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The pioneer express. [volume] (Pembina, Dakota [N.D.]) 1883-1928, October 22, 1897, Image 1

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-., mti omcaaa. -.
0.g.B«pr«aut»tiYa. K. N. JohMop.
Senator*,B. C. Hanabrough, W. N.Boach.
8SE8feS^S«w :v .p
StataAadltor, N.'B.llaaatuB. -V,1.-
Railroad Ooaiaalaalo—ra. John F. Oibaoa,
Geo H. Keyac, L. L. Walton.
Ba^^lBtendeBt of Publlo Inabractlon, J.
of bnimw^tB. Fan
Oonmlaaloner ot Agriculture and Labor,
H. U. Thomas.
Pint Diatrtet. Judaon LaXoura.Peablna.
8acond Dlatrlct, Jamea Dobie, Tjraar.
Flrat Dlatrlct, Alax Ooacan, Bruce, 3. D.
SewndT^irtrtC^iniomaa Oalnaa, St.
Thomaa, H. N.Joy, Hamilton.
Jadge of the District Chart, Seranth Ju
dicial District. O. B. Bautar. Grafton.
Clark of District Conrt, Frank A. Hart.
OODRTT nmcaaa.
Stataa Attornev. A. Millar. v.
Sltariff. J. I. Trnamnar.
Auditor, Donald Thomaon. ,|
Treasnrer, wlilMw. DooKlasf
Register of Deeds,
M. Chlsholm.
Oonnty Judra, E.
W. Coqmy.
Sapanateadiat of School*, C. B. Jackson.
Sunrajror, F. K. Habert.
Joronar, Dr. J. C, Butte*.
OOVMTY covmsaioinBS.
District, F. C. Xjrrick, Pembina.
dOiatrlet, T.fialldorson, Mountain.
District, Oao. Tartar, Bathgata.f
jrtta DisWctv J. D.Gordon, Srnast
:lUlb District, H. P. Ottam, St. Thomas.
ootrmrJPsneis. ,.
C. H. Asselstlne, Hamilton.
P. H. McMillan, Hamilton.
I. E. Mussall, Drayton*
|jA. Armstrong, Bathgate.
CbarlM Bdwards, Drayton.
AnaHaw Darling, Crystal.
4 A. NeveraTCavalur.
John*Llndaay, St. Thomas.
n, 4.
Pioneer Express.
«a.oo •AATarCTM.
jf lk. Wartwell. G. O. Thomp«on.
Entered at the poat office at Pembina aa sacond
class mail matter.
The inter-Ocenn's more or less es
teemed contemporaries have attacked
the board of county [commissioners tie
cause that body awardedjthe printing «of
the tax list to this paper, payment of the
same to be made at the rates fixed by
law. The commissioners acted in ac
cordance With the advice of the states
attorney, .who held that under the law
the^gftttnty tn^t^oUect twenty cent*, for
•eacti fertft dSscHJrtiM'i^^^
each'rity lot advertised! At^raey^ifi-'
«ral Cowan holds to the same ^opinion
Having collected the lefgal rate for pub
lishing the tax list, Mr. Cowan and Mr.
MiClory both hold that it is .the intent
of[ the statute that the legal rate should
be paid for the publication.—Devil's
Lake Inter-Ocean.
The editor of the Chronotype strikes
it the root of the tree when he says, that
the {principal difficulty in the tax list let
ting is the law itself. There should be
no ambiguity in it There should be
no preference in it The price l^hould
be fixed definitely and the method of
designating papers made perfectly clear,
just as it is in the matter of appointing
the three official papers to publish pro
ceedings. We don't believe it ought to
be made a matter of bidding, bnt of ^de
finite legal rates like other, legal advertis
ing, and the commissioners have |noth
more to do than to designate. We be
Heve that is what the present law intends
to do, but it is not so clear but it gives
room for lawyers to disagree, as will be
noticed by those who read' M. Corwirft
opinion in the proceedings last week and
the opinions of States Attorney McClory,
of Devil's Lake, and Attorney General
Cowan as given by the Inter-Ocean »and
copied in yesterday's daiiy.
