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In the HOME Is worth a doxn In
th byway, and Just fimimbirTHE
DEMOCRAT It th horn paper of
Mercer County. e
KiUbliahwi M t. 1193.
I.ntrcd l MiClina. tlo.ipoat-aflcaf end-rlM mail miUar.
Volume 21, Number 7
Carlin & Carlin, Publisher$
Celina, Ohio, May 26, 1916
And Premeditately Jos. Harper
Took Deadly Draught
Of Chloroform, After Aaklng Bar-
Tender for UlaM of Water-All
Efforts to Save Life Failed.
Joseph Harper, of thin city, eoni
niitlcd suicide Inst Monday aftcrnoou
about 12:4!i( by draining a vlul con
taining one unit one lialf ounces of
About 12:30 o'clock, Harper went
Into the, M. J. llcininelt saloon und
for a time carried on u conversation
with the bar tender, Fred Meutber,
speaking oT the disagreeable weather
which kept the laboring inau from
doing any work, lie linally asked
M nether lor a glasH of waler anil ut
ter complying with the request, Mue
ther turned to the back bar to at
tend to things and on turning around
buw that Harper had left.
Harper had evidently taken the
poison inside the saloon lor as he
leached the sidewalk, he fell, the
chloroform taking effect Immediate.
. ...
Dr. Otis wan hastuiy summon
ed and through his strenuous efforts
the unfortunate mun seemed to
show signs of life several times, but
the dreadful poison had such a hold
on his system that In less than hair
an hour's time the doctor pronounced
him beyond all medical aid.
Mr. Harper was a day laborer and
for a number of years was a section
hand. He spent most of his life In
Celina, except for a few years that
he lived in Toledo. The past few
weeks he had been employed by the
municipal light and water plant on
their waler lines.
He is survived by his wife, a
daughter, who lives in Wapakoneta
and a granddaughter who made her
home with the elderly couple here.
Following the coroner's verdict of
suicide the body was removed to the
homo on West Fulton street In trie
McDaniel Melster ambulance.
Funeral services were held at the
home last Wednesday afternoon at
2 o'clock, with Hev. Higbt in charge.
Interment ot Swamp college ceme
ICreevlllo Advocate. 1
Word has liei n received by F.llis Camp
bell, who resides southeast of (irecnvllle.
In reference to one of the men .0 was
killed In tlie Cincinnati Noiflier wreck
several weeks ago.
When the pictures of the dead men
were printed i" the Advocate after the
accident, -Mr. Campbell thought that one
of the men looked like John Kruger, a
purtv who bad worked for him some
months ago. Campbell got Into communi
cation with the relatives of me man
at Michigan City. 1ml.. and sent news
papers of the wreck and also sent a pla-
tllie of one of the men. AioIIUay Camp
bell not the following letter:
Letter received Willi newspaper clip
pings attached, lor which please accept
mv thanks.
"I have shown the picture to John Kni
tter's sister and brother and they say
that same Is surely a likeness of John.
I have written to the County coroner or
St. Henry and (iilbirts, Ohio, for more
"If I find anything more definite I will
be pleased In Inform you. Yours truly,
CLYIJK CAkl.FSON, Michigan city, Ind.
The Village Dads held n lengthy ses
sion last Tuesday night, with Mayor
Scrnnton presiding and all members pre
tent but Coate.
Ex-Miiyor P. K. Kenncy, Judge C. S.
Younger, Attorney C. A. Stubhs, Fred
Schleiiker, W. C. Dick und others were
present and addressed council relative to
a petition presented and signed by prac
tically every business and professional
man and many residents of the city, pray
ing for the parking of the ground between
the I. & W. railroad and the reservoir
revetment wall, from Main street east to
Ash. Owing to the absence of Solicitor
Johnson council deferred actloi; until the
adioiirucd session tonight.
Win. l'ond complained about the condi
tion of Mill street, between Logan Htiv"
Washington, and wanted something done.
The same matter had been presented sev
eral times previous and Chairman Desch
of the street committee, said that the
work had been deferred because the dam
age to the street had been done by the
Sanitary Sewer work and felt that fund
should stand the repair.
Fnginecr Flshbnugh presented a plat
of the Must Side storm sewer and also
spoke about conditions at the disposal
plant of the Sanitary sewer system.
The latter matters were referred to the
newer committee and the storm sewer
plans were laid over because of some sug
gested changes.
The clerk was Instructed to notify the
C. H. & D. to repair crossings In in. 3 ci
ty. The matter of oiling the stiis was
taken up as well as many other minor
Andy Strabely, arrested last Friday ev
ening on a charge of being drum, and dis
orderly, was arraigned before Mayor
Scrnnton Saturday morning, lie plead
guilty to the charge and was fined $5
anil costs.
On the same evening Matt Tlglie was
arrested by Marshal Duncan on a charge
of furnishing Ihiuor to the above. He
waq arraigned before Mayor Scrnnton on
Saturday morning ad entered u plea of
not guilty. His hearing was continued
until Monday morning at whlcn time he
chaged his plea to guilty. He was lined
$10 and costs. He settled.
CEIVES $5000
New York, May 23. Patrick Harmon
arrived at the City Hall, walking back
ward, and announced that he wished for
some city official to certify his arrival.
He said he had walked backward all the
way from San Francisco. He was ac
companied by W. A. Haltazor as a watch
er, to prove that he accomplished the
feat. On August 6, Win, a bet was made
between two clubmen In San Francisco
that Harmon could not accomplish the
walk in 2110 days. If he did he was to
receive $5,000 of the amount wagered.
The' walk consumed 2.1'J davs. Harmon
had a mirror strapped to tils body, so
he could see where he was eolng.
It will be remembered that, uarmon
passed through this city sometime ago,
and occasioned raurt comment as to the
outcome of his trip.
