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Cor Ingel, of Bradford, Is spending
till week with Jeir I'lrli li unit wir.i.
Ntella Long spent Sunday wllli Hess
There will be preaching at the Churc h
of Christ Saturday evening. Everyone
la Invited to attend.
Frank ('oh ran and family of Dayton,
punt Monday willi Thorn Collin and
Orvlllo Monroe spent Sunday at St.
James Poo spent Snnday with Heed
Mr. Click and daughters, of Indiana,
are spending this week with relative
J oil' Ilalllnger anil family ape nt Sun
day at Mendon.
Nellie lloel, Hao lluauchamp and
Dora I.acy spent Sunday with Jennie
The young people from town and the
surrounding county aurprlaed Kdlth
Moaier at her homo Thuraday eveuing
It being her nineteenth hlrthday. An
enloyohle evening waa spent by all
Mr. Click and daughters, J.I'.Swartx,
wlfuand granddaughter spent Sunday
with Kdward Dnyn and family.
Sarah Keeae, after a week's vlNit at
Dayton, returned home Sunday.
Llody Sloan and Helen Granger are
entertaining themeaslei.
Mra. Manila Wilton, of Key Stone,
Ind., la visiting relativei and friendi
at thil place.
Mra. Dell ilemlnger returned to her
home at Gas City, Ind., after spending
some time here with her slater, Mrs
Studebaker, who Is still in a serious
Miss (Joldie Adams spent a couple
days this week with Mrs. Samuel
Henry Daniel and wife, of Hod Key
Ind., were the guests of Henry Adams
sr., and wife Sunday. '
Mrs. John McQueen, who has been
seriously ill, is reported slightly im
Wllber MolTord and family and Miss
Mary Molford, of Mendon, spent Sun
day evening with Henry Adams, jr.,
and wife.
Mrs. Myrtle Coate and mother were
callers at thia place Tuesday.
Dan Holey and family visited with
Isaac Shively and family Sunday.
John Cole and wife of Hartford City
Ind., visited with Leander Cole and
family Sunday.
Mrs. Alva Smith and children, of
Coldwater, visited with relatives and
friends at this place Saturday and Sun
J, V. Harb and Curtis Purdy have
purchased a new hay loader.
Sam Stein, of Willshlre, was the
guest of J. F. Harb and family Thurs
' Hazel and Vernon Counterman vis
ited John Kettenrlng and family Sun
Mesdaraes John Adress, Mary Ad
dy and Nathan Figley spent Wednes
day with James Roebuck and family.
Peter Cross and wife, Virgil Fisher
and family, Tom Com and wife, Mrs.
Otis Cross, J. F. Harb and family and
Mrs. Mary Addy, of Hammond, Ind.,
spent a pleasant day Sunday with I'M
Counterman and lamlly. They en
joyed a good dinner and spent the af
noon topping off on Ice-cream.
R. H. Davis and family spent Sun
day with Grandma Wagner.
Cbas. Lemunyons entertained com
pany Sunday.
John Young and wife were the Sun
day guests of Green Hoebuck and wife.
Jason Murlin and wife were visiting
at Mendon Sunday.
Hazel Wright, of St. Marys and Itess
Young spent Friday witli Mrs. Jesse
Hazel Zlne, of Kockford, waa the
over Sunday guest of Mae Cain.
Preaching at Fairview Bethel Sun
day evening by the pastor, Kev. Berry.
Everybody Invited. I
Men Wanted at Once
Burners and grinding mill men and
firemen at our mill, Cement City, Mich,
Steady work. Apply at once ready for
work. PkninhuIjAK PoinxANn Ck
mknt Company.
Money to Loan
We can make farm loans for 5 years
on first mortgage. Interest at 5 per
cent. Short dc Donovan, Cellna, O.
Notice to Non-Resident Lot or
Land Owners.
Auditor's Office, Mercer County, I
Oeliiia, Ohio, July 1, A.D. 1H10. I
In 1Mb nir.t tr of Jiltch Improvement No.
6CT. petitioned for by M. W. Livingston
et al.
