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Griggs County courier. (Cooperstown, Griggs Co., Dak. [N.D.]) 1885-1885, March 27, 1885, Image 1

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VOL. 3. NO. 10.
One copy, one year.
Cuh Invariably in Advance.
AnTERTisiNe RATES.—Display ad*. $1 per inch
month 95 per cent oil on yearly contracts of ov
er 9 inchea. Local*. 10 cent* for nrnt nnd 5 cents for
each subsequent insertion. Final proof and con
test notices, without citations, $5 each, spot cash.
^^"Subscribers finding this notice crossed are
notified that their subscription has expired and
•re requested to renew.
Official Paper of Griggs County
Congress was memorialized by the
legislature this winter to provide us
with a new judicial system. It is to be
hoped that Delegate Gilford will press
the bill introduced bv Mr Raymond.
The expression, attributed to Vest, as
to attaching the Red River valley to the
"Bloody Fifth," originated in a joke of
W. A. Kindred in a Washington letter.
Knute Nelson has declined a Minne
sota judgeship. It is alleged that his de
clination was caused by an apprehension
that C. F. Kindred had his eyes 011 the
"Bloody Fifth."
The American navy has been sent to
Nicaragua to chaprone Barrios, who is
playing Napoh on Bonaparte on a small
scale, and interfering with our proposed
treaty with that country.
The death-watch has been set over
Gen. Grant, by the metropolitan papers,
which must have the earliest informa
tion as to the old hero's death. It is to
be hoped he will keep them paying rent
some time.
Carl Abs, a big Dutchman, champion
of all Europe, wrestled with Prof. Hoep
lerinNew York the 20th, Graeco-Ro
man style He picked up the latter, and
threw him on his back without an ef
fort. It is supposed that he is as invin
cible at wrestling, as Prof. Sullivan at
^slugging. ____________
One ton of Heart liver coal is said to
go as far as two cords of cottonwood,
and make as much dirt soft coal has
been discovered at Britton anthracite
is claimed north of Watertown while
Cooperstown has,in the Lenham well.the
only vein of illuminating gas in the terri
tory. The gas burned freely
.and,until the
casing shut it off, flowed steadily, with
enough of it to supply all the buildings
in town.
The propistd, Lut rejected memorial
to congress, introduced by Councilman
Nickeus, requesting the Northern Pa
cific to pay for their surveys, in order
th^t railroad lands might be taxable,
seems rather curious when the previous
legislature, of which the gentleman was
a member, with his assent, we believe,
expressly exempted these lands from
taxation after our courts had held that
they were taxable without the surveys
having been paid for and the patents
It will be observed that John Kelly
and Mike McDonald are riot recognized
by the administration in the foreign ap
pointments. Ex-Senator Pendleton
goes to Berlin. E.J. Phelps, of Burl
ington, Vt., goes to the Court of St.
James, ou recommendation of Senator
Edmunds. He is one of the F. F. V's.,
as it were, of Vermont. Gov. McLane,
of Maryland, goes to France. He was
born in Delaware, educated in Paris,
has been in congress, was minister to
Mexico and China, and speaks English
in seven different languages. If. R.
Jackson, of Georgia, who
adier, was minister to Austria under
Pierce, is wealthy, and writes bad poet
ry. lie wrote '•Tallulla"—
a gum drop
to Mexico, is a southern brig- of Sanborn, and Mr.
of Sterl & Rhine, drove into town in
persuitof seed wheat, Saturday. We
understand they found what they want
ed at Mark Sutherland's, north of
—A Piute girl makes her debut in
you well home from the
Romness Items.
ROMNKSS, D. T., March 21.
We wish
The general health here is good, and when
we have had fane weather. Stock is do- I husband
ing well. The chickens are at work and
there is music in the air, and eggs in 'iave
Around Town.
—Wheat, 62 cents.
—We want a good correspondent at
—W. F. Michallis was married to Miss
Shultz, Saturday.
—Mr. H. Retzlaff was gal hunting in
Valley City, Sunday.
