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writes '#v-
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learn how and why.
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Flax fl.65.
Free With The Pioneer Express
The Farmer.
The New York Tribune.
The Twice-a-week Minneapolis Tribune.
Pembina County Fair
July 18th, 19th and 20.li,
at Hamilton,
The county board with full member
ship has been in session this Week.
The Pembina band received a proposi
tion yesterday from Hallson, to furnish
music on the 4th of July.
Sheriff Farrow took Joseph Houie to
Bismarck on Sunday to remain there
luring the remainder of his natural life.
W. C.T. U. will meet with Mrs. Ryan
fiisafternoon at 4:30 to elect delegates
county convention, a full attendance
The sale at the customs advertised for
ist week was adjourned until to-day at
o'clock. There is quite an assortment
clothing, silk, a sofa, watches, etc.
Dan Rondeau and family left Kfsterday
on an overland trip to the Turtle moun
tains to visit relatives, and may locate on
a claim if a suitable one can be found.
The Salvation Army picnic in Mr.
Daniel Shannon's grove, Joliette, will be
held on Tuesday, June 26th, one week
later than stated in last week's issue.
The city and the township
boards were in session at the city hall on
Monday. There seemed to be no kicks
coming on the work of the respective
Programs are out for the Hallock
races, Julv 3rd, 4th and 5th. $1,500 are
offered in prizes free-for-all trot 3300,
etc. With these inducements Hallock
will have a big crowd.
School election next Tuesday, 19th.
Mr* 'T. L. Price as director and G. W.
Ryan as treasurer end their terms. Both
good men for the place and better run
them again. Ladies can vote at this
F..S. Cheney went to Neche Tuesday
and shipped a carload of old iron he had
bought there, and yesterday he was at
Cavalier on the same mission. Mr,
the iron business like Rockefeller
regions this week and ruled a little high
er than for any previous time this year.
We expect to see long editorials in our
down east democratic exchanges laying
the high price of bread to some great
western trust and monopoly.
The damage to flax by cut
very serious in many localities in this
R. A. Rubert has decided to close
the Hallock Laundry, the work of that
kind being so much divided that it does
not pay. Mr. Rubert turned out good
work and many will be sorry to hear of
his intention to go out of business.—
Hallock Enterprise.
Rev. S. F. Beer, of Larigddii. will fill
Rev. Mr. Dingle's iappointments at Joli
ette, Carlisle and Pembina next Sunday.
Rev. Mr. Dingle, with his wife, left on
Tuesday for an overland trip to I
uneney seems to have a monopoly on friends who will give them many good
wishes. Mr. Carson is at present in the
Bank of Neche, but expects to take the
a.start.to7a.rdsi.th|e uPper
where he will assist Mr. Beer in a -series
of meetings and preach there on Sunday.
There will be no services in the Pres
byterian drarch Sunday evening on ac
count of illness of Rev. Mr. Hall.
The bank and court house are each
being treated to a coat of paint outside,
R. Moorhead is doing the lofty work
on the court house tower, •.
The Pembina second nine met the St
Vincentites' crack team on the home
grounds on Tuesday evening for five
innings with a score oi 11 to
of the Pembina kids.
Garnett Bros., of St. Thomas, N. D.,
who recently bought a large tract of land is
between this city and Red River, brought
over fifty head of horses, Tuesday and
thirty more yesterday. They have al
ready erected suitable buildings and
barns and the work of breaking up the
land will commence immediately.—Hal
lock Enterprise.
The Long Distance Telephone is being
connected direct with the court house
this week. When completed and the
proposed connections with Drayton and a*} «,
Walhalla, then any person can talk ear ~tnp-
to ear, if not eye to eye, with any county
officer direct, from any large town in the
county for a nominal,sum.
The Christian Endeavor convention -—••&>
has been in session at the Presbyterian Heyrock, Cavaiier R. Baskin
church here for two days and will close ^a.V!r(?a^
to-day. A large attendance is present
from all over the county and a very in
Testing programme is being carried
out. Owin? to the session being in pro
gress as we go to press we defer further
perticulars until next week.
At the republican caucus held on Mon
day evening to elect delegates to the
county judicial convention, which meets
at Cavalier to-day, Swain Thorwaldson
was elected chairman and Geo. Peterson
secretary and 42 votes were cast The
following delegates were elected: F. A.
