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A. Wardwell. G. Q. Thompson.
gntored at the postoBee at Pembina as second
fllass mail matter.
The Pionbkb Bxpbkbr is sent omy on the di
rect order of subscribers, and is continued antiJ
ordered stopped and all arrearages paid.
The rate of subscription is alike to all, 18.00
per year. Subscribers pajlng in advance have
the cholcu of several premium papers in addi
"Sample" or "marked copies" are sent as com
pllmenrar only, and while we desire tbem to be
considered as invitations to subscribe, they will
not be continued except upon request.
The Pionmb Express Is the best advertising
medium in the county, having a more general
lrenlation than any other paper. Card of rates
•ent on application.
0. S. Representatives, Thos. F. Marshall.
A. J. Qronna.
Senators, H.C. Hansbrough,P. McOumber
Governor, B. Y. Saries.
Lieut. Governor, David Bartlett.
Secretary of State, B. K. Porter.
State Treasurer, A. Peterson.
State Auditor, H. L. Holmes.
Attorney General, C. N. Frich,
Railroad Commissioners, 0. S. Deisem,
Christiatason, E. Stague.
buperinvendent ot Public Instruction, W.
L. Stock well.
Commissioner of. Insurance, E. C. Coop
Commissioner ol Agrioulture and Labor,
W. C. Giibteatii,
Judges Supreme Court, N. C. Young, D.
£. Morgan. Edward Eigrud.
First District, Judson LaMoure, Pembina.
Second District, Albert Garnett St.Thom
First District,
V. Briden, Walhalla,
1. Chevalier, Bathgate. G, A. MeCrae,
Second district, John Truiimer, Cava
lier, C. Ganssle, St. Thomas, Jos. Wal
ters, Gardur.
Judge of the District Court, Seventh Ju
dicial District,
W. i. Kneeshaw, Pern
Clerk of District Court, Geo. Peterson.
states Attorney, M. Urynjolfson.
Sheriff. Chas. Atkinfeon.
Auditor, Swain Thorwaldson
Treasurer, Frank H. Andeison.
Register of Deede, J. F.
County Judge, H.G.\ica.
8nperKtendent4f U0hoole,F. M, Sherats
Burveyor, F. K. Uebert
loroner. Dr. u, P. Brekine.
Public Administrator, John Halcrow.
First District, F. C. Mynck, Pembina.
Second Diatsict,
S. Sigurdson, Gardar.
Third District, Fred J. Farrow, Cavalier
Fourth District, J. N. Horgan. Neohe.
Fifth Diet, A. T. Cox, Bowesmont.
A letter from our friend Jv D. Wal
1 ace now of Long Beach, Cal. seeks to
impress us with the fact that the Los
Angeles coutry is 400 miles from San
Francisco and that the earthquake did
not affect them at all seriously. He also
encloses a clipping from a local paper
emphasizing the same lact.
Naturally the people of that section
whose prosperity depends so largely
on tourist travel /eel that the result of.
the late shaking up on the coast will be
injnrious and that people will hesitate
before they travel that way.
As to actual danger it is probably
quite true that there is no serious risk in
the Los Angeles section. It is also
equally true, of the San Francisco region.
The late disturbance was the only one
known in history that seriously affected
buildings there and it maybe hundreds
of years before any so serious will occur
But the fact that the shocks of earth
quakes are frequent on the Pacific coast
*$'f. even though slight, will now be. remem
bered in the light of the San Francisco
calamity for years
oome. As long as
quake did no damage people did not
..•/ mind them much, though they were
more or less a drawback, but now, even
the slightest tremor will be exaggerated
by those who experience the shock .by
just that much.
remarked in a: late editorial,
calamity in some form or other constant
ly lurics over verey community we rtuinot
$ne6'them/^ are always afraid
tt^.*bkh bit happened 'will happen
of this, whether with
or w^tbout food- reason,people will for
.... moye to:
4 '•J
The Bank of Ottawa
Head Office, Ottawa* Ontario
CAPITAL (paid up) $3,000,000.
Rest and Undivided Profits $3,144,000.
A General Banking Business
Your business is invited
Branch office. Enerson, Manitoba: A. H. Logan, Manager
Interest allow
ed on depoalta
of ($1.00) one
dollar and up
Angeles country in most respects almost
a garden of Eden, but there is no plare
on earth quite pet feet. Personally we
perftr North Dakota. And now abideth
earthquakes, cyclones and blizzards,
the=e three, and least of the three is
blizzards. From the blizzard we run
to the house, from the cyclone we run to
the cellar. From the earthquake there's
nowhere to go.