—Dr. G. F. Newell has a young grand
son, lately arrived at Waterford,Wis.
—Frank Hunter, and Millard Wash
burn and wife, came up on Wednesday's
M. F.Michaels has a fine Norman colt
at Davis & Picket's stable,—perhaps the
best bred draft horse in the county.
—Chas. Buck has been laid up with an
attact of neuralgia. He is however
about again.
—Mrs. Ole Ford presented her en
raptured husband with a twelve-pound
boy last week,
—The first newspaper in Dakota was
the Dakota Democrat, issued at Sioux
Falls in 1869.
—Mayor Weiser, of Valley City, Is
getting an elegant set of double harness
at John McDermott's.
—E. C. Ward, our artistic boot maker,
is at work on some fine boots for parties
in New York.
—The woman suffrage society at
Albany has demanded the removal of
Governor Pierce.
Mark Twain's new book is considered
Crash at Concord, and is excluded from
the public library.
—The new head of the Barnes couty
Record is an improvement. The Record
seems to be "getting thar."
Mary Murray, of Sanborn, who
charged David Wass with her seduction,
has given birth to a child, and will pro
bably die.
—The Congregational social at Dr.
T. F. Kerr's Tuesday evening,was a pro
nounced success about forty persons
were present.
—The pound party .under the direction
of the ladies of the Baptist church last
Tuesday evening, was voted one of the
most enjoyable affairs of the season.
—Mr. Zeibach acquired the title of
"Squatter governor" by being governor
of the third house so often. He appear
ed at Yankton for the first time in 1862.
—Anybody who wants a couple of
dead Indians can get them by applying
to John Rolf, Waitsburg,Montana. They
got drunk and attacked him with
—The (Lisbon) Dakota Clipper is
greatly improved in general get up
since the fire. The superficial area of a
country paper oughtn't to be as great as
that of a townsite.
t"'—Dr. Newell's 2.26 Sweigert mare
playfully showed the Dr. how fat she
was getting last Friday by jumping on
his favorite big toe. The Docter don't
get around very lively since.
—We publish this week that portion
of the wheat bill that is of vital interest
to the farmer. The general railroad
legislation, which does not concern the
wheat traffic,has been omitted.
Merit D. Hills, the old time attor
ney and rustler, of Valley Citv, was
married Tuesday to Miss. Ada Getchell.
The COURIER congratulates the happy
pair upon their auspicious commence
ment of married life.
—Capt. Robinson was in town Tues
day. The Norgards have commenced
another contest against his claim,
although he is an actual, bonefide settler,
living on the land. It is time a stop
was put to su business.
—Henry Miller, the bonanza farmer
Spiiitually, we have been well cared! _Twenty three citizens
for "this winter. ^Members of the svnod
Rhine, of the firm
society by piling wood for twenty five
days, under the direction of her mother,
when she is considered ready for a
the whites
Among the whites this would
the nest. into active training for a regular drag
A tew of our bachelors have taken out, with the mother-in-law as Pat
life partners. sheedy. I
of the girl going
Uliee u,l,zens
and conference, (branches of the Luth- Falls, T. xas, are under arrest for mur- addition for first and second grades
eran church) have been trying to come der. as members of an organization, the
to an understanding so as to make one object of which was to kill. Any mem
crganization. and it is said that they 777
have, if tliev can get a shepherd to take without assmgmg cause could de
care of the
Ti.ere is considerable talk about that doom was sealed. Among the prisoners
$404.13 lobby, and the feeling is that the j8 the sheriff and the editor of the Ver
comnr.ssioners did wrong, and no man-' /•. ...
tier of argument can make it right. I Guard. Improvements in the meth-
I'einptation without, and corruption °d °f running county newspaper never
within. Yours, w. and r. wjjl cease.
mand the death of an enemy, and his
—Mr. John Hogenson informs us that
Greenwood school Township will build
two school houses this season one
near Ottawa bridge, and one between.
Ottawa and Lee.