To tbe Lot or IjukI Owners and to the Cor
poration, either Public or Private, af
fected by said Improvement.
HY notified that on the2Uth day of June,
A.I). IU1U, M. W. Livingston and others filed
a petition with tbe Audltorof Mercer Comi
ty, the prayer of which la for the location,
deepening, widening and straightening of
a dltcli on the following starting point,
route and terminus, to-wlt:
Commencing at the half section line, near
the center of Heetlon 86, Town 15 south,
Range li east, at and following the old ditch
known as the Spencer Joint Ditch; thence
north through Heetlon W. and across the
southeast corner of Heetlon 20; thence
northeast through Heetlon 26, Town 15
south. Range 2 east, to where It Intersects
the Wabash Joint Ditch, in Heetlon 25, Town
16 south. Range 2 east, and there terminate.
The following parties are Interested : Den
nis J)wyer, Aaron Jones, Vincent Uulnter,
Mary Franks, Kernadlna Franks, J. M.
Ross, Theodore Hemiuelgarn, Jr., M. W.
Livingston, F. Rommel, Joseph Franks, So
ciety of the Most Precious Blood. John Hut
schllllng, Kl.a J. Arnold, Jacob Ron ley,
Charles Htelnman, Mary O. Olark. Elza Mc
Donald, Peter Ollger, Anthony Scbwletzer,
Moeller, Wlnkeljolian and Feldhake.
You are alao notified that tbe following
time and place have been fixed when and
where the Commissioners of said county
will meet for the hearing of said petition,
to-wlt: .On the with day of July. lldO, at 10
o'clock a.m., at the beginning of the pro
posed Improvement, for the purpose of
hearing any and all proof offered by any of
the parties affected hy said dltcb Improve
ment, whether the said ditch will be con
ducive to the public health, convenience
and welfare; and whether the route tie.
scribed Is tbe best route, and any and all
objections to said proposed ditch Improve
ment. Any application for compensation or
damage, or for any change of route, must lie
In writing and filed with the Commission
ers on or before the day set for hearing.
No further notice of any proceedings In
In this matter will be given.
32-2t Auditor of Mercer County.
J i I.,,, J tat, VI U iJ Vm w
pn ? n fo) n r3
We inaugurate, SATURDAY, July 16, the Season's Greatest STOCK
White Goods and
seasonable. Never
Fine quality HO-lmdi India Mucn, in
While only ; a 15c value.
Sale price per ya.d
Fine Mercerized Madras, In a dozen
or more choice designs, always
Sale price pur yard
"Klaxon," very fine sheer White
Kabrln, In neat shadow stripes
and cheek ami satin stripes and
cheek; is sold Invariably for Zfie.
Sale price per yard
Final Clearance of
Fine Cambric Embroidery anil In
sertion, width 4 to V Inches;
beautiful patterns; good fast
edges; values 15c to 20c.
Hale price per yard
27-Inch Flouncing, finest quality
Swiss, exceptionally beautiful
patterns, with latud to match; OOn
I,U0 values. UaJU
Sale price per yard
One lot of flue all-Tlnen Laces, H to
IH Inches wide (Insertions to
match; a 10c value.
Sale price per yard
Many other exceptional values In Em
broidery and Laces.
Much Under Value
If it was ever worth your while to
purchase Undermuslins ready-made
this July Clearance Sale oilers just
such an opportunity.
It is Clearance time throughout the store everything must
go! Not a few bargains here and there, but a BIG, COM
our store, excepting contract goods, affecting all departments.
spurred by our determination to completely clear the decks,
disregarding cost and profit, in the sole purpose of affecting a
FINAL CLEARANCE of all Summer Goods.
This is an excellent opportunity to practice common
sense frugality, to buy liberally, yet economically. The high
cost of living will not prove a menace to your bank account
if you come and reap the benefits of these DEEPLY LOW
Better come early you'll find the choicest values are
snapped up quick.
All of our 25c and 85c Corset Covers
and Drawers (none reserved).
