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The Celina
C. C. CARLIN. Proptl.loi
JA8. K. CAKL1N. Uctl (ditot
Orno-Rlley HuDdlns. seoond Boor. Kn
IrmiM lie Kaal Mitrkvl alrml.
Dlllo 'puone M. Httaliltiuo ptonolll.
With Ohio Frm I .aw '
With ClnalniiBll Itelly I'oat t 60
I r-All subaorlptlous Dybl la advance
Tub Hivwhit will ftl obligated to any
ulMorllwr who falls to reculva lilt imper
regularly mitt promptly, It complaint will
be liinilu to tllDUlllUII,
FRIDAY, October 21, HMO
Election Tuesday, November H,
Tor t'nlted States Hcnntor
JOHN J, l.KNTZ.of Prnnklln.
ror tiovernor
For Lieutenant Oovernnr
For 8iiprem Court Jvidif
M. H. UONAIIFK, Terry.
For Attorney General
For Pocrotary of Stat
For Clerk Supreme Court
FRANK M'KI'AN, Cuyahoga.
For Stat Treasurer
D. 8. CRKAMKR. Belmont
For Dairy anil Food Commissioner
g. E. STUODli Crawford.
For School CmmlsnloTier
FRANK W. MILLER. Montfomery.
For Member Hoard of Publlo Worksv
J. A. STATES, Allen.
For Member of Cmigrci
J. 11. UOKKN.ot Auglaize.
For Stnto Senator
W. N.KHAFFKR, of I'nuldlnK.
For Circuit Court Judite
111 1 1.1 1 M. I'ltO W, of Hardin.
For Common riens .Indde
II. T. MATH KKS. of Shelby.
For Repretentattve
For Clerk of Courts
For Short IT
For County Auditor
For Count v CommlHslnncr
For County Tn-asiirer
For County Recorder
For County Surveyor
For Prosecuting Attorney
For Infirmary Directors
For Coroner
Tricksters Misrepresent
New Tax Valuations
The moantst plore of political
trickery ye reported is the attempt
bi'inir made s-'ocrcily to deceive
farmers ami homo owners about the
valuation fixed on real estate this
year by land appraisers.
It should be remembered that the
appraisement made Litis year la for
a period of four years instead of 10
as heretofore. If the law for quadren
nial appraisements hereafter had not
been passi d. the appraisement would
hae been made this year just the
same, under the old law, for a period
of 10 vears. Therefore the change
went into effect at the regular time
for appraising real estate.
At the sarnie time, all the taxing
eufhorities in -the state v.ithout re
gard to politics agreed upon the plan
to comply strictly with the constltu
tional rule requiring that property
Khould be appraised for taxation at
Its true value in money. True value
is understood to be full value. The
purpose in appraising at full value Is
well understood to be the only plan
for correcting the many abuses of
the present taxation system that has
gradually shifted most of the burdens
of taxation upon owners of real os
tale by lowering the values and rais
Ing the rates.
The new law requires that lists
showing the values placed upon real
estate this year shall be furnished to
each property owner so that he may
Fee win it her his neighbor's property
is valued jtiKt.lv, thereby insuring an
equitable appraisement to all owners
of real estate. Those lists are just
being furnished and, of course, they
show that the values fixed th's year
are higher than the old values.
The tricksters: who are trying to
deceive farmers and home owners on
the new values are going about so
crotly and saying to thorn that they
will be compelled to pay more taxes
hereafter on account of the increased
values. They purposely refrain from
eaylng that proprety owners are in-
sured against such extortion by a
limit put upon the tax rcute. It is
the purpose of the tricksters to de
ceive by telling only half .the truth,
which Is the meanest and most
desplsable kind of falsehood.
Of course tax values on land have
been raised. Every owner of real es
tate with a grain of common sense
not only knows it, but is GLAD OF
It means that he will pay less
when the whole plan 1b com-
Sore every mother could
rr. a realize the danger that
I IirOaZ lurks behind every case of
YisdOtTl sore throat, she wouldn't
rest until she had effected
a cure every time a child has it.
