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. The way to be artistically gowned
1b to discover one's bunt feature and
then dress up to It. This law lias
been laid down to tlia class In ar
tistic costuming which was recently
added to the fine arts depart nient of
the New York Teachers' college, and
the instructor, who formerly designed
for a Fifth avenue dressmaker, afK
piles It to emphasize the Importance
of developing one's individuality, enys
the Iloston Transcript. "If you have
attractive eyes," says the expert,
"miyke the most of them by your style
of dress. If your hair Is your sole
claim to beauty, the tone of the dress
should be such as to make the hair
aeem to beautify the entire face. If
the pink of your checks Is alluring In
Its delic acy choose some complemen
tary shade for your dress." Converse
ly, tuiat tractive features a prominent
nose, eyes that squint or a too ample
mouth should bo "dressed down,"
nud the expert nfllrniH that Btich fea-
tiircs may be subdued and better fea
tures given prominence If one knows
the secret of the new art of beauty.
These secrets are to be Imparted, It
Is understood, before the winter is
over. "Any woman," whether a mem
ber or not, may pose before the class,
which will frankly discuss her good
points and poor ones and plan an ar
tistic costume of the proper fabric
aud the most becoming color, on tha
lines best suited to her figure.
1 in
...I in... ...I.... j iu'c'ass
Mail for Fernando Noronha
The sheer waste In this country Is
appalling. Our working men get lesa
comfort and enjoyment out of a given
expenditure than the workmen of
Prance; the same Is true of our mid
dle classes as a whole; our local au
thorities muddle away money; our im
perial concerns are extravagantly
managed; our manufacturers throw
money Into the sewers or Into tha
atmosphere and destroy more money
In the process. It Is not the com
parative luxury among us so much as
the comparative waste that strikes
people who Intelligently observe the
ways of other nations. A very good
defense may be set up for those re.
flnements of life which collectively
are termed luxury, says the London
Times. Hut for waste there Is abso
lutely no defense possible, and the
real indictment against us as a na
tion is that we stupidly fail to obtain
the luxury "nd the pleasure which our
expenditure might procure
rv. i r
I t!' I
' f ' ' . r. . -
w ' - ,tf . v-f ' -
I. J 'V ' :' " - I - - - w. . J ., '
voured on the bottom of the ocean by
fish. The crew of the cable ship haul
ed up an immense load of wbalebontsf
and found a great tuit In the govern
ment cable that had been the cause
of tbe unusual difficulty In sending
messages to and from either end ol
the rope.
Other Countries in Savings C
.7, ? 6 WINGS if f f
Tigress, a large cat owned by
James Albone of Middleport. N. Y,
gavo birth a few days ago 'to three
kittens, which were all fastened along
the length of their sides to one an
other. Their heads are all fnced one
way and almost in a line, and they are
perfect In head, body and legs, nil
throe being able to Btand at the Bame
time and walk.
They are very active nnd bright
nnd were it not for the fact that they
are attached to each other by a thick
strip of flesh about an inch and a half
in length along their sides, they would
not seem different from ordinary kit-
tens. Owing to their peculiar color,
being reddish calico, white and mal
tese, they have been named Red,
White and Illue.
Two other kittens complete the lit
ter. The white kitten Is the center of
one of the trio and seems to be the
largest and the strongest.
An exchange calls attention to the
fact that while sermons were being
preached on tuberculosis in Its bail!
wick the churches themselves were
filled with Impure air and other
phases of the white plague. There Is
a trouble that the tuberculosis peo
ple will have to fight crowded, Ill
aired halls and churches. The trouble
Is that Use means for ventilation are
cot provided, says the Columbus (0.)
State Journal. Opening a window or
a door In most cases Is objectionable.
That creates a draft and starts a cold,
which brings discomfort if not disas
ter. It would be Interesting to see
the statistics, to know which was the
more fatal drafts or tuberculosis.
There are few places for general as
semblage that are hyglenlcally ventilated.
