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The pioneer express. [volume] (Pembina, Dakota [N.D.]) 1883-1928, July 19, 1895, Image 3

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Tou have to pay 10
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HtMlNkl fwMimniiiit
The tallowing la the
wheat market repon of
the past week up tolast
evening, furnished byF.
8. Cheney, of the Hon
arch BevatorOompapy.
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WORM* Wt no.
A. r»iu k. M.
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."*?• SMfrtaty
El GO 48
Titkrk are now confined In the
eouuty Jail nineteen pnaonen. Every
thing Is full, no more neea apply.
TubK.P. la filling up the coal
wnm-m'm.j,: ,. shed* brim full with coal preparatory
.?"TSSSSJ5Kfc the fall rush In freight business.
Tub Methodist chrrch Is being .. „„v
papered mid painted throughout, In lock and
con*equencc of which there will be no definite has been arranged yet,
services uext Sunday evening.
Mas. F. M. Kino gave a reception
to her sister Mn.
Strong, and daugh
ter, on.Monday evening. There were
a large number present and a pleas
ant evening spent.
Owing to III health B«y. Mr. \Tath
soii of Fergus Falls Minn. was. unable
t*preach In IhePrcMbvtcrinn church
luxt fiutidny evening as nnounrcd, but
will occupy the pulpit next Sunday
evening at 7:30.
Okukhs have licep received at Fort
Tcmbinn to linvc the company stat
ioned there, removed UiFortAmiunl
boine, Montuna, mid the boys are like
ly to leave here about the 20th of Au
Tux flslilug never was belter than
It Is now every day (here are large
strings being brought up from the
rivet, and it Is a rare exception that
DAKOTA, anyone ever goes down without catch
ing some.
Wit understand Winnipeg baseball
team plays Necbe next Tuex.iay, the
23rd, on the grounds in Neche If
the weather is favorable It is safe ft
say the throng of spectators will be a
large one.
Miss A'licb Palxkb, around
world missionary, lectured In the of
W. H.
Moobbbad says the man
six weeks ago, will oblige him If he
A small cyclono' destroyed the
house of O. D. Nelson and another
house belonging to a man named
Knudson, In Walsh countv, last week.
Some persons were Injured, but no
deaths. Don't know whether we are
to blame for this or not.
A Oonsidbbablbamount of coun
ty correspondence and general news
are crowded out this week on account
«t (he court proceedings that has
created such Interest and which we
give nearly In full. We hooe our con
tributors will bear with us In this
.'{Thbbb was an adjourned meeting
oflihe building and loan association,
Friday evening. Besides routine
business transacted,
a bylaw was pass
edjegulating withdrawals, and com
pulsory cancellation of stock soon to
mature. These bylaws will be pub
lished and mailed to all holding shares.
City Marshal Kerr has been busy
tills tfcck collecting poll tax and has
had a crew ot men at work clearing
the street of weeds and levelling up
where necessary Benvillc street, from
Cavilcer to Second street has been
cleared from brush and uothing re
mains now but the large oak trees
that are Intended to leave remaining
for the present.
Tukub was a large crowd of citi
zens from this side of the border who
celebrated Orangemen's day in Win
nipeg Friday. The train left Einer-
that part,of the country.
t.tinr. tMIt*. nf lltAaAHiitaii
The sole source of communication
I lie with the outside world of this section
country, la by navigation,'either
Kittson Hall last Friday evcuing to a through from Duluth, via Tower, or
fair audience she gave some Interest- Winnipeg and Bat Ptortage all freight
Inor InpMnnfa and '4k* &i__ aa ...
Ing Incidents and light on the mis- and the bulk of the mails are carried
slonary work done In foreign lands. the latter route In the summer sea
son, a distance of one hundred and
sixty miles by water. There are four
who borrowed his wheelbarrow some ^uTaklM*^'trl™ ?,"unldn,m» "Whf
will come and get the sideboards as f"'-
H. J. Mcib,son of Attorney Mulr,
of Hamilton, arrived hi Hamilton,
Thursday, from Chicago, on a bicycle.