Your family physician will verify the
statement that it is a positive fact that every
child with sore throat ia in immediate dan
ger of contracting Croup, Quinsy, Tonsilitis
or Diphtheria, and is not removed from that
dan ger until the throat ia cured. Think of it I
Liniments or outward application oJ
medicines do not and cannot cure the ail
ment, though they may offer temporary
relief. Neither can you cure sore throat
with a cough syrup or a cold cure.
To cure, you must' get at the S3at of
the disease, removing the cause. Noth
ing does that bo quickly, safely and
surely as TONSILINE. A single dose of
TONSIUNE taken upon the first appear
ance of sore throat may save long weeks of
sickness, great expense, worry, even death.
TONSILINE ia the stitch in time.
Use a little sore throat wisdom and buy
a bottle of TONSILINE today. You may
need it tomorrow.
TONSILINE ia the standard sore
throat remedy best known and
most effective and most used. Look
for the long necked fellow on the
bottle when you go to the drug store
to get it. 25 cents and 50 cents.
Hospital Size $1.00. All Druggists.
plotwd. Suppose the value la double
Any man wtio known that two and
two make four, knows what It will
mean to multiply Lis old tax value
by two and divide the tax rate b
thru. lens taxes to pay.
Taxes will not be paid on the no
land values mull next year , At the
tnunie tlmo lncroimed tax valuations
on corporations bolnx niado and yut
to be nmd, and an Iwroaa In the
oxcIho t tutus cf corporations, will po
Into effort. Next yoair pwruonal prop
erty will uIbo bo apprulsed at full
alue, according to the constitutional
rule. Thus all Increased values will
Ko into I'ffi-ct at the sunne time, and
the result will be a more even dla
trlbutlon of taxes to bo pId under
induced tax rate. Thai ought to be
as plain as day to any man who pay
taxes oq any kind of property.
Hut tho political tricksters who
want to win a campaign by any kind
of trickery no mutter what, nre will
lng to lie about and misrepresent
Governor Harmon In any way. Tho
half-and-half truth and deception
about the new tax values la one of
the ways.
Governor Harmon Is rocognlzed
throughout the United States as nn
nblo student In the silence of kov
eminent. He knows the limits of tho
constitution and the laws. He know
what can bo done and what can not
bo done.
Governor Harmon did not originate
taxation reform. He hoa never prc
teudid tha he did. Taxation reform
has been a burning question In the
Mate of Ohio for BO ytar. I'ropoeod
amondments to the constitution, one
after another, have fulled. One state
administration after another has tak-
cn up tho subject and tried In vain
to accomplish something. Governor
McKlnley appointed a tax commis
sion. It Investigated tho subject and
reiwrted. Matters drifted along und
more proposed constitutional amend
menu failed. Governor Harris ap
rolnted a special tax commission. It
Investigated and reported.
Governor Harmon knew about the
work of that last commission. A son-
in-law of his was a member of It.
Atloc Pomerene, Democratic candi
date for lieutenant governor, was an
other member of It.
When Goveinor Harmon came
Into office. Instead of doing nothing
he saild "let's go ahead and do some
thing." In his inaugural address he
said the state administration and leg
islature ought to be ashamed to look
the people in the face if the oppor
tunity went by without taking ad
vantage of tho services and advice
of that commission. In a special
Message to the special session he ad
vised specifically that a state tax
board be created to take over the du
ties of a dozen different boards as
the first step. The legislature, guid
ed by partisan hostility, ignored his
advice and mocked his recommenda
tions. Before the special session ad
journed he sent another message de
claring that if nothing were done be
fore adjournment he wanted respon
sibility to rest where It properly be
longed. The legislature laughed at
him and adjourned. Before the leg
islature met again it had found out
that the people were not laughing
nor ignoring Harmons advice nor
mocking his recommendations.
In his message this year Governor
Harmon took up the subject of taxa
tion again and discussed it thorough
ly. Most of his recommendations
were ignorod. The legislature did
create a state tax board, but Gover
nor Harmon did not sign the bill be
cause it defiantly retained the obnox
ious political manipulation in appoint
ment of local boards of review. It be
came a law wltnout his signature
Governor Harmon advised thjt the
tax rate be limited to 1 per cent (10
mills), but the legislature put the
limit at 15 mills. Governor Harmon
did not sign the bill because he be
lieved the limit too high and that
the limit ought to be 10 mills, so as
to protect all taxpayers alike and en
courage the placing of hidden prop
erty upon the tax duplicate. He did
not veto the bill because, had he
done so, there would have been no
protection at all to taxpayers under
the increased value.
