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Thou who despise the power of the
apniifrt people htumlil correct their
tHtlnmti-s ty a study of the agrlcue
turul prodliileii of thU most capable
race, uy Niw Yolk American. In
ar th it fimt victory rests with the
oiutnl.hHry, mid th last objective of
II military operations U tho com
omnJ oi the lj-iit fields or tho rice
St liln. Nation lire Htron not In pro
portion to tin Ir natural resources, but
In proportion to their anility to make
much of what they liavo. Now,
Japan ill .t-s Its farming In a way l hut
to, from a military point of view, slm
ply formidable. It supports u poptila
Hon of CI, oho, (mo on uu area of ura
ble laud that could bo contained In
t circle with a radliiH of 73 miles con-
iderably lens than thu distance from
New York to riilladelpliin. Thero are
more farms that are called "worn
am" In New Kngland and tho middle
State than would equal thu whole of
tho tillable Mirlaie of tho Japanese
U-lands. Our lands are "worn out,"
Of course, merely because our scant
kill and fickle path-nco are exhaust
ed, and not because tney do not con
tain under their hidebound sods the
tnuklng of the food of millions. The
tee ml iik little farm of present day
Japan were cropped a thousand years
fccfon- the Pilgrims landed on the Ply
mouth tauds.
Whenever war Is discussed invasion
U sure to ho treated as a matter to
Co considered anxiously. Yet suc
cessful Invasion has always been the
exception, rather than the rule. Eng
land has had a lit of the bhlvcrs every
(cw years for centuries at the thought
ft invasion, and yet It has actually been
penturies since she has suffered from
in invasion, says Manchester Union.
In the last war with England thero
was a great deal of talk about inva
ilon, both of this country and of Can
ada, yet nothing came of it all except
the taking of York, now Toronto, by
Pike, and the capture of Washington
tiy Ross, neither of which had any
permanent results or even any impor
tant influence on tho course of tho
war Now and then (something Is
nid in the newspapers and In military
circles about the invasion of the
L'nited States by tho army of some
Hostile nation. It is well enough to
provide suitable coast defenses, for it
Would be disagreeable and expensive
tor some one of our seacoast towns
to be levied upon for a heavy tribute
Oy a hostile fleet, but as to an Inva
ilon which would reach anywhere into
;he interior, it is not for a moment to
be seriously entertained.
The latest public school develop
ment is the proposed establishment
jf classes at Montclair, X. J., for in
uruction in the prevention of tuber
culosis. A census of the .Montclaii
tchools shows that there are about Hi
ii'jpihi who are predisposed to tuber
culosis, and to save these children
ami others the authorities propose
io establish outdoor classes in each of
Mu schools. Jt would be good policy
jo make Instruction in wanare against
Uilierculosis general so that the pu
Oils may guard themselves against in
jection, and avoid inclusion in the
jutdoor classes. The open air school
t becoming quite general. New
Kork has openeu one and the bchool
luthoritles o; Chicago are preparing
do likewis".
A woman In New York obtained
t20,000 damages from a railroad company-because
she was so badly burned
n a collision with her automobile
iat the scars preclude her from ever
bearing decollete gowns. The fa
l.ous decision is yet remembered of
i New Jersey judge- who decided Uiat
jurenta of children killed in an acci
lent could not recover any but nom
nal damages, as the children had no
uoney value. The vagaries of the law
ire certainly hard lor the lay mind
io understand.
Every now and then one hears of a
'remarkably good counterfeit $50
Sill" in circulation. Remarkably
ood or remarkably bad, as you look
it it, since the excellence of its iicita
Jon only increases Its moral turpi
tude. But a large share of society la
not afraid of being deceived by bad
50 bills.
The country Is getting ahnout
4ry as the weather bureau.
A Newark man who admits he
wants to get married, but dreads tc
propose, is probably about to experi
ence the busiest time of his life.
Rome Is preparing for its big exposi
tion by raising rents. That may be
one way to attract visitors, but it is
hardly a good way.
Champagne is likely to be more ex
pensive and great suffering is antici
pated on Broadway.
A hint for weary parents is con
tained In the news that a Brooklyn
woman has asked the court to give
her an Injunction to stop her neigh
tor's baby crying.
