was valued at $000. It is be
liev-d in some quarters that some of tbe
enemies Mr. Milnor mnde last winter dur
ing his crusade against the burglars who
rifled Minnetonka cottages were responsi
ble for the horse's death.
Quod tor Mr. Close.
Independence, Iowa, May 11.—This city
was somewhat surprised a few days ago
by the announcement that George Close,
for several years a practical butcher here,
has purchased a tract of land south of
this city and laid the foundation for a
packing house. Without asking the usual
bonus, Mr. Close will erect a packing
ho'ise and refrigerator with a daily ca
pacity of thirty beeves and hogs. If suc
cessful the Institution will be doubled
next season.
Ia 8|leal«r Wed.
London, May 11.—Mr. Henry Herbert
Asquitb, Q. C., M. P., secretary of state
for the homo department, was married
to-day at the fasbionnble St. George's
church, Hanover square, this city, to
Miss Margot Tennaut, the young lady
who is said to have suggested to the au
thor the titular character in E. F. Ben
sou's "Dodo," aud who was one of the
originators of the somewhnt mysterious
social body known as "Souls."
Made Away Wltk *28,000.
Cincinnati, May 11.—A shortage of
$28,000 has been discovered in tliQ ac
counts of Gus Weisbrodte, city treasurer
of Middletown, Butler county, Ohio, "'lie
irregularity is said to extend back several
years, $12,000 being taken wlicu Hon. P.
J. Sorg was one of Ms bondsmen. The
{-resent bondsinqn are said to be unable
to pay the shortage.
Coavlct'a Desperate Leap.
Stillwater, May 11.—A desperate at
iupt at suicide was made at the prison
to-day. As the convicts were comiug out
of their cells, Nathan L. Laughton, re
ceived in 1870 from Wright county, to
serve a life sent?n%:c for murder, jumped
from the fourth gallery to the stone floor
beneath and received injuries tli.it will
piobahly prove fatal. Laughton w.ts
sixty-six years old and lias been a good
convict. The supposition is that he is in*
Pkalea May Escape.
Dulutli, May 11.-The coroner's jury in
the inquest over the body of Lizzie Ellis,
who died a few days ago, this morning
returned a verdict that she had come to
her death as the result of a criminal abor
tion at the hands of an unknown person.
One witness had testified that the Ellis
girl said she had made an attempt her
self. The result of the flnding will, of
course, be favorable to Dr. Phalen, the
Freack TraOlc la Africa.
Paris, May* 11.—M. Bernard Dattanonx,
tke explorer, claims to have arranged
with the Kelou tribes for a free passage
for French caravans going to and front
Sokoto, Borneo and other states of the
Niger and Lake Tchad regions.
Harder la tke Tklrd Degree.
St. James, Minn., May 11.—At mid
night the jury in the Ingalls case brought
in a verdict of murder in the third de
gree with a recommendation of mercy.
The case was ably conducted by Assist
ant Attorney General George B. Edgetk
I'uatMaitpr H. C. Tkoatpuna.
Washington, May 11.—H. C. Thomp
son was to-day appointed postmaster at
Bowcsmont, Pembina county, N. D., vice
V. S. Waldo, removed.
As Bad at Horse Steallair.
West Union, Iowa, Special.—Large
fields of three farmers near Loosing have
been, temporarily at least, ruined by the
villainy of some individual. Shortly after
these farmers had put in their oats this
wretch scattered wild oats over their
fields, the work being done at night. It
is a well known fact that wild oats
practically ruin |and. No small grain will
grow where they exist, and it is nearly
impossible tq eradicate them when they
once get foothold. No motive can lit
assigucd for the diabolical deed.
Letkal Cemetery Seepage.
West Union, Iowa, Special.—It Is re
ported that lately so large a number of
deaths have occurred ut Clayton Center,
Clayton county, that the people have
gone to work to investigate the cause.
It transpires that tbo town is located at
the foot of a hill and that cemetery is
situated an the side of the hill so that
water naturally drains off to that part
of town where people hove been in the
habit of getting their water for driukiug
purposes. It is thought this explains thr
•nuiiuai mystery.
Iowa Mlaers Strike.
Ottumwa. Iowa, Special—The miners
ccnvention at Albia to-day by vote of
(S3 to 05 ordered a strike. This will
tuka out 9,000 men.
Tke A. P. A.
Des Moines, Special.—The supreme
C( Lcil of the American Protective as
sociation of the world continued its
meetings to-day. Tke prircipul business
was the rending of the supreme presi
dent's address, which occupied onsider
able time. The address sided with the
radicals who are in favor of takiUK an
aggressive attitude toward the questions
tf immigration and the Catholic church
and its influeuee in schools and politics.
There is a conservative factiou, wbicli
coinscls moderation. The address, on
account of these differences, has been re
ferred, and will probably be toned down
before being made public. A cominittco
was appointed to draft a declaration of
Addreaa far lllsaiarek.
Frudrlchsrtihe, Special—A deputation
If 000 representatives from military clubs
of Southern Holetein presented Prince
Blsmrrck to-day with au address of
sympathy. fringe Bismarck replied,
Germany (f)'those of the past. He added
tlmt he was uuable tq'ufyderstam} the con
tention pf his opponent* that be aspired
(9 rai|k and fitjes. He Imd uof |ieard that
any ovations suct^' as those lie had' re
ceived sines his retirement "had «r«r
previously occi^e*.