If Governor Harmon is re-elected,
and a Democratic legislature is elect
ed to help him, one of the first things
to be done will be to put the tax
limit at 10 mills, where it ought to
be, as a guaranty to taxpayers before
the appraisement of personal prop
erty next year. The Democratic plat
form demands it. The Republican
platform demands it, but a Republi
can legislature would not grant, it.
Another thing Governor Harmon
will do, if re-elected, and given the
as sd stance cf a Democratic legisla
ture, will be to take the power over
local boards of tax review away from
the political bosses and give it back
to the peoplo where it belongs.
Instead of voting against Governor
Harmon for progress made in tax
ation reform which he haa been able
to force through In spite of the hos
tility of a Republican legislature, every
Republican and Democratic farmer
and home owner ought to be out
working day and night for the re
election of Governor Harmon and the
election of a Democratic legislature
in both branches to assist him.
Victory Should Be Complete.
It is not enough for good state gov
ernment that Harmon, only, be elect
ed; his- election should be supple
mented by the choice of a legislature
which will back him up, hold up his
hands, and give him earnest, ac
tive, loyal support in his efforts to
rid the statehoiae arid public Institu
tions of grafters. That Harmon will
be re-elected Is conceded by many,
but the victory will be shorn of Its
fruits if an antagonistic legislature
la chosen. Coshocton Times.
House and Lot for Sale
New five-room house and summer
kitchen, in Citizens addition; cheap if
old soon. Inquire of C. F. Duncan,
Lisle street, Celina, O.
If You Have Any Doubt
Of the merit of Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey,
one bottle will remove that doubt and your
coukIi at the same time. Look for tlie bull
on the bottle. It U the.geuulne. ,
Just remember The Democrat takes
Bryan dollars on subscription.
Cartoon Republished from Columbu DIfpatch.
A week before Governor Harmon was Inaugurated the present Republican legislature met In special ses
Ion at the call of Governor Harris and confirmed all the recess appointees named by the retiring governor
so as to tie Governor Harmon's hands.
The very first name on the list was Chief Engineer Perkins of th state board of public works, vhos
term did not expire until May 21, THIS YEAR. The Democratic minority opposed the confirmation of Per
kins, but was voted down by the majority.
The only official of the state board of public works the governor can appoint Is chief engineer. Qovrno
Harmon had no chance to pry into the canal graft until the term of Perkins expired In May. Then h ap
pointed James R. Marker to succeed Perkins, and told Marker to GO TO THE BOTTOM OF IT.
The re-election of Governor Harmon will mean that the Harmon dredge will clean out the rotten canal
system. And he ought to have a full staff of Democratic state official and legislature with a Democrat!
majority in both branches to helo him do It.
, Since the passage of the 1'ayne
Aldrlch tariff bill, Old Mother Goose
has changed one of her rhymes.
"Jack Sprat could cat no fat,
His wife could eat no loan,
So, in the happy days of yore,
They licked the platter clean."
"But now for neither fat nor lean,
Can poor Jack find the means,
They neither eat a bit of meat,
But live on rice and beans."
The laboring man who has been up
against the high cost of living knows
this revised version is absolutely true.
The laboring man is woll aware of
how the Republican party has revised
the tariff "downward" by putting a
high tariff on the necessities r.f life,
such as shoes, blankets, flannels,
clothing, hosiery, hats, caps, stock
ings and the lile; but to compensate
the laboring people for tills they have
put on the free list articles that
come into the homes of all Ameri
cans sucn as tinea acorns, rossns,
dragon's blood, dried blood, fish
skins, catgut, whipgut and wormgut.
These articles above mentioned,
which were placed upon the free list,
were the only benefits the Republi
can party gave to the laboring peoplo
of this country.
