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ist are
llioe. KKudu
^rongta.P, McCumber
J«nt Qowiioit ..
lecretary ol Bute, K. F.Porter.
Itata Treasnrer.D.H. McMll ian.
Itate Aaditor.A. N.
Utorney dariarar, O Oomttock.1
lailroaa ,06mmis*ioner«i P. Bbn, C. J.
Ini^iioUpn, J.
kmml*ttoner of Insurance, Ferdinand
lommisatoner olAgrlculture and Labor,
I B. J.Tnrner.
J. Toangblood C.J.Xora.
res Sapreme Court, H. 0. Young, Al
Walltn, D. E.
lmDlitrlot, Jndson LaMoure, Pembina,
scondDUtrlct, Jamea Fuller,SlThomas
Irrt District, W. J. Watt, HYde Park,
GhevaUer, Bathgate.
Mjond District, B. H. Restemayar, Cava
lier, JMiu Thordaraon, Hensel.
idgeof the Diatrict Court, Seventh Ju
dicial Diatriot,
W. I. Kneeshaw, Pem­
ark of Diatrict Court, A. L.
to call
a tea Attorney, W. J. Burkes
ftrlff. F. Farrow* &
odltor, Paul Williama
'eaaurar, llobert McBride.
sgister of Deeds, J. M. Chisholm. -U..*v:
mnty Judge, 3. D. Wallace,
iperintendent ofSohools, J. W. Alex-,
rveyor, F. B. Hebert ,,
ironer, Dr«u. F. Brskine..'
ret District, F.C. Myrick, Pembina.
condDistHct,S. Sigurdson, Gardar.
lird District, Geo. Taylor, Bathgate. ..
urth District, J, Morin, Neche.
lft!i Diet., H. O. Thomson,
fc that
)ly all
S a
-v.. /•"•-.!
a'«. ...
.M3. sa.po fks
Wardwell. G. G. Thompson,
^d it the postotttce at Pembina as second
.'ail matter.
PIONEER EXPRSSS IS sent omy on the di
jrder of sabscribers, and is Continued until
id stopped and all arrearages paid.
rate of subscription is alike to all, 18.00
ir. Subscribers paying in advance have
rice of several premium papers in addl-
nple" or "marked copies" are sent as com
tary only, and while we desire them to be
red aa invitations to subscribe, they will
continued except upon request.
PIONSBB EXPRESS is'the beat advertising
in the county, having a more general
tion than any other paper. Card ot rates
ie Pioneer Express.
'Taxpayer" still keeps it up in the
otype, and erroneously insists that
d. (ending the county board and
anxious to draw us into the con
tey. Mr. Taxpayer hardly de
the space to answer him briefly,
of his wild and ambiguous, and
cases absolutely untnie .assevar-
just to show from tiis own writings
biguous and untrue are his state
we will quote and note a few:
He corrects our spelling of
v." He is correct and we were
However, a? he has dropped
orical style of his first article,
v. ly caught on to our
nd- He seenis more familiar with
ary words than with his qwn
He misquotes himself, and in
ofto leaves out the only point so far
Verted by this pap«. "A bonds
the bank that had the county
elt the county." The statement
lly made by Taxpayer also said,
ill his wealth." This omission is
1 on a respected former ciuzen,
he statement denied by the Pio
press, and which Taxpayer has
ad the manhood to specifically
'ledge as ail untruth.
Taxpayer wants to know "if
statement are direct enough to
irdwell?" Here are two "direct"
nts which follpw this| question,
rears have passed since the coun
ey was tied up and that it is still
"Not one of the commission-
How their personal property
iy another all these, ryears
attempt to recover it"
statements' are purposely
to deceive the general read
is intentionally but a part
of facts, a'hfUf truth
nypothetical statement tnr
an example ol facts stated
statement, which ^are not. so
rein,' and wquld not be true
a. .. v-i:
together, the reader is .led to
-. the commissioners had left the
without care in the bank ''for air
re," had never gotten any it,'
vpver takentat^psto recover it,,
matter of fact, a large part. of
a, repaid in dividends, that
tftain yet to be paid in divi»
ad that action was started by
1- six months
kinds of
to, recover
I leave t)ie reader to juc(ge o(
ucut directness* of Taxpayer's
its wttU whjch he'.wants to imut
Fourth: Taxpayer's numerous direct
and indirect.statements, eliminated irom
queries and generalities and boiled down
seem to be: That Commissioner Mcrin
says the county was robbed on a .certain
bridge contract, and that the board has
given out some 930,000 worth' of con
tracts without advertising for bids.
