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You aro wasting golden
opportunities unless you
are advertising your busi
ness in a paper whose read
ers possess the coin.
One newspaper in the
home is worth a dozen on
the street to the advertis
er. The Democrat is the
home paper of Mercer Co.
Rutered at tbs Oellna (Ohio) Post-office u geoond-clas. nmll matter.
r . ; l
' i I I iftwnth Ypur Na t rniw mim rmniv ., I II
I w.w, u, mu Weekly-One Dollar per Year '' 'I
Against Raudabaugh and IIoll-
warth Council Asked to
Uanish Fire Crackers.
Insure Your Life Against
Lurking, Unseen Dangers
No roan was ever drowned, banged,
run over, charged with stealing, run
ningaway with anolher man's wife or
being afflicted with the hookworm dla.
''. who had receipt for a year's
uoscripnon to The Democrat, du v
iaiu in advance, in lili hip pocket.
Council mat In regular session laat
Tuesday evening, with all member
present and Mayor Kenney presiding.
Following the uaual opening routine
of buaineaa, Fred Cron, of the Wm.
Cron A Sons Carriage Work, (poke to
Council of the nuiaance of the Liulnger
llrot, burning- rubblah and paper at
the rear of the building, which 1 In
clo proximity to the Cron hop. The
Hollcltor wa appealed to and after a
acrutlny of the law he atated that he
didn't believe Council had any Jurla.
diction in the matter, and that Cron'
only recourae would be to go to court
and enjoin the nuiaance complained of.
The clerk then read the reilKnatlun
of Lou la Houck a fireman, and aame
wa accepted. Upon recommendation
of Council Mayor Kenney then ap.
pointed Henry Itet.el to fill the va
cancy. Henry should make a (rood
man for the department and we believe
he will make good. Mr. liouck leave
the department with a good record.
Keport of varlou department for
pat month were read and approved.
Councilman Reiersdorfer atated that
Mr. Klinger had complained about
the lewage that was run Into the anwer
which pane her bouae on Mill street
and which come from the residence of
Manufacturer Brandt. The Marshal
waa Instructed to notify Mr. Brandts
that he would be compelled to close up
the open ditch and provide for proper
outlet for the sewage from hi house.
Clerk read a communication from
Contractor Conley in reply to a uuerv !
aent by that officer in regard to hi ful
filling hi contract to properly repair
Main street. The letter tated a repre.
entatlve would be herein a few day
to take up the matter. Conley' bond
for the performance of this work ex
pired on September 20, and if he doe
not take care of the matter by the next
meeting of council bia bondsmen will
be notified and Council will proceed to
make the repair at their expense.
The clerk read a letter from the road
uperlntendent of the Western Ohio
dating that they would In the near fu
ture make repair on East Market
street in the manner suggested.
A communication from State Fire
Marshal asking Council to pass an or
dinance prohibiting the uae and sell
ing of fire crackers on the Fourth of
July was read and laid over until next
meeting for definite action.
The semi-annual tax levy for the dif
ferent funds of the village was read,
but as Councilman LeBlond believed
the levy wa too high, final action on
the resolution was deferred until the
next meeting.
Solicitor Johnson stated to Council
that the Common Plea Court had de
cided in favor of the village In the case
of I. F. Raudabaugh, who sought dam
age for destruction of his mill by fire,
and also in the case of David Hell
warth in regard to the conrtruction of
Following a motion authorizing the
street committee to have the new tool
shed recently constructed on South
Walnut street, and the contents there
of, properly insured, council adjourned.
And Gentlemen's Event Will He
Features Again of Coining
County Fair Iiaces.
Telephone- and Light Service Is
Hit Hard Hopewell Lad
Seriously Shocked.
This city and vicinity wa visited by
one or me severest electrical storm In
year laxt Tuesday evening shortly
auer supper.
Just two mile north of town Henry
Dlener, oldest son of Kred Dlener, was
knocked unconscious by a bolt of light
ning wuleu struck near him. His
rather and younger brother were within
a suon aisiance or mm and were
knocked down by the shock, but only
stunned ror trie moment. They hurried
to wnere tbey saw Henry lying and
carried blm to the house, where medl
cal aid waa summoned. Dr. L. D
urumm of the city waa called and
worked with the patient until after
midnight before be regained conscious
ness. He I resting well. but it will be
several week before he fully recovers
irora ine shock.
