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Begins Begins
Saturday, 0 w Lu U Saturday,
July 16; pn Ofo)! j0,y,6;
Ends Jiu u Jli J- l Ends
Saturday, ' A fl P Sal"a,'
July 30 nW'-l ? July 30
Greaf stocks of Summer goods of every description
will be closed out now at the lowest prices in years.
Prices that are bound to result in quick selling.
Prices that scarcely take any account of cost or
value. Prices that in many instances hardly rep
resent the cost of production.
Our stccks are more comprehensive than ever before. For
the first time in years people can choose from almost com
plete assortments of clean, new merchandise, at July Clear
ance Sale Prices.
These items are only a part of the big number of
offerings we are displaying :
Embroidery Waist
M.J5 l-:m1imMfr V;iit I ronic
S;ik- rkv
j-l.im Knilirniilrry V.ii-t I-'rmits.
Siilf 1'iiii-
7.M- Kinlimi'li T Vwii-4 l'mnl-..
Sak- lricv
Parasols and Baby Hoods
greatly reduced.
White and Tan
Wash Skirts
to 36 Wiiist
1 .75. .-iiiil HJ.50 Viihu'S.
Sail- i rift- ft 19
Wash Suits
Tin- .''J.ik i vahu-s. SaU' jrif e . . .
Tin- f 7.3ii values. Salt; price. . .
Tin- S3. nil values. Salt' prict- ..
,6 75
4 H.S
?3 5D
17 l-.V Tiissuh Sill;.
SaU- prii't-
l.i 'U Itlai k T.ith-ta,
Salt- price
7.x- I'miyi-f Silk.
Sali- price
St' I'linirt-f Silk.
Sale price.
arl wi'l
.s I - t
(1 1-V
. . . 55c
Lingerie Dresses
,-12.5(1 JJrrsscs. Sale price 59 75
7.50 1 reses. Sale price $5 Il
f5.lo I iresscs. Sale rkv 5-5 50
Alterations ami fittini; free.
Misses' and Girls' Wash Dresses
f 1.5(1 to fS.dd valms. Sale price.. 75c to 55.00
Sweeping Reductions!
Muslin Petticoats
-1.011 Petticoats.
()9o Petticoats.
-1.50 Petticoats.
t l'etticoats.
3.50 l'etticoats.
1.75 l'etticoats.
Sale price.
Sale price.
Sale price.
Sale price.
Sale price.
51 17
M 4S
52 4S
Sale price. . . 53 24
imi .-mi.t-iu.va't,rJ!.'WMZt
Ladies' Wash Dresses
512.50 Dresses. Sale price J8 75
f 10. 0() Dresses. Sale price 5;6 75
57.50 Dresses. Sale price 55 00
56.50 Dresses. Sale price 54 85
55.00 Dresses. Sale price S3 50
54.00 Dresses. Sale price ?2 9S
Summer Goods
15c I.auns.
20c Lawns.
35c l.awns.
40c Law ns.
5oc I.auns.
Sale price.
Sale price
Sale price. .
Sale price .
Sale price. .
7 1-2c
.. 10c
.. 15c
. . ISc
.. 25c
10c Hope .Muslin. Sale price.
6c Calico. Sale price
7 7-.Sc
4 7-Sc
2.ic Ladies' hinoroiilcry Dose. Mile price . mc
75c Ladies' l'ure Si1k(l',islc to). Sale price. 49c
25c Children's. Sale price 15c
15c Infants' Lace Hose. .Sale price 10c
15c Jabots. Sale price
15c Collars. Sale price
25c Stock Collars. Sale price.
All 25c fancy Ribbons. Sale price 19c
Short lengths ami remnants of plain Kilihons
at less than One-Half former price
''Niagara Maid"
Silk Gloves New Ooods
50c values (colors only). Sale price
Toilet Preparations
25c Colgate's Talcum 15c
50c Laliloclie l-'ace 1'owder 30c
25c Spiro Powder (to destroy pcrpcration) . 19c
25c Knthynol Talcum 18c
25c Knthvnol Tooth 1'aste 20c
15c Colgate's Toilet Soap, 1-2 11) cakes 10c
3 cakes 25c
Wool Blankets
Iiuy now and save money.
