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New Perfection Oil Cook Stove with Ryolijlit Oil. It mean
light work Mid lighter fuel bill".
Tht Nrw PtrftctioH Oil Ctck Stwi U in? wove with the long bhie
chiiwiey. It uvee time uid money.
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full flame without imoke or odor.
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I i. i ii . ii i.i. u,i. r I nin.. .... Mjiihii in. ir J
Confirmed Invalid, Ilealed at Holy
Shrine -Happr Ending to Pil
grimage for Lima Girl.
Il.inia Times-Democrat, May 2!t.
Miss Kathleen IlatiKhorty ,21 years
ot a.u nitce of Mr. and Mrs. Tim
othy McAuIil'te, of 73!' Kice ave., was
one of the six hundred Lima and
western Ohio pilgrims who visited
the .Shrine of Our L'idy of Consola
tion at Carey Sunday. Miss Itaiijh
erly has hern paralyzed helovv her
waist for the past seven years, a run
firmed invalid and tut able to walk.
She c line home perfectly cured. She
was afoli! to walk from the ehun h to
the .station. As she? went aboard the
train, she walked 'hroutrh i very
coach to show the people what a won
derful cure had hev.i nltecled. S!ie
went to tin1 shrine in a wheel chair.
Miss Daunherty was taken to Carey
by tier uncle and aunt, Mr. and .
.ic.ulille, She had v irshipi'ed at the
church the entile day, with the
ception of taking timi
lieing forced to
was very close
church and
i:ix; i:nrv mais
m:i:ioisi.y ill
k is
Anthony King i-s seriously ill at
tho home of his daughters, Miss
Frances and Mamie Kinir. lie Miff
( led a breakdown alter the hot wea
(her the first of last week. Mr. King
wil be loo years old June 1.'!.- l't
Ui covery Tribune-Journal.
lad i!i:i:
lor her meals.
sit in her chair, she
to the front of the
near to the shrine.
5: 3D o'clock, -Miss Daut'crty
she felt a strange sensation, as
Wiliain (Jehelo, son of Mrs.
'iebele, hroke his arm Friday
most peculiar manner, lie was play
inK hall at Lester Paik and when he
attempted to throw the ball, the bon
in his arm snapped in two, nndwa
in t 'in the elbow and shoulder.
l't. Kecovery Tribune-Journal.
OTXINA -MAX i:i.lX"l'i:i I'KKSI
if some one were gently shaking
her. She said that her first impulse,
was that she was cured. She attemp
ted to use her foot and found she
could do so. Then she discovered
she could use her body.
With that she arose irom her chair
and bursted out sobbing "I am cur
ed!" She walked from the church
into the glad arms of her uncle.
The news of her good fortune was
soon told over the city. At the res
idence of the priests, the necessary
certificates were made out, showing
that Miss Uaugherty had been ill and
that a miraculous cure had been ef
fected. She left her wheeled chair at Carey
and it will be placed in the room
where several dray lords of can s and
crutches are left eat h year to attost
to the wonnerltil healing (inalies of
those who worship at this shrine.
The Kev. Father John Mizer, the
Lawience Schunck. of this city
was elected (Iraud President of the
Cincinnati Commandery, Knights of
St. John at the annual meeting held
at Fort Loramie, Shelby County, last
Sunday and .Monday. Seventeen can
Ii. lutes were given the third degree
ol the order Sunday afternoon. The
. (hi at ion proper iiecan Sunday ev
ening and continued over to Monday
afternoon. The delegates from this
ity wer' J. 14. I'ulskamp and Peter
Maenier. I lie next annual conven
tion will be held in June, l!lti, at
North Cincinati.
pastor of
who led ' !
years w ;.-
John's Catholic church
.Miss .Mamie' Jiumwoik, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Noah lluntvvork, liv
ing southeast ol town, passed away
at her late home Sunday evening.
She had been in failing health since
the first of the year, suffering with
heart trouble and other complica
: tions.
j She was born on a farm near where
she lives August S, 1H'J. At the
I time of her death she was gaed 19
! sears, !) months and one day.
iter parents and the following sis
ters and brothers remain: Grace, Main-,
Krnia, Llmer, John, George, and
Funeral services were held at the
Congressional church, Tuesday after
noon at 2:U0 o'clock, conducted by
the- Kev. Arthur Lindbeck. Burial
The Poard ordered the County Sur
veyor to repair the lloveimun hrldg
across I.ittlo ltlarkcret'k township he
tween sect Ions !l and 25.
1 hey also ordered the Burveyor to
advertise and sell the Kanshol torn
bridge till and road levee on June 2
An agreement was filtered Into
with Clias. Dlckman to furnish coal
ot the court house the following win
ter at $4.00 per ton.
