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is prepared to handle both
Freight and Passenger Traffic
with promptness and safety.
Connecting at Ortonville with the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul system,
tlie Fargo & Southern thus makes an
The People'* Line is superb in all its appoint
lii. niti rteel mils elt-gunt couches on nil night
.trains, and its rut-?s are always as low, and time
•a* quick as other linos'.
Through Passenger Trains
daily each way between Fargo and St. Panl
without change, connecting at Union depot, St.
,1'au!. with all eastern and southern line*.
Wht-n you go east or come west try the Fargo A
Trains leave Fargo for Minneapolis and St.
Paul aud intermediate stations, at 7:50 p. m. and
7:30 a. in. Arrive at Fargo from St. raul and
Minneapolis at 8:00 a. m. and 8:90 p.m.
Tickets for sale at all principal stations for St.
Paul. Chicago, and all eastern and southern
For further information address
Sen. Ft. and Pass. Agt., Fargo.
Boad Petition.
Territory of Dakota, County of Griggs, ss.
To the Board of County Commissioners of said
The undersigned, freeholders residing within the
immediate neighborhood of the route hereinafter
mentioned anu described for a public road, do
hereby petition you to cause to lie laid out and
opem-d a road of the width of sixty six feet, as fol
lows: Commencing at the nortliwest corner of
section 6 in township 147. north, of range 59 west,
in said county, and running from thence in a
southerly directSon on the most eligible route to
the southwest corner of section 7, same township
thence east on the most eligible route to the south
west corner of said sec 7, same township, thence
south on the section line on the most eligible route
to the southeast corner of sec 81, same township,
thence follow the township line east to the north
east corner of sec 5, tp 146, 50, thence south
along section line between sees 4 and 5 to the s-e
corner or of sec 5.
The names of the owners of lands over which
the same is to puss are signed hereto, and they
hereby declare their assent to *aid road, which
shall be two rods wide on each side of the section
line, or four rods wide, when the Mine shall be
located off the suction line said roadway being
granted through our lands according to Hald|peti
tion without compensation.
Carl Frost, M. Retzlaff, Frank Ressler, ToW Dig'
babek, Jacob H. Myhre, T. K. Rogne, Charlls
Ret/.luff, John Ressler, John N. Jorgenscn.
And your petitioners pray that the said road
may be laid out and opened according to law.
Dated at Cooperstown, this 281 day of May,
Carl Frost, M. Retzlaff,
.G. S. Frost, Hermann Frost.
Frank Ressler, Toleff Digbabek,
Edward Zimperk, Walter Heller,
A. H.Berg, 8. H.Berg,
Jos. A Arpagam, C. J. Thinglestad,
Thinglestad, Jen? Chr Stram.
Ilendrik Enderson, O Thingelstad,
Jens Nelson, Thingelstadt,
llenry Heller, OC Olson,
Jacob Myhre. Rogne,
Cbarlis Retdaff, John Ressler,
I'feirer, 8 A Ness,
Syver Koloen, gohn poison,
Ole Olson, Ole Rorvig,
Gilbert Clen, August Engel,
A Hunter,
Xads Nertrosk, W. T. McCulloch,
A Retzlaff, Adolnh Hegre,
A Retzlaff, O Retzlaff,
Julius Retzlaff. 83-84
Mortgage Sale.
"Default has been made in the payment of One
Hundred dollars and interest thereon from the
24th day of Nov. 1883. at the rate of 13 per cent
per annum, viz: $131 wbich is claimed to be due
at the date of this notice upon a certain no{e and
mortgage securing the same,
duly executed and
delivered by Edward K. Foster to Rollin C. Coop
er and Thos. J.Cooper, of Griggs county, I). T..
both bearing date the 34th day of Nov..1883, which
,faid mortgage was duly recorded in the office of
.register of deeds, in and for the county of Griggs,
territory of Dakota, on the 6th day of April, A. I.
2883, at 8:40 o'clock p.m. in book C, on page 183.
Said note and mortgage was, on the lftb day of
June, 1885. duly assigned and transferred by the
«aid Uollin C. Cooper and Thos. J. Cooper by an
assignment in writing to Edwin W. Siegfried of
Sanborn, Barnes county. D. T.. who is now the
.owner and holder thereof. And said assignment
was duly recorded in the office of the register of
deed*? aforesaid, on the 34th day of June, 1885, in
hook C, on pages 341 and 3, and no action or pro
feeding at law or in equity having been instituted
to recover the debt secured by said mortgage or
any part thereof,
Now therefore, notice is hereby given that by
virtue of the power of sale contained in said
mortgage, and pursuant to the statute in such case
made und provided, the said mortgage will be
foreclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises
therein described, which sale will be made at the
front door of the Bunk of Cooperstown, in the
toa'ii of Cooperstown. count? of C'iggs, and terri
tory of Dakota, at puttlic auction, by the sheriff of
said county or hiB duly appointed deputy, on the
SC day of August. 1885, at oVIock in the after
noon. to satisfy (he amount-which shall then be
dne on said mortgage, with interest thereon and
the cost of sale, together with Ilftv dollacs attor
ney fee* as stipulated in said mortgage, in case
of foreclosure.
