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Alt Iiapartaat Occurrences of tlw
Past Week, Balled Dom ni Avr
aa*ed- tor Ityll Iteadlaa, r«
•ad Abroad.
The cruiser Minneapolis, on Iter firat
trip provesvery speedy.
Senator Iforgan Introduces a blU for
blddlog the formation of trusts In Im
ported articles.
Members of the sugar trust are sub
penned by the senate "Investigating"
Congresman Kiefcr draws a bill for
the creation of a national board of ar
bitration to deal with wage disputes.
Every senator It is announced will
be called before the committee investl
i*atlr 'operations of the sugar
Depress''''!.. a Houk, of Tennessee,
has Introri jced a blll to reimburse the
aoldlerafofthe rebellion or their heirs
for the -average annual difference be
tween golft and the value of the paper
currency la which they are paid.
People In Print.
William Walter Phelps to seriously
HI at New York.
The su'tnn of Turkey has conferred
the order of the Medjldleh on Prof.
Max Muller.
Patrick Walsh, the new senator from
Georgia, is' the busiest letter writer In
that body.
Pat Carter of Council Bluffs, Iowa,
Is said to have Invented a flying ma
chine that will actually fly.
The (chedlve of Egypt will move on
France by way of Marseilles June 20.
A war scare in England Is probable.
The emperor of Austria has started
Cor Budapest in "deference to Count
jHedervary's desire that his majesty
Show himself to the people.
Julia Ward Howe received only |5
for her famous "Battle Hymn of the
Bepubllc." It was first printed In the
'Atlantic Monthly.
The princess of Wales and Miss An
nie Patterson of Dublin are the only
honorary musical doctors In the United
tieut. Waethe, of the German army,
Is about to found a peculiar colony on
some idyllic South sea Island, lb mem
bers '.must all promise to eat no meat
aml'Wear no clothes.
O. W. Wilson, capitalist and an old
resident of Chicago, died suddenly at
San Jose, Cal., of heart disease at the
residence of his son-in-law, Frank Coy
Vkendall. He was the inventor of the
Wilson sewing machine.
Maj. von Wlssmatin, the famous Ger
man African explorer, has arrived In
Naples from India in poor health. It
.was Ids intention to go around the
"world, spending some time In America.
It Is now possible that he will not
\, come to this country.
Paul Bourget, the French novelist,
•who has Just been elected to the
French academy, enjoys one unusual
distinction. He spent four months in
.this country, and yet felt incompetent,
upon his return home, to tell an Inter
nrlewer all about America.
Ex-Gov. Rodman M. Price of New
Jersey, died at his residence, Oal dale,
county, N. J. He was a par-
tlclpasth-lv raising the American flag
Jty0ommodore G. G. Sloat at Monte
rey, Cal., July 7, 1840, and also a mem
ber of the constltutt nal convention
held at Monterey, Cal., September,
1849. He was formerly an officer of
the United States navy.
.'V •—_—"
Dafortaaate Kveats.
Mrs. Samuel Smith was killed by a
(rail at Peru, Ind.
Rachel Fossner. 18 years old, was
killed at New York by leaping from a
burning tenement fire.
Frank Schroeder aged 2, accidentally
•et himself on fire at Lyons, la., and
was burned to death.
The Laconla car works at Laconla,
N. H„ burned. Loss $100,000. Several
other buildings were destroyed.
Walter Ralston, a snake charmer,
•was nearly killed by a python at Gales
burg, 111. He Anally killed the snake.
John Schroeder's 2-year-old sou was
(Minted to death at Clinton Iowa, while
playing with matches.
R. E. Crenshaw, contractor Robert
McConnell, laborer, were killed by a
premature dynamite blast on the Hot
Springs railroad, Arkansas.
A work train was wrecked on the
Bluff Line at Alton, 111., Engineer
lynch was killed and seven persons In
The tug A. J. Hoole was run down
and sunk in Nevf- York harbor by the
ateamer Manor. A fireman was drown
John liMden, while Insane from
Erlppe, locked himself In a barn at
Ransom, S. D. and set fire to the build
ing. He perished In the flames.
Several business houses at St. Johns,
N. B.. burned. Two hundred men from
tile British warship Blake helped flght
the flames. The loss is $383,000.
The farm and well machinery plant
of R. R. Howell & Co,, of Minneapolis,
iwas completely gutted by fire, entail
ing a loss of $130,000. The insurance
Is small.
Bertha Thornton, a daughter of a
farmer living a tew miles north of St.
Joseph, Mo., while horseback riding
was thrown. Her foot caught in the
atlrrup and she was dragged tome 200
yards and killed.
•las aad Slaaera.
H. R. Woods, a Cripple Creek, Co'o.,
business man, was kidnaped by striking
Leonard W. Marsh of Kaisas City
•hot his wife and daughter, but their
lives were saved by their corsets.
An elderly Chicago man on the eve
of his marriage, is dragged and robbed
of over $147,000.
Two men rob passengers of a train
at Thompson Falls, Mont, of $200 la
cash and several watches.
The case of Prendergast, who mur
dered Mayor Harrison of Chicago wiU
not be disposed of till fall.
Charles Shields was fined $400 at
'Areola,' IiL, for .idling liquor without
A license.
Several wagon loads of gtmbllng
huuse .furniture, captured at Muucie,
Ind., In a police tald, was burned by
the police.
In a quarrel la a
syvp fa?
at Peoria,
George McDonald shot and fatally In
jured Joseph Spotwood. Both are col
John T. HUer, who waa convicted ot
bigamy la Bloomfngtoa, was takes to
.(he Jollet penitential?, whaw ha will
femaln a year.
The body of a man with his skull
Crashed wsaXpund hsnging to the limb
at a tree aedTOkean, Ark. He was iw
doubtedly murdered.
The shortage of O. B. McCloy, the
missing bookkiseper and collection agent
...' of the Second National Bank of Bay
City. Midi., la placed at $6,130.
Albert Krdee, SS years old, shot lilm
•elf at Menominee, Mich., and then
jumped Into the river and was (lrown
«d. Illness drove him to suicide.
Iffi-V BeaJamlu W. ThornhiU, secretary of
Ji5. the New Era Building and Loan asso
datloa at Sfc IMIS, surrendered hlm-
to the poUcs voluntarily confessing
Jhlisslf to be short $10,000.
Ttwea poaching crab vessels were
{MptuMd by a Maryland police boat
i" {Several hundred shots were exchanged,
mas of ths pciachlng vessels being rid-
Ihe New Tork police think ihey have
la their custody the man who on the
night of Memorial day' strangled Min
nie Weldt. The name of the prisoner
is Paid JacoM.
Henry Scott, colored, of Rock Island,
UL, met his wife, with whom he had
been quarreling all day, and stabbed
her, Inflicting a dasen wounds, from
which she will die. Scott escaped.
Andy Johnson, "the Plnevllle terror,"
has killed his last man, having been
shot and Instantly killed at Plnevllle,
Ky., where he was a policeman. A
dance was given at Plnevllle, and John
son and Jim Horn quarreled over a wo
man. Both used their guus and both
died Instantly.
Perry Cox shot and dangerously
wounded William Goodnight In a court
room at Tipton, Ind. Mr. Cox's daugh
ter had sued Goodnight for slander, and
the latter, while on the witness stsnd,
made some statements Injurious to the
girl's reputation.
Richard Nagle has been arrested by
the East St. Louis authorities, charged
with opening a switch which derailed
a train on the Mobile & Ohio road
near Fish Lake, 111., killing Fireman
Collins and fatally Injuring Engineer
Maurice Flaherty, 18 years old, hung
himself In his father's barn near Bose
mnn, Mont. He was an only son qf
wealthy parents, who granted him
everything a boy could wish. His moth
er had gently chlded him for some triv
ial offense.
William Rubendale was bound over
at Richmond, Ind., to the circuit court
In a "bond of $1,000 on the charge of
attempted murder, coupled with bur
glary. His Intended victim was his
young wife, from whom he had been
separated for some time.
