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[Ml 111 III
*5% A
The rate of subscription is alike to all,
$2.00 per year. Subscribers paying in ad
vance have the choice of several premium
papers in addition.
"Sample" or "marked copies" are sent
as complimentary only, and while we de
sire them to be considered as invitations
to subscribe, they will not be continued
except upon request.
The PIONBBK EXPBESS is the best ad
vestislnir medium iu the county,. having
a more general circulation than any
other paper. Card of rates sent on ap
Entered at the postoffice at Pembina as
second class mail matter.
Furnished by
Mc Dougall
agent Amenia
Elevator Co.
Garry Barker left on Wednesday for
Colorado, looking for health. He
expects to spend the winter there or in
same southern climate.
The Odd Fellows of Emerson are giv
ing their annual ball in the town hall
this evening. From the array of names
on the committees the affair will be a
swell one.
Mrs. C. W. Shumaker leaves to-mor
row for Pine City, Minn., in response to
a telegram announcing the serious ill
ness of her mother, who is eighty two
years old.
Hon. A.J. Restemayer of Cavalier was
over on Friday with his auto, bringing
William and Menno Surerus to take the
train for the northwest where they
holding down claims.
ill tt ttfi iiiHMiiiiiMiiinniiminiii
Get into dose touch with your financial affairs.
Keep tab on every cent coming in and going out
Jlteii Mn'-do'ilfiis .-.easily, .fefti
Start a checking account with us deposit what*
ever money you now have, issue a check for every obli
gation. Your bankbook records all items. Every check
is a receipt' Allow us to explain the checking system
to you more fully.
Merchants Bank of Pembina ii
h» Pembina, N. D. 4
Subscription Rates and Terns.
The PiONBBK EXPKBSS is sent only on
the direct order of subscribers, and is
continued until ordered stopped and all
arrearages paid.
0 0 5
96 92 87 87
96 92 87 87
97 93 88 88
96 92 87 87
95 91 86 86
95 91 86 86
Barley 65 to 94, Oats 39, Flax 2.10.
Park River vs Pembina on Saturday
afternoon. Go over and r-o-o-o-o-o-t.
'A train load of new telegraph poles
was distributed along this line last week
for repair purposes.
Ice froze an inch thick on the water
tanks on Wednesday morning which
was the first real cold weather of the
William Ardies left last week for
Colorado to find benefit from the
asthma with which he has been seriously
affected lately.
Rudolph Busch of McArthur received
a Gas Tractor plowing outfit this week
and is trying to catch up with the be
lated plowing.
Mrs. Fred Gardiner has been detained
by illness from moving west to Medford.
Ore. where her husband has begun
business. She is better now and expects
to move the first of the week.
The U. S. court which meets at Grand
Forks on Nov. 7th is expected to try the
man Oskar, who was arrested here for
bringing a girl to this country from
Winnipeg for immoral purposes.
There will be no preaching services at
the M. E. church on Sunday. A Sunday
School rally service will be held at 11
o'clock in the morning which will be
of an interesting nature to all.
Thanksgiving entertainment at Town
Hall, Emerson, under auspices of the
Methodist Ladies Aid. Wesley College
Male Quartette, Miss Juanita Badgley
and others will give the program. Mon
day, Oct. 30th.
The big J. J. Hill farm near Humboldt
was recently sold to the Lohr Bros, of
Tampica, Mont They will take actual
possession of the farm about the first of
November and will make a specialty of
stook raising.
Prof. Curtis received two barrels of
apples this week from his home in Iowa
that were as perfect in size and color as
any we have ever seen, and goes to show
that the apple industry is receiving more
attention of late years than usuaL Some
balanced the scales stone pound each.
Mr. J. Heneman and W. Douglas were
the conference an Grand Forks last
#e*k leaving on Friday morning. Mr.
^lfcxiglas, however, was taken in and re
h* seas evening, hut is ie
i«i$^ Mr.BeoeiDanssjs that
lie leetare the bishop alotw was) prister and handy to call
By order of Jndge Kneeshaw court
has been adjourned until NOT, 7th and
jurors will come on Nov. 8th. The "ad
journment has been taken because of
the very busy time resulting from the
bad weather of the month previous
which would make a hardship for farm
ers to attend sooner.
James Florance of Asotin, Washington
has bought Nelson Finney's interest in
the Humbaldt store, and took possession
Monday, whith leaves Florance Bros.—
Jim and Ted sole owners. Humboldt is
a smart town for its size, principally due
to good land which is being well formed
by a good class of farmers.