The premises described in said tnartgaee find so
to be sold are the lot pieceparcel «f Und situ*
ated in the town of Cooperstown, and county of
Grists aud territory of Dakota, and d&criiied as
follows to-wit: Lot seven (7), block seventy
C. F- Pierson, attorney for assignee.
Dstad at CoopetMown, June ye. 1685 28-98
Sutice of
Office at Fargou
D. T.. use 23,1885.
Notice is hereby given that tb« following named
eettler has tiled notice of his intention to make
final proof support of his claim and secure final
entry thereof on toe 10th day of Aag~, 1885, viz:
David E. Tufts, D. S. So. 14.452, for the s-wj( of
sec. g.tp, 14741, r56, iv. and names tbe following
as his witnesses, viz: Ueorfe A. Luce, Charles GT
Merreill. Howard McGooney. Benjamin F. Wal
den. all of Hope, Steele county, D. T.
The testimony of claimant and witnesses to be
taken before C. H. Ward, clerk of tbe district
court, of Steele county, D. T., at tiherbiaoke, D.T.
an the 6th day of A uiust, A. 1885, at bis office.
23-28 HORACE AUSTIN, Register.
One copy, one year.
six months.
Cash Invariably in Advance.
S. C.
ads. $1 per inch
month £3 por cent off on yeariv contracts of ov
er 3 inches. Locals, 10 cents for first and 5 cents for
each subsequent Insertion. Final proof and con
test notices, without citations, $5 each, spot cash.
Subscribers finding this notice crossed are
notified that their subscription has expired and
are requested to renew.
Official Paper of Griggs County
Trains make the round trip every day, except
Sunday, leaving Cooperstown at 6:00 a. m. and
arriving at Sanborn 8:30 a. ra. Returning, leaves
Sanborn at 4:00 p. m. and arrives at Cooperstown
6:80 p. m. The train goes through to Fargo.
N. P. Railroad, main line—Passenger trains
leave Sanborn:
Going east 8:48p.m.
Going east 10:17 jh m.
Going east 8:80a.m.
Going west 6:57 a. in.
Going west 11:45 a.m.
Tickets for all parts of the United States and
Canada for sale at this station.
Gen. Pass. A*.
The Sptlktits Trouble.
"Don't put up jour napkin yet,
James," said Mrs. typilkins in a half
whisper, taking advantage of the efforts
of the Rev. Sparrowhawk to swallow a
chicken bone, and giving her husband a
sly kick under the table.
"What's the matter? Why shouldn't
I put up my napkin? Haven't seen a
napkin before in a week. Have we got
pie—pie, sweet pie, God bless our pie!"
"We have ice creaqp for dessert" said
Mrs. Spilkins, looking daggers at him.
"Let me give you some of the ice cream,
Mr. Sparrowhawk."
"So this is ice cream," said Spilkins,
reflectively, exploring his saucer.
"Why didn't you put raisins in it,
Mrs. Spilkins, and call it rice pudding
or rub a bone on the freezer, and call it
flat soup? Did you make this yourself,
Mrs. Spilkins, or is it the handiwork of
the Almighty?"
"1 purchased it, sir. at the Baptist
church festival. If you had done your du
ty you would have known all about it."
"That settles it, Mrs. Spilkins I
won't say anything against it. If I
don't believe in religious ice cream I
dare say it won't do anybody any harm.
Did you make this yourself, Mr. Spai
"What a question that is," said Mrs.
Spilkins. "As if Mr. Sparrowhawk
could have time for such thing, after
writing those dear, delightful discour
ces. We have a new cook, Mr. Sparrow'
hawk, and it is diffieult to get anything
in Cooperstown you must excuse our
"No apologies, Mrs. Spilkins," said
Mr. Spilkins, cheerfully. "Itis the best
dinner we have had in a month."
There was an awkward silence. The
minister went away but the silence
continued. When another minister is
invited to dinner by Mrs. Spilkins, you
may be sure that Spilkins is tuning bis
harp on the golden shore.
It will probably be a year before Ber
tlioldi's statue will be ready for unveil
ing. Upon its completion the statue
will be of a bright, gold-like color, such
as that of a new penny. The metal is
pure copper, and not bronze, so that it
will have a strong reddish, instead of a
vellowish, tinge. The elements will,
however, in a year or two, cause the
statue to take on its permanent color—
a dark, reddish brown.—Ex.
