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V. S. BaprMenutiTa, B. F. BMldlng.
S«n»ton,H.G.Hmiiatmragh,P. MoCumber
Governor, B. F. Pmnctaler.
LI«ot Governor, J. M.DtrlBe.
BecwUry of
State Tre«rar*r, D. W. MM«IL
Btatt Auditor, A.M.OTttl«n.
Attorney QentrtJ, JobnOowto.
Judge* Sapreme OOTH£ H. j^TOanf, AI
RrMroitd OommiMiotter«, John Simon*
H«nryXHpksonlI. ft Walton..
8nparlDt«isd*nt o( public Iu»tructlon, J.
CommUiloMr of lnramnce, G. W. Hurl*
Cbma&iMWraer of Agrionltat6 Wd iAbor,
First DUtrlot, Judeon LUIouwu Pembi na.
Second DUtrict, Jamw fuller, StThomas
Vint District, W. J. Watt, Hydo Park,
J., D. Wallace, Dragon
Second District, K.H. Bartemayi
Uer, 8ohn Thordaraon, Henael,
Baatemayer, Caya-
Jndse of the Dlatrlct Court, Seventh Ju
dicial DUtrlot, O. B. Bauter.Grafton.
Clerk of Dlltriot Court, A. L. Alrth.
States Attorney, W. J. Burke. «&•-
I. Sw
Sheriff. F. 3*
Auditor, Paul WllliaiM
Treasurer, Robert McBride.
Begister of Deeds, 3, M. Chisbolm.
County Judge, V. Quackcnboah,
Superintendent of Schools, C. E. Jaokeon.
Surveyor, 8 O. McGuta.
Coroner, Dr. 3, F. Brakine,
COUNTY oommaioHsiM.
First Dlatrlct, F. C. Mynck, Pembina.
Second District.
8. J. Slgfuason, Mountain
Third Diatriet, Geo. Taylor,Batlwat*.
Fourth Diatriet, J. P. Hicks, Neche.
Fifth District H. P.
Ottem, St. Thomas.
C. Murphy. Neche.
J. R. Joy. Glasaton. ^V'„
B. H. Bergman. Gardar.
E. L. Buck, Crystal.
Thos. McFadden, Meche.
O. B. Flora,, Walhslla.
Marshall JacVeon, Neche.
A. B. Folllns, C-ystal.«
T3B2M/nB, »a.o©
A. Wardwell. G. G. Thompson,
The Piomn Bxraass is eenl only on the
not be oonttnaed excel* upon request._
_£* The
net order of snhserihers, ahAis oontlnued until
ordered stopped and all •'tearagM p*{d.
The rate of subscription la alike te all, t8.00
per year. Subscribers payinn in advance bare
the choice of sereraipramium papers In addi
"Samnle" or "marked oopiea" are sent as com.
plimentary only, and while wa deaire them to be
considered as invitations to subscribe, they will
ExrUM Is the best advertising
medium in the county, having a more general
-eirenlation thsnany other paper. Card of rates
sent on application.
Entered at the postoBce at Pembina a* ascond
class mall matter.
The Pioneer
{M- If-
These is not much to add tb mque
routine o/the Fargo "Cdmfeiitibn. Har
mony with all that it implies in the future
campaign was apparent and pervaded.
The attendance was very large and full.
There was very little talk, on the surface
at least, ~as to the state candidates.. Con
gressman Spaulding's election would
naturally be recognized as an expression
of appreciation, and the election of the
Senators as delegates is of the same
nature. The election of our own local
candidate Hon. H. L. Holmes, as a dele
gate was conceded from the begining, as
was that of H, C. Plumley of Fargo.
The .presence of delegates to thei grand
lodge A. O. U. W. the attendance at the
U. S. Court with the convention delegates
and Others made. Fargo pretty well
-crowded, and probably a hundred people
found no place to sleep the first night
There were at least 50 and probably as
many as 75 people from Pembina coanty
there, Many delegates from other coun
ties, formerly of this county, came around
to talk of old times and renew old ao
quaintances, and one sees a large number
of old friends at these gatherings
Fargo is growing rapidly and is a beaut
iful as well as a business city. One of the
new buildings going up and partially
finished is the Masonic Temple, within
whose walls are three large halls, a com
plete theatre holding a thousand people
or more, and innumerable smaller rooms
for various purposes, all o! which is for
the use of various Masonic bodies. It
has cost $52,000 fco far and will cost half
as much more to finish.