Edward Daniels, a young farmer, had
a difficulty at Perry Landing, Tex.,
with John Dolly, Solomon Nelson and
Austin Edwards, and killed all three of
tltem with a Winchester rifle. The
trouble arose over the reported whip
ping of Daniels' little brother by Dolly
and Nelson.
D. W. Brown and James C. Wig
gins, convicted of shooting William A.
Mackey to get rid of his testimony in
a divorce suit and to obtain $10,000
on his life, were sentenced at Wooster,
Ohio. Brown, who did the shooting,
received fifteen years. Wiggins, who
hired Brown to commit the Job, got
twenty years, the full penalty.
Freak Foreign Shares.
Prince Bismarck Is suffering from
neuralgia, but Is able to ride out' dally.
The upper house of the Austrial
relchsratli has adopted the commercial
convention with Russia.
Mr. Gladstone's eyesight is improving
steadily, and he is now able to discern
small objects with the aid of glasses.
Insurgents In Corea have achieved
a considerable amount of success ond
are now threatening to attack Seoul,
the capital.
The French schooner Jacmel was
burned at sea. Her crew, with the ex
ception of the second mate, was res
cued by the steamship Donau.
Munn, Royer & Co., Quebec dry
goods agents, have assigned. Liabil
ities, $24,000. Frechon & Co., church
ornaments, Montreal, have also assign
ed. Liabilities, $40,000.
The Loaflon Times says that Prince
Eaterlmcy, acting for the Austrian gov
ernmenthas arranged to buy the colt
Matchbox Bt the close of the season
for the Austrian imperial stud.
At Vancouver, B. C.. owing to floods,
the CanSdUlh Pacific railroad has stop
ped selling tickets, all trains being can
celed. Yesterday passengers were
brought down by steamer from Yale to
Westminster, thence by electric cars
to Vanosuver.
The shortage of the deposed manager
of the Banco Provincial of Buenos
Ayres, Mariana Marenco, It is now
charged, will exceed $2,000,000 in cur
rency. Marenco has disappeared, and
there are rumors that he has commit
ted suicide, but these reports are un
Senor Marenco, manager of the Pro
vincial bank of Buenos Ayres has com
mitted suicide. Irregularities had pre
viously been discovered In his accounts
of $1,300,000. Senor Marenco occupied
a high social position, and the an
nouncement of his wrong doing and
suicide caused a sensation.
A dispatch received by the state de
partment from La Libertad announces
that the revolutionists Vn Salvador
have triumphed completely, and that
President Eseta has gone on board a
German steamer all ready to leave
LaLlbertad. The brother of the presU
dent has been dead three weeks. This
fact has been kept a secret
as Items.
Pullman employes at St Louis declin
ed not to strike.
Socialism Is on the rapid increase in
The fourth annual convention of the
Mattoon district Christian league met
at Marshall, 111.
Frank Parmalee has been sued *t
Omaha, Neb., for $50,000 damages for
breach of promise.
Small-pox is spreading at Atchison,
Kns., and fifteen new cases have been
reported to the board of health.
Striking miners at Streator, 111,, have
refused to allow the city water works
to have coal.
Emmet Seymour is on trial, at Ana
mosii, Iowa, for the murder of George
Flfleld, Ills fath#j?-|gr}aw.
Premier Dupuy. of Ffgnpe secures
a vote of confidence In the chamber of
Wilton M. Busnee, a young attorney,
died at Baltimore, Bid., In the city hos
pital from opium poisoning.
Congressman Grosyetwr was renomin
ated by acclamation in the Republican
convention of the Eleventh Ohio Dis
trict He Is a candidate for governor.
The result of the French Derby race
causes such dissatisfaction that tlie
winning IMPft* #fld Its Jockey are mob
James W. Keith has sued Levi Todd
at Shelbyville, Ind., for $3,000 damages
for alienating his wife's affections.
Todd is a city councilman.
Charles W. pike, commission mer
chant at San Fnnclscq, assigned. Lia
bilities, $83,000,' assets, $93,700, of
which $60,000 is Insurance.
fowph N. Carter Republican, defeat
ed O. P. Bpnney, pemocrat. for su
preme Judge in the Fpufth Judicial Dis
trict of Illinois. His majority is esti
mated at 2,000.
At Owensboro, Ky., Judge Barr In
the United States court held the separ
ate coach law au hftierferenoe with in
terstate commerce apd that account
Wholly unconstitutional.
The receivers of the Northern Pacific
Railroad have unanimously resolved to
accept tfte |oan of $1,000,000 offered the
reorganlxaFbw qoppinittee of the bond
holders for the pr#ihpt payment of the
first mortgage coupon due July 1.
Henry Clews suggests the adoption
pf an international currency by Eng
land, Prance, Germany and the United
States, which would obviate the neces
sity of shipping gol^ In payment of
Sensational testimony was given In
the New xork Investigation. Two
woman, formerly (keepers of disreputa
ble resorts, tmtMei explicitly and in
detail to the payment of large sums of
money to various police captains aud
their agents for Immunity from raids.
The Lake Erie ft Western and the
Munde Belt Railroad companies are at
war at MuDOle ind., and are tearing up
railroad crossings. The Lake Erie peo
ple made a raid and damaged a cross
lug about $600. The Moncfe Belt Line
will guard thstr property day and night
until the mm BOW H» court Is MM
Coadeaied Record of the laipertaat
Traaeactlona Oar Ratloaal Law.
Makers—The Work Doae la Both
Washington, June 11.—'The session of
the senate was marked by quite lively
discussions, the main point at issue being
the time alleged by Mr. Vest to be con
sumed by the Republicans. Although tho
senate was operating under the five
minute rule, the Republicans did not fiud
it difficult to discuss each paragraph and
each amendment as long as they desired,
and the debate which followed the first
paragraph tsken up was condemned by
the Democrats in severe terms. It was
asserted that the Republicans were abus
ing the good faith of the agreement.
However, during the day considerable
progress was made on the bill. The ag
ricultural schedule, which has been hang
ing fire for several days, was finally
disposed of, and schedule (spirits,
wines and liquors) was entered upon.
The feature of the consideration of tho
bill was the withdrawal in many in
stances of the Jones compromise amend
ments, allowing the committee amend
ments of the original bouse provisions to
It is expected in both sides of the sen
ate chamber that the woolen schedule
will be reached duriug the present week
in the consideration of the tariff bill.
This schedule will develop one of the
most important debates connected with
the bill. Next to the duty on sugar, free
wool has attracted more attention than
any other item in the bill, and there can
be no doubt that many Republican sen
ators will make speeches vigorously as
sailing the Democratic position.
The house was busy with District of
Columbia business.
Washington, .Tune 12.—The brakes were
taken off in the senate to-day and more
prepress was made with the tariff bill
thr during any previous three weeks of
the consideration of the measure. Three
hedules—spirits and wines, cotton and
flax, Jute aud hemp manufactures, from
paragraph 237 to 277 inclusive, com
prising nineteen pages of the bill, were
deposed of. The entire cotton schedule,
ten pages of the bill, was finished in
thirty minutes. The Republicans made
ira opposition to the amendments proposed
to this schedule, maintaining that the
rates, though reduced, were so arranged
as to make the cotton schedule the most
"scientific" ever prepared. Bags made
of burlap for grain and cottou bagging
were placed on the free list. The collar
and cuff paragraph, providiug for a duty
of 30 cents per dozen pieces and 30 per
cent advalorcm, white shirts and other
articles composed wholly or in part of
linen, carry a duty of 60 per cent, pro
voked. considerable discuseion anil niurv
or less amusement. To-morrow the wool
en schedule will be taken up. Mr. Quay
gnve notice just before adjournment that
lie would, when this schedule was reachod
to-morrow, resume the speech he was de
livering four weeks ago.
There was an air of langnld listlcss
ness apparent in the bouse to-day, and it
was evident that the members were not
in a workiiiK humor. While several bills
were considered no action was reachwl
on any- of them on account of a lack of
Washington, June 13.—The senate to
day passed three Northwestern bills.