Missos Elizabeth and Joyce Hedrlck. of
Ft. Itecovery, visited with relatives here
on Wednesday. They made the trip over
with Charles Hedrlck in his machine,
Charles having been on a visit with his
mother at the Fort and came to Celina
for a short visit enrotite to his home at
' Hartwell, Ohio.
J. 11. Ross, of Troy, O., was In this city
last Wednesday and Thursday morning
tor a visit with his daughters, Mrs. John
Carlin and Miss Hernia Hobs,
1,11'e 1h a constant struggle against
Dirty refrigerators may make sick
The U. 3. Public Health Service
Issues free bulletins on rural sani
The defective citizen of today Is
ofllmes the unhealthy child of yes
Kvery man Is the arrnttect of his
own health?
It's the baby that lives that
Tuberculosis Is contagious, pre
ventable, ctirablo?
The full dinner pail, the open win
dow, the clean well, mako foj- health?
couv.vn:it rMMi:xi:Mi:NT
MONDAY i;i;m(j
The commencement exercises of
the graduates of the Coldwater pub
lic schools will be held In the Uex
theatre nt that place on Monday ev
ening, May 29. Kx-Congressanni J.
Henry Goecko, of wapakoneta, will
deliver tho address to (he class. The
graduates are F.sther Hettinger, Her
nadette Desch, Agne.i Fox and Ralph
Kings, Noted Among the Air
men of the World
Will Participate In Big Doings
on Decoration Day In Celina
Great Jam Anticipated.
Celna and surrounding cities within a
radius of sivty miles are covered with
lithographs announcing the great phe
iiominal exhibition to lie given at the
Fair (Irounds In this city on Decoration
Day, May :ii).
Thousands of people will witness feats
accomplished by airmen, that they have
often read of, but have never had the
opportunity to witness.
On the dawn of Decoration Day, the
residents of this city will be awakened
by the hum-drum whirlwind motors or
the four big aeroplanes, tuning up for the
day's big miraculous feats.
Kuhl, I'.oshck, Mc(!ee and Roberts, four
of the most daring airmen of today will
hold the great crowd spellbound as they
attempt to show how aerial warfare would
be carried on, If 1'ncle Sam would cross
words with some foreign foe. They will
be aided In this great sham battle by
several companies of militia.
A trip to the Fair CrouniU yesterday,
revealed tlie air king. I'.oshck, with the
aid of his assistants, perched on the top
of his big bird, painting his name In big
red letters, so the many spectators may
read it when he accomplishes his great
est effort of the day by flying upside
Inning the program of the afternoon,
the airmen will do all the tricks that the
planes will be able to show, the most
daring of which Includes the loop-tho-loop
and soaring over the many lookers
on with the big bird Hat on its Irflck.
The big program starts at 2:30 In the
afternoon and prior and up to that time
thousands are expected to pour into Ce
lina. Special trains have been arranged
for on all railroads leading Into this city.
In tin morning at 10 o'clock a big pre
paredness parade is scheduled and oil
those who wish to fall in line are asked
to drive their machines to the south end
of Main street, where the parade will
take form. Cards have been sent out to
all the automobile owners in town, signed
by the "Preparedness Committee." wno
fver that may be. In regard to tho event
in the forenofln.
Admission to the big program at the
Fair tlrounds in the afternoon will be or
popular prices and a big p'trning space
is available for all rigs and automobiles.
Join the big throng that will crowd Ce
lina, May 30.
The candidate Is abroad in the
land. He's hungry for the glad hand.
He has room for your vote. He's
the most sociable ch:p In the world.
He won't disagree with you about
weather or war. Treat him kindly.
You may have to transact ollicial
business with 'this follow. He may
record your last will and testament.
He may file the mortgage on your
home. He may call witnesses before
the grand jury to testify against you
or your friends. He may give asses
sors Instructions to" revalue your
personal property.
Being a candidate is part of the
game of pood government. You
may have the germ bite you some
Head the announcements in the
candidate's column in this paper.
Kvery man there mentioned has good
qualities enough to get the attention
of Good St. Peter himself for a few
minutes. If Peter has time to talk
to them, so have you. Hear their
story and get in touch with county
politics. Please report any candidate
that refuses an invitation to partake
of a square meal. Put Sandles.
Andrew H. (last, of Maria Stein, a tun
er und rebuildcr of pianos, has been lin
ing work In this city the past week.
While a young man he has had several
years experience in the business, doing
work at Wapakoneta, Lima and St. Marys
for several years, until a few months ago.
Shelby Diegel and Mrs. Nell Long were
arrested Monday on 1 a charge preferred
against each of them by Marshal Duncan.
Mrs. Long was charged with having
lived in a state of fornication with one,
Shelby Diegel, anil when arragned before
Justice of the Fence C. D. Rice, entered
a plea of not guilty. She was bound ov
er to the court In the sum of $.100.
The utlidavlt filed against D'egel charg
ed him with living In adultery Willi one
Nell Long. He was taken before Justice
of the i'eace O. D. nice and also en
tered a plea of not guilty. He was also
bound over to court In the sum of $:100.
Hond was furnished In both cases.
The Model second-hand store formerly
owned by Ira It Wagner and managed by
Frank Fanger was sold last Wednesday
to If. O. Foltz. of Lima.
The store changed quarters yesterday
from the Belersdorfer building on Fay
ette street to the lingerer building on
South Main street.
Mr. Fanger will continue tor manage
the store.
Mr. Foltz was formerly a school teach
er and is now employed as book-keeper
Lima. He will move to this city hi the
near future.
Mr. WiiKtier sold tho lease he held on
the Hoiersdorfer building to a Creek of
Ft. Wayne, Ind., who will open a candy
kitchen In that location.
Will Deliver Memorial Address
to Veterans Sunday
Societies Asked to Join Ilandful
of Old Heroes on Decoration
Day to Pay Tribute to Dead.
At the regular meeting of the Re
lief Corps Monday with Mrs. 1'. F. ('al
ien In the chair, arangetneiits were com
plete,! for .Memorial Day onservance.
