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.»•» «i«
'Vice President,
$. »j
f, Jf"

rt'M I
Club P#ptrs,
ProKKRH ExrBKwCtinnnt tie responsible
for the sto|P»K'i lel'ore ejcpiraiinn or continu­
ration of otlur jmpers •went as
premiums or on i'lttlibiii£ rntv*. \\e ahvays
contract however that club papers shall tie dis
continued at die end of tfce Kuliscnpt.i«u. Sub
-BCtibers kUorIcI not© tl*e 'CljLte ot expircvtioti of
PKinimu pupcrn ami if tlK'y wish them dincon
4iuued refuse them from the postmaster -after
itbey have expired, 1'akimg a paper from the
Doet otlicc is prima lacie evidence that me per
•«on tiikinu it-it? 11 RibecTiber and therefore liuble
r-flor the subscription.
person who pays tip
Arrears tind orders a paperntopped and ttoerealter
refuses the iwi-per at the ^Mst otiice, need wt tear
euy responsibility tor furrier payment, to any
case of irresrularity, chanweof address.'Or- •other
business matters, write to the pubhshecB of the
premium papers.
Furnished by
Jonathan -Baptie, agent
-Tuesday ........
Flax $L56.
5$ 56 51
5§j5$ 51
City council meets Monday night.
-School directors meet«t Neche .Ma*ch
•?4th, next Tuesday.
The Presbyterian ladies are plaamiq^
for their annual spring sciGial.
W. C. T. W.
Kneeshaw this
Meets.%wifch Mrs. W.|J.
Friday ^afternoon •jat-vA
Admiral Dtetfiey Akers answers ithej
salutation "How are you Aibniral with*
a slight lisp this iweek—' 'Fiairry,well, thank®
,The Clayton siqgt-rs whadk appear at
Kittson 4^a 11 this evening .ceme higfcly
recommended, awt bring esasellent teati
Editor J. ee of Che Mountaineer sendje
1 us a pretty calendar, ornamented with a
view of John Magerla .fine growe, and the
the picturesque Pembina—thastfc.
Jonas rrati DuugB,tisCie_zao acce farm or
,F. Fredrickson, of Gardar towndkip. Mr,
Fredrickson,expects ,lc. move toithe coast
in, the springs—Edinhujfg Tribume.
The tirst t»vo letcar-e of tbas spring
stand lor "s©tt," "pleasant," asci the
next letter is.tbe initial .xf rain^-ivuonder
.what kind of spell the "img" stand«)libr.
Thanks are, dtae Treasurer McBrwie for
,information about tax coItections, »!fcich
suniRiarize iii ,the editorial columns
and is wgtcth the at-ention tax pagers.
Masonic .brethrea should not forget
ithat to-night Depnty .Grand lecturer
Merchants Bank of Pembina,
Legitimate Banking in all its branches.
J. Jrvine, of^alley C2ty, will ibe at tilike
lodge rooms. A full .attendance .is ,re
The city fibers ace congratulating
.themselves on she successtul outcome of
.the ferry bids—»-.hich relieves tham from
building ,a boat and caring far lit, and
gives the .city a good revenue. -See pro
ceedings for details.
The Dr. Ward company^ agency at
Pembina senw.s The Herald samples of
jts liniment aisd couiffc preparation which
will doubtless be vefy useful
this sea­
son, when rtienrtaatism and bad colds .ace
the rule.—-fj. F. Herald.
G. Goodman, who recently bought out
Grant Bros, along with K. J. Bergman
arrived on Sunday evening fromHense!,
his former home. Mrs. Goodman and
family arrived Tuesday and will occupy
the room over the Bank temporarily.—
—Edinburg Tribune.
A Mennonite from across the Canadian
border was here on Saturday full of grief,
chagrin, and other fluids, looking for a
runaway daughter who had eloped. The
eloping couple had taken out a license at
Dominion City, but from there all trace
was lost. The father claimed that the
daughter was under age.
A civil service examination for posi
tions iij the government employ occurs
March ,25th for the following positions
Arabic, Turkish and Armenian interpre
ter computor in department ot agricul
ture computer, naval observatory en
gineer coast survey watch officer coast
survey. Blanks and information supplied
by Robt. Morrison, deputy collector cus
toms, this city.
There is aiv error in the 1901 laws for
the spring meetings of township boards.
We think it is intended that the board
"should meet a week before election and
a wedc nfterwafds. .The old lawmafie a
ineetiog two weeks
Ass Cash,
another a week after. Under jthe new
law election day for townships is set for
the third Tuesday in March,'which this
year-is the 18th.
J. E. Morgan left for the new town of
Souris in Bottineau county, where, in
company with John Shahane, late of
Bacfcao, he will engage in the hardware
business. "Joe" is one of Ihe Pembina
bovs who possesses hosts of 'friends who
will wish him abundant success in 1 his
new-location.—Neche Chromotype.