Senator Washburn secured action by
unanimous consent on 'the bill for the re
lief of E. Douglass, late Indian agent at
Mftite Earth. The bill gives Duugliiss
something like $800. Senator Davis se
cured the passage of a bill to correct the
militvry record of Elisha Bassett. Sen
ator Hansbrough got action on his bill
cki'Pgiug the time for the terms of the
United States courts in North Dakota.
The court will meet at Bismarck on the
First Tuesdsy in March, at Fargo on
the third Tuesday in May, at Grand
Forks on the second Tuesday in Novem
ber, at Devils Lake on the first Tuesday
in July. Both district and circuit courts
will meet at those times, but only one
jury -n ill be called. The fees of the
court officers are fixed at the rates now
paid in Oregon.
The absolute blockade of the tariff bill
in the senate to-day was in marked con
trefct with the wonderful progress made
yesterday. Not a cog was turned. The
entire eight hours were devoted to set
speeches, preliminary to the consideration
of the wool schedule.
Two hours were consumed to-day in the
house over a bill reported by Mr. Outh
wnite setting aside $100,000 from the
fund belonging to the estates of dot-cased
colored soldiers of the civil war for the
purpose of crecting in the District of
Columbia a national homo for fined and
infirm colored people. The 1 -ill win
passed. The Indian appropriation bill
was then taken up, but the house ad
journed without con pieting its considei-a
Washington, June 14.—In the senate
spteches were made by Senators Slier
nun, Ilansbrougb, Mitchcll, Stewart,
f-'lioup and Dubois against the wool
hidule. All declared that free wool
r.r uld mean the ruination of the sheep
industry in America. Mr Harris, in
chi,rge of the tariff bill, callcd the atten
tion to the slow progress being made
with the bill, two days having already
been nsuined in general debate on the
v.ool schedule. He then made a request
for unanimous consent that the wool
schedule be proceeded with unde the
fhe-minuta fule to-morrow after Mr. Al
dr:ch, who desired to speak, had finished.
The request developed the fact that Mr.
Ledge, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Piatt, Mr.
Teller and others desired to address the
senate on the general subject of the
schedule, and Mr. Harris, with reluct
ance, said that he was compelled to re
spect the requests of these senators, and
would, therefore, postpone
request to
proceed under the five-minute rule until
The Indian appropriation bill was taken
up in the house. Delegate Flynn of Ok
lahoma obtained the adoption of an
amendment waiving the restrictions to
the sale of lands owned in severalty liy
Indians over twenty-one years old, so far
as applies to the citizen band of Pottn
wattoirics, except when such Indians are
residents of Oklahoma. An amendment
was offered by Mr. Ilolman increasing
the appropriation for support and civiliza
tion of the Apaches, Kiowa s, ComancheB,
Wichitas and affiliated tribes on reserva
tions from $90,000 to $100,000. Adopted.
Wrshington, June 15.—An amendment
to the Indian bill by Mr. I'ickl np
propriatig $5,000 for artesian wells at
I'ine Itidge, Rosebpd and Standing llock
agencies was' agreed to. 'i'lic old sec
tarian question in connection with In
dian schools was rained
Mr. Gear,
who offered an amendment providing:
"It is hereby .declared tli.it it is the pur
pose of this act that no money herein
appropriated shall lie piiid for education
in sectarian schools, and
the secretary 0
the iuterior is hereby authorized aud re
quired tf make all needful rules and
regulations' to prer-nt the use of said
fluids in sectarian schools." A point of
order was made against this amendment
by Mr. Tracey on the ground that it
ehrnged existing law and the chair sus
tained the point.
Tho enate discussed the wod schedule
all day. Mr. Harris, in charge of the
bill, said that unless a vote is taken t«
morrow night sessions will begin.
Shot TbronBk the Heart.
Minneapolis, June 15.—A shot near tli
corner of Fiftemih avenue N and Sixth
stiret at 7:30 this morning starled the
]ecple residing in that vicinity, and uptri
investigation it was found that 1'oli-e
Cflictr Charles Hcllrich had shot and in
stantly killed himself. llellrieh has been
stopping with his brother-iu-law, N. U.
Biden, ex-assistant custodian of the post
oftice, for several months aud it was at
the residence of the latter, 1428 Sixth
street N, that the deed was committed.
When found the body was on the lioor in
(lit- of the u[per rooms with a bullet hole
through his heart. HellricU bad thot hiui-
-i W-etl&r jwoJvcr, iuch as
to brdinsrUy carriM" by police cdGcers.
The bullet went straight' to the heart,
death being Instantaneous. Mental do
Hission probably caused the act.
Laakestcr Wla«.
St. Paul, June 15.—At the meeting of
the Odd Fellows' grand lodge this morn
ing tho grand lodge degree was conferred
ipon thirty candidates and the lodge
then settled down to the election of offi
cers, which occupied all the forenoon,
lie position of grand master being hish
cst in the order the vote on that office
came first. Dr. Howard Laukest ,-r, of
Fisber. Frank E. Hall of St. Paul, and
W. Clay were all named. Tl-.e first
ballot resulted in 172 totes for Ltnkestjr
107 for Hall and 78 for Clay. On tho
•.--.end ballot the contest was between
Lu-kcster and Hall. The former i-e
rived 242 vctes and the latter 183, giving
the office to Dr. Lankester by 60 votos.
Hot Iptiagi Soldlera* Home.
Sioux Falls, S. D., June 15.—Presuma*
6lp on account of the recent charges
made in a widely published letter against
the management of the Hot Springs
soldiers' homo by one of the physicians
a permanent soldiers' home committee has
been appointed to visit that institution
frequently and see that it is being con
ductal in the proper way and to suggest
any needed changes. The committee is
made up as follows: Judge G. G. Ben
nett, of the Black Hills Hon. C. S.
Blodgct of Armour, .Quartermaster Gen
eral Carpenter of Watertown, nnd De
partment Commander Gaw.
Rldddled a Barglnr.
West Concord, Minn., June 15.—A man
b°as found about 2 a. m., burgUrizinc
Cain & Caln!s store. The alirm was
given and the burglar pursued' down tlu
street. At the Collins house the purs ?rs
opined fire and delivered four charges,
1 ieh took effect. The fire was re
turned, but none of the arresting party
««re hurt. The burglar is terribly
riddled with shot and lies in a dangerous
(ondition at the Collins house. Two re
volvers taken from the store were found
en him, but a r/atcb and some article?
missing were not found with him.
Sued by a Postmaster.
itryfield, Wis., June 15.—Henry Wuch
Ai.tli, a prominent merchant and Demo
cratic politician, has been sued by the
recently appointed postmaster, L. J.
Bi (ban. The latter claims that pending
Ms appointment and confirmation Waclt
'h furnished the department with in
timation which would tend to injure
his character and chances for appoint
nt, being no less than to accuse him of
cfalcation while county cleric s-verul
Ktirs ago, and of other misdemeanors.
The Mnddy Golaa Dowa.
Bozemnn, Mont., June 15.— rhe Mis
«ari river, which has been very high for
two weeks, is going dewn rapidly. There
is still considerable snow in the uioun
taius, but as the weather has been cool
fer several dnys, a sudden rise ill the
river is anticipated. George Miller, who
stabbed Herbert Jewett, formerly of Du
lulh, Minn., on the night of April 20, in
this city, has been acquitted in the dis
trict court of a g^arge of assault with
intent to commit murder.
Wealern Deaert.
ltaienna, Ohio, Juno 15. Trouble
hrcke out in Randall's army here yes
terday. Company deserted in a bqdy
beet, use of insufficient rations and at
tempted to capture an army flag. After
a rouKb-and-tumble fight Randall's men
succeeded in retaining possession of the
llag. The deserters, about sixty in mini*
ber, wiii join Gen. Coleman's forces.
Two Olrla Drawled.
Spicer, Minn., June 15.—Two daughters
cf Emi Hoyez, aged seventeen nnd nine
teen years, were drowned in Twin Lakes,
two miles west of here. They were in
an old boat, which leaked so badly that
they became frightened and jumped out.
Another daughter that remained in the
boat was rescued.
Draoabt Broken.