All members of D. J. Roup post and
tile Corps aru requested to meet at
the hall at 'J::ill Sunday to be ready to
attend Memorial Day let-vlecs at the St.
Raul's M, F. Church Sunday morning
at 1(1: IS where Rev. Alonzo Sohalfer will
preach the sermon lo the veterans imd
he iir.ics that all sons of veterans at
tend the service as he has 11 special mes
sage lor them.
Monday at 8::!H a.m., Airs, ('alien re
nin sts the members ot in,. Relief Corps
und others to meet at the city hall to
make wreaths with which to decorate
the (.raves of departed comrad"s who are
burled at North drove and Catholic
Tuesday morning nt X::i0, all comrades
and citizens are urged to meet at the
city hall and from there go 10 the cem-
Icries where Rev. A. II. Roebuck will
deliver the memorial address. The pro-
si,m will be led by the tviiiiH Hand
and the Rovs' Hand inav play. All Ira-
rnal orders are rciiuesied to join with
tne veterans 111 making this the largest
trlolic demonstration ever seen m
lina, because never in-fore in the his
tory of our country was the appeal to
uriotlsm more Insistent. All the schools
will be requested to participate in tlie
parade with .Mrs. ('alien, of the Corps,
ml Airs onienit'M, patriotic instruc
tor, marching In charge ol the youthful
II j g bearers.
I'he citizens are reiiuested to kindly
tender the use of their automobile. In
this respect they have ilways been court-
111s and thoughtful and ol course in this
e:ir of special observance they will not
be lacking.
Wm. (!. iloiTcr. widely known In news
paper. as Col. Hill Holler, lias relin-
iinslieu ms claims as an editor on tne
Wapakoneta Daily News, and the va-
c nicy w ill lie hllcl by John (,. I isher, a
II known newspaper man and former
ly employed on the News.
Mr. Holler will not take up any perma
nent location at once, but will tuke an
tetnled trip through trie wesi
Miss Minnie Dicner, who has. been ouite
ill for some time past, is on the road to
Hiram Mie.-s,', who has I n confined to
the house for a number of weeks is able
to be about some.
Mrs. W in. Lauilahn and little daughter,
who have been seriously ill with an at
tack of the grip, are rapidly recovering.
.lack Randal. .-inch, little son of Rro
bate judge and Mrs. (Irvelle Raudaballgh,
has 1 11 :-irk with an attack of tonsil-
II is.
Mary Klixahcth Riersdorfer, little
daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. in. Itiersdor
fer, has been ill with an attack of ton
silitis lor the pa..f .eek.
Mrs. Dr. I 'errj , North Walnut street,
has been ijiute ill for the past week.
Assisted by two phcnominal catches by
Hank Myers in left Held, with the bases
full, and consistent batting on the part
of his team mates, Joe Myers defeated
Coldwater last Sunday In that village,
w inning the tirst bull game he ever
When the boys warmed up, Rig (Jeorge
Myers, who had promised to come home
from l'aulding to do the twirling, had not
showed up, and Manager Herman selected
his big llrst sucker for the mound Job. lie
done very well, but brother Charley was
Instrumental In the defeat of the Cold
water lads. Hank's two-bagger in the
llrst inning scored Fredericks. His sin
gle in the third scored two more and he
romped houie on Alc( onib's two-saeker.
In the seventh and eighth Innings he was
lirst up; singled in both instances scoring
oil hingies by lietz. With the sucks full
ami two out in tlie third he went up
against the fence in left lield and made a
most sensational catch of a line drive
from James' bat, which looked goo for
a home run .Again in the lifth with
the bases full and only one down, he
came in and pulled a seemingly safe bit
oat of the grass with another sensational
one-hand drive, doubling up on ucltingcr
at second for tne linal out. He was the
w hole show.
Cohlwater fans were very peeved in the
eighth frame when, with two out and two
men 011 bawe, AlcComb shrewuiy walked
to the plate and made .Myers pass Striker
the hard hitting Coldwater left gard
ner. Del linger then rolled out to second
for the tinal out. It was a wise move
on the part of the popular little back
stop. Score:
Antrim. :i 1. .
V rederieks, c f,
C. VI yets, I. f.
Ketz, lb
McConib, c. . .
,1. Myers, p., .
Hysel, h. s., .
A H. R. II. I'.O. A. F..
Lundis, 2 U
llitchens. r.
Totals ..
8 Rl 21 U
L. Hettinger c f
A volte, s. s
Munier, 1 b
James, c
Striker, 1. f
A. Hettinger. 3. . ,
Hole, r. f
Thels, 2 b
f.elgler, p
A ll. R. 11. I'.O. A. E.
0 2
12 0
12 1
1 0
(I 2
0 0
1 r.
0 3
27 13
37 4 10
INNINtiS 12345678 9
Celina 1 0 4 0 0 0 1 0 2-8
Coldwater ....1 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0-4
Farned runs Coldwater 3; ('
Two base hits C. Myers C2
Ick, McComh. J. Myers. Mani
Sacrilice hits McComh, J.
Hettinger. Ayette and Hole.
elina fi.
I, Freder
r, .striker.
Myers, L.
Stolen bases Frederick, L. Rettlnger
A. Hettinger and Hole.
Struck out by Myers 3, by
Rase on bulls off Myers, 5,
Zeiglor 10.
off Zeigler
Double plays C. Myers to Landis; Ay
ette to Theis to Munier.
Wild pitch Myers.
Umpln? Tangemun.
Joe Myers made an excellent attempt at
pitching. His wildness resulted in two
of the four runs secured by Coldwater.
Hetz was shifted to the llrst sack, when
Myers went Into the box and Lei.. Httch
tns was put into left Held, and mi is 11 bit
weak all around.
ljuidis' error in the sixth was an ex
cusable one. The ball took an ugly
hound as he was in the act of receiv
ing it and bounded over his shouiuer. lie
got his mitt on It however, and the man
was held at lirst.