It is a disgrace to America that the
pedestal has not been completed, nor
the money raised. The French minister
refused to be present at the reception of
the statue.
The Portland Inter-Ocean says this
of a quack doctor: "We reiterate what
we have previously stated, that his be
ing allowed to practice is a crime against
territory, a crime against high heaven,
and a crime against the professson. It
is a method that assumes the level of
die common assassin, and were he to
attempt to practice in eastern states he
he would soon find a berth behind the
bars. We propose to wage war upjn
this impostor and blackmailer until the
fruits of our labors shall be rewarded by
opening the eyes of the public to the
true role of this diabolical fraud."
"It is only my riding habit." said the
young lady when her father caught her
kissing the groom.
have just received a large
stock of school books of everv kind used
in the county. Websters Unabridged
dictionary furnished to schools for $8.-50.
John Swerson & Co.
Around Town.
Wheat, 75 cents.
Burrell avenue is being graded up by
poll tax labor.
Miss Nellie Vallandigham is visiting
in Valley City.
Wm McCulloch was elected clerk of
his school township.
A Grand Army Post is to be estab
lished at Cooperstown,
C. T. Whidden took a trip to Fargo,
Monday, to see the circus.
Misses Fannie and Lulu Lenham
were in town Wednesday.
Judge Clark came to town with tbe
school ballot box, Wednesday.
B. C. Bound reports the wheat out
look as never better with him.
P. E. Nelson is digging a cellar, to
keep liis gilt edge butter fresh.
Doctor James Brown took his depart
ure for Tower City, Wednesday.
John Syverson has been quite sick,
but is now out watching for bones.
Stevens & Pickett think of putting up
a brick building on the corner next to
the bank.
Don't forget the bowery dance, on the
Sheyenne, eight miles north of town, on
the Fourth.
Canada's inland sea, Lake Mistassini,
lauger than Ontario, has an island tit
teen miles long.
The daily issue of the Chicago Herald
will be sent for two months for One
Dollar. See advertisement.
Commissioner Rukke has been in
town this week. He is breaking 110
acres. Ills crops never looked better.
Wm. Glass bas sold the southwest
quarter of section 1-144-58, to James
The genial and efficient pay car, of the
Northern Pacific railroad, came to town
Monday night
Four hundred racehorses at Wash
ington Park, Chicago, getting ready for
the July races.
The cities «f marvelous growth aw
not all in the West. Baku, a Russian
town on the Caspian, had 12,000 inhab
itants in 1873, and 58,000 in 1883.
Charles Cooper will soon occupy the
house now occupied by R. C. Brophy
while Mr. Brophy moves into the Green
leese building on Burrell avenue.
Paper plates for bread, butter, cake,
etc., have been intioduced at the Berlin
hotels. They are in papier mache, with
gay colored borders in relief.
E. W. Blackwell and A. B. Cox went
to the party at L. W. Lewis' Tuesday
evening. About fifteen couples par
ticipated,—Pleasantview string band.
Lightning is reflected for 150 to 200
miles. The sound of thunder maybe
heard for twenty or twenty-five miles
with the ear to the ground, much far
Attention is called to the advertise
ment of the Chicago Weekly Herald,
which is admitted to be one of the lar
gest and best newspapers ever issued
for One Dollar per year.
R. C. Brophy is about to build a new
elevator at Cooperstown. Mr. Chas.
Cooper will run the Cooper elevator the
coming season. As one of the greatest
grain markets in Dakota, it is very ap
propriate that we have three elevators.
Mr. John Nicoll and Miss Eliza How
den were married at Cooperstown by
Rev. F- M. Rockwell some weeks since.
The boys have been expecting the
cigars on the happy event but sad to
relate, Jack has not yet done the proper
Ballou's Magazine for July has a
timely article on China, accompanied
by som» good illustrations. Then fol
lows that popular story called -'Lewey
audi," by Wm. H. Thomes. Wit and
humor, puzzle page, poetry and short
stories, complete this interesting num
Mr. Byron Andrus and Miss Lina
Barnard were married at the residence
of the bride's father Tuesday evening.
The wedding was a very quiet affair,
and, in the language of the groom,
nobody's business. The inti
mate friends of the bride, and friends
the groom,were invited. Mr. Andrus has
been appointed clerk of the court for
Towner county, and the happy pair will
at once become residents of Cando, the
county seat. We congratulate them
upon their auspicious commence
ment of married life and as for
Towner county
^"Parties wanting sewing machines
should not fail to take a look at the
White. For sale by Jolm Syverson & Co.
Lost, Strayed or Stolen.