He was on the road nine days, and
estimates the distance nine hundred
miles. Mr. Mulr rides a Monarch
Ibu at seven and returned in the AU boats coming and going have to
evening at eleven o'clock, and consist-"top at this place to get their pass
ed ot eight coaches. The Winnipeg port up the river a mile anda half is
Free Press estimates the attendance the lighthouse, in plain view of the.
from outside at 10,000. It was by far lake. This rather crude structure Is
the largest public gathering held In placed on a prominent polntoverlook-
AK interpreter of. the Hungarlart
language was brought over from Win
nipeg for the Till trial There was
a question for a little, weather tbia
was not a violation of the "contaact
labor law," but it was solved without
further argument, when the man
•aid he was an American citlsen. He
™»£ean Intelligent Interpreter,and
wlth Mr. Weidennan or this city In
the German made thlngsclear, to (be­
Im. M.m
... ttTvinoi^W gJJSmlU
r«mkked tin tollMring report rorlcMjipenMMon.
thenoathof June: It take* twenty-four koMttiiki
Mm»' temperature highest Mm run from Bat 'VptW''w£Vi!b
MMp. n, on tbe l«th lowest temp. Francis, but it was midnightRetort
IS, on the Mth meM temperature for wm leeched our destluaUoi»»cauaed
this Booth la. 1M0.« 1M1, «H MM, by «elav» at tberspkU.
•0 lMI,e6s t8N,nt IBiB,6S. Prevail* TVespenttwo days sround the'falls
lng dlreethMi or wlnd, M. W. total veryYleasautly. In the coatoby of
movement Of wind, «l» miles Mil- y. Quaekenbush. A. D. OMkW.aM
matt velocity of wind, thirty the Carlton brothers, »l| formetresl
miles, south, on the Mth. Totalpre- dent* of Pembina.' Ivrrrybody Itad
elpitatkm, 4.18 laches number of days the ibid feirer badly, a* Important
onwblehAllneh erikoreorpreclplta. discoveries bad recent lr beehfaade
^km fell, ltxaverag. precipitation for on the Seine river, sevanty mHeseaht,
tttintonthforur yean, 4JM| total and tlie Hanltou lakea Ir^nlta*
Wpta JWlJlirtlM during month, north, Jtatspectora' tents wereacat
,«fl total excetw In prccJpJUtlon sloce ten-d along the banks of therlrer,
January 1st, I.«7 number of clear that wero'ln getting fresh siMlles.
days, partly cloody days, IB clondy The outfit of a pn*pector coiuiaU of
diys, *. Dates of tbuurtcrstornis, II, an ••A" t«liit, "grub^Uke," a 'couple
12,14, IS, 10,19,2S, S8. ... of drills about an Inch Ind
sis pound hammer, caatlron
ilo*e andjwn and a few attcM ot dy-
Mr. and Mn. B. p. Hooker Jr. loft uault«. Kc^srs. CaTileerandCxrltoii
on Sunday on a visit to their former
borne In Virginia. They will be nb*
sent three weeks. Lewis Mussel
and Prof. Coleman came over
Cavalier on Wedneeday, on bl
Lewla bad a few games of
tennis at the fort with Lieut. Blv
while the Professor attended court...
Mn. Btr. Wharton and family left on
Monday to join her husband In Oma
ha, Neb Judge Oonmy left Ire*
land laat Sunday and Is expected home
the25th .....Mn.Bldgeway,of Iowa
City, Iowa, Is visltlug at Lieut. Ely's
......S. R. Moorhcad left oh Monday
for Thief Blver Falls, ^Mlnii., where
he expects to enter upon bis profes
sion. Mr. Muorhead has been connect
ed with this office for nearly fire yean
and Is a practical man at the print
ing business, and steady in habits....
Mrs. Dr. Harris and Miss. Irene and
18 I'
&bv. Mb.
Pbabodv, the nevr Bpts- Willie Aylen and Charley Asselstliie
eepal rector, expects to hold services returned from a three months visit to
at the church In this city, on Sunday Great Falls, Montana, lust Saturday
at 3 o'clock. ..
Cashier Douglass of Hallock
was in the city Wednesday to arrange
a game of base ball between the llal
Pembina nines. Nothing
Mn. J. D. Stack and Mrs. N. C.
Young, ot Bathgate, have been at
tending court this week... Miss Mina
Laugton of Minneapolis Is visiting at
W.J.Kneeshaw's.......Mr.and Mn
Oux, of Ooderlch, Ont., are visiting
their daughter, Mn. W. Douglas
Mr. Cox is a printer of many yean ex
perience and we acknowledge a fra
ternal call Hon. It. B. Uichnrdson
of Drayton is also an interested spcc
tator at court. ..
A Trip to the Rainy Lake.
