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The Pioneer Express.
Hotter to Creditor*
In the matter of the estate of George W.
Abttuns, deceaeed:
Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned, ad
ministrator of the estate of George W. Abrams,
late of the City of Pembina, in the County of
"Pembina and State of North Dakota, deceased,
to the crertiti.ra of. and nil persona having claims
i.agaliKl, said decehsed. to exhibit them with the
neccssarv vouchers. within four months after the
first publication of this notice, to said admtnli
•trntor. at Pembina, in »aid Pembina County,
Dated September Wti, A. D. 1897.
First publication on the 17lh day of Septem
ber, A. D. 18!7.
United States Land Ofltae.
Gra Forks, N. D., Sept. 20th, 1887.
Notice is hereby given, putsuant to instruc
tion and in accordance with the directions of
the Secretary of tlie Interior, under the provi
sione of the third section of the act of July 6th.
2884, (28 Stat, 103.) that all of the baildings on
Fort Pembina abandoned military reservation.
Norih Dakota, ronsistins of officer's quarters
barracks, stables, outbuildings, etc, will be off
ered at public sale on tlie. reservation on the 11th:
dav of Docember 1897, commencing at 10 A. M.V
to the highest bidder, at. not less than the
praised value thereof, the purchase money to be
paid at the time of the sale, and the buildings
to be removed from the reservation,within nine-'
ty days from the date of ilie sale, their retention
oil the reservation after that ..time being at the
risk of the pnrchasers.
Approved. JAMES V. BROOKS,
Acting Secretary. CHARLES M. ENGLISH,
12-23 Receiver.
County of Pembina. I 7th Judic.al District.
Merrimac River 8avln(rs Bnnk of Ma"Che3ter,
New Hampshire, plaintiff'vs. Honrv 8. Webster.
Julia £. Webster. Matilda Pecu and tbe Firtt
National Bank ol St. Thomas, defendants.
State of North Dakota to the above named de
,., You are hereby summoned to answer the
complaint In this action and to serve a copy of
your answer upon tbe subscriber within thirty
days atter the service of this summon upon you,
exclusive of the day of service and in case of
your failure to appear and answer, judgment
will be taken sgainst you by default for tbe re
lief demanded in the complaint.
of May
Dated this 19th day of
iv A. I).,,
J. H. B"SAB»,
t" Attorney for the Plaintiff,
Grand Forks. N. D.
The complaint in this case was filed with the
clerk of the district conrr for the County of Pem
bina and State of North Dakota, on the 7th day of
September, A. D., 1897. J. H.
9-14 Attorney for the Plaintiff.
Notice or Mortga|(« Sale.
HERE AS, One Peter Crowder and Frank
Crowder, did on the 1st day of June A. D.
1396, make their certain chattel mortgage of the
following described chattels, to-wit: One chest
nut mare, white stripe on face, aged 7 years,
branded on left hip, to W. J. Kueeshaw to se
cure the payment of the sum of one hundred
and thirty dollars ($130.)
And whereas, default has bceu made in the
terms of said mortgage, in this to-wit That the
said note is long past due aiid no part of the
same has been paid aud there is now actually
due on said note at this date the sum of one hun
dred and afty-one dollars and ten cents (8151.10)
and stitutorv costs of foreclosure.
Now therefore, notice is hereby Riven, that tar
virtue of said mortgage aud by order of said W.
J. Kneeshaw the present owner thereof, I will
sell the above described chattels at the front
door of the post office in the city of Pembina,
county of I'embiua. .Sorth Dakota at the hour of
1 o'clock p. M. of the IGlh day of October A. D.
1897. J. M. KNEESHAW,
Agent for Mortgages.
Dated at Pembina. North Dakota this 7th day
of October A. D. 1897.
Residence and post office address, Pembina,
County of Pembina. (7th Judicial District
Lester F. Thurber. assignee of the Security
Trust Company plaintiff vs. Henry 8. Webster,
Julia E. Webs er, Matilda Peck and the First
National Bank of St. Thomas, defendants.
State of North Dakota to the above named de
You are hereby summoned to answer the com
plaint in this action and to serve a copy of war
answer upon the snbscribsr within thirty days
after the service of this summons upon yon, ex
clusive of the day of service and in case of your
fai.ure to appear and answer, judgment will be
taken aitainst you by default for the relief de
manded In the complaint.