Clmrlea Myers was a regular Tris
Speaker. He secured three sin tries and
two two-bagers out of five times up; made
three runs, secured four put outs and
one assist. Including two sensational one
hand catches and a double play.
Frank K. Rennet t, 35, minister, Chica
go, III., so nof James W. Rennett, and
Wilhelnilna Kruno, 2ii, bookkeeper, Celi
na, daughter of Fred Urune. Kv. Reitz.
i:o ui oiu wii.i, i i.i iiit i
Tin; i-'oritTM
The Press says:
A meetlnir was held on the 17th
to talk over having a big Fourth of
July celebration in Kockrord and it
was decided, since it. had been four
years since Kockl'ord bad celebrated,
It was time to have something doing
An organization was formed and the
committees selected to go to work
on the celebration. The soliciting
committee will call on the merchants
and get their expression as to the
amount of money they wish to con
tribute. Hocltford s Fourth of Jury
celebrations have always been sue
cessful, each one better than the last
and it Is the Intention to make the
proposed celebration this year eclipsi
all previous efforts.
Mrs. Jennie Cook, arrested last Frld.iy
by Constable Reynolds on an altld.ivlt tiled
by Fnd Nichols, charging In r w ith using
vile and obscene language, was arralgn-
il before Justice ol the I'eace C. D. Rice
ind entered a plea ol not giillt,t.
The case was set for hearing yo.-ter-.lay,
but the allidavlt was withdran,
mil Hie case may be brought up before
Jlajnr Sciantori, under the ordinances or
tin- town.
Conference of Western District
Evangelical Lutheran
Inter-State Joint Synod Opened
Interesting Session In This
City Last Tuesday.
The Aiii.laize Conference of the West
ern District ol tne r.vangeucai i.uinei-
tn Joint Mynoil of Ohio ami other, stales
convened In M. J01111 s r.vangeia .11
'Inn li in this city last Tuesday. The
Mist regular spring session opened at two
o'clock, with the Rev. II. J. Sehull. of
Anna, presiding. Ten pastors answered
tin' roll cull: Rev. A. F. Hen.ien. York
shire; i:. 1'. Kbert, (Jn enville; Win. N.
Finch, Ft. Recovery; F. (1. lieitz, Celina;
II. J. Schuh. Anna; D. F. Schultz. Sid
ney; J. L. Sealing, Rotklns; 10. C. Stenn
1,11111. St. .Marys; A. W. S5eli, Greenville;
W. F. Jiuer, Roekford.
The election of olllcers resulted in Faa
lors II. J. Schuh, president; K. V. Kbert
Secretary; Al. N. Finch, vice president
and treasurer; D. F. Schultz. conleienco
reporter. ,
A report was given by the committees
on tlie celebration ot tne -ninth anniver
sary of the Reformation ill R'17. Subjects
lor' special lectures were assigned ..ie
11 ions pastors who will deliver lectures
throughout the boundd of tlie conference.
Special joint rally meetings have been
arranged by the congregations ofAnna,
RoiUius, Saliiev and .uonieru lor the pur""
ii.se of creating special interest with the
,, , 1 ,
1 asunl iiueslions were called lor heloie
fore adjournment.
A lecture was .scheduled for me evell
j,ig ses. ami lo which all members 01 die
c iiic-m . gat ion were invited to be present.
Tlie Rev. II. J. Schuh, of Anna. Kpcke on
the subject, "Loyalty to Synod."
He spoke of the peculiar si "iiilicani e ol
the wold 'lovallv' al this time. ..lany
whose cradles were in the land far be
yond the sea have adopted the land of
ihe free, and though in sympathy with
their brethcrn abroad, are loyal to the
land of adoption. Disregarding sympath
ies we local Americans would resent the
charge of disloyalty. However he would
not speak of political loyalty but of syn
odical loyalty.
Not because it is the largest synodical
bodv but because of the true fundamental
principles and doctrines taught In the
Lutheran church. f irst because the
Word of Cod is the only rule and guide
of these fundamental principles taught
in their nciT v we as pastors and people
should manifest our loyalty.
Tlie Wednesday morning session open
ed with devotional services conducted by
tlie president, C. H. Kckcrl and A. K.
Roi'ger, of Lima, H. N. Iirobst. of Cold
water, and A. II. I Meineman, of Sidney.
A thesis bv Rev. II. N. Hrobst on the
subject, "Fundamental l'rinciples of the
Inlerpielation of the Scripture" proved
very interesting and helpful and provoked
animated discussion. A casual ouestion
was presented: "What do you think of
conference on the vested choir in the
cnurcli?" The answer: "l.'nless the use
ol vestments on the part of me choir
gives real offense, we see no objection to
The Washington township Sunday
school convention is to be held at the
Washington Chapel next Sunday, .May
as, for which the following program has
been prepared:
A Het liooll s. :
I :S0.
Devotional l.x'ercist Rev. 11. Richard
son. Song Macedon Sunday school.
Address .Maintaining the Scholar's In-t.-resl
in Sunday school Rev. Christopher
Stone, Ft. Recovery.
ii.iu-The .Moore funny, r.rastus.
Address Ui'V. t If. Coin, Conover,
Song Schools.
Report of schools and appointment
Committee on Flection or Wlhcers.
I Jenediclion.
Fvcning session. 7:'!'l p.m.
Song Quartette, State Line Lutheran
Sunday school.
Devotional Fxercises Rev. C. B. Cain.
Violin Solo Ksther Schroyer.
Address Faith's Fruitage, Rev.
11. c.
Fisnagle. Coldwater. '
Duet Mrs. F. M. Vaney and Mrs
M Doner, Wabash Sunday school.
Address I low to Teach the Sunday
School f.ossnn Properly, Rev. II. Rich
ardson, New Corydon, Ind.