It was our pleasure', couple of
weeks ago, to visit the "region of
Northern Minnesota and portions of
Ontario, Canada, bordering on tlie
Ralnv Lake, that have gaiiiod such
prominence the last year, through Its
mineral resources While we have
frequently given extracts from other
papers and Interviews with parties
that have made overland trips in the
winter, about this country, we think
that a description from a representa
tive of the PioniucbExfubss, vlk the
lake route, one of the most pleasant
two weeks outing for any party that
is fond of romantic scenery and na
ture In Its primitive state, could tnke,
may le of interest to the average
W. H. is tired of taking care of them X««blcbirig Bll equipped for pas- Mr. Wttii McLugari and Mrs. Hyslop
and fean thev.wlli ho in«r. «^ger wviee as well as freight the of Mitchell Ont. father and slater of
Bdua Brydges, Swallow, Shamrock Mrs. W. N. Husband are spending the
and Monarch the latter the most e)«
-t (_ a..
ing the mouth of the river, aud is In
charge of "Old Michel," an old half
breed well known around Pembina.
From the mouth of the river up,
every few miles are wooding stations,
where boats are supplied with cord
wood tamarac at $1.25 and poplar and
other soft wood at $1.00 per cord.
The land along the Canadian side Is
all taken op,
some of the settlen have
bceu there twelve yean, all cultivat
ing small patches of grain and veget
ables. The American side of the
river, for sixty miles is taken up with
the Bed Luke Indian Beservatlon.
There are three rapids In the
'Balny Lake Blver wbicb cause lots
of trouble and delay to navigation
wa vivuwiv
uwmj «mu
reoeive the headline to carrr it
streaol to fasten It to a support
Bros: had Just leturned from a
up the Little Manltou country where iteeolved that elevator bulldlngi
they had located a claim pronounced "wturnedby tbesssessors
very rich. Mr.- Qusckenbush Is In
charge of the townslte of Koodilchlng,
and Is also Interested In several min
ion claims up the Seine river.
Fort Francis on the Canadian and
Koochiching on the American slde,dl
vldedbya waterfall twenty-five to
thirty feet In height and double the
volume of St. Anthony, atMlunea
polis. are destined to become two
prominent continental centers. The
•oil is lighter than the. Bed Blver
Valley soil, but Is productive, and
large yields are reported by the. older
settlen. Tho country lb well drain
ed and covered with poplar and other
timber easy to clear off. /or seventy
miles down the river Inland the pine
laud on the American side is estimat
ed to contain four hundred thousand
million fecit of lumber, and the coun
try tcjthe east abounds In mineral
that in time Is sure to be developed.
Fort Francis Is an old Hudsons Bay
trading post, and has a population of
about threo hundred, while Koochi
ching, year and a halt old, ha8 less
than two hundred Inhabitants. It
has one good hotel,Albert B. Cottiwll,
a practical liotel mail, sole proprietor,
one general store that could easllyhe
Improved, tuid several minor places of
business, such as
restaurants, saloons,
etc. A good general'store would do
well.at Koochiching.
Wo left the falls eight o'clock lu
the evening, on the Swallow, the only
stern-wheeler-on the lake, owoed by
Capt. Lewis, a veiy accommodating
gentleman, and arrived nt Bat Por
tage on the following evening..
The fare for the round trip, Inctnd
Ing board and berth, Is $12.00.
G. G. Tnoxrson.
•or mm •f the Vtoneer
A large number of Cantonites took
InufaelHhof/ulyat Milton.
(teuton streets have been finely
graded, si^walhs extended aud solid
S Injch crossing laid down.
Charles LaWouu has bought Dick
Edwards «r. suction In St. Thoinafc
township. Dick migrates to :Thief
River Falls.
Win. Conlan has built a large exten
sion toJils general atoraand ainabullt
a targe store roum,.Ctyibtn.d&ea a blg
business and he deserves too for he is
as a straight as a string.
., summer here. Mr. McLngan is in
gantly equipped of the quartette, was ecstacles over this beautiful vallev
and says he could not have believed
it,'bad he not seen It for himself.
hanging on the rocks In the Sioux
rapids forty miles up the river, when
we passed, where she had baen for
two weeks, and was liable to stay
tor some time, as a rock bad stove it
big hole in the side and she was sunk
between two big rocks.
We left Bat Portage eight o'clock in
the evening, on EdnaBrydges.in com
msnd of the captain whose surname
she bean. The course through the
lake was one continuous winding be
tween islands, for a distance of sixty
miles, occasionally passing fisheries,
so numerous in these waten. Nearly
all the larger islands have names, and
some of them traditional histories,
either from Indians, or experiences of
early white explorera. One In parti
cular, the Massocie Island, is pointed
out to the pa He tigers. History has it
that nearly a hundred yean ago seven
missionary priests of the Catholic
church took refuge from pursuing
Indians on this Island and they were
followed up and massacred. To
their memorv is erected a large cross.