The Hoard ordered the auditor to
place the following pikes on the spe
rial pike duplicate for collection)! as
Wcilzel to he pahl In live annual
pavmenls, hegnlnlng December, 1 !l I ti
o percent to be deducted.
Cummins In five payments, with
:!!) percent deducted.
Sloan In ten payments, with 12 per
cent, deducted.
KutschillitiK In nine payments with
35 per cent deducted.
Ad.v No. 2 In ten payments with 4
per cent deducted.
Tin folowlng 11 Is were allowed on
last Friday and are now payable:
l. !!. Smalley. expense ac
Adam llollenbacher, asst.
W. F. McNamiro, same
C. A. Slehert .same
V. II. Streete, same
Lilian Fast & Son, same
W. A. Slehert, same
S. J. Carter, same
Mouglas Green, same
Geo. Hansel, same
Herbert Schindler, labor. . .
I lines K Son, supplies
(). G. Avers, inquest Anderson
C. P. Kice, J. P. fees state vs.
Louis S. Kgger, same vs. Mur-
4 20
Koscoe Shingledecker, putting
in receivers
Henry Stachler, tile and receivers
Guy Montgomery, same
Karl Preston, concrete work . 1
Andrew Kvers, repairing
bridge on Kvers pike
Celina Hardwood Mfg. Co.,
bridge plank
Ohio Crrugated Cuhert Co.,
sewer pipe
Kansbottom, driveway.
J. II. Gels, full pay Creamery
bridge 432
Brookville Ilridge Co., same
Kansbolfom bridge 1644
AS Pike liirectois
Alfred Lincoln, sunt of pikes. .38
Joachim Luth, same 2i
J. C. Dowser, repairs 3
John I.eil'eld, same 5
.ale Mart, labor and expense13
Longnaker-llines Co., gravel.. 34
31 n
4 4 0
3 00
1 4!)
Nm I !n-iiHt ornt't'
Aliiin Mini I'ayt'Ut' Mn-rtrt
Uutf Ralo of lin Axmin
KtcMft, Vi-lvcts and llrus
scls; room sizes, ll.12 ft.
and llixl-' It.
10 per cent off
27 different styles, best
qualities and beautiful pat
terns to select from. Puy
your IJufjs now. The prices
will bo hitrlier this fall.
mi:x OF THM riLl.hM
1 tot h hollies of CongicHH have piisfl
ed n sound, comprehensive, jirogr
slve ruial credlls bill. In confer
ence, legislation Is sure to rcmilt.
I'pon its passage In both House
mid Senate, the Republicans anil Pro
Kiesslves joined almost unanimous
ly with the liemocr.ifs In voting for
the measure. Why? Simply because
this addition to the series of con
strnc'lve laws put through by Wood
rt'W Wilson will make available for
the development of agriculture
huge reservoir of capital at fair and
reasonable Interest rales. For tht
sake of (heir Individual political for
tunes, thi oppoennts of Wilson and
democracy dared not to vote against
the bill. It would have been poll
Ileal ni.'cide.
1 be lainieis of this country are
under a great debt of obligation for
this "''vch. To whom? To those
who feir in line and voted "aye" at
Hie last liiiililte, heniuso they had to?
Or to the leaoershi.i which Initiated
(he figl'i and the patty which stood
with i tid behind lis h uder, and "put
it i. it ':
Men of the field'', t.i ogrcatdve deni
ocracy under W'-otUov Wilson stands
for th" just tie-(Is aiu! rights of the
whole pi uple of these Failed States
and th"ir folitual opponents in Con
cress have formally admitted if by
their vol"s fion practically every
I'i'eiil reform measure that has reach
ed a vole.
I. It
;iit.xixg stiiikls sriiiiAHA.x
During the thunderstorm last Sat
unlay the home of Hoy Masonhrink,
in GodMey Heights, was struck by
lightning, tearing tilings up in gen
ial. Fortunately tiie family were
urn at hone, having just previously
stepped over to a neighbors, or a fat
ility or two might have resuiled.
file property is (mured with Uau-
labaiiL'h .C- Thoin.i The family
have since been slaving with Mrs.
Masonbrink's mothei, Mrs. Flaylor
since, awaiting the pleasure ol the
Insurance in the adjustment of the
ki:y.xolis ijksh
.Miss Hazel Reynolds and Tom
icsli two well known young people
ere united in marriage nt Celina,
1'uesday morning. The bride, who
i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Jeynolds, has made her home with
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Adams the past
ix years. The groom is a son of Mr.
uid Mrs. Mike Kesh. They will make
their home at Celina wheer Mr. Kesh
employed in the furniture factory.
Ft. Kecovrey Tribune-Jouranl.