Aviators have this advantage: they
can iaaue rain checks that nobody
'will ever use.
Montreal stock exchange has a rule
isgainst gum chewing. Jealousy on
the pwrt of the rag.
Btrlklng Article In North American
Review Thit le Attracting Wide
j Attention.
The attention of business and pro
fessional men In all portions of the
country hue been attracted to a Btrlk
lng I jr at rone article by Col. George
Harvey In the September Issue of the
North American Review In which the
writer takea a view of the greatest
hopefulness for the future of America
and Americana. The article la en
titled "A Plea for the Oouaervatlon of
Common Sense," and It ta meeting
with the cordial approval of business
tnen of all shades of political opinion
throughout the entire couutry. Io
part. Colonel Harvey aaya:
"Vnquestlotiubiy a ipfrlt of unrest
dominates the land. Hut, If It be
true that fundamentally the conditio
of the couutry Is sound, must we
necessarily succumb to despondency,
abandon tffort looking to retrlevnl
nd cringe like cravens before clouds
that only threaten? Rather ought
we not to analyze conditions, search
for causes, find the root of the dis
tress, which even now exists only In
metis minds, and then, after the
American fashion, apply such rem
edies as seems most likely to produce
beneficent results?
Capital and Labor Not Antagonistic.
"The Link that connecta labor with
capital is not broken but we may not
deny that it is less cohesive than it
should be or than conditions war
rant. Financially, tho country Is
stronger than ever before In lta his
tory. Recovery from a panic so
; severe as that of three years ago was
. never before so prompt and compara
tively complete. The masses are
', practically free from debt. Money la
held by the banks In abundance and :
rates are low.
"Why, then, does capital paure
upon the threshold of Investment?
The answer, we believe, to be plain.
It awaits adjustment of the relations
of government to business. Tho
, sole problem consists of determining
how government can maintain an
even balance between aggregations
oi interests, on the one hand, and the
whole people, on the other, protect
ing the latter against extortion and
saving the former from mad assaults.
"The solution Is not easy to find ;
for the simple reason that the situ
ation Is without precedent, nut Is
not progress being made along sane ,
; and cautious lines?
i Conserve Common Sense.
I "Is not the present, aa we have
! seen, exceptionally secure? What,
then, of preparations for the future?
Patriotism is tho basis of our Insti
tutions. And patriotism in the minds
: of our youth is no longer linked solely
j with fireworks and deeds of daring, it
i Is taught In our schools. A new
coun" has been added a course In
loyalty. Methodically, our children
learn how to vote, how to conduct
primaries, conventions and elections,
bow to discriminate between qualifica
tions of candidates and, finally, how
to govern as well as serve. They are
taught to despise bribery and all
forms of corruption and fraud as
treason. Their creed, which they are
made to know by heart, is not com
plex. It is simple, but comprehen
sive, no less beautiful In diction than
lofty In aspiration. These are the
pledges which are graven upon their
"As it is cowardly for a soldier to
run away from battle, so it is coward
ly for any citizen not to contribute
his share to the well-being of his
country. America Is my own dear
land; she nourishes me, and I will
love her and do my duty to her,
whose child, servant and civil soldier
I am.
"As the health and happiness of
my body depend upon each muscle
and nerve and drop of blood doing
its work In its place, so the health
and happiness of my country depend
upon each citizen doing his work in
his place.
"These young citizens are our
hostages to fortune. Can we not
safely assume that the principles ani
mating their llve3 augur well for the
permanency of the Republic? When
before have the foundation stones
of continuance been laid with such
care and promise of durability?
"The future, then, Is bright. And
the present? But one thing is need
ful. Xo present movement is more
laudablo than that which looks to
conservation of natural resources.
But let us never forget that the great
est Inherent resource of the Amer
ican people is Common Sense. Let
that be conserved and applied with
out cessation, arid soon it will be
found that all the ills of which we
complain but know not of are only
such as attend upon the growing
pains of a great and blessed country.
He Knows the Game.