Aberdeen, S. D., June 15.—Tho pro
Mi ged drought here waa broken early
this morning by a violent thunder storm
uhich precipitated .75 of an inch of
water. Great and general good will re
sult if tho rainfall is adequate here
Pavement for Boseman.
Bczeman, Mont., June i5.—The city
((-incii has decided to pave Main str?3t
from the court house to Wallace street,
and from that point to the Northern Pa
cific depot, all together sixteen blocks.
The Telford system of macadamizing is
to be used, and the estimated cost is
oi er $30,000.
Bankers Consolidate,
Blcomington, June 15.—At the state
bi r.ktrs' convention hero a consolidation
has been effected between the state bank
ire and the private .bankers' associates.
The new organization was christened the
'•sukers of Illinois.
Jadge Hatch Serloaaly III.
Wist Union. Iowa, .Tune 15.—Latest
sdrkes from the bedside of Judge Hatch
of McGregor, destroy nearly all hope of
1 is recovery. Last fall he fell off a
I ridge, breaking both legs at the kne.
He is a man nearly seventy years of age.
I'entenf stf-llcer*.
McKeesport, I'a., Special.—1The city
has assumed its normal condition. Tho
crowds have all dispersed and quiet pre
vails. It is safe to sny that nothing but
an attempt to run tho tube works with
new men, or the introduction of deputies
would cause an outbreak. Tl|e strikers
are sorry for the part they took in the
riotous proceedings and are hopeful of
an early settlement.
Sentenced for Life.
Now Yorft, .Special.—Dr. Henry O. F.
Meyer was to-day sentenced by Recorder
Smyth to imprisonment in Sing Sing
prison for life. Dr. Meyer was convicted
for poiaoninir Ludwig Brandt.
The Lladoif Narder.
St. Paul, Special:—Otto Wonnlgkclt,
aliqv Milhausen, who pleaded guilty a
few days ago to murder in the first de
gree, was taken before Judge Kerr for
sentence yesterday. County Attorney
putler asked that sentence be deferred
pending the trial of Charles Ermisch,
who is jointly indicted with Wonnigkcit
for the murder of William Lindhof in
the sa|oon at thp cqrner of College ave
nue and Wabasha street. In case
Eimisch lives to be tried and does not
plead guilty, there is a probability that
Wonnigkeit will be called at a witness
for the state, he having made a full con
Tore Doa Notices.
Cincinnati, Special.—The attention of
Juc'.ge Tuft, of the United States court,
having been called to-duy to the fact that
strikers at llellaire, Ohio, had 'torn down
notices posted by deputy marshale under
•lis restraining order is-ued on Tuesday,
the court sent sealed orders to that local
ity which are expccted to maintain ths
authority of the court.
Chamberlain Discharged.
Chamberlain, S. D., Special.—Fred
Chainb'-rlain, ar-rsted on suspicion of be
ing a Gregory county cattle rustler, had
an examination yesterday and was set
at liberty. No evidence.
Plve Ceats oa the Dollar.
Sioux City Iowa, Special—Assignee E,
II. Hubbard, of the Union Land and
Tn st company, which failed over a year
ug for upward of $7,000,000, has made
a report in the district court that the
ni-i-ny will not pay, its common cred
itors over 50 cents on the dollar. Mr.
Hubbard is also assignee of D. T. Hedges,
nnd of the Hedges estate he reports that
generul creditors will get about 15 cents
ani certain preferred ones about 25
couts on the dollar. Mr. Hedges failed
for abcut $1,600,000.
It Baya That the Compromise Rate
I' the Beat That Coald Be Seeared
and Advises the Mea to Retara t»
Work Moadny.
Columbus, Ohio, JuA U.—The official
circular of tho announcement of the set-,
tliment of the strike issued by the na
tional officers of the United Mine. Work
ers contains about 4,000 words. The set
tlement-agreement is set forth in the in
troduction, followed by a short resume
of the strike, dwelling upon the conven
tion and conference at Cleveland, May
14 and 15, when, after failing to reach
an agreement, the miners adopted a reso
lution placing the whole matter in the
honds of a committee consisting of the
national officers and the district vice pres
ident. The circular continues:
"While we have not been 'able' to re
store wages to what they were in the
early part of 1803, we have in many
cases prevented reductions, nnd in others
scci'red port of what was lost- Kc.luc
tions have been prevented iii Southern
Illinois and in Iowa prices have been re
stored and the organization recognized.
"One-half of the reductions pemliug on
May 1 have been saved to the miners of'
Indifina, and a similar amouht saved to
the miners of Northern Illinois. In addi
tion to this the operators from the latter
field have promised to abolish the In
famous contract system v. liieli lias caused
so much dissatisfaction to the miners
of that part of the country and so much
injury to their competitors in otlie:- fields
In Ohio an inerense of 10c a ten has been
sen red, nnd in Western Pea isylvania
en advance of a similar amount. In addi
tion to the price of mining the inters' ite
agreement has been re-established, and
ot c-e more pe-cefnl methods of adjustiig
weges will take the place of stakes,
lu electing check welghmen miners will
no longer be hampered by the interference
of the operators, they will have the priv
ilege of electing a man of their own
cLoiee to fill that position.
"While we have not succeeded in nc
ecu plishing everything mapped out by the
national convention we have secured more
for the men than could have been ob
trined through local or sectional efforts,
mid, in our judgmeut, all that could be
secured by the present movement uudcr
the conditions by which we are surround
ed, and which conditions were unfore
seen at the time of the national con
"We feel that much lias been accom?
rlislied and gained by this efl'oit, which
could not luivc been secured by auy other
method. We earnestly advise that you
atcept the conditions made and resume
wcrJc on June IS, as provided in the'con
tract. We are so confident of the cor
rectness of our position iu signing and ad
vising the acceptance or rejection by yon,
we stake our reputations as your servants
and our further coutiuuauce in official
Aatlafnetlon Expressed at the Presi
dent',, Proirrea* Townrd Recovery.
Washington. June 14.—It is stated at
the White House that the president is
better to-day. Dr. O'Reilly ealled early,
uud soon afterward Dr. Bryant, the presi
dent's family physician, who had come
d( \vn from Now York, came to tlie While
House in company with Secretary La
ir tnt. After examining the pntient, Dr.
Bij-ont and Secretary Lamont went to
the nearest drug store and had a pre
scription compci-.nded with which they
returned to the White House. Meanwhile
Secretary Gresham and Attorney Geaerul
01i:ey called'-to-'iitaui^ after the presi*
nt's health. Tlity *sswMr. Cleveland
r.nd were well satisfied with his progress
toward recovery, lie passed a good night
and the active symptoms of his complaint
have been checked. He has managed to
see a few visitors without coming to his
office fur the purpose, nnd has been en
gaged iu some routine aud easy work.
Iowa Bnnkers.
Dcs Moines, June 14.—The State Bank
it«' association met here to-day and
listened to addresses and responses, the
prii:c:pnl one of which was the aunual
m'drcss of President A. C. McHen.-y of
Dt niton, lowu. National Bank Examiner
Mcllugh delivered a very interesting ad
driss on "Tho LesSons of '03," arriving
at the conclusion that the year will re
sult in benefit by putting banking on a
legitimate basis. The cuunti-y stood the
Cnuueiai strain splendidly, he said, and
great credit is- due the people for leav
ing the money in the banks in so many
iustii uees. Simon Cassidy delivered the
addiess of welcome. The attendance iv
Addreaaed liy Swift.
Wellington, June 14. Morrison I.
Swift, of Fitzgerald's Boston industrial
army, spoke to-day to the house com
mittee on labor. Charity, he argued,
weakened the fiber of woricinginen, and,
pcrhnps, added to the tramp army. In
Boston the policy had been adopted of
giriug nlms to those out of work and in
need. It would be better to furnish public
works by which those in want could be
come producers instead of dead weights
on the community, lie advocated public
farius or factories or work on roads.
Wages for government work should be
lower than the prevailing wages so that
men would lesort to thein only when pri
vate employment could not be liad.
Brldaes Barned.