,55.00 kind. Sale price S3 85
56.00 kind. Sale price 54 25
7.50 kind. Sale price $5 50
' Most of these are St. Marys Woolen Mills
make, new Roods, and the patterns and color
ings are very suitable for camping use.
Floor Coverings
S20 and $21.50 Axminster Rugs, size
9x12. Sale price $18 65
$13 Tapestrv Rugs, size 9x12.
Sale price $11 25
$10 Tapestrv Rugs, size 9x12.
Sale price $8 50
$3 Velvet, size 3x6. Sale price $2 45
Don't forget the date-July 16th to 30th.
Don't forget the place Anthony's.
Hffli-nnAiiim (in a
Opposite Court-house, CELINA, OHIO
Tha following bllla were nl lowed by
the Hoard I nut Friday mid payable on
Dtl aflnr the 13th:
(Uto Wlttfn, wig. fi'na I 7 fit!
H. F. V ixIh . Huna, willing mini Ii w
J. F. v I itU-ii iiMtix, Inutt npprnlr'i
monthly nvouiint w
Jtilin 'I'lllon, nitine Ill U)
Mr, 'milium Hi-lmror, rleunliig aur-
vttyur'a olttfo i M
John Ni'lilmllvr, Int. dir. tttui ' Vt
John I'riotoii, nintt K"1"1
J.A.Nuw.coutiljr'a port Itin Hiultli til tell 6 Ul
Joa.Mt'lir, ainkoa (or Mm Kiintn plktt. 1
I'lilllp l.lnn, Jmillor'a kit In i y IB OU
Joint J.K ulni, lantl upprttUt-r'a iiitmth-
y m-iMiiiiit. R 411
John liflMinn, livery hire II w
W. A. Ilninlllon, In ml nilritii-r a
itioiilhly nt'i'oiint
So I it si lit it K llolh, lirlilKO lllllllier
A. H.UnithJitn.wlifrW f
! I Inn Una 'o., But
I'l'llim Mm-hi no Work, ri-i-nl vt-ia
Henmitl llinmiiitn. Bt. entf I OU
J no. Hiihiiinn, Inntt Biiiiilat-r'a lliontli-
ly Hci-oiint W M
Johu K. Het-lier, anine llw l
Frank Hh t. aHinn B6 00
(J. HhiiiIiiImiiiiiIi. J. P. fi i-a. Htute vi.
(linn linker 8 HA
Win. DoHtea, folialalili' ft-i-a, aninti II 86
Pike Dirtctoru
I., I.. Ulil In. trlinmlim treva on Hi-mr
voir pi k ii I I "
J. K- IllKht.aiipt. Five I'nlnl plku ' f'
John hlnll, aupl. Felvt-r iilln- -.0
H.n.Mllli-r, niipt. l'ri'uliill hi iishnr pit -I'm
A inert Mntlii-rt, aupt. Jolui-tut it l
liorni'r pike XI V"
Kitme, mnvt-l 77 CO
117 7
M ml
1.-I7 Ui
1H M
Town Topics
Andrew Arnelt, i:nt Warren itreet,
had the end of his thumb torn off last
Saturday morning when lie caught it
in a law.
Mil", Klizabeth Hendrlekl, of IMqua,
who la here vlalting hor parent!, Mr.
antl Mra. (leo. llendrieki, fell on the
1 pavement near bor home last Tueaday
I morning, luitaining a fracture of the
! right wriit.
Fire of unknown origin destroyed
. the barn on the John Stoll farm In Lib
erty Township last Friday night, to
gether with farm implements and a
quantity of grain. The loss of a thous
and dollars la partly covered by
Chas. Maddy, residing in the south
west end of town, was arrested by OUW
eer llieht last Wednesday evenlne on
'complaint of his wife, charging him
with assault and battery. He plead
guilty before Justice ltaudabaugh and
I was fined f 10 and costs and sentenced
to 30 daya in the Toledo Works.