Sale price
All of our Nie and 76c line Muslin
and Nainsook Corset Covers
and Drawers. Sale price
One lot of fine Muslin downs, slip
overs, with low neck and short
sleeves; also the long-sleeved,
blgh-necked kinds; 76c and Hfc
values. Sale price
One big lot fine Muslin Gowns, In
low and high-necked kinds;
extra well made and beauti
fully trimmed; values up to
1.25. Sale price
Olio lot of flno Muslin Petti
coats, embroidery and lace
triiiimed, made of finest Mus
lin and Nainsook ; tl.M, 1.75
and H values. Sale price
One lot of fine Muslin Petti
coats and downs, made of
finest Muslins and Nain
sook, trimmed In wide em
broideries and One lace;
values up to '-.0.
Sale price
Rome slightly soiled and Children's Mus
lin Underwear at alniest HALF PRICE.
Desirable Waists
Greatly Lessen
ed in Cost
The woman who purchases Waists
now acts wisely, for though it is clear
ance time with us, Waists are worn
every day In the year; but you don't
get these Waists every day at these
Ladles' fine White Waists, In a
large variety of styles of both
button-front and hutton-hnck
kinds, elaborately trimmed In
laces and embroidery; values
uptol,50. Sale price
Ladles' fine White Waists,
made of fine sheer mater
ials, beautifully trimmed
with embroidery and lace
Insertion; all sixes; values
up to 2.25. Sale price
Ladles' fine Whlto Waists,
the more exclusive kinds,
very elalHrately trimmed,
with embroidery fronts
and lace Insertion trim
ming; a good showing of
open front Waists In this
line; values up to 13.511.
Sale price
Special prices on Silk Waists and fine all
Lluen Tailored Waists.
Summer Dresses Reduced
Though these very Dresses will be worn for full three or four
months, we have used our price knife indiscriminately as a result, WASH
DRESS BARGAINS of an extraordinary nature are to be had in this
July Clearance Sale.
One lot of Olngham Dresies, made of a
good quality of Gingham, fast colors
blue and White, Brown and White and
black and Whlte-Slieplierd Checks,
trimmed with embroidery, yoke and
heavy lace Insertion
Sale Price . .$3.98
One lot of fine Lingerie and Olngham
Dresses. Lingerie Dresses come In Pink,
Light Klue and White. (llnglianiH, In
Plaids and Checks. The dresses are the
product of some of the best makes 111
the country; well made and perfect fit
ting; a big variety of style to select
from; all sizes; values up to (7.50
Sale Price .... $g, 00
Fine Silk Gingham and Lingerie Dresses,
In very attractive styles, made of very
fine sheer materials. Ill a variety of ex
clusive styles and colorings. These
Dresses sold at $8.60
Sale Price $6 75
One lot of fine Lingerie Dresses, In Tan,
Light Hlue, I'lnk and White; made of
very line sheer materials, trimmed In
good lace and fancy self-colored em
broideries; many beautiful designs to
select from ; suitable for the most dressy
occasion ; values up to 12.50
Sale Price.... $7.50
Fancy White Linen and Lingerie Dresses,
made of finest materials and trimmings.
Linens come In Whltf, only, trimmed
with panel of Venice lace. Lingerie
Dresses, in I'lnk, Hlue and White; many
of the one of a kind sort In this lot;
values up to 115
Sale Price . . . $10. 00
One lot of fine Linen Motor Coats and Dus
ters, made of choice materials in the
prevailing styles; value ap to S.5o
Sale Price .... $5. QQ
Its Moving Time
With Wash Goods
The very cheapest fabrics to those of
the highest novelties sutlers like fate
In our determined effort to force a
quick moving out of all Wash fabr'es.
Fine Silk Jacquards In a big varie
ty of colors and designs, a fall
rlc that Is very much la demand
at proent; values up toftoe.
Sale price per yard
WlnsomeSllk. a beautiful plain part
silk wash fabric; very sheer and
flue; comes In all the leading
colors ; s!f,o value.