But, comparing Taxpayer's different
statements, it seems a little doubtful and
ambiguous as to times and amounts. On
Nbv. 8, Taxpayer wrote Morin's state
ment is that "the county was robbed of
11,000 or thereabouts." On Dec. 8, Tax
payer again refers to Mr. Morin as stat
ing that "the county had been robbed of
some $2,800." Nov. 8th Taxpayer says
"contracts have been given for $2,000,"
for which private estimates gave $800 as
the proper figures, and on Dec. 8th Tax
payer continues, and'refers to "the let
ting of a contract at ^,800 above the
lowest bidder."
The similarity and dissimilarity of tihe
figures quoted and the circumstances are
confusing to the reader. Do the above
refer to one, two, three or four transact
ions? Was the county robbed first of
$1,000, and then of $2,800, and again of
$1,200 [by.private estimate] and lastly of
$2,800 [over the lowest bidder]? Either
Mr. Morin must have "stated" twico, or
his figures don't agree, and Taxpayer
must have two transactions at least. in
mind, because one was based on private
estimate, and one is on the basis ol an
actual bid. We think even Taxpayer
will admit that these statements are not
as specific and direct as they might be.
Fifth: Taxpayer says it does not re
quire an acute person to see the connect
ion between the giving out of $30,000 in
contracts and the acceptance of a bid of
$2,800 and the rejection of a bid of $800.
[By the way, this seems to be a fifth rob
ery this time it's $2,000 net—we didn't
notice it before.] Well, we are not acute
but confess our inability to see any con
nection between the two things. It
seems to us that Taxpayer has cause to
lament on two entirely separate grounds.
One, that there were no bids to accept
or rej€ct, and the other that bids were
accepted and rejected. Both of these, if
true, are properly grounds of complaint
—but we fail to see any connection.
Sixths Taxpayer says "the assessment
of the Pioneer Express outfit was equal
ized at $75. Another paper, whose plant
was valued at $4,000,, was equalized at
$125." The published proceedings oif the
equalization board in July show that five
of the county papers were "raised" from
$50 to $200 each, and one paper "re
duced" $50. The highest equalized as
sessment of a county paper was £600, the
lowest $200. The record also reads "The
Pioneer Express assessment $400. No
change." As a matter of fact, "The Pio'
neer Express outfit," iaken in its broad
meaning, pays yearly in taxes about $100
more than Taxpayer asserts is our as
sessed valuation.
Taxpayer and others will please note
that in the above remarks we have not
attempted, except incidentally, to defend
the county board. We defend Mr. La
Doux, we defend ourselves, from abso
lutely false statements, and we compare
Taxpayer's own statements in reference
to other matters with,each othfer.
If, however, Mr Taxpayer's state
ments have no better foundation than
his own ambiguous and inchoate assev
erations and are as untrue as his charges
that Mr. LaDoux left the country with
all his wealth, and that the Pioneer Ex
press outfit was equalized at $75—then
his epistles are worthydf.no further at
The Pioneer Express beiievef the
county board to be composed of human
beings and "mostly honest,'.' as some-'
body remarks. They are quite as liable
to error as most human^ are, and we
have differed with them in opinion many
times. They are the servants of the'peo
pie and as such the people have the right
to criticize their acts, when it is right.
But we believe, before charges are
made of '"robbery," and financial mis
management, and insinuations of 'bribery
made, that the accuser should specify
persons, times, amounts and circumstan
ces in detail and that it would add much
to his credit {and credibility if the ac
cuser should sign his own name to his
Dissoolution of Copartnership.
Notice is hereby given, that the co
partneiship.heretofore existing between
V. Quackenbush and F. A.. Hart, under
thefirm name and style of Quackenbush
Sc. Hart, is, this llth day of December*
1902, dissolved by mutual consent, and
expiration of time ol articles of copart
nership that V. Quackenbush is hereby
authorized to receive all monies due the
said firm and to give receipt therefor.