According to the Metropolitan Meg
azlne, Fire Chief John Conway of Jer
sey City, h solved the baseball ex
cuse question by the posting of the
following printed notice on his desk
at fire headquarters:
"All requests for leave of absence
owing to grandmothers' funerals, lame
back, house cleaning, moving, sore
throat, headache, brainstorm, cousins'
wedding, general Indisposition, etc.,
must bo handed to the chief not later
than ten o'clock on the morning of the
Duty Smears.
"How can you go around," demand
ed bis wife," with tobacco Juice all
oyer your face?"
"This isn't tobacco Juice," respond
ed the candidate, mildly. "It's mo
lasses. I've been kissing babies."
"See the boys."
"Pretending to be soldiers, eh?"
"Yes; kids get lots of fun preter 1
"And grcwn-ups, too. I put m ;ny
vacation pretending I was rich."
Hundreds Daily Shuffle Through
Streets Without Money or
Young Hoosler Lad Leaves Small
Town to Answer Advertisement of
Employment Agency Is Duped
and Robbed of Coin.
In Chicago penniless and without a
Were you ever In such circum
stances? Probably not, but every day sees
hundreds of your fellows who are. The
other day Walter Summers, a lad of
only 17 years, good looking and ap
parently fairly well educated, shuffled
Into the Desplalues street police sta
tion. The lad, tired and broken In spirit,
sat down in a chair.
"Say," the boy asked timidly, "how
far Is It to Wubnsh avenue?"
"About a mile," was the reply.
Ho smiled half heartedly.
"About a mile, eh? C.eo. I wish I
had a dollar for every mile I've walk
ed today. I could buy some regular
food nnd have enough left to get
cleaned up and pay my railroad fare
"Where Is your home?" was asked.
And then the tired boy told his
"I hod a Job In West Salem, Wis.,"
he said, "and I was getting along pret
ty well. I had a few dollars saved up
and thought I was satisfied. I saw an
advertisement in a pamphlet up there,
telling how easy It was to make
Money in Chicago. The 'ad' was sign
ed by an employment agency. All
you had to do was to givo the agency
$2 and It would ship you to Chicago,
where a job would be waiting you. It
sounded fine, so I thought I'd try it.
"I gave my $' to the agency nnd
took the rest of my money with me.
I was shipped with about fifteen other
"When I got to Chicago I went to
tho place where tho agency had told
me I could land a Job. The address
which they had given me I found was
a swamp out that way somewhere,"
and the boy pointed toward the south
west side.
"Then I saw that I had been 'bun
koed.' The agency. I guess, was a
fake, or else they had given me the
Woman Wastes More Than She
Uses, Says Prof. Barnard.
Specialist In Household Economy Says
American Man, Because of Wife's
Culinary Inefficiency, Not as
Well Nourished as Euro
pean. New York. Go to tho squaw, thou
housewife, consider her ways and do
At least such is the advice of Prof.
Charles Barnard, specialist In house
hold economy, and one of the foremost
figures at the household show recently
held in Madison Square garden, says
a writer In the New York World.
What Professor Harnard is not tell
ing eager inquirers at the garden of
'.he superior housekeeping methods of
our great great-grandmother, Minne
haha, ho is busy with the "housekeep
experiment station," which he
"intains at Uarien, Conn., for test-
; under the most simple housekeep
ing conditions all new materials, meth
ods, utensils and appliances which
may prove useful in the home.
"The American housekeeper, com
pared with tho housewives of France
nnd Germany, is an unlettered child,"
declared Professor Barnard to me yes
terday. "The American man, because of his
wife's culinary Inefficiency, is not so
well nourished as the European mak
ing half tho income. At least 20 per
cent, of the money spent on the Amer
ican table is absolute waste."
Professor Barnard, mild of votce and
eye, spoke with an earnestness that
belled his manner.
"The American woman," he added,
"does not know as much about cook
ing as the Indian squaw."
"Cooking, though it is part of the
profession of wifehood, does not In
terest her. She 'can't be bothered,'
she says. The merchant's wife vies
with the millionaire's wife in buying
only the most expensive cuts of meat.
Steak, chops; steak, chops! swings
tho unvarying pendulum of the week's
bill of fare.