Sam Ferrie came in from Battleford
and spent Sunday with friends in the
city. He was on a business trip to Win
nipeg. Regarding former residents from
here living in that section Mr. Ferrie
says they are mostly all doing well, al
though a good portion of the crop was
offected by frost and the grades are as
low as rejected.
Real estate taxes for 1910 which re
main unpaid will b9 advertised next
month. To all lands and lots not paid
by Oct.31st, Tuesday, will be added three
per cent penalty and costs of advertis
ing. TLe taxes of 1911 will be due Dec.
1st, 1911. Delinquent personal taxes
for 1910 and previous years are now in
the hsnds of the sheriff for collection.
We see that T. Rendle-Jones, who was
a prominent figure in the life insurance
business around here some years ago is
now state manager for the First National
Life Insurance Company of Pierre,
South Dakota, with head office at Bis
marck. Mr. Jones is one of the best
posted insurance men in the state and
full qnalities which go to make up a
successful agent.
A prairie fire, accidentally set out by
a party of hunters burning two stacks of
hay for Nels Hultin, and might have
proved destructive to the buildings on
the Benson Lockwood farm if it had not
been checked in time by the aid of a
threshing crew, who happened to be
working nearby. The hunters are
known and undoubtedly make good the
loss. Lancaster Herald.
The migratory birds are heading for
the south and the echo of the Canadian
goose, as it passes over foretel that the
winter weather has taken possession of
their summer quarters. Occasionally a
flock stops to rest and feed, and occa
sionaly some fall prey to the sportsmen.
Among those whom succeeded in bag
ging "honkers" the last week were Mess
rs Noyes and Bennett of St. Vincent and
E. D. Booker of Pembina.
We have on exhibition in our sanctum
two turnips which is on the large order
of the napus family. The first one was
brought in by E. M. Newell, and was
raised in his garden in town without any
special care and weighs eleven pounds
and a half. It carried the blue ribbon
until Mr. M. Kochendorfer came in with
one that measures forty one inches in
circumferince and weighs twenty four
pounds. They are both perfect in shape
and must be sound judging by weight.
The Pioneer Express publishes else
where a paragraph from the Lancaster,
Minn., Herald relating to a prairie fire
which destroyed several stacks of hay.
Last week we made a trip on the prairie
west of McArthur and Joliette and
the amount of hay in stacks
exceeds any
thing we ever saw there before. But
strange to say not over ten per sent of
the stacks are protected by fire breakes.
It is safe to say there are ten thousand
tons of good hay, that took weeks of
hard labor to pnt up, which is exposed
to the first fire that comes along, and
soon the frost will prevent the plowing
of fire breakes. Take warning.
Rev. H. H. Moore returned from con
ference on Monday and reported an
interesting session with many noted
speakers. As will be noted in the list
of appointments Mr. Moore removes to
Hope for his next year while Rev. Mr.
Parooe of Bottineau will come to Pem
bina. The removal of Mr. Moore comes
as somewhat of a surprise to the congre
gation here as at the quarterly meeting
the vote for his return was unanimous.
Mr. Moore and his wife have proven
very earnest and successful workers for
the church here and the news of his re
moval is received with regret. The
Pioneer Express will especially
for a reason of" its own, as he
only a good minister bat a first-rate
in case of
Mr. Edward Gardiner died at therew
denoe of his daughter, Mr*. Goreck»,at
Lawton, N. D. on Friday last sad was
buried there on Sunday. Mr. Gardiner
was one of the pioneers of this obttaty
and settled in the irMaity of Hamilton,
He was the fathefofFred Gardiner,late
deputy register bf deeds, and who is
now juBt starting a business near Bed
ford, Wash. Owing to bis absence and
the illness of Mrs. Fred Gardiner who
is still in the city, it was thought best
to make a temporary interment at Law
ton. Mr. F. Gardiner and Mrs. Gonecke
are the only surviving members of the
immediate family. The deceased was
about 67 years of age and had been in
declining health for a number of years.
He was for some time residing with his
son in this city and has been with bis
daughter since early summer. Many
old friends will learn of his decease with
Hallowe'en Supper.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
will give their annual supper in the
City hall Friday evening, October 27th.
The following is the menu:
Baked beans. Mashed potatoes.
Cold ham. Roast pork.
Salads. Pickles. Jellies.
Rolls. Brown bread.
Cakes. Pies. Doughnuts.
Coffee Tea.
Supper served from 6 tp 8 oiclock, aft
er which the following program wiJl be
given. Charges to all, 35 cents:
Piano solo, .Esther Shaw
Song, Anetta Fowler
Reading, (Scotch).... Beatrice Robinson
Violin Solo,. Isabel Shaw
Song, (Dutch costume) Neita Thompson
Reading, "The Ladies Aid," Rhoda Har
Piano Solo Sylvester Gerardin
Song, NaomaDunn
Violin Solo Nora Forrester
Shadow pantomime, "Blue Beard"
(by eight girls
Foot Ball.
