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Guaranteed to be the FinestWe **""..*?*
Bt TDClbt&fcen's.
»'T 4?' •T'i/. 'i
-xfn* •,
1 1 1 I Therefore we court carefulcomparinon.
Most Economical and Strong
est Heating Base Burner. ikY
The Largest Selling and Most I* NfilSOn
Prominent Heating Stove '•v^awwa
made In America.
Prescriptions carefully compounded night
or *-7.
Always keep on hand a full line of
Stationery, Toilet Articles,
Candies and Cigars.
Cooperstown, N. D.
autumn styles.
We extend to you a cordial invitation to iuspect our
autumn stock, now in complete readiness. The display is an
unusual interesting one, and whether ready to make purchases
or not you will feel amply repaid. Styles are such as you'll
buy with pleasure, the prices are along the same economical
lines that are always such a feature of your buying here.
Choice Of ess Goods.
The most used styles and newest the popular colorings.
In black or colored dress goods it will be the best of dress
goods economy to select from our stock. We've marked HiAtn
at such reasonable prices, and the fabrics are so new and
stylish that we predict an unusual sale in this stock.
Dependable Valves in
The Staples.
The items that's always best of economy to buy of us.
We've many new and excellent ideas toshow in flannels, blan
kets, cotton wash goods, bedding materials, sheeting, etc.
We name the price that will cause you to buy thorn here.
Splendid Shoe Y&tue$.
Our autumn stock is full of best makes passed on to you
at lowest margins. The shoe you wear, as well as any mem
ber of your family, will always prove best wearing and
cheapest, if you select them from our stock. We wish to price
you through this stock. We want your shoe trade on a basis
Of beat shoes at smallest prices.
Cooperstown, Sept. 20, 1898.
VJivi&lr if Mr
Stoves anfc
.» 1"
ie* T*
't jf"' '», "iv' ,vj'V "f
With any other make in the world.
We feel your decision will be favora
ble to the
Drugs 4° flfoebicines.
AddHioaal Locals.
Bev. W. H. Oimblett oame up from
Valley City Tuesday.
Miss Fannie Palmetier returned
from Lisbon yesterday.
Wind has interfered with threshing
for the past two or three days
Jimeson has the best syrup, war
ranted full 2 gallons. Per pall 75 cts.
Mrs. Dahlin, mother of Mrs. O. S.
Gunderson, arrived from Oregon
yesterday, "j"'
Prof. Daniel E. Willard, of the
Mayville Normal School, was
visitor to Cooperstown Monday.
A. M. Tofthagen and F. W. Pettes,
of Lakota, were visitors to Coopers
town Wednesday. Mr. Tofthagen
went out to Register Lien's farm.
White fish 5 cents per pound a
All ladies are invited to call and see
Mrs. Do vne's fall stock of millinery,
consisting of stylishly trimmed hats,
walking hats, sailors and childrens
Contractor M. M. Lie commenced
operations on Albert Larson's new
house Tuesday. Mr. Larson will have
one of the finest residences in the city
when completed 1
Congressman Doliver, of Iowa, will
make two speeches in North' Dakota
during the campaign, while Congress
man Johnson will make two speeches
in Iowa.
James McKay and T. Fox ^pleaded
guilty to being drunk and disorderly
before Justioe Warner Friday morn
ing. They were assessed ten dollars
or ten days. They took the ten days.
Lieut. Hobson has succeed in float
ing the Spanish cruiser, Maria
Theresa and she will be a valuable
addition to our navy. What is the
matter with calling her the Hobson
after this.
F. A. Mayer & Co., will pay you
the highest price for oats, barley and
President McKinley lias set apart
October 10th as La Fayette day, there
fore the teachers and pupils of our
schools are preparing special exer
cise for the occasion. Program next
Dr. S. B. Langfot-d, Registered Vet
erinary Surgeon. Office at S. Aim
klov's drug store. All calls promptly
attended to.
Eleven copies of the "The School'
World" has been received by the
second intermediate department as a
part investment of the entertainment
fund. "Little Men" will also be
purchased in the same manner.
If you have stock of any kind for
Bale, call on F. A. Mayer & Co.