"Now, only 24 per cent, of a beef,
for instance, can provide the expen
sive porterhouse steaks, Delmonico
Douglas Mawson of Sydney to Find
Out Reasons for Australia's Queer
Melbourne. To find out why Aus
tralia has queer spasms of weather
r-t times Douglas Mawson of Sydney
'ruts to run an Australian expedition
the regions round the south pole,
a dash to the pole itself, it should
borne in mind, but a long residence
, i Antarctic quarters to study the
magnetic and meteorological condi
tions that reflect their influence on
the climate experienced by those liv
ing under the Southern Cross.
The curse of Australian agricultur
ists Is drought. Some summers all
seems set for a banner harvest, when
suddenly cyclonlo depression shifts
and the rains that would have been a
boon are wasted on the ocean. Other
tint?" hurlcanes sweep whole prov
w'ichu, leaving a track of destruction
-ch ua the fringe of the Mexican gu'r
aslonally experiences. These co-
;o-.a R'rsen'. wad tUe veathor condi
; p 7 VHl
i. XV" 4 y sT ' - V
' T
Vt U ' V .'II
irrty v 1 '. , i ' n
F.O - -.,v-.-l. f 1 V:
V ,-?V 4 fa
:. T;'J . H
This photograph, the first of its kind, shows the tiny wireless telegraph
apparatus designed by II. N. Horton and placed on Glenn H. Curllss' Aero
plane for sending messages while In flight. Dr. C. K. Everitt of the sig
nal corps, N. Y. National Guard is seen sending a message.
wrong address by mlstako. I thought,
though, that I could get a Job next
day, so I gave a dollar for the room I
slept In that night. I hunted around
for two days, tring to find a Job.
Twice I was told to call next weeK,
but that Is as close as I've come, so
"It was Tuesday when I came to
Chicago. The following Sunday night
I slept on the dock, down there by the
river. Thero were lots of other fel
lows there, too. I spread out foiuo
papers and lay down on them. When
I woke up In the morning I found that
some fellow had taken my last $10."
The boy paused a minute, looked at
bis lone auditor nnd smiled.
"Say, honest now, ain't I the 'fall
guy'? I guess I need a guardian," be
said, and in spite of the fact that he
was hungry nnd without money, ho
actually laughed.
"Kver t-ince that night I have had to
beg what food I have had. And I
haven't had a shave, either, not since
1 came to this town."
"Yesterday I gave up. 1 went in
the station down there," pointing west
again, "and the 'copper' at the desk
gave me a postal card and a nickel.
Then I wrote to my mother and told
roasts, etc. The other 7C per cent. Is
made up of the cheaper cuts chuck,
rump, round, shank, navel, brisket, etc.
"This meat If properly cooked, that
Is, slowly cooked. Is more nutritious
and has a better flavor than te:.derloln.
But the poor man's wife won't take
tho trouble to cook It. Her husband
may say, 'We'll have to economize.
Let's buy a little cheaper meat.' But
when she gets to the butcher's and
sees another woman buying something
more expensive she feels ashamed of
what she intended to order or else
says to herself, 'What's good enough
for her is none too good for me,' and
buys a porterhouse steak instead.
"There's another type of woman
that would rather spend her husband's
money than her own time. She 'can't
be bothered' cooking. But" here Pro
fessor Barnard brightened up percep
tibly "a solution has been found even
for her. It is fireless cooking. Have
you ever tried it?"
I confessed that my education had
been neglected In that respect.
"That's a trick tho Indian squaw
has taught us," Professor Barnard
continued. "There are 15 or 20 differ
ent fireless cookers on tho market, so
you see I'm not booming anybody in
talking about them."
Double Protection Against Dust and
Sun Is Forced In English So
ciety Circles.
London. Woman Is in future to
wear two veils, so that she may sug
gest more and more the rainbow
shrouded in a fine mist by her many
colored garments veiled wita transpar
ent materials.
The fashion of the combination of
colorings in veiling one over the
other, which has become such a pro
nounced vogue in both evening and
afternoon dresses, has spread to the
veil itself.
Motor veils of different tints worn
over each other to produce a Bhot ef
fect lead the way to the same style
of veiling for wear with the promenade
Fair women are soon to be myBterl
msly hidden behind folds of mauve
:ver blue, mole over pink, dark blues
tions remaining normal, Australia has
bumper crops and record clips of
wool; squatter millionaires are turtled
out by the back blocks and boom
times set in for town and country.