Dated this 5th day of April A. D.. 1W.
Attorney for the Plaintiff,
Grand Forks, N. D.
The complaint in this case waa filed with the
clerk of the district court for the County of Pem
bina and State jf North Dakota, on the 7th day
of September, 1897. J. H. BOSARD.
914 Attorney for the Plaintiff.
Probata Notice.
State of North Dakota, 1 In County Court,
The State of North Dakota, to the above nam
ed respondents and all persons interested in the
estate of William CampTdeceased,
You, and each of yon, are hereby notified that
Frank A. Feldman, the petitioner herein, has fil
ed in this court a document In writing, purport
ing to be the Last Will and Testament of Wil
sHam Camp, late ofthe city of Pembina, In the
county of Pembina and state of North Dakota
deceased, with his petition, praytng for the ad
mission to probate of aald document as tbe Last
and' for
W1U and Testament of said
the issuance to frank. A. Feldman of -letter,
testamentary thereon, and that the said peUtloh
and the proofs of said purported WlUandTesta
wi.'l be heard and duly considered by this,
court, on Friday, the 22nd day of October A.
1887, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of that day, at
the court rooms of this court, ln the county
court house, in the city of. PniMna, cdtmty of
Pembina and state of North Dakota and
You and each of you are 'hereby etttd to be
and appear before this court at said time and
and answer said petition and show Cause,
any there be, why the prayer of said petition
should not be granted.
Bythe court.
Sated the 29th day of September A. D. 1897.
12-15 Judge of Oounty Court
T^EFAULT having beenmadeln the jpayment
the sum of four hundred seven dorian and
Axty-five cents (1407.86) which is claimcd to be
due at the date of this notice neon a oeeU
f»°Mgage |dnly enscntal and deUvered byitel
M. Beynolds and Fred W. Reynolds, her hus
band. to Lorenzo D. Wardwell, bearing date the
2nd day of .September A. D., 1887, and duly re
corded in the oOoeorthe«egiiterofdeedi,in
and for the County of Psmbina and State of
on the 8rd day of September A.
D., 1887, at 9:10 o'clock A. M., in book 14 of mort
gage*, on page 549, aud no action or proceeding
st law or otherwise haying been insdtated 10 re
cover the debt secured by said mortgage, or any
part thereof.
Now therefore, notice is hereby riven, that by
virtue of a power of sale con tainedin said mort-
Before Bon. I,
County of Pembina Conmy. udge.
In the matter of the estate of Will lain Camp,
Frank A Feldmcn, petitioner TB. Augusta
Hancock, respondent.
Citation hearing proof of will.
J»7 mortgage, via: Lots thirteen
pufonrtm (14) and fifteen (U) In block twen
ty-elght (28) hi the town of Hamilton, County of
nnd Territory of Dakota (now State of
register of deeiU^for s*M county, In Pembina
County, and State of North Dakota with the
hereditaments and appurtenanoes will be sold at
public auction, to the highest bidder for cash, to
pay Mid debt and Interest, and tl*1exe» if any,
on said premises, and fifty dollan ($60) attor
ney's lees, stipulated in aad by said mortises
in case of foreclosure, ana the duburssmeatsal
lowed by jaw .whlch imls will be made by the
sheriff or Mid Pembina County or by his deputy,
snerin oi saia rsmnna eonnty or by his deputy,
at ths front dor of the court buuas'in the^Olty
of PemMna tt aud countynnd klats, oa thettra
day of October A.D., llt^kAi.
that day, subject to redemption at any Urns with
inane year from the day of sals, as provided by
Dated September 8th, A. D. 1897.
Hstltt ef Chattel 9isrt|«|* Sale.
XTTHKKBAS, One George Kelly, did, on the 11th
Wd*yof MayA.D.187 makehls certain
chattel mortgage of the following described
chattels, to-wit: All the barley gtown on the
southwest quarter of section number twenty-sev
en. 97) in township one hundred and sixty-two,
OSS) range fifty-two (M) in Pembina oounty,
North Dakota to B. S. Eastman, to secure the
payment of the sum of forty-eight (M6.00) dol
lars, and Interest thereon, acoordtng to the
terms of one promissory note therefore.