If the laboring people wish this
same kind ot a program to oe Kepi
up let them keep on voting the Re
publican ticket, for that will mean
an endorsement of Cannonism, Ald
richlsm and Taftism, as embodied in
the tariff bill, which President, Taft
says is "the best ever," and which
Warren G. Harding, Republican can
didate for governor of Ohio, said In
a speech at Cleveland, April 20, 1910,
is the best that any congress Las yet
Swedish Dyes
to be used with Gasoline
Tha nnlnlrnot anil naolnfit n.nonae frtl T)V.
n Plumes. Velvets, FlowerH, Laces, HilkH.'
Velllnir, Woolen, Cotton, Horse Hair or ,
Straw Goods; also Gloves, Hlioes and Ho-
lery without taking the curl from plumes
or Injury to the most delleute fabric.
For sale by toe censed by Dunlap's untruthful state
R. Ea RILEY DRUG CO. mcnts that he made a spirited reply,
: In which he said: ,
If you want el t her a Vlhmti ng 8 hut tie. Rotary
febuttleor a Blngle Thread Chain SMch
Sewing Machine write to
Orange, Mass.
Many sewing-machines are made to sell regardless of
quality, but the Mew Home is made to wear.
Our guaranty never runs out.
Bold by authorized dealers only.
West Fayette St., Celina, O.
How Harmon Stopped
the Fertilizer Frauds
R. W. Dunlap, state dairy and food
commissioner, one of the candidate
for a third term o:i the Republican
state ticket, permitted his tongue to
run away with his reason in several
of his campaign speeches
At Berlin Heights and elsewhere ba
charged that Governor Harmon had
dragged the state board of agricul
ture into N politics and that the board
was made up of a lot of iKilitlclans.
It is remarkable that a state offl
cial, even though a candidate for a
third term, should make a statement
iont so completely the reverse of the
Instead of dragging the state board
of agriculture into politics, one of the
first official acts by Goveinor Harmon
was to take the state board of agri
Th state board of agriculture con
sists of ten members. Prior to Gov
ernor Harmon's administration tho
board consisted of fix Reublicans and
four Democrats. With a partisan ma
jority tills board was made a part of
the state g.o.p. machine, UNTIL IT
Governor Harmon. This was done by
appointing two Democrats and one
Renublicau. when the terms of two
Republicans expired, and A. P. Sun
dies (Democrat), resigned as a mem
ber of the board to become Its secre
tary The other seven members of
the board were not chanced, and the
board as reorganized consisted of Ave
Republicans and five Democrats, an
eaual number of each, making the
board nonpartisan for the first time
in tho history of Ohio.
Of the original ten members on the
beard six ore still members. If they
are politicians now they must hava
been nolitleians before. Governor
Harmon has appointed but four hew
members of this boaii. Two of its for
mer members he reappointed when
their terms expired, and the board
still stands five Republicans and five
Democrats. Which effectually dis
proves Mr. Dunlap's charge that tTtw
governor dragged the board Into poli
tics and that it ia now composed of
a lot of politicians.
Tnrw.h A rieldler of Tjake county.
' -
formerly a Republican member Of
r.nnrrr.na from the Twentieth district
,i. y,a ctiro
" ennu, uuw a uicmuv,
board of agricultures was so in-
.I VI such a statement and
! try to mislead the farmers. The truth
! Is that the state board of agricultnra
without salary and compensation,
which in the case of some other state
officials is very different, Mr. Dunlap
in particular.
"There is not a member of the
board that is not a farmer in active
' pursuit of his calling. It is true that
the state legislature has been making
increased apropriatians for the in
creased work and undertakings of the
board, Buch as nursery and orchard
Inspection, live stock inspection, hog
cholera prevention by Inoculation,
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as V
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years regarded as Best, Safest, Always Reliable.
1 HSM.'
and now there are applications wait
Ing for the inoculation of 20.0UO hogs
and not sufficient force to administer
the Heruin."
After explaining that tho board con
dnrts the state fair, and turned Into
the state treasury $17,000 profits ove
and above expenses of the state fail-
last year, and that the net proceeds
of the Btate fair this year would have
been much larger had it not been for
the unfortunate street car stiike, Mr.
Held'.er concludes his statement by
saying; '"I have been a Republican
member ot the board for nearly two
years, and am living on my farm, and
have lived there continuous for 21
yeais, Mr. Dunlap's statement to the
contrary notwithstanding, AND HAVE
HOARD, and I guess I know the thin
when I see it."