A liver-colored pointer slut, four
months old, white on front foot. Five
Dollars will be paid for return of dog to
the COURIER office, and no questions
asked. It will be considered a doggone
Mr. A. L. Booth, of Odell, was in
town, Thursday.
P. A. Melgard will soon build a com
fortable dwelling iu the Twenty-third
Andrew Tordn was elected clerk of
Pleasant School township. T. A. Ilaso
has been appointed director.
Shoot-The-Tiger, a Dakotah Siouxr
from Standing Bock agency, and two
companions, one an old buck of eighty
five summers, tarried in ths Terminal
Town, Thursday night. They are go
ing to visit some Cut-head Sioux, at
Fort Totten.
Tower City Herald: Between one
and two o'clock, S.unday afternoon, Mr.
C. W. llill, his two sons and Joe Cra
mer, a hired man, were endeavoring to
round up the cattie'on Mr. Hill's farm
south of town, when the storm broke
upon them. A bolt of lightning passed
over the party, striking Mr. Cramer,
killing him and his liorse instantly, and
stunning the rest of the party. As
soon as recovered, Cramer was picked
up and carried into the house. It was
found the bolt struck him on the fore
head and left breast,leaving ugly marks.
It tore his clothing off down to nis waist
and left him and passed down the
horses lees, making holes in the ground
three feet deep, about an inch in diam
eter. Mr. Hill's mustache was scortch
ed by the death-dealing fluid it was a
narrow escape for him and the boys.
Land Excursion.
The Northern Pacific, St. Louis, K.
& N-W'n., and C. B. &K., and the
Omaha road, have organized a mam
moth excursion through North Dakota
to the Missouri sand plains, at less than
half-fare rates. The excursionists bet
ter run over the Cooperstown branch, if
they desire to see a coantry all wool and
ft Vfttd
Air. Fee seems to be'a tireless schem
er, in his effoits to benefit the Northern
Pacific country.
Mt. McGregor,June 25,11 p. m.—Gen.
Grant is sleeping quietly, but is slowly
Herat, June 25,1 a. m.—No change
in the situation. The Afghanistans
await with anxiety the English cabinet
complications. War is inevitable.
To Our Patrons.
We have placed a full line of FLOUR
in our Burrell Avenue Store, where we
shall hereafter handle the largest provi
sion business in this section of the coun
try. Our stock will always be complete
and our prices such as to maintain the
present popularity of Cooperstown as
THIS trading point for the counties of
Griggs, Steele, Nelson, northern Barnes,
and eastern Foster. Our terms are
strictly cash, and will not be yaried
Wells, Cellars and Cisterns
Dug by Allen & Sanders, in the quickest
and neatest manner,—in town or coun
try. Enquire at Palace hotel.
dfjust received another car load of
celebrated Stoughton wagons. They run
five years. Knud Thompson.
(STOne car load of Fuller & Johnson
M'f'g. company's walking plows, and
Casady sulky plow. Call and see them.
I can show you something fine in the
Fuller & Johnson mowers.
^I have two car loads of the best
binding twine, which will do you good
to look at sample, and ask my price—
which can't help but make farming pay.
Knud Thompson.
dfShould you want the best tnresher,
ask for the J. I. Case Agitator, always
to the front. Knud Thompson.
C&Two thousand bushels of oats
wanted by Geo. W. Greenleese, at 25
cents per bushel. Bring in your oats.
—Examine the Flying Dutchman
Sulkey Plow at Berg & Larson.
A car load of fine old Hennesy has
just been received at the Union House.
It is a fine thing for dysentary.
'e have a small lot of summer
underwear left, that must be sold with
in the next thirty days. Bargains at
Whidden Bros.
Hats, Ilats, Ilats All kinds suita
ble for all classes, at Whidden Bros.
^*We have for sale a few good farm
work horses. Davis & Pickett.
f&lhave just receive a car load of
flour from the Daily Roller Mills, to
which I would call the attention of my
customers, as it is second to none now
in the countrv, and I want they should
try it. as when once tested will have no
other. You will also find a full line of
the Valley City flour, and my stock be
ing complete in all lines of the flour and
feed business. My motto is "Small Prof
its and Quick Sales." Trusting you will
not fail to call and see me before puich
asing elsewhere, I atn yours, truly,
OF moral
Stevens & Pickett,
(Successors to Lenham A Burrell.)
At 10 and 12 Per Cent.
Interest on City Prop-i
erty and Impto
ed Farm*.
County and School Secur
ities Bought and Sold.
Insurance written in the best companies
at reasonable rates. A large amount
of city property, together with
improved and unimproved
farms for sale. Send for
H. G. PICKETT, Cashier.
Knud Thompson,
Will soon Tell you
Something nice about
Cooperstown, Griggs County, Dakota.

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