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Unwarranted Government Interference 4
Prevents Kaay Transition From One
........ ataace Aaothe*.
inn anon on
ft" anese now relinquish.
cV Jk
[Adapted from Nast's cartoon in "Robinson. Crusoe'sMoney."]
•n.™ ..
we could be sure that they would al- is that the security for it is a deposit
.3 ways be correct, we could not be sure government bonds. Tbe bank capital
f^tbat the government would always be in the treasury instead of in business
"'able to maintain a sufficient reserve The profits on circulation decline as th
f.-. tor the redemption of the notes. If the bonds ^pcrease in value or tbe rate
Y, "weight of a pound and the length of a interest declines, and the redemptioi
-yard were liable to be changed at any process is slow and ineffective. Thi
,'^time by congress, the uncertainty could disugers of tbe governineiit curr-y
^•.•'hardly be so dangerous as the present and thei deficiencies of the bunk curve
1 ^uncertainty regarding the unit of value, cy are now pretty well recognized, «n(
,y^This explains why so many of the men every day shows increased eamestnbs
^who do tbe business of the country, not in the demands of business men for
j, ftalone in tbe north and east, but also in complete and permanent cure.—Iroip
the south and west, demand the with'Age.'
try, being paid for in gold, practically market there woqld be no talk abon
doubled tbe seller's income when thefree ooinage of aiiin
proceeds were odnverted into
diver. ,=.
[. vt, And this tremendous advantage the
«Tef00anitaeial int^eoane witbUkpfe^,
aadoas of
the wold
wauiug HBIIWW
Co-operativ« B»»Wn Firr
Tbe American Agriculturist of April
again discusses editorially
come abou^t naturally and are therefore What American termers require to relieve
effected easily, if the natural process is them of the present financial strain tinder
allowed to goon undisturbed. Trou-v?i?h ^hey Uvingiathe power to borrow
8al». feasibility of CO-Operative banking
Money is simply a commodity that is it gays, 'by alight modifications of the
generally recognised as a universal system of co-operative
equivalent, and its degree of goodfiess building associations or co-operative
or efficiency consists in the unanimity of banks, which has proved so remarkably
tbe recognition of the fitnessof the com-successful in American cities. These in
modity used as money to perform the «titutions now hold over $500,000,000
essential functions of money. Many of deposits and area thoroughly demon
commodities have been used as money, atrated practical snocess. The Saxon
and they have remained in use as long Land Credit association (a report upon
as they met the essential requirements which can be obtained by writing to
of money among the people where used, the secretary of state, Washington) is a
or until some other commodity appear- modification of the By
edthe fitness of which commended it- which in Prussia and Germany has
self to the intelligence as beiiig superior achieved the same snocess among the
to the commodity then being used. working farmers of those oonntries that
people have advanced in discrim* the co-operative banks have achieved in
inating intelligence they have discard- our American cities. The people's banks
ed inferior commodities and adopted in of Italy and neighboring oonntries, based
place thereof something that wassnpe- upon much the same have had
"or- These changes kept taking plaoe marvelous success. A report giving fur
until finally gold and silver became the ther particulars upon the Saxon Land
commodities that were recognised by Credit association has been published
the people of most countries as being by the department of state for free dis
tbe beet for UBO as money. Sociological tribution,in which Consular Agent Pe
transition is constant. Change is the ters says with a truth that can never be
natural order of things, and changes
nrho. ft™ the lowest possible Interest consistent with
Dions friction ensues only when there is their securities and the conditions in
obstructive governmental interference the great centers of the world. So long as they
to delay or defeat the natural order of must borrow from the local money lender they
rtiingn must pay a high rate of interest for accommo
r_ dation. It is this high rate of interest under
In our own day the stagecoach has which our farmers are now striving and fall
been supplanted by the Steam sabM 'fvs that is responsible for the general unrest
and stagecoaches have practically 'bo- J®"* dissatisfaction. Remove the high rate of
mmn a fVnncr rf tVio nnof Interest, give them the same opportunity to
oome a thing of the past The tallow their credit as men engaged inother Inuri
dip was succeeded by lamps filled with ness, exchange the present mortgage on the
burning fluid or oil, and lamps by illu-farm for one with a reasonable interest, which
minating gas, and gas by electricity. 2*®^rm^1
0811 and
These and many other changes were ac- piness and prosperity.
oomplished with no serious disturbance This question has been solved by the farmers
Whatever, and so it would be with oom- and landholders of Europe, and the solution
mediae.,ed a.
