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A fool woman and her alimony are
ood art."l.
Klhses ilmy uo- lie seiA by wire, but
It U more satisfactory to go jrour-
One run make a failure of marriage,
tut It takes two to iniike It a sue
Japan is try Inn to niako up Its uiind
whether or int to ai: Initiate Korea
though It Iii.h done s- already.
Nlnirngua Is going to keep on tight
lng Which Insures tho soldiers' steady
employment at 'Ju rents n day.
A -lay's .1111! In?; in un alrshfp In Ger
many i; going to lie n amenably clieup.
Bull, the trip will come high.
Roosevelt did not when In Home do
M the Romans do. It Is I. In habit,
wherever lie may be, to do as Koosc
clt dors.
Somebody lias discovered a way to
main bread that will keep right years.
Wo are surprised to b arn that tin pro
res In new.
We haven't any patience with a man
who will stand up ami argue that the
ail of Hu'.lej'a ruif-t i.s responsible
for Mie high . i si of living-.
"To me," says' Iho daughter Of J.
Pier, out .'rr-: in. "the whole problem
of tin nation is labor." Yet she neither
w.-.-ts by tie- day ti.ir draws a sal
ary. No healthy r.:,n shoul '. die at 0"."
b. y s .in nu'hotliy ho 1 lie.es that
human life js nan- o warily brief. Hut
when It pntii.'s to that, why should a
man who is s'i'l healthy die at nil?
A large majority f the schoolboys
of this eountry are arntly hoping
iomething dreadful may happen to
Wir.iam Sid is of Huston because of bis
unsportsmanlike propei.-P y to acquire
know Iedg:
Not only do si at is-Ic? show that mar
ried n,. n are 1-ss frepi ntly lawbreak
er." than bachelors, bur also that the
former i-Ia.-s live longer. This does
not look i-g If it were safe to figure
on the advant-nv-s if single blesspd
Dess. fu.hi.en hc-s of an n,ory on the wit
ness "'and is of. r traiwl as a joke.
It i- :!:i-r. 1:: the . u- York Kiurt
wh'-r- a " wa s: 'i' to jail tin-
other !' x'.: o he nr-i.r have oppor
tunity to t-,i"V up :. i!;r- satisfactory
answer '!..-. a his r- a! d "I don't re-
Aii army .f!.-, r. cii.'iin.on' i as an
PXp. in a V w I i : s -lco' ;:m rase,
o' '.i 'i to t.-'.l.i;. th" ii- nal nu'.h to
' I! ' truth. t!:! i !.o! ir-;;h r.i.d
It but th" triiih. lie s.lid he
i. is illing to t- !! all !. knew, but
thai it was nu;'" j.o.-t !! !. rlso that h
tait'iit lie n:ls!:'k n. or tir.t he was not
hi quail-d v i;'i tin- wf.ob- truth. If
all 'x;,e;'s as morbidly ronseii n
tloiih as this a,ir'it t!i. !r ow n failiKI
lty, epi r' '.-.-timony is going to be
Ii. w. : . ; ordln? to tn- poets,
a- ah : .- :-: I as 'he favorite
b ., 'til 'I
th- . .-
CI1 1-..1-: r T ;
hnu v :' ': : ;
by the f(,':..-ii
large pi' is r-;i . ;
In r;'t"i is rnvi rd
' . s- :". 1 ' as a
cons : 'he :
rai Ui'.y '' !" t :
onrf? H. -.v :-. :
ijaar i "S-. : t.-l ' -yrr-.
f-- ,i"i:i- ;r-
. ' : i I iri. s, is urili '.'il f.-r
- '- ' "f slaking
ii ' r a;
p r rtpu-e
are of au !
t r-j
hoMiitr a
..... r.l. Yet
1.0 t
r-.-nn n.
v. .. n w ..nu oob-n
-: : i ;." worn in ci'y
lie n of all ages, in
oat.. The boys who
;.aw is
w. -
and country b
phe e of au ;
went through rolh-ge fif-y and sixty
years ago had little Pesi-Vs a sha-.vi
fur t.'.'ra winter protect ion, and their
api.ea; an-.-e, .g.utig across tho stio-a'-cov-er..d
campus, to and from re cltatl ir.s.
wtib sngges' i-. .; of a s. ene upon an In
dian v soi-vat ion. Th
a vl was then
deemed a thonui';n!y manly affair, but
chati'--i:.g f;:.-h ion.- - from which man
is not so exempt as he strives to give
the iu.pressicn--n.ade them as exclu-siv.-iy
a v oinaa's car ".. ti' as they
were heiore tiie .-i.a .vl f;.-. hion for men
came in. Rut no wone-ii are rarely
seen wearing a ,-hav-1 If they ran pro
cur': an outer gt 'tient more in vogue.
Oor.d Queen Victoria, however, to the
end of her da; s w as aei-usionied to
In::! .' ri-'i .-lit, ..Is of ctitnel's hair
!-,-;.' o:-ne i.t-i-I of !. r
royal circle
111'-.' ;,.
