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VOL. 20^ Na 17..
4^ A.
This Iran election year and enough
candidates have beeo sprung on the
public for the different prominent
position* already to fill the ticket 4en
times over. Thera is liable to be
gome fan in the next republican^ con
vention and some surprises may be
looked for. lf:
Andrew Carnegie's
in his
iatest interview in London, that '"if
Great ffriuin 'continues her costly
wars for shadowy ascendancy in dis
tant parts, and the United States de
velops her industrial army, Great
Britain will bave the shadow and the
United States the substnace," is one
of the best things he bas said.
After twenty-one years of prohibi
tion in Kansas Gov. Stanley fcays:
•'Prohibition in Kansas b»ML been
market! by very benellclal results,
and 't Is apparent to anyone who will
travel through Kansas and through
any of the license states that may be
selected and note the difference in
the types of vouug uieu in the two
"There are thousands of young men
—in Kansas who never ssiar a saloon
and will avoid It, if for no other rea
son ihxn because it is undei the ban
of the Iftw. g, i-v
"Theru are tbousauds of men who
would probably pAtrouizvtbo saloon
if sanctioned by the law and con
ducted with state approval, who avoid
it aud will avoid it as long as the law
brauds it as an Ishmaelite among'the
legitimate enterprise of the com
niuuity." 'f?
The AVells Count News comments
on the disbarmeut of States Attorney
Vtm as follows:
States Attorney Voss of Mandan
has been barred from practise by the
supreme court for a period of nine
months. The charges against Voss.
were that he failed to prosecute viola
tors of the prohibition law and that
he gambled in gambling places ami
brought no action against them. A
few more disbarment proceedings in
North Dakota.might have a purifying
effect, as there are too many lawyers
in this state who lack a sense of mor
ality when it cornea to many features
in their practices. The title and func
tion of attorney is literally & sacred
creation of the people: every act of a
lawyer Is encompassed by an oath,
and limited by the strictest bounds of
propriety. He lo an officer -of the
court, and his right to practice lie* ir
an honorable upright discharge of
duties devolved upon him. It Is these
restrictions which have given honor
respect and confidence to the fra
ternity, and he who having assumed
these responsibilities so far forgets
himself as to overstep the bounds to
which he has voluntarily subjected
himself should be stripjjgd of ^at
which' he hath.",v
1~:& The remarks are very pertiment and
the lesson administered to Voss should
warn other officials that they .must
obey the law or get a dose of the same
^kind of medicine,
Tribune, printed at McHenry, has
the congratulations of the Courier for
the troubles he has taken upon him
self In getting into the newspaper
business. We wish Bro. Lowden
"every success. Here is his opening
•hotto the public: It is an old es
tablished custom that whenever a per
son starts out upon the broad road of
journalism that he shall give to the
public and patrons a well defined pol
icy stating as concise as possible his
Views upon the great questions of th
fjday, such as, first, his political policy
2nd his religious belief 3rd his views
in regard to the Prohibition ques
tion. I can say that I do not pro
pose to use the paper as a cudgel
Srap my opponents over, the head or
•s&£to take advantage in any way.
Although I have a strong political
belief yet I shall continue the paper
on an Independent basis,. As to my
'^religious belief the church of what
&r%-f?"tever denomination and jthe press
should have a common object and that
ysfW' is the welfare of the community—they
^should go hand in hand as far as
"hV'j possible. And as for my views upOn
"tT the Prohibition question they are well
knowu by a large majority of the peo
pie here, as I have lived here thirteen
}, years: believe that the Prohibition
law should be enforced to the letter.
If people, knowing the law, will vio
late the same for a little paltry^ga I
(let them suffer the penalty of the law,!
for he Is no friend to timseif, to his
towii or society, who willfully does
that which will injure his fellow man.
It Is my aim and object to promote
the welfare of McHenry and vicinity/
My motto
The last Issue of the White Ribbon
Bulletin contained* very good pict
ure of a worthygentletnan—our towns
man. Rev. J. H.
It is -said that Attorney General
Comstock has decided not to ask for
renomination. Aft»r the miserable
failure that he has made while occupy
ing that-offlce his decision is higlily
meritorious, and shows that he bas
Sense enough to be nble to read the
handwriting on the wall.