Anton Lepowski, arrested 011 a charge
of murdering Joseph Schenck, at Tap
pan, Dak., died of a broken Heart, in
jail. He had stoutly protested his in
—G. K. Andrus has returned from a
short visit to Ohio, with his bride.
—Louis Rial, the famous half breed,
with about 500 Indians, has declared
war on England. The queen is after his
v—Mrs. H. Gillespie presented her
husband with a tine boy Tuesday night*
Mother and child doing well.
—Attention is called to the new card
of Merreill Bros. &• Luce also to Covey
& Brown's advertisement.
—Messrs. Retzlaff, McDermott, Cox
and Bucliheit spent Saturday evening at
Mr. Fenner's, about six miles west of
—Monday's train brought six com
mercial travelers to tell the Coopers
town merchants what they most needed.
—May 19tli the people of Steele coun
ty will again tusse! over the county-seat
business. Hope will throw four sixes
after awhile.
—Mr. C. H. Frost's youngest boy has
a little printing press, a present from
the veteran democrat, who believes 111
teaching the young idea how to shoot.
—Assessor J. W. Fiero made us a call
Saturday. Peter Fiero will not return
until harvest. A. G. Lendsey is run
ning the Schoonmaker farm.
—A new sidewalk is to be laid 011 the
north side of Burrell avenue, from the
Union house to the Palace. Berg &
Larson have already laid a portion of it.
—An entertainment will be given by
the pupils of the public schools, at the
Church building on Saturday, March 28,
7:30 p. m. Admission, I5cts. children,
10. The entertainment is given for the
benefit of the Sunday school.
—Mr. John Syverson has gone to St.
James, Minnesota, to look after his far
ming operations. Mr. Syverson has a
tree claim, proved up und the original
timber culture act, by which it was re
quired to raise forty acres of timber out
of 100.
—Banker Pickett went to Ft. Atkin
son, Wis., for a visit, Monday. E. A.
Seigfried,assistant cashier of the Barnes
County bank, will take Mr. Pickett's
place during his absence
—Davis & Pickett have been advised
by wire that the extreme cold weather
in the east will delay shipment of their
horses a few davs. Farmers will do
well to await their coming, as they are
mostly fine brood mares.
—A family of Canadians, named
Church, arrived in Griggs county Mon
day. They will settle on the Jacobson
Andrus claim, which they have pur
chased. They are enterprising, intelli
gent and industrious people, and we are
glad to welcome them.
—C. E. Black well, of Valley City,
made the COURIER a pleasant call Mon
day. He is the irrepressible lumber
man of Valley Citv. and is thinking of
putting in a lumber yard at this point
for the Gull River Lumber company.
—Visitors at the COURIER office, (es
pecially, if delinquent in their subscrip
tions) will please beware of our new
dog, as the office will not be responsible,
and she has nothing subject to execu
tion over and above her exemptions.
However, in her most terrible moments, iacres
a few kind words, and a little mashed
potatoes, with butt* gravy, will subdue
her. People in danger of meeting her
will do well to carry a little mashed po
tatoes. or a half a pint of new milk
around with them, lest, in an unguard
ed moment,she fall upon them.
Notice to Teachers.
of \V ichita of certificates, and in
The Spring examination of candidates
for teachers certificates in Griggs county
will be held at the school house in
Cooperstown on Tuesday, April 7th.
1885, commencing at 9 a. m. Candidates
will be examined in reading, writing.
orthography, arithmetic, grammar and pairs ladies and childrens shoes
geography for third and probation grades 1
Not Happy.
One Bismarck paper asks: Who prom
ised those who subscribed to the capitol
fund that the money should be refund
edV Another answers that the inquirer
must be a tenderfoot to ask such a ques
tion and says
Those who went around and solicited
the subscription remember it.
Every man who was invited to sub
scribe understood that the money was
to be refunded.
Every woman who gave of her hard
earnings was promised that the money
would be refunded.
Every man who gave of his own
means expected that the money would be
And to make the pledge good the farce
of holding an electiou was gone through
with and the bonds were voted.
