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Griggs County courier. (Cooperstown, Griggs Co., Dak. [N.D.]) 1885-1885, June 19, 1885, Image 1

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FitED'lv. 11.
f»r wcui rnor isATiis:
One ropy. mir year.
six ir.i 'tithe.
Ctish Invariably in Advance.
ADVH:trrisivu RATE#.—Diupin.v ml*. SI per inch
in..mis: jji-r cent oil 'U yearly contracts of ov
3 inch1-s. Locals. 10 cents for ilrst imd Scents for
each snbsoquent insertion. Finn! proof anil con
test notices. without citation?. $5 each. Hot cash.
EP'-Siil^cribcrs finding this notice crossed nre
notified that their subscription lias expired and
ere miuei-teil 10 renew.
Official Paper of
drains mike the round trip every day.except
Sunday, leaving Oocpeistown :it O-.iiO a. 111. anil
arriving at Sunbern 8:20 a. 111. Return.ni*. leaves
Sanborn at 4:00 p. m. and arrives" at Cooperstown
fl:80 p. in. The train goi* tliroiitrli to F: rsro.
N. P. Railroad, main line—Passenger trains
leave Sanborn:
Going east 3:4* p.m.
Going easi 10:1. p. m.
Going east 8:90a. m.
Going wi 6:.V a. m.
Going 11:45 a.m.
Tickets for all parts of the United States and
Canada for sale at this station.
R. M. Cow
C. S. FEE, fien. Pass. Apt.
Rolette county records have been
mysteriously returned to Dunseith.from
which place they were stolen.
E. A. Williams, candidate for mayor,
was defeated at the late Bismarck city
election. Justus Bragg (democrat) was
The Fargo grand jury censured the
county commissioners, and Judge Mc
Connell read them the riot act and dis
charged them
Minister Phelps is to board with the
queen, and do his loafing in the House
of Lords—as it «vere. Quite a change
from the life of a country lawyer in
Cardiff knocked out Wilson,the St. Paul
colored slugger, last week. The Globe's
local columns aloat over the details,
while the editor denominates it a high
handed outrage.
It is stated that Gen. Badeau left the
Grant residence so suddenly, because
the family found out that he had been
representing that he was the real author
of the general's book,and were incensed.
Badeau is in hard luck. The general
disappointed lum—by living.
A brass band is being discussed by
our musical citizens. The musicians
have the talent, and with instruments
furnished by the city, to remain the
property of the city, we could, with out
doubt, have a band equal to any in the
country. The musicians, however, will
have to furnish the energy to get started.
An observer says that ltoscoe Conk
ling walks up Broadway every evening
between 6 and 7 o'clock. lie has a queer
swing of the legs these days, a sort of a
loose jointed movement. Above the
waist the proportions and carriage are
those of an athlete. Below the waist
the limbs move distractedly, as if the
power that propelled them were exerted
at random.—Exchange.
Roscoe is trying to make a converted
pacer of himself, probably, for the next
Mr. Joseph Allen, says ••Johnny Bull*'
objects to our remarks concerning wife
beating in the old country, as. possibly,
a •'coiiimtnon amusement.'' Joe says
they ride wife beaters on a rail in Eng
land, and we hasten to make the correc
tion. Our remarks in regard to the
effete East are simply founded upon
Proposals Wanted,
Sealed proposals will be received till
12 m. June 20,1885, for the building ot a
school house on see. 16, tp 145, 60,
Pleasantview school township. Plans
and specifications at COURIER office,
where bids may be left. Contract price
to be paid in school bonds. Any and all
bids may be rejected.
^Cash customers will do well to ex.
our prices on groceries. We do
not sell tomatoes or sugar at cost, as a
bait, but will sell groceries at the small
est living profit for the cash.
John Syverson & Co.
e^Two thousand bushels of oats
wanted by Geo. W. Greenleese, at 25
cents per bushel. Bring in your oats.
—Examine the Flying Dutchman
Sulkey Plow at Berg & Larson.
Around Town.
Wheat. "0 cents.
II. G. i'ickett is moving into the new
One faro to July Fourth, anywhere,
weave luiofrned by liobt. Co wen.
D.L. Wilbur, of Jamestown, was
the city. Wednesday. I
The mills of Spain grind slowly, and
are turned by mules.—Ex.
Julius ltetzlall: and wife went to
Jamestown and returned. Tuesday.
J.C. Yancey has sold his Stradvarius.