Cheyenne Waitress Causes Former
President to Laugh Heartily
at Error.
Denver, Col. While Colonel Roose
velt was In Cheyenne he stopped at
the Inter Ocean hcitel. His meals
were served to him in his rooms, and
as servitor he had a Swedish girl who
had been in this country but a short
Whenever he asked the girl ques
tion, she answered: "No, Teddy," or
"Yes, Teddy," to tho amuse mailt of the
Her manner was so ingenuous, how
vr, thft he decided that she was ln
occiit cf Intentional dlwesoect
her whore I was and that I was
'broke.' I expect to hear from her to
morrow and then I am going home,
An' say," he went on, "lor nil the
three years which I have been away, I
haven't written to my mother. She
didn't know but what I was dead. I
had an argument with her one day,'
he admitted reluctantly, and I ran
away. I got along all right up in West
Snlem, but Chicago Is a fierce place.
Tho boy got up to go. A plain
clothes detective who had come out
during the latter part of the boy's
story gave him CO cents.
"Here, lad," he said, "you're too
young to be In this town without
Tho reporter added his mite to the
boy's fortune, then turned to go into
the station.
"Well, much obliged," murmured tha
runaway, "so long" and he was off.
Order French War Planes.
Paris. The ministry of war has
ordered tho purchase of ton military
monoplanes and twenty biplanes with
in the next three months. This will
give the French army an aerial flotilla
of sixty by the end of the year.
Sea Lion Is Life Saver.
I Toledo, O. The sea lion which re
i cently won much publicity by its si
j journ in the Maune e, c-sraped again
I some time early the other morning.
! Police Lieutenant Conway sent lojr
officers to pursue the animal
Coroner Charles J. Henzlcr says
they ought to let tho sea Hon stay
in the river and make no attempt to
catch him.
"They should not have taken it out
when It was in the river before," he
says. Why, as long as It was in the
river there was not a single case of
drowning. Kids were alrald to go In
swimming, and people were afraid to
commit suicide by jumping into the
Praise for American Girls.
New York. "American girls do not
go abroad to have a good time by
drinking wine, smoking cigarettes and
following other European customs.
Those who say they do libel them."
Thus said Lady Francis Cook (Ten
nessee Clafiin), herself an American
girl, who arrived the other day from
"American girls have revolutionized
Europe," she continued. "Continental
streets, which were regarded as tin
safe for women after dark, now are
as safe as our own avenues. It Is the
American girl who has worked this
shading rose and pale blues.
A lining of pink under black lace or
white has been recognized for a long
time as very becoming.
It will require a decided artistic
taste in the ordinary woman who
chooses her veiling apart from her
hat to know exactly what tones to
blend and which will also suit hei
"A combination of colors is the fash
ion for motor veils," a representative
of a West end firm said, "and very fine
gauzes and chiffons are sold for theii
"The several layers of veiling are
effective as well as picturesque, as
they protect the face from the dust
better than a single veil.
"In the same way bright colored
hats are covered tightly with a veil
of chiffon, and many varieties of the
veiled hat will be seen in the autumn
Finally he mado inquiries and the
mystery was solved.
The girl thought that "Teddy" which
she had heard so frequently, was
"some sort of a title, such as king."
He laughed heartily when he heard
the explanation.
Talking Motion Pictures.
New York. With the announce
ment by Thomas A. Edison the other
day that he has almost reached the
solution of the problem of making
moving pictures that talk, the future
of the moving picture promises a revo
lution. Mr. Edison has obtained satis
factory results with a device for re
cording the words as well as the ac
tions of actors and actresses.
Protect Lyre Bird.
Sydney. So great has been the de
struction wrought upon the beautiful
lyre Mrd of Queensland that the state
has protected the bird till the middle
of 1916; a $25 penalty Is attached to
Its capture, or injury, or taking it
eggs. It is the extraordinary lyro
form development of the tail featheri
which tempt the cantor.