Petty larceny is getting to be a
great deal more common than the
violation of the prohibitory law.
Why don't somebody demand~that the
law be repealed like they do about the
prohibitory law. Som^ thief stole a
$25 microscope from the schoolhouse
last week.
?0c for wheat at the mill. I have
been asked so many times if it pays to
go to the mill. I give 281bs of Phipps
Best, worth 65c, 81bs of bran and 41bs
of shorts worth 5c, total 70c, for 1
bushel No. 1 Northern wheat, worth
54c. Net gain by exchange to the
farmer 16c per bushel, or will grind
your wheat for 15c per bushel. Does
it pay?
Bicycles for rent—by the hour, day
or week at—Peter E. Nelson.
The lady aeronaut who ascends in a
balloon 4,000 feet and jump9 out on a
bicycle with a parachute in connection
is another interesting feature of Grand
Forks' free street fair, Oct. 5, 6, 7.
And after having seen that you may
incidentally witness the famous dog
balloonist which goes up for a distance
of 4,000 feet and descends gracefully
with a parachute.
Buy your furniture of F. A. Mayer
& Co., at old Union House.
The Shakespearean club completed
its reading of The Merchant of Venice
last Monday evening. Next Monday
evening the club will take up the read
ing of Hamlet. If you notice Presi
dent Baldwin making gestures in his
8pAF6 moments nod rolling* out in
stentorian tones "I am thy father's
ghost," don't be alarmed, he will
only be practicing his part.
Wanted—at once a girl for general
Another big feature of the Grand
Forks free street fair this year, Oct. 5,
6, 7, is the great lady aeronaut who
ascends in a balloon for a distance of
4,000 feet and jumps out on a bicycle
with a parachute in connection. This
attraction is put on by the T. I Cash
Balloon company of St. Paul, and is
one of the greatest and the most novel
feats of the se.ispn. The famous dog
balloonist also put on by the
company makes an ascension for the
same distance and jumps with a para
chute, coming to the ground. There
will also be a number of vaudeville
performers, with additional attrac
tions on the Midwav Plaisanoe.
The articles called for in this col
umn are from the most reliable
sources and are worthy the consider
ation ef those who would keep pace
with the advancing solh century
civilization. Anything which pertains
to Hygiene, the science of health, al
so sanitary and domestic science,
household art and the moral develop
ment of the home, will he given place
here. J'
"The preparation of meals is ene
of the highest duties oi the house
wife Good substantial wholesome
food, properly cooked, nicely served,
with tastefully arranged table decor
ation, is one ot the highest marks of
social and civilized life.
Allow no discordant elements or
cempany or conversation at table.
Dress the table neatly have the food
ready so as not to be obliged to jump
up have the meals tunctionally, have
just enough and nothing for mere
show serve the different articles at a
right temperature. Have your food
warm and stimulantining damp
weather, bracing and substantial in
cold weather, and cool and appetiz
ing in hot weather. Have the main
meal at that hour when leisure can
best be secured. Avoid exercise im
mediately before or after meals, and
lastly, but far from least, eat with
thankful hearts the bounteus God has
given you.
Dr. Abernethy says that "no person
can be persuaded to pay due atten
tion to his digestive organs until
death stares him in the lace."
"Boys in the high school of Cincin
nati are being taught to cook. They
have regular lessons in the chemical
process ©f cooking, after which thdy
prepare a meal—then they have to
eat it.
A friend said to a Dr. "I never
saw anything like it, you work like a
horse," to which, the Dr. replied,
"that's because I eat like a horSe,
simple iood and not too much of it."
"Sewing and cooking are now
taught in Chicago public school^
The teachers will be paid $6oo for
the first year and allowed an increase
of $50 for each year's service until
the maximum of #1,000 is reached."
Imagine such a salary allowed in a
public school to teach "sewing and
cooking" even ro years ago. Truly,
"tfie world do move" and it is mov
ing on an ascending plane, making
the Common matters of food and
clothing scientific studies.
Teachers' Meeting.
The teachers held a very interest
ing session in the superintendent's of
fice last Saturday afternoon. The
following teachers were present:
Messrs. Page, Beaven, Shroyer, Mrs.