Half-past three in the morning we
entered the Big Traverse, the largest
bodv of water in the lake,being twen
ty miles north and south and sixty
east and west. The wind was blow
ing strong from the east, which made
the boat rock in good shape,and It was
not long before nearly all on board
were on deck. At five o'clock the boat
landed at the mouth of the Bainy
river, what Is called the Fishery.
Here is a large fish-house o^ned by
an American company, a U. S. cus
toms house in charge of Mr. Highland
and a general store owned by broth
er of the government official. This
"city" Is located on a peninsula fire
miles from the mainland, with a bay
on one side and the lake on the other.
Nearly every one In this neighbor
hood celebrated the fourth at Moun
tain P.O.
Miss Belle Cardlns a sister of Mn.
Geo. Westarrived here last week from
Hamilton, Ont. She will remain all
summer on a visit.
Notwithstanding all the cloudy
wenther and showen which we have
had the past month, the ground here
is not wet more than a foot down.
Some of the wells are about dry, some
thing which has never happened here,
There will be a plc-nic held In John
Staple's grove, half mile east of Mc
Lean P. O. on July 20. There will be
outdoor games, baseball etc. Efforts
are being made to have the Cavalier
and Milton baseball clubs, play that
wovimu viuuBt
two of which the boats have to be as- match game which has been so much
slsted bv capstan to'cllmb,all in about talked about. All are Invited to
a mile distance. A quarter of a mile
from the falls the boat whistles and
a down or more Indians at once pile
In order to haven novelty, George
Spearman has bought Frank Gllllce's
triplet eaves. George gives out
conundrum, "Whr are the triplets
1811 tl,c,u
Crop prospects all through this sec
tlon never promised better, millet, ex
cepted. Long continued cool wenth'
er after seeding retarded the growth
while weeds as usual attended
business. Many intend plowing il
under. We had another heavy rain
on Sunday the I4tb.
Canton in the past has been some
what notorious, owing to the affnoet
open defiance of the prohibition law,
but the last few months a very notice
able change has taken place some at
tribute It to the unexpected visits of
Sheriff McCabe we hope he will con
tlnue to drop in on us.
Both of the Canton district schools
closed Friday for six weeks holidays,
Miss Lou Wright teacher of the No.l,
sent out alargenumberot Invitations
to school board and friends of the
school for a closing day entertain,
ment the dialogues,recitations,songs,
and club swinging, were certainly
good and showed much careful train
Ing on the,part of the teacher.
A nine day wonder has developed
In the finding of a team of horses and
colt, harness and wagon with wood
rack, on Gillis'farm, one mile north
of town. Two men wwc seen driving
the team from liie north, and ap
proaching Canton,they abandoned, the
outfit and nothing has been seen or
heard of them since the horses had
evidently seen rough usage blankets,
coat and bat also two axe-handles
with the heads chopped off were left
In the wagon, one horse was gray the
other a sorrel, the latter has a colt
Theorv la that they were stolen, and
that fearing detection decided to ab
andon the outfit. Frank Gilllce has
the property. Full publicity should
be given the matter, so that those en
titled may get their own.
Hoard of oqmi{MM§'* «Mt nusuant
to adJourntttMit, |Inm ful board.
ibV to adjourn
AdJoUrued untU
UuaM met
tMHi Inclusive, liejuili
UN atioaeon. *v,-
to four
urned by
meat, present full
iUntoived that
JWi. m.
k'the agens ot
Minneapolis Mofthefn
4)0. In Otasston refused to list the
gralu In said elevator by certifying to
the owuen there of (as stated by the
and to notify the agent ot said
Adjourned uutil 2 p.-m.
Itatifl met punuant to adjourn
trip meiit, preseut full board.
itesoi ved that elevator buildings re
mlh MfllBMAlt Kaa
Adjourned until July 11th, 9. a.
Board met
lent, presen
Besolved tl
Board met punuant to'adjourn
it full board
that goods
dlse, class 15, In Batbi
and mercban
itbgate village be
raised 40 per cent the rest to remain
as returned by the assesson.
Board adjourned until July 12th 2 p.m.
Board met punuant to adjourn
ment present J.D. Gordon, chairman,
F. C. Myrlck, Joseph Morrison, T.
Halldonon, and W. Bride.
The board proceeded to cqballxe
and assess the bank stock of the se
veral banlta.
Adlourned until July 13th, I a. m
Board met punuaut to adjourn
ment, present same members.