Of governmental obstruction. There etreol&tadamong tho people at a fictitious
would be no threatening money ques- value. Hie end was readied by the farmers
tion in this country today «nrtnnffwring
H,. ..ti _ii operation, by tho founding of association!
the continuity and perpetuity of aU
sident No one can be certain that these why it is inelastic, remaining almost cents an J1.00. Get a 1
3 will be correct in all years to come. If without change from season to season,
a erter, 1
"We cannot afford to
Japan in N«w Ugbt. anxiety ft* the tree coinage of silver
Now that Japan is on the brink of any mom, the Philadelphia North
replacing her currency on the exclusive American (Repi) declares. "Dnltfss
gold basis, we presume that we shall some of tbe nations want free coin
no longer be wonied with fearful vi- age.at onr ratio or thereabout, it is idle
.^'j Bions of her growing industrial suprem- as well as humilia|dng to be importan
"y ,',*-'*71 which was alleged to be due to the ing the great nations to create a market
silver standard. It was affirmed tbat for our silver. For .that is the kernel
-whatever goodft Japan sold in this
among farmers." "This can be done^
fond and
^^^fp^thing left
tor the savings bank, and we will restore hap
lydholdare by thelr own force and co-
whieh intimbbe*^apowerin^
business activity, if the United States whose financial strength waa measured by mil
was not engaged in the banking busi-
land, and
undoubted securities which the public
was only too glad to Invest in.
Among civilized people the days of &ts/Tbls.B«snlt Desirable?
usefulness rf silver as money, except in Should this country alone attempt
subsidiary forms, are numbered, and free coinage of silver at the ratio of 16
filver is going out of use as surely as tp 1, it would thereby give notice that
have the stagecoach and the tallow dip, we are ready to exchange for all comert
and for exactly the same reason—civi-
quantity of gold which is valued at $1
uzation has outgrown tbe conditions in every civilized countxy for a quanti
which necessitated its use. No money ty of silver which represents in tht
has ever come into use at the behest of markets of the world about 50 cents,
government or because of statutory en- in a very short time all gold would
actments,but solely because of recog- disappear, jft would be hoarded to await
sized ability to perform the fnnctions a premium or shipped to countries
of money. —Austin W. Wright in Sound where it is more appreciated. Only sil
Currency. ver would remain our circulating medi
'A New Financial System.
rf,L„ Hianuara wouia DO a aonar wortn nttit ".ccimuy ictumenu ior constipation
chants and maiintoctmer. and taken
ume and redeemability will depend in
jucuiaiuig meai-
upon the opinions of congress and The. teasoh bank circulation has been
"would fluctuate with itn changingvaliM
Government Currency.
"—ZZ ~~o~~ uitwuiwu iiu kxi health and renewed her streneth
in part upon the opinions of the pres- decreasing through a term of years, and Prices 50 cents an. 1 si 00 c*t
ident No one can be certain that these «hv it in Inelaetin. $».U0. Get a bottle
um. We wonld be on a silver basis. Oui prescription in Electric Bitters, and I can
standard would be a dollar worth little cheerfully recomend it for Constipation
this nut, aiod buf.for the' desire for a
The money supply of this countrj
and of the-world 1st large is not con
tWbting, ^.bnt increasing rapidly (2)
inwBing, i.wi woreasmg rapiuiy
Our monetary standard is nothbf lovrprioe of (ana products is caused
but a measure of values. Ppwi itn j^ tr
bility depend growth ^pwin«tltiplf ^ai' tbe'eurtenejt /(S) free ooiuage of
must be raoogniasd as the very' bssS^1-'^1''" woeld not itatfi^ove the condition
^abroad as
prodaction. not by contrac-
homo -if oor':aisaid wouUi' be the cuuee of
is w-*kb
'.'•r .:.-ASSiSTCAi .r
priTatiops to tbe
cla#ser'^nd all perwnu af
No. i,
No. 4,
No.2 O
No. 25 $100
«Combination Tandem,^
No. 9, $50
No. 2, Vi
A Valuable Prescription.1
Editor Morrison of Worthington, Ind.,
writes "You have a valuable
"verycosnny but and Sick Headache, and as a general sys-
41 i_ —J C:-l. TT .1. .. 1
Miiuugi, a icuu ui jwiiB, uuu Prirps 50 rente an.-l 1
tem tonic it has no equal." Mrs. Annie
Stehle, 2625 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago
111., was all run.down, could not eat nor
digest food, had a backache which never
left her and felt tired and weary, but six
bottles of Electric Bitters restored her
fancy price, with a big discount.