For mosquito bites, bee sting or
ivy poisoning, apply ilantoru s lial-
i in of Myrrh to take the poison out
nd con the inflamed skin. adv.
ilgrims and who i'or 2i followed in Spring Hill cemetery.-
ey of
the . li
I he l.ii
d i '
1 1
i in
Mied as pastor at (Jar-
church which holds
i i.!s morning that it
: st wonderful cures
pilgrims which includ
i oin us far west as Cold-
. M. AUrys and Uelphos, arrived
;) o'clock. High mass was cel-
in ii, il at 10 o'clock. A low mass
a. i.- also celebrated. The papal bless
ing, veneration of the relics which
have been left there by those who
havi. been cured, prayer and bene
ii' lion followed. A candle proces
ion was a feature, where the hun
dreds assembled matched through
the city, carrying in their hands
lighted candles. Miss Uaugherty led
this procession, still uncured and
silting in her chair.
The next pilgranuige will lie made
in August.
Ft. Kecovery Tribunt-Journal.
One remedy
H inlord's Pals
with many
am of Myrrh.
"Shop at The Little Shop.
The home of Ben Knapke, north
west of this city, was visited by
chicken theives last Saturday night
and fifty of Mr. Knapke's fine fouls
fell victims to the looters.
About midnight Mr. hnapke was
awakened by two men trying to break
into the rear of the house. When
the men came within his sight he
raised the window and fired several
shots from a revolvei, in an attempt
to frighten them away from the
house. Mr. Knapke succeeded in this
but it seems they only went as far
as the chicken coops for it was dis
covered that fifty chickens were miss
ing the next morning
No clue as to who the midnight
looters were has been obtained so
Three cows, belonging to Joseph
Gottes, Granville township, were kill
ed when they were struck by light
ning during the storm last Saturday
They were found in an open field
by a lad who was plowing. Insurance
was paid on the cattle.
Grandma Fisher the venerable mo
ther of ex-Sheriff Fisher is vrey ill
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Wm. Carpenter, In Hopewell township.
S' liled jtojmis.iI.s will lie received by the
('(unity 'n!miiis.'.ione!s at the County
Auililoi's cilice, Celina, Moreur County,
Ohio, uni il 1 u'dnck p.m.
Fill J).V. JUNE IB, 11)16,
fin tin- criiiiiii"' unci (. '-Lvelin of the Mc
.Millan KoimI. ...iiualcci in Washington
Township, iltiviT County, Ohio, com
ne in lie-; ;it tin: north east coiner of ,Ser
t i "ii Twenty-Seven (L'7 tneive running
we.-t :iir(!ini;iti'ly one (1 lile, and
I hem e .,oiii Ii .iiiroxiiii..itely oi (1) mile,
lo u Inn; it will intersect the ivlufied' in
Pike, mid there terminal'!.
I '-i'hl'T.s w iil he required to deposit
Oin- Hundred :l(i(l.0n Dulliuv, in money,
with '.lie County Auditor, ihieli will he
lo'leiied to the County Auditor in enso
I he sue .-.-fill hiilder ;iils to enter mlo
contract and give an acceptable bond live
d.'iys alter sale.
The rieht to reject any and all bids Is
I 'In us and specifications will iv on file
;it the Auditor's olhce live (5; clays be
I'ote sale.
J. J'. STUIXIiklTXNEU, Auditor.
N. U ilIN'TON, Knginui.T.
Hint i
If you can't get Han ford's Balsam
write G. C. Hanford Mfg. Co., Syr
acuse, N. Y. Two sizes, 50c and $1.
NOTICE is hereby given thai A. Wnsr
ner, a prisoner now confined in me Ohio
Penitentiary, has been recommended to
the Ohio Board of Administration by the
Warden and Chaplain as legally eligible
to a hearing for parole. Said Application
will be for bearing on and Hller June 6,
liUti. W. 1. Bishop, Chief Clerk.
of Ohio, Mercer County, ss; In the
Common 1'Icay Court.
Jonas Cross, l'lalntiil.',
Joseph Karlin, ot nl.. Defendants.