Besolved that the assessment of
bank stock of the several banka In
Pembina couuty be equalised to ag
gregate the following:
Fint Natl bank of Pembina$23,000 00
do do Bathgate 22,GOO 00
do do 8t. Thomas 24,000 00
Flnt Bank of Drayton 21,600 00
do do cavaDer... .. 2,ooooo
do do Crfqtal 7,000 00
Baukof Hamilton. 6,500 00 v».„.,„«.,v,icni „ivri
do Neche 12,000 00 Intosh were appointed
Farmer's State Bank of St.
Thomas 12,000 00
And that the auditor Is directed to
divide the same regularly among
the stockholdcn returned by the as
sessbra according to number of shares
owned by said stockholders.
Mioutes read and approved.
W. J. Bkidb, J. D. Gordon,
Auditor. Chairman.
Pembina, N. D. July 9tb, 1885.
Board met as couhty commissioners
punuant to adjournment, present
full board
Adjourned to July 10th, 4 p. m.
July 10th, 4 p. m. Houra met pur
suant to adjournment, present, full
board. yv
The following bll|g~V«ere allowed:
J. D.Winlaw for labdrou trans
fer index or hits.'. $ 90 00
John O'Keefc for medicine to
county poor 3 00
W. Douglas for cash paid coun
ty supplies, etc., as per vou
chen 80 36
Annie B. McKentie salary as
clerk reg. of deed office June
1st tu 24th I
N. E. Nelson services ns dep.
reg. of deeds month of June. 90 00
W. Douglas salary as county
treasurer quarter ending
June 30th, 1895 500 00
B. McBride salary as dep. treu
surer month of June 90 00
Mahon & Robinson for work
and lumber Walhalla Bridge
lisper contract 254 85
J. II. Anderson salary as reg.
of deeds quartereudingJune
30th 500 00
K. Samiielson for taking assess
ment books to Loaema and
'J'bliigvalla 3 00
W. II. Moorhcad coffin forcoun
ty poor Margaret, Belganle. 18 50
!. W. Con my for salary and
clerk hire,' April, May, and
L. Freeman for wolf bounty...
George Bates for night watch
In Jail
you cant
Kd. E. Olson Constable fees
Ed. Neven constables fees.
liaWorOudJonsn wltncMrees'.'.
J.W.Hughes Justice
581 25
28 00
Job. Sigurdson lumber and la
bor county poor
Mrs. Gerardine board and care
or couhty poor In April omit
ted last bill
12 54
15 00
Besolved that the offer of the «.•
lette-Herzog Mfg. Co. to line the Jail
for $600 be accepted.
Besolved that certificate No. 196,
1887 tax sale be called in and the au
ditor be authorised to Issue a refund
warrant for the
with subsequ­
ent taxes and Interest at the rate of
7 per cent.
Bills allowed.
B. F. Walters for draylng $ 50
John UJareason for boarding
liauper, April, May and June
Sigurdurdotter... 24 00
Adjourned until July lltli, II a. m.
Boa«d met punuant to adjournment
present full board..
The following bills were allowed:
John Kerr far moving ahd tak
ing rare of pile driver.. $ 2 00
WM. Mclntoshi-for1 services as
county couimlssioifcei'servlccs
and expenses with assessment
books and mileage. 24 00
Besolved that F. C. Myrlck be ap
pointed a committee to attend to the
county property in SouthPemblna
and is hereby Instructed to eject ten
ants not paying rents.
Adjourned until 2 p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment,present J.D. Gordon, chairman,
F. C. Myrlck, Joseph Morrison and
Halldorson, commissioners.
bill allowed.
William Fowler for draylng....$ 50
A petition was presented to the
board asking to have Beaulleu twp.
divided and to organize twp. 182, rng.
56 Into a township to be named Liber
Besolved that the above petition be
taken up and acted upon September
3rd, 1895.
Besolved that George Laney be ap
pointed county constable to fill va
cancy caused by the resignation of
Wm. Laney.
The following bills were allowed.
J. A. Frawley justice fees quart,
er ending June 30th, 1895
PnutmatK Bicycle far Bala. ...
$23 95
A. Schweitzer witness fees
Squires cose
John Alexander witness fees
same case
H. Scbneil witness fees same
E. A. Nevers witness reus
1 10
1 10
Squires, Clover & McAndrcws
N. P. Campbell witness fees
2 20
Clover & McAndrcws case
Mrs. Lheurux witness fees
Clover & McAndrews case...
E. A. Nevers constable fees
sainc case
D. J. Laxdal same case
J. A. Wilson same case
N. P. Campbell same case
John Burns board of 'prisoners
same case
Joseph Ilebert Interpreter in
the above and Clover cases...