OSaitawl Recurd of tke Important
Traaaaetloaa of Oar Natloanl Lnw
aakert—Th« Work Doae la Botlr
Washington, May 0.—In the senate the
ciedcntials of Senator-elect Gear of Iowa
were presented by Mr. Allison. Mr.
Hoar said the form of the certificate of
tie speaker of the Iowa house and the
piesident of the ltivn stnute was not
sufficient. Mr. Wilsou, whom Mr. Gear
is to succeed, stated that the certificate
was in the form usurliy employed in
Iowa. Mr. Allison suggested tlmt the
riitificatc lie on the tnblo. There was
plenty of time, he said, between now nml
March 4 next to examine it.
At 11:90 Mr. Harris, in charge of (lie
t, riff bill, nbruptly moved to proceed xvith
the consideration of thnt bill. The reso
lutjon offered by Mr. Allen yesterday
looking to the appointment of special
committee to investigate the alU^-ed po
lice clubbing on the steps of tiie capi
tol on the occasion of the f'oxey deinon
stration, went Q_yer until to-morrow.
When, the tariff bill was laid before the
senate Mr. Hoar spoke. Mr. (juay
finisbed his speech began several dayj
Washington, May 10.—In the senate
Mr. Mills denounced the compromise
tariff bill, and said that while lie would
not vote for auy of the amendments he
would vote for the bill as a whole. Mr.
Lodge offered his amendment to impose
double duties in the bill SKaiiist Great
Britain until that country should agree
to an international ratio for the coinage
of silver. The nmciidmcut was laid ou
the table—31 to 20, a strict party vote.
The detailed vote is as follows:
Ayes—Allen, Bate, Berry, ltlanchnrd,
Brice, Caffeiy, Call, Corkivil, Coke,
George, Gibson, Gorman. Gordon. Gray,
Harris, Huuton, Jarvis, Jones. McLnuriii,
Mcl'herson, Martin, Mills. I'aluier, l'aseo,
I'ngh. Ransom, Roach, Turpie, Vest,
V.'alsh, White—31.
Nays—Allison, Dolph, Dubois, Galling
er. Hale, Hnnsbrough, llawiey, Higgins,
Hoar, IxHlge, McMillan, Maudci'sou,
Perkins. Piatt, Proctor, Slioup, Squire,
.Stewart, Teller, Washburn—20.
The Democrats who did not vote were
I paired in favor of the motion. Senator
Allen voted with the Democrats and an-
nounccd that Senator Kyle was paired
with Mr. Morrill (ltep.,.Vt.) ou all ques
tions relating to the tariff. lVRVr was
absent and no pair was aunounied for
hiui. The vote of Allin anil the au
i.ounccinent of the pair of Senator Kyle
is taken to mean that these senators will
vote with the Democrats on the tariff
On motion of Mr. Washburn a bill au
thorizing the construction uf bridge
ae-oss the Mississippi river at Rc«l Wing,
Miun., was passed.
The house devoted the day to the liava/
appropriation bill.
Washington, May 11.—In the senate to
duy Mr. Allen's resolution for au in
vestigation of the action of the police
(liring tin Coxey parade was taken ap
and Senators Teller and Stewart spoke
ill favor of it. Mr. Hoar said. Coxey
knew that the law under which lie was
convicted wis on the statute books. Me
came here with the deliberate intention
of violating it. He wanted t® test the
liower of the cougress in the court, and
wheu he found both court and jury
ngiinst him he set up a howl. "There is
danger," said Mr. Hoar, "iu such assem
blages. They afford cover for one or two
fanitics. It does r.ot i?o to scoff. Within
ten years all attempt has been made to
blow up tbe houalea of parliament within
two yenrs another attempt to blow lip
the French assembly Two presidents of
the United States have been niurdcrfd,
one in crowd at a de|Ht, the other in a
crowd at a theater, by misguided and fa
natical persons to whom the peaceable
assemblages afforded an opportunity to
escape. It is needless for me," said Mr.
Hoar, drawing himself up uiul looking
ii 1mmit the chamber, bis eye pausing wheu
tlicy reached Mr. Allen and Mr. Stewart
"to declare that I sympathize with all of
my fellows in distress. 1 sympathize with
them a great deal more than some of
those who ulwaya prate of sympathy for
the down-trodden in order to advance
their disgraceful political ambitions."
The galluries burst into riuging ap
plause at this utterance, mid in order to
quell the demonstration Mr. Faulkner,
who was in the chair, was forced to use
his gavel vigorously aud threaten to clear
the galleries. The resolution wcut over
without action.
Mr. Allison offered two amendments to
the drug schedule of the tariff bill, but
they were defeated.
The house udopted resolutions on the
death of Congressman Brattnn of Mary
land, which occurred this morning, am)
then adjourned.
Washington, May 12.—In the senate
to-day tbe tariff bill was taken up. The
(lending amendment was that of Mr.
I'erkins to the amendment of Mr. Joues
I Ark.) to change the duty on boraeie
acid. Mr. Jones amendment increased
the duty from 20 per cent ad valorem to
2c per pound. Mr. Perkins' amendment
was to in Tease it to the present rate, 5c.
Mr. Harris moved with some temper to
lay tiie peinliiig amendment (that of Mr.
l'eikins to make the duty on boracic acid
per pound) on the table.