I ft 3 not the less treas-
cv -i- ti .' d. Ob! f.i ii i i n -
. , ' . ' - or-- reconcile.) hut
slowly to the Iconoclastic tendency of
a heedless and hurrying generation,
sincerely regret 'he p:.-.-ti:g o:
shawl. In the earlier days It was a
product of thp borne homespun by
d"!t and loving hands from th" h..me-rai-'-d
wool; and its comforting
w.-nr:ii :- gg' -il an aft'ei tior.ate pro
tec: ii." v. hi. h t-vr lies in the folds
of pun-l.-ased garments. Its use was
found, (i u:..t! necessity, not fashion,
aDd ft -a: a fi'tinc wrap for hones-t
people -ik. walked in simpl" 'wayp
Perhaps a coming generation will we!
con.e I'ack tin shawl to its should'.!.-;.
There has been intense excitement In
Springfield. Mass., over the murder of
Martha B. Blackstone and the confus
dion of Bertram G. Spencer, who ad
mits that he committed the crime and
that he has been leading a sort of
Jekyll and Hyde existence for many
years. According to his own story he
has worked at scktne legitimate occu
pation during the day and turned burg
lar at night. His operations hav t-
tended to various parts of the count
hut Spring field has engaged his atten
tion for the last two years, and ho has
delighted In the stories of bis exploits
there as the masked bursar. Appar
ently his rase Is destined to attain
soma celebrity because of a point that
is raised concerning h's responsibility
for his actions. Ills criminal Instincts
begun to appear whin he was still a
boy, and their origin Is acrlb"d to the
effects of a blow on tho head which tracks west of Newark, liolh hands
was dealt him by his father. What and anus wort' mashed and were laler
value, there Is in this defense It In amputated. Piikley bays ho was as
imposslble to say now. but It Is clear sauitcd, robbed mid tied to the track
that Spencer -can be closely associated by two companions, who afterward
with certain criminal types. Ho hat lied Into tho woods.
Inordinate vanity and a love of the sen- Memorial services for the Into Paul
national. The absence of a moral auren(.0 Dunbar, tho negro poet, will
funtie is indicated by the fact that his i,0 llolJ ln s,.nKni.d on May 22 at
crimes have never caused him the ' ,no (.lt v n!lli Among the speakers will
slightest remorse. Rut though a mur- Do jujo c. W. Dii.stin, Judge Tod
der cnlsht not trouble him he was (;ui)Way, Daniel J. Ryan, Herbert O.
greatly worried over the loss or a
locket which bore his initials. There
are ln this world many persons who
have about the same Idea as Spenei r
of tho relative Importance of things,
. '
il, I, h,.v ...nw nt.vi.r llnvn tinon h t
on tho head. They are absorbed with
themselves, dead to the feelings of
others. Rulltv of Innumerable acts of
meanness and cruelty, some of which
are merely Irritating experiments In
malicious .mischief, while others leal
on to the most serious consequences.
Society would be Immensely relieved
and Improved if the whole tribe could
be removed from the face of the earth,
iml where reformation Is out of the
question, as It often Ii, society should
be protected by the segregation of the
offenders for life. Judged by his own
confeF.-ion, Spencer ou:.;ht never to !
set at liberty whether the blow on the
bead is an excuse for him or not.
KIgbty-seven In every hundred Can
adian farmers own their own farms.
An English agricultural society Is
raising a fund with which to extermi
nate the sparrow.
The sticks of dynamite used in a
year in building the Panama canal, If
placed end to end, would reach in a
straight line from Tloston to Spokane.
Aluminum, combined with other ma
rlals, is appearing as a textile, neck
ties, shawls, hats, and lacings for
shoes being among Lf;e newest projuc-
For some unknown reason humming
birds are disappearing from the Is
land of Trinidad. Half a century ago
there were eighteen species; now there
are but five.
In Japan day laborers receive CO
cents a uay, women s- rvants ii cms
a month, nn-n servants $l.3C a month,
women fsrm laborers ?S.S0, men farm
hands ?i:,.ftC.
From now on all Pritish vrterinar-
as p. ii:-t give immediate notification
all casi s of cattle plague nnd ot'.ier
contagious diseases to which domes. i i
at.iir.als tire liable.
Th" lubricating mechanism of a gyros-ope
car is titfed with an alarm to
wain the engineer, for if the ax'o-s ef
the rapidly moving gyroscopes hhou'd j Judging from the amount of money
g-1 hot they would cut through the, he saved while in the Columbus pris-be-ii-ln.es
ln an instant. on, Charles Justice, a second tenner.
Dr. Oliver, after manv experiments ! "f xia- ll; n to complain.
