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A live newspaper, devotod
of Pembina county and the state of North Dakota.
Issued every Friday morning and entered as
second class mail matter, at Pembina, North Da
kota, under Act of Congress of March 3rd, 1879.
^Official paper of Pembina county,
Editor and Business Manager.
Im Imber I
ate as a Republican. After what you have seen
of the man will you do it?
In, making his campaign tour of the state, Gov
ernor Nestos seems to be laying down the facts
about what his administration has been doing
since they took charge that :s very convincing
And he is making votes all along where he is
traveling. It is nothing but what ore would ex
pect comparing the administration of his succes
sor for the last five years. The change in the
financial condition of North Dakota alone should
be convincing to any one consulting his own in
terests to continue Mr. Nestos in office. When
qne stops to think that the Frazier administration
spent nearly a half million dollars trying to sell
the North Dakota state bonds at a discount in
the eastern markets ithout .euhcass and the Nes
tos administration is selling state bonds at a pre
mium without having to leave the state we cannot
see how any intelligent person should vote for
any one but the present governor and his associ
ates on the ticket. These are facts that can be
verified at Bismarck.
Under the Nonpartisan league administration
the farm loan department of the Bank of North
Dakota during 27 months approved for closing
farm loans amounting to approximately $644,000,
or an average of about $172,022 per month.
During-the first six months of the Nestos admin
istration the farm loan department of the Bank
cf North Dakota approved for closing farm loans
amounting to $2,700,000, or an average of $450,000.
I'x »t
the bepl Interest
Subscription price, in advance..! $2.0Q
vTo Canada and foreign countries... 2.50
Display, yearly contract, per inch........... 18c
'Display spasmodic, per inch 20c
I-Classified advertisements, per line, one issue. 10c
Advertisements running more than one issue
without changes,- after first issue, per line.. 5c
'This is the last issue of the Pioneer Express
the primaries. At the primaries the vot
srs will designate the candidate they want placed
[•on the ticket next, fall Jjy a majority vote.
While it is-not final election for the person who
Wins out it means that the winner enters the race
next fall with odds in his favor. That is especi
ally true of the duel candidates on the Republican
ticket in this state.
It is very important therefore that the voter
^should be very cautious in his selection at the
[primaries the same as he will be at the general
jpl^ction. It looks like a sham, and it is a sham to
see men parading under the guise of the Repub
lican party nationally. If they are elected at the
general election they will use their influence to
hamper the progress of the party they were elect
ed by. They are traitors to the cause of good
government. They are traitors for they are mas
querading under one banner for the purpose of
deceiving the voters and as soon as opportunity
presents itself they draw their stelleto from its
•concealed sheaf and make victims of those who
helped elect them under the false colors.
This is the case with every man who is run*
ning on the Nonpartisan ticket under the Repub
lican heading. If they are elected they will have
to submit to the Townley-Lemke-Frazier mandate
and support everything that is Socialistic as they
have done in the past. Some of these candidates
are good, respectable citizens at. home. But so
were mar of those who assisted in the manage
ment of this state the last five years that brought
ruin to all our industries for the personal gain
of imported Socialist politicians. It is an open
ibook. Ex-Governor Frazier was considered one
of the average farmers of this county up to the
time he was placed in the governor's chair But as
soon as he was placed there he turned over the
rems of the state government to a number of po
litical sharks by appointing them to office and
they did~the rest. Mr. Frazier, more than any
one, else, is responsible for the outcome of the
Nonpartisan administration in this state for his
lack of backbone to curb the gang in their mad
rush for loot. The same Mr. Frazier is now ask
ing you to support him for the United States sen-
Which administration is better for the farmer?
As we were motoring to Morris, Manitoba the
other day we passed through one of the towns at
twelve o'clock as the children were emerging from
onf pf their school buildings. At the head of the
flag staff waved the tri-colored flag of France and
the Union Jack was not to be seen on the building.
Is there any wxmder that the racial issue always
enters every election across the line? I could not
help but feel glad that I lived in a country where
the Stars and Stripes waves over every school
house from New York to San Francisco and from
Galveston to Pembina.