The motion was carried by it strict
party vote—31 to 25. The question then
iccurred upon Mr. Jones' "coiuproum-c"
amendment to change the duty from
per cent to 2c per liound.
Mr. Aldrich moved to strike out ami
insprt Sic.
Mr. Harris moved to lay the amend
ment on the table. Carried by a vote
of SI to 24.
Mr. Hoar offered an amendment to the
Jones amendment, prpviding for a spe
cific duty of 40 per cent on boracic acid
in place of 2c per pound. He wuntcd a
record of Democratic sentiment ou the
two systems.
Mr. Harris remarked that he should
have it, and moved to lay the amendment
on the table, which was carried by
practically unanimous vote. Mr. Dolph
alope voted in the negative. The vote
tl|en recurred on the Jones compromise
amendment, tbe Republicans voting witli
tl|« Democrats. Mr. Mills a|one voted
against the amendment. The vote on the
next amendment offered by Mr. Jones,
changing the duty on chromic acid from
10 per cent ad valorem to 4c per pound
(an inciease of 28 per cent), was taken
without debate. The Republicans again
voted with the Democrats and it was
adopted—57 to. 2—Mr. Allen and Mr.
Mills voting against it.
Ea«oara«la* ladlcatloaa Arr
New York, Spcciul-R. G. Dun & Co's
Weekly trade review says: A point of
encouragement is the heuvy buying of
wool amounting to 0,402,000 pounds for
the week at three chief markets against
4,001,000 last year, aud in April sales
were 21,838,958 pounds against 10,908,
950 laet year. As these sates have for
years bceu ih steady relation to the en,
tire consumption of wool, it is fair to
infer that in spite of the stoppage of some
Important works, and iu spite of uncer
tainties us to legislation aud lubor, con
sumption will continue large for some
weeks at least. The most encouraging
sign ia the marked decrease iu liabilities
of firms failing, which were ouly $1,448,
144 for the last week of April, and for
four weeks, $8,722,708. of which $3,722,
220 were of manufacturing and $4,404,
307 of trading concerns. The amount of
liabilities at the South was $2,919,410,
against $3,111,0212 in Eastern and $2,
092,257 in Western states. The failures
*wuug ueiwceif noisicill ana
iis Wfyjk have been 233 in tl)e United
against 210 lust year, and 39 iv
Cuuada against 27 last year.
4|bert Lea, ^linn., Special.—An un
£nowq man, found wandering' about the
titrect, was' gathered in, arraigned in pro.
pate court' and qdjudged' insane! 11a
could not give uis name or whero ha faj
Uold Baalc Rokkary.
Saadlta From ladlaa Territory
Operated la Mlaaoarl.
Nu'.'l, Mo., May 11.—To-day seven men
armed with Winchesters and revolvers
rode into Southwest City, Mo., aud
robbed the bank, getting all the money
tiie bank contained, between $3,000 and
|S4,0(I0. They evidently came from the
territory and were experts. They did the
job iu very busitiess-iike manner. Two
of them were stationed on the sidewalk,
three entered the bank with a sack aud
two others guarded the horses. About
100 shots were fired by the robbers, and
four prominent citizens wjhe badly
wounded. ,1. C. Scuhourii and O. L. Sea
bourn were both shot through the groin
Mart Hambrce had a leg broken by a
bullet, ami S. F. Moulton, United States
marshal, received a flesh wound ffiin the
leg. The robbers were about ten min
utes going through tbe bank. Afterward
they mounted their horses and started
for the Nation full gallop. As they
were leaving the outskirts some one fired
several shots at them, killing a horse and
wounding a robber. -He immediately se
cured another horse from a farmer who
was passing and followed his pals. No
resistance was offered by the citizens.
Tiie wounded men were shot while stand
ing on the sidewalk. A posse was made
up and linve started In pursuit, but the
robbers have a good start and will prob
nlily get away.
tttiKlneor Jeffrey, Brakeman Gardner
nu«l Me»«ieniter Ilnrt Killed.
Euu Clair?, Wis.. M«y 11.—At 10:15
(Ms 11 otitin# a bad railroad wreck oc
curred on Ilio Om :!»n load lialf a iniJo
this pi-Jo of Mininiuoiiiu Junction. Lim
ited express No. 4, due* Iu»ro at 11 o'clock.
iii into freight train N». 31, goius went
Tlino pcopl.* w.'r»' killed, .lames Jeffrey,
if (ft Eleventh street north. Minneapolis,
engineer on the express and one of the
men on the line, was killed at hi*
l»ost. Ilrakettmi Gardner lost hoih le^s
and is probably dead ere this. ICxpress
Messenger Kurt was also killed.
The conductor of the express train was
Nick House of the freight train, .1. 11.
Ht'rns. aud tho engineer of the latter was
named McKay. From uieiigcr informa
tion received hero the fault lies with
those iu charge of the express, which
slt'Mld have waited ut the juuetiou until
the freight had run onto tho sidetrack.
KtiKiticcr McKay, of the freight, was not
The Veil Lifted Froiu ii Terrible
Marder Myntery In Iowa.
les Moiues, May 11.—On April 24
Michael Smith, an engineer, diet! under
suspicious circumstances. A chemical
analysis of the stomach revealed arsenic
poisoning. His wife aud daughter Cora
were arrested, charged with the crime,
to obtain insurance which he car
ried. About a year ago Smith was mys
teriously shot in his bedroom in the night
time. The shooting was uever explained.