Massilion, Ohio, June 14.—Two more
bridges were wantonly burned on the
Wheeling & Lake Erie railway this
morning at Fuller's mine, two miles east
of Sherodsrille. The company had the
temerity to assume that the strike was
virtually over and moved a train of
West Virginia coal. The caboose was
barely out of sight of Sherodsville wlieu
the bridges were burned down ind tlie
telipinph wires cut. It will require at
least four days to get the road open for
freight traffic.
Lanarnlahlnc for Bala.
Blooniiugton, III., June 14.—The heat
Monday was almost unprecedented for
this season, and great sufferiug lias re
sulted. Tlie mercury was close to tlw
100-mark all day. All the crops are suf
fering extremely from the long continued
Corea'a Kins Una Pled.
Shanghai, China, June 14.—The gov
ii mm nt of Jnpan has sent arge forces of
troops to protect her interests in Corea.
The King of Corea is reported to have
fled to Japanese territory.
Coxpyltes Sratearrd.
Helena Mont., Special—Nineteen com
Ecrwealers from the State of Wasliiog
ton were sentenced to nir.ety days in
jail by Judge Kuowles, of the United
States district court. They are part of
tlie gang which stole a Northern Pacific
train at Heron a few weeks ago and
have since been under military guard at
Arlee. Forty-four more qf them will be
up for sentence Monday. All of the pris
oners refused to sign a pledge not to
steal Northern Pacific trains. They will
be imprisoned in |IM Missoula jail.
The Jeaklas Cm?,
Washington, Special.—Representative
William A. Stone (Pa.) to-duy submitted
a minority report on the recent investi
gation by a subcommittee of the house
judicirry cmmitt?e of the decision of
Judge Jenkins. The report is signed by
Ktiriseutative* Stone, Bay (N. Y.) and
Powers (Vt.). After reviewing briefly
the history of the injunction issued by
Jti'ge Jenkins, subsequent proceedings
under them and tlie institution of con
grektlonal Investigate n, the report makes
no recommendations, but says that inas
much as the majority found that Judge
Jcitins was sincere in his convictions
aud there was no corrupt intent it would
be wrong to ceasuro hiq,
OIMImVtm MarSlag Armar Plata
Washington, .June Iff.—Charles Edgar
Sill, the former Cnrbeglo workman, who
has mihle tho chief disclosures concern
ing defective armor plate furnished the
government, was before the congressional
uvestigatiug committee to-day,. Tlie bear
ing drew together many interested spec
tators, including naval experts and mem
bers of congress not directly prosecuting
the investigation. There was little of a
criminal in the testimony which Sill told
of the manner in which he made written
reports on the result of certain processes
of manufacture. These reports were theu
put in the desk of Supt. Kline who
changed them so as to moike them show
that the processes conformed to the re
quirements uud specifications of the gov
ernment contract. Sill took up bis report
from orlginnl entries on slutes used by
tlie workmen, showing what they had
actually dor.e. After Kline had ehang.-d
the reports they were returned to Sill,
who made up a complete report, includ
ing Kline's alterations, to be submitted
to the government officials as the record
of what had been done. Kline had made
alterations in the original report. Mr.
Sill said he had '/kept tab" on these
alterations and he had his notes with
him. Kline changed dates on order that
the governiueut Inspectors should not de
tect that the work' ns reported was not
within the capacity of the mill. The
books as kept by Snpt. Kline showed
the actual work in hk.ck ink and the
nlteratiiins as submitted to the govern
ment officers were in red ink.
At the suggestion of Chairman ('uni
tniugs "fake work" was used by tlie com
mittee aud witnesses to designate these
"Wl at was the percentage of this fake
work?" osked Mr. Cummings.
"From 75 to 00 per cent was fake work.
1 think that would In- a fair average."
Mr. Sill related how Supt. Kline had
given orders for retreating thousands ol
plates to cover up defects. The order
was written and verbal mid by diagram.
Sili showed a rough diagram which con
stituted one of the orders. The diagram
•wli li was elosely scrutinized by tin
ittee Sill that said was uin-le I.
r. ...- and the wordiug on it was i..
Kline's handwriting. Witness bad a
bendle of those diagrams.
"Do you mean to say," asked ltep
lescntutiv" Dnlliver, "that theso diu
tr: ills were for the purpose of producing
false uud fraudulent results ou the gov.
"I do."
"How much did you get fro tbe gov
ernment as an informer'.'" asked Mr
"Six thousand dollars." auswereil Sill
The Nntlona'.. Olllpera Said to Have
Biazii, Ind., June 15.—This ufternoon
the miners received Un» oftK-ial report of
tlie Columbus convention. A meeting was
immediately called for to-morrow after
noon when a vote will be taken as to
advisability of uceeption this scale. The
miners are exceedingly dissatisfied anil it
is thought the scale will be rejected.
Vice President H. I'enna is iu the
city aud will attend the meeting an-l
endeavor to induce the men to accept
the scale. Mr. IViiua said the scale was
tlie very best that could gotteu for
the luners as other laborers had be-.-n
rid need 40 per edit, while other miners
have only been reduced 10. The miners
ii. formed Mr. Pelina that McBridc and
Dunkerly would he asked to resign, to
wliieh Mr. Penua replied that all of the
officers liad already tendered their re
Scottdale, Pa., June 15.—The delegat
convention of cake workers here to-day
was attended by seventy delegates. Con
trary to the reports last night, the dele
gates were all instructed to continue tin
Hike, and passed ii unanimous vote to
tliat effort. A resolution was passed that
the district officers should make no settle
ment until two-thirds of the operators
agreed to sign the scale. Almost every
traiu coming iiito tlie region is carrying
new men to take the places of the strik
Ironton, Ohio. June 15.—The miners ff
this district held mass meeting at Old
.Vidsville and decided to stay out until
tli_- old wages are restored.
Iron Mlnera May Strike.
Ironwood, Mich., June 15.—The iron
miners of the Gogebic ranee have given
their ultimatum to the operators. They
lu.ve submitted to the companies the
rates of wages' at which they will work
uud state that should the demands be
not granted by Saturday, June 10, a
strike will' be inaugurated, which will
clcse every time in the Gbgcbic district.
This scale submitted to the companies
calls for $2 tier day for miners and $1.05
for trammers and common laborers.
Local officials say they canuot pay the
wages demanded and will close tbe mines.
In Pnvor of tbe Road.
Eau Claire, Wis., June 15,—Judge
Bailey to-day decided the famous case of
Otto Neitgc, et nl., vs. the state of Wis
consin, the Omaha railroad, et'al., in
favor of the railioad tompany. The
ground of the decision is tbe laches of
the elder .Neitge, the original claimant,
now diad, who ncglectcd to properly as
srt his claim. The case iuvolved tbe
title to the site of tli- village of Deer
Park, St. Croix county, and had been
once before decided against plaintiffs on
the ground, but their attorneys had se
emed a reopening of the case in order
te introduce new evidence to show that
Cciige. Sr., bad not forfeited his rights
iy negligence.
Small Cyclone.
Guthrie, Okla., June 15.—A small
cycl lie struck tbe town of Howard yes
twduy. One child was fatally iujuret*
by falling timbers.
Mlnera Still Oat at Pqrt Dodge.
Fort Dodge, Iowa, June 15.—Miners
acre have not yet started to work. They
are still out at the Argus and Des Moines,
but will probably settle the difficulty this
Reaame Traflto To-Day.
I'orlhnd, Ore., June 15.—Tbe North
ern Pacific will resume through trains
to the east this afternoon. The damage
to their road by tbe flood has been so far
repaired us to enable them to resume
w'tb very slight delay.
Lose Ahoat *300,000.
New York, June 15.—Fire was dis
covered early to-day in the basement of
the six-story building at Duane and Elm
streets, which has caused a loss probably
exceeding $300,000.
Testljaoar Olvta by aa unicer IS tkf
Washington, Special.—Lliut Acker
man, of the United States navy, waa
hea^d to-day by tt)e house committee oq
ataor plate frauds. He was one of tbe
naval board which investigated tho first
charges of fraud. He covered in detaij
the irregularities in terating specific ar
mor plates. He bad heard that Supf.
