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Ell' IP-":'
In every department
of Banking the
5 We invite you to call.
Oats 30c.
Merchants Bank of Pembina,
Clwb Paper*.
Tu Fiorant ExriiM cannot be reeponilble
foi the stoppage before expiration or continu
ance after expiration of other paper* eent a»
premlnma or on clubbing rates. We juw»J«
eon tract however that club papers shall hedie
con tinned at the end of the subscription. Sao
•erfbere should note the date of expirattonof
premium papers and If they wish them discon
tinued refuse them from the postmaster after
they have "expired. Taking a papet from the
rlma fade evidence that the row
post office is prima facte ev
•on taking it Is a subscriber and therefore liable
for the subscription. Any person who pays up
•near* and orders a paper stopped and thereafter
refuses the paper at the post ottice, need not fear
any responsibility toy further payment. In any
••teexitngnlarity, change of address, or other
is it 11 Batter write to the publishers of the
VMM (••papers.
furnisned uy |. K.
Carey, agent for
Monarch Elevator Co.
at Pembina
Monday ....
Tuesday ...
Thursday ..
Barley 30c.
1 01
1 01
1 05
1 05
1 06
761 06
Winnipeg Fair July 28th to Aug. 6th.
is the last day of the Hamilton
Crops in the south half of the county
are very fine.
The members of the drainage board
were in the city on Tuesday.
Wheat seems to be on a ladder these
days, and we hope that when it gets up
to where it is going somebody will take
away the ladder.
The annual conference of the M. E,
church for this state, which was to have
met in September, has been adjourned
to Oct. 12th, and meets at Cando.
Thos. Roney, formerly of Hamilton
and well known in ^his county as a ma
chine man, died suddenly of heart dis
ease at his home in Winnipeg on Wed
Lampman of the Chronotype wants to
bet the Herald $100 that the North Da
kota exhibition at the World's Fair
insignificant, and leave it to an arbitra
tion committee.
The July term of the district court for
this county has been adjourned to Aug,
8th, It is the semi-annual jury term, bnt
there is so small a calendar it is probable
that no jury will be called this time.
On account of an extra amount of leg
al and other advertising the Pioneer Ex
press finds it necessary to add another
sheet to itself this week. The extra mat'
ter has also curtailed the editorial page
The base ball match scheduled for
Pembina vs Walhalla here on Monday
was postponed at the request of Pem
bina on account of tne absence of some
players. Walhalla beat Cavalier 9 to
and lost to Necee 1 to 7.
Many friends will learn with sincere
sorrow of the sudden death of at his
home in Bismarck, of Judge John Coch
rane of the supreme bench of this state.
He has not been well for many years and
for the last six months has been worse
off than usual,
The picnic of the C. N. R. employes at
Emerson last Saturday wag attended by
about 700 people who came on the ex
cursion train from Winnipeg and quite a
number from Pembina and surrounding
Country. They amused themselves with
Sports of various sorts, including base
ball,'and-hada fine time.
.?9fflmissjQQefg atfjgtifrigd gg
TUeSi]^ ItJ fiieei again oh Aug. 15. The
proceedings as an equalization board are
printed in this, issue. The work as a
-.county board was mostly ot the routine
pe and will be in the next week's paper.,
be The only thing exceptional of the pres
ts ent meeting was the reappointment of
as the drainage board for two yean more,
The lightning is getting very neigh
borly to this burg of late. Perhaps the
numerous political lightning rods Tpo*
ed in the particular vidphy of the court
house haul some effect. Last Sunday
night we bad a very heavy,electrical and
nun statm* which for the second time
within thensooth left its marie. The barn
Joseph Shaw waft (track and set
FortuaateirMesen. Miller, Mc
LeodandFelson, near neighbors, saw
«hesaol»,«ndt0aaMiand rawing to the
rosea*pottfcefoe** with pails of
owtoK *»tb« rain, befe*
of Mr.
oo fire.
in thought it it possMe tiMt Mr*
V' •.