There was a jolly crowd down from
Neche one day this week and headed by
Hon. Alex. Mutphy and marshalled by
H. L. Holmes, they made a raid on this
office. When we taw privates Lampman
Wylie, Turner and other, gonial and well
faces, We
felt comparative securi-
ty, and when Will Crawlord stepped for
ward and presented us with a properly
christened shirt with the explanation thai
it was tb be worn during ourtunvas for
Governor, our heart responded to the
generous kindness and our lips moisten
-ratitude. No«r, that we
have a shirt, if.Bro. Watdwell will:
-his animosity for the time and loan us his
collar that hM 'wears on G. A. R. and
sts.te occassions the campaign could be
forinallyopenfed.—Pink Paper.
Brother Wilson is certainly welcomed
.i^eiOilh ofour only collar. But he should
ll^^foiY^^re is apO{Ailarprejudice a
"^pi^i|j^|j(^q^:^ ^didat^S'. with
''jcollart around their q^cks."
wfc.,' ,v
Judicial Convention.
A Republican Convention of the sev
enth judicial district of North Dakota,for
the purpose of placing in nomination «.
candia&te for District Judge of Said dist
rict, wil) be held at the court house in
the city of Ltpigdon, North Dakota, oh
July 17th,. A. D., at one o'clock p, m., of
said day.
The basis ot representation shall be the
same as determined by .the republican
state central committee in its call for the
various state conventions for the year
1900 and itfii efttitie the counties of the
district to the following delegates, to wit:
Cavalier, 21.
Pembina, 33,
Walsh, «V. 33.
Per order of the republican judicial
district committee.
F. H. Sprague, Secretary.
The editor of the Pink Paper got some
what warm,: to the extent of a column of
editorial, because we intimated that
'fusion" had resulted in demoralization
and confusion. In that said column the
Pink Paper makes some remarkable
statements, or at least what the casual
reader would take as statements. One is
that,our statement contained "ingram
maticisms" though the P. P. quotes us
incorrectly. Then it claims Washington
as a fusionist, also McKinley, also the re
publican party, also, that no party can
win without fusion. Then the P. P. says,
"continuing the P. E. says." As the con
tinuing was a separate and distinct edi
torial, we remark the use of the word
"continuing." However in answer to
this the P. P. states that the "outspoken
sympathy for the Philippinos came al
most exclusively from the rebublicans,'
and that, anybody that says "that the
democratic party wishes anything but
success, to our boys in the Philippines or
hopes for a speedy and successful termin
ation of the war in as false as the corrupt
and irresponsible press that giyes utter
ances to calumny." As we expresed al
most the same sentiment in reference to
the democrats we are glad that the P. P.
does not class us in the aforesaid "cor
rupt and irresponsible press, etc.
What we said was, that every true citi
zen wants the fighting in the Philippines
to cease, and tibat this was the read seati
as a whole.
be a victory for them, and they
jet that impression largely from, demo
cratic resolutions like those passed at
Cavalier last week denoundng "mihtar
ism and imperialism." -r
The,P. P. then goes on to say,
"Turning,again to fusion we can say
we expect a fusion ot those opposed to
Hannaism, jobbery and insincerity, under
the old democratic banner to elect Bryan
But in another editorial column the P.P.
also expresses its real views on fusion and
answers its own fusion argument in the
following manner. "The less one has to
do with these half fish, half flesh fellows
the better. If they can't be democrats
let them be populists or republicans. Is
sues are so clearly defined now that no
one need hesitate and it is a time to be
As arguments for fusion the editorials
Of the P. P. are in themselves sadly lack'
ihg the quality they speak of.
We beat the Major in a fair game of
"seben come 'leben" and now that green
eyed, old, monstrosity jealously inti
mates, in the Forum, that our legs wob
ble—when we are in Moorehead.
There was quite an undercurrent of
feeling at the Fargo convention for Geo.
B. Winship for governor, but Grand
Forks, —well, it is apt to fork in politics.
The city marshal is going the rounds
with an elevated nose. People who have
neglected paying their contribution to
the nuisance ground this spring should
look out for him. Seriously speaking,
all should get cleaned Up before Memor
orial day.
The Editorial Association will meet at
Devils lake July 7th. The executive
committee met at Fargo last week and
appointed committees to carry out arr
rapgements and program. Everything
^points to the largest and Vest gathering
of editors yet held in the state.
I considei- it not' only a pleasure btit a
dutyloweto my neighbors to tell about
the wonderful cure effected in my case by
the timely use of Chamberlain's Colk,
Choler^and Djarrhoea Kennedy. I was
taken yfry badly with flu*, and procured
bottiejof this remedy. A few doses Of
it effected a permanent cure, I take
pKeasiM in recommending it toothers
sufering from lre^dfui diseaae.-rj.
