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That Holiday
Offers an opportunity for having that
Group Picture made.
We are equipped to produce the hevt
in groups or individual portraits.
We offer a variety of styles and sizes.
A. W. CRON, Photographer
(Successor to Lewis Studio)
Opp. Traction Depot, CELINA, 0.
Tho compliments of tho
Beason and best wishes for
1911 go out from us.
Though we did not sell
all tho clothing and shoes
in tho county, wo neverthe
less have made so many
new customers that we feel
proud of our record. It's
' been a good year for us,
and we hope it was good for
Again we say, Merry
-Christinas and allappy New
Town Topics
Photos of qualitr at the Boosz Studio, !
Main street. Phone 94.
1 1- a r r ...... . i a 1;
, ... i f..ni.nM , It is often hard when Christmas time
nrVv.mV...::;;:. " ic round think ot present.,
- i which, besides carrying with them
Cold water sportsman are arraning their message of remembrance and
for a big gun and rille shoot to-morrow good will, will also prove of real use
afternoon. Turkeys and beef will be ana bring practical pleasure to our
the spoils. friends. (Sometimes, however, it is
gift in the enjoy.
share some
h.t in.. tothepleasureandcomfortofthewhole
v I family circle; and in such cases the
The one hundred and ten acre farm ' blessing of giving" is increased by
of Bernard Zumwalde, on the Rice just so many times as the number of
pike two miles northwest of town, was those who receive.
1119 apUU. lliniiu. OUIIICIIUitS,
The name of Mayor Cnaa. Morvilius, ' P"!b'e h'1 on ' lft
of Coldw.ter, has been sent to the Sen- mVi?Wtb,1 m"ny "n
, t, u .fr.. .i thing that is used in comn
sold at partition sale by .Sheriff Groth
jan last Saturday to B. F. Trenary for
The offices of the court house will be
cloned all day on Mondays, December
26 and January 2, the o Ulcers taking
advantage of the fact that the Mondays
this year following Christmas and New
Years have been decresd as legal holi
days. Nine candidates were initiated into
the local lodge, Daughters of Kebekah,
last Tuesday evening. The new mem
bers are Ooldla Grim, Hazel Betz, An
na Cordier, Kmlly Redman, Zena Oar
man, Cuba Pumpbrev, Dora Pond and
Mrs. Wm. Dine and Mrs. Bessie Pichon
Word was received here Wednesday
announcing the fact that Cotter Dugan,
son ot Probate Judge and Mrs. P. K.
Dniri-n, had aucc ssfully pasqd th
si t bar ex.,miri.tion. This will be
p . .sinif new t, to th many friends of
tli- joung man in this city.
Final account of John G. Kuhn, ad
ministrator of the estate of Henry
il ltnian, deceased, filed. For hear
ing December 31.
In the matter of Catherine Deitsch et
al. vs. The Bonn! of County Commis
sioners, John Koch and L. G. Baker,
county ditch appeal. Transcript of
proceedings before Commissioners
filed. Preliminary hearing Dec. 17.
Agnes McMlllen, guardian of James
R. AlcMilien, filed final account. For
hearing December 31.
Herman Kobnen, executor of Louisa
Nieport, deceased, filed inventory and
ap praisement.
Harriet Hays appointed and quali
fied as administratrix of the estate of
L. D. Hayes, deceased.
V. VV. Wagner appointed and quali
fied as guardian of Wm. D., Edna, Le
la. Earl, Grace and Helen Wagner,
C. S. Younger appointed and quali
fied as guardian of Cyrus Henry Coll
ln, a minor.
Frank V. Short appointed and qual
ified as guardian of Frank E. Shook, a
In the matter of Letitia Griffin, ad
ministratrix of Nathaniel T. Griflin,
deceased, vs. W. W. Griffin et al., an
swer and cross-petition of Commercial
Bank filed.
In the matter of John Lentz, execu
tor of Rev. J. A. Dominic Shunk, de
ceased, proceedings to sell real estate.
Order of sale returned and filed. Sale
confirmed and deed ordered.
In the matter ot Catherine Deitsch et
al. vs. Board of County Commission
ers et al., ditch appeal, appeal perfect
ed. For hearing Dec. 27.