V:^ ,^'V
Is prepared to serve you
In a satisfactory manner
...-.'"'" -.'
J. D. McCaffery is at home for the hol
Mrs. C. B. Harris is still seriously ill
but is somewhat improved from last
A. Ganssle and Jos. Garnett of St.
Thomas were around on Monday with
business before the county board.
James Greenwood and wife were visit
ing with Mr. and Mrs. A. McDonald last
Friday. Mr. Greenwood is now farming
near McLean.
J. H. Abratns writes that his family
have joined him at Spokane and to send
him his Pioneer Express to that city
hereafter in place of Minneapolis. He
has the general agency for the Winona
Wagon Company in that territory.
Jas. A. Wilkins, cashier of the Merch
ants Bank, took in the meeting of the
Bankers' Association at Fargo last week
and reports a pleasant and interesting
session. He stopped off at Drayton over
Sunday to see his relatives there.
Miss Delia Moorhead, who' has been
residing at Butte, Mont., for some time,
was brought to Grand Forks this week
suffering from appendicitis. After the
operation she will be taken to the home
ot S. R. Moorhead at Turtle River, Min
Edwin Spicer. one of the pioneers of
this county and one of the the first resi
dents of Carlisle, and postmaster and
storekeeper at that point for many years,
left on Tuesday for Vasser, Man., where
he has bought a place and will also run a
general store.
Mrs. H. Kabernagle and the two child
ren of Mr. Bogi Eyford returned from
their winter's stay at Baltimore, Md., on
Saturday. Mr. Eyford, who went to Bal
timore to meet them, also took a trip to
Washington to see the capitol city.
Harry Horr, who prepares the pills,
paregoric and plasters for the city drug
store, departed this week for a vacation,
down Minneapolis way. There are rum
ors in the air—but the reporter takes no
stock in the gossip. Hope Harry will
have a good time anyway. He deserves
Archie McDonald and John F. Miller
joined Adam McTavish, Jr., last Satur
day on a trip to Saskatoon. The latter
has a farm there and Archie has made .a
filing. John F. goes to prospect On
the same train was James Carr, who ac
companied his son Charles, who has
been visiting here, to his homh in Mani
Charles Keller has teen about town
all week greeting his many old friends.
He now lives at Spokane and brings
word of the serious illness of Miss Alice
Thompson, formerly of this city, who
has been at the hospital there and suffer
ed an operation for tuberculosis of the
lrnds of the neck. We are glad to re
port the operation as successful and that
the physicians expect complete recovery.
County News.
John S. Abbott of Walhalla has sold
his bakery and confectionery to Charles
W. Jamieson.
Frank Horgan, Arthur Welford, Will
and Fred Rene are home after a pleasant
trip to the World's Fair.
Hamilton has anew fire bell and tow
er. May they never have any use for it
except to ring the curfew.
The house of RobtMcBride of Cava
lier is under quarantine on account of his
little daughter having an attack of scaj
fat fevet1.
A gold watch lost by
McMillan of
Hamilton was found in Mayor Collins'
yard. There are no other suspicious
Mrs. James McCaffery, formerly of St
Thomas, died at her home in Wabasha,
Minn., last week. The remains were
brought to St. Thomas for burial,
P.F.Jennings of Cavalier sold his
quarter of school land to S. Bjornson of
Akia lor $4,000. Frank Hall sold the
quarter adjoining to^Ed. Stong for |3
Robert Mclnnes of Hamilton while
driving a team was suddenly taken, with
hetrt tronble and neighbors who saw
him assisted h&n to the house. It was'
Th* e«)rtor of the Times told Editor
ra&bn of the Pink Paper that dhrfn No.
I3l»d40tottlsll totlieRed river, aftd
fi» Pink Pkperaald was flD feet.
Mm told
as that tbe
tOL it»
JfcMf lNMi MB.