Wardwell, F. A. Hart, Paul Williams,
Geo. Peterson, V. Quackenbush, Bran
den Johnson, Amos DeLisle, Ab. Simp
A heavy shower during the hour pre
vious to Dr. May's lecture on Monday
evening interfered with attendance of
some out of town people, but a fair
sized audience gathered and listened to
one of the best treats of the season. Dr.
May's descriptive powers are superlative,
and wit and eloquence abound. Dr.
May gives a most enjoyable hour and a
half to his audiences.
A good rain Friday and more or less
good showers at other times since have
wet the surface pretty well all over the
county. Though too late to repair all
damage made the hot winds and
drouth, yet it has come soon enough to
save what is left and of that the reports
are somewhat conflicting, except that
much damage has been done, enough to
materially reduce the average yield.
Somone, either through malice afore
thought, or possibly without a realizing
sense of the devilishness of the deed,
has thrown stones through the beautiful
colored glass windows of the Episcopal
church. Three stones were found, one
of such size that it precludes the idea of
being thrown by a "sling shot" Mr. E.
M. Nixon offers a reward of 95 for infor
mation that will convict the guilty person
or persons. ...
Ferguson & Garrett is the style of
new law, land and insurance firm at
Drayton. The members are Mr. Robt
Feguson, who has been established at
that point for some years and Mr. W. Ri
Garrett, formerly in business at Cavalier,'
but who for a couple of years has been at
various localities in tHfe east and south,
but returns with-the remark that one
needs to travel to learn the superiorities
of North Dakota. Success to the new
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Carson of Neche
were at the Winchester house yesterday.
The parties were married Wednesday at
Hallock. Mrs. Carson being formerly
Miss Dora Lindsay of St Thomas. Both
Mr. and Mrs. Carson are well and favor
ably known by '-'J ""-re ui
very large circle of ST
position of cashier of the BathgateBank
gionsthis week and ruled a little high- in the near future. licensed to preach the gospel. Wednes-
Cards of invitation have been received
by friends in this city announcing the
marriage on June 20th of Clinton J. Tripp School
to Miss Orrell Ruth, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. F. Jurrue of Warren, Minnesota.
worms is ......UMUUI.
Mr* TriPP
wil1 be
county. In some cases they have
down the second sowing. We have
never before heard of so much harm
caused by these pests. Heretofore the
damage has been only local in spots
remembered as the
.. nephew of Mrs. Annie Rose, formerly
Mrs. Annie Winchester, who resided
here with her for some time. Miss
Jurrue is the daughter of the manager of
the Warren Roller Mills. Many old
friends will send good wishes to Mr.
up Tripp and his bride.
The "Pembina Navigation Company
have been compelled to lay up their
gasoline launch on account of the low
stage of water in the Red River. Every
time the boat has gone out lately it would
get stuck on the bars, and someone
w6uld have to pull off their shoes and
waicle in and pull it off. The main chan
nel of the river is less than twenty feet
wide in many places and outside of the
channel the water don't average eigh
teen inches deep. The Red is lower than
ever known to the oldest settlers.
Mrs. LaMoure Jr. left for Minneapolis _F„
Mr. and Mis. Aug. Sfaoft left yesterday
... Business College Wednesday
4 in favor spending a couple of weeks at home.
Rev. W. J. Hall was taken ill just at
the meeting of the Presbytery and was
day for a pleasure and prospecting trip
Judson LaMoure, E. K.
Robert .Mountain left on
Bemidji, Minnesota on a two week's
T- R'and T* H*Shaw
Wednesday to join them
The following is a list
of Pembina
county people registered at the Pembina
House during the week: Friday-A.
House during the week: Friday—A.
Harris, Wm. Young, Hamilton John
Jollie, Glasston D. McLarty, Hyde
Park. Wednesday—P. Quigley, W. H.
Johnson, Glasston F. H. Hamilton,
Hamilton John Thomson, Bathgate R.
Menzie, Hamilton.
Following are some Pembina county
and other well known people who reg
istered at the Winchester during the
week: Friday—C. D.Deforge. W. J.
Burke, Bathgate F. O. Hellstrom, A.
H. Oakes, St. Thomas A. Mountain,
Hamilton. Saturday—E. A. Taylor, St.
Thomas H. W. Wallace, Drayton I. B.
Parsons, Bathgate. Sunday -J. B. Ren
ville, Hallock M. Jackson, Jas. Baker,
Neche. Monday—Geo. Taylor, Bath
gate S. J. Sigfusson, Mountain J. W.