Dated at Pembina,. N. D. this llthday,
of December, M02. C--
The following advertisement appeared
in the Winnipeg Free Press Nov. 28th,
188^, just pastitwenty years ago:
The City between the Cities-The Hub of
the Four Corners.
The Future Railroad, Centre of the Red
River Vailley.
"On the Internntional Boundary Line
Adjoining Emerson and West Lynne.
Population 6,000 Within Two Miles,
Equajly Distnbuted on All Sides and'
Rapidly Increasing.1 Lots Now
on Sale „at MacGregor -and •-]M
Co.'s Sale Rooms.
"Intera^»olisM still remains an open
prairie, but new railways are developing
and the Prince of Progress may yet ap?
pear with his magic wand and "Interap*
olis" awaken to become a flourishing
city. The property is on the east side of
the Red River, between St. Vincent and
Emerson, and is owned'by A. W. Styles,
formerly of this city, tut now' of Wash
ington, D. C.
The death of Thomss Brackett Reed
last week at Washington of Brighfs di
sease comes as a surprise to the country
and causes sincere regret. Mr. Reed
was a remarkable man, and it is not too.
much to say, that he was the peer of *ny
statesman in tlie history of this country.
For years he stood as the political lead
er of the republican party, and no one
disputed his position. But, after all, per
haps the most remarkable thing in his
career, was his act of deliberately step
ping down from his high political posit
ion, and entering upon the walks of pri
vatfe life. Why he did so has never been
explained, except that he did so to pro
vide money for his family, but it is a fact
that few men could do it—and very few
have done it.
County News.
Drayton has a curling rink and 'steen
pair of curling stones,
Four Neche hunters got three deer in
the Roseau river country.
1*he long distance telephone wire now
runs from Neche to Winnipeg.
Walhalla has arranged to talk over the
long distance telephone via Neche.
Cavalier is to vote whether they will
become a city or not on Dec. 15th.
Ken Wylie, of Neche. is goinS to Bis
marck as deputy for state auditor -Holm'
Norval Baptie is to be in with the fast
skaters for the championship of Amer
ica. We hope he'll win it.
Walhalla ekpects the^G. N. will extend
the railroad four miles from that place to
H. A. Mayo's clay deposits.
S. L. Haight found a blaze in a pile of
rubbish in the rear of the Thompison
building at St. Thomas and prevented
conflagration. It was a lucky chance.
The safe iu E. W. McLean's livery at
St. Thomas was opened during the day
at a time when it was not locked and -a
small amount of cash and some notes
taken. No clue to the thieves.
James Anderson, of Cavalier, will take
the place of J. H. Lutes as agent of the
Standard Oil Company at Neche. Mr.
Lutes has been, promoted to travelling
The Edinburg Tribune states that Mr.
Knute Norgard, an attorney residing at
Milton, who died two weeks ago, qon«
fessed on his deathbed as being one of
twp men who murdered Mr. Menes, a
merchant of Milton, several years a^o,
and whose\body was found in an old
Miy and Mrs. Hector Faulkner, form
erly Of this'"county, but now living at
Elm Creek, Man.,. lost their davghter,
Stella, agecl ll years,! Oct.'17th .from ty
phoid, and last week another daughter,
Josephine, aged i3 years, died from
complications arising
.from mumps. The
bodies wer^ brought to St^ Thomas for
burial. Much sympathy is ^expressed by
old neighbors.
Go to King & Co.'s iof gasoline
Cornplanter and Standard oil.
.'«. 8tTd At Cnn'i 'Brink. a Ig
'1 knov Iiyould long qgo have been iti
my grave," writes Hrs. S H. Newtom,
of De'catut, Ala, "if it had not been for
Eleclric ^iVerai. For three-years I snfc
fered untold agony froth tHeworst forms
of Indigestion, Water.brash, Stomach
and Bowel Dyspepsia, But this excellent
medicine did me
V, IKortgage foreclosure »ate. ••MMaaaaa***^........