In this city the severest part of the
electrical display occurred shortly
anei o o ciocK. r-.ieetrle light fusea all
over the city were blown out and many
oome were without light for the night.
leiepnones were put out of uso, and
both electric light and telephone line
men had a busy day all of Wednesdav
repairing the damage.
A chimney on the Grant Karr prop,
erty on North Walnut atreet was
struck and completely wrecked and
the roof badly damaged. Bricks from
the chimney were scattered quite a dis
tance by the bolt, some being thrown
over on the porch of Fireman Wm.
Stein' home adjoining. The house is
A big elm tree at the corner of Ash
and Wayne streets, one of the old for
The speed proa-ram for the Banner
Fair this year August 15 to I attain
includes a couple popular events, that
ofW. F. Hchunck' ladles road race
nd the gentlemen' road race and
known county race. Tlie condi
tion are that the horses ao entered
must have never boen In tralninir be
fore or In any race. Horse wilt not
be allowed on the track for practice
in mese event before Auguit 10.
Almost four thouiand dollars
bung up for the race this year.
purse are divided as follow:
Tuesday, August Hi
Two-year-old Dace, mtitlm
I : pace
Oen t ' road race ...
Wednesday, August 17
i trot
Three-year-old pace, stake
I: IB pace
it air-nil lt run, two-ln-three, county..
Thursday, August IN
:17 trot
2 10 pace
2:1M pneft
Mile uaiili
Friday, Auguit 19
t:K8 trot
I:Ht pace
W.F. Mcbonrk ladles' road race (Mr.
Hchunck atartMrl
Mile dash '
. 75
. gum
, wm
John Gamier
Honored by
John W. Garnier, a former Celine
boy, was unanimous chosen for Ntate
Senator in the Springfield district at
Hie Democratic Senatorial convention
at Springfield on Wednesday. John ii
a popular fellow and deserves hi pop
uianty, ana ir there 1 a noaalhle
ciiaueo lor a democrat to win in that
district, he will get there. Nothing
wouiu pieasa ni old ceiina friend
better that to see him lick .Senators. N
Deaton, of Urbana, hi Hi publican on.
ponent. Here' hoping be turn the
men in a neat and decisive way.
B., G. & C. and Muncie-Portland
Traction Promoters Again
Heating the Bushes.
A Bluffton Ind., special of the
Order were Issued today for the
work to be started Tuesdav morning
i iub uiu ior- , - ., . - -
est land marks, was struck and part of Zl Itl I"?"". 01 VT,l?"I ,ur7y
me Dark peeled orr. An iintiaimil u . 7 .. "".
puone wire wrapped around the tree
possibly saved it from complete de.
struction, as the bolt followed the
wire, which was wound several times
around the tree.
Telephonic connection with several
of the surrounding town was also im
paired and yesterday had not been
been fully restored.
Isaac Shlvely, living in Butler town
ship, lost a valuable horse by light
ning Wednesday night. With the rest
of the horses it had been turned out to
pasture and in the morning it wa
found dead. It wa insured for $200.
Our Boosters
Failed to Land
And Fair Attendance Character
ized Convention of Jefferson
eva 4c Ceiina traction line from Geneva
to Ceiina, O. The work will he in
charge of Chief Engineer Fred Daven
port of tbi city, and two line will be
One ot the route nnder consideration
leads south from Geneva to Bryant,
and thence east through the small town
or Wabash, near the state line, to Ce
iina. The other route to be surveyed
is almost due east from Geneva, by
way of New Corydon, Scudder and
Durbln. The route offering the best
inducements, all thing considered,
will the route adopted.
the fust Wapakoneta Beds will play
ii mis ciiy next HundBV afternoon.
Two weeka ago they cleaned up the
Kids 13 to 1, and last Sunday thev nut
It over St. Mary In a fast ten inninir
coiu.-m. oianager 1 Daman hd ex
pected to secure big George Mvers to
go against lite iteds next Sunday, but
when the result of last Sunday's irama
at ivapasoneia reacned here, showing
mat wapaK naa nailed Him out for six.
teen bingies. he Instructed f'antaln
:ills to have Young Fredericks onen
things up next Sunday. Joe has been
working fine this season and the fans
re coniident that be can beat the Heris
If given the proper support. Konk will
do the catching. Pfenning and Burk
will do the battery work for Wapak.