What were some of those remarks that
were heralded around from popocratic
stump.. to stump last year, to theeflfeft
Aat ourrafhency was so^ Bhtited and
contracted that uw cpuM do bint*
ness, and that die only hope for a return
to prosperity was through the free coin
age of silver at 16 to l?{flt is quite evi
dent to observant men that sonfe of
these popocrats were laboring under a
mistake, because by reference to the
election returns of 1896 it will be seen
that the free-coinage proposition was not
adopted, and yet here we find in the
country to-day nearly a hundred million
dollars more in circulation than there
was a year ago, and not a dollar of it
free silver. Gold alone has increased in
circulation in the last year over fifty mil
lion dollars.
The statement of Comptroller Eckels
of the United States Treasury in regard
to.thft business inqrovement throughout
the country is very encouraging. He
states that "the improvement has come
rapidly and permeases all lines of indus
try. It began with the agricultural class.
The farmers have large crops and are
getting good prices for them. The cat
tle-raisers atie benefited by a substantial
rise in the price of cattle. The same is
true with the sheep-raisers. This im
provement in agricultural earniugs has
its effect on the railroads by increasing
their earnings. It has put money into
circulation and enabled* people to pay
off their debts, and has therebv benefit
ed the,inerdiant!i."
No civic election has ever^so much in
terested the country at'large as^that now
being canvassed in Greater New York.
Two straight partyJtickets, Democratic
and Republican, |are running, while
H.-nry Geoigels a sort of popimsticm
dependent, and Seth"*L5w is a candidate,
of the Citizens Union, a sort of ''good
government" association. At this time it
looks as if the Tammany man would be
elected by the division of the other par
ties, though Henry George's candidacy
will weaken the strength oi the regular
democracy. There is hot much of pol
itical significance in the fight, except that
whichever patty triumphs,' it will give
them considerable influence in manipu
lating the New York vote£at the Inext
election. 'I:
Aluminum is one of the most abun
dant metals in nature, and yet ten years
ago the average man had never seen a
piece of the pure metal. Then it was
worth five dollars A pound. An Amer
ican solved the problem of, cheap pro
duction and to-day it is rapidly coming
into common use at a cost of production
cf about 50 cents a pound. It has some
qualities that make it very desirably for
many uses. It will not corrode,3 it is
strong and it is remarkably£light. Al
ready they are-talking of building ships
with it
We have read the report of the state
examiner as to the charges against State
Auditor Hannnm for charging for the
services of Ms wife as clerk when she
alleged to ha
market bjr
last week wUK
mou^r. lb
Trfniifrpti takinf
The Methodist Herald of which R. H.
Young formerly of the PIONUK EX
««ns, is otfitor, announces that it will in
lis next issue change its form and
to the Mldland Advocate. Mr Young
hss made an excdlent paper of die Her
aid and undslr dspr name will pntib
wkM Jtii odd wd make the paper
•omuchb«tt«r. .(ni»:..:
.aigjmim w!
dande'at her fath
that her duties were
tit: clerks who- were
of her salary. But
it would have been
there, sheMras
ei^s sick, bed
performed gy
pai^ the
wlille this is
much betteir if^s. Hannum's father had
not beenctak^i^dclc.^
The Hew Gnwn liner William Der
Grosse'^qpopsrai|he ocean in less than
six days trip. She averaged
nearly hour for the entire
distance of over B'O inilbs. This is the
average atet'A of speed on rail
roads ^Di^s^siner is the ^largest now
afloat, and is:6ljp| feet long and 14.0 0
tons measdrefai3iiij^*
Under'the Austrmiian law, nomination
by petition for offices
than state
requires ten f^ asit of the votes cast
for congressman at the previous elecrion.
