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.vr. A,
Vice President,
Merchants Bank of Pembina/
Furnished by |ona
than Baptie, agent for
Monarch Elevator Co.
at Pembina
Tuesday ...
Thursday ..
Barley 30c
Among candidate callers this week
were T. F. Gill, candidate for auditor
William J. Watts end George A. McCrea,
and J. S. Huffman, the former two repub
lican and the latter democratic candidates
for the legislature from this district.
There will be a lecture in the Presby
terian church on Thursday evening, Oct.
30th, at 7.30 o'clock, under the auspices
ot the Missionary Society. The pastor,
Rev. S. Acheson, will speak on the top
ic for the month—M or monism. A col
lection will be taken. Everybody is in
A special train will leave St. Vincent
on Monday next at 7.30 a.m., arriving at
Crookston at 10.30 a.m., returning in the
evening. Fare for the round trip only
50 cents. The occasion is a Farmers'
Convention, at which President James J.
Hill will deliver an address, as well as
other noted speakers. Crookston will
give everybody a warm welcome.
Legitimate Banking in all its branches.
Club Papers.
Thi Pionku Bzprkcw cannot be responsible
for the stoppage before expiration or continu
ance after expiration of other paper sent aa
rates. We always
pen shall be dis
bscription. Sub
scribers abonld note the date of expiration of
pnmlum papers and if they wish them discon
UnUed refuse them from the postmaster after
they have expired, Taking a paper from the
post office is prima facie e. idence that the per
son taking it is a subscriber and therefore liable
lor the subscription. Any person who pays up
Arpeftrs and oraers a paper stopped find thereafter
refuses the paper at the post o&ice, need not tear
•ny responsibility tor further payment. In any
case of irregularity, change of address, or other
business matters, write to the publishers of tne
premium papers^
1 08
1 08
1 08
1 06
1 06
1 03
Tinsm th Puschinsky has gone to Bath
gate to work for Bostwick.
Grand Fur Opening, for ladies and
gentlemen, at Charles Full's, November
3rd and 4th. Be ready.
Mrs. Thos. Wilson, of Dra ton, N. D.,
visited with Mrs. J. M. Graham Tuesday
and Wednesday this week.
Eugene Harris has been appointed
deputy auditor vice Swain Thorwaldson,
resigned, and Branden Johnson gets his
old position as janitor.
H. C. Feldman expects to leave for
St. Peter, Minn., week from tomorrow,
where he will remain for the winter and
probably make his future home.
A lady's slipp r, or low shoe, was. res
cued from a puppy near the writer's resi
dence. Size If Cinderilla will call
around our Fiince (of deils) will see if it
fits—and you know the rest of the story.
Mrs. Bodenstiner, who lives sbotit four
and a half miles west of Walhalla, lost
her stable by fire about three o'clock
Wednesday morning. Th£re horses,
two calves, harness and hay were con
sumed. Her son, a young man about
twenty, rushed into the stable barefooted
aid bareheaded, in a vain effort to get the
stock out, and was badly burned about
the head, shoulders and legs. His con
dition is ve. serious and doubts are
entertained as to his recovery.—Mount
Sheriff Fa-irow took Wm. Williams of
Bathgate and Oscar Sand of Cavalier to
the Jamestown asylum on Monday and
also took along Wiilie Gorman to Plank
ington, S. D., reform school. Williams
bas a mild but chronic religious form of
insanity, and has been in the asylum be
fore. He is a middle-aged man. Sand
is a young man of about 21. The Gor
mat^ioy put iron missies into sheaves to
smash the separator so he wouldn't have
to work so hard.
Messrs. LaMoure, Shaw and Taylor
took a trip to Walhalla. via Grafton, on
the new train on Monday. They left here
Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock, and got
to Walhalla about 11 the same night.
They left Walhalla at 7:30 and Messrs.
Shaw and Taylor were back here about
21 the next morning, while Mr. LaMoure
went on to Fargo, arriving there about
130 p. m. Bv this service, persons in
the western part of-the county can come
to the county seat about 11 aan., remain
until 4 p.m., and get back home on the
same day. The train runs vica Grand
Fortes and Fargo to Barnesville and re
turns to Walhalla each day^and wilt
.great convenience
H, C. CARR.,
Ass't Cash,
Marshal Jackson, of Neche, on Tues
day brought over the two burglars who
went through LaMoure & Co.'s store.
They are pretty tough-looking charact
ers. One of them became a little belli
gerent, which resulted in a black eye for
him and a broken finger for the marshal.