Game called promptly at 2:30.
In a sensational eighth Inning rally,
Ceiina lawt Sunday afternoon defeated
the last Cincinnati Maroons 4 and 2.
The game wa a pitcher' battle, with
Ludlow, Cincinnati' husky slabman,
having a shade the best of argument.
He was a bit unsteady, however, at
times and this, coupled with the fact
that bis support fell down at the criti.
cal moment, gave the local lads a hard
earned victory. Joe Frederick, who
wa on the mound for the Kid for the
firt time this season, pitched a lovely
game, and while he was hit harder
than the Ohio river man, he bad per
fect control and hi floater wa in such
excellent working order that "twelve
red-skins bit the dust."
The game opened up with both Ditch
ers in fine form, only three men going
to bat in each of the first three innings.
in me nrst hairortne fourth, however.
Crotty ingled to right after two men
were down. Wleman followed with a
Instructions Given County Aud
itors Throws More Light
Light on Subject.
Roosevelt, the American Tory, Abroad
Auditor Morrow has received thafnl
lowing circular, which ba been dl
tnouted by State Auditor Fulllnirtnn
over all of the counties and it coven
questions involved in many inquiries
concerning quadrennial board
equalization and review, about which
me taw seems to some dense:
nrsi iue quadrennial cnnnli
i i . . .. ., . .
uuartia i equalisation and the lillarl
renniai city boards of review have
power and authority to increase the air
gregate value of real property of the
county or city above the aggregate value
mereiore, as returned by the quadren
niai assessors, with addition. m,l
thereto Dy the county auditor. In
making Increase the boards miiKt nnn.
slder each separate lot, tract parcel of
reai estate or may order a certain ner
" oe aciaeci io each lot. trnt n
parcel of real estate in the citv or li ilnor
i , . . ' :
ui.trii-i, as in ineir lodgement, In addi-
iion io ine value returned by the as
lessors, will be the true vain the
necona I lie countT boards of
equalization and the citr boards nf
review nave no power or authority to
reauce the aggregate value of the real
property of the county or city below
the aggregate value thereof as returned
by the assessors, with addition, m.ri.
thereto by the auditor, but may In the
course or equalization .hift rt.in
value or amounts from one tract to
Co Id water to
Resell Bonds
Rate of Interest Too Low to In
fatuate Bond Buyers.
The $14,000 four per cent street im
provement bonds, which were offered
by the village of Cold water last Satur
day, failed to sell, owing to the low
rate of interest. Only three bid were
received and all were so low that the
Coldwater council last Monday night
Biuoeu io consider tnera and ordered
mat me bond
Chicago Bubllc, June 10.J
Isn t It high time for worshipper of
Mr. Hoosevelt to tske account of stockT
There ha never been anything about
him to deserve a patriotic man' confi
deuce or a self-respecting man' adml
ration, although he seems to have com
manded both and In high degree; but
now he stand exposed to the thinking
world a the brutal swashbuckler
which hi whole public career, when
thrown Into proper perspective, prove
blm to have been.
One correspondent tell of hi rough
ly commanding a passenger In a pub
lic elevator to take otT bis bat. Wheth
er the man ought in courtesy to have
taken on his hat 1 beyond the ques
tion in so far ss ttatfert Mr. Boone,
velt. The point a to him is, that
hardly any breach of good manners
touches so low a level of boorisbness
a a conspicuous correction of another
person' lapse In etiquette. If this ele
vator incident 1 a true tory, Mr.
Roosevelt's part of gentleman was
poorly played. But the story, how
ever well It Illustrate his personal hj
llteness, may not be true.
Of hi prepared speech at Guildhall,
however, there can be no dispute; and
this was the elevator Incident over
again, but magnified to the dimension
of International politeness and sup
plemented with an unpatriotic spirit.
Taking advantage of hi opportuni
ties as the guest of a British city, he
made an offensively partisan speech,
which wa Impolite; and In that speech
be advised the British government to
treat the people of Kgypt as George III
and Ivord North tried to treat tl.a
American colonies, which was unpat
Whatever opinion bis admirer may
have of Mr. Koosevell's acrobatic man
ner, I I difficult to understand how
those of them who are not themselves
lories can admire hi toryism. Yet It
I a a tory that Mr. Roosevelt plainly
revealed himself In his Guildhall
speech and a tory at that of the period
of George the Third.