And whereas, default has been made in the
terms of said mortgage, In this, to-wit That the
said mortgagor has lertthe country and the said
mortgagee was compelled to harvest and thresh
and save said crop and there Is claimed to be due
at this date the total amount of said note and. In
terest and the expenses for harvesting, thresh
ing,and otherwise caring for saldbarley.
Now therefore, notice is herebv given, that by
virtue of said mortgage, I will sell the above
desoribed chattels at the granary of John A.
Eastman, in Carlisle, County ef Pembina state
of North Dakota, at the hour of 2 o'clock r. M.
of the 18th day of October 1987.
Dated at Carlisle. Pembina county, state of
Noroh Dakota, this 4th day of October 1897.
Dated at Carlisle, Pembina County, State of
North Dakota, tnls 4th day of October, 1887.
Residence and post
North Dakota.
office address,
Stateaieait Anriag the Condition
••'-•K. A
At Pembina, in the State of North Dakota, at
the close of business, October 6th, 1887.
Loan and dI
Overdrafts,secured and unsecured
CT. S. Bonds to secure circulation...
Stocks securities, etc....
Banking house, furniture and fixtures
Other real estaite and mortgagee owned
Due from National banks, (not
reserve agents) (168 70
Due ftolns state banks and
bankers 908 90
Due from approved reserve
-agents ......... .....hm. ........ 18,604 90
Checks and other cash items.. 1,687 96
Notes of other National banks 890 00
Fractional paper enrrency
nickels and cents 81 90
Specie..................... 1,781 60
Legal-tender notes.- 6^85 00
8 8.116 60?
Redemption fund with U. S.
treasurer, 6 per cent of cir
culation) ....._ 662 60
8118,471 68
.. 1,497
13,600 00
6,987 05
16,785 50
4,186 85
'TOTAL-.: -$18S,277 30
Capital stock paid in..
Surplus fund
National Banknotes outstanding.
Individual deposits subjectto
check. 65,771 78
Demand certlflcatesof deposit 8,147 85
960,000 00
7,984 77
11,850 00
Time certificates of deposit... 44,088 97
Cashier's checks outstanding. 89 49
8118,042 48
8188^77 20
County of Pembina,
Gw. W. Ryan cashier of the above named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above stiite
ment is trae to the best of my knowledge and
be'le*. GEO. W. RYAN, Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day
ot October 1897. F. A. WARDWELL
Notary Public.
C.B.HARRIS. S-Dlrectors.
Adopted the Naval Bill.
BERLIN, Oct. 12. —The bandesrath has
adopted tbe naval bill, introduced by
Admiral von Tirpitz, the secretary of
tliu navy, providing for an expenditure
of 410,000,000 marks, to extend over a
period of seveu years.
Charged With Cremating Her.
CANTON, O., Oct. 12.—William ae
Peyster, a well known character, is un
der arrest cn the charge of murdering
his wife. She ran out of their home
wrapped in flameB, her clothing being
souked with oil from a lamp.
Frozen oa ount Ararat.'
ST. PETERSBURG, Oct. 12.—During an
ascent of Mount Ararat, Armenia, by
members of the xecent Geological con
gress, Dr. Stoeber, a professor of medi
cine, was frozen to death.
Pipe Made of a Seal's Tusk.
A pipe made oat of a seal's tusk was
seen at the Weare office recently. The
stem is nearly a foot long and is
quaintly illustrated with representa
tions of life under the arctic circle.
The artist was an Indian, and the
little sketches in India fair show up
very well against the ivory background..
There is a reindeer about to fall un
der the aiwow off an archer. There is a
sledge drawn by dogs. Fir trees, tepees,
a fishing sceiMt wliore the captives are
being brought t» shoce in a net, are all
true to lifa
Another ornament of the same char
acter,,a pair of walrus tuakii with de
lineatiatuof other scenes, with
the fox andthe white polar bear in evi
dence also an Eskimo leveling a gun at
It is said that to add to the terrors of
ovwlajbd travel in the long winter
wild animals are off
wolves will
bedege acampfor days, attacking the
houses and^pindeer as well as die dogt
Mote than oiid caravan has been done to
dfeatii in thip napner, as the whitened
boiS* atrewn^ilQ)ig the tracks show.—
young fellow who worries ex.