They gave the names of John Hanson
and Frajicis Jorgenson and appear to be
Danes. They will likely plead guilty.
Rev. Mr. Garton and family arrived in
Winnipeg on Saturday last from Nova
Scotia, and proceeded on Monday to
Morden, where Mr. Garton assumes the
incumbency of the Church of England.
All the members of the family are in the
best of health and Mrs. Garton's friends
in Emerson will be pleased to learn that
she has fully recovered from her indis
position and is at the present in the en
joyment of better health than she has
had for many years. Mr. Garton has
been appointed Rural Dean of Morden
district—Emerson Journal.
As an example of what the Red River
Valley soil will .do for the right kind of
farmer, we may "mention the 'success of
Richard DeMarse, of Carlisle. Mr. De
Marse landed at Winnipeg a little over
twenty years ago, without money enough
to buy his next meal. This year his crop
in round numbers in bushels is: Flax
1900, wheat 12,700, oats 2,800, being over
$10,000 in value. Mr. DeMarse also has'
a bunch of cattle and lately has been in
tereste 1 in the Bathgate Roller Mills,and
a hardware business at Bathgate, but he
has made his success as a producer, and
not as a trader, and largely by his own
personal hard work on the farm.
We present our readers with the official
list of candidates, published by law by
County Auditor. For the convenience of
the voters we have made it to practically
conform with the offical ballot. The
names are in similar type and the order
is the same. The official ballot will be
wider and longer, a§ we havp omitted
the blank space required by law under
each name and have set the columns
closer together, to save space. It will
pay eyen the. most intelligent voter to
look this list over at his leisure before
election day. it will also be understood
that this list contains the names of all
candidatesln the county (93 in all) but
the official ballots will have only the
names of the candidates to be voted for
in each particular precinct. Thus, F. C.
Myrick's name for commissioner will ap
pear only on the ballots prepared for
Pembina, joiiette and Carlisle. These
changes of names for the two legislative
districts and the five commissioner dis
tricts require seven different sets of bal
lots at this election.
Marriage License.
Isreal Renand and Margaretta Auger,
both of Neche, N. D.
A fine line of Wheeler & Wilson sew
ing machines, including drop top, cabi
net, and plain, just received by G. G.
Thompson, and which will be sold at
rock bottom prices. tf
Mankato Commercial Clllege, Man
kato, Minn., is the only genuine, actual
business college in the west. Send for
To Core a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggist refund the money if it lails
to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. 25c.
Estray Horse.
A buckskin horse, white hind feet and
white face, left front' foot white, came to
my premises Sept 21st. Owner call,
prove property, pay expenses and take
same away. —Stephen Smith,
11-14 Pembina, N. D.
Watch Lost.
Either on the way to or in St. Thomas
on Thursday,October 9th,a lady's watch.
A liberal reward will be offered for its
return to Miss Florence O'Hara,
To Sent.
A good dwelling house in Pembina to
rent. Write to
p-tf Hallock.
Dr. Falloon, resident dentist oi Pem
bina, will be found at his office] above
the Pioneer Express front jibe IXfch to
the end of each month. 10t
Lot 15, block 14, city of Pembina,. to
gether with a good frame dwelling house.
Enquire of Quackenbush & Hart,
Pcmbiiu, N.D.
Social Corfier.
Miss Emma Bouvette left Wednesday
for a visit with friends in Hallock, Minn.
Mrs. Gramm, Mrs. F. M: King's moth-:
er, who has spent the summer here, left
for her home on Wednesday's train.
Mrs. S. B. Brynjolfson of Qrand Forks
is here with her sister, Mrs. H. D. Mc
Kay, who has been quite seriously ill,
but is now improving.
A baby boy arrived at the home of
Amos DeLisle Sunday and consequently
with'a srirl and boy, Amos is, the proud
est father in the land.
Mrs. W. Douglas' mother, Mrs. Cox,
who has been spending some time here,
left Wednesday for Nowesto, where she
will visit her daughter, Mrs. Sinclair.
A party consisting of the Misses Luella
Steele and Etta Peavey and Messrs. Joe
and Allen Livingstone, of Bathgate, at
tended the dancing party Tuesday even
Mrs. Charles Kenyon, who has lately
been recovering from a severe illness,
suffered a relapse and is again confined
to her bed. Mr. Kenyon is at his Vol
taire and has been sent for.
Mr. J. S. Grandy, of Bathgate, w?fe
over the other day and in speaking of J.
