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overexerted myself in the least
Sold by dl dealers 50 cents a box,
,}....pM|jg-'MUburn Co., Buffalo.N. T.'
Worth Little, indeed.1
"Darling," he said, hoarsely, "I
!:f'WM aiiflerlng very
muehthrough the
fuiure of the kid
ney® to eliminate
the urlcacld from
myeystem. My
back waa veryilame
«hd ached if I
At ttanes Twaawelgheddo^wltha
feqllngof languor and depreaaion and
•uttered oontlnnally from annoying
regularities ofthe kidney secretions.
I procured a ho* of Doan*a Kidney
PUla and began using them. I found
prompt relief from the aching and
lameneaa to myback,and by the time
I had taken .three -boxes I waa cured
©f aU irregularities"
The editor was looking over a poem
that had been submitted by thei local
"I see you bring in an old figure of
speech," he said, "when you describe
the maiden as listening to the lover's
avowal with 'eyes of flame.' Think
of the absurdity of it. How can any
body's eyes e'flame?'"
"Her's seem to have been, all
right," contended the poet. "If you
will read a little further you will see
that she fired him."
List of Patents Issued Last Week to
Northwestern Inventors.
Reported by Lothrop & Johnson,
patent lawyers, 911 Pioneer Press
building, St. Paul, Minn. Charles Bjorlc
lund, Bowesmont, N. D., gang cultiva
tor Frankie M. Conway, Ortonville,
Minn., stool Ingolf .Westby, Kinloss,
N. D., safety box Creasey J. Whel
lams, St. Paul, Minn., window screen
Walter W. Williams, Littlefork, Minn.,
wire choker trap Carl Youngstrom,
Meckling, N. D., calking machine An
thony D. Zimmer, Russell, N. D., gage
and rule.
Easy Prophecy.
"The palmist merely glanced at my
hand, and told me that I would soon
become possessed of a large sum of
"Got the money yet?"
"Yes, I got it five minutes later/'
"Quick work—he must be a dandy
"Well, you see my hand had four
aces in it."
you better than my very life."
"And—and suppose 1 should refuM
you?" asked the beautiful girl.
"Then I should kill myself."
"Gracious! Your life must be worth
a great-deal."
Mrs. Oldham is having trouble at
her house over her cook."
"You don't tell me? I understand
she was such an excellent cook."
"That's, just the trouble. Mrs. Old
ham's three sons are fighting to see
which one shall marry her." ^»yK
Really .Observing.
"Where you going Hiram?" asked
the old lady on the train.
"Up in the 'observation car,'" re
plied her husband, with a grin.
"Why, the observation car is on be
"No, it ain't it's up front. Thar's
tour honeymoon couples up thar."
The plank floor which has been f6
universally used In the past for pig
geries, has now become almost Im
practicable,: owing to the scarcity ot
such material and its uigh cost the
use ofhardwoodieentlrely out of the
question, and pine floors are
And yet, notwithstanding these good
qualities, cement floors are etrongiy
objected tb, and Justly so, too, on the
ground that pigs become crippled if
required to nest in beds on them dur-
By TProt, Robert S. Shaw, of the Michigan St® Board
of Agriculture.
a I W A m.
winter season. Even though
an abundance of bedding is used on
cement floors, bad results seem to fol
low just the same.
There are few worse places for a
brood sow to farrow than on a cement
floor. She gathers the small amount
of bedding allowed her into a small
pile, beds on it and the newly born
pigs wriggle off on the bare floor,
which being slippery, prevents them
from getting on their feet, the cold
floor soon exhausts them, and they
It was with the object of overcom
ing these objections to the cement
floors that overlays were used.
Figs. 1 and 2 show two pens, each
10*14 feet, but with two different
forms of overlay. Fig. 1 shows an
overlay running across the center of
the pen this form was used because
of the outer door being .in the center
of the pen, thus leaving insufficient
room for the overlay in the corner.
This overlay is in two sections, each
two and one-half feet wide so that it
can be lifted easily in cleaning out
the pen or thrown out in the sun to
dry, or put in the loft for storage dur
ing the summer. The two sections are
held in place by four blocks tacked
on the two-by-fours at the bottom of
the partitions. This arrangement
leaves plenty of room for feeding at
the trough and space for the manure
near the door.