At the preliminary hearing Mrs. Ida Sco
villc. a sister of Mrs. Smith, testified to
having given Smith poison through mis
take. Her sister then store out a warrant
charging her with the murder of her hus
band. Now Mrs. Scoville claims to have
turned state*s evidence aud explains the
whole thing, implicating the wife aud
daughter and man named Frank lb*
la ire.
Mew Up a Chimney.
Le Mars, Iowa, May 11.—The chimney
of (Jus l*eeh*s foundry blew up in a pe
culiar manlier yesterday afternoon. A
"heat" had just been run off. The grate
wis dumped down upon a bed of sand
that had been saturated by a hard rain.
A terrific explosion at once blew the
chimney to pieces, breaking the windows
in several houses in the adjoining block
and scattering the brick and lielf melted
slag around for half a block. The roof
nf the foundry was badly broken. Tin
nun who dumped the grate and two of
IVch's children who stood near were un
injured. Their escape was miraculous.
The foundry will be put in running order
again at ouco.
Mmltlnir the Chinese Fraud.
San Franehjo, May 11.—In the United
.States circuit co-.irt Judge Morrow has
rendered a decision that not only sus
tains the ruling of Attorne General Ol
ne.v, to the effect that no Chinese can be
allowed to land as a merchant uuder the
McCrcary act, whose name do»»s not ap
pear in that of the firm, co-partnership of
which he claims to be a member, but
which goes a great deal further than the
attorney general weut. Judge Morrow
holds that the same merchants, whether
they departed from the United States
prior to Nov. «i. INiW, the date of the
passage of the McCrcary act, or sinew
that time.
Tax Decision.
Keokuk, Iowa, May 11.—An Important
/Iccision was rendered today by Judge
Kllison, of the Missouri state circuit court
at Lancaster in the Keokuk& Western
railway tax case, which defeats the col
lection of some $HOO,OUO taxes. The
United States supreme court r#ently de
cided against the railroad in test case.
The present case before Judge Klliston is
tho lirst one brought to enforce the col
lection of the taxes. The railroad de
murred, claiming that suits for the col
lection of taxes are barred by the old
statute of limitations. The court to-day
sustained the demurrer.
Croker Renlsns.
New York, May 11.—Itiehard Crokera
hflicial connection with Tammany hall
ceased to-day when he handed his resig
nation as chairman to the finance com
mittee. The resignation was accepted.
No one yet has been ap|oititcd leader iij
bis place, nor will there be until after
the next campaign.
Fire In a Hello Station.
Toledo, Ohio, Mry 11. -Messenger boys
will be in demand here for some days to
come, as the telephone exchange was
completely destroyed by 6re at 0 o'clock
h,st night. Several of the young lady em
ployes had very narrow esea|es. The
damage to-the building is snia'd.
No Trouble In the Coke Heftlon
Seottdale, l*a.. May 11.—The situation
in the coke regions to-day was quiet.
There was no trouble reported at any
point. Increased forces were at tlif
Moyer, Moore wood nnd Valley plants.
Two Crushed by Falling? Roof.
Mexico Cit.v,"Mex., May 11.—Another
r-atastrophe has occurred as the result of
the caving in of the roof of one of the
old houses of the city. Four mcmlers of
the family of Pedro Vasasquez were
caiiL'ht in the debris aud two were killed.
Smallpox Patients Burned.
Little Itock, SpecluL—Unliable in
formation reached here to-day of the
burning of a negro ii. Ouachita county,
supposed to have had smallpox. Tin* tel
egram conveying the intelligence says:
l^ist Monday a negro at Miles switch iu
Ouachita county, was taken with some
kind of breaking out which was thought
to be smallpox, and a doctor was sent
for, but for some reason he did not ut
tend the cuse. The negro was put in a
cabin to wl'ich some oue set fire, and he
being unable to effect Ills escape, per
ished in the flames. Oue report says he
was shot uiul then burned, while auothcr
rc|Krt says lie was only burned. One
thing is certain, and that is that tho
house occupied by the negro was burned
to the ground and he cannot be found.
The identity of the guilty parties is not
Chicago, Speoi il—Information was re
reited hera to-dt'y from Washiugtou tlmt
the Fifteenth regiment, \). S. A., would
be transferred from' Fort Sheruuu to
I*Yrt Uussell, Wyo. Tli3 Seventeenth
ivgiinent, now at Fort IIubrpII, wil! take
the place of tie* Fifteenth now ut Fort
Sheridan, tiie transfer to take place, it is
alleged, on July 1. Tho discipline at
Fort Sheridan has been criticised and
mi»dt* the subject of niuro than one olticiul
investigation, tiereraj murders have been
committed aaonp tys iqeo.
flier Are Waylaid and Murdered t»
Men Whom the llend of the Family
WAN to Testify Atralnat In Forit
ery nnd Anon Cave.
Milan, Mo., May 12.—A most atrocious
crime was committed last night near
Browning. Gus Meekft, his wife and two
children were murdered out right anil
another of Meeks' children, a girl seven
years old, was so badly injured that she
may not recover.