D. Trenholme he says that Mr. Tren
holme and others have obtained a con
cession from the Russian Government to
trade in furs along the Siberian coast and
they expect to do a big business there.
Saturday night was given over to the
basket ball girls/ They entertained those
of the Drayton team who stayed over at
the home of Miss Lucile Switz^r. Dane-,
ing and a general good time helped, to
pass the evening away. Refreshments,
were served.
The Price family, with the exception'
ol Mr. Price and Bamlette, left Saturday'
via St. Vincent fortheir new home in the
west. They go directly to:Spokane, but
may nqt settle there. Mr. and Mrs. Price
are old residents of Pembina and in both
business and social circles they will be
greaty mu-sed.
Tom Chisholm, who was spoken of
last week as having obtained the ap
pointment as naael cadet at Annapolis,'
writes that he is mentioned as second
alternate only, and that owing to ex
pense and waste of time in "coaching"
he has decided not to undertake the task
but will take up a profession instead.
A dancing party Tuesday evening,
given by the football,team, at the court
house, was another "good time." that
was taken advantage of by about fifty
young people. The music was furnished
by a travelling couple, a harpist and a
violinist, and was delightful. A very
pleasant time is. reported by those who
Basket Ball.
Saturday's train brought in. the Dray
ton basket ball team and a bunch of
"rooters," that could root some, too.
The game was scheduled for 2 o'clock
but owing to a small shower, it did not
begin till fifteen minutes later.
Pembina won the toss and chOse the
east goal. Owing to the high wind, the
play was not as fast as it would other
wise have been.
The visitors put up a snappy game,
but our girls had the best of it in team
Our girls fouled frequently, but they
did not prove very disastrous. However,
Miss' Mussel, for the visitors scored the
first point on a free throw.
Ella Wallace scored first for the locals
on a pretty field basket, and- Lucile
Switzer followed closely with another,
just as the timekeeper's whistle blew.
End of first half—Pembina 4 Drayton 1.
During the second half, the visitors
had the wind in their favor, and after a
few minutes play Miss Mussel disting
uished herself by making one of the
most remarkable baskets imaginable,
the throw being backward over her head
from almost the longest distance that a
forward possibly could.
Our girls realized now that something
be done and done quickly. Lucile Swit
zer took advantage of a free throw and
added another point, and then to cinlch it
threw another field basket. Excellent
work on the part of our guards kept the
Draytonites from scoring again. Time
called. Final score—Pembina 7 Dray
ton 3.
Following is the line up:
Wallace (capt.) centre Wardwell
Mussel forwards Switzer
Jameson Wallace'
Lynch guards Felson (capt.
Gilroy Aroason
Extra—Walker, Billyards.
Linemen—Gillroy, Wallace, Corimy,
Kneeshaw P.
Umpires—Dave McCauley, Joe Mc
Referee—Blaine Ewing.
rimakiepar—S^rdoi Kiiiiixw.
Length ot halves—16 minutes.
Mfabel Wardwell played her first game
and although she fouled repeatedly, she
promises to be a fast player.
Capt. Hattie Wallace playad a fast and
heady game at centre for the visiton.
The game was free firom wrangle, as
Referee Swing's decisions were ll ways
The Misses Wallace and Jameson, 'as
quests or Ella Wftljace rind Uglier arfd
Billyards*, sas* guests of Lucile Switzer
also Misses Gilroy and Wallace* jsis the
guests of Mr. Max Wallace,, remained
ovei and wereibe ftutesMu*TtjbntirSf this
B. B. girls at the home*
of Lucile fewitzeY.
A very pleasant evening wasj^pent and
this visit of our Drayton friends was very
much enjoyed, '-.a
Pembinii p'ays the Hallock, team
Nov. 1', at 1.30 o'clock pirn. and Grafton
election da,\ at 1 o'clock p.m. The Graf
ton game will be the last on local ground
this season. Oujr girls are out to play
all comers and are establishing a
Isaac Jackson's barn near Hamilton
was destroyed by fire two weeks., ago.
Sanford Dodge and troupe have ap
peared in several county towns this week
U. L. Josephson, of Mountain, lost his
separator by fire. Some grain was also
T. E. Morgan, who kept a hardware
store at Drayton, has removed to Stark
weather, N. D.
Mrs. Fred Radke died at Crystal, aged
years. She leaves a husband and
seven children.
H. H. Creswell, formerly of Crystal,
has the republican nomin^tjon tor state's
attorney at Souris.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Anderson, of
Walhalla, have a new. son. Congratula
tions from old friends here.