In freezing eggs of bookworm, con-: Jus-tire has been behind the walls the
eludes that bookworm can survive
winters In Europe and be-orti" epi
li' tiite. Recently forty ggs were re-pur'-d
from the brick fields in llol-l-i-.d.
ib retofore regarded as valueb.,.., a
c'T-ain kind of soil, of which th'-.-"
ar.- large deposits in Denmark, h,s
! n found to make excellent bricks
of light weight and so tough that nails
kjv he driven into them without
Aae.t.g the ninny extraordinary
theori s Infrodut by ri-c-rit. mi. ro-.-;(
epic s'u.Hcg is that of sex in bre-ud
ti.elds. Aft- r years of pa'irr.t y-re-h
it i nnr.ouneed that a d!s' i
g'i!:'"d s:f"ti'::-t litis found that th.
i: 'nut" fungi, the lowest or.!- r of plant
H '". p i-s ':! 'Vie rbaract eristics of
j.:;...'..- f.'- tin-, liigi.est type, ami have
,r.-.v. r of re produrln-r their kind
'"o di-fir.et and differing r.T' .
l.ii'ien to giving ri'-w life fr..tn
It was a hard tiling to account for.
The lady didn't have the dog on her
lepsh, yet. he didn't run av.-.ty. Indeed,
ho seemed fo be very familiar with
his mistress' skirts, and once In a
while, as he waeged his tail, there of Ohio. Last week she celebrated
would come a flash of her ankles. The n)e im'nd anniversary of her birth,
reason was plain when you came up ji,-s. Jones has possession of all her
even with h'-r. The nickeled plate on faculties except hearing. She is
his collar had a clasp on it, and th? sijg!,t!y deaf, but can hear if the
clasp was fastened tightly to the hem s))(fake"r talks in a high tone. She
of her skirt. It was simply a new iivts wit!l her Bon. Since a slight ill
way of leading a pet dog. This was ncss lwo years ago, she has been
in Finn avenue on last Sunday. .New .
York Sun.
Output of Mtitt-hm.
An expert ln the match Industry
estimates last year's output of match-;
es at l,:.00,ono.oni,000 fifteen hundred
billions the New York World says.
This provided something like 3.000,000 ,
nes a minute tor tne use or me
'-, ilized world. Plenty of people now
i .ing remember when the sulphur
match in its present form was tin
known. And the old flint has not yet
gore entirely out of use. In fact, It
has had a rpcent revival of practical
usefulness and is on sale now as a
substitute for matches perhaps more
extu.sively than at any time In the
la if half century. In m at little leather
cas.s, with a pocket for the very In
flammable "kindling." fire flints and
steel are offered at most places where
hunting outfits are for sale. They are
r-n well made that no special skill is
-nired in their use and a fire Is
lured quite as quickly as with a
Among the Eskimos the possession
of a flint la the sure mark of wealth,
or was until fur traders from the
south began bringing matches Into the
arctic circle and made It possible for
a man to attain the distinction of hav
ing a fire starter by the simple ex
change of a few furs for a box ol
A pessimist observes that an earl)
spring also means that much longei
to oprate the lawn mower.
Trainmen found Hurry l.'iikley. 22,
af Dennlson, lying aloiiK tin- II. & t).
Catrow and President C. O. lleckert,
of Wittenberg College.
Parker Harrett and J. M. Dunn, of
Plndlay, are interested in a 45,000 bar-
1 n.l .11 ..,.11 Ikot yu l.iu 1....HII.
"v" J"'- " '"
j' , u Maricopa, Ca 1 field. The
' f;'" Kreat exclf-nient
among the old oil men of hat section
"10 suy ilJH w'm,1,'r
the .ago. The well Is the property of
the Lake View Oil Company.
Rev. W. II. Gallant, of St. Marys,
slipped on tho Miowy walks In Linn
drove last week and was severely in
; jured. lie was taken to his home by
, apodal cur over Iho traction and an
' ambulance then found necessary. It
; is feared he i.s internally hurt, and
j because of his old age his condition is
considered critical,
,.:ij.lU G(Hlfn.v Cofnn 80 y,.ars old,
mavor f SoriiiL-fielil In ISM) and for
mer penitentiary warden, died after
an illness of several months, of dia
betes and complications. As warden
he operated the rbetrk- chair, sending;
2i men to their death. .Mr. Collin is
survived by three daughter. Mrs.
James .1. KintKine, Mrs. W. A. Riddle
and Mi s Cora Collin.
' What for you ask such question:-?"
and with tiiat the enumerator received
a whack from a broom stick over his
head. The incident occurred at Find
lay when a census enumerator asked
a colored woman whether be was
white or black. She happened to be
blacker than the proverbial nee of
spades, and she thought the census
man was kidding her.
With 1."j2 delegates, headed by
Grand Regent William B. Prcnter and
a full staff of State officers, the Grand
Council of Ohio Royal Arcanum
opened its annual convention at Pythi
an Castle In Tidedo. Secretary llut
terworlh, in his report showed the or
ganization to be in a most nourishing
condition, both as to members and
finances. Cincinnati was selected fur
I the next meeting in l'.Hl.