Jy in fear that he oannot ftid a
Wife, or xallier girl whan he grants
to make his wife, who is a good cook,
is vsually the one who after the mar*
tiaige fUls to provide the wife In the
caw with anything to fiofJr rttnaiiUsi
Ukdy to
.... ipj
Bkta of
LOSDON, Oct, 11. —NIE
articles in the momiing papers dbwus
the prospeots off arise in the taakMto
if the export of gold to Am«io6 ope.
tinues. The Bank of haa sot
yet raised the prioe of eagles.
Kaipl^m Grant
Vaw TOBK, Oct. 1 L-rTheseven prin*
dpal employers of ooniioe and skylight
makers in Brooklyn have agreed to the
demands off the strikers, who retained
to,work1- »vi-
OOLUKBUS, O., Oct. 11.—Oeozge
Milan, a prominent dtiien of Wllf
mington, O., was shot dead ont|ie
street then J. 0. Martin, a leading
attoiwHU atobrC-)'
AdvertMur IS to
UandelphM^Oiloago,keep this paper oatllc
Consul General Lee and Hannh
Taylor in Conference With
Secretary Day.
Whole Cuban Situation Being
Discussed Prior -to Lee's Re-,
turn to
Two More Battles Result Favor
ably to Cubans-rBlanco's
WASHINGTON, Oct. 13.—Oonsnl Gen
eral Fitzhugh Lee was at the state de
partment early in conference with As
sistant Secretary Day, leaving later for
Warrentown, Va., to attend the funeral
of a friend.. He .viU return to advise
further with officials here, as to the
Cuban situation, it is ^nnclerstood that
the state department is going over with
General Lee an£ Sir.. Bannis Taylor,
ex-minister to Spain, the effect of the
recent cabinet1 dianges, the result off
General Weyler's withdrawal and his
succession by General Blanoo, and other
new phases developed by the accession
of Sagasta. The escape of MissCis*
neros from a Havana prison, through
the efforts of a representative of
the New York Jouinutl, has been
talked over also, the' 'pfevtdling view
beiug that it will not lead to any inter
national complications. General Lee
tiaid that he did not think any serious
question would arise over the incident.
Ex-Minister Taylor/ when asked if
international complications were likely
to arise, answered:
"I think not, and the probable result
will be that Sagasta wUl give a royal
decoration to those who have been good
enough to rid Spain of this troublesome
Mr. Taylor will not disenss the pres
ent situation at Madrid. He is engaged
however, in writing a review of the
political, economic and' diplomatic
lases of the Cuban problem, with
his own views drawn from expe
rience r.t Madrid, and- refuses to
mako any comment in advance of
his carefully prepared review of
the case. The talk of administration
officials with Mr. Taylor and General
Lee has given an accurate view of the
situation, both at Havana and- Madrid,
resulting-from the change of Spanish
cabinet and policy. There is good rea
son to believe that the view communi
cated to the state departmentis that the
accession of Sagasta means a
Fabian Policy of Delay,
not only for the present, but for many
weeks to come, and that no definite
policy for Cuba will be announced for
some time. As evidence of this, it is
pointed out that General Blanoo, the
new captain general of. Cuba, will not
leave for his post before
the 15tji instant. Officials believe
his delparture is more likely
to be deferred until the 20th. The trip
from Barcelona will take about 11 days,
so that the new captain general will
not reach Havana before the early part
of next month. This, it is said, will
permit all pending Cuban questions to
be held in suspense at least until the
new official reaches his post. After
that, it is anticipated the Spanish cab*
inet will desire that General Blanoo be
given time to familiarise himself with
the situation and his 'duties, and to
tnature the policy he isto apidy tothe
island. The execution off that policy,
an allowance of time for a fair trial,
etc., according to those in a position to
accurately judge the situation, will lead
to protracted delays on those subjeots
to which the United States recently
has invited the attention of Spain.
Weyler's Recall Celebrated bjr the Cnbsuaa
tr a Cssple sf TMsrica,
NIW YORK, Oct. 12.—A dispatoh to
The Herald from Tampa, Fla., says
Details of the defeat inflicted on: the
Spanish under Colonel Botger by Gen
era! Castillo on Oct 6 are just to hand.