F. E. Ilebert Interpreter Nes
bitt case
A. Bechtel constables fees In
Clover and Nesbitt case
D.W.McNellie witness fees Nes
bitt case
Joseph Morin witness fees Nes
bitt case..
1 10
1 40
24 70
3 10
5 10
3 10
5 60
2 20
2 20
7 80
1 40
1 40
4 30
J. D. Trenltolme Juttjice fees
quartly report ending June
Geo. McCabe Sheriff's fees
8 40
Chowles case
George Laney constables fees
same case
Wm. Lanev same case...
BJurnl Dalsted report ending
81 30
11 00
7 15
1 50
1 00
1 50
1 60
4 60
June 30th
John McGillis constables fees
same report
Sveln Elrykson witness fees.
Mn.Gudrun Eirykson
i»™ have a second-handed pneumatic- 'ifLnM E'narson witness fees....
Into their canoe* and stand ready to »jM r»r ut am .mm, i.. Thorarln Stephanson witness..
reeelM the headline to cam It nn "W"1*30-
•OSV1TO vucucwiiiue cam it up bargain. Fint come, fint served, js. Justice fees
tf G. G. Tiiokpson. I Bushford eve...
Freeman Interpreter fees.
2 40
17 60
1 80
lyfocjaae.. 355
K. A. Neven constable* fees... 12 20
Mahew witness fecssamo
$ 1 40
Kllde same 1 10
Joseph Gnilpo same ico
LeylTalllon same.. 1 so
Besolved that F. C. Myrlck be ap
pointed a-committee to view that por
tion of the countv road In Carlisle
township petitioned to be closed nnd
that he be required to report at the
next meeting.
bills allowbd.
J* A., Frawley for printing, amt
ot bill, $8.40amt. allowed... $ 5 00
OH Paulson for labor nt court
room. ........................ 10 75
Boy, labor In court room
Adjourned until Julv 12,1805.
July 12th, 1895. Board met pursn
•ntto adjournment, present J. D.
Gordon, chairman, and commission
era Myrlck, Morrison and llalldorson.
Resolved that the application of
Flecke through D. J. Laxdnl be re
commended to the state auditor for
rebate of 1892 assessment reducing
the same from $2,500 to $1,250.
Braolved that A. A. White be allow
ed to redeem bis unplatted land In
Village of Bathgate for the amount
of original sales exclusive of Interest
since sold.
Besolved that LoulsO'Bey be allow
ed to purchase lot 10, block 53, St.
Thomas City for the sum of $10.00.
A petition was presented signed bv
James Thomson and fifteen others
asking for a grant of $200 to be ex
'nded on the county road north of
_jwesmont and In building a culvert
between sections 6 and 7, twp. 160,
range 50.
Commissioners Morrison and Mc
Jitosh were appointed a committee
to examine the above premises and
report at the next meeting.
Whereas a petition signed by F.
Vosper and seventeen othen asking
this board to turn the road at sec
tlons 7 and 18, twp. 163, range 52 one
of mile north on township
nc at county road running
west from Geroux bridge, being re
Ported as having been duly advertised.
It is therefore resolved that J. D.
Gordon and F. & Myrlck be appointed
a committee to investigate the mat
ter and report at the next meeting,
Adjourned until July 13th.
July 13th, 1895. Board met pur
suant to adlournment, present J. D.
Gordon, chairman and commissioners
l, r' uiiiiiuimiui
Myrlck, Morrison and Halldorson.
Resolved that Joseph Delorla's
»«»tlon for tax deed of lot 2, blot
Pemblnu, be recommended
the state auditor.
Resolved that Josopli Clement's ap
plication for tax deed on north fifty
feet of lots and 2, block 23, Pembi
na City be recommended to the state
auditor, amount belug $10.00.
James Curtis' bill for expenses nnd
extra time In ionncctlon with St.
Tnonins assessment book was allow
ed $17.50.
Adjourned until p. m.
Board met punuant to. adjourn
ment, same members present.
The following bills were allowed:
Joseph Morrison services as
county commissioner $24 00
rhos. Halldorfon same 25 50
KC. Myrlck same is 00
D. Gordon came 24 00
George Luney's bond for county
censtable was approved.
It appearing that the new revenue
law will not go into effect until after
publication and proclomatlon by the
It is therefore incumbent upon this
board to levy the taxes for the ensu
therefore: Be It resolved that
proceed to levy said taxes.
The average expenses of the county
the records In the county auditor's
office Is $42,500, exclusive of road and
bridge expenses.
The tax levy for 1894 was $18,000
which amount was Insufficient to de
fray the necessary expenses of the
fiscal year and amount sufficient to
cover the deficiency should be taken
Into consideration and added thereto.