Round Table Topics
How do we Judge ourselves unworthy
of eternal life?
How may we obtain greater reverence
in the House of God?
How may we get people interested In
coming to Sunday school and hold their
W hat benefits are to 5e derived from
the use of the graded lesson and which
classes should use them?
Can our schools successfully use the
graded lessons?
Song Schools,
J. W. FKTTRRS. Pros.
Olllcers here have sent out word to
ofliclals In surrounding towns to be on
the lookout for a woman who tried the
short change game on a number of bus
iness men in this city.
The lirst place she was reported as vis
iting was Frank Fischer's meat market
where she purchased twenty cent's 'i)r..i
of meat and handed Mr. Fischer a ten
dollar bill. He gave the woman a five
dollar bill and four dollars and eighty
cents In change. She I hen pocketed the
live and displaying -the $1.80 told Fischer
that she had twenty cents In change to
pav the meat bill and therefore she need
not break the $10. Her lightning work did
not confust'. Mr. Fischer, however, tind he
asked her to first produce the other five
spot, win retipon she turned ungrily and
left the shop.
Later on It was discovered that she had
visited a number of business bouses In
this city und was evidently a professional
at Ihe business.
Olllcials have succeded tn finding the
Identity of the woman, but she is still at
Threatens to Get Into Congres
sional Game Again
Unless Cunningham Take to Tall
Grans - Ills Version of Last
Dirty Political Fight.
l!y David W. How-man. in Lima Times
Democrat, of May 22. 1
John Ib-nry (iceike has broken his long
silence with regard lo the congressional
situation. Ills expression takes Ihe form
of a signed statement addressed to the
voters, indenting thai he will be a can
didate for congress as long as N. W.
Cunningham entertains hope of being el
ected to that position.
(loei ke's attitude, as implied III the ul
timatum and even more f lrongly bet 1 en
the lines, Is that the Rlulllon bunker was
directly responsible for the injection or
ilenonilnationalism in I In- last campaign.
He also 1. tales that he has no desire to
go to congress, but that In order lo elim
inate Cunningham us u laclor he will
make the race, adding that the church
10 used In the- last light has no place
polities and must be removed by re
moving the instigator.
The statement lakes a nuinner 01 var
I turns and is apparently directed to
several groups, rust, in- explains unit
he desiies to inform those who are afraid
to run because of his anticipated entrunci
just where he stands.
rn.-n he slat
that personal
mbitions have, nothing to
w th it. The venture would be 11 11-
ncl.il loss because of the lllterlerence
Willi his law practice. Ihe hexl turn IS
toward a historical resume, charging Cun
ningham with breach 01 laith. and declar
ing thai the latter was put into the r:
of Rill by "illllllenccs outside the ths-
tiict. From this he launches into a
personal estioiate of his rival, which can
he class, 11 nine warm in icnor.
he Wupakoneta attorney then devotes
his attention to tlie need ol an "available
indidate"w In, can lie elected and become
u -eful m Washington. In this connection
lucie is a trace ol advice lo country ran-
litis throughout the district regarding
the presence on the ticket ol a "nnll-
lone." And here enters tne challenge
that unless Cunningham abandons the
idea of goig to cogress after Hi" light
ol two years ago, (JoecKe will "lake all
the voters of the district into my con-
Ihlence and give them some interesting
information that is now known to hut
nnparativcly lew. ill other weirds, he
iiidicafes that he has something ready
. "spring.
(loecke's closing sentence hopes 'that
this w ill not become necessary." tS heth-
110! it wil bring up the iiuestiou as
to what the Wapakoneta man con.-lders
the necessity, Hie inference is that he Is
to be tlie judge himself, for the context
shows plainly that he will run unless
Cunningham decides not lo do so.
this gives the ultimatum 1 ne uspeci
01 a demand lor a showdow n, uoeeHo ev
ent ly believeing he holds the nigh card.
There is just enough' ol" toe tleiinile
the challenge to show the frame or
ind of the attorney, for he makes it
plain to the other prospective entrants
nat his own decision lies w mi i 1111-
ninghain. Hut there is also enough ol the
ague to leave the matter up III the all
loecke does not slate positively what he
vtill do, but makes it contingent on a
of preposii tonal words such us II
md "unless" and the like.
All cm s turn to Cunningham as tne re
sult of (.loecke's stalment. I hat he will
come back with either tottil denials or
set 01 counter charges appears to la
the concensus of opinion. The (,oecke
proclamation apparently calls lor an 1111-
wer, ill that 11 does not i-nn in a acon
ite conclusion, and tne tact mac tne tor
mer congressman claims to have "some
interesting iniormation." adds to the 111-
rest of the electorate.
k seems not impossible that the Klull-
ton man will ignore the throat, nut tne
minion bellel is that he will disclaim
the authorship ol the religious issue hy
simply retorting that he cannot be held
espoiisiole lor wnal a lew 01 11 is, looiiso,
vei-zealous and short-sighted adher
nts inav have dope without llis know
ledge or consent.
I'he text ol the statement prepareu ny
coke personally, and signed 111 accor
dance with the '-anonymous utlac. ' stat
ute, is as lollows:
In vh-w Ol Ule laer mill IIH- lime unl
it for the announcement e. candidans
for Congress is soon lo expire, and tnai
there Is a general impression throughout
e district that I am a candidate lor tne
moiratie nominalion. 1 feel that it is
onlv fair to iose who may be desirous
of entering Hie contest that I should make
statement of my position, especially
since mv mends an over ine uisirici nave
boen constantly urging me again to be-
ome a candidate, sayms thai my nat ai
eady is in the ring.