Greater New York's Increased Needs
"My TOWN 84 ,jL'
y government has, In some ways
at least, kept pnro with the city's
growth as shown In tho census re
turns Is manifest from a budget study
nompiled by the city statisticians. The
census returns show an Increase In
the population of 38.7 per cent. In tho
same ten-year period tho city budget
has grown Irom ;i0,778,972 to $IG3,
030,270 an Increase of over 74 per
cent. Tho figures estimated for tho
expenditure of the actual city, as
apart from tho county, were for 1900
$79,201,70-1, and for lit 10 $158,775,145,
or 94 per cent Increase.
Tho increased cost In tho city gov
ernment Is partly accounted for, ac
cording to the budget officials, by the
widened scope of municipal enterprise.
For example, ten years ago the domes
tic relations courts In Manhattan and
Brooklyn, tho special schools for de
fective children or tuberculosis pa
tients nnd the establishment of play
grounds were entirely outside the gen
eral conception of what the city gov
ernment should do.
The expense of maintaining tho
city's police force has Increased more
than a third in tho decade. The board
of education now requires twice as
much ns in 1900-$2S, 500,000, instead
Souvenir Postal Saves Heir $20,000
iX J?:&JrL. GET
"t'tjj THIS
CHICAGO. Mn unusual story of a
lost heir to a $3,000,000 estate,
whoso chance mailing of a souvenir
post card will bring him $20,000,
was revealed in the probate court
the other day. The man is Corne
'lus Carney, now a resident of Okla
homa City, who was thought to have
perished In the San Francisco earth
quake and fire in April, lfJOtJ.
The story he told in court ran
like this: He was born 30 years ago
in Troy, N. Y., a member of a large
imily whose head, John Carney, was
for more noted for his convivial hab-
ts than for his thrift and industry.
Consequently the little Carneys found
ife in Williams street alley a strug
gle in which dirt and want were dally
actors. After being very bad for a
ong time the condition of the Carney
family became worse, and Cornelius
was sent to a children's asylum.
There wasn't much in life in Wil
liams street alley but liberty there
was plenty of that and the compara
tive comfort of the asylum couldn't
Ants Are Driving Kansans From Home
- 11 ) s
CHITA, Kan. G rasshoppers,
hlnch bugs and Hessian flies,
ami a few other such pests, have visit
ed Kansas In bygone days, eaten the
crops, trimmed the leaves off the trees
and driven more or less hardy pio
neers back to their wives' folks In tho
East, but never until this year have
ants in sufficient numbers been no
ticed to cause people to desire to leave
their once happy homes in the Sun
flower State.
From several towns come reports of
ants in such numbers as to cause ac
tual worry by the inhabitants. The
people are not unaccustomed to the
little black ant and the red ant which
visit tho sugar bowl occasionally, but
they can't account for the swarms of
all sorts and breeds of ants which aro
Hog Raising a Social Eccentricity
LONDON. Women of title, Jaded by
the fatigues of tho season, are be
ing offered unique opportunities for
calming their overwrought nerves.
Lady Wolseley, head of the Ladies'
Park club, has conceived the happy
idea of enabling the blue-blooded mem
bers to live as farm hands. The re
treat that has been provided for them
is far from the madding crowd, in an
antique country house in Middlesex
Duchesses tired of the social whirl
go there to commune with nature and
to enjoy the delightful luxury of plain
fare. Life on the farm will be almost
Bevere, for the spoiled darlings of so
ciety. They are not allowed to play
So Far and Yet So Near.
He (to his fiancee, Jealously)-
did you let that man kiss you?
She "He is a distant relative."
Pie "Distant? He was too mighty
close to suit me." London Ideas.
"Why do you consider women su
perior to men in intelligence?"
"A bald-headed man buys hair re
storer by the quart, doesn't he?"
"Well, a woman doesn't waste time
on a hair restorer; she buys hair."
of $14,000,000. The street-cleaning de
partment spends 00 per cent more
$7,500,000. Instead of $5,000,000. The
health department's appropriation has
grown 125 per cent from $1,050,000 to
$2,750,000. Tho fire department costs
80 per cent more $8,150,000. in place
of $4,850,000.
Figures for church membership In
Greater New York compiled by local
organizations bIiow that the number
of church members for tho five nor
the new population figures. In 1900
oughs 1b 1,310,421, or 37.2 per cent of
there were 1,233,677 members of
Christian churches. This was 35.9 per
cent of the population.
