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0"*' is 1
Subscription price, in advance..
If not baid in advance the price is..
To Canada u~d foreign rountries—"
In case of the retirement of Hil
dreth, there will be, it i® said, an in
teresting scramble for the appoint
ment as it is known that a number of
prominent attorneys in the state con
sider themselves available for the
job. No names have as yet been
connected with the place, however,
and who the lucky man will be may
remain a matter of speculation for
some little time.
The bill creating an associate Fed
eral Judgeship for the district of
North Dakota, a matter that seems tat
have created quite a furore in the
state, will probably be reported out
q£ the House Committee on the Ju
diciary some time this week, as Chair
man Volstead expects to report the
bill to the House on Tuesday accord
ing to tentative plans. This may me^n
that the bill will not receive final ac
tion by the House for perhaps a
month. A vast amount of legislative
matter is now on the legislative cal
endar, much of it considered exceed
singly important, and the judicial bill
will probably have to await its regu
lar turn. A number of similar meas
ures affecting other states are also
irf the House. According to those
familiar with legislative proceedure,
bilk of this character are not likely
to be reported under a special rule
and considering the legislative situa
tion it is not believed that one will be
i«1 .£«&
The Pioneer Exnress. Grand Forks July 18. A committee
•felT express. composed of Representatives O. B.
si A live newspaper devoted fp the best in- Burtness, first district, and Secre
kf North Dakota?
county and the stBte of
Imued eve ry Friday mornlngr and enter
ed as second el&setnirU matter, at Pembi
na. North Sikdta, under Act of Congress
,of March 3rd. l87B. ?*/..•'
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:|(Exclusive to the Pioneer Express)
The political pot is simmering mer
rily with! piluirus falling and at least
one official head threatened in the
«. Federal realignment in North Dakota.
Gunder Olson, Republican National
'Committeeman, and long prominent
in North Dakota politics, has been
nominated by President Harding as
Collector of Internal Revenue for the
state. The recommendation has gone
to the Senate for confirmation and it
is believed that this 'Will come without
friction. Olson has been considered
the leading candidate for the position
for some time.
At the same time from the circles
of officialdom has come the rumor
that M. A. Hildreth, United States
District Attorney for North Dakota,
has been requested to turn in his
resignation by Attorney General
Daugherty.. Such rumors have been
revalent for several days', but they
acquired considerable persist
ency of late. So far as is known, no
reason for the request has been given,
flints to the contrary notwithstand
ing. Mr. Hfldteth, a Fargo attorney,
it will be~ recalled, was appointed to
the position he now holds by Presi
dent Wilson. His term will not ex-
pire until some time next year, but sals for the furnishing of books used
if present gossip has foundation, his by county officers for the year end
tenure of office miay end before that ing May 1st, 1922.
this instance.
Speculation is still rife as to whom
the new judgeship will go. Various
candidates have been mentioned in
this column during the past two
weeks and the situation in this re
gard remains unchanged. Andrew
Miller, of Bismarck, former attorney
general of the state, and Seth Rich
ardson, Non Partisan candidate for
the state supreme court in the last
general election, continue to be con
sidered candidates of potential
strength by many, people interested
in the matter but still others persist jers
in believing that the appointment will I e. F. Andrus on SW%, Section
1 go to some outsider not mentioned, 32-163-5!, year 1920 State Hail In
I P*2£unStly place heretofore, demnity taxes reduced from $40 to
The Young emergency tariff bill}'—
of interest to farmers of the North
west, has been agreed to in confer
ence and should go to the President
this week. Action was delayed a few
days last week owing to the adjourn
ment of the two houses out of respect
to the late Chief Justice of the Su-
Pfeme Court, Douglas White,
'greasman George H. Young, second
district, author of the measure, states
that he is confident that the act will
be of material benefit to the farmers
of the country.