"I want to lirst make It plum that
mv hat is not 111 tne ring won my con
sent. 1 have privately advised my friends
from time to time that 1 was averse to
becoming a candidate again at this time
cause ol the great personal sacrilice
it would entail upon me and because 01
tlie peculiar political situation in the dis
trict. 1 am very lond ol the work 01
my profession, it is congenial una mucii
more prolitahle than pontics anu 11 is
linte natural tn.-it 1 snouio preier to tie-
vote 111 ycntiro tune und energies 10 tne
practice of the law and only devote stu n
lime lo politics as every private citizen
ought to devote who is interested In good
eminent and clean pout cs.
fwo tears ago Mr. Cunningham came
to Washington and urged nie to again be-
01110 a candidate tor congress anji pieu
e.l me his support. It he had kept his
word 1 would have had no opposition in
the primary; my election would have been
foregone conclusion and the uisirici
would not now be represented by a re
publican. He permitted hiniselt to he set
into the light bv inllueiices outside ot the
district and then proceeded, by the aid
if his political henchmen and manipula
tors, to conduct a campaign, tne no-moos
I which were both illegal und reprenen
ible. resulting in his defeat at tlie polls
and sending to congress the first republl-
'iii in the 1 storv ot the dlslrict. lie and
his political manipulators, and no one else
ponsllile me.reior. every wen-in-
lormed citizen of the Fourth district
knows this statement to be true. A man
whose word is not good under any cir
cumstance Is not lit to represent any 01s-
trict in Congress. The met nods employ -
1 to bring about his nominal ion w nen
fullv understood by the people of this nis-i.-,,.
mii'lil md will make llis candidacy
an Impossibility. If nominated he would
prove a millstone nhout the neck of every
candidate on the democratic ticket, from
president down and drag many of them
into defeat. The lesson of two years ago
ought to be siitliclent warning to Cun
ningham and his henchmen that this will
be the result.
"While 1 urn in no wise responsible,
either directly or indirectly, for this de
plorable political condition in the district
and there is no good reason why it ought
In the slightest degree to affect my can
didacy, if I should have any desire to fil
ler the contest, yet 1 feel that democratic
success this year is of much greater im
portance than the personal success of any
one man, und therefore I stand ready to
join in a movement with all unselfishness
and right-thinking democrats to bring
about the nomination of a cand'dato who
can command the united support of ev
ery democrat in tlie district, thereby
strengthening not only the national and
state tickets but save from certain tie
feat many candidates for uistrict and
county otKces.
"No candidate thus far has made any
declaration us to where he stands on the
great questions that are pressing for so
lution and will be Involved it the next
campaign. Mr. Cunningham has stated
privately that his great desire to go to
Congress was for the purpose of sound
ing out his career whatever that may
be. He slated publicly that he was en
titled to tbis nomination because he had
run once before and had been defeated.
Roth reasons for wanting the nomination
was of the merest rot an insult to the
intelligence of the voters of ihe Fourth
District. They are not worthy ot con
sideration uhd are simply tho .watchword
of a designing and cunning politicia wh
of a designing and cunning
politician who fails on public
tiuestions or lacks the courage of his
convictions, 1 uni in favor of nominating
and electing a man to Congress who
wants to go there to work for the in
terest of tho people of the Fourth Dis
trict and the country, and who will make
known to the voters what he believes
In und Mauris for, ml w hoses environ
ments are such that he will hot bo rail
I rolled, II he is elected, by any one loan
or sol ol no 11, hill will honnl strive
to treat everyone burly and do thai winch
in rigid, as best he can.
".Mr, ( 'iiiinltighaiii will discover belore
Ibis campaign ends that he cannot buy
his nit lido congress 1 would sooner
light lo keep the politics of tills liiflllit
clean and Hoc limn boodle than to oc
cupy a seat in congress. If he hud any
regard lor deiuoci 1, 1 a- success he would
'lav out of the light. Any candidate who
will diag the lodge or The church Into
the mile ol politics deserves Hie con
temn! of till rlghl-thinkirig American cll-
i.eiis. It must therefore be plainly ap
parent to all good democrats -who hope
lor the success ol their parly and to ail
caintlriules aspiring lor state, district or
county olllce, that an earnest effort ought
to te mutln to put forwurd it candidate
who stands for genuine democracy and
clean politics ami who will add strength
to the cause and make victory possible.
Rut I want to make it plain that 11 my
candidacy becomes necessary In older to
sate the situation or defeat the plans 01
candidates who were directly or lndireei
Iv Implicated in tlie scheme two .tours
u"go that brought about the present situa
tion, I will make ihe light und tune all
Ihe voters of the district Into my eonl1
1I1 urn and give Hu m some Interest llig in
liu million thai is now know n to but 00111-
pariilHoly few. Ill the interest 01 party
success and democratic harmony, 1 hope
that this will not become necessary.
(Signed.) J. 11. (.OKCKK."
.UnJ;;im; from th remarks of Jiimita
V. I'ltlkmr, CtdtiMiriiiH pohUdil curree
IMiiuit nt lr the CfiieimiaU (Inquirer, thnt
wilier eitnsiil irf T. I. KniUle me ;imli
ii;it o' miiiii ImI d.-.-ii uk ot yplUUhU up
the Mrt -until ol' N. I'trnmnKhum fn Al
len county, llis releieiicc to iti l ouith
Uisiiit t in Siihil;iys Kniiiirer la us lol
lows: "In Allen county there Is a inrent "to
do" over the reported entrance into th
contest ol T. 1'. Kiddle, fur if -m- corn con
test manager, ol' the state iiki leullurttl
commis.-ioit. lie was also once secretary
of the hoard of trade in Lima. Mr. Kid
dle is the unfortunate person who.se pri
vate I ilcs of correspondence with State
('hairm-iti William I... l-inley moI into the
hands o the repuhlican managers during
the 11 I campaign. Kactly how it oc
curred has never heell explained to t Mh
day and thu corn contest manager never
went so tar us to employ oetectives to
find out. Dm,1 ot these pussy-fouled fel
lows who are refer red to as "rellahte
souiccs of information" dropped In the
other da to say that Kiddle i 1.1 m reci-nfly
heen trjinu to square, mutters with Kinlcy
who is j-;iid to have used sonic unscrlp
t ura I hinnuaKe ree,ardmu this victim of
crcu in stances. He lure he w cut away tlie
rehahle source slipped out the information
that it was likely thai T. i. was run
ning in order Ui divide further tlie vole
in Alh-n county where im k ('unniiiKhain,
of Jilulflon. the nominee of two e;ns
mKo. is liKhtiiiK f ir reiiominat ion. 1 1 1 1
he didn't say in whose interest this divide
and conmier thin v.as heing worked.