Mb art
Mrs. James Greenwood arrived at
tal last week after a trip t6 Virginia and
Delaware. Mr. Young bought a place in
Delaware and will move there with bis
family. The others-did not invest...
The Neche Chronotype and the WaK
nalla Mountaineer, and the Drayton
Echo and the Hallock Enterprise, aire
respectively playing base*balll without
an umpire—and the result is a general
"slgunfest," as the rooters' vernacular,
would say.
The Chronotype thinks nothing but a
war "gigantic in magnitude and of pro
longed duration, declared in its immed
iate vicinity" would make the Walhalla
Mountaineer interesting. Late issues
the Chronotype would, by the same tok
en, seem to be furnishing the material
for that same.
Social Corner.
Several Pembina folks are going to
the Hamilton Fair to-day.
Miss Mclnnis of Hillsboro is visiting
her sister, Mrs. H. B. Spiller.
Miss Pearl Bemis leaves on Friday for
her home in Inlcster, after enjoying a via
it with friends here.
The Misses Reed and Jackson who
have been visiting Mrs. Ashley leave
this morning for their homes, the former
Carmen, the latter in Winnipeg, Man.
The Misses Zella and Nita Badgley ot
Emerson will give a recital in that town
this evening. The former is an elocu
tionist. Several Peuibina people will
drive over. Miss Ethel Holladay, who
is visiting here, wijl assist with the pro
gram with a violih solo.
Tuesday evening a party of Pembina
young folks drove over to the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curran at Ash
Lawn farm near Emerson, to be present
at the farewell reception given in honor
ot their daughter, Gertrude. The recept
ion was followed by a social dance.
Bountiful refreshments were served. An
excellant time was had by all. Miss Cur
ran will be married to Mr. Archibald
Vicar of Prince Albert on Thnrsday the
On Wednesday afternoon, the Pem
bina young folks, chaperoned by Mrs.
Kneeshaw and Mrs. McCaffery, went
picnicing up the Red river. The "Chico"
carried up two loads or about 35 of the
boys and girls with their baskets. And
such a dinner! Some said it was the
best "spread" they had ever seen at a
picnic and I think it must have been.
The last load arrived home again at 9
o'clock. The affair was given in honor
of the visiting young ladies in town.
A Trip to the Peace Siver Country.
Richard Hall returned this week from
a trip to the far north, sun-burnt and
tired out, after an absence of two months
and his experience reads like a romance.
Mr. Hall has always had a desire to
see Peace River country and satisfy him
self of what is in store for settlers, and he
has fully made up his mind to stay here,
for a time at. least, before undertaking
another adventure similar to that from
which he has just returned.
He left here on the 15th of May for
Edmonton, where he arrived in four days
in good spirits and ready for the over
land by stage, or as it proved, as best he
could. The distance from Edmonton to
Athabasca Landing, 100 miles, was made
without much inconvenience, bnt when
he arrived at the "Landing" he found
the boat that was advertised to ply the
Athabaska river and Little Slave lake
was not completed, and not liable to be
this season, as the boiler and machinery
was scattered at different places from
short distance out of Edmonton to the
place, where the hull was being construct
ed. At Athabasca he fell in with a party
from Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie,
who were up against it'like himself, and
they invested in two "dug-out" canoes,
provisions, cooking utensils and blank
ets and proceeded on their journey up
the Athabasca river, a distance of 75
miles, to Slave lake, and 120 miles up
the shore of the lake te the mouth of the
Slave river. Here they hired a half-breed
to drive them to the mouth oi the Peace
river. They followed up the river some
20 miles and then crossed uvtf tht hills
into the iuterlor. Mr.Hall left the party
here and started on the return trip alone,
While the rest went on farther.
It was on his way back that Mr. Hall
suffered the most hardships. He rowed
over 80 miles in one day, starting in the
morning at 4 o'clock to cross Slave lake
and landing at the mouth of this liver at'
11 o'clock that night.