Last Sunday's Herald seriously tried to
convince its readers that Messrs. Spal
ding, Winship, Devine, Helgeson, John
son, et. al. were never apart of wnat the
Herald calls "the machine." It admits
however, that these all have held offices
and worked with the men it says com
pose the machine. Every one of these
gentlemen who now call themselves "in
surgents," not only have held office un
der that same "machine" but were wil
ling to go on indefinitely in the same
way, but because they wen let out, are
now "insurgents." That is the whole
story. There is nothing wrong about
these men trying to seize the reins,except
this misrepresentation and hypocritical
humbug that they are so much better
than these men they are trying to dis
place. Whatever the "gang" has done,
the history of this state since its incep
tion, will show that all those leading in
surgents were right in it until dropped
from official positions.
And still Ihey come. George Road
house of Neche is the next one to "shy
his castor" in the political ring. His
card as candidate for the Republican
nomination for sheriff is published in this
issue. Mr. Roadhouse is one of the old
timers of the county, and is well and fav
orably known by a large circle of friends
all over the county. While this is the
first time that he appears as a candidate,
his name has been often mentioned in
previous campaigns as a suitable person
for the office to which he now aspires.
The face between him and Mr. Wilson
of Cavalier will doubtless be close
enough to be interesting. So far this is
the only contest in sight before the Re
publicap primaries.
The county seat removal question, ac
cording to the Cavalier Chronicle, which
is doubtless well advised, is dead for the
present election. We are certain that a
big majority of the people of the county
will be glad to hear it, and this without
reference as to the right or wrong place
for the county seat. We are sure all
prospective candidates are glad that issue
will not interfere with their canvas.
Pembina was not worried over the re
sults, but county seat fights are expen
sive, laborious, demoralizing and engen
der bad feeling.
Our democratic friends seem to be
laying low with no candidates before
the primary election. Primary Law Sec.
12.—"* Should there be no applicant
for such office before printing the prim
ary ballots such vacancy may be filled
by the regularly constituted committee
of the party in which such vacancy oc
curs, .and no petition or fee shall be re*
quited therefor."
The brilliant poetic repartee which
was indulged in by T. R. Shaw, the
Pembina poetaster, and a firm of New
York attorneys bearing the suggesiive
title of Marks & Marks, furnished a half
column of good stuff for a recent issue
of the Grand Forks Times.—Chrono
type. .'f^rrV
County News
Cavaljer stores close at 6 30 p. m.
They shoot suckers at Crystal—finny
a new olSce at
Dr. Kinjjfls
St Thomas.
The Mountaineer reaches over into
Qtvaiier county and gets a candidate
The Icelandic Synod of the United
States meets at Mountain the last week
Ellis Thorwaldson of Mountain is en
larging his store to about double its
former size.
Wm. Clover while driving near Wal
halla was thrown from his buggy and
broke hisleg.
Reuben Kenney of Hope township
Cavalier county died suddenly last week
aged 87 years.
Fred Sutterland and Robt. Strachan of
St. Thomas were up in the Carrot river
country and invested in land.
Lightning knocked somebricks from
the chimney of W. S. fohnsop's resi
dence last week, at Cavalier.
Dr. Boyd, formerly dentist at St. Tho
mas who for a year was in Arizona for
his health, died at St. Paul April 7th.
H. B. Spiller was down during the
week on business connected with the
Thrush estate and visiting old friends.—
The Crystal Call was somewhat of a
boom edition last week, and told all
about the advantages of Pembina county
and Crystal locality.
^Archie Campbell and Beatrice Murdoch
of Walhalla were married at Grand
Forks on April 26th. They will reside
at Walhalla.
Mrs. G. A. McCrea and family have
returned to their home at Drayton after
a winter's sojovm in California and
much improved in health.
A Allen who has been local agent
for the National Elevator at Hamilton
for a number of years goes to the North
west as agent for a land company,
L. H. Misson of Neche while grasping
for apiece of broken ptate glass that he
dropped while carying, reached too
quickly and cut his hand very badly.
Vfr. H. Whitson, who has been run
ning as fireman on the N. P. was visiting
his father at Drayton last week, he will
quit the road and go to farming at Pine
Lake, Alberta.
The Mountaineer says that it under
stands that Attorney Burke ol Bathgate
will run for the nomination on the repub
lican ticket for states attorney. Mr.
Brynjollson has not yet said whether he
will run again or not.
Mrs. Thos. Jewell formerly of Midland
township, died at Goderich Ont. She
was taken to the asylum at Jamestown
in 1905 and about a month ago was dis
charged and her husband took her to
The meeting of the Christian En
deavor of the Pembina Presbytery
will be held at Walhalla on June
13-14, and the Mountaineer wants them
all to come, to the pretty village on the
side-hill and the beautiful Pembina
Iver P. Germo who used to work for
O. P. Thompson & Sons some years ago
at St. Thomas was married last week to
Miss Edith Adelaide Howland at Water
town, S. D. and will live at Sioux Falls
where Mr. Germo travels for a St. Paul
fur house.