Another proof that the American
girl is equal on every occasion. The
young ladies who attend Wellesley
college have organized a fire brigade,
with fourteen captains, all of whom
live In dormitories and assume charge
whenever Are is discovered. The
brigade will be drilled for efficient
service, and there is no doubt that
when necessity arises these fire-fighters
of the gentler sex will be "on
the job."
As a result of the census Chicago
is making a virtuous pose because
900.000 of the population are set down
as "regular" church attendants. That
looks pretty good unless attention is
directed, to the 1,300,000 of irregulars.
And what some of those irregulars do
when Vie regulars are at church, is
a caution.
The conquest of the air is not to be
left In the sole possession of record
breaking laurels. One of tho great
steamships is to make the round trip
:to Europe and bank in eleven days,
'Including time for loading and un
loading of freight. Imagination is
taxed to foretell what wonders the
next generation will accept as ordi
nary daily facts of life.
' A college student In Minnesota, or
dered to propose marriage to a num
ber of young women as a condition
of his admission into a college club,
proposed to twenty-three girls and
was rejected by them all. By way of
toning down a man's belief In his
own attractions this method seems to
be even more chastening than hazing.
There are few places on the globe so curiously situated as the little
Island of Fernando Noronha In the South Atlantic ocean, named after the
Count of Noronha, commander of the ships which first sighted It In 1503.
The Illustration shows the dropping of the mail from the R. M. S. V. Ama
zon for Its inhabitants. When a vessel does not call at the Island the let
ters are enclosed ii? t cask to which a flag is attached; this is flung into the
sea in the manner depicted above and left floating until a boat dispatched
from the solitary island picks it up, thus obviating any stoppage of the
vessel. The Island of Fernando Noronha lies 125 miles from the edstern
extremity of Brazil, to which It belongs, and is about eight miles in length.
It lies in the waysidr of the commerce of the world, and is sighted by more
ihips and visited by fewer than perhaps any other spot on earth. The is
land Is a convict station of the Brazilian government, about three-fourths
out of a population of 3,000 being convicts. Females are prohibited from
l..ndlng there. It Is a broken, picturesque volcanic rock in mid-ocean, cov
ered with verdure, Including trees of same size, and the top of the main
Island Is covered with small farms.
Awakened by the snap of a rat-trap
and the squeals of a big rodent, An
drew Sullivan of New Jersey awoke at
1 o'clock In tho morning to find his
home In flames. Jumping from a win
dow, clad only In their night clothes,
he and his wife barely escaped.
The house, on a farm owned by Mrs.
M. Comegys, on the Oxmead road, wag
burned to the ground, the Sullivans
losing everything, Including $40 which
Sullivan had in a bureau.
The origin of the fire Is a mystery,
but It Is believed that the rat, the
capture of which awakened Sullivan,
gnawed matches, starting the blaze.
Some time during the winter a
hale feeding on the bottom of the
icean, with wiue-open mouth, collided
Uh the wire rope. Unable to shape
he big wire from the mass of whale
bone in its Jaws, the big mammal
turned turtle," rolled over once,
turned round, rolled again and
In these few movements the fish
proved himself his own hangman, for
the cable was twisted tighter about
the head of the whale than any man
could have twisted It with the most
powerful machinery. The whale
drowned, and the carcass was de-
v "t., '
X '
The once beautiful city of Ders
Ghazl Khan In the Punjab has sus
tained incalculable damage by tb
overflowing of the river Indus, no few
er than 5,000 out of 6,000 dwelling
houses, besides many mosques, tem
ples and markets, having been deg
troyed. Some 3,000 people have been
rendered homeless and 12,000 more
are crowded in a destitute state IB
temporary huts awaiting the comple
tion of a new city which Is being laid
out for them nine miles west of th
The Parsls, regarding earth, water
and fire as sacred, have to dispose of
their dead by other methods than bur
ial or cremation. Tho corpses, being
considered unclean, are carried up to
these towers of silence and placed on
tiers. Vultures eat the flesh off the
bones, which are then placed in the
center of the tower, where they ro
main until they crumble away.