*, -4
Oot 8L—Sheriff
eoonty anda dep-
m&ty from an infu
a Mr.
OCT SI.-Mrs.
is ^elaiined to have
MIS buslnees
TEOK^AAD who is
«l the London
»p by Canadian
8ph, repre
BoxBAT. OBl. ^'^-An oaatreak of
hM oMmmafa M^ irUlage of JaUao
darr te tti* Pi^ji|ib..j4isMok Twenty
three deaths
mwly been mnwidl, Tha,
was bratRbt h^Heedeewr,
nearly •l.OOOtNQ.
tl.—The stMniV
bit kind of
mads for
& K+
luetgert Juk-y Out Forty-eight
Honrs Without Reaching an
8aid to Have Gained One in th^(
Number Favorable to His
Shortly before noon. Judge Tuthlll,
the attorneys in the case and Luetgeri
were summoned at the jury's request
and a star chamber session was held.
State's Attorney Deneen gave this ver
sion of the affair:
"Judge Tut hill inquired if the jury
had any communication to make. Juror
Harley was his feet in a jiffy and
began askiug questions. He desired
instrnctiouB ou questions of fact. Har-
to leave bttt certain
-—exclude it'eutirely—and then consider
the other evidence and up a ver
dict lrom it. This qnery exeited the
laufiLter of those who were opposed .to
Harley- and it was noticeable that nine
of the jurors laughed. Judge Tuthill
said the question was an improper one
for him to answer. 'Yon have your in
structions,' said his honor. 'Note the
reading of them. You will find that
nearly all of them contain the language
•and if"alter consideration of all the
evidence yoa find beyond a reasonable
doabt, etc.' That should be sufficient.
The conrt cannot now instruct yon
npon a question Of fact. You will re
tire to your jury room and return to
ltu ther consideration of the case.',
The Judge Hail Little to Say.
"That was all that occurred. Sev
eral of the jurors wanted to know hoW
much longer they were going to be kept
in the jury room. Judge Tuthill paid
no attention to the inquiry. Juror
Harley is the man who is holding -the
jury. He ngw has two adherents.
They, are Holabird and Behmiller, but
both of these I believe are weakening.
It looks to me now as if there would be
a disagreement. I,believe that before
Dight the jury will stand 11 to 1, and
the only man who will bring about the
disagreement will be Harley."
At 19:80 Judge Tuthill's oourt was
converted into dining room. Several
tables which during the irial had been
piled high with books, bonesand papers
were covered Igr snowy linen and the
bailiffs busied themselves "setting the
table."' Huge baskets of food and cans
o* coffee wen hoisted up in the freight
elevator and tamght into
The doors of the ooartroom will re
main tightly eloeed until Judge Tuthill
retnrns to hear a verdict. The refore
eentatives of the pr» .•# and all interested
in the trial excepuug the ooansel will
be exdnded from the conrt Evidently
the. IS men «M a long wty frbm arriv
ing'at a decision las the opart attaches
fixed themselves for an afternoon oi
complete repose.
lad|*TalhUh C-rtiaiea Wi|i|il by
tfce Mertli Crawl
CncAOo, Oet il.«—1Tlw ooiulitnan of
Judge Tathill, before whom the Laet
wSs Med, is the IOWI e^ van-
Mis ct slssilpnsl trtsls, Osijlslii of
the metatorS took adva^lMMe eC the
abeenoe ofthehai^ffs and.OMi Kaoeh
FEMBrNTA, ST. P., FRrDArgJ^OCTOT^TT!l=? oo 1897.
