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&saaJMlMw«apfr^ Ii.n Iiy inn iuir in iiy t.'ru .iVJ u'V-• •.^'"" '».'*
Furnished by
Mc Do gall
agent Amenia
Elevator Co.
regular routine work of the county.
Merchants Bank of Pembina
Pembina, N. D.
'Subscription Rates and Terns.
The PlONBBK Express sent only on
he direct order of subscribers, and is
continued until ordered stopped and all
arrearages paid.
The rate of subscription is alike to all,
MOper year. Subscribers paying in ad
vance have the choice of several premium
papers in addition.
"Sample" or "marked copies" are sent
as complimentary only, and while we de
sire them to be considered aa invitations
to subscribe, they will not be continued
except upon request.
The Pionbbk Express is the best ad
veotisinjr medium iu the county, having
a more general circulation than any
other paper. Card of rates sent on ap
Entered at the pos+office at Pembina as
second class mail matter.
Palm Sunday.
IH 94 tt TK as
Friday ....
Monday ...
Barley, 70-77 Oats 24, Flax 2.28
&2 80 77 72 68
81 79 76 71 67
80 78 75 70 66
79 77 74 69 65
80 78 75 70 66
82 80 77 72 68
City election returns in council pro
The students will be here today and
tomorrow for ten day Easter vacation.
T. R. Shaw was expected home last
evening from a week's trip to Minneap
Miss Irene Quinell of Neche was a
visitor with Miss Edna Roadhouse this
The W. C. T. U. social announced
last week, will be postponed until after
The ladies of the Episcopal church
will hold an apron sale on the 21st.
Details later.
Mrs. Full returned on Sunday from
Inkster where she had been visiting
with her daughter Mrs. Dr, Leuiery,
for two weeks.
W. N. Husband who was at the You can travel to any part of the
Grand Forks convention came round United Sia es and the Dominion, north
this way on his return to see his son of us and you will find no soil like we
who is deputy treasurer. have here in the Red river valley."
AdrianGerardin has resigned from
the post-office window and now the
N. G. Patterson received a telegram
Sunday morning announcing the serious
illness of his mother at his old home in
Osage, Iowa, ana he left on the morning
train for there.
Saturday some of us older residents
were sjrprised and pleased to receive
brief callp from Mrs. M. A. Miller
,. of Wenatche, Wash, who with her bus
^'band a prominent and wealthy re.il
/^jetate dealer of that city, drove over
It takes the man who wants a safe place to keep
•^I^Bhis money, where he can leave it and know that he
can get it when needed, and the man who wants to
borror "loney, to make a bank. i|
We fe: rite all who have any kind of banking
business to transact, to call and investigate our
terms and facilities.
,kvv ,ljiu'
Under the statutes of this
The Hudson's Bay Company, whose
business career in Canada dates back
since the year 16i0, has completed
plans for a mammoth new store on Por
tage avenue, between Vaughan and Col
ony streets, to cost, with the site, 82,00U
000. The site will cost half of the total,
and a prominent Winnipeg architect is
at work on the plans for the structure.
I Work is expected to begin on the ground
at O! ce, in order that the store may be
ready for the fall and Christinas trade.
Mrs. Daniels entertained the whist
club Tuesday evening at the home of
her daughter Mrs. J. LaMoure Jr.
Seven tables were tilled and nine games
played. Three tied for the honors,
Airs. Feldman winning out in a game
of hearts. Judge Vi-k and Mrs. W. J.
Kne sh tied for lowest, each having
made two progressions. Mrs. Kneeshaw
won in cutt ng and was awarded the
consolation prize. At eleven thirty a
deiicious course of refreshments were
These were tlie worls expressed by
The county commissioners have been judf?e Kneeshaw in answer to thej
in session this week. They have been question What do vou think of Texas?"
considering the petitions for bridges and
The judge a„(1 hJs* 8un Ja(ues travplled
over three hundmJ mil(
caller for mail meets the smiling face of ',lvestIn«'Dt» but tney did not,
the. former incumbent. Miss Emma theysaw plaees where oppor
Been snowing a good deal of the time havoc with the animal life below the
Monday making a couple of inches al- surface. At Wiunipeg the health de
together which was melting Wednesday partment have been making an investi
and Thursday It is W' icome addition gaiion to find out the reasos of so many
to the moisture needed. fish hiving died during the latter part
of the winter, and they have come to
about that locality while he was here. boat was 1 aky, and in an attempt to
'get it on the ice the tear filled and Mrs.