County Tax Levy for 1910 for
Various Purposes Agreed
Upon by Board.
At the meeting of the Board of Coun
ty Commissioner last week tbey made
the following levies for 1910 for the
various county fund on the dollar
And Works 'Em Off With Aid
of Stand-Pat Friend on Its
Verdant Readers.
Funds Mill.
County 2.10
Judicial HO
Bridge 3.00
Building 1.30
Soldiers' relief . . 05
County ditch .505
Pike repair 4.50
Agriculture .10
Blind relief 30
Old Wapak Had Cards Stacked
and Bag Sewed Up.
Ceiina will not entertain the North
western Ohio volunteer firemen in
1911, but it is no fault of Ceiina boos
ters. The crowd that went to Ottawa
Wendesday were simply up against it.
They made the natives sit up and take
notice not only in Put Handles' town,
but all along the line, but when it
came to counting noses at the show
down old Wapak had the convention
stowed away in its strong boi and the
lid screwed down.
Ceiina boosters were handicapped by
not having an organization, but it is
not likely to happen again, and when
1912 rolls around Ceiina will be found
entertaining the volunteer firemen in
such a manner that Wapak will never
again be In it.
Frank Cole Wants a
Slice of McCain Coin
Frank Cole, of Washington Town
ship, has filed three separate suits
against Frank McCain, Mary McCain
and Dolly McCain, each in the sum of
5,000 asking damages for injuries bus
tained by defendants falsely and mali
ciously speaking and publishing false
and scandalous words reilelting upon
hi character and honesty. The de
fendant all reside south of Wabash.
Was Faulty
But Gibbons, Saloon - Keeper,
Will Get Another Whirl.
The case against Perry Gibbons, of
Blackcreek Township, indicted by the
last grand jury on a cbaige of resisting
an officer, was dismissed following the
close of a trial last Friday, owing to
the fact that a mistake had been made
In charging the proper offense In the
indictment. Gibbon wa held to the
next grand jury in the sum of .'100,
He furnished bond.
Too Many Thirsty
People in Old Liberty
At the local option election beld in
Liberty Township last Friday, the wet
carried the day by a majority of 75
vote, the dry casting 141 ballot and
the wet 216.
Our young friend Grove Hines, one
of Liberty towahlp'a farmer, made
u a pleasant call yesterday,
The Jefferson township Sunday,
school convention assembled in the M
E. Church on Sunday afternoon of June
12. There was a fair attendance and
splendid interest. The exorcises were
opened with a song, and prayer by
Mrs. Stephenson.
Mrs. Lutz, who attended the interna
tional Sunday-school convention held
in the city of Washington, gave a full
report of the proceeding of that body,
which has accomplished such vast
things for the Sunday-school interests
of the whole world.
Dr. J. M. Anderson then spoke on
one phase of the report, deploring the
fact that so many of the pupils of the
Sunday-school do not remain for the
church service afterward. K. K.Ste
phenson, Mrs. Chas. Bennett, Mrs.
Hammer and Mr. Fennig also spoke
on various phases of the same question.
There was just enough difference of
opinion among the speakers to give
life to the discussion, and in the final
outcome all were in agreement, as was
shown by the show of bands called for
by Dr. Anderson.
The evening session was opened by a
song and prayer by Dr. Bennett. This
was followed by a beautiful anthem
by the choir. Dr. Bennett then spoke
earnestly of the vital needs of the Sun
day-school, and what it needs to make
it all it should be. He was followed
by J. W. Loree in a forcible speech,
nominating committee, appointed in
the afternoon' reported the following
list of officers for the ensuing year.
President S. Wilkin.
Vice President K. K. Stephenson.
Secretary Miss Kflie Fanger.
Treasurer Arch D. Cordier.
Secretary Home Department Mrs
L. M. Hammer.
Secretary Cradle ltoll Miss Ev
A collection amounting to $4 waa
taken, after which the benediction was
pronounced by Dr. Bennett.