Belief Seems to Be General Tbat
a Disagreement Will Be
the Besnlt
CHICAGO, Oot St.—After 48 Honrs
euasultatioa the Luetgert jury seems
bat little. neacsr. an agreement than
when first given the case. The latest
ftnthentle rumor regarding the division
of opinion among: the jurymen is that
nine favor conviction and three acquit
tal. However, little hope is expressed
that a verdict win be reached.
if j4t'',waa-
Dinner wascalleda few minutesbefore
1 otciocb awttthe jtey,4esiHirtsa BGR tlie
two bailiffs, entered and took, tfeeir
seats. They evidently enjoyed the
meal, judging from their time at the
table. It wis some time latiar before
they retind and wen onoe man
locked np.
made In th« payment
foar bundled aaven dolms and
a*?1' l$W).whlch la claimed to be
OMtnuaiieof thia noUce aroa a oartain
delivered by Stella
aolda FrM W. Reynolds, her hn«
Wardwell. bearlns data ihe
Septep11*"* A- 1887, and duly re
ffi. &S. »«*«ike wgWer of deeds, in
County of Pembina and State of
gWgW"*'*.'on ths 8rd 8mtember A.
tt., M8T,*t 0:101 dock
book 14 of mort-
tiRNt °n page 549, aud no action o. proceeding
mtfcwoi olberwiga ba^ng bMn Inatlfaited io re
Cot^ttwawbtaacnradbyastdmortnage,or any
MQw tbergfore, nollce la hereby Ktvec, that hy
vMW0f a power of aale oontateeiln aald mort
gagesMnnrananttothe atatate ia aoch caae
mdesatf provided, the aald surt/aca will be
a, end the premlaaa daacrtbed in and
*ald mortpge,
Lota thirteen
(lOandflnatn(lB)ln block
day of October A l., 1W7, at 11 o'clock
(162) ranee fifty-two (s«)
North Dakota to E. E. Baatman, to
paymeat of the ion or forty-eight ($1840)
•are, and intereat thereon, according to
tentl *f ooa promlasory note therefore.
fiNlrtt (38) in the townof Hamtlton.Connty
?fP*kot» (J®* of
Ho#th Dakota) ai ahpwn bjireoordedplat ofaald
on M® and of record in the office of the
efdMda for aald oonnty, In Pemblua
., and State of North JDakota wlthtbe
^(smmta and aptmrtenancea will be aold at
pabUe auction, to the Wheat bidder for cash, to
pertaaM debt andintereat, and the tazea If any,
"»*»l.a prewlgea, and flfty dolUra CK0) attor
itlpulaud In aad by aafdmertcaee
of foredoaare, ana, the dfaburaementa al
which aalej*rlil be made by the
•kanff ofaald Pembina Oonnty or by hlk deputy,
•t the Jkoat door of the conrt bonaa, In the Cits
of Pemblna in aald county and atate, on the
A. X.
that day, anbject to redemption at any time with
m«M year lrom the day of aale,aa provided by
Jiated September 8th, A. D. 1887.
And'wherea8,default has been made In the
terraa of raid mortgage, In thle, to-wit That tbe
aald mortgagor haa left the country and the aald
ibortgagee was compelled to harveat and thresh
and aave aald crop and there ia claimed to be due
at thia date the total amount ofaald note and in
terpatandtbeezpenMs for harvesting, threah
"d otherwise caring for ealdbarley.
"therefore, notice is hereby given, that by
of said mortgage, I will sell the above
described chattels at the granary of John A.
gaMnjan, in Carlisle, County ef Femblita. state
Of .forth Dakota, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. M,
of the Wth day of October 1397.
Attorner. MortgaRee.
2l«tlee of Chattel iRertcav* Mate.
HBRBAS, One George Kelly.did. on the Utb
May A.D.
chattel*, towTt:
1897 make hia certain
of the following described
All the barley giown on the
INttfS at Carlisle. Pembina county, stale of
Koroa Dakota, this 4th dayof October 1897.
.Dated at .Carlisle, Pembina County, State of
North Dakota, tnis 4th dayof October, 1897.
Residence and post office addreea, Carlisle,
yorth Dakota.
^County of Pemblua. 7th Judicial District.