Schwab qnd other officials and employes
pad ail inter«st {i} flic Coruegie compiny
and. fiad therefoio a motive in passing
plates ppc up tq the standard. Lieut.
Ackerman told of the manner in which
]ils suspicions Lad been excited a« to tl|e
irregulacity of the work, fie ifo^d that
certain lines of wn-k would be stopped
when be entered tbe shop. One of the
superintendents, Mr. Kline, Lad misled
him on various details of tbe work. His
genera) distrust of the muuuer of making
armor qt the Carnegie works had in
fluenced him to look with si.spiciou on
every plate. His own experiments and
tbe affidavits of informers bad corroborat
ed these suspicious, aul he had assessed
damages agains' the company as a result
if his own knowledge and his smpiciuus.
Coal |e Scarce.
Loxlngtou, Ivy., Spcclal—Not a car
wad of coal has ariived iu Lexington for
a week past, and there is a positive coal
famine berg.
Wallace for Governor «a«ft Walter
Malr for CoavreRN«Allor»ey Gen
eral Staadlnh RenomlMatede
Jamestown, N. I)., June 10.—Tho In
dependent state convention nominated
Hen. Walter Mnir for congreBM. A res
olution oiitloriinjf the Shortritl^e admin
iatution was l„id on t'.ie table. Th.»
following ticket w«s nominated: l%ir
governor, 13. D. Wallace of Steele: for
lieutenant Kovtrnor, L. 13. I'etaml of
Moure for secretary of state, ii. B.
Slette of Walsh for attorney Keueral, W.
H. 8tuiuiish of Nelson for auditor, A.
W. Porter of Lu '#.«ire for state super
mttt dent of schools, Laura Eisenhuth of
Foster for iusurauce commissioner,
Juims Cudhie of Hottineau for coiu
uitsioner of agriculture, I3r. Merchant of
Dickie for railroad commissioners, S. C.
Oct nelly of Morton, l'eter Cumtron of
IN nbina und Hen B. Steveus of Hansoni
for supreme judp% (icorge Nelson of
The platform aud resolutions are as
"The Independent party of North Da
kota in statu couvontion assembled in
vite the aid and cOHj»ei'atuiu of all Rood
itize»s regardless of their former politi
cal beliefs to further the following princi
ples of government:
"First—We icutlirm the u.itioual plat
form as adopted by I he national couvcn
tiou at Omaha in 1K!K!.
•'.Second—We favor the free and un
limited coinage of both gold aud silver
at a ratio of 1» to I, to be supplemented
by ai full legal tender paper money con
trolled exclusively by the government aud
issued until the sum total tif money
"Third—We fnv«»r the government
ciuulalioii shall reach $5(1 per capita,
ownership of all telegraph hues and rail
re ds.
"Fourth—We favor letrenchmeiit in
our state expenses ii. every department.
"Fifth—We favor the initiative and
referendum, which aMows the pcopk» to
introduce ttnd veto all laws.
"Sixth—As a party of re
for we are
i.ot in favor of auy backward u.ovcincnt
along any line, aud we believe iu the
rigid enforcement of all Matutc h:\vs
without diseritriuation.*'
The resolutions were as follows:
"First—Uecogui/.ing the ability of the
women of our state, resolved, that we
favor equal suffrage.
"Second—As a party of reform, recog
nizing advancement everywhere, resolved,
that we earnestly and heartily thank Sen
ators Uoach aud lluushrough for their
lalsji's in behalf of the pcoplt? aud th^
people's motley iu spite of the pressure
brought to bear upon them, and that a
copy of this resolution be scut to them.
"Thirl—Hesolved, Tint we are opposed
to the repeal of our prcxeut prohibitory
"Fourth—Itcsolved, That we are in
favor of a heav revenue tax on all option
deals in t'arm products."
Many MlnerN Accept the C'olumlivH
Coin |»r»mlne.
PitUburg, June IU.-The miners of the
PilUburg district met to-day ami ac
cepted the t'otumhus compromise. T! ey
will return to work next week.
Columbus, Ohio. June H».—Miners met
at several places in Ohio to-day and de
cided to re-turu to work Monday.
lielte Vernon, Pa.. June H». -Tie- strik
ers at ltrowi! tville met last night and
(ht ided to return at the Columbu'i agree
muit. This practically destroys ail hope
of a continuance of the strike ly the
fourth pool uiiueis.
(•tceiishurg. Pa.. June 1».—A mob of
KJN.I strikers stopped a coal train ou the
Yttiigwood branch of the Pennsylvania
last uiglit and at the point of gnus forced
tin- engineer to take the traiu baek to
the Stricklcr mines, the point fr»!? which
it started. The strikers then partially de
ployed the ilecla and Youngwood bridge,
rfter which they attaeked a party of non
union workmen, badly beating two of
A LouUluna Plrebnir** l*n»t lte«iueat
IN Granteil.
Monroe, Lit., June 15. —For six or eight
weeks past Monroe has been stirred to a
white heat over tires of an incendiary
origin. The lirchug cseaped detection m
til day before yesterday, when, after the
hurniug of some small buildings in the
outskirts of the town, bloodhounds were
put ou the traeks of a man who had left
'lie burning building. The dogs followed
the trail, liually ruuuiiig down a mail
named Day. who was arrested ami con
fessed. The jail was broken open and
he was escorted some distauee from
town, escorted by a crowd of -PHI to
|H*ople. Day said h* knew his time had
coiue, admitted his guilt and said that he
perhaps deserved Ips fate, but he tic
sought his captors to allow him to exe
cute himself. After some parleying this
was grautcd. Day had the rope whieh
was around his ueck tiling over the liiub
of a tree, where it was securely fastened,
then climbed the tree and jumped from
the first branch, breaking his neck. Itis
body swayed to ami fro, while a shout
went up from the crowd, whieh had be
come silent during I he preliminaries. The
spectators at once dispersed.
Mn•'€•«! (lie Wheat
(•rand Forks. N. !., June 1». A glori
ous rain storm set in altout 7 oYloek last
evening. It adds millions of dollars to
growing crop" in thU county and the Kcd
river valley. It is indeed a godsend to
tie farmers, and the wheat crop is saved.
Croti Mtuntliiit tterlou*
Lake Hcuton, Minn., June I0.~(The
crop situation here begins to look serious.
Continued hot winds from the south has
taken all the moisture out of the land,
and unless raiu comes s»u, grain of ail
kinds will be very light.
PtrkliueM for Mayor.
New York, Special—A crusaric hns bo
Kim in fuvor of tho Hey. (I. II, |'ink
burst for mayor. It is said ti(at nroi.ud
fcim the anti-fammvny gtmiuiuiit of Xew
Yrk has been crystalling for l\yo
years, and that ho bus surt-lr, though
slowly, won his way to the ha uts of
the men and woiqeii of this coiuiuuuity.
Tbe nomiuutiuii, it is urged, ought to be
forced upon him.
The Third Time Fatal.
Webster City, Iowa, Speclal.-Q. W.
fovul, who conduct# ft lufse h-trnesa
store in this city and in an ex-city officer,
wi)8 burned to a crisp this uioruiug ut
1:30 as the result of the habit he had
acquired of setting tire to the city jail
when confined there for druukenuess.
Twice before he bad started fires ill the
jail, but tbe third time |iroved fatal.
Waa a Deadlock.
Pittsburg, Pa., Special-Delegates to
the Twenty-fourth congressional district
convention met here yesterday to nom
inate ii candidate for congress, but aftes
tweuty-live ballots bad beeu taken with
out result tbe convention adjourned to
meet at McKeespurt in two weeks. Tbe
last ballot, which waa tbe same as the
firat, resulted: Eberhart, 17 Acheron,
Id Hoopwood, 14 Morris, 4.
4«atatlraa Vram Qiate ul
Live IIHk Cnttn.
Chicago, Juna 16.—Wheat lower cash,
07 l-4c July, 683-8e. Corn low cull,
401-2c July, 40 3-4J. Oats easy ouh
43c: July, 3834c.