Rebuilt After an Earthquake
The happiest woman we know of Is
the one who haa twenty-one Christmas
gifts bought already.
The good sense of the American
people Is attested to by the com
plaisance with which they submit to
the will of the majority.
London has Imported an edibU
monkey from Peru. New York will
wait to see how London likes It be
fore It Imports one, too.
Are wa retgrning to barbarisml
English women have taken to wearing
The crew of a cable-repairing ship
working' in the Pacific recently
brought back a remarkable story of
The vessel In question had bnen
sent north along the coast of Alanka
to repair the cable, because durlnf: tho
last winter difficulty had been ej perl
enced In sending and receiving mes
jages. The ship picked up the :nble
connecting Valdez and Sitka, in Cass
Inlet, not far from Sitka. The crew
aever had such a time hauling a cable
on board as they did that day on the
the Alaska coast Finally the cause
it the great weight was made kfown.
Mention has frequently been made
of late of the palace at CIntra, where
the sovereigns took refuge after their
flight from LiBbon. One of the apart
ments Is known as tlse Hall of Mag
pies. Painted in the arabesque ceil
ing is to be found a swarm of magpies.
Each has In the mouth a scroll, on
which, painted in red on a white
ground, are the words, "For bem."
The story runs that King John I of
Portugal was making love to one of
the maids of honor in this chamber
and was surprised by the queen. His
majesty' made the best of the cir
cumstances and explained to the
Queen, "E por bem minha sacre."
("Oh, It Is nothing at all. It Is quite
right. There is no harm In It.") But
whether the Queen was satinfied the
legend Is silent; but the ladles of the
court were deeply Interested and
were constantly saying to one an
other with a smile, "Por bem! Por
bem!" The King thought it time to
act, so he commissioned an artist to
paint on the ceiling as many magpies
M there vere talkative ladles about
Si I
fc- -----
ITT ASI1INGTON. More than 9,000.-
if 000 depositors In the savings
banks of the United States hold over
' $4,000,000,000. In the last year the
1 number of savings bank depositors
has Increased over 300,000. The total
amount of their deposits has rlnen
$:!07,000,000 In twelve months. The
uvoragu amnetit of every depositor's
account Is $U.-., which Is nearly f:Z
mora than th& average the year be
fore. t It Is eoftaln that not less than $(?,
000,000 In bank deposits can fairly
be counted as savings. The nutlonul
banks hold about $.soO,000,000 of such
deposits. The trust companies have
about $700,000,000 in savings accounts.
The stute banks hold over $5(10.000-
000 on savings bank conditions. Total
savings deposits of the country can
not fall under $0,000,000,000. There
are more than 15,000.000 separate
accounts in that Immense sum.
The contrast between these figures
and the statistics wjilch measure tho
savings of other countries is proof of
tho difference between the ability to
save and tho wide diffusion of pros
perity In the United States and the
conditions In foreign land3.
In Germany, for Instance, there are
more than 19,000,000 savings accounts,
but the total amount represented by
that multitude of deposits Is only
about $3,400,000,000, or little more
than half of the savings deposits In
American banks. The United King
dom, with nearly halt' as largo a popu
lation as that of tho United States,
Iuib about 13,000,000 savings accounts,
Including postal savings bunks, ot
course, but the deposits amount to
only about $1,050,000,000, or 16 per
cent, of the American total.
Austria and Hungary together have
about $1,000,000,000 In savings de
posits owned by nearly 8,000,000 de
positors. Italy stands high In the
number of savings accounts, with 7,
000,000 of them, in round figures, but
low in llio total amount of the de
posits, whjch aro under $700,000,000.
yjapan is a marvel la respect to tho
wide use of savings banks, Includlns
the postal savings department of the
government, but tho amount of tho
deposits is very email In proportion
to tho multitude of accounts.