The Pink Paper puts in a plea for the
overseers to cut the high- grass' and
weeds from the highways.
James Weeks, of Bathgate, got 22
bushels ol fl.ix to the acre and still wants
to go some place, where he can better
The Echo runs the straight republican
ticket frith Magnus Brynjolfson as "our
preferred candidate for state's attorney."
The Cavalier Chronicle rutis the re-'
publican county ticket, but "prefers" to
support Messrs. Brynjolfson and Taylor.
It is stated th&t Editor Chase, formerly'
of the Independent and later on the
Plaindealer, will run a paper in Nelson
county. '.
J,. F. Valentyne uilecT 139^, bushels
of wheat on one ,^on to the Hamilton
elevator. T. M. k-/ erts followed with
1^7 bushels.
Ezra^ Van Can or
for dean playing. They certainly de
serve good support, both' vocally and
financially. Let everybody turn out, to
those next two games,
County News
Hon. B. F. ^paulding spoke at Crys
tal last week.
Robt/Menzie, of Pratford, lost four
stacks of wheaj by fire.
George Bradshaxv, of Crystal, fell from
a ladder and broke his forearm.
Ab.-Kraft, of Cavalier, has purchased
the Diment drug store at Hoople..
1 1
two valuable horse* by a runaway. The
horses were-left standing on the loading
platform and started for home.
Editor Lee of the Mountaineer puts in
a good word for Editor Willson. He
wants brother Willson -to get -a good
vote—but don't want it overdone.
Dr. Healy,staie superintendent of the
board of health, found several cases of
smallpox in Cavalier county, which the
authorities there had failed to quaran
tine. There has beeii considerable ex
The large wholesale house of Weum
& Watt at Fargo was destroyed by fire
last week. This fire, coupled with the
Watt Bros.' fire at Bathgate, gives W. J.
Watt a double blow arid many Pembina
county friends sympathize with him in
his misfortune.
John McCullough skipped out of the
town of Bowesmont with and on a mort
gaged pony. Charley Craig and 'John
Swansan followed, but even with three
changes of horses failed to catch the
pony, who with his rider got across to
Minnesota at Drayton.
Roy Grow, the Crystal jeweler, died
of heart failure following a run of ty
phoid week ago Friday/ .Mr. Grow was
brought up in Walhalla and was a young
man of much promise. His father, B. T.
Grow, lives at Cavalier. Much sympathy
is expressed for the mourning family.
Deputy-Sheriff Dunlop, hom
as, arrested Carl Wagner near Hensel,
Wagner is accused of stealing a bicycle
at Hallock, and also of collecting $700 or
more while running a threshing machine
and then skipping out without paying
his crew of men. He was taken back
to Hallock.
Auction Sale
of Piird Bred Stock
Farm Pf oper ty.
An auction skle of stock and farm
prbpeity will be held at the farm of Thos
Harborn three miles east of Northcote,
Minn., on Thursday, Oct. 90th, begin
ning at 10 a.m. Among the property to
be sold are 23 horses, 5 registered Short
horn bulls 10 registered Shorthorn cows
50 grade Shorthorn cows 600 Shrop
shire ewes 8 pure bred Shropshire rams
50 pure bred Poland Chitta pigs 4 pure
bred Poland China boats 8 port bred
PolandChina sows and a very large
amount of miscellaneous. farm property
andlKMiMhoid iwfiiicure.
Wfe^eefSt andaid
coldl/fe drank
breakfast on a
persons can make an entire
of coffee. It.is equally true
that many hard-working women make an
entire meal on bread and tea. In both these
cases, however, it must be assumed that the
coffee and tea have lost none of their potency
through adulteration or other
know from practical experience with Chase &
Sanborn's SEAL BRAND coffee what valua
ble food properties are contained in in this
beverage which cheers but does not inebriate.
Try it these cold frosty mornings. Sold only
i- '-. .-oTf'
I%ou want a new set of
Furniture for Parlor Sitting, or
We have what yon want, and you want what wfe have,
and we will make it an object to you, p6ctiniarly and
otherwise, if you will call and see us.
We handle eyery thing in harness and horsecloth
ing too. ..
Just received a full and
plete line of
Fall and Winter Goods,
Sportsmen's Supplies
Threshers' Outfits
Fresh and Salt Meats,
St. Vincent,
Dry Goods, Shoes,
Stoves, Ranges, &c.
Tinshop in Connection.
Figure with us for your sup
plies or it will cost you money

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