The Pioneer Express
The legislative ticket in l'embina county this
year iB composed of men who are well thought of
i,ul their communities. They ioilow legitimate vo-
cations, and are well and iavorably l^nown in
^trieir respective localities. In no instance do we
know ox anything wrong with either of the six
candidates who are asking you to vote for them.
-^Hon. Paul Johnson, oif Mountain, has twice rep
[resented this county in the legislature. He is a
^Democrat and .that is the worst thing you can
v!.• say about him. But .'he showed what he was
fmade of when five years ago he opposed the ava
'lanch of Townley influence in the legislature and
.. was one of the first to bolt the nefarious combine,
and he has held the same ground since.
Nels R. 'lackland of Drayton is another Demo
crat on the legislative ticket. He is new in poli
tis so to speak, and he is well .thought of at home.
On the Republican side we have John K. Olaf
sort, of Gardar, John Halcrow, of Bowesmont,
George. Best, of Walhalla and Alvan Restemayer,
of Cavalier. Mr. Olafson is a Republican in every
sense of the word. He has been in the legislature
before and has a good record. He has represent
ed his district on the county commissioner board
and was reelected till he refused to run any longer.
He will support the present state administration
\to the letter.
Hon. John Halcrow served in the same capacity
at the last session of the legislature. You will
always find him on the right side of public issues,
and like Mr. Olafson, their motto is: "No So
cialists and no Socialism."
.George Best and Alvan Restemayer are both
candidates brought out by the Nonpartisan lead
ers of this county. It is a very unfortunate thing
that they are appearing before the voters in that
light. The fact that they are brought out by this
influence places them in the Socialist column.
Unless they were committed to support the Town
ley policy as tried out in this state they would
not be running for the legislature is a foregone
conclusion. If you are still in favor of going
back to the regime of what we cast away at the
recall election, then we say vote for Best and
Restemayer, otherwise vote for Republicans who
(stand for what that word implies. Messrs Hal
crow and Olafson are Republicans by name and
The Pioneer Express has made some severe criti
cism on Senator McCumber's "official acts the last
year. We believe that he has been indiscrete in
some of his appointments which seems to have
been promoted to stand in with the Nonpartisan
administration. Not alone has he been placing
men in office who have been opposed to ridding
this state of that crowd of politicians,, but he has
shown by his silence to oppose anything that show
ed opposition to Townleyism. It. may be the policy
of a shrewd politician to do what Mr. McCumber
has done but it seems to us that it has brought
him into a peck of trouble.
But aside of him having flirted with the Social
ist element in the state there has nothing been
brought against him more than could be expected
against a person who has played the prominent
part in congress that Mr. MicCumber has. For
that reason we see no reason why a Republican
should not vote for him at the primaries on the
28th inst. There will be nothing gained by not
voting at all, and voting for Mr. Frazier will be
adding fuel to the flre. For Mr. Frazier repre
sents all that opposes the Republican principles
and then some.
In voting for members of" the legislature vote
for John Halcrow alid J. K. Olafson only.
reads to vote for three, but by voting for three
you have to vote for either Mr. Best or Mr. Resta
meyer which means a vote for the Nonpartisan
candidate against our ticket, so 5hly vote for two
where it reads three.
County Committee was held at Cavalier on Wed-,
nesday of this week. The various details of the
campaign in this county were discussed and pre
cinct organizations. were perfected for an inten
sive campaign until election day. All precinct
committeemen went home determined that nothing
would be overlooked to get out the entire vote of
this county for the Nestos ticket.
The candidacy of Senator MicCumber was formal
ly endorsed by the committee, and it was agreed
that strenuous action should be taken to prevent
the nomination, of Frazier at the primaries.
Voters reference tickets were ordered printed
and will be distributed immediately to all precincts
in the county. It was agreed that work until elec
tion day was essential and a special appeal to all
supporters of the Nestos ticket to see that our en
tire vote is cast should be made by all precinct
committeemen and workers.
Among the candidates running for supreme jud
ges is our present attorney general, Mr. Sveiribjorn
Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a native of Pembina
county, educated in the schools of this county and
the University of North Dakota. (Before he was
elected to the office of attorney general he enjoyed
a lucrative law practice in Grand Forks. It is
men like Mr. Johnson who has ambition and good
judgment we want at the head of our courts. Un
biased by political influence and mercenary motives,
Mr. Johnson will fill the office with dignity and
credit to himself and Pemibina county.