The county jail room has been lined
with tooiler iron three-eighths of an inch
thick,-walls floor and ceilina:, also iron
shutters for the windows. '.The cost of
the work is about $1,000. 'This makes
the roam outside ot the steel cage com
paratively secure as it would be quite A
job for a prisoner to dig through these
solid plates without tools, amd even with
tools ittMvould take time and .considerable
risk otf discovery. It also makes 1 the
chance-of tire very slight.
Grenwille Vaughn passedUhrough ihere
Tuesday enroute to the hospital .at, Bern
idji. G«en had been working on the''land
ing" at'iNebish for some losgging. crew,
and hadithe two middle toes ofl his left
foot crashed and mangled in ssuchi man
ner thaMhe decided to play the 1 part of a
surgeon «nd any£utated the toes himself
with a diulJ razor, and came down to have
the. foot skived. "You have toibe.any. old
things iiipiin this country" he -said, When
asked wky .he did not go to see a doctor.
-r(TurtlleiRiver, Minn.,) Pine 'IFree.
A telepihone message received Saturday
evening team Crystal stated tkatfire^tart
ed in the National Elevator aitithat|place,
the largest .one there with a .capacity of
nabaut,60,(080 bushels, and about an hour
lit. was inashes. It is known there .was
«onsiderabl^jgrain in the elevator but the
manager could not be found lo determine
itlie exact tanennt. The firemen .worked
hard and sw coeeded in keeping the
.from spreading and doing further dam
age. Therecttwas considerable excitement
iintithe place, as on account jof the size of
building itucnadc A
«Sae6 hoif»r«.
The buildiog will without doubt be
ireplaceid.—G.i-IF. Herald.
Tfce,attend»nee at the school entertain
saentjast. Friday, in honor ot Washing
tan'stiiirth day.«cs somewhat interfered
uithiby a -social afternoon party, but
quite a^aumber. ofj parents and patrons:
enfoyeti-a pleasaat hour, along «o£h the
.and, pupils, listening to ibe mu
sic auidrreadirjgs on th^ program, xwthich
was of ainature fitting the occasion, and.
renderediby the pupils of the (higher
grades, tltxwould do, parents lots of^ood
if there -.was a "compulsory attendance
law" for,us,^s\well as the children, and it
might do the school^good too, if the par
ents would.aome.in oftner than they vdo
now. We kbowithattihose there on Fri
day spent inot only a pleasant but profita
ble hour, and ithere should have been
(anore there .to -share ithe pleasure an«l
take the liberty of seading you a few
wards of praise concern»rig the Slayton
jubilee Singers. These marvelous colored
artists, who -without doufct are unsur
passed by any of itheir race, so enthused
a \vast audience .here that was almost
constantly kept in asa .uproar. You are to
be congratulated upon sendicg out such
a company. By their marvelous rendition
of those unique and captivating planta
tion melodies, they transported their
hearers to that most delightful .region of
our grand republic, the sunny south.
Their music gave all evidence .of excel
lent voice culture and training so rarely
possessed by artists of their race. Last,
but by no means least, is their ch&racter
which is irreproachable.
Yours very truly,
Pres. Belville High School Alumni
Association, Belleville, III.
Iforval Baptie's Racing Record.
Three professional races, the one, two
and three miles events were on the card
of the skating tourney in Milwaukee Fed.
Norval Baptie, the North Dakota won
der, carried oft the first price in each
event, winningjout through his superior
generalship and spring.
Thorval Thomsen of Minnesota was
a close second in all the events. Follow
ing are the .results:
One Mile—Norval Baptie, North-Dako
ta, first Thomsen, Minnesota, second
C. S. Mitchell, Michigan, third John S.
Johnson, Minneapolis, fourth.
Time, 2,581-5.
Two Mile—Baptie, first Thomson, sec
ond Johnson, third. Time 7 :30 4-5.4/.\
Three-Mile—Babtie, first Thomson
and second [ojjn^op, third. Time, 9:831-2.
Pwaookls.' ,•••
'Donald Beaton of Carlisle got' back
rom his Ontario trip on Saturday.'
F. M. King went' to the twin citi& oaa
business trip for a week, on Sunday,
Mrs. C. B. Harris and Mrs. R. Aylen
returned from their Winnipeg visit on
Judge Kneeshaw started on his Flori
da trip on Wednesday, expecting to be
gone about a month.
Mrs, Graber of Grafton visited with
Mrs. fudge Kneeshaw last week, and
other friends in the city. Qii
Rev. Mr. Thorlackson held services at
the Lutheran church here on Senday,
going to Grafton for the evening service.