The circumstances leading up to the
crime are about as follows: There area
number of criminal cases pending in the
Lvnu and Sullivan county courts against
William P. Taylor and C?eorge Taylor,
brothers, the former being banker of
Biowning and the latter a farmer. Tbe
clu«rges against them are forgery, arson
and larceny. William I'. Taylor, CSus
Meeks and others are jointly indicted,
aud Meeks pleaded guilty at the last, term
and was sent to the penitentiary. About
a month ago he was pardoned by Gov.
Stone in order to use him as witness
against the Taylors, who were: in conse
quence anxious to get rid of him. It is
said the Taylors had nrrauged with
Mct-ks to give the latter a wagon and
toil iu to get out of the county so that he
might not be present wheu the case
against the Taylors was called for trial.
From Meeks* mother it is learned that
yottrduy her son received a letter from
the Taylors at Browning, telling him to
be ready at 10 o'clock last night to go
awny, that Gus Meeks and the children
walled for Taylor until midnight when
two men whom Meeks said were George
and Hill Taylor, caiue to their Louie iu
ws gon. Meeks and his family got into
the wjgon and started for Browning.
The details of tbe crime as near as can
be obtained were told by the little scvcu
jear-old girl, who was suffering greatly
as she recited the story. It appears that
when the Meeks family and the persons
ompuuying them reached a point uear
the school house in Lynn county, a short
distance east of Browning, they wore
!et by two other men who were lying
iu wait. Gus Meeks was lirst shot u:id
Mrs. Meeks jumped. SK» was also killed,
the murderers then took stones and beat
the brains out of the two children and
left the other for dead. The murderers
then, it is supposed, loaded the whole
family into the w«tgr.u and hauled
nearly two miles to the Taylor farm
where they «vcre buried in a *tiaw stack.
At 4:tf0 this morning the eldest child )o
M.vered suHicieutly to describe sotue of
the prities, and upon her evidence Sharon
McCuliough of Gould and Georg* How
hit of l,iiu» county have been arrested as
participants in the crime. The Taylor*
ha*»? escaped.
Eleetlon of Officers Follows the Re
conciliation of the Faction*.
St. Paul, May 12.—The auspicious con
solidation of the two opposing grand
chnptMs of the Order of the Kastem
Star in Miuiiesota was followed at Ma
sonie temple yesterday afternoon by the
election of oflUcrs. Mrs. Sneddcn of St.
Louis presiding. The result was as fol
lows: Worthy grand matron, Mrs. Mary
ITt.ylor, Minneapolis, r»'-e)eetcd worthy
litand patron. .I, I. Markhuui, Itusli City
associate grand matron. Mrs. Flora K.
Moore, Kant Minneapolis associate grand
patron, Henry K. Wells, Predion: grand
seuetary, Ida M. Wing, Minneapolis, re
elected: grand treasurer, Lucy 1. Wak»
*!d, Hutchinson, iv-clcctcd grand con
ductress, Liliie K. Mason, Kxcelsior as
sociate grand conductress, Mr**. Mary
Beike, St. Paul. After the ballots re
freshments were seiycd by tip* local
chapters. An extra session was held at
the temple this morning for the installa
tion of gruud officers.
Cnpslsed ft River Stcnniuft.
Henderson, Hy., May 12.- During
heavy gale yesterday the steamer lCu
gene was overturned' in front of Mount
Vernon, ind.. aud sank. The boat was
valued at $10,000 insurance,
The crew escaped but the captain \va*
rescued with difficulty.
into the Union Depot.
Dulutli, Minn.. May 12.- -It is under
tcod that on or about June. 1 the. Great
N it hern railway will iup its pa^sou^r
Mains into tl|* union station. |t Jjus
maintained a se|M*ate .stuti'ti wince it
til st entered Ualuth. The uew move will
give it better cjuiiectiou with its ue\r
passenger vessels.
A Killing Front.
Chippewa Falls, Wis., May 12. There
(vas a very heavy frost iu this section
last night killing small fruits and doiug
considerable damage to grain.
Alex Wants Wvit Superior.
West Superior, Wis, Special.—Alex
Ca*i pbcll of Miskcgnn is iu the city aud
tri'kes a claim to a large amount of
property in the hetrt of the city. Ho
says his father pre-empted the hind in the
ej'tly furtie* and he aud his sister, of
Detroit, are the rightful heirs. He will
ir-uke a strong fight for tho property
which is worth at loc*t viral hundred
thcittud liars.
Dank Failure at Sedalla, Mo.
Sednlhi, Mo.. Speolal. -Tho F^rst Na
tional bank of this city, one of the old
est banks in Central Missouri, failed to
day. The bank's capital stock is $250/
Captured Th^t^u qf the Red*.
Liege, Special. —TliirU*oi4 unatchisUl
have l»een arrested for couuectiot^ witt^
the explosion of dynamite i^t the {^si
deuce of Dr. Itensoi^, in t{ie
I'aix. Jt Is now believed th^f t^o (||t
ferual machiue which expj^ded in
tended for a severe judge named Benson,
who lived iu a different part of the
street. Dr. Benson is terribly wouuded.
There are several deep gashes iu his
chest and his leg is brokeu. It is fcarty|
he canuot recover. Mine. Jletisoq, j^r.
Bodtyvt ut^l pefs^u who was passiug the
house ut t|je fiiuu af the explosion WW#
plso wouuded.
Where the Different Branches Are
nnd What ther Ave Doing.
