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The pioneer express. [volume] (Pembina, Dakota [N.D.]) 1883-1928, April 13, 1900, Image 8

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toMr.ll. H. Millar
tauy, Cavalry
"•7 Manila, P. L, Feb.
Dear Harry:
I received your most welcome letter
and alao the bundle of PIONBBR EX
PRBSSXS, for allofwhichlamdevontly
thankful. What a lot of changes have
taken place in little old Pembina since
the day Albert Cavileer and I paddled
out on the Roaring Red. About all the
young folks seem to have got married.
Weill Harry, we still continue to do
business at the old stand, as you will see
j/'by the addreso above, and I cannot say
«k when we shall move out The greater
impart of the regiment is in barracks now
"j resting up after a very severe and fatigu
ing campaign. We had dress parade
'"'this evening and the adjutant read a re
import from the general commanding the
last campaign, which certainly eulogizes
the 4th Cavalry to the skies it is official
too, so that if there is any satisfaction in
belonging to the military, it is gratifying
to be a member ot a good organization,
Our poor horses suffered terribly they
took out the band horses, and old "Gar
field," my steed, looked forlorn and
saddle sore in fact like the first picture
in the ad "before and after." He whin
nered when he saw me and came over
and nosed me "glad to get back,
I don't have anything to do except
musical duties, being clerk for field staff
and band. This gives me a room of my
own and my own way. In fact I have
more real authority than the drum
major. I burn the lamp all night some
times, in fact it is now quarter, ot twelve.
The weather here continues superb, nice
and cool in the nights and not too warm
in the day time. We go in swimming
i|pnce or twice a day. Think of that you
'0oot wretches shivering, shaking and
wood into the stoves.
I'll send you some photos of scenes in
this vicinity in a shbrt time, with a little
description of each. Kink of showman's
spiel. I can't tell whether they will
interest you much or not, but suppose
you will naturally take a little amuse
ment at some of the pictures of natives.
They are not quite ready yet, but I have
placed my order and soon as they are de
livered will be forwarded.
There is a great future ahead of this
country. The mountains are full -of
mineral, coal, lots of precious stones
found here. The natives have sold lots
of jewelry to the American soldiers. You
can get a nice diamond ring here for 120,
There is no duty on jewelry. In my own
mind, I think that some of these bargains
will turn out to be sells. The' Filipino
and Chinaman are about a team and you
know what Bret Harte says "For ways
that are dark, and tricks that are Vain,*
the heathen Chinee is peculiar."
We've got all kinds of pets round our
quarters a goat, deer, mongoose, four
mtohkeys and threfe native cats. Th^
boys, brought the deer from themoun
tains for a~ regimental rriascot ft'is A
beautiful little" Creature,' wUh"~pathetfer
large, dark eyes and quite tanje. The
monks are a jolly lot of fellers. Goat1*'
all right. Cats, we raised with a spoon
on condensed milk. Mangoose is like a
big, gray ferret, with jet black beads for
eyes. He is a snake's nemesis. When
Mr. Mongoose meets Mr. Snake the
undertaker strikes a job. They say he
can fascinate birds too. All kinds of
lizards here there is a pretty little fellow
looking at me as I write. They are quite
harmless. I have the skin of an iguana
tanned. I had him tied with a rope for a
long time and he seemed to be flourish
ing but I found him dead one day, so
took the pelt oft him. The leather is
much more beautiful than alligator. I
have lots ot curiosities gathered up. I
wish I could send you some things, but
will bring them back with me. I have
made about twenty-five walking canes. I
sold one of them for $2, so they must be
all right. Have got Spanish Dugle,
Mauser rifle, Spanish sword, *three war
bolos (a kind of curved knife about two
feet long,) all kinds of shells and polish
ed sea bean, etc. If I can only get them
all packed away I'll have a collection
when I get back to the States. There is
a rumor going about that we are to be
sent back to the U. S. before long, but I
don't take much stock in it just yet at
any rate, though if justice were done,
they would give the 4th Cavalry, 14th
Infantry and a few other regular regi
ments a rest for awhile and let some of
those new volunteer outfits distinguish
themselves, which no doubt they are
burning to do. I had a nice, long letter
from the mater the afternoon, which put
a rather different complexion on things
in general. It is good to get news from
We had a big time here this evening,
fe", it being the Fiesta (or .least) de San
7- Raphael. Our barracks, you must
know, are built of bamboo and covered
ca'l "nipa" (some
kind of broad grass) and faces the Bay
ss$sj?,of Manila, the water being less than 100
yards distant. Well! while we were at
supper we heaud a most uproarious din
and rushed out to discover the'cause.