State Fair Premium
List Can Now Be Had
The State Fair premium list for 1910
is now out. Its inducement are even
greater than ever before. Prizes and
premiums amount to $(10,000. Live
stock, $40,000. Poultry, $2,000. Agri
cultural products, $6,500. Art and
woman's work, $3,000. Music and
pecial attractions, $15,000. Entries
close August 20. Premium list sent
free upon request to the Ohio Depart
ment of Agriculture, Columbus, O.
Auto Turns Turtle
and Smashes Things
Albert and Frank Komer, of Cold-
water, narrowly escaped serious iniurv
last Sunday when their machine be
came unmanageable and landed np.
side down in a ditch along the Cold
water pike. They were badly bruised
np and the top of the car was a com
plete wreck. The light were alio
broken, a fender twisted out of shape
and the front of the car badly damaged.
Over the route of the proposed exten
sion of the Muncie and Portland Trac
tion line to Ceiina, O., a party composed
of F. C. and K. B. Ball, of Muncie.
Edgar B. Lincoln, General Manager
of the company. Bert Collett. train.
master, and N. B. Hawkins, of this
city, went Thursday. The trip was
made by way Ft. Recovery and Cold
water, and short stop were made at
both place. The people were found
enthusiastically in favor of the line and
ready to extend what aid is necessary
in the matter of securing right of way,
Ball Bros., who are the most heavily
interested financially in the line a it
is now operated, are expected to have
a controlling interest also in the ex
tension, if it 1 made. Tbey seemed
pleased with the attitude of the peo
ple toward the proposed line but
made no expression of their intentions.
Portland Review.
John Miller, aged 47 years, for the
past six years fireman at the Ceiina
Electric light and water-works plant.
died at his home on North Walnut
street shortly after eleven o'clock las
Saturday morning, never rallying from
the paralytic shock which he sustained
at Lima last Monday, mention of which
was made in last week' Democrat.
Deceased was born In this city April
9, 1863. In November, 1888, he wa
united in marriage to Caroline Simons
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Simon
and to this union was born three child
ren, Kathryn and Jerome, both em
ployed at the Cron Carriage work, in
this city, and Elizabeth, at home, who
together with their mother, survive,
He wa a member of the German Aid
Society, the Catholic Knight of Ohio
and the St. Joseph Society. Funeral
service were held at the St. Mary'
Catholic Church last Tuesday morning
be reanM nnA Hm aAA
, , . - .... . . I , -uw n,u VI
nuv udo in me same direction and it eot interest advanced to five nr nt
grans, ismng in toe nrst run
of the game.
With one man down in the last half
of the fourth Captain Ellis threw away
a chance to tie thine uo. He trot a
base on balls, luckily secured second
after going to sleep oir first, and then
worked bis way to third on an unnec
cesary and risky chance. But there it
happened. He again took a nap and
Ludlow caught him a block.
In the fifth the visitors had another
lucky round after two men had been
stowed away. Sprengard hit an easy
one to the Rabbit and he fumbled. A
stolen base and a single brought him
home. This was their limit.
The Kids looked loosers until the
sixth, when with one man down Lud
low walked the Rabbit. He stole sec
ond. Wennlne fanned, but the little
backstop opened up with a long drive
to center. The fielders ran together
and the ball dropped Bafe, McKirnan
scoring. Ellis got it in the ribs, but
Myers ended it by grounding out to
It then looked like a 2 to 1 victory
for the Cincy bunch, when McKirnan
again opened up in the eighth. He
drove a bard one to tbe short field and
wa saved by a bad throw. Wenning
got a base on balls, the Rabbit in the
meantime stealing second. McComb
endeavored to pinch in with a timely
bingle, but Schwartz knocked down a
difficult chance and forced Wenning at
Bull Dog Viciously
Attacks Little Child
The little son of Mr. and Mr. Willis
Townsend, of Center Township, was
bitten in the lip by a bull dog, with
which the lad was playing, last Sun
day afternoon. The wound wa caut
erized and it took everal stitches to
close it.
Town Topics
Editor and Mrs. Geo. Pulskamp are
the proud parents of pretty twin girls,
born last Saturday morning.
Four thousand bass were nlanerf In
Lake Mercer last Friday afternoon un
der the direction of Deputy State Game
warden Merman Nohrr.
x-roi. . wiikinha moved into the
Chas. Orr property on North Sugar
sireei. w. i . uanklns will occupy the
DeFord home, vacated by Prof. Wilkin.