Wonder who?
nother Hinir at tho Uistrict reads us
follows :
He's looe awam! 1 es sir, lr . M.
Hunl, of 1'iqua, is once more in the race
for t lie democratic nomiuat ion for con
gress in Hit? fourth district. It was 'Ji)
e.irs ano that he first essayed a triul,
heitm' ji candnhite t hen upon t he no el
lice ,-ilver ticket. Two Vt'.'ir.s atio the,
H-f Mid doctor not into the fit hi a t ed row i
ovi r that way and finished outside toe1
hreast works. Kittle things like heiiitf ,
bowled over in primaries, conventions ami
general elections do not daunt trio doc-
tor, who comes up smiling like the sun 1
on a irosty morning. There's some com- j
fort in the situation I candidaie Hunt.;
Ih will have plenty of company, espec
ially from Allen county, w hich has sev- !
eral, to use u modest measure of quantf-i
ty. It may he mentioned that the doe- !
tor lias put up $-' in real money witn
tin- election hoard in Miami county a. a
an earnest of his sincere intentions to
ward securing the noiniation." ;
John V. Steele. aK'-d 75 years, one of
the most widely known pioneer resitlents
of this county, died al his home on West
Warren street Tuesday evening.
Mr. Steele's health begun lo fail him
several months aio, his sickness linally
developing into uremic poisoning, ythich
caused his death.
.Mr. Steele was horn in (Jallia county-,
Ohio. In 1ST'! he was Uliiletl in marriage
lo Fannie 1'riddy. .Uler his marriage
they moved to .lay county , Ind., t here
they lived on a farm tor ten years. In
ISM'l Mr. Steele and his wife moved hack
lo tliis county on a farm not far from Ce
lina, whole they lived until several years
ago. when Ihey moved to Ibis oily.
A few years after their moving to Cel
ina. Mrs. Steele was called to the Croat
lleyoud, ill Sopteinl, or ot 1:111, and sinoe
that time Air. Sieole has lived in his com
lortat.le little home on Wesl Warren St.
Deceased is survived hy six children
Fil., ol Tern- Haute, Intl.: Airs. I.. I;,
lhooli, of Troy: Mrs. Wm. Dilihle, YVcs
and I'carl, of this city; ami Hoy, who for
the past several years has been employed
at Dayton.
Funeral services will be held to-morrow
I .uke -Miller, the thirteen year old son
of Air. and Airs. Hen .Miller, Fust Fulton
street, passed away at the home of his
parents last Monday evening at 6:30
The little follow took seriously 111 live
weeks ago, and since that time has been
beilfnst with a complication of diseases
which linally developed into imtnmatory
I, uke was exceedingly bright for his age
being in the seventh grade of the I'ar-
oohi.-il school. For a number of years he
hail not been ti the best of health.
He leaves to mourn his loss his parents
a brother. Arthur, and a sister, Erma.
Mrs. John Bennett sr. passed awiy last
Saturday evening following a. lingering
illness of tuberculosis and rheumatism.
She had Iteen an invalid for a number of
years but had only been bedfast about two
weeks. She has been making her home
with her daughter. Airs. Cory Cox at
I'.ryant, until about two weeks ago when
she came here because of the ill health
of Mrs. Cox.
Tlie deceased was a daughter of John
and r.ocky Wagtier and was born on a.
tarm two miles south of here, November
s, ls;VI. At the time of her death she
was aged ill years, t months and 1J days.
Mrs. r.ennet leaves a husband, a daugh
ter, Airs. Cory Cox, und a son. John Hen
ntt, jr., of this place, a brother, Wm.
Wagner and two sisters. Airs. John Fort is
and Mrs. John Snyder, of this place.
The funeral services wore hen, .Monday
afternoon at tlie Christian church con
ducted by kev. l.indbeck. Ft. kocovcry
Raymond Bruns, aged 28 years,
died at his home notth of St. Henry
at four o'clock last Saturday morn
ing. Death was due to Blight's
disease, of which he had been a suf
ferer for several mouths past.
"Deceased was a brother of Mrs.
Frank Ilenke, of this city.
Besides the above mentioned sis
ter, he is survived by a wife and a
two years old daughter, his parents,
two brothers and three othe sisters.
Mrs. Harry K. Waters, aged 27
years, died at her home in Hopewell
township last Saturday night at 7
o'clock. Death was due to tuber
culosis. Margaret Sutton was born in In
diana, but has resided in this county
for a number of years. She is sur
vived by her husband, one son, six
years of age, and a daughter, one
year of age.
Funeral services were held last
Tuesday afternoon. Interment in
North Grove cemetery.
Mrs. William Kuhn, aged forty
five years, died at her home at Chat
tanooga Thursday niht. Death was
due to blood poison, which developed
following the birth of a baby on
Thursday morning. She leaves to
mourn-her departure a husband and
a large family of children.
Mrs. Kuhn was a sister of the late
S. J. Vining, of this city. Mrs. Vin
Inft received a message apprising her
of the death Friday morning.
Funeral services were held last
Himself in Fit of Despondency
Caused by Ill-Health
Imagined Frlenda Ilad Forsaken
Him, Though He Had No
Enemies In the World.
Anderson Fast, a widely known
fanner of West Jefferson township,
look his own life by hanging him
self at his home last Friday, about
11 :2( o'clock.