Pitner, Mrs. Coapinan, Mrs. Drink
water, Misses Gillis, Clark, Lilian
Haskell, Miunie and Effie Newberry,
Bertha Sonju and Emma Ward. The
session was mostly devoted to a
general discussion on Psychology.
At the next meeting to be held in a
month Prof. Page is to present a pa
per on Psychology. The reading
circle books were distributed and the
meeting adjourned.
Legislative Convention.
A convention of the delegates to the
Republican Legislativn Convention of
the 16th legislative district, compris
ing Steele and Griggs couties is here
by called to meet at Sherbrooke, in
the county of Steele, on Monday,
October 3d, 1808, at 1 o'clock p. m.,
for the purpose of nominating one
sentor and two representatives to
to transact such other business as
may be necessary. The apportionment
is as follows: Steele county 12 dele
gates,Griggs county 7 delegates.
By order of the committee.
W. S. HYDE, Secretary.
Just Arrived a full line of ladies'
peraona In this state te
own and nearby
wk ooaduoied at I
Bar and
Misses' and children's cloaks, cans 7 **7
and jackets. BERQ BEDS, & CO Courier's scalp dangle atj Tufte's belt.
manage oar business
IB tneir own and nemrby couniit*. It la mainly «)!.» hi.
*wlt ooaduoied at home- Salarr •tralsbt OWn
ia year and expense*—defluite, bonaflde. no
ae|f-«ddrea»ed a tamped envelope, Herb- V.
Prest., Dept. M, Chicago.
Miss Stowell is quite sick and as a
consequence there will be no school
this week.
The Mulroy & Gunderson outfit
finished its labors in the Knarp
neighborhood Monday and is now
pulling towards home.
Say mavbe Groven was tickled
last week. If you don't believe it
just ask him to set 'em up.
Soren Berg is making some needed
^nd comfortable improvements in
his office.
^Jr G. Mills has pulled his thresh
ing outfit home and will do some
l^/ack Francis is putting up a
granary on his home place.
bushels of oats, would do well
us know.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Halvor Arestad will be pained to
learn of the death of their youngest
W. L. Cave has a graceful limp to
remind him of how heavy the iron
pully was that he dropped on his
Soren Berg brought home one of
his runaway horses from Courtenay.
Soren wears one old shoe as a result
of running a nail in his foot.
•f A popular style of invitation now
adays ends with "Please remit at an
early date."
Johnny Fiero is once more out of
s-Erick Hyerdahl has his new engine
and is trying to make up for lost time.
^Mulroy & Gunderson's new outfit
runs out wheat so fast on the Knapp
farm as to badly "rattle" the tally.
represent anch district in the coming1 xter,
legislative assembly of the state, and
farmer writes Mr. Wilson that lie
lives 14 miles irom Hannaford,
shipped 17 cars of grain last year
and will do the same this year if af
forded loading facilities, but that the
Hann&ford platform is monopolized
by a track buyer to the exclusion of
the legitimate farmer. Who can it
be? We will quote special rates to
any farmer shipping 17 cars of grains
/The farmer who average a scrop "of
3000 bushels and saves a .oij^ a
bushel by shipping, would, if he in
vested his profits each year at TO per
cent., have at the end of 10 years
$729-53- If you don't believe it,
figure it yourself.
Mr. Baxter, of the P. V. company
0 the
We kick, with three capital K'sand
a big I. We burned the midnight oil
at 15 cts. a gallon (worth half the
money). We thought several
thoughts, by dint of hard labor we
evolved several bright things, as
bright as a new engine after 6 months
work in the harvest field. We spoiled Haunaford has the finest loading
the looks of a new stamp. All this
was done on Tuesday and then our
letter did not get to the Courier in
time for publication. Such service
is enough to —-. Excuse us, we
take it all back Come to find out,
we carried it in our pocket 24 hours.
^Miss Edith Fiero took Monday's
train for Grand Forks, for another
year's course at the University.
Anyone wanting spot cash tor 2000 as to become acquainted with
IM!« A! MM ...I ....IT A 1 1* A. I._! .. -3
to let
The return of good weather brings
a smile to the faces of both granger
and thresher.