Christian Ganssle of St. Thomas in
serts his candidate card in the Times for
nomination to the house of represstatives
Mr. Ganssle was representative two
years ago and in his card states that he
stands npon his public record. He is
likely to be nominated without opposi
Dr. Erskine has sold his Hamilton
drug store to J. G. Green and Geo. Mil
ler. Garfield Green is the son of W. C.
Green of Hamilton aid has grown up in
that village, Mr. Miller is a son of John
F. Miller of this city and both are well
and favorably known. The firm will be
known as J. G. Green & Co. and Mr. G.
will be the active member, Mr. M. will
remain in the employ of Mr. Argue as
Pioneer Express has the
best wishes for the new firm.
A. D. Marble of Crystal was accident
ally shot last week, and his condition is
critical. He loaded his double barrel
shot gun to shoot a hawk, and fired one
barrel. Iuefctering the woodshed the
other barrel was accidentally discharged,
the charge taking effect in his side at the
short ribs and coming out a few inches
from the point of entering. Mr. Marble
is a brother-in-law of Miss Alice Oldham,
and is engaged as wheat buyer.
The little son of J. Greenwood at
Crystal, climbed up on a wagon tongue
that ww being hauled after
drill, and
fell 01T, the,front wheel running over his
shoulder and head, but though the wag
on contained fifty bushels of wheat the
lad was not seriously injured. This is
the same boy that-concealed himself un
dertEf buggy seat one day list tall, and
on arrival in town, came to light to ask
Ills fither for a^ pair of shoes that had
PEMBINA, 1ST. D., FRIDAY, MAY 4, 19Q6. ISnjA/T-mr-R
Mr. G. M. Campbell, superintendent
for the railroadj contracting firm of
Phelan & Shirley, ol Omaha, has been in
N°che .and Gretna this week making
preparations for the starting of the work
on the Portage la Prairie extension of
the Great Northern. He informs us tnat
temporary sidings will be made at once
a short distance west of Gretna, and a
station established to be called West
Gretna. Work on the new grade north
of the Pembina river bridge will be in
full blast in a couple of days, a force of
men,teams and appal atus having already
arrived. Eleven carloads of steel rails
arrived on Wednesday.—Neche Chrono-
Civil Service Examination.
Date of examination, May 12th place,
Pembina position, deputy collector and
inspector salary, 83 per diem.
The United States civil service commis
sion announces that on the date and at
the place named above, an examination
.will be held for the position indicated.
As a result of this examination certifica
tion will be made to fill the vacancy in
the position indicated, and other similar
vacancies as they may occur in first
grade positions in the customs service in
that ci'v or district.
The examination will consist of the
subjects mentioned below, weighted
Spelliing, 10
Arithmetic 25
Penmanship 15
Letter-writ'ng ... 15
Convertion ot currency. 20
Geography 15
Total, 100
Age limits, 20 years or over. All mail
applicants must have the medical certifi
cate in the application blank executed.
This examination is open to all citizens
of the United States, who comyly with
the requirements.
For further information address the
secretary ot the board of examiners, at
the custom house, or at the place named
ahove, or the undersigned.
Nt- application will be accepted unless
prope.fjy execated and filed in complete
form ^ith the undersigned prior to the
hour of closing business, on May 9th,
1906. J. M. SHOEMAKER,
St. Paul, Minn.
Secretary 8th Civil Service Dist:ict.
Have you weakness of any kincl stom
ach, back, or any organs of the body?
Don't dope yourself with ordinary medi
cine. Hallister's Rockey Mountain Tea
is the supreme curative power. 35 cents
-T. R. Shaw.
I desire to announce myself as a
publican candidate for the office
sheriff of Pembina county, and respect
fully solicit the support of the voters at
the primary election on June 19th.
Dated March 12th, 1906.
As the patrons of the register of deeds
office seem satisfied with the way the
business has been conducted in the past,
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for re election on the republican ticket
I hereby announce myself as a Repub
lican candidate for the office of Clerk of
the District Court for Pembina County.
I have setved for a number of years
as a deputy in this office and am
thoroughly conversant with every detail.
Should the people of this County honor
me with election to this position,
pledge myself to give to the office my
personal supervision and best attention.
I hereby announce myself as candidate
for Counlv Superintendent of Schcols on
the Republican ticket gnd respectfully
solict the support of the voters
Pembina county at the primary election
June 19th.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the Republican nomination
for County Judge subiect to the prim* ry.
I respectfully solicit the support of the
voters of the county and should .appreci
ate the* indorsement of being nominated
and elected for a second term.
Trusting that the knowledge and ex
perience acquired aa deputy tor the pres
ent cotinty auditor may be favorably
considered, and that my personal quali
fications may be found satisfactory, I
hereby announce my candidacy for coun
ty auditor and respectfully request the
support of the Republican party atthe
ensuing primary election on June 19th.
®»yt •*.. "V7 „ai
r. if Si I
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