A bill proposing the modification
of the grades for spring wheat as
prescribed by'the Secretary of Agri
culture has been introduced by Hal
vor Steenerson of Crookston, repre
sentative for the ninth district, Min
nesota^ This is a matter that has
provoked considerable agitation for
tne past two years and it is hoped by
Mr. Steenerson and others interested
in the wheat grading question that
the bill may be passed and thus settle
a controversy that has been in exist
ence since the passage of the national
grain grading act.
On the other side of Capitol Hill
the Senate Committee on Agriculture
has ordered a favorable report on
the Lenroot Small resolution author
izing a general survey of agriculture
and related matters by ajoint con
gressional commission. The resolu
Al ttti
ajoint con
in was introduced in the-Senate by
Viroot, Republican, of Wisconsin.
The War Finance Corporation, re
established during the last CongTMS
by the Gronna resolution, would be
made available to live stock growers
under an amendment to the act offer
Ad by Senator Stanfield, of Oregon.
People in North Dakota wiBji In
terested In 4he proposed visit of Bee*
w!)j Vi
v&w rf^r
v"/* 1"
"rj A
Established June, 1878.
taries Fawar and McArthur, repr*
senting Senators McCuimber and
Ladd respectively, called upon the
Secretary last week and delivered in
person the invitation extended by the
state fair assotiation. The request
was signed by Secretary Montgomery
of the association, Usher L. Burdick,
resident of the North Dakota Farm
and many others interested
in the state fair.
Mr. Wallace expressed great inter
est in the proposal and assured Con
gressman Burtness and the commit
tee that he would'attend the fair if
official business at that time permits
him to do so. Definite announcement
regarding this may be possible a little
It is considered by those interested
in agriculture that a visit by Mr. Wal
lace to the state 'upon such an. occa
sion would be of utmost importance,
The new secretary is a lifelong stu
dent of the subject and for him to
view at first hand many of the things
he would see at the state fair might
tend to establish a better understand
ing between official Washington and
the growers of the Northwest —v an
understanding that has not always
existed heretofore.
Official Proceedings
(Continued from last week.)
May Meeting.
Board re-convened at 1:30 P. M.,
all members present.
Board proceeded to open propo-
^roposals were submitted by the
Grand Forks Herald Co., Knight
Printing Co., and Globe-Gazette
Printing Co. Representatives of
these companies were, present. Sev
eral proposals and prices as submit
ted were examined and each repre
sentative called upon to explain his
After a careful examination of
same the Board decided to accept
the offer of the Globe-Gazette Print
ing Company as the best offer re
ceived for all classes of work cover
ed by proposal.
Chairman ordered to enter into an
agreement with said firm subject to
their filing a bond in the sum of
8500 for the faithful performance of
the coetract.
Approved and adopted this day by
an unanimous vote, no Commission
ers absent and not voting.
Board considered the following ap
plications for relief from State Hail
Taxes and it was ordered that same'
be granted as follows, subject to the
approval of the State Tax Commis
W. S. Elliott on SW%, Section 8
162-51. Taxe3 year 1919 hail in
demnity taxes reduced from $40 to
nothing and a refund be made to
him of $40 for the reason that it
was shown by affidavit of owner and
two local resident tax payers that no
crops were planted or grown on said
land during the year 1919.
Ross McClintock on the S%, Sec
tion 31-161-50, 1920 taxes. That
the hail indemnity taxes be reduced
from $80 to $52.50 and that a re
fund of $27.50 be made for the rea
son that it apipears from affidavit of
owner that 210 acres of said tract
was actually in crop instead of 320.
Affidavit supported by certificate of
assessor and two resident tax pay-
$25 and that a refund of $15 be
made for the reason that 100 acres
of the tract was actually in crop in
stead of 160 acres, as appears by
affidavit of owner. Affidavit sup
ported by two resident tax payers,
tenants, also assessor.
Nils Stodle on the SW%, Section
19. Township 162, Range 51, year'
1920. That hail indemnity taxes be
reduced from $25 to $10 for the rea
son that there was actually under
cultivation only 40 acres instead of
100 acres as anpears bv the affidavit
of owner and supported by the as
Adonted and annroved
day by
an unanimous vote, no Commission
ers absent and not voting.