Mr. Hall says the country from Ed
monton to Athabasca Landing is rolling
and a great portion of tt covered with
spruce and poplar. Settlers are scattered
all the way,, in. limited number. The
"Landing" has a Hudsoo Bay Company!
trading post, two other stores, a Catho
lic and Churchof England misskw, stop
]ping place and a few scattered residen
ces. On the Athabasca river the ice was
still lying in great bteaps on the banks,
where It had been pBed when the river
vfatoas,. Ffektta&MdantJa all of the
jggrogfgg awl the hfimw aod hatfH&Meds'
piljlhlfHrtunyai that diet* Hm saw
haarsMMeae aMd as afcuwdiUBosol' Aides
Tbp Peace river is'astreata 70Q yards
wid^'ahd is very deep and swift iThe
banks are steep and the- ''Peace River
Valley" we hear so .much about is nar
row and in many cases the banks, sever
al hundred feet high, run up to the wat
er' 'vedge. The Athabasca and Slave
riven are both magnificent-streams, with
Swift currents and high banks.
The sun would only be out of sight
three and a half hours out of tiie twenty
fosf^and it was very warm when it was
shining. Four nights jn succession there
was white frost visible and vegetation is
very backward, owing to the drouth,
which extends over the entire northwest
from Moosejaw to as for as they went.
Mr. Hall says the trip will be a good
one when transportation fadlities are
farther advanced, but until then he does
not advise anyone to make the trip. The
distance traveled, from Pembina to the
point where he turned back, is in the
neighborhood of1,500 miles.
Teacher Wanted.
Apply to the undersigned, stating cer
tificate held and salary wanted.
3-5 D. McLARTY,
Clerk District No. 37, Hyde Park.
The Armenia Elevator Co. has opened
a lumber yard at McArthur and is pre
pared to furnish building material of all
kinds. C. H. HART, Agent
Mowing machine oil cans, 5c. Five
gallons extra heavy Castor machine oil,
•150. KING & BOOKER.
Mankato Commercial College, Man
kato, Minn., has the finest catalogue
printed by any school. If you are inter,
ested send for one.
Good salary paid to a few ladies and
gentlemen. Pleasant out-door Work,
whole or part time. Apply by letter to
K. S. T., care of Pioneer Fxpress.
"Veribest"flour is the cheapest because
it will make the most as well as the best
bread. F. A. Feldman sells it. 50 tf.
Mankato Commercial College opens
Sept. 5. Euroll then and get two months
Buy the "Keystone Maid" and "Red
Fern" Cigars and vote to send your girl
to the World's Fair.
Insure your crop against loss or dam
age by hail, in the St. Paul Fire and Va
line Insurance Co. AH !o§§g§ promptly
tf Agents.
Winnipeg Fair.
The attractions at the Winnipeg Exhi
bition hav,e each year gone one better
and this year, being that of the Domin
ion Exhibition, is to prove no exception
to the rule. The finest acts have been
engaged, and it is no exaggeration to
say that never have such an accomplish
ed crowd of vaudeville artists been seen
in the Prairie Capital. Don't forget the
dajtes of the fair, Ju'y 25th to Aug. 6th.
Two Teachers Wanted.
Two teachers' holding second grade
certificates, to teach schools Nos. 1 and 2
in school district No. 64, Pembina coun
ty, N. D., for a term of six months each,
commencing Sejit 5th, 1904, said schools
to bip suspended one month about the
holidays. Applications must be in the
hands of the undersigned prior to Aug.
15th. Applipants state wages expected,
Box 21. Mountain, N. D.
Try "Veribest' flour. A trial costs
nothing because it is guaranteed to please
you. For safe by Felduian the flour and
feed man. 50 tt.