Ab. Simpson, Ben Taylor and George
Parker are at Roosevelt, Minn.,near War
road, looking for land. They are expect
ed home Sunday.
Attoruey Brynjolfson and Sheriff Far
row came over from Cavalier Wednes
day bringing along a patient for the
county charge.
Hon. N. E. Nelson arrived home on
Friday, after an official visit to the twin
cities. Miss Cora Melson went with him
and remained for a visit with her sister,
Mrs. Wm, Hunter.
VV. W. Fraser of Emerson was a caller
on Monday. He has some desirable
bargains in farm lands over across the
line, and Emerson is nearer than Winni
peg, for purchasers. See his ad in an
other column?
Marriage Licenses.
William McFarland to Lizzie iRSckteil,
both of Cavalier.
.Educational—The Directors Convention.
On March 4, 1902, there will assemble
in Neche in the town hall the second an
nual meeting of the presidents of the
School Boards of Pembina Co.
While this meeting is intended, prim
arily, lor the presidents of the several
boards, yet the spirit of the law views it
as a general school convention to which
all school officers are invited. It is still
more than this. It is an educational
.meeting to which all the patrons of our
schools are earnestly invited, and which
they should attend.
It is intended for all the school officers
.of both our rural and village schools. It
is intended for all the patrons ot our
schools, both urban and rural, for the
school problems of all schools are very
similar, and the essential needs of all
identical. There can be nothing more
inimical to the real,suostantial prosperity
.and ,growth of our county system than
the growth of the idea that the cily
schools are subject to general conditions
.which do not obtain in the country.
..Our towns are all too small to assume
any metropolitan airs in school matters
and our aim has been to treat the first
eighty ^8) grades of the county schools as
a unit, whether graded or ungraded.
And I am happy to say that this spirit
of antagonism between the rural and
urban schools has not gained a foothold
in ourXounty of Pembina.
And one of the ways to keep it out
forever 4s for the patrons of all sorts and
conditions of schools to meet in conven
tion to discuss the questions of common
interestuwhich are now calling for solu
Whether, we will it or not whether we
understand it or not whether it will'be
ultimately beneficial or not, this is an
.age. of cooperation, consolidation, con
centration, system, and educational mat
ters are.no .exception to this spirit, now
co-extensivewith civilization. Hence, it
at any time, our so-called city schools
should cultivate a spirit of aloofness, they
.would damage not only the rural schools
hut themselves, also. I am not speaking
.of the school .denominated "high
schools .1 .am speaking of the first
^eigbt .grades.
I -do believe .there is no county in the
state where there is such hearty and earn
est .cooperation .of all principals and
teachers as in old Pembina. And from
.all present .indications this will be ^till
mare complete and systematic in the
future .than in .the .past.
In addition to this co-operation of all
tbe county school .forces (which is nothing
more or less than .the practical appli
cation of .the state course of study) there
are .the problems of "consolidation,"
"uniformity of text books," "certification
of teachers," "building and equipping of
school houses," "apparatus," etc. It is
also especially desirable that any person
present bring up any local question that
may properly come before such a meet
Last July in Bathgate there met the
representatives of 75 of the school dis
tricts of our county. It was the busy
season, and the day was very warm, yet
the delegates showed a most wonderful
interest in the questions before the con
This year (March 4) we are to have
with" us our superintendent of public in
struction, the Hon. J. M. Devine and
Supt. Ben. Tronslin of-Grafton.
It would be superfluous .for me to
speak of the qualifications of these vet
erans to instruct and inspire all who may
be so fortunate as to attend.
I wish to say here what I have said be
fore I need the. support and earnest
work of every school officer and patron
to aid me in realizing the educational
possibilities ot our great county
In conclusion, allow me to urge you,
one and all, to come to Neche and dee
the greatest, official educational conven
tion of the year§S r%
Letters received from Mr. and Mrs. W.
C. Short state that they started lor Cali
fornia on the 25lh inst.
Mrs. F. A/Carter attended the "Olive
Kebekahs" at Winnipeg iast
week and enjoyed herself immensely,
TheYe was a large number present, in
cluding many visitors from other toWns.
The JjCpworth League entertained their
friends Saturday evening, at the resi
dence of Chas. Full. After the business
meeting, progressive crokonole was in
dulged in until a late hour. Coffee, cakes
and sandwiches were served at 11:30,
and all leit .feeling that they had spent a
pleasant evening.
Master Clarence McDonald celebrated
liif .fifth birthday last Thursday afternoon.
About forty yuung friends were invited
to partake of a loaded table of dainties,
and spent the rest of the alternoon at
games. Master Clarence was the reci
pient of a fine watch from M. H, Miller.
Later in the afternoon Miss Belle Mc
Donald entertained a iiumber of friends.