General Castillo, Major Micarea and
Colonel Andree Hernandez, were en
camped in the Carmen hills. Colonel
Botger, with 1,800 nie^, appeared be
fore the rebels' position early in the
morning. He was expeoted and thfin
eorgentshad occupied three positions.
General Castillo oortansnded tiie cen
ter. He had two tlMid fire guns.
Micares' command was |&e first to open
Are as the Spanish charge^ up, the hilL
Castillo's guns did great 'execution and
the Spaniards1 rietUred in
After rallying his men 'Botger ordered
another charge. In the seoond attack
Botger fell wounded and^' ify' 1,'
His-Ilea iMt Heart wsd Betlred.'
The Spaniards lost 40 killed and 00
wounded, including their commander
and seven officers.^ General Castillo
still holds his position. Rebels under
command of Colonel Laare attacked
the town of Gangre, in Pinar dpi Bio,
before sunrise on Oct. 6, and after sack
ing several stores and setting fire to the
place, the insurgents banged two vol
unteers and four OuMiia who had acted
as guides to the Spanidi troops. On
the approach of a Spanish column the
Geaeral Blaaeo
MADBID, Oct. 19,r-G(eneral Daiikm
Blanoo, tha new uptain general
Cuba, annonn9es.tfa^t the .wjll'aot.
•tow equality ot trtatmant in the
Kiotia seetions of the oonunnni&<
captain general sddu M1^ hf ha#,
gwfttest d^siss to *nd the horrors lof
war, and to establish peace by the sys
tem Which he adopted Jn 1879. The In
habitants off Falma, the btrthplaoe of
General Weylsr, are preparing to give
•im an ovatlonon hi*
ntwn ftwn Caba,
fcokw aod Strauss Ask Hiaa to
Mr. Strauss was selected as the spokes
man of Greater New York. Democracy,
on acoount of his (dose relation with the
conservative business interests of the
city, which Judge Gaynor believed
earlier in the campaign, was adverse to
his candidacy for the office off ttajyor.
Mr. Strauss was empowered Iff the
Demooratio provisional committed to tell
Judge Gaynor that his prospective se
lection for mayor at this time had been
submitted to the business, men of the
city, and approved by them, and that,
the Democratic organization would sup
port him unitedly if he aooepted.
These representations were made to
Judge Gaynor, at the summer home of
Mr. Strauss, and the men discussed'the
matter at length, during a drive to
Lenox.. Judge Gaynor was disinclined
to accept a place on the ticket on ac
count of his'friendly relations with
Henry George, the independant labor
Judge Gaynor said to Messrs. Strauss
and Oroker that Henry George, befote
accepting the #idependent nomination
for mayor, had told him that he would
not run if Judge Gaynor was a candi
date. With this courtesy in mind,
Judge Gaynor hesitated to give his con
sent. He has the matter still under
Store Straw Totes.
ifsw YORK, Oct. 12.—The New Yorker
Herold and the New York Herald have
together made a canvass of the 175,000
German voters as to their preference
for mayor. Henry Goorge, Jefferson
Democrat, is the choice of 49,201 Ger
man voters Seth Low, Citizens Union,
48,282 Van Wyck, Tammany, 44,039
General Tracey, Republican, 27,767
Patrick Gleason, Independent, 5,600.
The Journal and Advertiser's poll of
198,359 voters of Greater New York
shows: Van Wyck, 61,592 Henry
George, 11,416 Seth Low, 44,400 Gen
eral Tracey, 30,951
Over Seven Hundred Men, Well Equipped,
Start fur Alaska.
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 12.—The Call
says that a party of 12 engineers and
surveyors, including Captain Smith,
W. J. H. Eagelstorm, A. W. Blake and
A. B. Shearer, have started for Seattle,
where they will be reinforced by about
750 men. A steamer will be chartered
to carry them to Chilcat inlet, and from
there they will go to Fort Selkirk. One
of the objects of the expedition is to de
termm whether the 300 miles that sep
Yukon at Fort Selkirk from
the ocvi'ii ut Chilcat affords a practica
ble rtuio tor a railroad or not. It is
also proposed to thoroughly prospect
the Yukon country for gold. TW
parties who have organized the formi
dable expedition are from Boston, San
Francisco and Puget sound, and to
thoroughly equip it $200,000 has been
subscribed and paid in. i.