- A good lamp is in one such gift. A
lamp stands for so much that is pecu
liarly intimate and friendly. Its light
ing marks the end of the day's work
and the approach of the pleasantest
hours of the whole twenty-four when
the old people and the young come to
gether for rest and play; when neigh
bors drop in to make the evening merry;
when the labors and the worries of the
work-a-day world without are put aside
ror a time. Frowns and wrinkles are
smoothed out, laughter springs up and
spreads spontaneously, under the lamp
like glow; and, if this same lamp was a
Christmas present from a friend, how
pleasantly the thoughts of those it
shines upon should turn towards the
Of all artificial lights the eye special
lts agree that an oil lamp is easiest on
the human eye, giving thelight that, in
its eneet on the otitic nerve, comes near
eil to the natural light of day; and the
liht from the Rayo lamp, while clear
and bright, is remarkably bright, mel
low and diffused. The new burner
with which this season's model is fitted
gives extra strength and prevents all
flickering, so that it does not strain the
eyes even of those who are sitting far
away from it. In appearance the Kayo
satisfies the most exacting; its light-
giving qualities cannot be surpassed
Try It, Try It
Try Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Sal ve for all
akin troubles. It is as pleasant as
sweei cream andguaranteed to give
satisfaction in worse cases. 23c a box
A Flyer in
(Continued from pnjre four.)
Penny photos and also dollar pho
tos for Christmas at Boosz Studio,
too wen, it's a mercy we didn't bring
up against one of them rocks. But we
got through.
"There come a time I nearly give
up. I got colder and colder, and wid
the cold sleepier and sleepier. By and
by I didn't feel the cold so much and
Just fell to sleep all over. I punched
meself and danced, but all the time
I'd be carin" less about doln' It; and
carin' less about savin' the boat and
about McGonigle and chllder, and Just
wantin' nothing but to go to sleep. I
finally got hold of mesllf and flopped
down Into the engine room.
Yan,' I ses, 'for the mercy of
heaven let the boat drift for a while,
I'm freezin' to death.'
"And I Jest tumbled down on the
floor. Well, Yan he shook me and
walked me around, and by and by he
made a pot of strong tea. He's a
good soul, is Yan. And wld the tea
and stickin' to it I made out to stand
it till the shore in the east began to
turn black and the sky above it light.
m "
The Commercial Bank Co.
of Celina, Ohio,
Has the resources, organization and con
nections which enable it to be of the ut
most service to Corporations, Firms and
Individuals, whose business it desires,
and to whom is extended the facilities
acquired through more than forty years
of service to the business community.
In the conduct of its affairs the offi
cers of the institution have steadfastly
adhered to the conservative policies orig
inally adopted, and to this policy, as well
as to the close attention given to the
bank by its officers and strong Board ot
Directors, is no doubt due the steady
progress which the institution has en
joyed. C. E. RILEY, President.
C. D. HIERHOLZER, Vice Pres.
J. B. PULSKAMP, Cashier.
A. M. RILEY, Ass't Cashier.
E. J. HIERHOLZER, Ass't Cashier.
"When the chllder woke up wasn't
they whoopln wld the cough and wld
surprise at flndln' the Charity out In
the middle of the seaT But they're
good young ones. Angeline got the
breakfast and the other two took care
of themselves. And Yan took a trick
at the wheel while I minded the en
gine and warmed up me old bones. All
the time, mind ye, the Charity was
thumpln' and splutterin' along In great
shape. And about nine o'clock of as
grand a winter morning as ever ye see
she sailed Into the harbor of Bayport
as nne as an admiral's ship.
"Where will she land?' ses Yan
" 'Sure, where ye see the coalpock-
tits,' ses I.
"As she swung up alongside the coal
dock a feller come out on the end of It.
What boat's that?' ses he.
"TIs a coal boat," ses I; 'wld coal
in it.'
'Ye've come to the right place. ses
he. And he helped us to tie ud In a
'The boss will buy It oft ye like a
streak.' ses the man.
'Maybe so and maybe not.' ses I.
Where is the boss?'
Well, he showed himself eomin'
down the pier like a runaway.'
"'Coal,' ses he; 'let me see if
"He seen It. and then we struck on
bargain. He'd give me eight dol
lars a ton, and I held out for ten. cash
down. In the course of the argyment
he called me a robber.
'Robber, Is it?' ses I. 'AH rleht
there's likely other people In this town
who want to buy coal and who are
more perllte.'