Hyan was wet up to the waist while her
husband in trying to save her got com
pletely wet through. Mrs, Ryanhow
ev r, took the train just, the same.
Hamilton for the afternoon. She double barrel shotguns.
j|iad been visiting her mother Mrs. G. (i. THOMPSON.
Montgomery of Hamilton who was in
old times Mrs. Fisk and with herj For Sa'e.
husband kept the first tel in Pembina Good half, section farm, 5 miles from
.for many years. Mrs. Miller met many Pembina. Smiles from Carlisle, 1 mile
of her old school mates who still reside from school. Buy direct from owner,
mfcnraaswellasher old teacher the cheap forqukk *1* Address W. H.
Sheaad her husband are on: Falloon, Saskatoon, Bask,
mliirn fmm long tour of the
fMifipal sitoM of the aaat, inaiadiinr
last Monday the present county auditor
began bis new term of office of two
years. The ceremonies attending the
change were very simple and brief as
the former incumbent put on his over
coat and cap to leave, he remarked,
"Take keer of yourself, Billy," and it
was all over.
St. Vincent voted on license on Tues
day. The wind was irom the east and
the day was wet and slushy—and so
were the returns when counted, being
"39 wet" and "29 dry." Th was about
eight votes more than the drys had
counted on If six voters had changed
their minds the town would have gone
dry—and that means, if nothing more,
that sentiment has changed over there
considerably since the years gone.
The last masquerade of the season
was held at the rink on Saturday.
Misses Pauline Kneeshaw and Beatrice
Fowler were 1st and 2nd of ladies, W.
Palmer and John Grumbo 1st and 2nd
of the gentlemen, Louis Thomas of the
comic, Madeline Lund and Isabelle
Shaw 1st and 2nd Misses, Clarence Ar
dies boys costume. Prizes ere skating
tickets for next season and cash from
$2.50. to $1.
most of the
team through the rural part
Star" state, with the view)
tunities for settlement seemed good.
I When the ferry was cut loose from its
winter mooring near the middle of the I
Red river last week hundreds of dead
fish, frogs and lizzards came floating to
the surface. The low stage of the'
water his winter has evidently played
Mrs. Aug. Short, on Saturday evening the conclusion the low stage of the
while standing on a chair putting away1
dishes in the cupboard, fell and striking! it was the sewerage from the city,
her arm on an iron pipe broke both I
bones near the wrist. She will be, The early soft weather put the ice on
disabled for some time but is doing as the river in rather a rotten state, while
well ascould be expected. the subsequent cooler weather has kept
it in position with the result there have
Rev. O. D. Smith of Grafton officiated been more than usual wettings. At
at Grace Episcopal church on Sunday least a dozen persons have gone through
last. Mr. Smith is about to move to but as the river is low, without much
Bar Harbor, Main, where he will take danger. The latest sufferers were Mr.
charge of the Episcopal church Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryan of St. Vincent
Smith originated in that state and he ^bo were coming over in the evening
and the writer had a pleasant chat,
ter is the cause. It was first thought
catch th-tvain for Winnipeg. The
have Sl
in second hand
Go*d Driving Teaat.
I wish to sell my driving team.
A short time ago Argyle ovetin Min
nesota voted "wet" after a year of "dry,"
A few weeks later Stephen which is $he
next town and rival was voting on the
same subject after also being "dry."
During the oanvas in both towns it
was urged that if either of the towns
sold liquor and the other did not, that
the town that sold the liquor would get
the trade. The town board of Argyle
sent word to Stephen that if the latter
town voted down the saloon that they
would place the license so high in
Argyle as to prohibit the sale of liquor*
Then the liquor people of Stephen urged
the people of that town to vote for
license as it was only a game of Argyle
to get them to go dry so as to get the
trade. But Stephen voted against
license and the Argyle board have made
their word good by making the price of
liquor licenses 15,000. This makes the
Great Northern towns along that line
all dry except St. Vincent and Crooks
A Sad Accident by Fire.
Wednesday, Mrn. Robert St. Amour
living on a farm about two miles and a
half from Neche, went out behind the
barn to assist her husband for a short
time at a straw stack. The barn hid
the view of the house. When' they
returned from the stack they were
horrified to find the house a mass of
flames. They had left their only child
of three years of age sleeping up stairs.