Here was a great casco or canoe, with
some kind of a fancy shrine erected on it,
covere£witb wreaths and paper lanterns,
a great crowdof after autoes, with
aboard, accompanying it They
circle round the big canoe'at al
incooceivable speed while keeping
14$ wfth (Jm procession, and you could
bearjrOoraeff think for the "divilish*
Bigj bamboo horns
•ifeketlw nigyirH) yelled, band*
••dthe grande ensemble was
If old Raphael could have been present
he^W^ffc^r*^ et
the hongr done .him, I've no 'ppubt
Well! th^d&np
bArked near our quart
ers and scarfed up two or three more
shrines ancha few more native bands, and
With afe MDOOMplniment of some thous
and Moves Starled for the church, about
a mile distant. In the procession was a
bridal party, of six strong, riding on a
caraboo (or water buffalo) cart' The
cart consists of a platform merely^, on an
axle connecting two wooden wheels, a
most insecufe vehicle. Weill'they had
the bride, groom, some witnesses, or
what not, and a harper, sitting on stools
on the oft and the harper, who was a
large than, was doing his level best The
bride and groom were doling out "nods
and becks tmd wreathed smiles," and
the best man {and bridesmaid glanced
around' haughtily, as if to say "kindly
take stock ot the show." The caraboo,
however, that much maligned (and de
servedly. so') beast must have been of a
of mind, and evidently
a' little more excitement
would add "eclat" to the day's pro
ceedings. Be that as it may, he started
on the keen jump through the crowd and
the sight that followed was something
fierce. The stools bounced about three
feet high at ever$ jilmp. When they
struck the first tree root the poor harper
tried to squash his harp out of sight in
the mud when the bnde disembarked
with fearful velocity plum on top of him.
That old caraboo did certainly do a com
plete job he tore across the back of the
officers' quarters, shedding a stool here,
a nigger there, until he arrived at the
picket line in light marching order, and
proceeded to regale himself. Ifjyou had
heard the good old American whoop
that went up. .when this really funny
occurrence took place, you would have
thought "those boys ain't dead yet"
religious .. turn
thought that
The natives of. these islands' are ex
tremely attentive to their religious duties,
in form at $ny rate and I believe thai
their standard of morality is very high,
but they do like cock fighting. There is
a big one held two or three times a week
at Pasay village. I have attended sev
eral. They use a single gaft, or rather
blade, about three and a half inches long
as sharp all along the blade as a razor.
As a general thing the fight Is over in a
few minutes. Immense sums are wager
ed on them. The Filipinos are arrant
gamblers and although the American
government, or rather military govern
ment, is doing ite utmost to suppress it,
it flourishes both in highways and by
ways. It's a common sight to see a.
piccaninny five years old, with a cigar or
cigarett&stuck in his mouth, gambling
for coppora wKh other children his own
age. The Spanish priests have got these
people properly bluffed. Some of them
bat^lhe pfpnk^ but When sickness or
anything troubles them, "the padre easHy
Now Harry Cold biuv, I've spun you
out quite a of yarn syid supposing the
quality is somewhat inferior, it's late in
the season ^1^:30 p. m.)*and the machin
ery needs/'oititig, so I'll awa' tae ma bed
to sleep, rperc hance to dream of God's
country Sivd old friends, to ail of whom
rememb4{ kindly. S
Barber Shoo.
M$ Hair
1 F*
AVitty the
wqnMUijwrttewWy tlm relig^nis meet
Ever your o'cl friend,
i»i vies,
Contract lar^e ,ts
tsken and goods deliv red
OB short notice. OrJera can
J'lf iSli at the Pioneer Bakery
Ice deliv red to any
«f th C-.ty.
1 W%f FOWLER, prop.
The passing of the year
And the coming of the new, reminds us of the unceasing
flight of time. Another century before us Another twelve
months almost added to the countless ones gone before. An
other season of resolves. Another leaf to be turned. To our
patrons and friends, 'ond and all, we extend the ioys of the
joys of thte season. May the new-born day of this twentieth
pentury bring you thte -ewards of a well spent year and may
it launch you upon the untired waters erf the new year with all
your life's prospects brightened, with energies refreshed and
hopes renewed. A
M. H. MILLER, Jeweler.
This is the time of the year you ought to £32
be looking out for
If you have any idea of buying one the|com.
ing season
©v«rybodys Jcnowowhat »they
are: Further comment is un
The repair department will be better
equipped than ever to do all kinds of work.
I have a few ladies and gents wheels that
were used for renting last season, some only a short
time, including a chainless I had for personal use,
that will be sold cheap.
Pembina. North Dakota,
A W ~r
JO ''f'l
Your dea^r should have Teller and Royal Blue
cigars. If he
no*f write us and we will advise
you where to get them, u,
WINECKE & DOERR, Minneapolis, Minn.
very best
Russell blacksmith shop^
Cavileer Street, an^t
to do all kinds of
Blttiktnllktkf, HMTM ihMin^
For oyer fifty-eight years a
National Family Paper for
farmers and villagers, whose
readers haye represented the
element of our country popul#.
It^gives all important news of the Na
tion and World, the most reliable Market
Reports* Fascinating Short Stories, an
unesccdtled Agricultural Department, Sci
entific i&d "Mechanical Information, Fash
ion Articles for the Women, Humorous
Illustrations for. old and young. It is
'"The P«oele?s Paper" for ike entire Unit-
ed States.
jugular subscription price,
$1.00 per year.
We furnish it with the Pioneer Express for
$ per year. 2.00
S«Mord«ri tothe PIONEER EXP AFSS, Pembina, N. D.
NechesLiye Stock Exch^ige
MIH ,n
For Making old
Houses (inside
and out) look
like new.' I
»i,-i 5
Reasonable prices.
Walhalla Roller Mills.
Best Patent,
Best Bakers,
Little Daisy:
-My Brands are always at the Iropt.' Mer«hanto*
trade soliciteL irlRtlnc specialty. All work wai
a a N
A. A
operation at Niche. Orinding dona'
•nd promptly, at reasonable rates. Also want to purchase
all kinds of live stock at the best market prices. Bring In your
hide, and fufs and get the highest cash prices. ,£
Walhalla, N. D»
•f "i&Ai L'ii,
U. .'fti.

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