Tou can't sell it except through
me,' he ses. 'I'm the regular coal
'And I've got the coal,' ses I.
The upshot of it was I struck a
bargain wid me little man. I'd let
him have 50 tons at $8 and he'd let
me sell the rest for what I could get
on his dock, and have the use of his
scales and hire a couple of his men
to unload. Wid that settled I walked
uptown and stopped In at the biggest
stores, just mentlonln' that a coal boat
was In and that we'd begin sellin' In
about half an hour.
vvnen I got back there was a mob
on the Charity, from old women wld
buckets to well-to-do fellers who'd
come wid a two-horse team. And as
soon as Yap pointed me out they made
for me.
Gentlemln and ladies,' ses I. 'It's
$10 a ton.'
Most of them thought 'twas too
much and told me so. But I told
thom there was places besides Bay
port that wanted coal, and they could
take mine or leave It And after some
argyment we got to work on a plan
that I'd thought out in me mind while
comln' up. Yan bossed the unloadln',
and I looked after the weighln' and
takln' In the cash. And I sold me coal
to them as came wld pails at ten cents
the pall; and to them as brought
wheelbarrows at the rate of 15 cents a
pail; and anything over a wheelbarrow
full at the rate of $10 a ton. And no
one, If I could help It, got more than
a ton. But they put up tricks on me.
There was one feller had a gang of
boys buyln' pails full and dumpln 'em
In a wagon that was hid behind the
fence. And there was honest lookin'
men come back for their second ton
and swore themselves blue In the face
tellln' me they'd never been near me.
And the fights I had about the weights.
But that coal went and yon could see
the whole town of Bayport gettln' red
in the face wld the Joy of gettln' warm
again. And when I turned In that
night so tired I could hardly stand or
see, and saw all them winders In the
town lighted up, I ses to mesllf
'They may send you to Jail for It
Mary McGonigle, but today ye done
good turn of business.'
"The next mornln' we turned over
the fifty tons to the dealer, and pretty
well cleaned up the cargo. And along
toward the end when trade was gettln'
slack, a little, pompous, major-general
sort of a feller, In a fine carriage wld
a coachman, came down on the dock
In a hurry.
'Me good woman,' ses he. "what are
ye sellln' yer coal at?'
" 'Fifteen dollars the ton,' ses I.
Fifteen!" ses he. 'No. no. I know
Deuer. You're sellin' It at ten, and
an outrageous price at that'
its gettln' scarce,' ses I. 'and
the price has gone up'
un, that s nonsense.' ses he. I'm
unhappily a little short of coal, but
11 Pay no such price as that Why,
me money Is Invested in coal mines
and me son-in-law Is the president of
one or the coal-carrying railroads.
I m In the coal business meself.'
ses I, 'and I've learned a thing or two
about their way of doing business. Me
price is fifteen.'
"Well, he blustered and be argued
and he said he'd have me Indicted. But
I showed him there was mighty little
coal left In the Charity, and said nary
a word about the fifty tons at the deal
er's. And the upshot was I sold him
nve tons at $15. But me conscience
reproached me.
" 'Ye ought not to have done it, Mary
McGonigle,' ses I; 'sellin five tons to
one man and the poor folks of the
town wantin coal so.'
"So I goes up to the offloe of the
dealer and asks him If he won't set
aside some of his coal, the same as
Supreme Court Affirms Judg
ment in $0,575 Damage Case
of Mercer County Girl.
A Columbus special of Wednesday
conveys the Information that the State
Supreme Court bad handed out a rich
ChrtaniHS present to Miss Bessie Uln.
tou, daughter of ex-Intlrruary Dlrec
tor Frank lllnton of this county, In
the shape of an affirmation of a Judg
ment In the sum of $11,675 against the
Hloomer Brothers Company, of St.
Marys. Miss lllnton lost a hand In a
cutting machine while In their employ
a couple years or more ago.
Cassella Farmer
Suddenly Called
Henry Grlevenkamp, aif"l (it, all
well known and highly reap. ct d farm
r residing near Cassell, this county,
died suddenly from attack of apoplexy
last Wednesday afternoon. A wife
and eight children survive him.
Funeral services take place from the
Catholic Church at the above place to
morrow morning at 8 o clock.
Make Up Your Own Mind
When In the need of a cough medicine.
If you buy Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey
we guarantee yon get the best.
Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve
Good for nil Skirt Diseases.