Miuiieupoii", Ji'ne 10.—Wheat June
chum! at 00c July opened at S93-4c
1 ighcttt, (Kti-4o lowest, 59 6-8c closing,
(•Of Kepteiuber opened at 577-8o high
t^t, 08 l-8e lovest, 075-8c closlug,
OS 1-Se. On track—N'o. 1 hard,'02c No.
1 Northern, tile No. 2 Northern, OH 3-4e.
St. Paul, June 10.—Hogs lljie lower
yards cleared early to puckers ut $4.S0a
4.i'J 1-2. Cattle—Prime steers, $3.20a
".r-il good steers, $,'la:i.23 prime cows,
!2.0Oa2.70 good cows, com
mon to fair cows, $1.20u2.20 light veal
calves, y:a:!.70 heavy calves, if.'a.l
Blockers, j|il.70a2.00 feeders, S2.23u3
bulls, jjSl.G»a2.10.
t'Lieago, June 18.—(J-it'I ?—Prime to ex
tri native steers, $4.70a0 medium, lf4a
4.20 others, $:i.$0a,'i.U0 Tcxnus, if.'ia-l.
Kgs—Rough heavy, f4.20a4.0ll packers
and mixed, |4.70a4.NII prime heuvy and
It teller weights, $4.80a4.ll0 vssorted
l'fcht, f4.TUa4.70.
Epwortk CvavMtlu.
Red Wing. Minn., June ltl.—^Iie fifth
ni noal cunveiition of tin Kpwurtlt League
of Minnesota is in session iu this city.
About 2UO delegates wele present this
•iiornit g. C. I). In-wis of Iluiuliiie d
Iivered an mldnwi on "t'liiistian I'Mu
ctlion." Rev. T. W. Stout of Mimic
apolis spoke en "Devotional meetings.'
D. .1. Reynolds of Winnebago t'ily »|Kiki:
on the "League Pastorate." Ordinary
iiiiiiinitteis were appoinl'ii and routine
bi'.sinisx trinsaeted. The delegates eii
jo.'.id a ride around the city.
VN'ealh Cruel Waves.
St. Paul. June KS.—Tlie many fri' nils
ami relatives of Heruhard Leonard will
be shocked to learn of his suddeu 1'eath
by drowning at 10 o'clock this morning
at Mct'arron's lake. Mr. I.en:iinl. a
single Iran vhti lived with his widowed
mother at llTi" 'onwny street, has liecn
for tlie last five years employed as dis
tlit'i.tor of out-going mail at the pom
f.tliee. With three friends. I'\ P. Itrowu
.1. P. Survey ami John Wiiilfnatk. lie
wi nt to the lake early to-day lo eujoy a
swim, but was seined with cramps ami
iii \\I'd Is'fof any help
D., June !».—Th»» Popu­
list convention adjourned after '.Ldit
o\er electing a chairman of the central
tcu mittee. Loucks wanted the election
left to the committee, while the opposi
tion desired the convention to name him.
Loucks carried his iminu but v. bitter
tight resulted iu the committee and
Loecks was dowued. t'harges of ttcas »n
and tl'adiugs wire interchanged. The
He was passed, aud as a compromise
Null of licadle was made chairman and
Failing of Hum! secretary. D.*lc»ates
have returned. The eucampiiictit feature
bus beeu given up.
Ilrowned In Ikr Hlvrr.
St. Paul, June Hi.—John May, twenty
yeurs old., the chl»st son of Patrick May
uii employe of the Piohcw Press .'1111
pi n.r. w-.is drowned in the Mississippi
ri.-er yesterday afternoon while swim
ming. Patrick May, father of the
drowned lad lives on the West side nt
Nt. 1711 Stute street. He is employed as
night elevator nan at the Pioneer Press
building aud lie lias the sympithy of the
entire re|Hirtori.il f.-rce an. otiier en*
plcjes of tlie Imildiiii ii. his sad liercav
nieiit. About live weeks ago Mr. May's
yoi ngest child died, ami the double in
ii :i win, ul falls veiy heavily on the grief
slrii'keu parents.
*.elN (en Trio I.
SI Paul, .lime Ili. Judge Mitchell, of
the supreme court, this morning iiamled
wn nine decisions, one of which aricast
ill create a senfsation throughout tlie
stute, uud espeeiull.v in Tower and UII
iulli. It is a reversal of the decision r,t
the lower court ami au order for a new
iriai in the ease ugniust Father .lan es 10
I Vl nt lly. who is uow serviug a twenty
year sentence iu the state prison' for
criminal assault ullcgisl to hare lii-en
Mary, the adopted dauglr
tcr of a man named ilai uoii, at Tower.
Knlurnl (ia« at Hralarrd.
Itrainerd, Minn., June 10. Joseph
Rasch and John Lawrcuce have been
sinking a drive well on the former'*
premises iu Kast Kraincrd. When at a
forty-live ftet down a vein
of gas was struck, which is now flowing
through a pipe with a pressure of eight
Jsuiiuls. The gas was ignileil uud a blue
flume shot into the air a ilistiirfce ol four
to live fee4. A company will be formed
to put the gas in slui|ic for use, and
samples of it have been sent to Minne
apolis for analysis.
SlinrtluK Maa Suicide*.
Red Wing, Minn.. Julie Hi.-tiisirge
ll 'kins. a saloonkeeper and general
spirting man, suicided by shooting him
self iu tile left temple this Ulol'llillg. ii
was financially embarrassed. This and
despondency is lielieved to be the I'a use.
Mne More Graduated.
«ri'iid Forks, N. II.. June 10.—A large
(•mi brilliant gathering assembled at the
Milro|Hilitau theater on the occusi ui of
the iiirersily commentcuiciit cxei" ises.
There wire nine graduiites. Tlie orations
of the graduating class were well deliv
red end created the greatest enthusiasm.
Ilualaeaa Maa Kllla Hlataelf.
St. Albans, Vt„ June 10.—Frank W.
lialiiird, a prominent business inuii of this
city, i-oinmitted stiiciile to-day, probably
ol, in mint of financial reverses..
l.utherMM Tearhera' Meatlaary.
'Ni I'liu, Minn., June III.—1Tlie !.«•
tlfiTii teashers' seminary at this pla-e,
foiutrly Dr. Martin Luther college, held
Its closing exercises yesterday.
Klre la l.ollau Cwaaly.
Steele, II., June 10.—'file house aud
lianis of Kinniet Crouch of Logan coun
ty, twmty miles south, buries! Tuesday
nU'l'l. Loss, $2,0011. ,\u insurance.
Ilymeu al *orlbUell.
Norll field, Minn., June Hi.—tl. J. K|.
Kith of Fergus Falls uud Miss Marie
OIM.I of this city were mariicd last
I'aaaed lu Hla Reward.
flu} ward, Wis., June Hi. John P,
ltii'ihy, county judge of Sawyer county,
died suddenly Thursday afternoon it IS
n'cli.i k.
Died of T)|iliolil.
L.tilfield. Minn.. June Hi.—Iturt
Hcriis, aged twenty-three, son of V. II
fill is, dieil Just night of typhoid fever.
NekM.I llalldlair.
Haylield, Wis., ,lu"e Hi.—Tie- annual
sehisil meeting will take into consider I.
tioll tile I|llstinu of ||ew schwil laiildillKS.
Tho genera! seiithneuiM seem to be iu
f: vor of a handsome brown stone high
mhool Imildiim that will lie an oi. .iie-nt
anil eledit to this growing loeulity.
llt'lMil ill Carllale Haran.
Feigns Falls. Minn., June Hi. -The
tin at .Northern station ut Carlisle, with
lit. ins. burned this inoiiiing. A light
|:.in fell last ni'jlil. More is badly
I'olaoB la taa CalM,
Danville, 111., Special.—1The village of
Fetter is excited over a death from*
laibiuicg, and several more threatened:'
Mrs. Sophia Dwelliug. r, wife of promi
nent farmer, died yesterday from drink
ing coffee, supplied to have beeu
poisoned. A number of neighbors also
drank the coffee and were almost iiu
oidiatcly prostrated.
•.oat a Tkaaib.