Sale price per yard
10 Yards Fine Batiste
69 Cents.
Do not confound thene wllh cheap
lawns liecause the price Is so
low. They come In 25 different
patterns and colorings, and sell
usually for l'.-tc per yard. We
have put them up In this man
ner to facilitate buying, as they
are bound to move rapidly at
tbe sale price.
Ten yards for
All our French Olngham, In new,
desirable patterns; 12'4c and 15c
values. Sale price per yard
Linens and Towel'
ing Reduced
At a time when you need them
most. Take advantage of the
great saving this clearance sale
Knit Underwear
and Hosiery
We stand back of the quality of this
Underwear and Hosiery, just as much
so as if you paid us the regular price.
It's only because it is clearance time
that we reduce prices so decisively.
IdO dozen Ladles' and Misses' Swiss
HI bbed Vests, sleeveless, taped ft
neck and arm-holes; sizes 4.6AH. fir
Sale price wv
Ladles' and Misses' Knit Pants, Ift.
trimmed with wide knit lace to IJlr
match. Sale price : awv
One case of Hoys' and Girls fine Kl li
ned Black Hose, made for hard Ift.
wear; all sizes from 5 to 1(1. I II f"
Sale price, per pair. sway
One lot of Ladles' Mercerized Gauze
Lisle Hose, In White, Cham
pagne, Light Blue, Pink, Dark I f
Ked. Wisteria and Old Hose; 25c IMf
value. Sale price per pair a-v
Ladles' fine Lisle Lace Hose, In
Hlack and High Colors; full
lace and hoot-top lace; extra Oft,
quality ; 60c and 76c values, sjMC
Sale price per pair " v
A discount of in per cent, on all other
Black and staple Hosiery.
Decided Reduction
on Domestics
Matters not if cotton Is high we've
cut cotton domestics dewn to lowest
cost levels. This is clearance time
with us.
One bale of fine I'nbleached Mus
lin, full standard and full,
yard wide. Sale price, per C All
yard, rt1 1 c -hi yards for QliUU
One bale Pepporal R Muslin, put
up In bolts of '25 yards each. &l QC
Sale price per bolt $li99
One case fine Bleached Muslin, free
from all starch or dressing; full Tl,
ynid wide. Sale price per yard -. It-
One case Apron Ginghams, full stand
ard, fast colors. While they last, Cl
sale price per yard Vv-
All the best Calicos, light and dark. Cr
Sale price, per yard
Flno quality H-ounce Feather Tick
ing; guaranteed feather proof, IT r
Sale price, per yard I I
Keductloii on all sheeting and tubings.
One thousand yards Unbleached
Crash, 15 Indies wide; easily
laundrled; excellent for dish
Sale price per yard
Fine Bleached All-Linen Damask,
In live new patterns, 70 and 72
Inches wide; has a high, lus
trous satin finish; Napkins to
match. Sale price per yard
Fine All-Linen Bleached Damask,
lit Inches wide guaranteed pure
Linen In several very beautiful
designs; K,ic values.
Sale price per yard
Flue All-Linen and Satin finished
Mercerized Damask; HO or more
beautiful patterns to select
from ; e5c values.
Sale price per yarn
A discount of 10 per cent, on Napkins.
Many exceptional values in Linens will
be found on our Remnant Table In from 2
to X yard lengths.
The low prices will please you.
Great Clearance
Bargains in
Small Notions
Never were Notion prices so low
never greater values in small needfuls.
Note prices.
Pearl Buttons, 3c doz.
Good quality Pearl Buttons, put up one
dozen on a card. Sale price per do,, He.
Best Needles, 3c pkg.
Best quality gold-eyed Needles. Sale
price per packuge, Sc.
San Silk, 3c spool.
Best San Silk, all colors and White.
Sale price per spool, He,
Darning Cotton, 2c spool.
Clark's best Darning Cotton Black,
White and Tan. Sale price per spool, 2c.
Good Pins, 3c pkg.
Good quality, needle point, Brass Pins,
full count. Sale price per package, He.
Hooks and Eyes, 3c card.
Good grade Hooks and Kyes; all sizes;
Black and White; 2doz. on card. Sale
price per card, 8c.