I The following olliccrs were chosen at
a meeting of the Mercer County liar
Association last Monday: President,
Judge J. It. Day; Vice President, F.
IV, Short; Librarian and treasurer, J.
M. Schlosser; Secretary, Judge C. S.
Younger; Trustees J. W. Loree, K.
II. Ford and K. K. Jackson, of Kock
ford. T. W. Pierce, of St. Marys, waa ar
rested bv Ollicer Lininger last Satur
day upon allidavit of Manager S. J.
Vining, of the Western Ohio Automo
bile Company, charging him with ob
taining money under false pretense, on
the trade of some automobile tires.
He was given a hearing in Justice
Short's court, waived examination and
was bound over to court in the sum of
f 100. He gave bond.
Mrs. W. T. Palmer and children
are home from a visit with relatives at
Mrs. Herman Herderlng and grand
son, Karl Hoenie, are! here, the guests
of relatives.
Kx-SherifT Jos. Hinders and son
Homer are visiting relatives at Cin
cinnati this week. )
Misses Leona Winter and Kflie
Fanger are home from a week's vaca
tion at CTarks Lake, Mich.
Miss Ida Uoyng is spending this
week with her brother, li. C. Hoyng
and family at West Union, Va,
August Hirseh, of Dayton, spent
Sunday here with his wife, who was
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Stein. They returned home Mon
day. Miss Mada Miller, of Rockford,
deputy in the office of Probate Judge
Dugan, is spending this week with her
parents, Liveryman and Mrs. Frank
Miller, in that village.
Mr. and Mis. John Milligan, of
Dayton, Florida, are here for a visit
with Councilman and Mrs. J. P. Le
Blond and Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Ander
son. Banker and Mrs. C. H. Howick
and little Mary Kvelyn Howick, and
Jeweler and Mrs. J. W. McKee motored
to Portland, Ind., last Sunday for a
day's visit with Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Bimel and family.
Dr. Herbert Myers, who last week
opened up the dental parlors at Celd
water, has rented the J. M. Wlllhoir
property in that village and will move
into the building as soon as the im
provements, which are being made,
have been completed.
Architect Andrew DeCurtin, of
Lima, was in this city last Wednesday
enroute to Maria Stein, where he con
ferred with the stock holders of the
Ideal Spreader Works relative to the
erection of a new addition to their
buildings at Coldwater. The new
building will be 80 by 100 leet, one
story high.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harry Clark, of
Chlcasro. 111., visited the first of the
week in this city, the guests of Mrs
Clark's parents, Policeman and Mrs.
John Mayer, while on their way to
Coshocton, where they join the L. A.
Karl Stock company.
Mrs. J. H. Raach and daughter.
Miss Mildred, of Wheaton, 111., and
Miss Emma Fisher, of Lima, arrived
in this city lata Saturday, the latter to
be an extended guest as the homes of
Mesdames Delia and Y. C. Raach, and
the former to spend a few days here,
leaving Monday for New York, where
sho joins her husband, who is taking a
post graduato course in the eastern
Men Wanted
We have steady work for a few good
men at our works, Cement City, Mich.
Mill operators, repair men, cement
packers and yard men. Have a few
good houses for steady men with fami
lies. Report at once to Superintend
ent at Mill, or write PkninbuXah
Portland Ckmknt Co., Jackson, Mich.
Good Live Agents Wanted
To represent the Old Reliable Mon
roe Nursery in the sale of high grade
Northern grown nursery stock. Sijtty
three years in the business. 900 acres.
Best propositions offered by any nur
sery. Outut rree. write ua ior par
ticulars. Thr Monkor Nukhrry, I.
K. Ilgonfrlt.' Sons Company( Monroe,
A marrlutrn of (imminent vounir Heo-
pie of the county, which oceured almost
a year ago, leaked out this week when
it became known that Harold linker,
of this city, and Miss F.ita Fisher, of
Maui nf tttavn. wera united In marri
age at Islington, Ky., on the i'Jth day
of last October, tne marriage ceremony
being peiformed by Rev, T. v. i-.eion,
at the liaptlst Church parsonage la that
Tha vroorn Is the vounifeat son or
Mrs. Amanda HaUer, West Livingston
street, and is the rural mail carrier on
route 10 out of this city. II is a grad
uate of the class of 1IKI.1 of the local
High School and is well known in this
city and along his rural mull route.