Last Saturday our high school team
went to Hallock, Minnesota and defeat
ed their team by a score of 11 to 0. Our
boys scored one touchdown during the
first two minutes of play, and another
during the last two minutes. The re
mainder of the time the game was even
ly contested, the ball changing sides fre
Three auto loads from Pembina at
tended the game and encouraged our
boys from the side lines. We were glad
to see them there indeed.
Next Saturday, October 28th, we play
Park River here on our own grounds.
We want every one who possibly cSn to
come out to this game and encourage
our boys with your presence. We ex
pect a hard game but we also expect to
win. So does Park River, and that is
what will make things interesting at the
park next Jkuurday, from the time the
first whistle blows until time is- called.
We are going to fight them every inch of
the way, and every minute of time, from
start to finish. Be sure to come. C.D.C.
M. E. Appointments
The Methodist conference for this
state closed at Grand Forks on Monday.
The following is a list of the appoint
ments for Grand Forks district:—J. G.
Moore, district superintendent Aneta,
G. H. Richardson Bathgate and Neche,
C. T. Ensign Bosemont, A. O. Burche
nough Cavalier andHoople, Thos. Dyer
Drayton, G. H. Quigley Devils Lake, C.
E. Wallace Edmore, E. L. Mudge
Emerado, S. L. Hort Forest River, W.
C. Chew Finley, Alfred Coombs Graf
ton, C.E. Vinson Grand Forks, F. M.
McCoy Grand Forks Grace church, C.
H. Howard Hannah, A. E. Tourtette
Hope, H. H. Moore Hamilton, Samuel
Newlove: Hansboro, H. P. Barnaby
Hunter and Arthur, L. W. Scott Ink
ster, Edwin Burling Lakota, H. E.
Moon Langdon,D. S. Scading Lari
more, R. W. Adair Loma, W.E. Dudley
Milton, W. Burns Osnabrock, T. S.
Brown Park River, A. W. Brown Pem
bina, W. H. Pascoe St. Thomas, James
Opie Starkweather and Newville, A. P.
Pictman Sarles, F. Buzzelle Thompson
and Reynolds, S. S. Wyand Walhalla
and Concrete, W. E. Vatter.
Among other appointments on other
districts are: Minot district, C. E. Ver
milya, Supt. Bismarck District, S. A.
Danford, Sup. Ellendale, W.R. Morrison
Fargo District, C. A. McNamara, Sap.
Casselton, P. Cooper Tower City, J.
G. Dingle Valley City, James Anderson
Wahpeton, W. J. Hutcheson.
Rev. Alex. Karr is to continue as agent
for the Conference claimant fund for
another year. He reported that the
fund had reached the sum of9125,000.
Cold Water Pirst.
It is quite a common practice in wash
ing milk utinsels to start with hot water.
This is not the best method. In boiling
milk a skin forms on it. The hot water
tike wise hardens this onto the sides of
the milk vessel, making it'hard to re
move. The better way is to first rinse
the utinsel in cold water,'and it ahould
be rinsed as soon as it is emptied of
milk, or else the milk will dry and then
rinauur will not thoroughly remove it.
Bhode Island Beds, Light Brahmas,
and bnmse Turkey Tooia. For sale by^
frf-.- fitrnti rii ,11 vn-
'V*.' A Time Per WMmmi
There is sometimes greater charity
in seeming not to. see our neighbor's
tftmbie than in trying to raUere It
-Let me aloner la the prayer of many
a tortured heart when, the curious, the
officious and the tactless force the door
of Its (dace of desolation, albeit they
bring wine and olL
Looked Like a Big Dose.
The man In bed had never been rick
before. The doctor, wishing to ascer
tain his temperature, pointed the ther
mometer at him and commanded:
"Open your mouth, Jim."
"Walt a minute, doe," objected the
patient.' "I don't b'lleve I can swaller
Questions and Answers.
The'time elapsing between a quee
Ion and an answer Is almost as impor
tant «s thf answer itself. It may be
wisely long or short, but the longer It
is the wiser must be the answer.
Let nothing shocking to eyes or ears
those doors that close upon
your Hilld.— .Invenal.
There is no other way to spend 11.75
and get so much in lasting pleasure for
every member of the ^family as for
year's subscription to The Youths' Com
For the boys there arp the line articles
by experts in athletic sports on the best
practice in football, the knack of pitch
ing, new "kinks" in swimming and
sprinting-everything that interests the
active, high-minded boy. For the girls
there is encouragement for all the whole
some activites indoors and out, from
dainty dishes to dainty dress. For the
household there is good advice about
gardening, handy contrivances, ways of
stretching the nickels and dimes.