Safety Pins, 3c card.
Safety Pins, In all sizes white only.
Sale 'price per card. He.
There will be preaching at M t. Carmel
Sunday evening. Kverybody invited
to attend.
John Smith, wife and sons spent Sun
day with Clyde Kincaid and wife.
John McCain and family spent Sun
day with Mark McDonald and family.
Hherman Adams and wife of Krastns
spent Sunday the guest of J. D. Davis
and family.
Mrs. Geo. Ilelmer and daughter
Missourla spent Sunday evening with
(i rand ma Rhodes.
Mrs. Sam Hahn and sons spent Sat
urday afternoon with Mrs. A.K.Kanorr.
Johnny White spent .Sunday with
Clyde McDonald.
Miss Irene Ilelmer is working for
Mrs,. Sherman Adams at Krastus.
' Charles Wilson, wife and daughter
spent Saturday night with Klzle Mc
Donald and wife at Cellna.
Earnest ltcaser was a Cellna caller
Mrs. K. W. T. Kbodes, Mrs. Fred
Adams spent Tuesday evening with
Grandma Rhodes.
Kthel and Emmie Brown and Nora
Smith spent Sunday afternoon with
Mlssouria Ilelmer.
J. D. Davis and daughter Olive were
Cellna callers Tuesday.
Men Wanted
We have steady work for a few good
men at our works, Cement City, Mich.
Mill operators, repair men, cement
packers and yard men. Have a few
good houses for steady men with faml-,
lies. Report at once to Superintend
ent at Mill, or write Pkninmui.ar '
Portland Ckment Co., Jackson, Mich. I
Wanted A middle-aged man to rep
resent us in this vicinity. Special in
ducements. Permanent position. An
opportunity to make a good weekly
income. C. K. Hkkr A. Co. Nukskr
iks, Manchester, Conn:
We advertise to send our 5-ton steel
framo Pitless Scale on approval. Mis
understanding a letter from J. J. Jleau
chand, who oniy wanted a price, we
will soon have a scale at Cellna which
will be sold at a reduction to save
storage or reshipping. The first rea
sonable offer will be taken. Address
Binghampton, N.Y.
Look Here!
The Wagner Loan Agency Is
the only agency In Mercer Coun
ty that will make Chattel Loans
so you can pay them back in
weekly or monthly payments,
or In fact any way to suit the
We make farm loans at 6 per
We have $00,000.00 to loan on
Chattel Security.
We have f 150,000.00 of private
money to loan on Keal Kstate
We buy and sell Heal Kstate.
We write Fire and Cyclone
Unslneaa Htrletly CoaOdential.
Notice of Teachers' Examinations.
Meetings for tht siunlnation of applicants for
teachers' certificate!, for either common, high or
special, will be held at the West School Building,
in Celina, on (he first Saturday of each month of
the rear.
"Extminationa for pupils who wish to graduate
from the elementary schools will be held in Celina
on the third Saturday of April and the third Sat
urday of May. S. COJTKKMHN, President;
A. C. EIFEHT. Clerk;
Members of Board of County Examiners.
Have for sale near Cellna, O.,
80 acres of good land, fine buildings,
I well fenced and tiled.
53 acres, with buildings, fenced and
I tiled.
! HO acres, with buildings, fenced and
I tiled.
50 acres, no buildings.
3'2 acres, no buildings; fenced and
40 acres, no buildings, but fenced
and tiled.
40 acres, in Butler township; good 7
room dwellings and other build
ings. 84 acres in Franklin township; build
ings, fenced and tiled.
100 acres in Union township, fine
buildings, fenced and tiled.
(50 acres in Union township, good
buildings, Ac.
Cellna town property in all parts of
the town, upon which we can make
you liberal prices and easy terms.
We are also agents for the Celina
Realty Co. .Said company Is prepared
to build upon choice lots dwellings to
suit the purse of the purchaser.
Ofllce, Union Block, above Riley.