.Notice la hereby given that toal certain Mort
glge. executed autT delivered by Wm. Jaraex,
mortlWfor. to Deerlbg Harvester Company, a
cr^rinfreblp.dated on theSSrd day of January
Iga. wd «led for record in the o0ice
8k.!1" 5®?teter of De«d« of the Connty of Pern
Whi and Stats of North Dakota, on the 2Tth day
8:80 o'clpck a. m„ and re-
i" Book 87 of Mortgiures, at page 84, and
which aiild mortgage was therealter assigned by
Charles Bearing, James Deering and Richard K.
Uowe- co pnrtnerg, doing buslntsg tinder the
nS®6 *t Deering Harvester Oo to Internal
'vpn' Hurvesier Compuny ol America, a corpor
atlpn organized and existing under the -laws of
•00' __! ...
State of Wiscontiin, by assignment in writing
dafed/on the Uth day of October, A. I. 190-2, and
dull recorded in the office of the, said Register
?»ifeeds in and for Ute caid Uounty'of Pembina,
lntheHtttte ol North Dakota on the 17th day of
Oetober, A. D.1B0S, at 11.45 a.m.. in Book 78 of
Mortgages, on page 689,and will be foreclofeU by
a^le ol the premises in sqch mortgage and
hereinafter described, at the front dodr ot the
Cpurt house In the City ot Pembina, in the Coun
ty of Pembina and State of North Dakota, at the
nour oil o'clock p. m. on the 10th day of Janu
(ary, 1908, to.satlsfy the amonnt due upon said
mortgage on the day of sale. A Power of Attor
ney lrom the International Harvester Company
ol America to its attorney, Lewis T. Hamilton,
loreclo8e_sald mortgage has been duly record,
ed in the office of lhe Register of Deeds afore-
prenlises described in said mortgage and
WhictrwlU be sold to satisfy the same, are de
scribcd as follows: Lots numbered one, two und
three, 1. 2,8, In block thirtjHwo, 88, in the orig
lUaliowDcitooi Baihgure, accurilin^ to the re
ptal thereoi on lire •'In the ottice oflhe
Beglsier ol J^eds ju and for Pembina Oouniv,
^orll' Ltakoia, and also lots n.uinbered thirteen
aud fourteen, 18 and 14, in block numbered nine
tten, l'l, in the town of Hamilton Pembina
Coiinty, North Dakoin, nnd that no action or
proi certlusr at law at otuerwiHo ha been had for
tlrt.ooiiecuon ot said debt or any p:iri tUereof.
*!|at inert-will be due on such mortgage at
jbe, aate of sale aliovo mentioned, ihe suui oi
rhree thousand.'six Hundred, Tweuiv aud
1:0, $i,(is0.40, Dollars.
Interunuonal Harvester Compauy
ot America.
Lewis T. Hum,lion, ItV Attorney
Mated i»ec. 4ih, 19On. Furgo- N. i».
\oticc #f nort(nge Sale,
Notice ik hereby given, that that certain real
estate mortgage, exocuieil and delivered by
Narcipse Illamhard aud Mary BUnchard, his
wile, mort^agois lo Faraolioun Aueucv^ "mort
*agee. dated i8ih day of August, A. 1). 1002, aud
Uled or record in the office of the Registeer ol
Deeds, of tlie county" ot Hemmim «ud state of
North Dakota, on the 22nd day ol: August,
A. Jf. 1902, at 2.45 o'clock p.m..^nd duly tecord-
','86",°.f niorigases, on piige -'244."
will be foreclosed by a sale 01 Ihe premises in
euchmoit^age aud herein»lter described, atlthe
front door 01 the court house, iu the city of
Pent bin
a in the county or l'embina and slate
orNoith Dakota, ai the hour of two o'clock
p.lp., on Saturday. t-,e17th day of January, A.
D.1903. to satisfy tlie amount due upon sucl
mortgage on the day of sale. The premises de
scribed in such mortgage, and which will be
sold to' satisfy the samefara th se certain prem
ises tyitnated in the connty of Pembina and stale
oi Nofth feakoia. and described as follows, to
wltt Tne souiheast quarter (8EJ4) r,f the
BOUthwest quarter SW (1-4) and lot four (4], of
section-thirty [80]. township one hundred and
sixty-two (162)range llUj-iour (54). containing
eighty 180] ai res of land, more or less, according
to the government survey thereof. There will
be due on such mortgage at the date of sale
tbf sum of forty and 4-10t•(840.04) dollars."