It is more business and less music with
him now.
There was a dance at Sheldon's, at
Red Willow, Monday night.— Fordo's
string band.
F. M. Thompson, of Greenfield, was
in town Wednesday night—locating
preferred stock.
James Christie is building a residence
for J. II. Van Voorhis, on that gentle
man's farm west of town.
The late cyclones have been confined
to Northern Iowa and Southern Minne
sota—passing from west to east about
100 miles.
1/^1. L. Micliatls reports having taken
the census in township 144-oS. and 144
59. Population about 800. Wheat look
ing well, and an increase iu stock rais
II. W. S.hultze, father of Mrs. B. B.
Brown, and grandfather of Benj. Mc
Cormick, arrived in Cooperstown, Mon
day night, from Baltimore, Md. He is
eighty-tive years old, and as hale and
hearty as an ordinary man at sixty.
S. K. N ester, the bonanza Valley City
farmer, was in town Tuesday, on bis
way to pay a visit to H. C. Cooper, and
get a few pointers on practical farming.
No Dakotaian understands the business
better than Mr. Cooper. Geo. Fisli
back accompanied Mr. Nester.
Mr. S. Steenson, of Ransom county,
with his family, is visiting his daughter,
Mrs. Andrew Torfin. Mr. Steenson is
so well pleased with Griggs county in
general, and Looking Glass prairie in
particular, that he will sell out his pos
sessions in Hansom, and move within
our borders.
W. R. Whidden and Rev. E. F. Jor
den went past the "bad lands" and over
the river Tuesday. They narrowly es
caped an immersion at a bad ford on the
Slieyenne. Mr. Jorden will preach at
Chalmer school house Sunday morning
at the Freer school house Sunday after
noon. A bridge is needed near Chal
mers, to retain the trade of that section
for Cooperstown.
newspaper items and we are glad to find boat contest, and other games are on the
a Johnny Bull that revolts against the programme. A platform, with bowery
mendacity of the press. This species of canopy, and good music for dancing,
crime (wife beating) is not confined Boats for boat riding and boat racing
to any country or people, but we believe Arrangements are being made for a
there is less of it in this land of liberty
than in any other land.
Some Sanborn conspirators were get
ting up a petition last week to affect the
time-taole on the S. C. & T. M. R. It.,
e.. that is to have the train remain
over night in Sanborn, instead of Coop
erstown. A few traveling men signed
it, although the majority of those visit
ing both towns prefer the longer stop at
Cooperstow n. They are powerful in pe
tition at Sanborn.
The Sanbotn Enterprise says: "It is
is hard to tell just what did happen, but
one thing is sure, the officer returned
without Mr. Woodford. It is said the
latter's monied friend left enough be
hind to pay the forfeited bail and all oth
er expenses besides. We do not wish to
meddle with Valley City concerns, but
we sincerely believe Mr. Woodford to
be a nonest man."
Kon est
is good.
Dazey will celebrate the Fourth by
picnicing on the banks Ensign lake, one
and one-half miles from town. Base
ball game, horse speeding, foot race,
band, and an orator. Dancing at
evening in town. Committee of ar
rangements, W. L. Pattison, S. J. Rus
sell, A. Clendening, Otto Holman, N.
Nelson, L. M. Schryver, J. Little, C.
Lvons, Col. Baker, Stee & Alsted.
Last June a gold watch was stolen
from J. N. Brown. The watch cost
§300. Frank Smith was then working
for Mr. Brown. The watch was after
ward deposited at different times, by
Smith, as collateral, with Covey &
Brown, M. D. If.il's, and A. Sternberg.
Mr. Sternberg afterward bought the
watcli for $75. This week Mr. Brown
learned of the whereabouts of his watch,
and proving property, good naturedly
allowed the clothier $25 for his trouble,
and is now on time to his meals. Mr.
Smith, in the language of a contempor
ary, is a now
Commissioners' Proceedings.
Met June 13,1S85. at 10 a.m., in ac- 1 wish to announce to the settlers of
cordance with adjournment. Griggs county, that I have recently been
l'lesent. Com. Cooper. Adjourned appointed agent for the sale of Northern
James A. Ames, services as road
viewer n. line 140-5S, SS.
Rufus Pinkerton. services as road
viewer n. 140-58' $10.