The bride Is the pretty and accom
plished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.pb
D. Fisher, of Fast Jellenon Township.
For the present the young, couole are
living with the groom's mother. The
Democrat Joins with their host of
friends In extending delayed, but none
the less sincere congratulations.
(t'ontlmiiil from flrat pnge.l
blngles gave the hostlles two more and
a similar combination, mixed with
llrand's mlsplay, registered three more
in the sixth and put the Moreseots in
In the rear.
The last counting was done in the
eighth. (1. Meyers singled, went to
second on Wenning's sacrifice and tal
lied on Klstler's hit. The score:
McUoinb. c 6 (I 0 u 1 7 11
KIIKllli 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
tl. Myera. If '.. 5 110 1 It 0 0
Beta. 11) 8 1 1 1 1 0
Fredericks, p 8 8 0 1 0 0 0 0
l. Myera, rf 4 0 8 0 0 15 0
Wennlnif, lb 4 0 0 0 1 0 1
McKlrimii. as.... 4 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Klatlur. cf 4 0 1 0 I jl o o
Totala HH 7 Id 1 t 17 9 4
Htrntlmmn. lb ... 4 2 0 0 1 HI 0 1
KlehanU. .Hi 8 1110 10 0
Schneider, If 8 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
Hert.rf 4 10 11 ri
Hlldehrand. rf.... 4 0 1 n II 10 0
Hiit-hnnnn, ai 4 0 0 0 1 111
Hrnnd. lb 4 0 0 0 1 4 4 1
Aleat-h. c 4 0 1 0 0 ft 0 0
Banner, p 4 0 0 0 1 1 8 0
Totala 81 I K li 8
Innings 1 8467H
C'ellim 0 1 0 1 0 8 0 1 0-7
Flndlny 8 1 0 0 0 ii 0 fl fl-6
Two-Base Hits O. Myers, Klstler and
(sacrifice Hits Frederick. Wonnlng and
Double I'laya-d. Myen to Betz to Wen
nlna: I'lert to Brand : Brand to Ntrnthninn.
First Base on Balla OIT Myen 1, oir Ban
ner 1.
Time of Gnme 1 :8S.
I'mplre Bertuuame.
A One-Hit Came at Chickasaw
In an Interesting game, replete with
spoctacular plays, the vicious Chicka
saw nine defeated the Mercelinas by
the score of 7 to 0. The visitors were
completely helpless before the splen
did pitching of lioomershire and Si
mons. "Iloomy," who has been pitch
ing some masterly ball for some time,
completely buffaloed the Celina boys,
allowing no hits in five innings, and
causing ten batsmen to fan the breeze.
Simons, who relieved blm, finished the
game in grand style, allowing the only
hit for the visitors.
The Chickasaw team held up its rep
utation in grand style and played a
splendid game, both at the bat and in
the field. Ten hits, including a triple
by Pickineu, were gathered olf Nich
ols, and were good for seven runs.
Four of these were secured in the sec
ond inning, and, coupled with two
errors by the visitors, netted five runs.
Another feature of the game was the
pegging of Hanna, who nabbed every
man trying for second. Score:
Itinlnii 1 2 8 460781)
Chickasaw 0 6 0 1 0 1 0 0 7
Oellna 000000 0 0 0-0
Batteries Uhlckasaw, Booniershlne, SI
mon iind Hanna: Uellna.Nlehols and Hand
man. Hlta Uhlckasaw 10, Oellna 1. Krrors
Chickasaw 1, Oellna 4. Struck out By
Booniershlne 10, by Hiinon 4, by Nichols 4.
Bases on balls OIT Simons!, oil Nichols 1.
Hit by pitcher Booniershlne 1. Umpire
A. Klelnence.
The Chickasaw second nine defeated
the Carthagena team last Sunday by a
score 17 to 3. Copsey and Jay were
the battery for the former and Plateau
and Wbipka for the latter team.