Board of Commissioners examined
the following applications for the
abatement of real estate taxes and
it was ordered that same be granted
as follows:
George Biourland, Lot 22, Block
39. Village of Neche for the year of
1920, reduction of assessment on
said lot' from $285 to $135 for the
reason that the improvements there-'
on were not worth a thousand dol
lars, therefore exempt. Mistake
was made in listing same as pro
pertv not occupied by the owner
which added $150 to the valuation.
Taxes reduced from $7.50 to $8.61.
Affidavit of owner supported by ap
proval of the Board of Trustees and
assessor of Neche village.
Crystal City on four and one-half
the year 1914. Tastes amounting to
$2 on a $27 valuation were ordered
cancelled for «the reason that snfd
property was used endoeheff by
W. J. Greenwood and Mr. Horsley
of Crystal appeared before the
Board and made an. offer of $175 in
full settlement of the following per
sonal property taxes: Farmers Cor
porative Merc. Company, Crystal
City personal property taxes for the
year 1917, $456.23 without penalty.
Representing to the Board that they
were willing to pay this sum in full
settlement thereof provided the re
cords were cleared of such lien as
they now appear on certain lots in
Crystal City.
Commissioners agreed "to accept
the offer, subject to the filing of
Adopted and approved this day by
ah unanimous vote, no Commission
ers absent and not voting.
WHEREAS Mrs. Rhoda Widme
made an offer of $5 for the County's
equity in Lot 4, Block 89, City of St.
Thomas provided the Commissioners
would grant to her a quit claim!
deed releasing to her the county's
equity for all unpaid and delin
quent taxes to date.
Board being satisfied that this
was a satisfactory offer, accepted
same, and be it ordered that the
Chairman of the Board of County
Commissioners and County Auditor
issue to Mrs. Rhoda Widme a quit
claim deed in accordance wtih said
Adopted and approved this day by
an unanimous vote, no Commission
ers absent and. not voting.
Board accepted offer of $3.08 for a
lease of lots 5, 7 and 8, block 44,
Bathgate City, from Isaac Beaudry.
Lease for garden purposes only for
the year 1921.
Adopted and approved this day by
an unanimous vote, no Commission
ers absent and not voting.
At 6 o'clock Board adjourned un
til tomorrow at 9 o'clock A. M.
SATURDAY, MAY 7th, 1921
At 9 o'clock Board re-convened, all
Commissioners present except John
Holler Sr.
The following claims having been
audited, allowed and ordered paid,
the County Auditor was ordered to
issue warrants in the payment
Wolf Bounty:
825 Krist Kristjanson $ 4 00
826 Harold Jameson 4 00
827 Dalsted 26 00
828 Otto Winkler 2 00
County's share of expenses and
salary of County -Agricultural Agent
for April:
829 E Parizek 103 75
Cash advanced as salary for fire
man duriner April:
830 Gibs6n 90 00
Medical examination re-Mother's
831 A Opstedal 3 00
Exoense of State Tax Supervisor:
832 A Hoghaug 3 87
Boarding prisoners, 25c a meal:
833 E Hamilton .... .... 47 00
Servces as deputy-Clerk of Court
duriner April, $3.50 per day:
834 A Winlaw 14 00
Telephone rent County offices for
835 Cavalier Telephone Ex.. 27 00
Expenses of Sheriff:
836 E Hamilton 14 75
Electric light for Court House and
Jail, March and April:
837 James Lang 15 75
Sunnlies -Furnished Co. officials:
838 Kimball-Storer Co 3 88
839 Northwestern Bank and
Office Supnly House 8 OK
840 Walker Bros. 1170
841. Grand Forks Herald Co. 1 90