I done, at ten cents a pall for the poor
people. And be, as I'd been told, beln'
a politician, and the reporter of tho
Bayport newspaper beln' In his office,
he said he'd set aside five tons. He
didn't say It, though, with a pleased
'Hut we parted good friends. He
wanted to know when I'd be up again
wld a load of coal, and to be sure to
let him have a chance at the cargo.
But before I set foot on the Charity
be come after me hot foot
"What's this I hear?' he ses, mad
as a hornet. 'Ye sold five tons to Mr.
Wells at $15 the ton?'
" Te hear right,' I ses.
" "What d ye mean by it? He's my
customer. What d'ye mean by it?" he
'It's my coal he asked for and got'
ses I.
'The cheek of ye,' he ses. "Why,
that man owns coal mines. And hla
son-in-law is the president of the
Wyomin' Valley railroad.
"So that's me story, Mr. McNamara.
I ve done a good turn of business, wid
over nineteen hundred dollars hidden
around In me clothes; but I'm not sure
I haven't overdone me business a bit
What'U Mr. Courtenay say when he
hears how I stung his father-in-law?
And how will I settle wld the railroad
company and get away wld some of
me profits. Them are questions Pre
came down to ask you, while I've left
the Charity up beyond City island out
of the way of the perllce."
"Mrs. McGonigle,' I said, "there is
one thing for you to do, and that is to
see the president of the Wyoming Val
ley railroad yourself."
"Before the perllce sees me," said
Mrs. McGonigle, grimly. "Yes, that's
good advice."
"And tell him your whole story," I
"Um-ra-m," said Mrs. McGonigle.
"And how about his father-in-law?"
"Have you considered, Mrs. McGon
igle," I asked, "what relation the wife
of Mr. Wells is to the president of the
Wyoming Valley railroad? No? His
A gleam shot from Mrs. McGonlgle's
shrewd eyes, and she brought her big,
knuckled fist down on my desk with
a thump.
That's an idee," she cried, "and I'm
the woman to follow It up. Goodby,
and thankye kindly. I'll let ye know
how I come out And ye'll help us If
we get Into throuble, Yan and me and
Angeline and Alberta and little Aga-thar."
Some hours later my telephone bell
rang. I put the receiver to my ear,
and straightway withdrew my ear
from the receiver. After another and
more cautious trial I thought that a
bellows must be operating at the other
end, such a snorting and puffing came
crackling along the wire. Gradually
distinguished a human voice, evi
dently in very close proximity to the
telephone, and speaking in a tone of
"Is this Mr. McNamara himself?"
I breathed softly that it was.
"Well," buzzed the telephone, with a
series of gurgles and snaps, "I seen
Mr. Courtenay and he says I'm too
smart a woman to stay out of the
cchI business."
A kitchen cabinet saves many a
step. Get your wife a Sellers Kitchen
Cabinet for her X-mas present and she
wont wear her shoes out so quick. At
W. A. J. McDanikl's.
Not Good
for everything. Sutherland's Eagle
Eye Salve is good for nothing but the
eyes. If you use it and are not satisfi
ed come back and get your 25c. You
be the judge.
You will find the best to be bad at
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W. A. J. McDaniel handles the
guaranteed Sanitaire iron bed. The
trade mark Sanitaire stamped on every
bed, also a guarantee tag with every
bed. The best Is none too good for
you. When you get a Sanitaire you
get the best.
Wanted Young man of strong
character and force for responsible po
sition; no idlers need apply. Address
at once, Jefferson D. Sims, Gen. Mgr.,
705BhoaffBldg., Ft. Wayne, lnd.
The finest and largest assortment of
large roomy leather rockers we have
ever had are now in stock, and at prices
exceedingly low considering quality.
There is nothing you could select for a
X-mas present that would be more
highly appreciated. Call and see them.
You will be surprised at the rare bar
gains to be had In these goods. Fur
niture of quality at w. A. J. Mcimn-
IKls, Houlli Main street.
... "1 1
1 I
Southeast cor. Main and Market
The Market Place for
MlniliG) U yM
For Christmas and the New Year
ready with the largest and most varied
stock and best values in
and useful Novelties of all kinds.
Come and look over our stock be
fore making your Chrismas purchases.
Everything marked in plain figures.
We are ready to serve you. Get busy.
Jili in Liu Li

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