Hart, Joliette. Tuesday—Thos. Dorgan,
Langdon F. J. Farrow, Cavalier
Thompson Morrison, Drayton A. D.
Currie, W. J. Burke, Bathgate O. E.
Sauter, Grafton A. Paterson, Hoople
W. D. Best, Bay Center Samuel Allan,
Drayton J. Mclvor, Hoople.
Pembina Presbytery,
Pembina Presbytery convened in the
Presbyterian church of Pembina, Tues
day, June 12th, at 11:15 a. m., with Rev.
J. S. Hamilton of Cavalier in the moder
ator's chair.
The action of the Home Mission com
mittee in scaling down the grants of the
Home Mission board to the various
Home Mission churches was approved.
The pastoral relation between Rev. W.
W. McRae and the Drayton church was
dissolved and Rev. McRae was dismiss
ed to the Olympia Presbytery, Synod of
The pastoral relation between Rev. W.
H. Hunter and the churches .of Crystal
and Canton was dissolved.
A call from the Ardoch and Green
wood churches for the ministerial services
of Rev. J. R. Campbell was received and
a committee was appointed to install
Rev. Campbell.
A commission with Rev. Douganas
chairman was appointed to consider the
possibility of uniting certain fields now
without pastor or supply,
Mission work
copies ordered, printed
Those in attendance were: Rev. J. p.
Schell, Northwood Rev. Thos. Dougan]
Langdon Rev. C. D. McDonald, Ph. D.,
Grafton Rev. W. H. Hunter, Crystal
Rev. W. J. Hall, Neche Rev. Robt.
Johnston, Gilby Rev. J. R. Campbell
The standing rules of Presbytery to- __„T ».. u»us
gether with the rules governing Home were stolen on Monday, June 3rd and by
Mission work were revised and 5p0 Wednesday, June l3th, th^ thieves w#
be mustered in as members of the twine
industry at Bismarck. The wheels of
justice sometimes revolve'with celerityV
Hoople Rev. T. U. Richmond 'Bathl "on'
gate Rev. W. W. McRae, Draytlm Rev!
Rev. J. S. Hamilton, Cavalier Rev. B.
A. Fahl, Inkster Rev. D. Matheson,
Walhalla Rev. Wm. Gillespie, Ardoch
Rev. F. H. Hays, D. D., Grand Forks-
W- D- W«lkie,
ve thpm McLaughlin, Forest River Rev. L. S.
Hall, St. Thomas Rev. Geo. Clark
Minto Rev. D.B.
Finlayson was examined and
Donald Finlayson was examined and
day a. m. and ordafned at the close of
the evening session of the C. E. con
J. B. Clapp, of the Synodical Sunday "Um^er °i Pe°ple
dressed the Presbytery.
Oftttte Thieves.
for a few days visit at Forest River and late to Have the cool of the evening. As
St Thomas. beef has been very scarce lately it did
St Thomas.* ^eef has been very scarce lately
Eddie LaMoure returned to Archibald "ot
Monday night at about ten--o'clock "J®
Monday on a visit to wlitiont, EntteRM ISpton was called out to Jii^t
Misses McFadden and "Baker of Neche ^P. cpw* The men, two, whohadthem
jvere visitinr friendS in the city on Wed- 'n charge were Menonites and said they l^T
nesday. had come from across the line, but j*
day wAs very warm they had started
unable to take in the proceedings. He The next day, Tuesday, at noon,
getting better. Epton heard that a couple of cattle were
Minta Goodman, of Charles Full's «»»»ng from .the farm of C. W. Andrews,
force, and G. Gunnarson
on Tues-
to the Pacific coast. Andrews being informed of the purchase
Miss Maggie Chisholm and mother, of
Owen Sound, Ontario, are visiting at them at once and Mr. Epton turned them
M. Chisholm's. Mr. Chisholm went
to Winnipeg Saturday to meet them,
a short time to secure a clew to the
direction taken by the thieves, and in
company with Mr. Epton to identify the
he left
—W. J. Wilson, Neche H. McLean, Jno.
''m Mortz, Hamilton. Monday—H. Gill.
Winnipeg W. Hughes. Neche W. H.
Court adjourned last week on Satur
day. Minneapolis Thresher Co. vs.
Hoff, verdict for plaintiff. Reynolds vs,
present and ad- board need the room.
lith, Wm. J. Bennett to Jane S.
isto, Rev. Richardson officiating.