Homer Carr's fi-yenr-old fon was a
victim of the high water resulting
from the recent storm. At the home
of bis father, west of Mermi!!. be at
tempted to cross a footbridge leading
to the barn across a ravine filled ph
overflow water,
He tumbled in ami
j drowned. Although his absence was
j noted a few minutes after his disap
pearance and his body recovered, he
could not be resuscitated.
lust, time ftince x:iz. lie nas connect
ed the prison curio s'and for several
years. Recently his sentence of 2')
years for shooting to kill was com
muted by Governor Harmon, so that
tie was reieasea. in me eigni years.
Justice has been in prison it i.s im-d'-rstood
that ho saved $S,0o0 and paid
the state $a00 annually for the curio
A western steer belonging (o Miseh
ke Pros., butchers, of Amherst, went
mad and caused excitement in the
business section, where it charged sev
( rai persons and even jumped fenc-s
in trying to gore its victims. T
streets ra cleared three inin.it'-s
after the bovine went on the ri'inpage.
John II. Poyd, painter, -12, r-f Iiay
ton.chok' -d to death on a six inch pi re
of raw beefsteak. He had sent to a
t.( i-. hlii t ieg butcher for the meat. As
1 :ivd was
it m
it he wes accosted by
a woman, why asked about, a job of
paperhai:giu.g. "While Reyd was at
tempting to answer her the steak
lodged in his throat. It was removed
wiiii great Uiliiculty by the undertaker.
Mrs. Dorcas Jones, of Conneaut, is
perhaps tho oldest person in the Si ate
obliged to use a cane when walking,
but can co un or down stairs without
assistance and, In fact, is no bother to
her son and his wife. She is able to
read without glasses and likes to tew.
Her i,uaiand was killed shortly after
the wnr of 1S12 and she is one of tho
fow wid0ws receiving pensions from
tnat war Miik l3 ono of her cnil;f ar.
fitr.0 nf riint
Branding moving-picture shows as
a menace to boys and girls, Mayor
John S. Soiter, of Marion, in a mes
sage to council, demanded the pas
sage of an eight o'clock curfew ordi
nance. While Georgiana Cillespie, 13 years
old, daughter of Joseph Gillespie, was
watching a base ball game in the
school yard in Millville, a hot liner
struck her in the mouth, rendered her
unconscious and produced concussion
of the brain.
Mrs. Harry Mease, of Upper San
dusky, during an argument with her
husband over some money which he
demanded returned to him, grabbed
a bottle of carbolic acid and swallow
ed the contents. She is in a precari
ous condition.
In an opion rendered by Attorney
General Denman to Dr. C. O. Probst,
Secretary of the State Board of
Health, osteopaths are not prohibited
under the law from treating contag
ious diseases. However, they are com
pelled to make report of them the
same as any other, practitioner.
Pr.if. W. R. Davis, superintendent
of Churdon schools, has resigned. Ills
resignation takes effect nt tho clone of
tho school year. Prof. Davis will rep
resent the American Hook Company.
Pouring coal oil tin a smouldering
lire, Mrs. Elizabeth Aerue, aged 01
years, whs uKpliyxlaled at her home
In Find lay. Her unconscious body
fell Into tho firo and she was terribly
burned, being found by her daughter.
A cow demoralized traffic on tho
Toledo, F'o.storla & I'ltidlay recently
for six hours. A car duo in Flndlay
at C:1S, six miles east of there,
struck and killed the cow, but tho cur
was thrown from (he track, blocking
traffic. It was midnight before Iho car
was gotten back on llio tracks again.
Three bears escaped from tho Nimi
sila Park zoo ln Canton when some
one broke the locks to tho pits. Many
citizens engaged in the chase. Tempt
ing morsels were used us bait to get
the bears back again. When found
the hears wero strolling down a lead
ing street.
Mrs. Andrew King, of Oxford Town
ship, was killed and Miss liura Jen
kins nnd Mrs. King's ('.year-old daugh
ter were fatally hurt when a switch
engine on the Cincinnati, Chicago &
Louisville railroad backed Into their
buggy at the Peoria (hid.) crossing
on the Ohio side of the State line.
The pollution of the Mahoning river
by indiiMrial plants along its bank,
which has resulted in the killing of
hundreds of thousands of fish, will
cause action to be taken by Game
Ward-il A. I. Powers a-'tiiust the con
cerns alleged to be responsible. The
State Game and Fish Commission lias
authorized Powers to take steps to re
strain the concerns from emptying
poisonous fluids into the stream.
George Parens, of Coshocton, while
hunting near Hlue Hole, a famous fall
ing spot in the Tu-carawas river, shot
a white pelican, the only one of its
kind ever Keen in the county. The
bird is larger than an eagle, measur
ing right and a half feet from ti to
tip of it.s wings, live feet one inch
from tip of its beak to its tail and
weighing thirteen pounds. The bird's
- bill i.s a foot long and the pouch six
inches deep.