The greatest objection to this form
of overlay Is that because of its loca
tion between the trough and* door, the
pigs have to cross it frequently, thus
not only soiling it, but dragging the
bed off on the floor as well. This ob
jection is sufficient to urge strongly
against this form of overlay.
Fig. 2 shows an overlay 6x8 feet in
one corner of a pen, wlt^ the door In
the opposite corner.
This plan is possessed of the ad
vantages of providing more shelter for
the bed when the outer door is open
and the pigs can go In and out with
out crossing the bed. This latter form
pMjfe, 'iVyr fev'i
'H \'e
of overlay
it Is almost Impoaalble to construct
wood floor so as to make it water
tight and provide good 'sanitary con
ditions. Dry earth floors
would be
Ideal for the sleeping quarters for pigs
\f they could be keipt dry and clean.
•t the present-time there is ho floor
In use In piggeries more desirable or
Inexpensive, considering durability,
than one properly constructed of con
crete, nor can as good sanitary condi
tions be maintained by the use of any
Serviceable Turkey Roost of Rails
hinged to the wall, so
that when the pen is cleaned put it
Is tipped up/bedding and all, and any
filth which may-have accumulated un
derneath Is cleaned out.
When the floor. Is cleaned, the ever
lay is let down and the bedding:
thrown off on the floor "for absorbent,
being replaced by fresh straw at least
once a week. When the overlay is
placed in the corner of the pen, that
portion of the floor ahould be raised
Both forms of overlay, now in use
In the piggery, were constructed from
second-hand inch lumber they are
raised off the floor by inch cieats
Which hold the boards together. A
two by four was set up around the
outer edges of the overlay to hold the
bedding in place. These were nailed
to the boards below and strengthened
by triangular pieces of scantling fas
tened in the angle formed by the two
by-four and the board floor.
In the use of these overlays three
facts have been strikingly noticeable,
1. Pigs invariably use the overlays,
by preference, sleeping on the bare
boards if there should be no straw on
2. Of the 300 or 400 hogs that have
been housed in the piggery where
these overlays are used there are few
Instances where the bedding on the
overlays has been befouled by excreta
and the tendency to this Is much less
in the case of the overlays in the pen
corners where the pigs are not tram
pling over them.
3. We have not had a crippled hog
in the piggery since these devices have
been in use. We dislike the plan of
boarding or planking over the entire
cement floor suriace of a pen during
the winter even for farrowing, as dung
and urine work In between and under
the boards or planks, producing very
unsanitary conditions.
Figs. 1 and 2 also show one of the
two forms of doors used In the pig
gery. These doors swing inward from
the top and are opened from the cen
tral alley by a small rope operating
over two pulleys. A light Steel rod
shaped door spring, fastened to the
casing and top of door, forces it shut.
Both the door casing and sill are
widened by a two-by-six inch boxing
which prevents the pigs from getting
their. noses under the bottom or side
of the door to get out. A pig can come
in but cannot get out if the door is
The only objection to this form of
door is that an extremely severe south
erly gale pushes them open a little
and lets In too much cold this is pre
vented by the use of small bolts for
emergency cases.
On the north side of the building the
doors were constructed to slide up and
down, but these could not be used on
the south side without shutting off
some light, the windows being directly
over the doors.
In addition to a door, each pen on
the south side has a window above it
and also a hinged panel to one side
of the window, which may be opened
in suitable weather to admit addi
tional sunshine and fresh air.
When poults have been well man-. In order to keep them from roaming
around I a[way, they ahould be fed regularly
their billa at about eight weeks. When each evening, near a roost high
enough to prevent attacks of foxea ana
ar wMhoat* the hen. They other preying animals. The picture 11
one costing little.
1 1
1 1:
and dean. This meana
work, certainly but he will And that
Ma' by viinVln--
tuffered Untold Agonies—Doctor Said
It Waa the Worat Cese—Wonder
ful Cura by Cuticura.