Ship Your Cream to the
TRAL CREAMERY and receive High
est Price, Correct Weight and Honest
Test. 37-52
Vote early and often. We want our
towirto win that "Keystone Maid" and
"Red Fern" Contest
"Hie "Veribest" is guaranteed to be
{rue to name. Ask Feldman for it. 50 tf
.% Tfeasiifefr's Report
For Jollette School tHrtrict No. IB. County of
Pembina, State of North Dakota, for the
•. A- Year 1908-190*.
CMboahandat beginning of tcbool
7MF| Jolf 1| 1908. HM..MMWN.MMNM 88458'
Total amount received daring the year
from the apportionment of Stale
Tnltfan Fund.—
Total amount received daring the year
from the apportionment of Connt?
Toitlo* Tnad.~.~.
Amount received daring the year from
Taxed evied by ttoDtetnct Bchool
Board, including ontataadlag war*
ranta redeemed or e&domed in the
Total Beceipta for the year, inolnding
v^Oukonhand Jnly l. 1W8....MMM.
B0 S3
984 48
799 47
Amoaal paid darlBg the year lor ap
'WlMiVa ww.Mtw«nmmiiniiiinH....ww
AmoOat paid darlag the year for
^lMaand expeaeeaof Mwol OS*
•atoaaliaid'tering UM^'eiir' for''
dilwi BummcihihwiIHWMII««..
paU.darlBg the /aar fcr par
iVIOBM aeee*e mmmm
X. A.
Economy is a good thing in its place. Some
folks are born with it, others chase after it, while still
others have it thrust upon them. Either class will
appreciate what I have to offer this week,
This time of the yedr is very productive of
freckles and tan, and and I s'pose you could take 'em
oft with Pigeon Milk and Cucumber Cream Soap,' but a
pint of prevention is worth a bucketfull of cure, so
I'm going to offer a bunch of 25 cent suhbonnets this
•week at 15 cents each. They are all colors and sizes
and will do the work slick as a whistle.
Then you may need a window shade or two.
After the seasons selling tve have some odds and
ends in different colors and styles, worth up to 65
cents each. They are yours at a quarter apiece or 4
for a dollar. They're all good goods and worth the
original price.
8chsdtiis ef Games for the Season «f 904.
JULY lk—Walhalla at Bathgate.
Cavalier.at Hamilton^%
Neche at Petnbi A.
JULY 15—Walhalla at Hamilton un.
Walhalla at Cavalier, p-tn.
Bathgate at Nech^.'
JtJLY 18—Neche at Walhalla.
f-v Cavalier at BathgateT
Hamilton at Pembim.
JULY tt~Cavaliw at Niche.
JtJfcY 19—Bathgate at Cavalier,,
v.--. .%*:••
Theres a few more of those tumblers that
heavy enough to knock a man down, just right for jel- $
ly and good enough for table use that are yours at *q
yours at 39
cents a dozen.
I acknowledge I'm a little superstitious at
times so when I counted what was left of the ladies
oxfords I offered you last week and found there were:
13 pairs I made up my mind to mention it to you a
gain. More'n likely your size is there. Do you want
to break the spell and save a doller or two?
F^HIThen IV culled out the Waif Paper rem
nants, tied them in bundles and put them in the win
dow at prices that are so low it looks like I'd about as
well give e'm away. I would only every little counts
you kno\^c
P. S. I wish you'd oblige me by asking for
sample of that new Uncolored Japan tea at 40 cents
that the boss HstiTbeen blowing -himself for.
little t^e niftiest ever, for the price.
You are Painting it to
Stay Painted
We Sell the
Minnesota Linseed Oil Paint Co/s
Fine Prepared Paints.
Made to cover honsea and protect them
from the elements for the greatest time at
the amallest possible cost to the owner.
They ate not new and untried—instead,,
have atood the teat of time trhieh iathe
only practical test for more a
quarter of
We have personally sold and guaranteed
them for a great many years.
Sole Agent for Pembina and Ti-
& su, And Your
yM •Si

ifrttd Fork*, N.D,
m. 1

5^, .v

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