Mr. St Amour made desperate efforts
to get into the bouse but it was im
possible. Then they called to the little
one from the outside and heard him
answer "Yes, papa, I'm awake," and
then the blazing roof fell in, silencing
the poor baby forever. It is one of the
saddest events that has ever happened
in this county and the sympathy of the
whole people will go out to these so
terribly and suddenly bereaved.
County Spelling Contest.
The County Spelling Contest will be
held in the High School room at Ham
ilton on the afternoon of Friday, April
21st beginning at 1:30 o'clock. The
different districts will hold their local
contests April 7th and two contestants
from each district will be allowed to
take part in the county contest at Ham
ilton. The same list of 2000 words will
be given all over the state. Supt. Hur
ley sent out the lists during the winter
and much enthusiasm has been shown
in this very important subject.
The State contest will be held in
Bismarck about the middle of May.
It is to be hoped that Pembina county
may be repres' nted there. Cash prizes
and in some cases medals are being
giventthe winners in these contests and
the winer of the first prize at Bismarck
will be given a free trip to San Fran
sisco and return. Everyone will be
welcome at the county contest. No
admission will be asked.
Reciprocity Convention.
The county reciprocity convention
held at Hamilton on Friday last was well
attended by delegates from all parts of
the county, the eastern part being the
best represented. W. J. Burke of Bath
gate was elected chairman and D. D.
Warner of Hamilton, secretary.
Many interesting speeches were made
by delegates showing the unanimous
sentiment of the meeting against the re
ciprocity treaty.
The committee on resolutions, Albert
Garnett, G. G. Thompson, W. N. Hus
band, Win, Page, and James Whalen
brought in strong resolutions againsL the
tr« aty.
A committee reported the names of
the following delegates to attend Grand
Forks convention: James Greenwood,
J. H. Emerson, E. R. Langton, Charles
Edwards, G. G. Thompson, W. N. Hus
band, James Whalen, H. Geiger, Alex.
Morrison, H. L. Holmes, W. J. Watts,
W. J. Burke, A. Norton, S.Thorwaldson,
H. C. Thomson, J. Laxdal, H. Gar
nett, J. J. Quam, Ed. Hurley, R. Menzie,
E. H. Bergman, and these were unani
mously elected as such delegates.
School Notes.
Wilhelmina Kern has returned to the
first grade after an absence of four
Johannah Gunnlogson has dropped
out of the second grade and Ruth
Empey out of the first grade on account
of moving from town.
Laurence LaFrombois has entered
the fir»t grade from the Bandette
Gudljorg Peterson has returned to
the third grads after three months
Miss Hegland reports the loss of
three pupils by Empeys* moving to
Stanley Wright and Guy Spiller have
returned to the high school after a
week's absence on account of illness.
The name of John Booker was inad
vertently omitted from the Roll of
Honor woek beftfte last. Jonn's average
grade was 90.
Persons desiring to talk with pupils
over the telephone during school time
should be willing to state who they am
or what they want the pupil for. We
have no objection to calling pupils for
their parents and, when there is suffi
cient reason, for other people bat the
—a of a telephone in a school bonding
rinfflM be nadar prapar Natrietiona.,
J3® o'^^?5Rg?»K»f•- »SSS£«q5^g?
The Financial report of the city
published in this issue shows a very
satisfactory condition.
Just a little retrospect may empha
size this fact. In 19U0 the financial
report of that year showed that the city
had. outstanding, warrants amounting to
$1,378.37 and 95,500 in bonded debt on
which we were paying seven per cent
interest on part and eight per cent on
the rest. Since that time the citjr has
expended among other general expenses,
the following sums for City Hall $4,500
for fire engine $1,000 for payment of
bonds $3,500 for said floating warrants
$1,378 for streets and crossings $4,059.
Of course this is but a part of the ex.
penditure, but is enough to show that
while we have been paying our debts we
have not in the meantime been neglect'
ing, improvements for the city.
The present financial statement shows
that we have now a bonded debt of
$2,000 on which we pay interest amount
ing to $80 a year, while we have in the
bank cash assets amounting to $2,453.39
of which $600 is a sinking fund at 5
per cent to pay the bonds when due.
Or, if we were to pay off all we owe at
this time we have money enough to do
it and have $453.39 left to run the city.
That is a showing that but few small
cities in the northwest can make and
needsno further remark, than to say
Old Pembina stands financially with
both feet on the ground.