Mother's pension, 4 months end
ing May 1st:
842 Mrs. Otillie Godke 60 00
Mother's pension for April:
843 Mrs. Tillie Lee 24 00
844 Mrs. Jos. McGurran .... 24 00
Poor relief:
845 Drayton Township 240 00
Poor relief, 75 per cent being
paid by County:
846 Drayton Township 90 00
Justice fees:
847 Ed. Kibler 4 15
Telephone tolls and postage:
848 W W Felson 2 45
849 Charlotte A Jones 25 42
850 George Roadhouse 6 25
Sunolies furnished Co. officials:
851 Crystal Call 42 75
Poor relief. 75 per cent being
paid by County:
859 Drayton City 815 00
Telephone tolls:
853 E Hamilton 5 10
Witness fees. LaVoie case:
854 A?diie Jackson 4 20
Road work:
855 Drayton Township 55 50
Serving subpoena Bessy case:
§56 W Empey 1 20
Mother's pension for April:
857 LaMoure Township .... 24 00
Sunnlies furnished Co. officers:
858 Globe-Gazette Ptg. Co... 118 581
Mileage and salary Co. Corn's:
859 W Watts 22 50
860 .Tohn Holler Sr 24 10
861 John S Staples 27 80
862 A Purdy 27 80
868 Fred Radke 27 00
Refund road poll, year 1919:
864 Ottem 1 50
Miedical examination in ease of
Agnes Mashefsld:
865 Waldren 10 00
Pranhm or Ommty Treasurer's
808 rBBQ •. W
Amount doe Apr!! 20t9i for woifc
'n eomjeeHon with Federal Aid Pre
lect Hfe. 42:
$8'J$}W&'iAiWr .1
l? ft ,» tt*,.* ft.* -I .V.Bv .» .••'.••i:.^r" ••i^.'.i/-'t. ,.v q\ .••• ^y.-lr VO •..: -i!
.».• 1-..5- ••. i.
said city.as a dumping ground.
Adopted and approved this day by
an unanimous vote, no Commission
ers absent and not voting.
867 Darling ...1000 00
Darling ...... .1297 95
MotherVpehsion for April:
869 Mrs.~ Mary Ferch ...... 50 00
Duplicate warrant issued, original
having been lost:
870 Midland Township'V. 87 80
Application for correction hail
taxes, refund:
871 Wm. H. Tait 10 50
Refund of real estate taxes, Cry
stal City:
872 Clara O'Sullivan 14 85
Upon adoption of the foregoing
resolution the following Commis
sioners voted "aye" W Watts, A
Purdy, John S Staples, and the fol
lowing voted "nay," None.
WHEREAS the States Attorney
has approved the following bonds of
depositories as to form, BE IT RE
SOLVED by the Board of County
Commissioners of Pembina County
that these same bonds are hereby
approved as to sufficiency of surety,
Merchants & Farmers Bank of
Cavalier in the sum of $10,000.
Merchants Bank of Pembina in
the sum of $10,000.
First State Bank of Backoo* in the
sum of $10,000.
First National Bank of Cavalier
in the sum of $10,000.
First National Bank of Neche in
the sum of $10,000.
Crystal State Bank of Crystal in
the sum of $6,000.
Merchants Bank of Pembina in
the sum of $5,000.
First State Bank of Concrete in
the sum. of $5,000.
All Commissioners voting "aye"
adoption of such resolution,
none voting "nay," Mr. Holler ab
Be it resolved that Brandon John
son is hereby designated as care
the Court House grounds
during the summer at a monthly
salary of $50 per month.
All Commissioners voting "aye"
upon adoption of such resolution,
none voting "nay," Mr. Holler ab
Such matter was laid over until
such time1,, as the County Commis
sioners, County Agricultural Agent,
Township officers aiid farmers could
conveniently hold a conference. Ow
ing to seeding operations it is dif
ficult to hold such a conference at
this time.
All Commissioners
upon adoption of
none voting "nay,'
Minutes approved.
Be it resolved that this Board ad
journ until June 2nd, at 1:30 P. M.
County Auditor.
voting "aye"
such resolution,
Mr. Holler ab-
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