UrllUth Hardware Store,
HY Hi veil that the UoiiimlxHionerH of
MercerCounty, Ohio, will olTer for utile at
their otllce, on Saturday, the tHlth day of
July, HMO, at 10 o'clock a.m., the construc
tion of the Now Ditch, No. 6!, in Hopewell
Township. This ditch conslHts of 207H feet
of U inch and W27 feet of 15 Inch tile, U feet
IS Inch Hewer, 2 receivers, 1 protection, 210
cuhlc yBrda of open work.
Specifications on Hie at the Auditor's
otllce. The OoiniiilsnlonerH and Knirlneer
reserve tbe right to reject any or all bids.
J.L. MORROW, Auditor.
T,. L. MARSH. Kiiiilneer.
5: 1
We are still loaning money
at the above rate.
Give ue a call before you Insure
your property or borrow your
1'hone SOn, or call and see
Rlebardaon Bids,
Good Live Agents Wanted
To represent the Old Reliable Mon
roe Nursery in the sale of high grade
Northern grown nursery stock. Sixty
three years in the business. 000 acres.
11. st propositions ottered by any nur
sery. Outfit free. Write us for par
ticulars. Thk Monrok Numskrv, I.
E. Ilgonfritz' Sons Company, Monroe,
on the lath day of July. HUH, the Probate
Court of Mercer County declared the estate
of Jacob Wolf, deceased, to be probably In
solvent. Creditors of said estate are therefore re
quired to properly present their claims to
the undersigned for allowance within six
months from the time above written, or
they will not be entitled to paymei.t.
July 18, 1H10. JACOB K, WOLF,
Executor of the estate of Jacob Wolf, de
ceased. Frank V. Short. Attorney. 13-8t
Estate of Gertrude Wlnker.deceased.
POINTED and qualified as executor of
the estate of Gertrude Wlndker, late of
Mercer County, Ohio, deceased.
Dated this 16th dny of June, A.T. 1010.
June 17, 1U10. H-t
The State of Ohio, Mercer County, ss. In
Mercer Common Pleas Court, Ell.aA.
Tlndall, Plaintiff, v. Simeon Franklin
Tlndall, Defendant.
place of residence lb unknown, will take
notice that on the 20th day of June, 1110. In
the Common Pleas Court of MercerCounty,
Ohio, where the action Is now pending, the
undersigned, Eliza A. Tlndall. tiled her pe
tlt'on against said Simeon Franklin Tln
dall, praying for divorce from blin, for ali
mony and for custody of their minor child,
Bertha Idella Tlndall, now aged six years.
The said Simeon Franklin Tlndall 1b re
quired to answer petition in said action
not later than six weeks after the 21th day
of June, 1H10, tbe day of tbe first publication
of this notice, or such divorce and relief
may be granted.
KLIZA A. TIN DALIi. Plaintiff.
John Kramer, Attorney. 10-0t
K. W. Miller, of Peoria, 111., has
been Visiting the past week with bis
nlecea, Mesdames Win. Ketcham and
Kmanuel Mowers.
Miss (J race Ixigie, of Buffalo, N. V.,
returned home last Saturday after a
pleasant stay with J. li. Fair and wife.
U.K. Hoblnson, one of our genial
grucerymen, is quits 111 at this writing.
Itanium A llalley's show was well
patronized Tuesday by the people of
Hock ford and vicinity.
Miss Gertrude Kstelle left Wednes
day for her home In Toledo after visit
of several weeks, the guest of Miss
Charlotte Krysinger.
I.oren Springer snd wife were visit
ing In Van Wert Monday.
Ir. W. li. Smith was business vis
itor at Van Wert Tuesday.
Arthur Stanton and wife, of Ant
werp, ()., are the guests of Abraham
Cook snd family.
The Missionary Society of the Pres
byterian Church will be entertained
Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. J. K.
I.loyd. A most Interesting program
has been arranged.
Ferdinand Hagedorn and family
wi re the guests of his parents on the
Miss F.Ienora Iiorsten left for Day
ton last week to visit relatives and
Mrs, Mary Huelsman, of Cincinnati,
is in town visiting her parents.
John Kawers returned from Canada
last Monday.