A Kliort time before he hud been
helping his wife In the kitchen and
had gone to Ihe barn, presumably to
attend to (In- horses. His son, who
had been working in the fields, came
In for dinner, noticed the barn door
open, and went in to investigate. Op
ening Ihe door he was shocked to see
(he lifeless body of his father sus
pended from one of the rafters of
(lie barn, Ihe victime using a leather
halter strap to accomplish the dread
ful deed.
The past winter Mr. Fast contract
ed a severe attack of the grip, from
which he never fullv recovered and
If is thought that ill health had Im
paired Ihe mind of the deceased. Evi
dence of this fact Is verified by his
constant greivlng lately, because he
felt that everyone had come to dis
like him.
Mr. Fast was born in this county
and had always resided here. He
had many friends who w;ere horri
fied to learn of his untimely deed.
He is survived bv u wife, three
sons and two daughters.
Funeral services were held last
Monday morning at 10 o'clock at Mt.
Carniel. Kev. liauders officiated. In
terment at Swamp College Cemetery.
Hoard meeting last week on the
assessmi nt hearings, confirmed the as
sessments on the Keller, .Miesse, Kauda
bantih. Suavely and Iiulon road improve
ments. Objections to the assessment
were filed only by W. II. Heery on the
Suavely and I'.uxton roads. The assess
ment of Wm. Heery on the Snavely road
w as not chang d, but an assessment of
ifinij was taken off from against the land
of I . ". .Miesse.
Mr. F.eory's throe separate assessments
on the Buxton road wore changed as fol
lows: On TS acres, $:;ilo to on 1C1.2
acres r,7T, to $.",1111; on Ml fl.-res irom $100
to $7!",.
The Roard ordered that the Heiby road
Improvement be sold on June 2, and the
McMillan on June 16.
The Huston, .Suavely, Miesse, Keller
and kaud ih.iugh road improvements were
ordered soltl tin June 2. and the auditor
was ordered to give notice thnt the as
sessments on the above mentioned may
be paid in cash, by any who wish lo do
so. on June and li.
The surveyor's report was approved and
hearing ordeieti on the tollowmg road im
provements: Fast. Siehert, Cemetery,
Dibble, I'nhl, Sehinackers. Wimmers, and
Stahl. The Hoard determined lo con
struct the improt fluents and fixed May
::i at 11 a.m. for the time of hearing all
1 1 tin 1 obligations.
The hearing on the Moeller road Im
provement was adjourned to June ltf
ami the en, road to July 21.
The engineer also reported the sale of
Ihe lnlirinary ditch as lollows: tile sec
tion to Kirkineyer Mescher Co. for
and tiie labor to I.. W. Haucher for T.2.
The following bills were allowed last
Friday and are now payable:
t . 11. Spit lor, et al., mileage .. . . 34 00
Adam Fichenauer, delivering ditch
notices 2 00
A. J. Schweitet man, tile 10 00
Ohio Corrugated Culvert Co., sewer
pipe 106 40
S. S. Younger, bridge repair 2 76
J. V. Baunigui tner, bridge plank.. 20 in
Hurvev Hock, same 127 60
J. V. l.oreo, counsel for E. Kybolt.. 36 00
Cltv of imvloii, board of Schulte
and Sellers
Joe .Myers, i ng. ep
S. J. ("arter, asst. en&'
I !er. (Jeise, same
Julius I-'arno. same
W. I-;. Reynolds, same
Will. I'olil, same
Theodore .Moormen, same
Julius Moorman, same
A. Long, same
Frank l.eistenschrieidei , same .. ..
11. Schmackei s, same
1 inn 1. hunger, same
Columbus H. H. Co., supp
Alc.Manus Troup Co., same
J. li. Haslinger, same
36 00
2: 20
10 00
1 00
2 (111
4 00
6 00
2 00
1 (JO
1 00
2 00
2 00
1 00
9 50
15 00
0 00
Throe big nets, containing about seven
ty -live pounds of crappies and bass, were
obtained by Hcputy ilame Warden Harry
l.oininger as the result of a search of the
Joint l owner! boat house opposite the Ce
lina Steam l-aundry. One of th OOm
part'onts of the boat house had neon
loft open lor some time past and the
poachers undoubtedly took advantage or
this. Tlie parties owning the boat house
are all well known residents of this cily.
Although it is sahi there are a couple or
warrants tail, no arrests have been made.
The nets were placed in the calaboose
lor safe keeping.
H. C. Frick Co. increases pay of
10,1)00 employes from 5 to 10 percent
effective May 8.
U. S. Steel unfilled orders end of
April, 9,829,55 1 tons, a gain of 498
550 tons since March 31.
Building permits, 83 cities, four
months of 1916, $243,820,549 as
against J204.440.300 during same
period in 1915.
Louisville Ac Nashville will build in
its own shops, 1000 box cars, 500
gondolas and 100 furniture cars.
Boston & Maine has ordered 60 lo
comotives and Maine Central eight,
from American Locomotive Co.
Gross revenues earning above $1,
000,000 a year, for eight months end
ed with February 1916, $2,227,725,
433, increase of $288,706,297 over
previous corresponding period.
Daily everage production of pig
iron in April, 107,592 tons, as coni
paied with daily average of 76,023
tons in April for five years last past.
Prices .paid producers of meat an
imals, (including chickens) on March
15 averaged 16.4 per cent above a
year previous and 12.7 per cent above
six-year average at that date.
Trade between Ihe IT. S. and SoutB
American countries has averaged
about $1,500,000 a day for the past
nine months, having more than doub
led in 10 years.
U. S. exports in March, $410 000,
000. For nine months ending March
31, $2,996,000,000; imports, same
period, $1,505,000,000, leaving fav
orable balance of $1,491,000,000.
The W0l) issue of five per cent bonds
offered by tlie village of Coldwater for
water works, was sold last Tuesday to
Casev Hrowne. of Toledo, who oltered
a premium of (110.35.
A -T

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