Real Estate Agent Tom Durbin took
a party of prospective land buyer
to Ashtabula County this week, to
mo over me Wagner Loan
holdings there.
Total levy 12.655
One and one-half mills of the above
bridge levy was levied to replace
bridge that are in an unsafe condition
and one mill of the building levy for
Mercer County's portion of the District
Tuberculosis Hospital to be built at
The Board authorized tbe Auditor
and Treasurer to transfer $4,500 from
the dog fund to tbe county bridge fund
In Louisiana, which was to have
been played in this city last Wednes-
., uuuio u wu local uad f ellows lodge, wa postponed
s ow, however to catch the little bark- and will be put on next Tuesday even-
Coming Down to the
Milk in the Coacoanut
When you come right down to good,
sound reasoning, notes the O. P. News,
is it not a fact that tbe troubles of the
poor man and the rich man are about
equally divided? The rich man has
square meal and a canary appetite; the
poor man has a square appetite and a
canary meal. The rich man wants the
poor man's appetite and the poor man
wants tbe rich man s meal. The rich
man hasn't money enough to buy the
appetite, and the poor man lacks tbe
funds to buy the meal. It then sira
men itself down to work, which is the
only thing that will grant tbe desire of
each. It is the law of nature and we
can not disobey it and be happy.
stop. Konk stole second. Then the
blow-up came. Ellis hit a slow one to
short and Crotty played marbles with
it while the Rabbit scored the tieing
run, Kills stole second, and then hard-
ing, the 21st.
ai a meeting of the officers of the
Mercer county Mutual Telephonecom-
pany in this city last Saturdav. the
Mrs. Caroline Mott, of St. Mary, a
sister of Mrs. Gideon LeBlond, of this
city, died at the home of her daughter
Mrs. John Hawthorne, at Toledo, last
Thursday. Tbe remains were teken to
St. Marys for burial.
Philip Kohna, of Clyde, died at the
home of his half sister, Mr. John Sud
hoff, at Skeel X Road, early last
Tuesday morning, following an Illness
of cancer. He is survived by his
mother, Mr. Sophia Meyer, two half
sisters, Mesdames John and William
Sudhoff, residing In Hopewell Town
ship, and two half-brothers, Fred and
Joseph Meyer, of Sebastian. Funeral
service were held at the Catholic
Church at St. Anthony yesterday
Social Gossip
The ladies society of the M. E. Church
will meet with Mr. S. P. Kobn at
Edgewater Park this afternoon. Local
W. O. can stop at the Park.
The member of the Shakspere club
pleasantly surprised Mrs. Bes McKee
Howlck last Monday, following her
return from a honeymoon trip. She
wa a former member of the club and
they gathered In a body to pay her a
handkerchief shower. , She wa also
the recipient of several pretty souvenir
Adam Alt, of Liberty township, was
in town Wednesday and took home
with him tome fine Holstein cattle he
purchased, at New Bremen. Adam
urely captnred tome prize.
hitting Hank Myer got in his usual Swedish American Telephone company,
bingle, a clean two-bagger to deep
right, and two runs, the winners, came
home. The score:
McOomb, c-.