"I UBed the ttaticurgi Remedies for
eczema. The doctor said It whs the
worst case he ,ever *aw. It was on
both limbs from the knees to the
ankles. We tried everything the doc
tors knew of, but the Cuticura Rem
edies did the most good. I was obliged
to lie with my limbs higher than my
head, for the pain was
terrible I
could not walk. I suffered untold
agonies. One limb wasted away a
great deal smaller than the other,
there was so much discharge from it.
I. found the Cuticura Remedies very
soothing, and I still keep them In the
house. I am very thankffal to say that
I am cured. I found the Cuticura
Remedies all that you say they are. I
hope that you may be spared many
years to make the Cuticura Remedies
for the benefit of persons suffering
from the torture of skin diseases, such
as I had. Mrs. Golding, Box 8, Ayr,
Ontario, Canada, June 6, 1905."
New Bleacherites.
Gunner—This paper says that the
Japanese are learning to play base
Guyer—Ah, then I suppose we shall
a great many new Japanese fans
this summer.
Just What You Want.
The most complete Lithographic
Map (Size 32x35) of that part of the
Wind River or Shoshone Inuian Reser
vation in Wyoming to be opened for
settlement. Compiled under direction
of John T. Wertz, Former United
States Special Allotting Agent for this
Reservation—from U. S. Gov't Surveys
showing Townships, Fractional Town
ships, Sections, Lots, Mountains,
Rivers, Creeks and Streams, Allot
ments to Indians, Proposed Railroads,
Proposed Irrigation Ditches, Wagon
Roads, Trails, Fords, Ferries, Bridges,
Big Horn, Hot Springs, Military Post,
Agency, and principal towns near
Reservation. Every Homeseeker,
Prospector and Engineer should have
this map, as with it he can make his
own selection of land, and know just
where he is at. The above maps can
be secured of S. D. Childs & Company,
200 Clark Street, Chicago, 111., at rate
of |1.00 each.
NOTE.—For information as to char
acter of land apply to John T. Wertz,
Lander or Shoshone, Wyoming.
"How would you like to plug the
tooth of time?" asked the manicurist,
as she reached for the nail file.
"Oh, I don't know," responded the
dentist. "How would you like to mani
cure the hand of Fate?"
How's This?
W« offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for in
iM_ot_vtwtii tbtt cannot be cured by Hdn
F.J. CHENEY ft CO., Toledo, O.
Wo, too vnderslgned. bave known F. J. Cheney
fertae last 15 /een, and believe him perfectly boa*
erable In all Duslnetc traniactio&a asm financially
able to carry out aay oDllgatlona made by bis Arm.
... Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cnre la taken Internally, acting
olrectly upon tbe blood and mucous surface* ot the
nrstem. Testimonials sent free. Price 79 cants Mr
MMle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take HaU'a family puis for conattpatioo.
The dreadful thing about politicians
is they aren't ashamed to admit they
Thece is
^r *r 0^0,,
•het Big Mountain Lion.
One of the blggefct mountain lions
•een to Oklahoma for years, measur
ing over nine feet from tip to tip and
weighing 176 pounds, was killed in a
cave to the gyp hills, ntar here, by
George Steubenvllle of Okeene.
He came upon the lion unexpected
ly, while exploring the cave with a
party of friends, and was armed only
with a twenty-two calibre revolver. It
had been known for some weeks that
a marauder of some sort, presumably
a mountain lion, was playing havoc
with poultry and calves. It had been
seen disappearing in the darkness sev
eral times, but no one had gone near
enough to get a shot at it.
Steubenvllle was the only one of
the party who was armed at all when
they came upon the beast, which was
evidently prepared to put up a stiff
fight. The cave was dimly lighted by
a lantern carried by the exploring
party, which made good marksmanship
difficult, but Steubenvllle was fortu
nate enough to hit the panther in the
eye, killing it instantly.
Feminine Charity.
He—I wish I could ascertain Miss
Overton's correct age.
She—Well, there is only one way
you can mange it.
He—How's that?
She—Outlivee her and see it on her
Dry Brand.
Little Willie—Say, pa, what is dry
Pa—Dry humor, my son ,is the kind
dispensed by the man who has to pay
for the drinks in order to get other
men to listen to it.
"The A. B. C. Excels."