Japan's Invitation Waa Mot to Disease
Simply the Far la Award.
LONDON, Oct. 12. -An tele
gram received here from Yokohama,
says that Japan aooepted the invitation
to send a representative to the sealing
oonferenoe soon to beheld in Washing
ton, on the understanding that "the
whole sealing. question is to be dis
cussed and not simply the questions
which are oovered by the Paris award,
Japan haying no interest in the Priby
loff islands. -j.
Car on tka Cedar FaUs and.Waterloo
Jam pa tbe Track—Several Injured.
•Dxs Monres, Oct 12.—A oar on the
Cedar Falls and Waterloo giwtrlo
Wyak's Plaea on the Tinket.
NEW YOBK, Opt. 13.—The Journal
and Advettiser says: NaUiaia Strauss
and Richard Otoker have held a con
ference at Great Barrington, Mass.,
with Judge William Gaynor of Brook
lyn, and, Colonel William L. Brawn.
Out of this conference It is declared
there will come a readjustment of the
Demooratio city ticket With Jtidge Gay
nor's name in the pilaoe of Bobert A.
Van Wyok's as the candidate of the
party for mayor. It is known that Mr.
Strauss and Mr. Oroker went to Great
Barrington to urge Judge Gaynor's ac
ceptance ot the office and he will be the
candidate if he accepts.
way jumped the track at abridge about
two miles from Waterloo, rolling down
an embankment. The 14 passengers in
the oar were badly shaken up, three or
four of them quite seriously. W. HL
Morton, ia traveling man, was rendered
unconscious and it is feared his
are fatal.
Tenders Invited
Tea Million Dollars
Worth of Bonds,
LONDON, Qot. 12.—The Bank of Mon
treal has invited tenders for £2,000,000
($10,000,000) 2)£ per oent inscribed
stock at not less than 91. Of this
amount £1,000,000 will be applied to
ty off the floating debt of the Domin-
SBDAUA, MO., Oct. 12.—At the Judge
John N. Dolby lead mines in Northeast
Sedalia, a 9-inch vein ot rich ore,
with silver, haa been struck adenth
of less than 15 feet.' 'Yorfy-nlne thou
sand pounds of ore had been taken ont
with picks and shovels, sinoe the mine
was opened a few wiBeks ago, on a
prospect and holders of realty in that
p6*tto«i? of the city are Considerably
worked up, iiiany. of them believing
that Sodaiia is destined to become a
'.Case a«T|rpli«s e* the Coaafc
BA3KjFtMtaw», Oot. 12.rrAooording
to Dr. Winiamson of the San Franoisoo
hoard of health, the first case of real
tjyphns.reoorded on theBwifloooasthas
been discovered at St. Luke's hospital
in this city. The patient, & H. Miller,
aged »yean, haa been taken to tha
peat house.
Cuban Captain General WilJ
Fight Hard Against Being
If Not Left |n Cuba He
•Incite a Reyolt in the
Or Sell Himself to 1Ae Carlists.
Successor to Senor Dopoy
De Lome.
until next June, and if recalled now he'
will ntiliae his influence over the! army
lo create disturbances in the peninsula
er sell hittiself to the Oarlists.
Notwithstandingthat the laM Con
•ervative administration is no .more
than a shattsred remnant, the: organs
of the Conservative press are nothing
backward in vituperating one another,
and thei defunot ministry is so malig
nant in tone, as to clearty betray that
there was no intention whatever oi
surrendering the reins of government
had the qogetTYegfent not introduced
and insisted on the crisiBi
'In oonsequehoe of this the fkllen
magnates of that party are being so
Utterly assailed in the columns of their
own newspapers that their tempers are
said to have suffered in the
more than one has to psrt iulio
life and even from Ma^iti
ijjHls Beeall
Csafssisf of tbe New
WRATH baking powder
eT tha Thlags Whtak
Vxw Ton pot. ».-A dispatch from
Madrid to The Herald says: General'
Weyler will light tooth and nail against! cream of tartar in their propel propor
being removed from Culba. He is trying tions, with perhaps twice their
to terrorise the Liberal- ministry into bined weight of rioe flour, cornstarch
retaining him in oommand. iii Cuba j.w plain flour to insure their keeping.
upon his brow causing no lui.u uierii
ment to the uneoneerned onlookers
The Conservative paper, El National,
has made a dead set against General
Azearraga, attacking him more fleroely
than ever, and Senor Romero Robledo,
the notorious antagonist of Cuban res
form, in wrath at similar tirades against
himself, has stopped his earaiind fled
Southward to the town of his nativity,
Antiquera, where the authorities turned
out to receive him and where the adu
lation of the' villagers will doubtless
compensate him for the harshness and
ridicule of the capital.