Washington, May 0.—The three lead
ers of the commonweal, Coxey, Browne
and Christopher Columbus Jones, hare
been found guilty of violating the laws
by a jury of th?ir peers and will have
to submit to a sentence hereafter to be
iinpesed by the court for tlieir recent
demonstration on the capitol grounds.
Thus ends what its leaders styled
greatest march of the nineteenth cen
tury." All three of the accused were
convicted on the first count of the in
dictment which charged them \i ith dis
playing *a banner designed to briug into
public notice the J. S. Coxey Good ltouds
association. .Tones of Philadelphia was
acquitted on the second count, which ac
cused them of treading on the grass,
but Coxey and Browne were convicted.
Attorney Lipseombe immediately en
tered a motion for uew trial and an
other in arrest of judgment. Judge Mill
er gave him four days to file the formal
paper. Two weeks may elapse, during
which tho trio will be free on bail, be
fore the motion for new trial is argued
and decided. The peuulty provided by
law is the same foi each offense, viz., a
fine not to exceed $100 and imprisonment
iu jail for not more than sixty days, or
both, within the discretion of the court.
Accordingly, the maximum punishment
which may be meted out to Coxey and
Browne is $200 aud 120 days, while
Christopher Columbus Jones is subject
to $100 and sixty days.
By a curious congressional error in a
recent bill which reorganized the district
courts there is no appellate court to
which a police court case uan be carried.
The only method of appealing from Judge
Miller's sentence will be au application
to a higher court for writs of habeas
corpus and certiorari. Attorney Lips
combe has announced that be will take
this step if Judge Miller overrules the
motion for a new trial. However, such
a petition will not operate as a stay of
judgment to keep the defendants from
serving their senteuces while it is pond
Des Moines, May 9. Gen. Kelly's
C'oats are almost completed, and the
army will soou make a start from Des
Moines. They huvc food enough for
three days. Osknloosu will* send 1.CNI0
loaves of bread and "offec and meat be
sides. The staii will IH* a sort of gala
procession, aud tin* army is in better
spirits than it has been for several days.
Washington, May 10. After hearing
Gen. Coxey to-day tho house committee
ou labor, by a vote of to 2, decided to
report a resolution for a joint investigu
tioii by a special committee of the senate
A Rape Fiend Surrounded by De
termined Fosse.
Wadena, Miun., May 12.—Last Satur
day afternoon Mrs. Joseph Ward of
Bertha township, Todd comity, twelve
miles south of here, was hrutaily assault
ed and ouraged by a tramp when her
husband wa. abs "it from home. The
tramp tried to frighten her into submis
sion, threatening to kill her with a re
volver which he carried. Failing in this
lie knocked her down, uud after brutally
beating her committed the outrage. Mr.
Ward at ontv offered liberal reward
for the capture of the criminal. Nothing
definite was leurued until Tuesday night,
wheu a tramp auswermg the same de
scription made mi unsuccessful assault
upou a young lady schcol teacher uear
l^ake Buchanon, Otter Tail cocnty. From
this complaint J. C. Williams, deputy
sheriff of Otter Tail county, started after
hiin and has driven the tramp into tho
big woods ou the west shore of Otter
Tail lake, auior township, which he, with
a small posse is guarding. To-day Ward
received a telegram from Williams, ask
ing for aid. A crowd was at once se
cured. Coming to Wadena the force was
quickly increased to wenty-seveu. This
force, all heavily armed, left ou a train
for Ferham, from where they will go
with wagons. The men are determined to
bring him iu either dead or alive. The
criminal is urmed with it Winchester
rifie and revolver. He answers the de
scription of a man tuuned Butelson, who
is wanted iu Otter Tail couuty for a
similar crime committed over a year ago.
Mrs. Ward at the time of the assault
was receiving medical treatment and is
now utterly prostrated. Mr. and Mrs.
Ward are highly esteemed iu the com
munity, and citizens an* Ihoroug hi,
aroused over the cruue.
and house of the Coxey movement aud
the depressed condition of labor iu gen
era!. This decision was hailed with sat
isfat tiou by Messrs. Coxey and Browne
aud by a number of prominent Populists
aud Farmers' Alliance lenders and the
chairman aud secretary of the People's
party. The vote to report the resolution
Ayes—Krdiuau tPa.), Wells (Wis.),
Hyan (N. Y.), Talbirt IS. C.i, Democrats
Pence (Colo.), Populist Phillips tPa.),
Kicfer (Minn.), Republicans.
Nuys—Duim (Dem., N. J.), Apsley
(Uep„ Mass.)
Chairman McGanii says the favorable
report will be made to-morrow and lie
v. ill soou thereafter press lor a suspension
of the rules and an immediate passig.*
of the resolution. Mr. Dunii says there
will bo a minority report.
The district health officers have dccided
tho Coxey caiup to be a nuisance and
diitgcrous to health. ,The district om
nrssit.ners have given Coxey and his fol
lowers forty-eight hours
abate the
i.ui?ai co." This doubtless means that
tley must break camp within thnt time.
Salina. Kan., May II.—The "war" Is
over. The intrepid Colorado contingent
of the commonweal which has kept Col
or.ido and Kansas in au uproar for two
days has surrendered unconditionally to
Marshal Neeley. They wore 450 strong
and every man put under arrest. The sur
leuder was mad" |ciMah|y and the en
tire ntiuy is being taku to Topek.i for
The special train is i-ow eli route with
the caprured train iud is making rnpW
time on its *e':irn trip.