N. 'B. A. Excursion to Milwaii\ge.
Teachers and their friends, who con
template attending the N. E. A. meet
ing at Milwaukee, next July, will do well
to see that their tickets read via the Wis
consin Central Lines, from St Paul and
Minneapolis. Elegant day coaches, and
the finest sleeping and dining cars,-com
bined with the best train service, make
the ride a pleasant one. Your nearest
ticket agent can give you full informa
tion, and sell you tickets. JAS. C. POND,
Gen Pass. Agt Milwaukee, Wis. tf
The 10 weeks' session of the summer
school at the Devils Lake Chatauq&i be
gins Tuesday, June 10th. Counes are
offered iti teachers' training, ccftnmon
and high school" branches, shorthand,
business, elocution, music, ath!etics, and
amateur photography* Morningseasion
only. Rates estremely low. Illusttateil
pamphlet and chatauqua progrtttt. ftee,
Special induoements to those'who
early. Write to^lay. C. B^BLAk4Jr,
-ft 'v,»-' •.
When you buy a bicycle exercise ths same judg
farmer would do in buying
a standard make, that yoii can get repairs for in case
you need it.
There area number of factories "manufacturi ng
bicycles exclusively for jjbbing: tfade, sold under differ
ent names in different localities, and with the dose of
the year the name is dropped, and next season the same
bicycle is advertised
an "up-to-date" whesi, at a
-Pgj Special Health Notice.
Property holders within the corporate
limits of the city of Pembina, North Da
kota, will remember that the pariod of
the year has arrived when the public
health demands that the rules hereafter
given should be complied with, and that
all existing nuisances be abated as fol
Tha| wells of our city have become
infected to an extent by the recent high
water. They should be pumped out and
the water should not be drunk from
them for at least three months from the
i^sue of this notice, until it shall h^ve first
•fceen boiled.
2 No slaughter house shall be allowr
ed, neither shall any animals be butch
ered within the city limits. Butchers
please take notice.
8. Manure, dead animals, etc., shall
be removed to the nuisance ground,
north oi the city. Animals must be buri
ed and covered with earth so that no,part
of the body shall be within three feet of
the surface. $r -s..
fiU. $JlSJ
4. Have your privies and Cess-pools
cleaned disinfect .them once in two
weeks during warm weather.. One
pound of copperas to the pail of water
will be sufficient at the intervals.
Animals running at large will/ be
placed in thfe pound by the city manghji.
.6. Merchants will keep their cellars
and surroundings clean, and articles sold,
•free from impurities.
1. Special attention should be given
•your cellai^. by having them thoroughly
dry /well ventilated disinfected with
ciorideofllme* at least once in eveiy
tWoweeks duringthe summer'seasoa
Any pecion not complying vtfth this
ndinance will be puosecnte^ without
3y dfder of J. 'LAMOCRB,
Halth Officer.
No. 6,
Nos.7-8 $30
This is the seventh season we represent the Cresent line of
bicycles. We have SEVENTY-EIGHT of these wheels funning
in Pembina and vicinity and have yet to find the first customer
not perfectly satisfied with his Crescent.
harvester buy of
of monfcy to loan on in^pttived
Money'lutnisbed'on fhort no
We keep on hand tires, inner tubes, valves, valve-stems,
pumps, wood rims, spokes, pedal rubbers, pedal keys, balls,
handle-bar grips, toe clips, saddles, saddle springs, whistles,
bells, cyclometers, bundle carriers, lamps,
Second hand wheels
bought and sold.
Send ,for catalogues.