One day lust week was the fifty- I
I fourth anniversary of the first day
that Jud-e George F. Pendleton, of
Find!. i.v, started teaching school in
Hancock County. He was then la
years old. His father had a hard
time inducing him to begin teaching
and as a reward gave him a silver
watch, asking him to w.-ar it as long
as it kept good time. Judge Pendle
ton carried the time pi' ce all through
the war with him. ami to this day the
watch i.s as good a lime-keeper as the
first day he got it.
Sarah, the thro.--year-old daughter
of Samuel Munitz, 2CM North Cist
street, died at Mt. Sinai hospital of
burnes she received when she foil into
a tub of scalding water at the home of
a neighbor. Physician were called to
attend the child at her home, but, de
spite their efforts, her condition
grew more serious until she was tak
en to the bospitdl. The liitle girl was
playing in the kitchen at the hon,..- of
Mrs. Rose Preacher. She stumbled
and fell into a tub of starch, ib-r
screams brought Mrs. Preacher to the
child's assistance, but too late to stive
her from fatal injury.
That women still put away money
in an old sock was proved ly the find
ing of $-'. by Wm. H. udd at the
home of his mother, Mrs. Kelina Xndd,
who di.-d recently ip Columbus. The
money was iti a. yarn stocking, which
was stuff' d under a bedroom lioor.
bigging in ihe cellar brought to light
a tomato c.in containing more than
.; mo) more in gold coin, ln her will
.-he left her son her real est.de, money
and "bonds, if any." Those securi
ties haw not been found, but the.-.; is
a story that they are in the posses-.-i.,n
of a woman who had a safe in
her home, and a html is now going on
for her. Mrs. Xudd did not believe in
banks, but lur sou wUiies that, she
A cow which L. G. Stahl, a farmer
living near baiton, was bringing to an
abattoir in Mas.-illon, saved i'S own
er's life and the life of a valuable
horse. Stahl, riding; in a buggy, was
leading Ihe cow down the steep West
Main street hill, at the foot of which
is the 13. & O. railroad crossing. The
horse, unable to hold back the buggy,
started to run. Just then a passenger
train, rapidly approaching the cross
ing, shot into view. Stahl was tangled
up in the lines and the rope with
which he was leading the cow and
couldn't jump. When twenty-five feet
from the tracks, the cow reared and
stuck its front legs between the
spokes of a rear wheel. The wheel
slid and served as a brake. The
horse was able to stop a few feet from
the tracks, just as the train swept
past. Stahl will keep the cow.
The will of Henry G. Davis, who
died In Buffalo, N. Y., April 13, has
been filed for probate, The estate Is
said to be worth $100,000. Mr. Davis'
only son, George S. Davis, of Warren,
is the principal beneficiary.
To complete the United States
courtroom in the new government
building at Youngsfown, it has been
necessary to introduce a bill ln Con
gress for an additional appropriation
of $3,500. There was not enough
money left from the appropriation.
By an almost uninious vote the resi
dents of the village of Coldwater, sev
en miles south of Celina, decided to
issue bonds in the sum of $14,000 for
the improvement and building of
streets. The vote was 214 for and 4
The attorney general has given an
opinion to the effect that local boards
of health have power to prohibit a
consumptive working ln a shop or fac
tory, but when he or his family are de
pendent on his employment for sup
port, the community must furnish that
Cured by LydiaEPinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Galena, Kans. "A year opto last
March I fell, ami a fuw days after
there was mireucHS In my right side.
In a short time a bunch came and it
bothered me so much at night 1 could
not sieep. Bept
crowing larger and
by fall it was ns
large as a hen's egg.
I could not go to
bod without a hot
water bottle applied
to that side. 1 had
one of the best doc
tors in Kansas and
he told my husband
that 1 would have to
be operated on as it
was something liko
A n...r.l l.v a nmture. I WTotO
u Lillliof v....-.. . - -i - - - - - -
to you for advice and you told nut not
to get discouraged but to tako J.ydia,
K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
1 did take it and hoii tho lump in my
side bioko and passed away." Mrs.
R. It. llL tY, 713 Mineral Ave., Galena,
Kans. ,
Lydia K. rinkham's VegetaMe Com
pound, made from roots and herbs,
has jiroved to he tho most successful
remedy for curing the worst forms of
female Pis, including (lispbcem-ntM,
inflammation, libroid tumors, irregu
larities, periodic pains, backache, bci r.
ing-dowti feeling, llatulency, indiges
tion, and nervous prostration. It cost
but a triile to try it, and the result
has been worth millions to many
BUlTcring women.
If yon want special nd vice writ
It is free ami always liolpluJ.
Thr Minh'i ItiiitKfr.
One of the treasures of the shah of
Persia is a diamond set In one of his
scimlters, which renders Its possessor
invincible. There is also a dagger
Willi the same property, but It is or
dained that those who use it should
perish by it. It is therefore carefully
shut up in a sandalwood box on which
Is engraved a verse from the Koran.