The threshing crew on the White
farm made a "ten strike" last week,
but Hadlock succeeding in fixing
matters to suit them.
Following averages are reported:
Fiero, 24 bushels en breaking D.
Campbell ,21 Mulroy, 28 Sinclair,
20 J. Campbell, 17 Ed. Guest, 24.
Considerable wheat is. grading 2
l°ng enough Monday to ex-
press his approval of the new elevator.
The buyer is expected today
W. C. Langdon, large as life and
twice as natural, arrived on Monday's
train, glad to get back from
dangers of the effete east,
is. Does the Courier
tuft (e) at its gird!
I mil 16 1
Contractor Carlson (has finished
wickson's house and is now busy
f75- inference*. ^ettersouhas finished gravelngAre-
stad ft Jackson,'s roof.
looks Mad ot fuftay to tee
coming out of a boot and shoe shop,
wiping their mouths on die back of
their hand. Some people keep feed
in a feed room and come keep drinks.
There's no telling what some people
will do, nor how long it will be be
fore they feel something drop, and
drop hard.
platform on the branch has two
daily trains, and to further enhance
the reputation of the town. Post
master Sinclair will until further
notice, furnish 2 stamps for 2 cents.
A 2 cent stamp and a cancellation
stamp. ,* X.
The Shakesperian Club
met in the parlor of the Palace
Hotel last Monday evening.and
continued the reading of the
Merchant of Venice. Much
interest was manifested during
the evening and the success of
the club seems to be assured.
Every one who becomes interest
ed in such a master as Shakes
peare will receive not only a
literary entertainment but a
stimulus which will be a benefit
to him during his business af
fairs of life. Tbeideaofa liter
al study conceived by some of
our loyal citizens, to be carried
on during the winter is a good
one for there is nothing which
tends to develope culture and
high standing in society so much
those literary gems, contained in
the works of the masters.
The next meeting of this club
will be held in the parlor of the
Palace Hotel next Monday even
ing. The club will begin the
reading of Hamlet, the greatest
of Shakespeare's plays. Let
every member of this club seek
to be present next Monday even
ing and to spend such time on
the study of the play as it is pos
sible. The following characters
have been respectively assigned
for the study of Hamlet:
Claudius, King of Denmark .v.......
Andrew Sinclair.
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Mayne C. Spicer.
Polonius and Second Clown
Now the question thatpuzzles some |'lke &reHt PlersuH in recommending
Does the Courier drXBeojamio's
James H. Sinclair.
Horatio and Player King
A. M. Baldwin.
Laertes and Barnardo Irving Page.
Reynardo, First player, Francisco
and Voltimand Rev. E. S. Shaw.
Fortimbras (Prince of Norway),
Rosencrantz and let CI
Osric, Cornelius and Marcellus
Helen Gillis
Ophelia, and Player Queen
-Lizzie Clark.
Gertrude Eva Coapman.
The Ghost and Guildenstern
Minnie Pitner.
Congressman Johnson seems
to be gradually leading all other
competitors for the senatorial
toga and a great many legislative
nominees have been instructed
to vote for him. If most of them
get elected to the legislature,
Mr. Johnson will have a very
formidable following and if he
cannot be elected himself he can.
pretty near say who will be. The
republican party of this state—
outside of a few bosses and candi
dates—admit that Mr. Johnson
is the logical successor of Sena
tor Roach, and if the next legis
lature comes out according to
wishes the of the republican party
Mr. Johnson will be elected. Of
course his election will not suit
the other side at all but then it
couldn't be expected that
Yellow Jaundice Cure,
Suffering humanity should be sup
plied with every means possiblr for its
relief. It is with pleasure we publish
the tol lowing: "This Is to certify that
I was terrible sufferer from Yellow
Jaundice for over six months, mid was
treated by some of the best physicians
in our city and all to no avail. Dr.
Bell, our druggist, recommendid
the ilectric Bitters and after taking two
bottles, I was entirely cured. I now
malady. I am gratefully yours, M. A.
foes the Hogarty, Islington, Ky." Sold by H.
H. Bat email & Co-, druggists.
One black pony, white feet, about
years old, weight about 800 pounds.
Strayed away about ten days. Finder
leave word at the Courier office.

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