Washiugtou. Miy 11.—It is not ipp.'c
tided her ch:U United Stat« Mursh il
Neeley will have any great difficulty in
rccapruriug the stolen train and arresting
the thieves. If, however, the marshal
finds that he is uot strong enough to
K.»rve the processes of the court it is rea
sonable to believe, iu view of the action
of the government in similar cases, that
a sullici'iit force of troops will be or
dered out to serve the writs aud to pro
tect private and public property. It is
known that the governmcne is becoming
somewhat annoyed at these repeated acts
of jobbery on the part of these so-called
"atTCles of |HMCC," and likely to list.'
heroic measures to stop them.
Mirueapolis, May 12. The advauc
guard of Coxeyites, making up the Mom
'tia division of the commonweal, arrived
in Miimeapoipi this morning on freight
trains over the. Great Northern ond
Northern »citic. MV about fifty
all tohl, headed by Commander Johu
\Vilsou, Lpuit. Charles Holfc, Montana
"Stotty.*1 a lieutenant of the Montana
divitiou Georp*. Itui*u*v apd several eth
ers who show authority. Judging from
the appearance of the otlicers the division
is not iu very hard luck, us the chiefs
seem to be well dressed and tU have
plenty of money. They regUtevcd at the
Wilbur l\ous% on Firs} s»lree.t north, aud
immediately afterward the flags of the
ceiiiuiaud. the regulation standards, were
huug from the wiude.w^ the hotel.
Across the face ^f tho Hags are strips
hearing t|iu legend "Coxcy's army head
quarters, John Wilson luunmauder-"
Wilso^ and hi* widns have heel} V0"tliug
around to day inakiug Mi'rungciuouttt for
the accommodation uf the lug crowd ev
pec.ted to sift into Minneapolis to-morrow
frotn the surrounding towns. From what
could be gathered then* are 000 tneu iu
the various small towns within radius
of fifty miles of Mitineiipoils, and the ex
pectation is tlnit most of thciu will get
here hi' *oiue means Of other before to
H4arr«w ipght.
Clinnire of lateH for ConfrreNM.
Washington, May 12.—The bill of Rep
resentative Crain of Texas to change the
date for the assembling of couj:ress was
favorably reported to the house to-day.
Democrats aud Republicans joined in a
unanimous report. The bill provides that
the first session of each congress shall
begin the first Tuesday in March. The
secoud session is to hegir. on the first
Moud'iy iu January instead of December,
as a present.
Women'. Hlictita Tulk la K»HI.
To|M'I::i, ICiiii., Spctial.—Aa a result of
the t'lTorU of Mrs. I.ulira H. John, anil
her ussin'iulcs in the uiuuageiueut of the
pi|iml suffrage camiMiigu uiusa meeting,
are lieiiiK lielil ju eni'U of the 105
counties of this, state. Among tho speak*
era are Susan B. Anthony, Mrs. joluw
anil V'aiiiv l.ane Cliainiau.
Strike Spreading In talarai,.
Trillkliul, Special.—^ coiU
miners' strike i$ reaching large?
tioim hourly, anil the {iresuiit Indications
are that all tlic mines iiV thia auction
will 4o»«4 ly to-night.
K« Striker* In |ni)ln« TwIMwr.
Ilarryshorue, In4, "t\. Special.—The
strike lias i.\at wulefinlued among tbe
miners employed here and elsewhere on
the line ut the Choctaw Coal and Rail
way eoinpunv. Noue of their shaft! hare
beei) idle. A large meeting was held at
Shaft No. 2, resulting in a unanimous
rote for continuing at work. After Which
a decisive vote was tak&n that the/
should hold no further meetings.
Odnnuh Partly SnbmerBC^,
Ashland, Wis., Special.—Bad river It
higher than hits been for years past.
|t has spread from its bauka. Th« a
of Odaoab ar* Boadcd.
A Father nnd Boa Wfc. IsIsm4
*»ssier ton nnd Brother ta Kill
the Old Mna'a Son-la-Law Ar*
Takes Oat e» Jail aa* Haa(ti,
Sharon Springs, Kan., Mar 10.—One of
the meat determined mobs that ever con
gregated in this portion of the state
bcthed William McKinltjr and bis son,
Lewis, for the murder of Charles Carley,
cc mn.itted one week ago. About a week
ago Charles Carley, a son-in-lsw of Will
It MeKinley, was murdered. An in
vtitigation revealed the fact that Fred,
a 8ertnteen-year-old son of MeKinley,
Sr., committed tbe crime. Tbe boy was
nirttted, made a confession, stating that
he bad been induced to kill Carley by
bis father and bis elder brother Lewis.
The motive for the murder seemed prin
cipally revenge and hatred. The mur
dered nan had only a few weeks before
luiurled McKinley's daughter. It had
l-'en stiplated before tbe marriage that
the groom was to pay the bride's father
$200 for the privilege of marrying her.
Tho groom refused to pay this money
after be was married, and thus incurred
the enmity of tbe wife's father and broth
el 8. The boy surprised Carley while
aslitp, cutting him horribly with a garden
Loe. He was found dead.
Un Monday tho three men were ar
raigLed in court, where Fred pleaded
guilty as charged, but lis father and
Lewis pleaded not guilty, waived trial
and were placed in the couuty jail. Last
night a mob of several hundred men took
the father and son to a bridge about half
a mile west of town and lynched them.