Cripple Creelt, Colo., Special,—One
thumb of a miner waa the ouly damage
dene in the skirmish yesterday between
miners and deputies, which wa* brought
on by a tcavevent of a couple of hun
dred deputies toward Bull Hill, in order
to recapture several of their horses which
bed strayed.
Cat HI* Heart Oat.
Denver Special—Frauds Murphy waa
tilled in northern Denver by his land
lord, ChristoiAer Schramm. Murphy's
heart was cut iu twuiu by one blow with
a chisel. The men bad quarreled over
«ents and Murphy struck the first blow.
Amiable Wlaa a
London. Special.—At Epsom, tbe
Ouks, of 4.S00 sovereigns, for three-year
old fillies, lurrying uine stone each, dis
tance about oue mile and a half, was
won by Amiable, browu filly, by St.
Simon, out of Tact, owned by the duke
of Portland.
Weal.ra Attempt Baard Tralaa aa
the Korth.ra Padde—OMetala al
tfce Road Appeal ta tk« tailed
•tataa Coart tor Protectlua.
Bisirerck, N. D., June 13.—Coxeyism
is at its height here. Two days ago over
100 icen enne in from the west. Si ic-t
that time they have been reinforced
daily and several small squads have
made their way east on freight tr tins. At
present nearly 2U0 are lu the city await
ing an opportunity to steal their way
ei st on trains. The Northern Pacific
has resisted all efforts by them to secure
truiris, aud there bids fair to be trouble.
Hundreds more of the army are en
raute here from tbe west and GOO down
the'river. l*ust uight the leaders of the
rmy held an open-air meeting at which
(•try siitche* were made. Immediately
after the speaking the whole band seised
upon a special train upou which was
Supt. C. J. Wilson, of tbe Dakota di
vision of the Northern Pacific, and re
fused to vacate the cars they had taken
pettetslon of. At 0 o'clock this moriing
the sheriff, deputies, mayor and oth»
peace officers were summoned, and uf'er
considerable trouble they were ejected
from the train. Upon the arrivul of the
rtgular passenger train there w.is nor,
triable. A few moments before the ar
rival of the train the yards were liuol
ill: Coxeyites. A freight train stood ou
a sidiug, anil members of tbe army
swermed betweei. and upou the cars
VWeiting the traiu. When the traiu pulled
lu there was a grand rush for a place.
Sorce of the meu mounted tbe platformt
and endeavored to get into the coaches,
but the coach doors were locked as soi ti
as the passenger* who wauled to take tiw
tiain had been seated. Some of them
concealed themselves upon break-.lHi!'L.s
uud ou the tup of the coaches. A crowd
ot twenty stood upon tbe front eud of
tbe mail car and upon tbe engine tciA i.
Others swuruieil upon the cowcutcher, aud
they locuted themselves iu all conceivable
plates. Conductor Sloan bad charge ot
the. train, aud, with his brakemeu, or
dered thein off. Some ut them delayed,
and oue or two, with pieces of iron aud
clubs, made a show of resistance, but all
of them retreated. With a rush and a
roar tbe traiu started from tbe west end
of the yards, and after tbe men ou the
cowcatcher had beeu put off it whistled
thiough the yards at a tweuty-five-mile
gait, too fast for catchiug-uu purposes,
perhaps eight or a dozen Coxeyites man
aged to get away. Runiiiug trains east
is almost impossible, owing to Ibe num
ber of Coxeyites who are determined tit
board. To-day the compauy asked for
protection from Cucle Sam, and a num
ber of deputy marshals will be here from
the east to-morrow. A number have lieea
sworn iu here, and should Coxeyites at
tempt to hold trains to-morrow there will
be trouble.
The First ttaadreaalat Coaveatlua
Uevlaa la Chicago.
Chicago, Juue 13.—Four huudred and
fifty delegates were iu their seats when
the first quadreunial convention of the
Antrican Railway union was called to
rder in Uhrig's ball by President Eu
gejio V. Debs. ViCc President Howard
opeued the proceedings with a brief ad
ditt* reviewing tbe uceets of tbe or
ganization from tli- start. Presideut
Debs, in bis speech, attacked the Carue
gies, Frick and Oeorge M. Pullman. Re
ferring to the strike of tbe coal miners
{president Debs said it was for a principle
aud that the purpose of the miners was
as patriotic (is ever prompted men to
battle for honor and for home. Grati
tude is a jewel, and tbe American Rail
way uniou rau not afford to forget the
assistance the miners gave it in the
Great Northern strike. The time will
Come, if it is nut here already, when tbe
u'on will refuse to handle a pound of
(oal mined by uou-uuiou meu.
The ouly action of soy importance
t. len during the session wus the pass
age of a resolution strongly denouncing
the Tawney bill, now before congress.
The bill compels arbitration between rail
way companies and employes ou all oc
ci sions of trouble between a company and
it men.
Said to Have Mardered a Pantr
Who Gave Hlai Shelter.
A:Hand, Wis., Juue 13.—Charles Lind
mysteriously disippearwl from his farm
near here about four weeks ago. A load
of hay stood half-unloaded, with the
folk by the wagon, just as he had left
,U a month or more ago, and a portion of
bis clothing hung in the room. When
Lind disappeared he left three horses in
stable, one of which has starved to
^sth. tbe other two breaking out of
tiu stable und wandering away to a
neighboring homestead a half-doxen miles
away, which first led to tbe discovery.
A letter to Lind's brother, who lives in
Chicago, arrived at the Curry postoffice,
lil ted May 14, which, beiug open.*],
show"J that he bad no kuowledge of
Lind's disappearance. The appearance
of the homestead suggests that Liud bad
been unloading bis bay and that he was
ktioeked in the bead before completing
it. His body uuiv have been thrown into
the creek, which runs past the home
stead. Suspicion is thrown upou a sick
tramp, to whom he had given shelter for
a few days, aud who claimed to belong
to lien Kelly's uriuy. Liud is said tv
bilt'lig to a wealthy family in Sweden.
Kalshta ol the Pestle.
Mil ntapolis, June 13.—The geutiemauiy
kuights of the mortar and pestle who
ecu pose the Minnesota State Pharma
ceutical association opened their teuth an
nual meeting to-day at the Hotel St.
Levis, Minnctonka, combining the roil
tiue business of the association with the
pleasure of an outing. They went out
over tbe Milwaukee over 100 strong, cx
tetding a cordian invitation to every
jln ggist in the state, whether a member
or not, to attend, aud tbe greater part of
to day was devoted to straight busiuesa
Will Bad the Traahle.
Brtutels, June 13. The political
tiot bles will be ended, it is expected, by
the government's withdrawal of the im
port duty to which the members of the
Left objected, thus doing away with ths
ncctisity for the chamber of deputiea
sitting beyond to-day.
Flva Waasea Asphyxiated.
Glasgow, June 13.—Five women, in
eluding a member of the Salvation Army,
*tr« suffocated in bed during the night
by tbe esygpa of gas.
Nlearasaa Caaal,
Washington, Special.—It was decided
by the house committee on interstate aud
reigr. commerce to-day to report to tho
house a bill for the acquirement of tbe
Nkaragua canal by the government and
far carrying on the work to completion.
Senator Morgan's measure will be adopt
ed with some changes which have been
advised in the committee. Representa
tions that British influences are at work
ia Nicaragua against the United States
have had the effect of basteniug the work.
A Creamer? Iksrp,
Alden, Iowa, Special.—The farmers of
Buckeye township have just been the
victims of a creamery sharp. A man
claiming to hail from the East, appeared
in that section, purchased a creamery,
and contracted with the farmers to sup
ply him with milk. They did so and af
ter tbe new manager had made one
shipment of butter he decided that he did
not want the establishment and left the
country. His patrons are out ten days'
supply of cream.
Lscsala Lowers Her Record.
Queeustowu, Special. The Cunard
steamer Lucania, which arrivad to-day
from New York, has lowered her best
record by thirteen minutes and, at the
same time, sailed seventeen mile* ihore
than on the earlier trip. Her time on
this occasion was five day twelve hours
and fifty-eight minutes.
4 I

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