The reason Mr. Beidler has seen
no polities In the board during the
nast two vears Is, as stated before.
that (lovernor Harmon TOOK THE
Heidler would not be able to mako
such a statement had he been a mem
be of the board before that time.
There Is aur.'her matter which the
farmois of Ohb well knew. It re
laif s to th! f rtdi.er scandals that
broke out dining the administration
of Governor Harris.
It will be remembered that the for
mer secretary of the board, T. L. Cal
vert, published the analysis of ferti
lizers In his annual report, which
would b-' after the farmers had
reaped their harvest on which ferti
lizers were i:sed. Letters were made
public two years a;o showing that
when a sample tak. n f r analysis was
found to be not up to guaranteed
grade, instead of going after and
pioseruting the fertilizer company,
Sccretnry Calvert wrote and asked for
another sample. Meanwhile tho far
mers were buying and usin? ferti
lizers without knowing ""hat they
were getting until after their harvest,
when they could see the results in
smaller' crops without waiting to read
the analsis In the annual reports.
Immediately after the state board
of agriculture was reorganized by
Governor Harmon, the fertilizer com
panies dismissed the suits they had
pending In court and agreed to abide
by the action of the board.
The result has been that Secretary
A. P. Sandles, that "wicked Demo
crat" to whom Mr. Dunlap probably
rtfers in his gibberish about politi
cians, has had fertilizer samples ana
lyzed by the state chemist as soon as
taken, and the result of that analysis
published In the next crop repwt bul
letin. By this means the farmer
has been able to ascertain the real
composition of any fertilizer before
pui chasing, and he would know what
he was getting before he used it.
Consequently the wide-awake farmer
nowadays does not buy fertilizer until
he has seen the state board of agri
culture's' bulletin; or, If he does buy
before the bulletin comcB out he does
not pay for it until after he sees tho
analysis in the bulletin and agrees to
pay according to the analysis.
There is no law requiring this to bo
done. It Is a method evolved as a
result of Governor Harmon's reorgan
ization of the state board of agricul
ture, taking that board out of politics,
and the faithful service of the pres
ent board and Secretary Sandles to
farmers Instead of to politicians.
i T
1 "
But what is. the fact with reference
to Mr. Dunlap himself as a politician?
This same T. L. Calvert who was
dropped as secretary of the state
board of agriculture when it Vas re
organized, has since been taken un
der the shelter of the state dairy and
food department by Mr. Dunlap, and j
made a dpputy who goes about the j
state performing some official duties
no doubt, but whose chief occupatioi
at this time Is spreading the
mischievous misrepresentations
zeniy spoaen oy jvir. uumup m ilia
campaign speeches, and so complete-
lv rflfntpd hir Tnpnh Ttpldlor a Henilh.
lican member of the board.
.e ramous
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because It gives tbo best light of all
lamps. The Rayo gives a white, soft,
mellow, diffused light easy on the
eye because it cannot flicker. You
can use your eyes as long as you wish
under the Rayo light without strain.
The Rayo Lamp is low-priced, and
even though you pay $5, $10 or $20 for
other lamps, you may get more expensive
decorations but you cannot get a better
light than the low-priced Rayo gives. A
strong, durable shade-holder holds the
shade on firm and true. This season's
new burner adds strength and appearance.
Once a Rayo User, Always One.
Dtatirs Bmywhert. If not a I yourt,
circular to tut mart u
The Standard
f f (Incorpori
Protests Against
i ne AKron ocacon-journal, a Re
publican paper, In a recent Issue pub
lished the following editorial protest
ing against Senator Foraker being as
signed to make campaign speeches:
"The unbeliuvablo has happened,
and a Republican state committee,
presumably in its right mind, has as
signed Joseph Benson Fornker to
make a few speeches in the course of
the present gubernatorial campaign.
Apparently mistaking the sentiment
of a few ex-powtmasters for a public
clamor, the former senator has boon
told to go ahead and speak hl3 mind
In certain restricted districts, provid
ed injunctions d not Interfere, and
the committee will stand for what
ever he chooses to say.