The reading is all in addition to the
ordinary treasury of stories, articles by
celebrated men and women, the unequal
ed miscellany, the invaluable doctor's
article, the terse notes on what is going
on in the fields of human endeavor.
It will cost you nothing to send for
the beautiful Announcement of The
Companion's for 1912, and we will send
with it sample copies of the paper.
Do not forget that the new subscriber
for 1912, receives a gift of The Compan
ion Calendar for 1912, lithographed in
ten colors and gold, and all the issues
for the remaining weeks of 1911, free
from the time the subscription is
Only 81.75 now for the 52 weekly issues,
but on January 1,1912, the subscription
pnce will advanced to 82.00.
144 Berkeley St., Boston. Mass.
New subscriptions, Received at this

Wanted,—Will store a piano for the
use of it for a few months, best of care
taken of it. J. F. McQUEEN. &$•<¥••$''¥•¥»¥•¥•¥»
Horae Strayed.
Weighing about 900 or 1,000 lbs color
light bay, white face, two white hind
feet, had short rope around neck. Left
my premises Wednesday evening.
Please notify owner.
Pembina, N. D.
House for Sale at a Sacrifice.
Going away. Must sell my fine, large
8 room house. Good cistern, cellar, wood
shed and well. Large barn with loft and
buggy shed.
One of the best locations in the city
and going at a snap. If you mean busi
ness call upon or write
Pembina, N. D.
New Wood Yard.
I have opened a wood yard in con
nection with my bakery where I will be
ready to deliver all kinds of wood at
reasonable prices. All sales will be
strictly cash. T. DESROSIER.
For Sale—160 acres of well improved
land, near Carlisle. I will positvely sell
this farm for less than it is worth
Write in for price and terms.
Owner, New Boston, 111.
Six Calvea Strayed.
Calves have notch in ears and straps
about necks, finder please notify the un
der signed and receive reward.
G. W. PHELPS, Joliette, N. D.
Para for Rent.
Farm know as the John Miller farm of
400 acres, 8 miles from Pembina and 7
miles from Bathgate, 350 acers under
cultivation and ths balance in pasture
and hay. Buildings and water on the
place. See or write The Consdlidsted
Lumber Co. Easby, N. D. or W.G, New
ton, Pembina, N. D. /K
Poreed to Leave Home.
Every year a large number of poor suf
ferers, whose lungs are sore and racked
With coughs, we urged to go to another
climate. But this is oostly and pot al
ways sure. Ther»*s abetter way. LetDr
King's New Discovery cure you at home.:
"It cured me of lung trouble," writes W.
R. Nelson, of Calamine, Ark., "when all
else failed and' I gained 47 pounds in
weights. Its purely the king 'of all
oongh and lung cure*." Thousands owe
their livee and haalth to it It'# poritim
ly guaranteed tor Cooghs,-Odds Ia
Grippe, Asthnu^Oioup^-aU Throat
traaU«i. "4Kb ttdHLO&T/.
bottle frMaW
Jap-a-lac was put on the market because
so many housewives wanted to keep their
Floors, Furniture, Wood Work and Plctiire
4* Frame# in first class condition themselves,
4" Any one can use Jap-a-lac* It stains,
ViirnlfthAfi nnffl AnAfMAlA «1I SM
'•K" Kold Kure will
Cure the worst cough, 5
North Dakota evor produced.
25 cents aoa 50 cents.
Mini ni
ii 111
No need for skill in Jap.
varnishes, and enamels all in one operatioai
A can free to first 100
housewives who call.
Kilikold Tablets
Wiil cure afresh
Cold in twenty-four
Hours. 25 cents.
Try either one,' or both, and your money back if
you are not satisfied.
We have just received a nice assortment of Ba
varian China suitable for hand painting.
Don't forget to kum.
If you are ever tempted to buy goods by
mail, do this instead, viz:
Gome to the store with your" temptation. If its a Watch,
ro Ring, or Chain, or Broach, or whatever it is, put our values
alongside of what the mail orders houses offers. It isn't likely
that after you do that you will have the slightest desire to send
your money away. Because you will have no reason for doing
so. Try it and see. We match all prices and certainly quality
and everything else.
Estimates famished on contracts, for building material. Goods
delivered on short notioe to any part of the oity.
Peed grindu»g|at any time^ *HONB
I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 I I II iI I II
V- v. W,
Amenia Elevator Company,
ters 1
try iii
of 1
tin* A
he d*p
of' the

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