Mrs. Harry Jay spent the Fourth at
West Milton.
Miss Frances Gerlach, of Iayton, is
here visiting her sister.
Miss Theresia Woeste left for Fiijua
last Saturday.
Joseph Seitz took suddenly 111 last
Sunday, but is now rapidly recovering.
Fred Wlssman and Miss Caroline
Claybaker were united In marriage
on the fith inst., Kev. Father A. Tabke
olliciatlng. In the evening a dance
was given in their honor atllierhol
zer's hall
Man Wanted
Man wanted to drive one of our med
icine wagons throughout Mercer Coun
ty and sell household and veterinary
remedies, condition powders, spices.
extracts, baking powders, perfumes,
toilet preparations, and other special
ties. Positions steady and will pay
from $25 a week up. Kxperience un
necessary; we teach you. Acquaint
ance of roads in county helpful. (Jive
age, references, ifcc. Address K. W.
Sipp, sales manager, Canton, Ohio.
i the following Administrators, Execu
tors and Guardians have tiled their ac
counts and vouchers In the Prohate Court
of Mercer County, Ohio, for allowance and
settlement, and the same will Jie heard on
the .Hith day of July, A.D. ll'lu. and set
tled and confirmed If no exceptions are
tiled thereto:
George Reler, executor of Philip Heler.
J. R I. B. and T. C. Ross, executors of
Thomas C. Ross.
John W. Huffman, executor of Mary E.
W. J. SchwarU, administrator of John A.
Wm. J. lingerer, guardian of Wm. J.
Peter Hartlngs, guardian of Bernard
Herman Wennlng, guardian of Wm. Ter
borst. P. F. DUGAN. Proliate Judge.
June IS. 1W10. l.s-Ht
i ,t
-.urJ-'StSir '
of Many Ills.
The root of Headaches, Nervous
nens and Dizziness oftentimes Is
Are you troubled with either? Our
services are at your disposal, We
will give your eyes an expert exam
ination and remove all doubt as to
their condition, if you don't need
glasses, we will tell you so. and if
you do need them we will fit your
eyes with the right kind of glasses.
We guarantee all our work.
Consultation and Exam'
nation Free
Olnhausen Smith
123 South Main St., Celina, 0.
At 5 percent on 5 Years' Time
With the privilege (written In your
mortgage) of paying any sum in the
multiple of $IOo at any mm and stop,
ping Interest. Will also write your in
terest payable any time during the year
that you desire to pay the same.
Ho other loan agent In Mercee County
ever wrote a mortgage wltb these priv
ileges. Will loan on first mortgage up to IM
per acre.
ED. L. BRYSON, Celina.
Legal Notice "Non-Residence. .
A. Gleason, whose residences are un
known, and their unknown heirs and de
visees, all of whose residences are unknown,
will take notice that on the 14th day of
June, 1K10, J. B. Alheru, as Treasurer of Mer
cer County. Illed Ills petition in the oin-
nion Pleas Court, Mercer County, Ohio, lu
Case No. HSfiS. against tbe above named par
ties, praying lor me sale 01 certain real
estate hereinafter described, and to apply
the proceeds of aaid sale to the payment of
taxes and assessments that stand charged
against said real estate, which taxes and
assessments have not been paid within the
time prescribed oy law for the payment of
the same. Said real estate being descrllieu
as follows, to-wlt: Being Iit Number
Twenty-two (it i, Alexander Addition to the
Incorporated Village of Kockford. Ohio;
the same being re-r.uiiibered In 1W1 and
now being known as Lot Numlier One Hun
dred and Eighty-one ( lsl ) of said Village.
Said action is brought under favor of for
mer Section 1104, Revised Statutes of Ohio,
or as now known. Sections mw, . maw.
170, 2it7i, unit and aim ol tbe General Code of
Said parties are required to answer said
petition on or before t he Ntb day of August.
luio, or Judgment will be taken against
them. J. B. ALHEKS,
as Treasurer, Plaintiff.
Oeltna,Ohlo, June lfl. 1HI0.
Jobu G. Kuiner, Attorney. IMIt

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