The estimated expenses for the sever
al county departments are as follows
Auditor's office *3.500
Treasurer's office !. 3500
County Supt. of schools 2,000
States Attorney 1 goo
County Judge ^500
Clerk of the court goo
Countv surveyor and coroner.... 300
Countv commissioners j.ooo
Custodian, Janitor, board and
clothing for prisonen, aud
other Jail expenses 4,000
District court expenses $.000
Refund Warrants 500
Justice court expenses 2,500
Election expenses soo
Books, blanks, stationery and
postage 2,500
Printing and advertising 2,000
Light, fuel and repairs tocoun
ty office's court house and Jail 2,500
Support of poor
Expenses of board of com mis
sionere on Insanity 700
Miscellaneous expenses 2,000
.. Total, $45,900
Less the surplus revenue from
the register of deeds and other
offices and runds 10,900
Total, $35,000
It Is therefore resolved that the
levy for the ensuing year be as fol
For the county fund Including
the support of the support of
the poor 000
For the road and bridge und.. 8,000
for the interest on county
bonds 300
Minutes read and approved.
.Adjourned until Sept. igu.y
J. ItlllDU, .1. P. IIIIION,
Co. Auditor. Cl.airinan.
Township Proceedings.
^Proceedings of township board July
A petition presented by Mr. Defoe
asking to change the road running
through his pasture, for a new road
to be built In the woods along the
river, was laid over to next meeting.
The board of supervisors together
with city council met the commission
en in reference to the city's share of
township bonds.
The commissioners
do not wantany
thing to do about it. so the matter
stands just as it did three veare ago.
It seems very queer that this thine
cannot be settled In some way. I
don sec tne good of lawyers If mat
ters like this can't be attended to
for God's sake lets find out where we
10 8Cnd for Grovcr
The following bills were presented
and on motion allowed:
Walters. Booth for treasurer's
Wm. Baney services as super
visor and work surveying De
foe road..
John Hogan services as super
William Carter making out
road taxillsts
Wm. Carter sevices as clerk
and postage
Antolne Chale services as
Frank Batosh work on road...
Pioneek Express for notices,
election publications, tick
ets, bill heads, letter heads,
John Benville services as over
Louis Boulette assessing town
ship and statistics and one
days clerk hire
Louis Blbeault work surveying
38 80
14 40
30 00
20 00
2 »0
19 95
30 00
—mas Welford services as
Louis Bibault work'on'road
Thomae Boadhouse
ri'Bd. ••••,..... 375
«9" J?otlon board adjourned to meet
July 8th, at 10 o'clock a. m.
July 8th. Board met punuapt
Board stated that they bad seen
Mr. Young In reference to the road
running through Mr. Defoe's farm,
and that he advised them to let tho
matter drop.
The petition presented by Mr. De
foe at the pre meeting waa then
taken up and on motion rejected, as
the board found it almost impossible
to put a road through there for the
Board adjourned slno die.
Wm. Caiitbu,
Dr. H. L. Ennis will be In Hnmllton
on Julv 23rd and 24th, and will be pre
pared to do dental work In all Its
branches. I will make a specialty, of
painless extracting. Anyone having
work in this line that they want done
will do well to come and see mc. I
will be In your town every thirty days.
I will give vou first-class work at rca
sonnble prices, and will guarantee you
satisfactory work or no charges will
be made. 52-1
Bronchos Strayed.
Two bronchos, one steel grey, bra nd
ed 52 on left thigh, and the other
black with white strip lu face and two
white feet, branded with a diamond
with letter G111 center. Strayed Sun
day night. CnAs. Atkinson,
tf Pembina.
Simmonds Sherman Si Co.
Fashionable tailors, Metropolc Ho
tel Block, Kargo, make suits to order
from $12.50 up Write for samples
and self measurment blanks. A rep
resentative of the firm will be in Pem
bina about Sept. 15th. with a full
line of fall and winter samples. 1-12
For Sale.
A McLcllan riding saddle, with bri
dle, as good as new, will be sold
cheap. Call at this office. tf
The New Laws.
The Bismarck Tribune willas usual
furiiish advance copies of session laws
at cheap rates.The book will also con
tain a synopsis of the changes in the
code, and for along time will be the
o«ly way to' find out these changes,
which are numerous and important.
Price 75 cents. Send your orders to
this office. 3otf
For farm loans see,
.... J. D. Theniiolmb,
Agents in North Dakota.
The Northern Pacific will sell tick
ets to all points in North Dakota and
Montana, within the throe hundred
mi'c limit, at rate of fare and one
fifth and to Minnesota points, within
the same limit, at rate of fare and
one-third. Sell July 3rd and 4th with
final limit July 5th.