The republican state central com
mittee hM decided upon July 23rd- as
the day to bold the state convention
and Fargo has been selected as the
plaee for holding the convention that
will nominate a.winning ticket. July
23rd is rather late to our notion, but
if the candidates can-rest easy until
tb«.t time the Courlercan worry|aiong
all right. This will make a short cam
paign and the people will get less
badgering than usual, 'so that the
date set ma/ be nil right after all.
The Courier bus been asked sever
al times recently wliy our celebration
committee does not arrange for a
speaker of recognized ability and
prominence for a 4tli of July oration.
The suggestion is thrown out that it
is hardly fair to throw all the pro
gram into sports as I here are hun
dreds-of people who wouid enjoy heal
ing a good address upon the -subject
of our nation's greatest day. The
Courier is inclined to agree with this
if a speaker can be secured who
will give us an address of enough
interest to get the crowd together.
Is: Push, Pluck and Per-
The opposition to Senator Haiio-'
brougti does not seem to gain much
headway despite the fact that the anti
Hansbrough press has been iiriug
hot shots at the senator for many
mouths, l'here are undoubtedly many
gentlemen who would make lirst-class
united states senators aiid would be
glad to don the toga, but we feel sure
that the excellent work being done t»y
Mr. Hansbrough in- the senate will
appreciated ar.d recognized by a
reelectiou. Htvcertaiuly can do moic
for us than a new man so why should
we change when he is doing all lie
can. The point boiled down is. It
lent because Senator Hansbrough ts
not giviug satisfaction, but because
some few politicians want bis job.: We
dont belipve the people will stand for
Wlien language gets so vile and
coarse In the United States senate that
even it turns the stomach of the demo
cratic senators then it is very bad in
deed That is just what happened in
the United States senate last week
when Pitchfork Tillmau broke
loose again in a harangue more
coarse, vulgar and brutal than that
which led to his personal en
counter In the senate a short time ago.
His ire was aroused by the report
that Senator Foraker was to make a
bloody-shitt" speech, afceusing the
democrats of treating the negroes in
the soutc far worse than armed
enemies in the Philippines have been
treated by the army. His speech was
characteristic of the man was full of
bitter vituperation and blackguard
ism—so bacTwaa it that his democra
tic colleagues fled from the chamber,
be it to their credit. He stated that
when they "put a nigger's face in the
sand in his state they generally put
his whole 'body in the sand also,
The senate had a chance to fire Till
man from that body a short time ago
and It made a grave mistake' when it
did not avail Itself of that oppor
tunlty. South Carolina is to be pitied
that it is represented in the national
senate by a blackguard and it is to be
hoped that at the first opportunity of
fered that state will elect a gentleman
in place of this bulldozer aud black-
Pupils' Final Examination.
The next final pupils' examina
tion will be held at the court
house in Cooperstown Thursday
and Friday. May 22 and 23, 1902
Applicants should be on hand
promptly at nine o'clock a.
Thursday. pgg|
is*, County Supt,
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Republican State Conven
tion Will be Held in
Fargo July 23.
Grand Porks, May 8.—(Special to
the Call.)—There was a full represen
tation of the republican state ceutral
committee iu the citr today, the oc
casion of the meeting to fix the date
of holding the next republican state
convention and the fixing of the ap
portionment to said convention.
There was, an effort on the part of a
considerable number to carry out the
resolution of the committee which was
adopted last August, which provided
for the basing of repveseutatioo ou
the lowest vote on the etate ticket,
but It was decided otherwise and the
basis of representation was made- on
the highest and lowest votes on the
state ticket- The fight for the carry
ing out of the resoh'tiou as-adopted"
last year
r- tr
•**1^ r*~ f-u
led by Bob Wallacc.
The apportionment, as Guaily decided
upon, gives a total strength in the
state convention of 744. This frill
give Cass county 68 delegates, Grand
ft'orks will be next with 47,
Sidewalk Ordinance.
,It is Jiereby ordered that a six foot
wooden skit walk be constructed in the
village of (?oopvrsiiwn, in Grigy
couuty, North Dakota, on the north
side of Lenham avenue, aloug the
sout.ii side block seventy four (74).