Having attended other commercial
schools previous to my enrollment at
Aker's Business College, Fargo, N. D.,
I believe I can say that my testimony
Is based upon actual experience and
proof. I find that tbe A. B. C. does not
advertise one thing and practice an
other, but that a person can rely upon
it in every respect. The schpol is
strictly modern in equipment, building
and method sof teaching. With pleas
ure I recommend it. For direct infor
mation write to HANS OVEBY.
Binford, N. D., April 10, '06.
Send for trie catalogue.
Just Too Awfully Sweet.
Mayme—I was at a perfectly lovely
bargain sale yesterday.
Mayme—At a downtown shoe store.
All the shoes were marked down two
or three sizes.
DR. J. H. RINDLAUB (Specialist),
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Fargo, N. D.
If you act or feel diffident you can
rest assured that you will be accept
ed at your own valuation.
Prosperity throws the fool into fits
adversity makes him melancholy.
'The Oenuine Is Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup
The hill nam» 6t the company* California Pig Syrup Cd*
tm printed on the front of ovary package of.the genuine.
The Genuine- Syrup of Figs- is fop SAlerin Original
Packages Only,y Reliable Druggists Everywhere
Knowing the above will enable one to avoid the fzaudulent imita
tions made
piratical concerns and sometimes offered
dealers. Tfe imitations are known jo act injuriously and should
therefore be drctinrd
fws AlittBc
A Certain Cure lor Tired, Hot, Aching Feat. AIM*
............ ,V,
Boy the genuine always Fyou wish to get its beneficial effects.
cieaiutt the system gently yet effectually, dispels colds and headaches
when buous or'constipated, prevents fevers and acts best oo die
kidneys, liver, stomach and bowels, when a laxative remedy is
bf itm or children, Kfefy mfflioos know of its beneficial
effects mm actual use and of their own persoaal knowledge. It fa the
laxative remedy of the wefl-informed.
WtiBtft Obtain IBrs. Pinkkaaft
lArie* fad Help*
f«ud Cnr*d UK, Ails* Bmryhill.
It Is a greal
satisfaction for a
woman to feel
that she can write
to another telling
her the most pri
vate and confiden
tial details about
her illness, and
,know that her let
ter will be seen by
'a woman only.
Many thousands
of cases of female
diseases come be­
fore Mrs. Pinkham every year, some
personally, others by mail. Mrs. Pink
ham is the daughter-in-law of Lydia E.
Pinkham end for twenty-five yeara
under her direction and since her de
cease she has been advising sick women
free of charge.
Mrs. Pinkham never violates the con
fidence of women, and every testimon
ial letter published is done sd with
the written consent or request of the
writer, in order that other sick women
may be benefited as she has been.
Mrs. Alice Berryhill, of 313 Boyce
Street, Chattanooga, Tenn., writes:
Dear Mrs. Pinkham:—
Three years ago life looked dark to ma.
I had ulceration and inflammation of the
female organs and was in a serious condition.
My health was completely broken down
and the doctor told me that if I was not op
erated upon I would die within six months.
I told him I would have no operation but
wraild try T.vHio "R PmVVioni'fl \TnrroiaM*
would try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
lpound. He tried to influence me against
it but 1 sent for tbe medicine that same day
and began to u$e it faithfully. Within five
days I felt relief but was not entirely cured
until I used it for some time.
Your medicine is certainly fine. I hare
induced several friends and neighbors to take*"
it and I know more than a dozen who had
female troubles and who to-day are as well
and strong as I am from using your Vege
table Compound."
Just as surely as Mrs. Berryhill was
cured, will Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound cure every woman
suffering from any form of female ills.
If you are sick write Mrs. Pinkham
for advice. It is free and alwavs helo
Ninety-nine Years Apiece.
A former college professor and a*
thor of a book on algebra has beea
given a ten-year sentence by a Mis
souri court. What, then, dear chil
dren, should be the sentence of the
man who wrote the grammar, and
what of the author of the spelling
Write us for net prices.
American Tent Awning Co*
12 W. 3rd St., St. Paul,
Thompson's Eye Water
N N —NO. 24— 1906.
oa erery box.
8. Olmsted,

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