Men of small means who gave of mon
ey they needed in trade expected
that when the legislature met the vote
authorizing the issue of bonds would be
legalized and their means would be re
stored to them.
But it was not, and the result is, the
old settlers, who have contributed for
years to the prosperity of Bismarck are
being driven out of business, and new
settlers, who have not carried the bur
dens of the past, gain advantage through
their distress.
It was an outrage that it was not done,
and the fact that it was not will be re
membered whenever subscriptions are
asked for any public enterprise for the
next ten years.
Daily Train.
We are informed that the change of
time on tne Sanborn and Cooperstown
branch will be made April 5th.
Attention Settlers.
N. P. R. It. LANDS.
I wish to announce to the settlers of
Griggs county, that I have recently been
appointed agent for the sale of Northern
Pacific Rail Road Lands in this county.
In order to assist purchasers I have
procured a complete set of surveyors
plats, showing fractional lots, lakes,
rivers, ponds, swales, meadow land,
ridges, depth of soil, grade, surface,etc.,
etc., together with field notes and price
list 111 fact everything that is necessary,
to assist one in forming a correct idea
of the character and value of the land.
I also loan money on five years time to
buy the preferred stock of tiie company,
to be used in payment for the land,
which at the present very low price of
this stock, brings these lands much low
er than government lands.
Parties holding land under contract
will do well to pay up and get a deed be
fore a rise in the price of stocks.
Parties who located on these lands be
fore survey, and have made valuable
improvements, should lose no time in
making purchase, as the company is not
under any obligation to hold it for them
and others are applying for it.
Plats and price lists of unsold lands
furnished free of charge. Settlers will
find it to their advantage to give me a
call before locating.
I also loan money for final proofs.
War GLASS, Agent,
Office in Postofiice Building Coopers
town,D. T.
Paints, Oils, Turpentine, Alco
hol and Coloring Material^'
A full line of new goods just received.
We think we have everything in the line
of painters' supplies the country needs.
Find us mistaken, and the missing arti
cles will be supplied in shortest possible
A Reliable Man Wanted,
To lease, or work on shares, for the
season of 1885, the w£ n-wi and w£ s-wj
section 4, township 145, range 58 fifty
of stul)ljle
7o cts to
&. History in
All candidates must pay oue dollar,
institute fee.
County Superintendent.
A fresh assortment of D. M. Ferry's
garden and flower seeds, at Bowden &
plowing to be done
110 to put in crop. Address at once.
COVKV & BROWN, Sanborn, D. T.
Seed Oats.
Farmers wanting seed oats will do
well in calling 011 Geo. W. Greenleese
& Co., as they have some of the finest
the country can produce, free from seed
of all kind. Attention is called to their
New Zeland oats, which weighs 45 lbs to
to the measured bushel.
^•Just received our first invoice of
Spring goods. Consisting of 50 dozen
boots and shoes, 25 dozen hats. An
elegant line of gents furnishing goods,
notions, etc.
John Syverson & Co.
John Syverson & Co.
We will have a car load
of fine Canadian horses
about March 2oth. Griggs
county farmers are res
pectfully requested to call
and, examine same.
Stevens & Pickett,
(Successors to Lenham & Burrell.)
At 10 and 12 Per Cent.
Interest on City Prop
erty and Improv
ed Farms.
County and School Secur
ities Bought and Sold.
Insurance written in the best companies
at reasonable rates. A large amount
of city property, together with
improved and unimproved
farms for sale. Send for
H. Q. PICKETT, Cashier.
Knud Thompson,
Binders, Mowers, Hay Rakes, Stubble
Plows, Johnson and Field
Fanning Mills.
Bob Sleighs, Lansing and
Wampach make,
Monitor Seedars and Drills Harrows,
spring tooth and common.
Are as low as those of any responsible
firm furnishing goods of like quality,
and are made to accord with the times
We have secured such machines as wil
give satisfaction, and should like all
persons desirous of buying machinery to
call upon us at
Cooperstown, Griggs County, Dakota.

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