Produce Market.
The fallowing are the prices paid for
country produce by the Pembina mer
chants. Corrected Thursday noon:
Butter, creamery 30c
Butter,' fancy dairy 2t
Butter, common to good 12}£ to 20c
Eggs, fresh, 15c
Turkeys, fancy dressed 18c
Chickens, young, dressed... 15c
Lard, home made, 16c
Ham, home cured 16 to 18c
Bacon, home cured. 16 to 18c
Potatoes, per bushel 85c
Onions per bushel $1.00 to $1.50
Want Column.
Special Notice.
For further particulars about a bona
fide, strictly private car round trip
excursion to California at $100.00 less
than half the ectual cost, absolutely
first-class in every respect including
sight-seeing tours of Sacramento, the
famous RancLo del Paso orang.-, lemon
and grape-fruit orchards, San Fran
cisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Los Angeles
Pasadena, San Gabriel, Santa Eonica
and {Salt Lake City, address G. B.
Barnes, Jr., ahpeton, North Dakota.
Party leaves St. Paul 20th in^t.
traveling two weeks. Excellent dining
and sleeping-ear service. Not a disa
greeable feature. You would be glad to
have your wife enjoy the trip with you.
Tnis is an advertising offer without un
pleasant obligation to anybody. Your
(iroiupt attention is essential in order to
secure booking, as only a limited num
ber may g.
Midiu&tit in the Ozarks
and yet sleepless Hiram Scranton, of
Clay City, 111., coughed and coughed.
He was in the mountains on the advice
of live doctors, who said be had con
sump ion, but found no help in the
climate, and started home. Hearing of
Dr King's New Discovery, lie began to
use it. I believe it saved my life," he
writes ''for it made a new man of me,
so that I can now do good work again."
For all lung diseasee, coughs, colds, la
grippe, asthma, croup, whooning cough,
hay fever, hemorrages, hoarseness .or
quinsy, its the best known remedy.
Price 50c and $1 CO. Trial bottle free.
Guaranteed by City Pharmacy.
Hay for Sale.
Prairie hay for sale at $4 per ton in
stack,about four miles northwest of Jol
iette. E. F. ANDRUS,
Joliette, N. D.
Freeh cow for sale.
Seed Oata.
A carload of fine seed oats just re
ceived at the Atlantic Elevator, St.
Vincent. W. E FORD, Agent.
Solicits your shipment of cream.
Tbie Ugheet market prioe paid lor
Honest teat and weight.
if« -/v &«•
Pk 'tSM
The City Finance* add Election.
The city election on Monday was
without inoident as tjie cauous re«nom
inations of the former officials wa
uncontested and details are shown in
the published proceedings of the coun
cil. We do not believe however that
the citizens are apathetic as to city
affairs but rather that they are well
satisfied with present conditions.
Mayor Miller has served consecutively
as mayor since the death of Mayor
Chisholm in Nov. 1904, while all of
aldermen have been on the board for
several terms Mr. Short being the
ranking member in time of service.
Car- Machinery
itr* :-rv-'S
Van Brunt Drills,
New Deer Gangs,
Wood Harrows,
4* Seeds, Formaldehyde, Paints.
4j (Besides)
Estimates furnish don contracts for building material. Goods
delivered on short notice to any part of the city.
Feed grinding at any time. PHONE 4.
Iron Harrows*
Smut Mills &c
IHI •4"l|f 11 4 ItllllX
Better Pay The Price
Our Jfetcck is Complete
From Collar Buttons to diamonds. It comprises the
worthiest goods thaiue would buy with our money
or that you can buy with yours.
The Drug Store.
Amenia Elevator Company,
Don't ba tempted to choose
cheap jewelry Far better to pay
a fair price and know exactly
what you are getting.
You'll never be sorry—for as a
matter of money it is really the
most economical.
That's been said so often that
everybody by this time should
know it—and yet there's no scar
city of cheap jewelry in the land
Now, to get personal—If you
would like to miss that sort al
together—come here.
If.you would like to buy where
High Qualities and nothing else
are dealt in—Come Here.
M. H. MlbLBRSU,.
finft'TmnnnTi onnnonnnnonium inonrii www
A Successful Trappei
wpoWioo far
Highest Prices an'
I Assortment to oar
Prie* »d a most
OarBaw FarPrioeListfstbe(afoceaaafc»
*JiSm 2fgS£S5S£
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