When comparisons nie made with
newer countries, bucIi as Canada and
Australia, which have natural advan
tages similar to I hose enjoyed In the
United S'.irtes, tho contrast becomes
less, but the differences tire never
theless great. In Canada the total
amount deposited hs savings Is about
$r.C0, 000,000, and the account. ar
ubout 1,700,000.
In Australia there aro about 1,600,
000 savings accounts, which beats the
American record, relatively to the
number of inhabitants, hut the aver
ago amount on deposit is only about
$170, which is about onfi-thlrd of the
American average. New Zealand Is
almost exactly like Auntralia In re
spect to these conditions
In the light of such facts tbe earn
ing power nnd the saving power oi
the masses In the UnlteiJ States, not
withstanding the high c-.st of living,
is clearly greater than ever before,
and also greater than :t Is in any
other country.
"I would ralbrr rerr 1tt kralfk
nf antluu lliun l ! ruler." ML
OS. Tlioummli of people who are lunVrins.
With coliU lire about today. Tomorrow
they may Iw preiitruti'd witli penumonin.
An ounce of prevention in worth a pound
pf cure. Uct a 'Jj cent bottle ol Jlun
fnn's C'oM Cure at the nearest dm
tore. This bottle limy be conveniently
ranied in the vet pocket. If you ere
pot miti-ficil with tho efforts of the rem
rlv, rem! us your empty bottle and we
hill ref'tixl your money. Mtinyon's Cold
Cure will upeedily break UP all forms of
rolflH ami prevent grippe ami pneumonia.
ft checks ilineinT)ti"s nf the nic and eves
tdp unec.iiit,', allavs infhmmation and
fi ver, ninl tniiei tin the system.
If you riri'd Medical Advice, ivrite tfl
M im nil's Doi torn. Tiiev will carefuli?
(Imirnii'-p your cae and ailvi.-.e you by
tinil, rili'inluti'lv free.
l'rnf. Miinyon, ."i.'lil nnd Jofferuon Ftreets,
l'hiliulelihia. l'.i.
1 1 .
Itouiiianla has 0,000,000 inhabitants,
5f whom 30.000 aro blind.
Frcili supply Mrs. Autina Famous Pan
fako Flour. Now at your grocer.
'But you can't be sued for nonpaor
pient of a debt of gralitudo
Dr. Pierce's Pellets, small, URar-coatd,
fasy to take na randy, regulate and invig
orate stomnch, liver and bowel and cure
A Woman's Privilege.
"What Is the latest thing In
"Generally, It is the bride."
Harem Refugee Goes Back to Turkey
Russia's Growing Population.
This year's census of tha Russian
empire adds mother live millions to
the population as enumerated in 1908.
The czar's subjects now number 160,
000,000 and increase every year by
2,500,000 despite wars, epidemics and
internal disturbances. As there is no
lack of cultivated soil In Russia there
seems no reason why this big annual
Increase should not continue.
luiir i
til Sll
1 lfat
IAM, return to Turkey and mln-
people," says Pcrnlza Buherion, an
Armenian girl, who Is looking forward
to the time when sho will return to
Constantinople, whence she fled six
years ago, disguised as the servant of
an American missionary, to escape life
In a Musselman'B harem.
fshe will return as an American cltl-
sen, an unordalned minister of a Chris
tian creed and a graduate nurse with
a diploma from the Seventh Day Ad
ventist sanitarium of this city and
six months' experience in the famous
London City hospital. She 1b Just fin
ishing her third and last year at the
local institution, and this winter will
go to England for the post-graduate
course in the London hospital before
going to Turkey.
Asked if she no longer dreaded those
who had attempted to harm her, she
replied: "They dare not molest me. 1
have lived in this country for six years.