The figures seem to show that the
growth In church membership Is 1.3
per cent ahead of tho population
growth. This growth, it Is estimat
ed, is divided about evenly between
Protestants and Honuin Catholics. At
present it is calculated that there are
4l0,7S:i Protestants to SC9,C48 Homan
A remarkable fact In the religious
work of the city has been tho growth
of the Lutheran church, its additional
churchej since 1SG5 having been 22
per cent of those built in Greater New
York. Next to it comes the Protes
tant Episcopal church, which has built
ninety-three churches to the Luther
ana' 113.
There nre at least 6(5 separate Chris
tian bodies at work In New York, of
which the four which obtain the larg
est tax exemptions on account of prop
erty are the Itonian Catholic, the
Protestant Episcopal, the Presbyterian
and tho Jewish.
compensate Cornelius for the loss of
his freedom, so when he was old
enough to care for himself 13 years
old, to be exact Cornelius ran away
and started out to see the world. After
several years of wandering, Charley en
listed in the United States marine
corps. He served for six years, and in
that time visited every port you ever
heard of and more besides. Early
In 1906 Carney was In China and w rote
home that he was sailing 60on for
San Francisco. That was tho last his
relatives heard of him In years.
In 1908 Mrs. Anna F. Baker, who
was Mrs.. Carney's sister, died in Chi
cago, leaving an estate of $3,000,000,
of which a considerable part went to
tho Carney children, who had grown
up and prospered In Troy. To set
tle up the estate it was necessary to
find Cornelius alive or prove him
dead, and one was about as hard a
task as the other. Finally the courts
decided Cornelius was dead although
he was married and living in Okla
homa. Within a short time Cornelius' share
in his aunt's estate would have gone
to Cook county, but Just in tho nick
of time Cornelius sent a souvenir post
card to his sister, Mrs. Lizzie Pratt of
Troy, who at once wroto him that he
was an heir to his aunt's estate. In
court Carney proved his heirship and
will get the $20,000 before long.
now in evidence. Kiowa and other
towns in Harper county tell of the
visits of the ants.
Almost the entire residence portion
of Kiowa, a town of more than one
thousand inhabitants, is in the grasp
of untold millions of ants. At first the
earth seemed literally to be alive
with them. There were big ants, lit
tle ants, red ants, blond ants and
brunette ants. They all seemed to be
hungry and they got Into the houses.
Not content with the food in the pan
tries, they infested carpets, beds,
chewed clothing to pieces and caused
a great deal of havoc.
Openwork stockings nnd porous un
derwear had to bo abandoned fof
close-knit clothing by the residents, be
cause the ants didn't remain on tha
floor or in tho beds, but swarmed ovei
human beings.
In certain sections of the town fam
ilies actually moved out to get away
from the ants, thinking It was cheapei
to move than to lose their household
goods. Others are devoting their tlmt
to fighting the pests by fumigating th
houses and Inundating the floors.
bridge or to smoke cigarettes within
tho charmed w,alls of the farmhouse
Hut there is nothing to prevent a
countess from sneaking away to en
Joy a whiff in the cow shed.
Titled farm hands may also dls
port themselves among the poultry,
and carry feed to hungry hogs. Ex
ports are on tho premises to teach bee
keeping, bread making, how to rui
a poultry farm and how to spin. H
Isn't compulsory for countesses to kill
fowls for the market, though way
ward fancy may lead them' to en
liven their week-ends by waiting oi
tho pigs.
Spinning is included in the cate
gory of Interests, because spinning li
held to be such a restful and poetii
occupation. Spinning wheels hav
been imported from Scotland and leo
Boris are given at $1.50 by a profl
cient instructress. The role of shep
herdess at the farm is popular, bul
the most amused people on the prem
ises are the rustics who do tho real
Frigid Task.
The bold drummer had Just kissed
the Boston maid. .
"Oh, sir," she cried in a horrified
tone, "no man ever kissed me be
fore!" "Well," rejoined the b. d., "I sup;
pose somebody had to break the Ice.
Cora Do you think that Reggie
means business, dear?"
Estelle Oh, yes, love. Why, '
laughed for nearly five minutes at o;
of the dad's Jokes last night.

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