Special Bargains in#^
for this week,
long to strike a bargain, Mr.
after Epton paying the men forty dollars,
which with the duty to be paid Uncle
Sam ,n the
morning, would still give him
and the other
Mr. Dick, and on Archie
'°°king at the cows, he identified
over to the owner and immediately tele-
icei mem. graphed Marsh Jackson, county con
Cavileer and
of the
Monday for
trouble. In the evening
arrived and it only took him
The chase,
while interesting, need not be detailed
"Cresting, need not be detailed
it resulted in the running down
of the criminals at Rosenfeldt and with
the aid of a Canadian officer the men
•L. Capitan, Neche. Sunday were brought back Thursday and lodged
in the citv tail
in the city jail
These men implicated Fn Joyce in
the n&tter, stating that he had planned
the whole thing, was with them just out
bide the stable when they sold the cattle
and that they divided the money with
him. As he left here the next day
Officer Jackson immediately got on his
track and found that he had bought a
ticket at Plum Coulee for Alemeda and
telegraphed the officer there to place him
under arrest. Jackson left for Alemeda
Thursday after his man, but at the time
of going to press we have no news of his
It is said the men acknowledge they
are guilty, not only of this but of othtr
cattle stealing and selling to Walhalla
parties, which will probably come out at
the trial which will take place early next
week on Constable Jacksqh's return from
his trip west.—Walhalla Mountaineer.
Judge Sauter arrived on Tuesday and
opened court to sentence the prisoners
Wm.Dick, Henry Mortins and Fred Joyce
who had been brought to jail here.
The formal information filed by
Attorney W. J. Burke charged the steal
ing of four cows at two different times,
the property of C. W. Andrews and
others. To this information each plead
guilty. After hearing some evidence in
the matter and giving the prisoners some
good advice, the judge gave sentences as
follows: William Dick, one year and
three months Henry Mortins, two years
and Fred Joyce, one year and six months,
at hard labor in the pcniientiary, be
ginning at 12 o'clock Tuesday. Dick
and Mortins are respectively 22 and 28
years of age and are Meuoiutes and have
lived at Rosenfelt, just across the line,
for eighteen years. The latter acknow:
ledged to have been caught Stealing
from a store previously. Joyce is jast
21 and is bright and well educated. His
relatives living at Walhalla are people of
high respectability and will feel his dis
grace very keenly. Joyce was at least
manly in his expressions to the court, in
that he blamed nobody but hirasfelf for
his trouble.' Court.. concluded sentence
at about 3:30 and Sheriff Farrow accom
panied by Marshal Jackson, took the
three prisoners to the N. P. at 4 o'clock
and started.. for Bismarck THe cattle
«-eynoias vs.
verdict for
Joseph Houle was sentenced to peni
tentiary for life.
The youthful burglars from Leroy,
two Burton boys and Thomas Wylie,
were released without trial with the
charge standing against them.
The case of Gammon for adultery was
Court adjourned until July 5th, though
the date may be changed, if the Judge
can arrange it, as that is the date for
equalization board and the presence of a
number of people makes the
makes the
Picture framing done promptly.
& vlf
a A
Buckskin pony, white face, white hind
legs, white spot on side, with brand on
shoulder, weight abput 800 pounds.
ROBT. IRWIN, Bowesmont, N. D.
Prepare for war, they say. In times of
prepare for warm, we say. No matter
your needs are, they can be supplied here in a
better—a more Satisfactory manner than
elsewhere, Our stock is complete, our prices
modest. You can keep cool for little money
it by supplying your wants here. This week we
wish to call your attention to
Handsomely made from pretty Lawns,
full Lace trimmed, ribbon ties, a beau
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Ladies Wrappers,
Shirt Waists,
Properly made, wide skirts, up-to-date
styles in Print, Satin and Colored
Lawn. Prices
75c to $2.25.
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Not a last year's number in the
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50c to $2.75
wash goods and up to $6 for silk.
In both Muslin and Knit we can give
exceptional values in, having bought at
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bill of goods or do a year's trading, it pays to trade at
next week.
Bring in your old Iron,
Rubber, Copper and
No old Iron taken after
.• 1 *"V ...
F. S. CHENEY, Pembina.
Steam Boiler, Engine.and
chine repairing. Boilers reflued
•pecialty. Pipe fitting and
supplies. Oeneral Blacktmithlnir
ft Agent! for Noble Reftnitig Co.
Oileand (Ifeaset. Peed grinding
on fc
W. 1
pet 1

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