I am now an American citizen. 1 have
taken out my first papers and am now
ready to swear allegiance to the land j
of my adoption. '
As Miss Bnhtrlon tailt id her voice
was tense with emotion aid her hands
worked nervously, as he lived again
the days that preceded h'.' flight. She
told how, as a child, reared In the
Armenian faith, she had lorn convert
ed by her father, himself a convert ol
the Adventi.-t mission house. In Con
"My father went about among his
people trying to convert them. Hp
was warned to stop. He refused tc
heed tho warnings. He must show his
people tho light. He was Imprisoned;
at Alexandrata, near Constantinople.
"Soon after my father had been ta
ken from us my mother learned from
friends that a wealthy Turk wanted
me to Join his harem. My mother re
fused to treat with him and le flnallj
laid a trap to kidnap me. Warned in
time, I remained a prisoner in my
own home.
"Finally Doctor George adviied mj
mother to send me to America.. Dis
gulsed as his servant, In boy's (lothes
we went to Alexandria. After e had
arrived at Alexandria everything wa
easy. Friends of Doctor George ac
companied me to London. There I was
turned over to the care of members
of our church who were bound to New
York. From New York I was sent tc
Lincoln, Neb., where I entered the Ad
ventist school and later the Unicn col
lege there. I stayed there three years
altogether. Then I was sent on here
for the nurses' course."
AM a Sim
tlif 'Jlliil' "lilimi
Customer (In grocery store) Aro
those eggs on that counter fresh?
Clerk Yes, ma'am.
Customer How long hare they been
Clerk I laid them there myself,
ma'am, 20 minutes ago.
White House Season Formally Opens
The reconstruction of Kingston, Jamaica, on the reinforced concrete
system has. been completed with great rapidity since it was devastated by
the terrible earthquake of January 14, 1907. This was the second earth
quake in the history of Jamaica which completely destroyed its capital.
The damage done In Kingston alone was estimated at $10,000,000, and nearly
2,r00 lives were lost.
the court, each holding in tio beak
the ribbon with the 'words. "Par bem."
OR.MAL announcement of official
functions to bo given at the White
House during the season has been,
made. These official affairs aro quite
distinct from those given by Mrs.
Taft when the occasions are sur
round by a more private and personal
According to established custom tha
reception to' tho diplomat corps will
be given first, and the date chosen Iv
January 10, to be followed a week
later by the diplomatic dinner. At
the reception all persons connected
with the embassies and legations, and
the members of their families, are in
vited to be present, but at the dinner
only the diplomatic chiefs and their
wives, If there are any, receive lnvk
On January 24 the annual reception
to the Judiciary will take place, vhich
a week later will be followed b." the
customary dinner to the membe-s oi
the Supreme court. Mr. Justice
Hughes and Mrs. Hughes will attend
these functions at the White Hjuse
as guests of honor for the first time.
The reception to the congressional
circles will be on February 7, anl as
a dinner to these same people would
bo' a practical impossibility at the
White House, one Is not given,, but
President and Mrs. Taft conceived
the idea of giving a, dinner in compli
ment to the speaker when they f,ook
possession of the White House, and
last year the custom was Inaugurated.
The following Tuesday, February
21, the state functions, which last a
trifle over two months, will be con
cluded with the reception to the army
and navy, an affair which has more
brilliancy than any of the others, ow
ing to the fact that most of the men
guests are In full-dress uniform. .Most
people are uncertain whether they
prefer to be present at the firtt or
the last of the receptions, for., of
course, that given especially for the
diplomats Is particularly brilliant.
Does Your Cat Cough?
Poor pussy! As If the Immemorial
charges against her of keeping us
awake o' nights hiid of eating canary
birds whenever she gets the chance
were not enough, the doctors have
Just dlscoveredthat for years she has
been responsible for the spread of '
diphthetrla. Dr. G. J. Awburn of
Manchester, England, having traced
an epidemic of this disease in a sub
urb of that city to a pet cat belonging
to one of his patients, has found, after
much clever Investigation, that all
cats are peculiarly susceptible to
diphtheritic affections of the throat.