... In order to assist purchasers I have
(. onvened at- p. m. procured a complete set of surveyors
Full board present, Comr. Cooper1 plats, showing fractional lots, lakes,
presiding. rivers, ponds, swales, meadow land,
On motion ordered that the following
bills be allowed, viz:
Sam'l. Goldthrite, building bridge
20-14S-59. S25.
John Morris Co., blanks. $6.
John Morris Co., poll tax list books.
John Morris Co., assessors outfit,
James Muir, setting up chairs in court
house, $2.
It. C. Brophy, seeding court house
block, SI 6.
J. E. Qvale, services as road viewers
n. line 14G-5S, §11.50.
Allan Pinkerton, sheriffs school elec
tion duties, §31.
Allan Pinkerton, notifying road view
ers, §30.80.
A. II. Songie, road work district No.
12, $3.
E. C. Evenson, road work district No.
12, $4.50.
Bowden & Buck, mdse. for Asliby
family (poor), $15.13.
On motion ordered that the following
resolution be adopted, viz:
jVlkGveas, a number of road petitions
iflre coming in from different parts of
the county, and
Whereas, said road petitions .are draft
ed to favor certain individuals more
than the public at large, and that the
same is a great expense to the county.
Now therefore, it is hereby resolved
that all section lines be opened for a
public highway according to law, and
they are hereby opened and declared
public highways, and the toad supervi
sors of the several road districts are re
spectfully requested to see that they
are opened, and work done on same
wherever practicable, and notice is here
by given that no road petition will be
considered by the county commission
ers, except when section lines are im
On motion ordered that the county
surveyor be requested to make a survey
of the road from quarter stake on west
side of section 19-148-59, to intersect the
road from the Scheyenne river to Coop
On motion ordered that the following
road petition be published, viz: Com
mencing at the n-w corner sec. 6-147-59
and terminating at the s-e corner sec 5
14(5-59. Signed by Carl Frost, M. Ketz
laff, llermon Frost and others.
On motion ordered that the painting
of the bridge on sec. 26-146-58, and the
bridge on sec. 36-148-59 be awarded to
A, Sickelsteel for $-50 cash as per agree
On motion ordered that Allan Pinker
ton lie employed as janitor and jailor at
$26 per month, to be paid in county
On motion ordered that, the following
refunding orders be issued, viz:
Henry Gullickson, road poll tax for
1884, minor, $1.50.
O. Nelson, road poll tax for 1884, over
age. $1.50.
Olson Sanders, road poll tax for 1884,
overage, SI.50.
L. V. Kinde, road poll tax for 1884,
overage, SI.50.
P. S. Buellroad poll tax for 1884.
age, SI.
S. K. Norgard, road poll tax for 1884,
overage, $1.50.
On motion ordered that the following
abatements be made:
Martin Lunde, road and school poll
tax 1884, assessed twice, $2.50.
Baard Herigstad, road poll tax 1884,
overage, SI .50.
On motion ordered that bill of Allan
Pinkerton, for services as jailor and
janitor, $130, be allowed.
On motion adjourned.
Hutchinson County Record: Consid
erable complaint is being made that the
Territorial University at Vermillion, is
managed in the interest of certain prot
estant sects. If these charges are well
founded a change should at once be
made. It is too late in the century for
religious bigotry to control public edu
cational institutions.
Dr. Brown's engagements in dentist
ry will keep him here until next Monday
night. Room 1, at the Palace hotel.
Attention Settlers.
Pacific Rail Road Lauds in this county.
ridges, depth of soil, grade, surface
etc., together with field notes and price
list in fact everything that is necessary,
to assist one in forming a correct idea
of the character and value of the land.
I also loan money on five years time to
buy tiie preferred stock of the comnany,
to be used in payment for the land,
which at the present very low price of
this stock, brings these lands much low
er than government lands.
Parties holding land under contract
will do well to pay up and get a deed be
fore a rise in the price of stocks.
Parties who located on these lands be
fore survey, and have made valuable
improvements, should lose no time in
making purchase, as the company is not
under any obligation ,to hold it for them
and others are applying for it.
Plats and price lists of unsold lands
furnished free of charge. Settlers will
find it to their advantage to give me a
call before locating.
1 also loan money for final proofs.
WM. GLASS, Agent,
Office in Postotlice Building Coopers
town, D. T.
Estray Notice.
One bay horse, about twelve
old, taken up June 5th.