They both begged piteously for mercy.
Fred would probably have been hanged
but instead of taking him to the jail h«
was kept uuder guard in the hotel.
Golnsr lata the River.
Sr. Anne de la Parade, May 10.—Two
•ther houses have fallen into the river
this moruing. Two hundred men ure
at work trying to save the big Canadian
l'acific railroad bridge which it is not
expected will be able to withstand the
water. To say that the inhabitants of
this village are in a great state of ex
citement is putting it mildly. About 10
o'clock yesterday morning a farmer
named Ullrich Boissevert, whose proper
ty is situated about fifteen acres above
the Canadian Pacific bridge, noticed
that his land was rapidly being carried
a way, and, with the help of some of
his neighbors, began to move his effects.
He just had time to do ho, as shortly af
terward be saw his house carried away
by the river.
Boycotted Eatertalaera.
Little Falls, N. Y., May 10.—Consid
erable comment has been cxcited in
Irish circles here by the action of tbe
local branch of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians, the members of. which it is
said boycotted ex-Congressman J. J.
Finnerty and M. J. Murphy, who were
billed to give an entertainment on poetry
and songs of Ireland here last night.
The trouble, it is said, grew out of the
failure of the Hiberniane to secure llio
entertainment themselves, whereupon
they prevented many Irishmen from at
tending. Both Mr. Finnerty and Mc
Murphy are members of the A. O. H.
Good Cotton Crop la Mcxleo.
Washington, May 10.—Information iu
the possession of the bureau of American
republics shows that abuudant rains have
fallen along the liue of the international
railroad, and in the district of Lahuua,
Mexico. This fact insures a good cotton
crop this year. The district named is the
most important, so fur as cotton growing
is concerned, in the republic, and its out.
put is rapidly increasing.
Praetleallr llaaalmona tor Suffrage.
Albion, N. Y., May 10.—The cauvass of
Orleans couuty in behalf of woman suf
frage shows there are 1,310 women on
the tax rolls, who pay taxes on an as
sessed valuation of $2.S2!,431. There
were G.U5U votes cast iu the last election,
und the petition iu favor of woman suf
frage contains the names of pep
sous over twenty-one years of age.
Mrs. Lean, for Coairreasaiaa.
Topeka, May 10. There was talk
here to-day of putting Mrs. Lease in
nomination for congressman at large, but
the Populist leaders do not want to turn
down Congressman Harris. They are
willing, however, to give her the nomina
tion in the Seventh district should Jerry
Simpson not make tbe race. Mrs. Leans
is very much iu earnest.
Shot Flew Thick.
lliiicntowu. Pa., May 10.—A battle
0c«urred at the Hill Farm works north
of here at daylight in which about twen
ty-live shots were fired by deputies, but
no one was iujured by bullets, but four
wokmpu were badly beaten by tbe strlk
eis, cue af them, Kichard Harburger, it
is thought, being fatally iujured.
Fatal I-'Ire.
Portland, Me., May 10.—Fire to-Jay in
'ho little vlllags of Norway destroyed sev
iiral dwellings and a uuuker of business
houses. The total loss will reach $50.
(KK). Several people were injured by fall
ing.timbers. aud it is feared there has
beeu some loss uf life.
No Opposition to Las.,
Litchfield, 111.. May lo.—The Democrat
ic cuuveiilioii of tho Eighteenth congres
sional district has uoininated Congress
man Kdward l.ane as his own successor.
Prickett of Madison couuty, the only
other candidate, withdrew before tbe but
luting began.
I'umphlets Seised.
Montreal, May 10.—A case full of
pamphlets entitled "The Eye Opener,"
and aimed aguiust the Itoman Catholio
church, has been seized by the customs
oHieers on the ground that it is immoral
Bennlnirton Sent to Salvador.
Yallejo, Cal., May 10.—The United
States gunboat Venningtou came out
from the dry dock at Mare island navy
yard yesterday afternoon, and instead of
gciug north, as expected, orders, were
received directing that she start south to
San Salvador. Tiie change in the move
ments of the Benuington 1s owing to
the revolution now going on in one of
the Central American states.
Mayor (or Waverlr.
Wavorly. Iowa, May 10.—W. C. Holt,
ftopublicau, was elected mayor.
The Troops Heaeh Saellla*.
Minneapolis, Special—The four com
panies of the Third regiment. United
States army, recently seut to North Da
kota for duty during the (font Northern
strike, retutued this moruing to Fort
SoelUtxg. They passed through Minne
apolis this morniug ou the same train
that they made tb» trip west about
week ago.
Rioters Sentenced.
Vienna, Special.—Twonty-ono work
men, who were arrested for participa
tion iu the May day riots, have bceu
sentenced to various terms iu prison.
Victim of the Aahlaad Strikers.
Asliland, Wis., Special.—'lite created!
excitement prevails over the assault on
Contractor Charles King by ore trimmers
this morning. King was on his way to
the ore docks to make arrangements for
carrying out his contracts for trimming
oargoes at 21-2 cents, when tbe gang'
peucced upon Uini. The ore trimmers
were getting 3 ceuts per ton and dla
liked the cut.
To Talk far a Prise.
Red Wing, Minu.. Special—Five schol
ars of the Ited Wing high school left to
day for Anoka to take part in tbe Bed
Wlng-Auuka aratorial cob

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