Chicago News.
$100 Reward, $100.
The re.i.i.-ri of tills pnp.'r will bo plr-nsi
to .m;-ii that tiien- Ii nt lea-it one nr.'iele.l
'ii .-a-. tliHt s. i.-li. c tins Im-imi nl'le to .-lire
In ail it.s st.-in.'-.. iiml Hint l Htnrrh. Ilall n
l atanli Cure i.s the oi ly i t i v -uri now
known to th'- m.'.li.al iiat.'init.v. Cntari-li
l-mg a coii-tittitloiinl lii'n... re'iuires n
'oii!ililtl.inal tn-;.iliii-nt. llall'n Calantl
( in-e Is taken inl-:naily, a.-tlnu ilii.-ctiy
up hi thf liP.o.l nn.t inm-oiis surfaces of the
M -lrrn, tlierehy destroying the foiui'int ion of
t ... ii;-..:isc, nil. I giving th" path-lit M,-.n -t!l
,.- i-:iiiiing up the roast it at ion niul as----t-iiii
n : t ire in ilolim lis work. Tin- .m;ne
t -. !i:e so min-ll faith ill Us rui .tiV" . .'
r- tl.t.t tiiiv i.I.-r (tne linn. Ir.-i i..il:us Tor
an.- .-is,, that It !:i'ls to cure. S.-n.l tor list
of ! - I ilnohials.
A -lli-os, F. .1 CIIKM-Y CO., Toledo, l.
S.I.I I.v nil Iinl.-;isis. 7.-,r.
I .::.. Hall's family 1'ilis for const inatl&o.
I H-le.sM Mllfly.
Mr. Fond Father reproved his little
son for having only 7." per cent, in
arithmetic. "Mathematics, my boy,"
he said, "is a very useful study, and
you must try to do better."
"I thought that was only useful for
sailors," said the boy.
"Why for sailors?"
"Well, people on land have adding
machines, don't they?" New York
(cm polin.l Su I pli u r Tab teti
! or t lie Itt.Mi.t. MJn Km pi ions. I toils. rt- A n
i...i ainl 1 ri. .1 ij,rih!f l.vu.ruy. Ily mail ::."o.
W'l.l.l.l 11 IIKII. Co. I'llOIAlT. OHIO.
Sfived by Ilrrflie.
The gigantic tropical firellies which
swarm in the forests and i-aiu-brakcs
of most of the low lying West Indian
i.slands once proved the salvation of
the city of San Domingo. A body of
buccaneers, headed by the notorious
Thomas Cavendish, had laid all th"ir
plans for a df scent upon the place,
intending to massacre the inhabitants
and carry away all the treasure they
conveniently could, and had actually
put off their beats for that purpn,e.
As they approached the land, however,
rowing with niu!"' -1 ears, they -..ere
greatly surprised to see an in.'tnifr'
number of moving lights in the v.co.l:;
which fringed tae bayou up wntci
they had to proceed, and, concl.pling
that the Spaniards knew of their ap
proach, they put about and regained
their ship without attempting to laud.
I.ooUlntt Backward.
On the night following the Yale
Princeton game last fall, a young man
who had slipped and fallen was as
sisted to his feet by a passer-by.
"Just a little shelebration of vic
t'ry," the young man explained as he
waved a bedraggled bit of orange and
black ribbon.
"Hut Princeton lost," the other told
The young man looked painfully
surprised for an instant.
"How do you know?" he asked.
"Why, It was on the bulletin board
an hour ago," the other said. "Yale
won to-day's game.
"I wash referrin'," said the young
man with great dignity, "to th' game
of 1903." Lippincott's.
The Hritisii f,.J .-i tiuielit has decided
to open a roads department, which will
administer a fund on projected high
way Improvements of about Jii.OOO.OOO
durinxr the first year of its existence.
The Appetite
Calls for more
Let a saucer of this
delightful food served
with cream tell why.
"The Memory Lingers"
Pkgg. 10c and 15c.
Postum Cereal Co., Ltd,
Battle Creek, Mich.
r V '-'V ':
... ! " f p.. v . .
It. G. Dun k Co.'s weekly review of
Chicago trade says:
"While an excellent exhibit appeiits
ln both aggregate payments through
the banks and trading defaults, the
business situation presents some Ir
regularity, mainly duo to weather un
certalntlfS and labor disputes. The
matter of costs also suggests more se
rious thought as to future undertak
ings. .Further wenkenlng ln prices of
raw supplies affects Home Interests
and large consumers apparently await
more favorable buying terms. Con
tinued low temperatures have adverse
ly affected leading retail lines and out
door activity, but transporlat Ion has
suffered' little hlndiame and freight
movements have remained except ion
ally heavy In factory outputs, general
merchandise, farm needs, lumber,
hides and grain.