J. M. Garwood, administrator of the
estate of Zoe Ann Hill, deceased, filed
proceeding !to sell real estate. Order
of public sale issued.
Herman Wenning, guardian of Wm.
Terhorst, filed second partial account.
For healing July 30.
Last will and testament of Vitus Hein,
deceased, admitted to probate. Peter
Hein appointed and qualified as admin
istrator with will annexed.
In the State of Ohio vs. Joseph II
Cullen, charge of neglect of minor child,
hearing had, and defendant held under
bail of 1500. In default of furnishing
bail he was sent to Jail.
John-W. Huffman, executor of the
estate of Mary K. Scblenker, deceased
filed final account. For hearing July
30. i
J. R., I. B. and T. C. Ross, executors
of the estate of Thomas C. Ross, de
ceased, filed final account. For hear
ing July 30.
J. R., I. B. and T. C. Ross, executors
of Mary Ross, deceased, filed Inventory
and appraisement.
Last will and testament of Mary
Mosier, deceased, filed for probate.
For hearing July 16.
In the matter of the estate of Charles
Schneider, deceased, inventory and ap
praisement filed. Inventory and ap
praisement of the partnership of Schnei
der Bros., filed.
In the matter of the estate of John S.
Pumphrey, deceased, inventory and
appraisement returned and filed.
F. Smith loft for Toledo Monday for
a -week's outing.
Bub Wright and H. B. Hughes were
Celina visitors Monday.
Wm. Swander, S. F. Swander, Jacob
Shawler and C. Amspaugh attended
Buffalo Bill's show at Lima Saturday.
Jacob Fisher has now begun to ro-
cover from the effect of the surprise on
Julv 3. He says he will acknowledge
to the corn this time.
Wm. Kichar and L. N. Jackson were
st Celina Saturday.
Sabbath-school at Friends Chapol
Sunday was well attended.
Elmer Rutledge and Ben Shawler at
tended the Sunday-school convention
at Liberty Chapel Sunday afternoon
and evening, and report It a very prof
itable meeting.
Bub Wright U on the sick list.
Rev, Harvey preached a very lnter-
eating sermon Sunday morning.
m Lai
i riutuwir
America's Oldest, Richest Circus! A modernized,
stupendous realization of all that is great in the cir
cus world. Four rings, 3 combined menageries, hip'
podrome and great wild west, all united in one great
est show on earth.
h ' ' - j S
jtThi -?-4c'av!54l hj.r-'it?.-
Enormous Zoological Exhibit
30- Male and Female Riders -30
The great DeAlotts, Roy O'Wessney, the Ortons,
Miss Eunice, Mamie Ashton, Aliss Ella Hackett. Sadie
Connors, and 20 others equally expert and famous.
6 Great Aerial Thrillers 6
The wonderful DeComas. the Liningei Trio, the Reck
less Japs, the Glasscocks, the DeBolien Bros., Etc, Etc.
'flV-,mMrM.i -r . -. 'i N .;, 'v svaiNGTiumisidiL xE-r ' h ( GbVaTK"1,
Fifty Cowboys, 30 Cowgirls, SO real blanket Indians,
Mexican horsemen, Vaqueros, Russian Cossacks and
Japanese Scouts. Sinhalese Dancers and Magicians.
Company of U. S. Cavalry in all kinds of fancy drills.
Prof. ZINTONEO, with his beautiful Monoplane, will
give exhibitions daily at the Circus Grounds.
Lowanda's Eight Brazilian Riders
The World's Greatest Horsemen
50 Clowns! 100 Feature Acts!
100 Gymnasts and Acrobats
10 Menage Acts! 50 Aerialists!
v i c . . in rr nra n tjvjraw i
Kxr"ir 'Kjra waiJh
3 Famous Herds of Performing Elephants
Including Glasscock's Famous Comedy Four
Grand Camp of the Nations
Entirely new and unique feature, comprising hundreds
of strange peoples from the dark corners of the earth.
Two Performances Daily
Doors open at 1:00 and 7:00 p.m. The only big show
not in the circus trust, consequently there will be no
advance in prices for seats or otherwise.

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