To Replace Dnpny Do lome.
MADRID, Oct. 9.—Amongst he diplo
matic changes reported here as being
imminent is that the Duke of Almor
dova or Senor Muruaga will replace
Senor Dnpny De Lome as Spanish min
ister to the United States.
MADBID, Oot. 9.—It is semiofficially
announced that Captain General Wey
ler. at the next session of tlie cabinet wUl
re a a
Administration Hoped liberals Would
Aet Promptly In Cuban Matters.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 9.—The state de
partment has not yet been officially in
formed of the purpose of the Spanish
government to dissolve the cartes in
December, as indicated in the M«ui»id
cablegrams. It was expeoted, however,
that it would be found neoessary for
the cabinet to go tothe oountry in or
der to secure the support of a majority
tor the liberal policy towards Cuba, in
asmuch as the present oortes has a! "Ifnr
Conservative majority whenerer that
party's elements carf be brought to
gether. Disappointment is felt atthe
remote date set for the
for it is presumed that any new pro
gramme for the settlement of Cuban
affairs must be ratified by the oortes,
and it this is not to meet until next
March, the long delay, it is feared^ will
give rise to irritation and per hap* be
beyond the powers of endurance of the
present administration. It ia poMUe
that by a prompt declaration 6f poUegr
towards Cuba, oouched in suish terms
and made poldioin such fashion as tb
bind the government beyond doubt
that the delay will not bc» scric^os in
Sho Tonne Cnbnn Fatrlet. Mo
HATAXA, Oot'. 9. The beantlfal
young Cuban patriot 8enorita Evahgd
inaCossio Cisneros,heroine of' the
sensational adventure with the Spanish
governor of the fide of the Pines, has
••oaped firom tha Casa de
where she had been confined for serosal
months on' a charge of conspiracy
against the crown of Spiin and of an
attempt upon the life of Governor Be
tea, governor ofthe Isle of Piiua.
According to the statements of the
jailers or attendants, she made her es
cape some time Wednesdsy night The
attendants found that one of the iron
harsof the room in whidh she had
been confined had been flled an^ ben*
outward. Tha bar eould not have
been moved eioept by a great out
1of strength, aad alii Am c&xcam*
ktenoes go to prove the eo-opera
tion of outsiders ,)n her escape. The
authorities have not yet seemed any pine
as to the wuereabouts ot Benorita'Kvan
gelina. Several of tbe employes of the
establishment have been arrested.
Pmi.ADit JHlAf Oct. a. —A
of employes of Thonuw DolanA Ca,
the wool ma^uf aoturers, made anotiher
demand for ui lnweaw of IS per oent
In wag* The Om^id waa leftSed
and the weavers, about SOO in huniber,
.want out on strike,
Casidltlons fat
EDWABDB, Miss., Oot. 9.—Teh
of yellow fever were offldalfy reported
during the day, half of them being ool
flNd. The oooditloB of affkirs is some
what improved.
"Onr grandmothers did without hik
ing pbwder and werenot sensibte
any difficulty in preparing quick
dough," writes Ella'Morris Kretsohmar
in The Woman's Heme Companion.
Bat one wonders if results were not
oftentimes crude lieoause of the nice'
owe necessary in (udng soda. In fact,
-there are oertain legends respecting
greenish yellow or spotted biscuit at
whiohthe present generation of house
keepers smile, thanks to baking pow
der. Sbdai an alkali very injurious to
the stomach, should never be used with
out an wsid to render it a neutral salt,
sis bream of tartar, muriatic acid or
sour milk, and the proportion must be
exact or the mixtnre will be either acid
or alkaline.
"Pure baking powders are simply a
mixture of bicarbonate at soda and
is 'a dough as soft as can be handled.'
A little flour more or less will not^
spoil the general result if othiar diree
tions are carefnlly followed."