"The cornimittee Is apparently going
on the principle of the Tennessee ap
plicant for a teaching Job, who was
equally willing to teach that the earth
Is round or flat, leaving It to local
sentiment to determine which theory
he would avow. Where "old guard"
sentiments prevail, tho people are to
be given Foraker and his interpreta
tion of the platform. Whore people
are oppose 1 to the domination of spe
cial interrs, Garfield is to speak.
All things to all men.
"The trouble with this arrangement
Is tho fact that Ohio has never been
divided into air tight compartments.
There Is nothing to prevent the ordi
nary Republican newspaper reader
The Republican attempt to belittle and muddle the anti-graft
Issue of the Democrats In Ohio will fool no Intelligent voter. The
charge of the old machine workers In the Republican party that
their opponents are Insincere Is not borne out by the record. The
plea that the Republican organization has always been an enemy
of graft is an absurdity. The people of Ohio, we believe, know
when graft reigned and when it stopped In the statehouse.
With the notable exception of the administration of Gov. Hr
rlck, who fought crookedness In office with all his might, who
forced the passage of the depository law and made other far-reaching
reforms, and suffered the displeasure of the ring for his courage
and honesty at the next election, corrupton and big and little thiev
ing has been unrestricted In the statehouse and out of It. Graft
system was established there and maintained and defended by the
Republican machine. Graft was part of the body politic. It was the
established rule. And more. Upon those who dared to expose
thievery were turned the heavy batteries of the party organization.
Arrogant, defying public opinion, the graft syndicate was prepared
to bludgeon those with the courage to -expose them. The power of
the Republican party was prostituted to the protection of the big
and little grafter. Graft was encouraged, the party bosses, big and
little, compromised with It, schemed and dickered to cover It up.
When this newspaper exposed the grafters the guns of the Republi
can machine were turned, not against the corruptionlsts who were
shown up in the searchlight of publicity, but against the Dispatch.
Every measure of oppression and coercion was employed In the de
fense of the guilty. The same men and the same forces today are
making claims of political purity on exigency not on honesty. They
are making a fight on pretense.
The facts are that graft reigned up to the time the Democrat
assumed office. It was checked and exposed by Democratic admin
istration. Under the leadership of Governor Harmon thievery was a
hazard too perilous for even the boldest grafter to risk. The guilty
were exposed and brought to Justice and corrupt officials were re
moved or sent to the penitentiary.
If Republican administration, which had full knowledge of offiolal
thievery, which persistently sought to hide It from public exposure,
had remained In power, It would have continued to cover up graft.
Corruption would still be entrenched, unpunished, protected and
more defiant than ever.
Fhe Celina Auto Co. I
Incorporated under
Capital Stock, -
ELMKlt BRANDON, Gen. Maimor.
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X":,,j-'M'"X-:-Cf4,"X"X":";":"X- x
fl a V
1 "
same I IIUU i
f r 1 I
ufiU tar
' dttcrtpthm
ortnef omt
Foraker Come Back
rrom contracting tno various utter
ances, promises and interpretations
authorized by this omnibus commit
tee and asking (hlmself the question
whether performance can ever strad
dle quite so widely as promise.
"In Foraker's cane, however, no
mere factional question Is raised. One
can harmonize honest differences to
a certain extent, but Foraker is wide
ly advertised by the Hearst disclos
ures (never adequately refuted or de
nied) of having been in league with
the Standard Oil company through a
large part of his senatorial career, of
receiving large chocks from them and
acting as their representative. In
other words, his career typifles Insin
cerity and false pretense, the more
contemptible because of brilliant tal
ents. It means one thing to the peo
ple and another thing to the privi
leged capitalist. It stands for every
thing that has provoked Insurgency
and put tho spur to progress.
"With Foraker on the stump, the
best that can be said of the Repub
lican ticket is that it Is Infinitely bet
ter than at least one of Its advocates,
and worthy of a committee which will
assume to have a little Judgment of
its own, not weakly aqulesce In every
thing that it mistakes for public sen
timent Harding will indeed be lucky
if the injection of Foraker into his
campaign does not prove the last
straw to the loyalty of many a waver
ing Republican and a barrier to manj
a possible Democratic convert."
the laws of Ohio. X
- $20,000.00 2
For the Cincinnati Dai
ly Post, the Ohio Far
mer and Celina Demo
crat, all one year, is
our best combination.
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