Ellls.HS 2
Mers, If 4
Betz, 2b 4
Fredericks, p 8
Kistler, cf 8
Burrls, rf 8
McKirnan, 8b.... 2
Wennlnir, lb 2
4 1
Totals 27 4 I
6 27 7 2
Schwartz, 2b
Stanton. If 8b... 4
Orotty, as 4
Wleman, 8b 2
Mills, rf 2
Krlpendorf. If 4
Kane, cf 4
Ludlow, d 4
Sprennard, o . - 8
Mulneke, lb 8
40002 110
0 0 0 2 2 0 0
110 1 12 2
0 1 0 0 2 1 0,
e 0 0 1 0 0 0
0 0 0 8 0 0 1
0 111 111
0 0 0 0 0 1 0
1111 0 2 0
or lalcago, 111., were awarded the enn
tract lor furnishing new switch boards
hi vvauasn ana lamah for the sum of
In a close shooting contest, Frank
Coate won the Ceiina Gun club medal
at the regular shoot at the Mercelina
Park field last Tuesday afternoon, se
curing 22 out of the 25 shot. John
Hoagland and Ben Adams secured 21
and Christ Kistler and Julius Thaman
20. George Kistler got 23 out of the 25.
Harry Gum, of Toledo, has purchased
the dry goods and shoe stock of the
G. P. Durbin store, taking possession
last Friday. He will continue in busi
ness in the present location. Mr. Dur
bin did not sell the grocery tock of
the store, but ia planning to move to
another part of the city and open np an
2 J! J - 2! ? xclu1 1 np to date grocery store.
Old Offense Lands
Gum Baker in Jail
Gum Baker, of Willshire, wa ar
rested by Constable Coates last Satur
day night on an affidavit of Balwin
West, of Washington Township, charg
ing him with stealing a pair ol
trousers, a knife and a pipe, val
ued in all at $3.45, while tbey
were working together on the A. W.
Larue farm, just west of Wabash,
during the latter part of May. He
plead guilty before Justice Raudabaugh
and was fined $5 and costs. Unable to
pay the bill he was sent to jail.
Adolpb of the dear old Observer has
heard some more telephone gon.lp over
Line 2 In Wsihlnitton town.hip. and tbe
dope caused Adolpb to throw another fit
last week. In the last Issue Adolpb and hi.
tand-pat friend could only count 87 phone
ubscrlber. on 2-the week previous It had
4. Now, U these wise ones could count and
wouldnt set lost, we would have them ng.
ure how many mile, of line 20 contain-
get 21-strung through bu.be. and tree-tops
-for tbe linemen to get over when there l.
trouble. Line 28 i. good deal like every
other country line. When the phone bell
rings about two dozen or more receiver,
drop and the batterle. of the patron, are
soon exhausted, especially on SB. M'e leave
It to an, one acquainted with the telephone
business and with brain, enough to tbluk
tbls.of course, exclude. Adolph and hi,
Pal-whethera telephone Hue under such
condition can be operated .ucce.sfully and
give aatlsfactor, .ervloe. But the Observer
still dream, that .pile work was at the hot
torn it. but the good Lord .hould have mer.
cy on it. narrow little oul. The dope from
Line 2 Intimate, that the there is a lack of
harmony between the officers of the general
and local-wblch exists only m the mind of
dope fiend. The president of the general
organization wa. consulted before any wire
wa. touched, and he was also full and well
aware that If 26 wa. divided equally, with
an exchange on both end., they could and
would have equally good service, which
every intelligent phone .ubscrlber admits.
Aaoiph and the stand-patter on M .Mil
dream dream, that the officer, on Wabash
local took the responsibility on themselves.
Exercises To-Night
The parochial hlirh chool commn-.
ment will be held at th.
this evening, beginning promp'tly at
eight o'clock. The gradual;. 7."e
m"7 ' Schunk, Florence
Boerger, Teresa T)nrHi vt.
Hemmert and Helen K. Schunck.
84 1 6 2 12 24 12 4
Innings 1 SS4Sfl7u
Oellna 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 8 4
Cincinnati 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 02
Warned Huns Cincinnati 1.
Two-Base Hit-Myers.
Three-Base Hit Wleman.
Base on Balls OfT Ludlow S.
Hit by Pitcher Ellis.
Passed Ball McOomb.
Umpire Weber.
A club from this city defeated St.
Henry In that town, last Sunday, 9 to 8.
The Neptune team defeated Spencer-
ville in tbe latter town, last Sunday,
13 to 3.
Jim Briggs, former catcher and cap
tain of the Ceiina High School team.
has been elected Captain of the Ohio
Wesleyan University team for the next
season. Jim has been making good
with the College team on the initial
sack and has been batting like a Han
A painful accident occured in the last
half of the fourth, when Ellis was cauirht
napping off third. He attempted to
get back to the sack, and sliding In feet
ttrst, a spike on hi shoe caught Wle
man, cutting through the shoe and
badly lacerating the big toe on his left
foot. This crippled tbe visiting infield
and wa partly the cause of their defeat.
Manager Thaman' changes in the
field worked very well. Burrii waa
hoved toiightfleld.takingNewcomb'
uscar Maemman, employed at the
uescn cz L,audahn grocery, had a nar
row escape from serious Injury late
oaiuraay evening, when the horse
which he was driving to the delivery
wagon, scared just as he was turning
aiuuuu ua norm walnut street, and
upset the wagon in the ditch. He was
pinned beneath tbe wagon and a large
quantity of groceries and baskets, but
lucaiiy escaped with a few scratches.