A Medical Man Says That as a Bale They
Are Flat Bided.
Consumptives have flat sided heads.
This interesting discovery has been
made by Dr. Mark Knapp of New
York. His paper on the subject, read
before the New York County MaHiral
association, is printed in The
One of the conclusions of Dr. Knapp
is that tuberculosis cam neither be in
fectious nor communicable.
It really pnre, they cannot be called in
jurious, the danger lying inathe use of
powders having1 impure ingredients, of
which quantities are doubtless sold
Jafly. So sensible have housekeepers
beooine of these adulterations that many
are going back to the use of soda and
oream of tartar, the use of which, as in
dicated, requires both intelligence and
care. If one., is dependent upon the
average cook a standard baking powder'
is the safest reliance.
"In the making of quick doughs (by
use either of baking powder or soda and
oream of tartar) there are two points
not given in any cookbook, so far as the 1,
writer knowi^ which add greatly to per-1
fection in results. To mate such dough
proceed as follows:
"Into one qqart of flour (measured
before sifting) put a level teaspoonful
of salt and 2 heaping teaspoonfals of
baking powder, ur a level teaspoon
fnl of soda and 2 rounding ones of
cream of'tartar, mix thoroughly with
the hands and then sift twice. Next
add a heaping /tablespoohful of bu
or butter and lard mixed, rub tip
lightly with the hands and again put"
through the sieve, pressing, the last
heavier part through with the fingers or
hand. Now toss the mixture lightly!'
about as when first putting in the bak-'.
ing powder, and it will be fonnd thftt,
the shortening is distributed with per-,N
feet evenness through the flour. Have
ready a scant pint of sweet milk in ar
mixing bowl and into this put half at,
the flour. Beat hard for a few minutes,
when the mixture will be as smooth a8f
satin. Add rapidly the rest of the flour,
roll out quickly, cut (if for biscuit) and 4
bake at once in a rather hot oven.
"Some flours require more wetting
than others, but the rule for guidancto
However this deduction is regarded
by medical men generally, Dr. Knapp
does not intend to be understood as say
ing' that the ftact that a man has a flat
sided head (called medically a piano-'
parietal head) either already has or that
he of necessity is doomed to have tuber
culosis. That this assumption would bo''
absurd Dr. Knapp showq by saying that
centenarians and athletes an recruited!
from the ranks of the plano-parietals.
Nor does he wish^to be understood as
meaning that tuberculosis mwitih. the
oontbor at ahead which previously had"
been of a different shapa Dr. Knapp
says his statements am substantiated by
a few hundred cases, of which 477 were
ooUectedfrom four New York iiwyifati*
In all these casos only four exoeptiona
to the rule ware fonnd.
The most important-- -conclusion
reached by Dr. Knapp is that the foun
dation of tuberculosis is laid in early
life, and therefore the way to save the
adult is to guard the WhlM,
A Xoble Work.
The Woman's Belief oorps, in
tional convention at Buffalo^aooom
plished a noble work. According to the
report made by the national president
Agfiflw ffltt at Tw^^fW|Bpn](n
has endowed and supports a national re
lief oorps home for the wives and moth
«s of soldiers and dependent army
Banes it has led in the founding of
homes in Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin.
California, Illinois, Indiana and
soarijv it founded and supports the me
morial home in Pennsylvania it secured
legislation for the founding of a
1° New York it secured the lagisttartnp
that provides government aid to the des
titutearmy uurses it established indus-.,
trial training for girls at the Ohio Or
phan's home it has built memorial halls
and monuments, and it secured a
movement for patriotic teaching and
flag on every schoolhouse."
Aa. Keaentrlc Anthor.
Those fsmiHar with Paul de Kocs
could gm» ihexiilureoi. ibe u«»ve)ut'
work by a glance at his dress. When r..
writing a oompurntiv ly iwrions imp
tw, he always wore frock i^r oft
military cut uml orauui' »ted with /rags.
If en.^a^tHl ou li^-litur w« rk. hlx
consisted of a bine ftinuel dressings
gown and nn elaboratly «uilroilered^
.i.. ay
I sc
is the
opinion held by Dr. Shrady, editor of
The Medical Record, and. is the opinion
not held by Dr. Wilson and nmofj
ates of the New York eity board of

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