Iprrtmac Itiver Savings Bank of Manchester,
NOTrfiampsblre,plaintifTiys. Henrys. Webster,
Jlpa E. Webster, Matilda Peck and the
National Bank of St. Thomas, defendants.
State Of North Dakota Io the above named de
^Xpja aire hereby summoned to answer the
cwipnittt In this action and to serve a copy of
ybUr nnswer upon Ihe subscriber within thirty
days alter the service of this summon upon jou,
•exclusive ofthe day of service and in case of
your failure to appear and answeri judgment
wHI be taken against you by default for the re
liardemanded in the complaint.
neted this 19th day of May A. D., 1897.
'.T'-j. J. H. BobAKD.
Attorney for the Plaintiff.
Grand Forks. N. D.
Tlie complaint ui this ease was filed with the
clerk of the- district court for the County, of Peta
.btnaandState of North Dakota, on the 7th day of
September, A. D., 1897. J. H. BOSARD,
8-14 Attorney for the Plain tiff,
Notice to Creditors
Jin the matter of the estate of George W.
Abrams, deceased:
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, ad
ministrator of the estate of George W. Abrams,
late of the City of Pembina, In the County of
Pembina and State of North Dakota, deceased,
to the creditors of, and all persons having claim*
against, aald deceased, to exhibit them with the
necessary vouchers, within four months after the
first pubucitlon of this notice, to said adminis
trator. at Pembina, in said Pembina County,
Dated September 10th, A. D. 1897.
r' 4dministrator.
Flrat publlcSUon on the 17th day of Septem
ber, A. 1). 1897T
County of Pembina.
Letter F. Thurber.
Tnut Company plaintiff vs.
Judicial District
of the Security
tanry 8. Webster.
jilli E. Webt er, Matilda Peck and the First
Nattobal Bank of St. Thomas, defendant*.
State of North Dakota to the above named de
You are hereby summoned to answer the com
plaint in thia action and to serve a copy of your
answer npon the subscriber within thirty days
after the service of thia aammons npon yon, ex
clusive of the day of service and in caae of Tour
fat.ore to appear and answer, judgment will be
taken against you by default for the relief de
manded In the complaint.
Dated thia Bth,day of April A.D, 1007.
Attorney for the Plaintiff,
Grand Forks. N. U.
The complaint in thls caae waa flled with the
clerk o' the district oourt for the County of Pem
bina and State'jf North Dakota, on the 7th day
of September, 1887. J. H. BOSABD.
914 lAttorney for the Plaintiff.
Probate Notice.
State of North Dakota,
In County Court,
Before Hon. B. W.
County of Pembina Conmy. udge.
In the matter of the aetata of William Camp,
Frank A Feldmcn, petitioner va. Augusta
Hancock, reapondent.
Citation hearing proof of will.
The State of North Dakota, to tbe above npiri
ad respondents and all persons Intercated'in the
estate of William Camp, deceased,
Ton, and each of yon, are hereby notified that
Feldman, the petitioner herein, has Sl­
ed in this court a document in writing, purport
ing to be the Last Will aad Tsstaaient of Wil
liam Camp, late of (he city of Pembina, In the
county of Pembina and state of North Dakota
deceased, with his petition, praytng for the ad
mlalon to probate of kald document as the Last
Will and Teatatnent of aald deceased, aad for
tbe issuance to rank
Feldman cf letter,
testamentary thereon, and that the aald petition
aad the proofs ofaald purported Will ana Testa
ment will be heard ana duly considered by thia
oourt, on Friday, the 22nd day of October
1887, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon of that day, at
the court rooms of thia court, la the county
eotirt house, In the city of Pembina, oounty of
Pamblna and state of North Dakota and
You aad each of you are hereby elted to be
and appear before this court at said !UM snd
place aad answer said petition aad Show cause,
If ear theie be, why the prayer Of said petition
should not be granted.
By the court.
Dated the
day of
'J "V*"
Septsartwr 4L D. 1W7.
Judge oiOuiiaty Court,
•. .-•«»
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