Mike Stohl, a resident of the street,
uru iue noise accasioned by the up
set and went to young Maehlman'a
assistance. The wagon was completely
wrecked. Groceries, including a large
tiunutity 01 granulated sugar and sev
eral dozen of eggs were scattered about
me street.
Continued on Page Eight.
When the Golden Sua Is Setting
When the Golden sun Is setting,
And your mind from care Is free.
When of others you are thinking.
Will you sometimes think of me?
Oh, yes, I always do. dear Josy ;
I see you still remember me.
Buy a little home, new and oozy,
Of the Oellna Realty Company.
We will then always live together.
Oh ! dark cloud, we'll never see.
Think of our home, never mind tbe
Then, dear Josy, think how happy we'll
For particular, on above subject see Ham
boh&kk A OOA.TK, Real Estate Agents.
Union Block, Oellna.O.
Mrs. Baumgardner, of North Balti
more, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs
O. Rentzscb.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Ayer and
children are borne from a several
weeks visit with relatives at New Mar
ket, Iowa.
Francis Schmidt and bride, of Gib.
sonburg, were here this week for short
honeymoon stay with his brother, Carl
Schmidt and family.
Mrs. Chas. Coffin and children, of
Waynesfieid, and Mrs. Earl Stone, of
Ft. Recovery, were Monday guest of
Lawrence Remaklus.
William Roemer, who has been at
tending school at Dayton, is home to
spend his summer vacation with hi
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Roemer.
Blanche Crockett, who has been
teaching school at Fostoria the past sea
son, is home to spend the summer with
her mother, Mrs. 8. H. Crockett, Easf
Market street.
vernon Vining, who has been at
school thi winter at the Ohio Wesleyan
University, is home to spend the sum
mer with his parents, Representative
and Mrs. S. J. Vining.
A. J. Pickerel, of Lone, Texas.
who wa called to St. Mary by the
death of hi sister, Mrs. Caroline Mott,
last week, is spending a week with his
sister, Mrs. Gideon LeBlond, in this
Harry Haneberg, wife and little
baby daughter, were guest of W. J.
Maehlman and family and other rela
tives In thi city the first of the week.
Wednesday they went to Ottoviile for
a visit with relative before returning
Mr. Agnes Snyder returned home
Wednesday from a visit with her daugh
ter, Mr. T. J. Garvin at Cambridge
City, Ind. Her daughter and little son
accompanied her and will remain for
several week' visit.
The large power bouse on the Riley
oil lease, on Lake Mercer, was com
pletely destroyed by fire of unknown
origin last Monday evening, entailing
a loss of about $3,000. Added to this
will be the non-production of tbe wells
for four or five week, until the power
house can be rebuilt. The lease has
been producing about 50 barrels a day.
Christ Hight and LeRoy Shingledeck
er, of Rockford, both lost valuable
horses in a livery barn fire of unknown
origin at Van Wert last Tuesday after
noon. The barn belonged to Jesse
Tickle, formerly of Rockford. Thirty
horse in all were cremated by the
A barn on the Samuel Redman farm,
a mile west of Coldwater, wa com
pletely destroyed bv fireerlv u.
day morning, together with the con
tents, which included considerable
grain, hay and farming implements.
Almost $500 worth of cord wood, piled
near tbe barn, wa also burned. The
loss will reach about Si. mm. n.rti
covered by insurance. The origin of
the fire is unknown.
The fire department was ra 1 1 h i
Lake Erie freisrht varda U.t k,.
day morning, shortly after 3 o'clock,
to extinguish a blaze in a. box nn
the siding near the stock ' yards. Tbe
fire is supposed to have been started
by hoboes. The loss ! AS ti m si tti,
$500. -
Man Wanted
Man wanted to drive one of our mH.
icine wagons throughout Mercer Coun
ty and sell household and veterinary
remedies, condition powders, ante.
extract, baking powder, perfume
toilet preparations, and other special
ties. Position steadv and will
from $25 week op. Experience on
necessary; we teach you. Aranslm.
ance of road in county helpful. Give
age, references, Ac. Address E. W.
Sipp, sale manager. Canton. Ohio.
A peculiar partial clie of th
will be visible in all part of North
America sometime duricg ttscigy.

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