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The pioneer express. [volume] (Pembina, Dakota [N.D.]) 1883-1928, April 19, 1901, Image 4

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Real Estate Loans,
Real Estate Loans,
£*-..''» .•
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His Honor, Mayor Chisholm.
•!»i W
Flax $1.21.
Village elections first Monday in May.
The new city council organized Tues
day evening. See Proceedings.
The,town cows went to grass Monday
but have remained in the barn since.
"Jnst for Fun," in Kittson hall Mon
day evening. Get your reserved seats
Wm. Trueinner of Cavalier, has locat
ed in Wardner, Idaho, a mining town of
considerable activity.
The Foresters of St. Vincent let the
contract this week for building their new
hall to Mr. Cameron.
Marriage license were issued to An
drew G. Johnson of of Hallson and Anna
S. V. Hillman of Mountain.
The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs.
G. G. Thompson this afternoon a four
o'clock. All members are requested to
be present.
The passenger train yesterday struck
a cow belonging to Chns. Keller, at the
crossing near town and injured her so
badly she may die.
The Tricity Club danced the last dance
Friday night. It is said that shirt waist
costume by gentlemen was compromised
by coats without vests.
Old Settlers meeting will be held at
Graiton this year. The date is not fixed
but will probably be soon after- spring
work. A larjje attendance is expected.
Goose wheat which grows here boun
tifully but which is of no use for flour,
is said to be just the stuff for maccaroni
If so we can feed all the Dagos in
Hon. J. LaMoure is building a com
bined ice house and coal shed 24 feet
square, with a square roof, to take the
place of his former outbuildings in the
rear of his house.
Hon. Jas. T. Blacklock has been con
fined to the house the past few days by
an attack of appendecitis, but we are
pleased to say that at this writing—Fri
day—he is resting easier.—Mountaineer.
Deputy Clerk of Court Geo. Peterson
has rented Ole Paulsdn's residence by the
school house, and Ole will build an addi
tion to the building lately moved on his
lots just across the bridge, in South Pem
bina and will remove there.
Two important real estate transfers
took place near Bowesmont recently, Dr.
I Sinclair of St. Thomas purchased Charles
Dunbar's iarm, consideration, $3,000,
1 and Dr. Stuart of the same place did not
propose to be outdone by his profession
al competitor and bought Fred Keye's
half section. •*.
Baseball enthusiasts from several towns
in this part of the state formed a league
last week at Grand Forks. Grand Forks,
Milton, Cavalier, Langdon. Devils Lake,
^iHiUsboro, Lakota and Fargo are charter
members. Other towns having an organ
ization and paying dues of 910 can join.
/The association choose umpires with the
j^shtince of the town organization.
£ach team to. play threcgameswith
Vice President. VJ
if 'wtL
Collections. J. Certificates of Deposit.
Furnished by
Thos. Roadhouse, agent
Victoria Elevator.
Club Papers.
THE PIONE«K EXPRESS cannot be responsible
for the stoppage before expiration or continu
ance after expiration of other papers sent as
premiums or on cinbbing rates. We always
ottitract however that club papers shall be dis
continued at the end of the subscription. Sab
•eribers should note tlie date of expiration of
pwmium papers and if they wish them discon
tinued refuse them from the postmaster after
they have expired, Taking a paper from the
post office is prima tacie evidence that the per
son taking it is a subscriber and therefore liable
lor the subscription. Any person who pays np
arrears and orders a paper stopped and thereafter
refuses the paper at the post obice, need not lear
any responsibility lor further payment. In any
case of irregularity, chance of address, or other
business matters, write to the publishers of the
premium papers.
Free .With The Pioneer Express
The Fanner, or
The New York Tribune.
"Hats off" Monday evening.
rv ,,
Issues Interest
'."* "bearing time
The remains of James Innis Jr. who
died ip the Philippines last November, in
the service of the United States, were re
ceived at Crystal last week and interred
in the cemetery. The funeral tfas under
the direction of the Order of Foresters,
and large concourse of triends and neigh
bors were in attendance.
H. A. Mayo, of Walhalla, has been
east with Walhalla clay and had it baked
into red or cream brick, as may be
wished—or can make it speckled by
mixing. There isn't any doubt of the
brick-making qualities of the clay—and
there ought to be no doubt of its money
making qualities—and everybody who
knows Mr. Mayo will heartily hope the
latter quality may be developed to his
benefit, in which case we will all share.
F. S. Cheney of Pembina was in the
city Monday securing a building, and
making arrangements to put in a first
class fruit and grocery business. We
understand he has leased the building of
S. R. Smith, north of Moses & Wylie's
store.—Drayton Echo.
Mr. Cheney informs us that he will open
complete line of gents furnishings,
boots, shoes and confectionery some
time next week.
Tax Titles.
Considerable criticism has been made
by citizens on the action of the county
boatd at the last meeting for giving a tax
deed on lot 16, block 25, for the sum of
$25 on which over $80 taxes were due,
and which lot, with buildings is worth at
least $400. We think the board must
have made an error in some way.