The ptemiwi described in sach ButrtinM and
which will be sold to satisfy tbeaaiiM^are those
certain uremlees situated in the ooontr of Pern
bins and State of North Dakota, and described as
follows to-wit Tbe eoutheasivqnarter blTthe
southeast quarter (3 8
5 pi—
OTICE l* hereby given that thai certain mort
executed and de'.ivered by Antoine Biau
jutd Madellno Blau, hii wife', mortgagors, to
The Board
W X)
orsecUon twen­
ty-three caa) the east half of the nbrtheaat aoart
er (EX SE*) of section twenty-six (26) and
ot tbe
northwest qnarter
of section, twenty-five (iu town-
ship one hundred and sixty-three (lM) ranse
fifty-six (56) containing one hondredand sixtT
(160) acres Of land more or less, acoordiflg to the
.government survey thereof.
iVk ftna hltnla»l a,«V.i
There will be due on such mortgage at the
date of sale the sum of eMven hotUbed uid slx
ty-pne dollars and forty one cents ($1:161.41) be
sides the attorney's fee and costs and dlsbarae
mentsallowed bylaw.
Dated ai Furgo, North Daitom, this IStft dayof
•The Boahd of Tuusrues of Obuuk
JHO. D. Fabrano,
Purgo, North Dakota
Betore it la too Late.
jr nelmdlimteandnew surroundings
better medicine.
The principal health and pleasure re
"rt* o£toeS«ithwe«t are teacted via
^Sa^t||eRoute.,....Low rates,
For^^dfi^info^Sw inquire of loc
al agenft, ot- address C. C^Camtntcr
notice of Mortcafte Sale Notice of Mortgage kale.
Trustee* of Oberiln ColleK& mort-
giigees, dated the 16th day of March, A. D. elgh
teen hundred ana eighty-dirt* and Hied for re
cord In the office of the Regifttir dT U^edfl of the
county of Pemhina, Territory of Dakota, now
State of North Dakota,^on the ltth dMy of March
A. 1. 1888, and recorded In book 10 of mortga
ges, at page 38, will be forecloeed by a sale of the
premia^B in aneh mortgatie and herelnafter de
scribed, atvihefront door of the ooart honce in
the city of Pembina, in ihei cosi# of Pembina
and State of North Dakota. utthe~Iionr bl two
o'clock p. m. 011 Saturday the third day of Jnly,
1897 to wrtisiy the amount due upon Mud mort
gage on the day of sale.
oflCB is hereby given that that certain mort
executed and delivered by Kudolf F.
Katgelaiid Lena Kargel, his wife, mortgagors to
Kargo LoanAgency, mortgagee, dated the fim
^?y?i A. O. efthteen hundred and
ninety four and flted for record in the office of'
the legleter of deeds of the county of Pembina
and State of North Dakota, on the tenth day of
January A. D. 1895, and recorded in book62 of
mortgages, at page 2il and assigned by said
mortgagee by *n instrument in wrltinc to Ste
Phen J. Mensieg datad the third dayof June A
D-1886, and flled'for record, in said office of the
register of deeds on the 24tfc day of January iSS
and recorded in book S8 of morses "n Dana
888 and 889 will be foreclowd brTiieofSS
premises to such
S5 °y*
and hereinafter de-
scribed at_ the frontdoor of the court hoose in
the city of Pembina, in the connty of Pembina
and state of North DakoU, at the hour of two
o'clock p. m. on Saturday the fifth dav of Tiina
1897 to saticfv the amount due upon Mid mort
gage on the c(ay of sale.
?.h£pr?.?Ii8e8 described in said mortgage and
which will be sold to satisfy the sameTare thoee
Gertaixi premlMs situated in the county of Pem-*
5 'n
North Dakota, and described-"^
The southwest quarter S
w-Wof Mcdon eight (8) township one htmdred
and sixty (160) range fiity-four (ft) containing
according to the government survey5".
Ttore will be due on such mortgage at the date"'
of sale the sum of eleven
liars and twenty-five
•sfeassssfi.!- ™4^sUsfiSuLthirty,85jandcents($l,i88hundred
N°,th Dak0,a*Ulte
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee
Fargo, North Dakota.
It Dot
toowa that rice ia the king:
JiiKi &mwrt"
wyut WU POOIUU (_
of our
ffiLw i^sp^toflontinne. Aedel
twofold graater than the tome-grown
-Look into itt
4A*!miiur is te

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