"Interior advices Indicate that mer
chants have done well thus far In sea
sonable goods. Reduction of light
weight apparel nnd fashionable wear
Is In part delayed by the cold and
wet conditions, but local Kales have
been of fair volume. The attendance
of buyers has been equal to expecta
tions In the wholesale distr t and re
ordering for broken lines and fall
needs have been th features. For
wardings remain fairly large In tex
fibs, millinery, Tool wear, clothing,
suits and house needs Dealings have
iV'-n seasonably active in food ptod
uctH and sporting goods.
'Hank clearings, Jilaj.C-l'i.Os 1, . v
red those of the cot responding week
in I'.miii by 11.1 per rent, and compare
with $L'l',(;s.,iiu,. In ll'i'V Failures
reported jn the Chicago district num
ber only 1.", as against !7 last week,
:iJ In lliot and 31 in H"W. Those with
liabilities over $."..uuo number 4, us
against in last week, 8 in 10o9 and 10
In PinS."
Weather conditions and the unset
tled outlook for prices of many com
modities are the causes assigned for
the quieter tone of trade In many
lines. Retail business and, to a cer
tain extent, reorder demand from job
bers, was affected by the return early
In the week of wintry weather. These
influences were, however, largely tem
porary, and they were largely offset
by the decided benefit to the crop out
look generally by the breaking of the
drought. Collei tions are about fair.
Businrs failures in the I'nit. d
States for the week ending with April
21 were l!i:l. as against -"7 last week,
21" In the like week of Hi"'.i, 2 .VI In
1foS, 157 in 1!'"7 and 177 in lOu'l.
Business failures fn Canada for the
week number 15, which compares with
27 last week and 30 In the correspond
ing week of Iflofl. Bradstreefs.
Chicago Cattle, common to prkne,
$1.00 to $8.45; hogs, prime heavy, $7.'0
to ?:.70; sheep, fair to choice, $4.50
to $-(.10; wheat. No. 2, $1.10 to $1.12:
corn, No. 2, 57c to 5!)c; oats, standard,
lie to 42c; rye, No. 2, 77c to 78c; bay,
timothy, $10.00 to $1S.OO; prairie. $Vo0
to $14.00; butter, choice creamery, 27c
to 2!c; eggs, fresh, 17e to 20c; pota
toes, per bushel, 15c to 25c.
Indianapolis Cattle, shipping, $1!.00
to $S.ob; ho:;s, good to choice heavy,
$7.00 to JIU'.o; sheep, good to choice,
$".00 to $0.50; wheat, No. 2, $1.0! to
1.0G; corn, No. 2 white, 5Sc to GO.-;
oats, No. 2 whlke, 42c lo 4 lie.
St. Louis Cattle, fl.00 to $S.I0;
hogs, $7.00 to S'l.SO; sheep, $.5o to
s.00; wliear, No. 2, $1.10 to $1.12:
corn, No. 2, ("!e to Olc; oa's, No. 2,
1'ic to 42c; rye, No. 2, 77c to 79c.
Cincinnati Cdtle, ? 1.0'J to
hegs, $7.00 to VX":
$ii.rn; wheat, No. 2
corn. No. 2 mix' d,
No. 2 mixed, !"( to
;.uo to
; oats,
No. 2,
51.10 to
-St. to G0c
'1 lc; rye,
S2c to 8-1c.
DetroitCattle, $4.00 to $7
$7.00 to $i0.8.j; sheep, ?:!.a0
wheat, No. 2, $1.00 to fl.OS;
:, vellow, "9c to Clc; oats,
corn. No.
standa rd.
43c to 41c; rye, No. 1, 7ltc fo 80c.
Milwaukee Wheat, No. 2 northern,
$1.05 to $1.08; corn, No. 3, 5!)c to Clc;
oats, standard, 41c to 42c; rye, No. 1,
7Sc to fide; barley, standard, Clc to
0.")c; pork, mess, $21. .10.
Buffalo Cattle, choice shipping
stivers, $4.00 to $8.40; hogs, fair to
choice, $7.00 to $9.80; sheep, common
to good mixed, $4.00 to $S..r.0; lambs,
fair to choice, $6.00 to $9.3S.
New York Cattle, $4.00 to Sa.OOf
hogs. $7.00 to $9.83; sheep, $4.00 to
$7.r.0; wheat, No. 2 red, $1.15 to $1.10;
corn, No. 2, 61c to 62c; oats, natural,
white, 45c to 4Sc; butter, creamery,
27c to 30c; eggs, western, 1 9c to 22c.
Toledo Wheat, No. 2 mixed, $1.09
to $1.10; corn, No. 2 mixed, 57c fo
59e; oats. No. 2 mixed, 43c to 41c;
rye, No. 2, 78c to 79c; clover seed,
The season's crop of small fruits
around Boise, Idaho, and In Kayetto
Valley Is reported to have been heav
ily damaged by frost.
Three former Pittsburg councilmon
John Casscrly, Isaac Libson nnd
John Hogue confessed their guilt of
taking briUf s.