Do you want a good complexion,fair
skin and good blood? Use Dr Sawyer's
EcllpseSarsaparllla. It invigorates and
gives new life. T. R. Shaw & Co
J. D. Trenholrac of Bathgate cun
advance the money on farm loans the
day the papers ureslgned I8tt
You must stop it! Why? That bad
condition of the blood. The blood is
the lite. Dr. Sawyer's Eclipse Sarsapa
rllla will do the work. T.R.Shaw & Co.
Agents Wanted.
Old established factory, replacing
travellers, with local salesmen, repu
table men can secure uncovered
ground. One agent has
averaged $350.
per month for two years. P. O., 1371,
New York.
There Is no remedy for a depraved con
dition of tlie blood, for restoring new
life and vigor like Dr. Sawyer's Eclip
se Sarsaparllla. T. R. .Shaw & Co.
Did You Ever.
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for
your troubles? If not, get a bottle
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been found to oe peculiarly adapted
to the relief and cure of all female
complaints, exerting a wonderful di
rect influence in giving strength and
tone to the organs. If you have Lots
or Appetite, Constipation, Headache
Fainting Spells, or are Nervous,Sleep
less, Excitable, Melancholy or trou
bled with Dizzy Spells, Electric Bitt
ers is the medicine you need. Health
and Strength arc guaranteed by Its
use. Large bottles only fifty cents at
T. U. Shaw & CO's Drug Store.
Knights of the Maccabeea.
The state commander writes us
from Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "Aft
er trying other medicines for what
seemed to be a very obstinate cough
In our two children we tried Dr.
King's Xew Discovery anil at the end
of two diiys tlii'
entirely left
tliem. We will not be without it
hereafter, as our experience proves
that it cures where all other reme
dies fail,"—Signed F. W. Stevens,
state Com.—Why not give this great
medicine a trial, as it is guaranteed
and trial bottles arc free at T. R.
Shaw & Co. Regular size 50 cents
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A Household Tieanw
W. l-'ullcr, of CanaJoharle.N. Y.,
••ijs that he always keeps Dr. King's
New Disco veiy In the bouse and bis
family has always found the very
best results follow its nee that he
would not be without it, IfMocurable.
G. A. Dykeman Drugglei, Catsklll,
ft. Y.., says that Dr. King's New Dis
covery is undoubtedly the beet Cough
•ay that he has used It In his
ind It has
le claimed
family for eight years, and it has
never faile to do all that le claimed
["P It. why not try a remedy so long
tried and tested. Trial bottles free
atT. B.Shaw&Co's Drug store. Re
gular sice 50c. and 100.
Bucklen's Arnica faalv*.
The best salve in the world forcuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum,
eores, tetter, chapped hands,
obiiDiains, corns and all skin eruptions
and positively cures piles, or no pay
required. It is guaranteed to
feet satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 25 cente per bo*. For sale by
T. R. Shaw ft CO.
Uental Notice
Dr. Bose, dentist, will be
In Pembina from the 1st
iih, Warren on the 13th to
to the 12th
92 00
4 25
27 00
the 20th Argyle on the 21st to the
22nd Steven on the 23rd to the Mth
Hallcck on the £5th to the 3lst.
This will be followed up until further
For Sale.
If you want good work horse,
new milch cow, or a good pony, on
easy terms or for trade, call at John
son &-Holmes' ranch. Three young
shorthorn bulls, one Polled Angus
and one registered Jersey bull. Will
sell or trade these animals, and until
•old will stand for service at the ranch
Sale of
It's an ill wind that blowa no
body good" they say, and it was
a combination of unlucky circum
stances that threw an immense lot
of choice ribbons on the market a
few days ago. Our owl, always?
"Out looking for bargains" with
his ever present companion, se
cured a handsome lot for us. ou
will find our share of them-—200?
pieces in our south window at
Just Half Price!
Think of buying choice AT/f, QtLK
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Maklow Fadden,
I-2 Cents Yd Number
do do
The Homeliest Baby in
the Gity,
Will show off to advantage in a
pair of our Boots.
The Ppettiest Baby in the
Will feel proud in our neat Boots.
There are social ties and kindred ties
And ties in a game of ball
But the Oxford Ties that we advertise
Are the prettiest Ties of all.
We are both surprised and
gratified with the results of our
advertisments, and heartily thank
our numerous patrons for their
generous rally to our great bar
gain offers.
For the next few weeks, we
will from time to time add new
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want every one who comes to our
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Those $12.50 all wool, fine
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