At least four-fifth of the remitted taxes
are due the corporation and this school
district, and it is a very grave question as
to the power of the county board to thus
remit collectable taxes due funds over
which they have no legal control. It is
also doubtful, under the law passed by
the last legislature, if the county board
have power to grant deeds at all on prop
erty on which taxes are delinquent, ex
cept through and by the provisions of
that law. Though in the case referred
to, title was probabily not the object of
the purchaser, as the tax deed is equiva
lent to a receipt in full for the delinquent
A. 3P. Webster's Claim
Langdon, April 12.—W. A. Laidlaw
has been engaged during the greater
part of this week taking the evidence in
a contest which will prove before it is
ended to be a remarkable case. About
six years ago A. P. Webster filed on a
claim north of Easby, in Harvey town
ship, and siftce the time of filing appear
ed to keep himself inside the homestead
laws he is an unmarried man and spent
a great deal of his time in other parts of
the state, where his relatives reside, but
did not neglect to keep in pace with the
rest of the settlement so far as improving
the land is concerned, as he has brought
about 120 acres of the land under a state
of cultivation and has that amount now
ready for crop, but the house is a very
ordinary claim "shanty." About four
years ago Websters' chattels were seized
under execution, and he then instituted
an action against the bondsmen of the
then sheriff, Allan Pinkerton, to recover
damages, for illegal distress, the suit
being finally determined at the last term
of District Court in favor of the bonds
men. In order to make his case stick
it was necessary for Webster to show
that he was the head of a family, or
acted in that capacity,
which he did,
been the head of a family somewhere
else he was not so in this county, as his
dependencies did not reside under his
roof on his claim. Attorney Cleary saw
the opening that was made by Webster
in his evidence betore the district court,
in stating that his residence was with his
friends, and so filed thecontest It is
estimated that the tract sfe wbrth 92,500
in hard cash, and there is' no." doubt but
that Mr. Webster will be .represented
before the land office at' Washington
when the matter comes upi for final
F. S. Cheney returned from a
business trip to the twin cities Sunday.
Archie Buie spent the first of the week
at Olga, looking after his farm interests
in that vicinity.
Sid. Wardwell lelt for the University
on Sunday, after spending two weeks of
Easter holidays at home.,
Ike Foster, the Bathgate real estate
boomer, was in the city the first of the
week closing some real estate deals.
Ed. Deimer was in the city over Sun
day, returning from a business trip in
Manitoba. Mr. Deimer is buying wheat
at Winnipeg Junction.
Harry Hart, Mr. -Millet's head jeweler,
went to Cavalier Saturday, to run Raoul
Branchaud's business for a month, while
the latter is east receiving instructions in
the art of engraving and other side lines
of the jewelry business.
John McCaftery leaves this week oil a
trip to the Lethbridge countiv*and other
places in the Northwest Territory, with a
view to investment. It is not Mr. Mc
Caftery's intention to move away from
H. Charlton, formerly a resident of
Pembina, was in the city yesterday shak
ing hands with old acquaintances. He
is traveling for an eastern house selling
"anti-rust" tinware. T. C. Shaw, his for
mer partner while here, is located at
Sioux City, and doing well
David Kennedy, who has been farming
in Prattford for a number of years left on
Tuesday for Ontario, where he will make
his home in the future. Mr. Kennedy has
been a respected citizen and will be miss
ed. However, we think he will be back
again in a year or two.
O. E. Thompson has bought the O. C.
Wentworth residence on West Spruce
street, which happens to be one of the
finest residences in the city. On being
approached the other day, by a party
who wanted to rent the place Ole said it
was not for rent, which assertion needs'no
explanation.—Langdon Republican.
T. L. Price left on an overland trip to
Milton and other places in Cavalier
county on bicycle, the first of the week,
to be gone about ten days. The disa
greeable weather that set in evidently
hampered the progress of his journey.
He returned from Langdou on Wednes
day via rail..
Two Italians, with fiddle and harp,
came across from Stevens en route for
Winnipeg, Saturday, and gave a concert
in the Winchester office in the evening,
to a large audience. One of the perform
ers was a member of the famous '.'Mock
ing Bird Band," that used to play here
frequently in the early 80's.
C. A. Holbrook and Miss Mattie Mc
Innis drove over from Cavalier Sunday
Mr. Holbrook returning Tuesday and
Mclnnis remaining for the week visiting
with friends. Mrs. Holbrook who has
been at Hot Springs for the past three
months on account of rheumatism, ex
pects to start for home to-morrow, con
stating that other members of his family
were dependent upon him for support .. ...
and that he resided with them in another I ^nghta bottle of One Minute Cough
part of the state but while he may have
Rev Alex. McGregor, of St. Paul, was
a visitor on Wednesday. Mr. McGregor
is opening up and seeding a 400 acre
farm near joliette, and looked so farmer
like that we failed for a moment to rec
ognize the eloquent divine. Mr. McGreg
or is very fond of hunting, and it is quite
probable that our state hunter's license
law has had considerable influence in his
purchase of North Dakota real estate,
though Mr. McGregor says not.