W tvKCH, Dorr, Thfcp rtmedy
^,sold 6y
n, i«
iPfiJMBrtSTA* N. D., FRIDAY, MAY 25, 1900.
Real Estate. Transfers.
The following is a list of real estate
transfers made from May 2nd to May
14th, 1900: .....
Fraser to A Emmerling and
E Lee lot 6, block 18, Walhalla.f 75
Agnes Gavin and husband to
McCurdy hfswqr,17 and hf
nw qr 20-10156, Beaulieu.......
W Wilder to E A Taylor nw qr
seqr7.160-54, Midland.........
Mary Bauer to Thos Trenbeath ne
qr 11-163-54, St Joe
Taylor and husband to A
Chambers ne qr 27-181-53, Ham.
A Emmerling. and E Lee to Geo
Campbell sw qr 13-162-52, Carl.
Benjamin to E Best lot 8,
blk 41, Walhalla
Sheriff to Emerson sw qr 23
161-51, joliette
Carson to E Wright hf
sw qr and sw qr nw qr 19-163-56,
Remonstrators against removal of the
Corbett bridge appeared before the
board and filed a petition against remov
al of said bridge and asked that the ap
proaches to said bridge be repaired,
after hearing petitioners it was resolved
that the board view the quarter line run'
ning west of said bridge with a view ot
nfarinr same thereon.
iRhle petitioned beihg in favor at bav
line and in accordance wita aoove res
tuition the petitioners Withdrew remon
strance against removal.
County auditor authorized to issue tax
deed toW Foster on lots 9 to 12, 3
lots 16 to 19, 4 Its 3 6 7 8 and 13 to 24,
5 Its 12, 16 Its 12, 17 Its 1819
27 Its 3 4 5, 26,Foster's add to Bath
gate, uponpayment of original sales for
1898 ana 1899 county auditor authorized
to cancel all other taxes.
Auditor and treasurer authorized to
accept original tax in full payment tor
taxes assessed against 16, 1, McKert
zie's add to Cavalier, for 1895-96-99.
Auditor authorized to issue tax deed to
Frank Bouvette on 13, 18, Pembina,
upon payment of original sales.
Auditor authorized to to issue warrant
for 950 being value of Warrant No. 99,1
Chevalier endorsed to Jos Morin on
ditch No 1.
Board adjourned until 9 a. m. May 16.
Board met as per adjournment pres
ent Myrick, Sigfusson, Taylor, Ottem.
Board adjourned to view the Corbett
bridge site until 2 p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
same members present
Bills audited and allowed:'
A E Thompson, goods co poor, .f 5 00
....... 8 70
75 45
18 50
9 20
30 43
15 00
34 00
59 50
4 50
Full, goods, jail....
do do county poor...
Childerhose&* Gibson goods, poor
Williams, postage.
E Thorwaldson, goods,, co poor.
Dr Halldorson, prof services....
do do ....
Pioneer Express, blanks etc.....
Dr Halldorson, medicine,, pqor..
TO Thorsteinson, labor at court
house 6 days..................
Walters, fees, insanity cases,
do boarding prisoners..
FrancisDeFoe, wood, co poor..
Wm Russell, electric lights......
Dr Hood, prof services co poor
Dr James, board of health and
Campbell lots 7 8, 19, Walh'la 270
W Parker to Gordon lot 1
W hf 2, 19, Walhalla
Henkel to Adam Patten hf ne I
qr, hf se qr 11-163-55, St Joe.. 1,600
S Bean to S Sargent Co sw
qr 11-161-51, Toliette
James Coloton and wife to Dan'l
Musselman toW Bradley lots
21,22,23,24and 25, 10, Cryst'l
John Thordarson to Colter
lot 16, 2, Canton. "A*i]30
Pembina, N. D., May 14,1900.'
Board met as per adjournment present,
Ottem and Sigfussoa Adjourned until
May 15 at 9 a. m. for want of quorum.
Board met as per adjournment pres
ent Myrick, Sigfusson, Ottem and Taylor
Routine business occupied the fore
noon session. Board adjourned until
1:30 p. m.
Board met as per adjournment, same
members present.
County treasurer to accept original tax
sales amounting to 97.80 in payment for
all .taxes against lot 5, block 23, Pembina.
Keeley Institute, board and treat
ment O'Toole 120 00
Polk & Co, gazetteer 6 00
A Ulm, medicine, co poor.... 15 00
Fred Hodgson, wolf bounty 1 00
McFarland, do 1 00
pO'Hara, do 14 00
Howell, do 4 00
Brady work at court house... 3 25
Board adjourned until 9 a. m. May 17.