IVJfrs. F. C. Myrick entertained on Tues
day, her guests being the county commis
sioners, ex-commissioner Ottem and
wile, and Auditor Williams and wife.
The "proceedings" are not for.legal pub
lication but it is safe to say the "board"
held a very enjoyable session. Mr. an.l
Mrs. Dow aiid Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Full
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Myrick on
Bishop Mann aid not get here until
Sunday's train and so the order of ser
vice had 4o.be changed to suit his arrival.
Re was greeted by good audiences both
morning and evening, who were pleased
with .the
.bishop's manner and discourse.
He is a clear, forcible and earnest
speaker. The church choir, led on this
occasion by Mr. W. E. Coats, with his
cornet, reverently rendered the musical
portion of the worship.
Mrs. G. G. Thompson gave two very
pretty affairs last Friday afternoon and
evening. "A belated valentine party,"
so the invitations read. The parlors
were tastefully decorated in all that per
tains' to St. Valentine and his day. The
color scheme was carried out in red red
hearts, roses ana draperies being used.
In the afternoon, about- twenty ladies
took "pretty stitches," and in the even
ing seven tables of progressive whist
were played, at which Mrs. F. A. Feld
man won the ladies' prize while Mayor
Chisholm won the gentlemen's prize.
Heart shaped valentines, with appropriate
mottos were given as souvenirs, at both
the afternoon and evening gatherings.
Dainty refreshments were served.
All kinds of
Legal Blanks at this
New cutter and single wagon for sale
cheap, or will trade^for grain or cattle.
Dr. Falloon, resident dentist of Pem
bina, will be found at his office above
the PIONEER EXPRESS from the 10th to
the end of each month. lOtf
Wanted renters for quarter "sections
farms, half section farms, and section
farms. Apply to
Bowesmont, N. D.
Horses for Sale.
I have a few horses which I can sell at
reasonable prices, on easy terms.
J. D. McCAULEY, Joliette.
A Mechanic's Opportunity.
A blacksmith, wood working and gen
eral machine shop and business for sale
at less than cost of building,, tools and
machinery. Practically no competition
in a large territory good business estab
lished owner wants to enter other lines.
A good man can make money. Price
$1,500. J. SULLIVAN,
31-tf.] Emerson, Man.
Teachers' Examination.
As provided for in Section 740 of the
General School Laws of North Dakota,
the next examination of applicants for
teachers certificates will be held in the
Public School Houses in Crystal, Neche,
and Pembina, March 14 and 15,1902.
The examination will begin at 9:15 a.
m., on Friday.
Uniform paper furnished by the exam
Co. Supt. of Schools.
Pembina, Feb. 21,1902.
Meeting of School District Presidents.
In accordance with Sections 643, 681
and 682 of the General Schpol Laws of
N. Dakota, the second annual meeting
of the Presidents (or their Jegal repre
sentatives) of the School Districts -of
Pembina County wili be held in the
Town Hall in Neche, March 4,1902.
The meeting will be called to order at
11 a. m. _•
for, all
We keep Standard Paper Patterns In stock.
•*S -3
Good prunes
Co. Supt. of Schools.
Pethbina, Feb. 15,1902,
Out looking for bargains.
.'vV.,''vv'vA...1', *,
Are you nervous, weary or
foot sore? If so adopt your
physician's advice and wear the'
famous Meyers Boots and Shoes.
For perfect fit,andwearthereare
none like them. Men's velours,
colt skin and patent leather, in
the latest spring: styles all great
wearers, and suitable for the
swellest of dressers.
The lady that wears the famous Yerma
cushion sdle once will wear no other. Why?
Because thsy are easy ani comfortable for
tender feet.
The only boys* school shoes are the Seal
Grain, with the "Perfection Cireletts" in heel
and sole. Also a small box calf for the tony
little gent.
Misses and children—a most complete
line, from A to Z. all styles and grades.
Wear Meyers boots and shoes, and you
carry a passenger accident insurance for $ioo*
In large varieties.
For a Few Days Only,
17 lbs granulated sugar for $1.00
14 lbs cut loaf sugar for _, i.oo
Regular i5 cts coftee for
Mocha and Java coffee ftforiMSIScu
Choice evaporated applet
Choice tomatoes
Remember we run meat market in con
nection, with the best'stock of everything the
market affords. AH kinds of fresh and salt I
meats and fish in stock. A
All felt shoes one-third off.
Winter dry goods at reduction,
^The cheapest store in the county.
2.0 cts
5 cts per lb
cts per lb
12 1-2 cts oer lb
Good peas per can S cte
Good corn per can
8 cts
lb can of baking powder
15 cts
Four lbs of rice for "s JM&z
5 0s
10 cent bag of salt for 5 ©ts
2o cent package of Parjor matclies for
11 Cts

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