You will waste time if you try to cure
indigestion or dyspepsia by starving
yourself. That only makes it worse
when you do eat„ heartily. You always
need plenty of good food properly dige
sted. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is the re
sult of years of scientific research for
something that would digest not only
some elements of food but every kind.
And it is the only remedy that will do it.
"Last winter I was confined to my bed
with a very bad cold on the lungs. No
hing gave me relief. Finally my wife
Cure that effected a speedy cure. I can
not ft? I too highly of that excellent
remedy. T. K. Houseman, Manataw
Those iamou& little pills, DeWitt's
Little Early Risers will remove all im
purities from your system, cleanse ydur
bowels, make them regular.
All new, and late designs^ at
tor date.
Several toris Of good hay near Iceland
coulee. Will deliver it, or sell in stack.
Miloh Cows and Pigs for Sale.
Two fresh milch cows,and 14 six week
old white Yorkshire pigs for sale.
At 910 a ton.
29 30
(Eight miles v&st of Pembina, north
of Pembina river.)
A Quantity of Hay for Sale
McArthur Station.
Large assortment of ladies fine shirt
waists just in, at Chas. Full's,
Dr. C. S. Smith of Hallock^ks will be
seen by notiqe in another column, will
soon open dental rooms in Pembina. Dr.
Smith was the first dentist in Pembina
county, having had an office in the Yerxa
building some 15 years ago and he is
well and favorably known to the oldest
residents of the city and county, many of
whom still have intact, work done by him
at that time. Those desiring his services
may rely upOn his skill and faithfulness.
Owing to expiration of former contract
we are compelled to ask our subscribers
who want the Minneapolis Farmers'
Twice-a-week Tribune as a premium to
send 20 cents extra. That is 92.20 for
both PIONEER EXPRESS and Tribune.
The premium is well worth the money.
The N. Y. Tribune or The Farmer or the
32 paper premiums are sent free for 92 in
avan ce.
Storage Tickets Lost.
Lost on March 19, 1901, three wheat
storage tickets, issued by Victoria Ele
vator Co. at Pembina, to Geo. Corbett,
viz: No. 11363 for 311 bushels No. 11,
364 for 116 bushels No. 11,365 for 41
bushels 50 pounds, bearing dates March
1st, 2nd and 4th respecively.
"I have been troubled with indiges
tion for ten years, have tried many things
arid spent much money to no purpose
until I tried Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. I
have taken two bottles and gotten more
relief from them than all other medicines
taken. I feel more like a boy than I
have felt in twenty years."—Anderson
Riggs of Sunny Lake, Tex. Thousands
have testified as did Mi*. Riggs.
A. H. Anderson, the photograpner,
will be at his studio, above the drug
store, Pembina, on the 1st and 3rd Mon
days and Tuesdays of each month.
Choice Flax Seed.
Choice flax seed for sale, specially
prepared for sowing purposes. Address
Minneapolis, Minn.
To Cure a Oold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund me money if it fails
to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c.
Dr. D. J. Wright, dentist, graduate of
Chicago Northwestern University, will
be in St. Vincent the 3rd Monday of each
month to remain four days.
Dental Notice.
Dr. C. Stoddard Smith, dentist of Hal
lock, will open rooms in Pembina about
April 22nd. He will be prepared to do
ail kinds of dental work in the latest and
most approved manner. He will'be in
Pembina monthly, of which due notice
will be given. 40-1
"I had piles so bad I could get no rest
nor find a cure until I tried DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve. After using it once,
forgot I ever had anything like piles."
—E. C. Boice, Somers Point, N. Y.
Look out for imitations. Be sure you
ask for DeWitt's.
For Sale or Bent.
My residence on Hancock Street near
the court house. Prefer to sell cheap on
easy terms or will rent if not purchased.
Skin troubles, cuts, burns, scalds and
chafing quickly healed by the use of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve. It is imitated.
Be sure you get DeWitt's.
The undersigned will start a herd two
and one half miles south west oi Joliette
on the 10th of May. Horses 75 cents and
cattle 40 cents per month.
dear at
There will lie
and be too late.
a rush for these
Terms are
for these.pricef would not appear.
.. 'ft....,,. •. itr
I've been making this town
regularly, once ar year for so
long, I was afraid you'd miss
me if I missed you, see? As
usual, I've an elegant line of
Hats and Caps—new styles—
the kinds that wear—same old
prices notwithstanding advan
ces—same old place—
For Spring1
The best Wall Finish.
Paint, Oil, Varnish, Glass and
Putty, Brushes and Wall Pa
per, at®it|:l!liliii:ii®
A gigantic scoop of 1,000 pair of Sample Shoes for Men, Women and Children
you ever worn sample shoes? if so, enough has been said if you have not, we want to?
say that they are luce all other samples-*-better then the average^These shoes are all cut
from the best stock, and are correct for this season's wear jin shai^ color and trimmim?
tu ii Good Shoes are cheap at half price, poor ones wh|ch are shelf wirn and out oft
The Drug Store.
Pnce* The prices I quote you are from Foote, Schultz & Co. Custom
tnege goods, as the prices
strictly SPOT CASH. We
are too tempting.
want money and want it
5 5^
Don't de-

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