Dated at Fargo, N. D.. Dec.8rd, A. D. 1908.
W „.„„.5^KG0 AGENCY.
JSO. D. FA RRAKD, Mortgagee.
world qf good. Since
using it I can eat heartily and, have
gained 85 pounds." For Indigstion, Los»
of Appetite. Stomach, Liver .and^ Kidney,
troubles Electric Bitters ^re a positiyp,?
guarateed cure. Ouly 50j,at Tt R. ^ha«r
ifi .•atxS&iS
Attorneys for Mortgagee. 19 24
Sale ot Land.
anoe of an Order made on the 84tn day of Novem
ber, A. 1902, By Hen. J. 1). Wallace. Judge of
the Connty Court, within and for said County ol
Pembina ana State of North Dakotn.-The under
signedi the administrator, de-bonis.non of ihe
estate ol Ameiia E. Xhomp8on. late of the ciiv
of Pembina, in the county oi Pembina and state
of North Dakota, will on Mondav, the S2nd
day of December. A. L. 100, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon of that day, at the Iront door oi
the Court hotue. In tlie City of Pembina, in the
County of Pembina, and Slate of North Dakota,
oner tor sale at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, subject to the Confirmation by
the Judge of said County Court, those certain
lot, pieces or parcels of land, situate, lying and
being iu the City ol Pembina, County of Pembi
na aud State of North Dakota and described
as follows, To-wit: Part of lot nnmber teven (7)
in block number fifteen 151 in the City of Pem
bina. described aa follows, to-wit
Commencing at a point on Cavileer street,
wheie the.line between lots seven [7] and eight
[8f of said block lifteen [151 intersects said street
thence along said street or Jot number seven [71
twenty |20] feet, thence at right angles through
said lot number seven (7) two hundred [300] feet,
theuce along the alley to the iiue be'ween lo:s
number seven [7] and"eight J, thence aloug said
line 10 the place of beginning also lots num
bered eight 18J and niso [9] in block nuttiber
twenty-live [251. in said Cit.v of Pembina.
Dated this 2&tu day of November. A. D. 1903.
Administrator, de-bonis-noq, of the Estate
Amelia E. Thompson, deceased.
Final Prssf.
Land Office, Grand Forks, N. D„ Nov. 191)|,
—Notice is beiefty given lhat the foilowir
named settler has filed notice of his intention
make final proof lii snpport of his claim and
that Haid proof will be iaade before R. W. C(u
m.v, U. S. Commissioner tor the District North
Dakota, at his office at Pembina, N. D., 011 the
29tb day of December, 1902, viz Bavazs Milhal
oveegs, for SW 1.4 of sec. 33, ttyp. 163, range 61.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous reoidedce and cnilivatlon of said
land, viz: Kraiik A Feldmanp Archibald Mo
Donald, Frank'Morris.
«udH. P. Ottem, all of
Pembina P. Ol, in Pembina county, North
Geo. B. Winship, Register.
iT E N E W
trade. H€ intends to make
neatness and quality spec*
i! ial features, and will "be
ii'' .ii
pleased to'meet you at
Clwles Keller'sold s^d.
^fjHaving purchased the
|)i4sines& a|id goodwill 'of
1 Charles Keller, the" under
j! signed ailuounces that* he j.
hopes, by ptrict attention
to business at^d careful at-
4 hus. $qr *6*
At the right price. Handsome cut-5
ters from $18 to $45. Boys' hand-1
some steel coasters, $1 25. Nice?
assortment of B. & B. skates.
Christmas Bells
Sound very sweet, but the tick of a brand
new clock or watch makes you feel that life
is worth living and you like to enjoy it.
you t:o look at our jewelry department before
looking elsewhere. You will find here good
quality combined with very lowest prices.
•. •.••••••»•
Dealers in HARDWARE I
In all lines (cxcept sugar) Not on two or three
sorts of goods, but oil the bejst grades and var
ieties. Fresh, fancy and staple Groceries, Boots
and Shoes,, Dress Goods, etc.
Two Russian Beaver Coats and
"j Ladies' A4trachan Samples,
Vvill be sold at special
a a in
J. B. 9ranchaud.

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