The soulhside of said walk to he lav
ten feet from the outli end of the lo.
along said proposed walk, said wail'
to be constructed of good two iuih
plank uot less tliau six incl)tH m«:e
than eight inohus wide, laid close so
as lo make a smooth aud continuous
surface and to be laid ou four string
ers two by four iuches laid lengthwise
of said street.
The owners of the respective lots
along said proposed wall are hereby
notified to-cause the said walk to be
built along their respective lots with
in thirty days from the date of th«'
uublication of this notice or Hie same
will be constructed by the village and
the costs thereof assessed and taxed
against said lots said walk to be con
structed under the supervision of the
village in u'dhLtl..
S. Sansbukm.
1 Jbident*
WillH. Carletojt. f-*
Village Clerk.
MAY SI, 1902.
District Court.
Judge Glaspell convened the
May term of court Wednesday
The civil calendar was con
tinued until the fall term.
There was only one criminal case
State vs. Gratias' for selling
liquor 4th of July last. Caae
was dismissed because the
justice had failed to make
proper return.
The following persons' wert!
made citizens: Martin Wold,
P. P. Rusten. B. E. Aim, George
Court adjourned. S '-j
Teachers' Examination.
The nfext regular state teach
ers'examination will be held at
the court house in Cooperstown,
Friday &nd Saturday, May 3d
and 31,1902.^
Applicants^ll^hoiild provide
themselves with pens and inks,
and be on hand promptly at nine
o'clock Friday a. m.
Clara Feiring,
County Supt,
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It is often asked how such startling
curse, that puzzle the best phys
icians, are effected by Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption
Here's the secret,
phlegm and germ-infected mucts,
and lets the life-giving oxygen en
rich and vitalize the blood. It heals
the inflamed, cough-worn throat and
lungs, Hard colds and stubborn
coughs soon yield to DfC King's
New Discovery, the most infallible
rtmedy lor all throat and lung dis
eases. Guaranteed bottles 50c and
Trial bottles free at Bate-
I have decided to go into the
real estate business. If you have
any lands for sale, or wish to
buyv you can list it a't Thomp
son's store in Cooperstown or
Finley. Will stfyt out with over
30,000 acres of improved lands
ranging from $6 to $30 per acre.
These lands will be sold cheap
and if you want any, now is your
opportunity before they are
gone. If you have any lands
to seM list it with me, and list it
low, so that it can be sold quick.
Knud Thompson.
This ordinance,. applies to
slaughter hobses.
Order No. 2. Any person who
deposits any manure, refuse, of
fal, decomposing animal or vege
table matter or any substance
now, or likely to become a cause
of sickness, on sections 1^. 13,
25, 26, 23, aud 24 of Twp. 146,
Rg. 59, or on Sec. 18, 19, aud 30,
of Twp. 146, Range, Griggs
Co. will be presented according
to iaw.
}-i* C'e
person violation any
of the above orders are warned
that they will be prosecuted un
der Sec. 258, Revised Codes,
Which read as follows:
Every person who shall violate
any published order or regula
tion made by any Board of
Health shall be guilty of a mis
demeanor and punished by a fine
not exceeding one hundred dol
lars or by imprisonment in the
county jail not exceeding 30 days
or both. Complains will, be re
ceived of existing nuisances at
any time during the year, and
proper consideration given them
by the board and their removal
By order of the Board
C. L. Brimi, M. D.,Supt.
iai irec ui tuarge.
S ilnotberup=to=tate
Board of Health Notice.
1. All persons in Griggs
county are directed 'to remove
immediately from their premi
ses any manure, refuse, offal, de
composing animal vegetable
matter, or any substance now,
or likely to become a cause of
2. All persons having on
their premises cesspools and
previes, are directed to disinfect
the same, and have them in sani
tary condition.
Order No. 1. It is hereby
directed that it is necessary
for the preservation of the public
health and the safety of the in
habitants of the country, that all
manure, refuse, offal, decompos
ing animal or vegetable matter,
now or to become a cause of sick
ness ordered to be removed im
mediately, and the same de
posited not nearer than one-naif
mUe from any dwelling house or
one-quarter of a mile from any
public highway.
w"'. v.:-
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