Mr. Johnson is a Democrat but the judiciary is
nonpartisan and for reasons stated above we hope
he will carry his home county by a large majority.
It is interesting to read the arguments of the
Nonpartisan press in defense of the Lemke-Fra
zier administration. It used to be that the rest
of the people and "Big Biz" was responsible for
all ills of the country. Now the Nonpartisan press
has little to say about "Big Biz" but they are ex
cusing themselves for leaving things as they did
when they were ousted from office, and laying it
to hard times.
For the Best
Paper in
10 yds. of percale for
6 yds. wider percales
A number of n6w patterns
in gingham at 5 yds. for.
Shirting worth 50 and
60c, at 3 yds. for
Fine French Cretonnes,
colors at 4 ybs. for.
FARMER bought 6 bales of
cheap twine 288 lbs., net. It
checked short an average of 30 feet
to the lb.—8,640 feet in 6 bales, or
the equivalent of \7% lbs. of 500-ft
standard twine.
He harvested his wheat crop using
this twine. There were 135,360 feet
of twine (deducting shortage) in the
6 bales—enough to tie67,680bundles
of grain (allowing 2 feet of twine for
a bundle). But 8% of the bundles
(5,414) were broken due to twine
being weak and uneven.
The hired harvest hands lost an
average of one minute's time tying
each broken bundle by hand
5,414 minutes, or a total of over 90
In addition, 2% of die broken
bundles (108), representing approx
imately 5# bushels of wheat were
lost because the loose grain was not
picked up cleanly by die hired har
vest hands.
Don't you think it would have
been much more economical for this
farmer to have paid a little more for
his twine to begin with and bought
good twine—twine of International
Harvester manufacture that aver
ages full 500-ft to the pound and
has but a very low percentage of
For Real Economy tue
We Sell
e* *e e*
We have a large assortment of ging
ham dresses for children, misses, juniers
and ladies, which wh will sell at special
brices on Saturday, June 24th.
These dresses are made of superier
quality gingham and in the newes) styles.
Just what you want for the warm days.
Is "Cheap" Twine Cheap?
Read the Advertisemens in the Pioneer Express
Don't Stand Over a Hot S
Stove Baking
Take advantage of our large stock of groceries
and save yourself.
We have everything you need for a complete meal
for a hot day:
Sala, Dressingd Canned Meats ond Fish, Canned
Vegetables, Fresh and Canned Fruits, Creese
and Olive Salad, Pickles, Cookies
Everything for a picnic from start to ^finish
J. T. Cockburn & Co.
OW let us see how his loss-and
gain account figures out on this
twine investment:
He saved 1 cents a pound on
the original cost of the twine by buy
ing an inferior grade instead of guar
anteed International Harvester twine
—a saving of $4.50 on 6 bales. This
represents his total gain.
In saving $4.50 to start with, he
lost in the end:
8,640 ft shortage, or the equiva
lent of 17% lbs. of guaranteed
average 500-ft twine.
90 hours* time of harvest hands at
the prevailing high wage scale.
5# bushels of wheat at $2.25 a
bushel or $12.37.
Figure out for yourself the total
losses —the money squandered by
this farmer to save $4.50—an in
significant cent-and-a-half a pound
on the original cost
Tekeyour choice of Ituwtwoliilw na«montof twfai. ineach.
wwvff VI lay ww iimiaa wnw»TlWBiilBfW|
to now way of balUn*, the bale et tho loft hoa6 holla «Ui
tho old ityl* halo at the right has 10 balls. The ball enables yoa
If coirjrM% more twine in the binder twine can than is possible with
the **all.r ball bale takes op two-fifths lees houlint and storase
space than lares bale. 48 lb*, of twine, net, in both liiei.
Feed Grinding.—If in need of feed
grinding please remember that I am
prepared to do all kinds of grinding
every, day.
Hamilton, N. D.
Martin Farms
Breeders of
Stock for sale at all times. You
are invited to visit our herd and fallr
over the dairy situation. We mills
at 5 p. m. State and Feeral accre
dited Herd.
(Hamilton, N. Dak.
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