Sec. 26, tp. 144, range 61.
have just receive a car load of
llour from the Daily Roller Mills, to
which I would call the attention of ray
customers, as it is second to none now
in the country, and I want they should
try it. as when once tested will have no
other. You will also find a full line of
the A'alley City Hour, and my stock be
ing complete in all lines of tne Hour and
feed business. My motto is "Small Prof
its and Quick Sales." Trusting you will
not fail to call and see me before puicli
asing elsewhere, I am yours, truly,
gTA car load of fine old Ilennesy has
just been received at the Union House.
It is a line thing for dysentary.
t2T"A barrel of very fine "old stuff"
cider burst at the Union house Wednes
day, but without doing serious damage.
A little of this New England cider yet
remains. It is a fine, cooling drink, and
is just too slick for mince pies.
dfWe have a small lot of summer
underwear left, that must be sold with
in the next thirty days. Bargains at
Whidden Bros.
Another lot of ready made cloth
ing to arrinve this week. Prices away
down at \V hidden Bros.
All kinds suita
Wliidden Bros.
Hats, Hats, Hats!
ble for all classes, at
CiTWe have for sale a few good farm
work horses. Davis & Pickett.
(gfl am now agent for the J. I. Case
Threshing Machine Co., the best thresh
er ou wheels, and I can prove it by your
neighbors. Knud Thompson.
g"I have now in stock a fresh sup
ply of feed and flour, which the public
can sample at the lowest living rates.
Flour of all grades. Quick sales and
small profits. Geo. W. Greenleese.
(^Parties wanting sewing machines
should not fail to take a look at the
White. For sale by John Syverson & Co.
(ggrWe have just received a large
stock of school books of every kind used
iu the county. Websters unabridged
dictionary furnished to schools for $8.50.
John Swerson & Co.
J®" Beecher Cox represents the
Fargo Hail Insurance company, for
Griggs county.
Boad Petition.
Territory of Dakota, County of Griggs.
To the Hoard of County
to the
Commissioners of suid
The undersigned, freeholders residing within the
immediate neighborhood of the route hereinafter
mentioned and described for a public road, do
hereby petition yon to canst to lie laid out und
opened a road of the width of sixty six feet, as fol
lows: Commencing at the northwest. corner of
section 6 in township 147, north, of range 5! west,
in said county, and running froip thence in a
southerly directSonon the most eligible route to
the southwest corner of section T. same township
thence east on the most eligible route to the south
west corner of said sec same township, thence
south on the section line on the most eligible route
southeast corner of sec
same township,
thence follow the township line east to the north
east corner of sec 5. tp 146, 59. thence south
along section line between sees 4 and 5 to the s-e
corner or of sec 5.
The names of the owners of lands over which
the same is to pass ure signed hereto, and they
herebv declare their assent to said road, which
shall be two rods wide on each side of the section
or four rods wide, when the same shull be
located off the section line said roadway being
granted through our lands according to said peti
tion without compensation.
Carl Frost. M. Retzlaff, Frank Ressler, Tolef Dig
habek. Jacob II. Myhre, T. K. Rogne, Charlis
Retzlaff, John Ressler, John N. Jorgensen.
And vour petitioners pray that the said road
may be laid out and opened according to law.
Dated at Cooperstown, this SHlh day of May,
Carl Frost.
G. S. I'rost,
Frank Ressler.
Edward Zimperk,
A. H.Berg,
Jos. A Arpagum,
M. Retzlaff,
Hermann Frost,
Toleff Digbabek,
Waiter Heller,
S. H.Berg.
C. J. Thinglestad,
•lens Clir Stram.
O Thint elstad,
Hendrik Enderson,
Jens Nelson,
Henry Heller,
Jucob Myhre.
Charlie Retzlaff,
O Olson,
.John Ressler,
S A Ness,
gohn poison,
Ole Rorvig.
Syver Koloen,
Ole Olson,
Gilbert Clen,
August Engel,
A Hunter.
Mads Nertrosk,
A Retzlaff,
A Retzlaff,
Julius RfctzlufE.
Adolph Ilegre,
HO Retzlaff,
Stevens & Pickett,
(Successors to Lenham & Burrell.)
At 10 and 12 Per Cent.
Interest on City Prop
erty and Improv
ed Farms.
County and School Secur
ities Bought and Sold.
Insurance written in the best companies
at reasonable rates. A large amount
of city property, together with
improved and unimproved
farms for sale. Send for
H. G. PICKETT, Cashier.
Knud Thompson,
Will soon Tell you
Something nice about
Cooperstown, Griggs County, Dakota.

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