Suspecting that certain bills are
"railroaded" through the New York
Legislature a little band of "insurg
ents," led by Lindon Bates, Jr., who
has Invented a mechanical device, are
keeping count on the votes on the var
ious measures as they are taken.
Fire which started from some un
known cause In a store in North Pow
nal, Vt, destroyed three buildings,
causing a loss of about $75,000. The
Congregational Church, in which Presi
dent James A. Garfield taught school
while a student at Williams College,
was destroyed. .
I 1 I 1. I V
Will purify your blood, clear your
complexion, restore your appetite,
relieve your tired feeling, build
you tip. Be sure to take it this
Get It In uHtial liquid form er choco
lated tablets c 1 F.irs.lP.bs. 10 0 Dom-i 1,
'I'hrre Wu Hmaon.
When a negro was arrested th
other day for wandering around th
streets, ha wore ono of thoso Invinci
bly smiles. When ho was taken he
fore Magistrate Brlggs ho was still
"What's your name?" asked the
"Ah don't know, sail," smiled the
"Wliero do you live?"
"Ah don't know, sail."
"Wliero do you work?"
"At the Tern Hotel, sail."
Tho magistrate thought that per
haps there was some truth In the ne
gro's place of employment, so h
thought he would see If the negro
knew any of tho students In the col
lege near this particular hotel.
"Bo you know any of the students
at Tcm College?"
"No, call," answered the negro, his
smile bigger than ever. "Ah nebber
goes In de bar!" Philadelphia Times.
Terrible Snffrrln from Kidney
Trnultle and irnvrl.
Samuel J, Taylor, 312 North Fecond
street, Goshen, Ind., says: "Any per
son desirous of
learning of my
o x p e r I e n ce
with Doan's
Kidney Hills,
can obtain the
facta from me
direct. I suf
fered from kid
ney trouble for
thirty years. I
often passed
gravel and at
times had to use
crutches. I re
ceived no relief until I began taking
Doan's Kidney Pills. They cured me
and I have been free from tho trouble
for some years."
Remember tho name Doan's.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a
box. Fofiter-Slilbura Co., Buffalo,
N. Y.
Tit tor Tut.
Stranger (to prominent clergyman)
I came ln here, sir, to criticise join
church management and tell you how
It ought to be run.
Prominent Clergyman (amazed)
What do you mean, sir? How dart
you? Who are you, anyway?
"I am the humble editor of the pa
per you have been writing to." Life.
Doctors Know Soap.
Ask your family physician what hi
thinks .about a laundry soap that is
made of borax, cocoanut oil, clean tal
low and naptha. He'll t"ll you such a
soap will be cleansinr;, sterilizing and
antiseptic. That means it will not
only make your clothing sweet and
clean, but that It will also have you
from the dangers of contagion that He
ii common soaps. Kasy Task soap Is
the only one that would fill his pre
scription. -Wanted a fiiinll One.
Customer My wife told me to stop
ln and buy her a -bathing suit. What
are your prices and sizes?
Dealer We have a very nice one
here that I'm sure she will like. A
$50 bill will just cover it.
Customer That Is just about the
size she wanf.s. How much- is it?
Springfield Union.
If You Ifavo Common Snre i:j-e.
if lines blur or run together, you need
PETTIT'S KIT, S.UAT., 25c. All
druggists or Howard Pros., Buffalo,
N. V.
.Not llenlly Nl'cc'Nnrr.
"We don't use. wine as a beverage,
you know, Mrs. Mctlarvey," paid Mrs,
Dappling; "but it's good to have a lit
tle of it in the house for medicinal pur
poses. You know how grateful I am
for the bottle you sent over the other
day. To thank you In wor.ls would ba
merely a work of super-irrigHtion."
Chicago Tribune.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets first
put up 40 years ago. They regulate
and invigorate, stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated tiny granules.
llnrilxbloa of I'luloernpf .
His Pastor My dear sir, don't you
think you ought to try to come more in
contact with your fellow men?
Mr. Muntoburn My dear doctor, so
many people ton-.u me every day of my
life tbat I have been compelled to em
ploy a secretary at a good salary to net
us a buffer.
Itess Itlejiehing lilun la much Hie best.
Irisi-t Hint .vein- grocer gives you this
.1.111-1. II.'fllKI.' IniltHl Inns.
Kept Her Fromlae.
"Billy, dear," said his young wife,
couxingly, "tell mo the password of
your lodge."
"But I pledged myself never to dis
close that, Bella."
"You're not disclosing it when you.
give It to me. You know we have no
secrets from each other."
"If I tell you wdiat it Is, dear, will
you promise sacredly never to repeat
It to a living soul?"
"Yes, I promise."
"Well, hero it Is: Chattybiddybeech
lttyblddyblparaparagoolagarithehowk -aspecklybexlybim."
True to her word, the young wife
never repeated it to anybody.
n iMIIlittti M
- ..-w -
-'.. ..... . Ml

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