He has therefore recently been warn
ing all families who own cats to
watch them carefully, and. If they de
velop coughs, to forbid their being
hugged and petted. Dr. Awburn fur
ther recommends that If the cough
persists and the cat begins to grow
thin to have the animal destroyed at
once. The only really safe way, he
says, is to let the first wheeze be
pussy's death warrant.
Chambermaid Repartee.
First Chambermaid Look!
lot your pillow slip.
Second Chambermaid No; the cov
erlet it. Exchange.
Health Expert on Dangerous Games
A greyhound, once owned by Mar
tin Smith of Sandy, Ore., has become
wild and now lives with the coyotes It
used to chase In the surrounding hills.
It has been three years since this
greyhound responded to the call of
the wild, and it has never ventured
back to his old home except to come
back to the outskirts to steal chickens
from hen roosts.
The companion oi the greyhound Is
a coyote, and they have frequently
been seen together running through
the outskirts of Sandy. Several per
sona have tried to get photographs
of the strange couple, but have failed.
Tbe greyhound has lost all desire to
return to his former home and has be
come more wild than bis companion.
I among the rocks rejected from tha
mines. That this is not pure Imagi
nation has recently been proved by a
scientist. A specimen of the mineral
autunite, which is also found In
Wales, was sent to him, from Portu
gal, because of Its luminous property.
He finds that it closely resemble?
artificially prepared uranium and that
its luminosity Is due to spontaneous
radio-activity. The light that It sheds
is stronger than that of nitrate of
uranium. Upon parting with its wa
ter of - crystallization, the mineral
loses Its luminous property.
II Is a legend among the peasants
of Cornwall that at night one some
times sees a faintly shining material
Monroe Eehmer, a tenant farmer
near Lancarpr, Pa., has a curiosity
in a mouse-killing rooster. He fol
lows Behmer and his assistants to
the corn field dally and remains with
them all day. As soon as a shock of
corn Is thrown down the mice which
made their quarters there start to run
away. The rooBter, whose movements,
are as swift as a cat's, kills many.
He pecks them to death, then atands
around waiting for U next shock to
be taken down.
chemist of tbe department of ag
riculture and national authority on
how to eat, has essayed a new role.
Doctor Wiley has announced himself
as a believer in the doctrine that It
is better to have a few boys killed at
football, on tho diamond and In the
water than to bring up a race of
Rough sport, according to Doctor
Wiley, is essential to the upbringing
of a race of fearless, sturdy men who
ire qualified to cope with tho great
problems of Hfa and to furnish the
isht sort of backbone for a progres
,ivo nation. To a reporter Doctor
Wiley said:
"It Is better, even for a few Indi
viduals, to sacrifice themselves for
tho good of the race than to bring up
"If all the sports in which persons
iave sometimes been killed should ba
eliminated from the list of human
activities, only rlhg-around-rosy
would be left. Football would, ol
course, never be played again; base
ball, riding, driving, swimming, boat
ing, skating, flying in the air would
soon be forgotten pleasures.
"It is that very element of dangei
In 'a sport that makes the sport an
education in Itself. It Is the dangei
in the sport that educates youths and
lads to be bold and fearless, and tc
be resourceful when beset wltb
troublesome problems. The boy who
has not played at dangerous games ia
not apt to know how to work at dan
gerous labors.
"The ouf-doors life of games, par
ticularly of games of lusty activity,
are necessary to children. City boys
and girls, as compared with their
country cousins, are raised under a
restraint that works to their disad
vantage." People on farms are but a third o!
our population, Doctor Wiley said, but
their sons are two-thlrda of the men
who attain eminence in professions
and business and state-craft. They
are always in the open air, nearly ol
way active, both mentally and physically.
Gives Breakfast
Zest and
A sweet, crisp, "whole
some food made of Indian
Corn, ready to serve right
from the box with cream
and sugar.
"The Memory Lingers"
foctum Cereal Company, LtdL,
Battle Creek, Jllcii.

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