Board met as per adjournment pres
ent full board.
Resolved that each county commis
sioner be and is hereby appointed ap
praiser of estrays for his respective com
missioner dist during his term of office.
Following bills audited and allowed:
Wm Crawford, goods, co poor. .9 24 25
Mrs Thompson, boaaa co poor.. 20 00
A Heath, boardS O McGuin, co
surveyor 4 00
SO McGuin, surveying 18 75
Fred Farrow, attendace at court. 12 00
Wm Hunter, livery 7 50
Board adjourned until 2 p. tn.
•Board met as per adjournment? pres
ent full board.
Bills audited and allowed:
ohn Conrad, board co poor 9 30 00
IF Walters, washing cleaning jail 9 00
do cash advanced to
Halldorson of Joliette
J'Farrow, attendance at court,
postage, lees etc
Walker Bros, books blank etc..
Simpkins, goods, co poor
Chas Saylor, goods, co poor.....
Patteson, wooa, co poor....
John Hugh, livery for doctor....
W A Murphy, transport' pauper.
12 00
10 50
27 30
10 50
12 00
38 00
16 00
30 00
10 00
Quackenbush, fees, insanity...
A no a he
Bill of S Hager for)pUblishing meet
ing- of assessors 92,40 and notice of
teacher's examination 91.75 considered
and the item of 91.75 for notice of teach
er's examination allowed, item of 92.40
for publishing assessor's meeting dis
allowed on the grounds of having no
authorization to publish same. Mr.
Taylor voting against the allowance of
either bill on th^ grounds of the St.
Thomas Times not -being ah official
Reykjalin, goods, co pofr. ,$£7 75
E^ilson, care co poor.^
^15 00
if Reykjalin, goods, coCpCMMF^
Pink Paper, stationary...... .»iv
E W Conmy, insanity-fees?y \.i.:.f
Resolved that hereafter or
le^el notices published in
.than oQckl papers Will not be
by |hi*board and- that a|l bills for same
be disallowed. -v
ChMbphp, posU^e,.' S3,50,
ibley & Robinson balance on
contract and extra pile drivipg.l08|
Akri»twp, fillingapproa^hea .... 20
FS Cheney, goods, co poor and'
wprit at,court houses IS
McDonald^blackaniith work. 4|
©S |{ager,^Qiie#y.
10 00
47 60
151 50
E Herald assessment books etc 324 85
Stephenson, guarding insane. 12 00
Seblin, goods destroyed 7 00
Gudmundson, cutting wood... 3 75
A'GXJtnij'tiiecllLine, co
McBride, stenographer fees.... 71 80
do cash advanced co poor 20 00
do do Brady, bailiff
do do interpreters....
do expressage, rent etc..
os LaRouque, wolf bounty
6 00
40 43
1 00
10 00
17 00
5 75
3 00
15 00
2 50
Leifur, work at court house
Auditor authorized to assign
cates Nos.' 530, ,531 532 sale of 1895 to E
W Conmy upon payment to the county
treasurer of 941.44, same being amount
of the original sales on said certificates.
Meriam Bros, undeataking exp'ns (29 50
Dr Farrow, medical treatment to
co poor 22 50
4 00
14 20
15 00
LeGrambois, rent, co poor...
Auger, stenographer fees
PC Donovan, wood, co.pocr...
Moved by Ottem and seconded by Sig
fusson that the road petition from St.
Joseph township signed by Sisson
and six others be referred to township
board of St Joseph township in accord
ance with chapter 97, session laws of
1899 motion carried.
Auditor authorized to issue tax deed
to Chas Atkinson on lots 2 3 4 5 131415
16 17 18 9, Pembina, upon payment to
treasurer of 946.35, being the amount of
sales for 1893,1894,1898,1899 auditor
authorized to cancel all other taxes.
Auditor and treasurer authorized to
accept- original amount of tax sales
against east 50 feet, lot A, block 9, city
of Pembina.
Board adjourned until 9 a. m. May 18.
Board met as per adjournment pres
ent full board.
[To be continued.] ft
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WINE OF TAR SYRUP for this terrible and
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to nearest ticjket agent
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office orcgii
PemMaa. N. mJJ
Where**, ctttaWfcwxa ffti
gad merchmadtoe, hjM* «*a
caetomi wafthqaiM In
•old »cco«itla|t to it
Puabtna,|l.D. Dwcrip
diae myb*
s? -y.
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We have just received some vehicles that will
please you, both as to quality and price.
special values in
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