To Joseph 1'iirlln; the unknown spouse
of Joseph I'nrlin; the unknown heirs at
law and next of kin of Joseph Fnrlln; the
unknown devisees, legatees, administra
tors, executors and assigns of Joseph Kar
lin; W. 11. II. Sunnft. as administrator ot
the estate of Charles Williams, deceased:
tl herine .M. .Sayre. whose residences are
unknown and Udward M. I'belps who re-
ides at Glenvvood .Springs, in the State
of Colorado; Anna Phelps, who resides ut
riioemx, m the .state ot Arizona; Elsie
I 'helps, w ho 1'esidea al India.na noils, in
the .Slat.! of Indiana; and Kuth Phelps,
who resides in I.os Angeles, California,
will take notice that on the 21th dav of
pril, A. D. llllli, Jonas Cross filed his
'i-tition In the Omnium Pleas Court of
.Vlerccr County, Ohio, in cause No. 9218.
gainst the above named parties and ot h -rs
and praying that his title to the fol
lowing described premises situated in the
township of lilackcreek, County of Mer
cer, .state of Ohio, to-wit:
Heing the souih-east. ouarter of toe
northeast (iiarter OA I of Section twenty-
iwo (jj town lour (11, south, range one
U) east. Containing forty acres of land
more or less, be ouieted. That the defend
ants and each of them be forever barred
Irom having or claiming any right, title
or interest in said premises and for such
other and further relief as lie, may be
entitled to either in law or In equity.
Also that a mortgage that was executed
by I.awson Williams to VV. H. H. Sanaft,
as administrator of Charles Williams, de
ceased, bearing date January 1st, lain,
recorded in liook 7 page 64 of the Mercer
County ilecord of Aloi (gages, for t,.e
sum of $21!). 19 be cancelled of record
That said parties are required to an
swer on or before the eighth day of July,
1916, or judgment may1 be taken against
them. JONAS CllOSS
In pursuance of the order of the Probate
"iirt of .Mercer county, Ohio, in ease No.
2:;t. I will oiler for sale, at public auc
tion, on tiie premises of the first tract
herein d' scribd, at Cartliagna, Ohio, on
A. D., 191(i
at one o'clock in the afternoon, the follow
ing described real estate, situate in the
county of .Mercer and State of Ohio, to
wit; Three acres out of the north end of
tiie north-west fractional quarter section
eighteen (IX) Town seven, (7) .South,
liatige three (:i east, commencing for
same at a Stone Corner t() rods and one
foot west of the north-east corner of said
quarter section; thence south, thirteen
and ,'IS-liiO rods; thence west, thirtv-five
and 87-1DI) rods; thence north,, thirteen
and :;s-llit) rods; thence east, thirty-five
and S7-KHI rods to the place of beginning
lying next to tin;' old New Bremen road
known as the Anton Link store room and
property in Cartliagena, Ohio.
Appraised at $10')!).
Also, ten acres of land out of the north
west corner of the south-east Iractional
quarter of the South-west fractional
quarter of Section seven ("J, Town seven
tl) south, Iiange three Clj east, commen
cing at a stone corner at the North-west
corner of ,aid south-east quarter of said
S o nth- w est .quarter of .said
section, town and ranie aforesaid, from
which hears a black walnut 12 degrees
South if, degrees Kast, eighty-eight 88
link.-.; from thence running east nine
chains, to a stone corner, thence South
eleven und 1-1 chains to a stone corner;
thence West nine (!l chains to a stone
corner; thence north, eleven nd 1-9 chains
to the place of beginning, lying Just west
of Pearl street In the town of Canhag' na,
Ohio, and is known us the Anton Link
Appraised at $1,000.00.
All of said lands will be sold free of
dower and homestead rights.
Terms of sale are cash.
Assignee of Anton Unit
Last Sunday was a memorable day
for Kev. A. H. Koobuck, pastor
tne celina t Ircuit m. i;. ciiurclios
At 1 il:30 he delivered the memorial
sermon at the Mention M. L. chore
to a crowded house from the text of
Mark 14-!l "This shall be for a mem
orial." The greatness of Americ
and the noble patt done by the boy
in blue was very carefully delineated
with expressions of congratulation
from many of his old time friends at
Mention. After taking dinner with
his son, C. L. Koebuck and family
he drove to Fountain Chapel, a (lis
lance of 12 miles, and assisted in the
Sunday school. Then he gave the
same seinion to an appreciative audi
ence at :i;t)U p.m. Thence to Mercer
7 miles more, giving them the same
sermon. After the sermon, installa
(ion services of the newly elected offl
cers ol the l-.pwoitli League were
held. The singing was fine at all of
these services. Thev then drove to
home in Celina, arriving at the par
soni.'ae at 12: no. 1 lie tired out mem
her of the party was Lilly, the driv
ing horse.
following is a good likeness of
Tom Kooney, noted auto racer, in his
famous Premier which nearly cost
him his life in the Indianapolis An
inial Speedway races last Tuesday.
Note the article following the pic
ture, winch was published by niaiiv
papers before the big event, relative
to Kooney driving the car built for
the late Bob Burnian and then draw
your own conclusions.
x .J .y
NOTICK Is hereby given that Lee Ayres
a prisoner now confined in the cihio Pen
it ciliary, has been recommended to the
Ohio Hoard of Administration by the
Warden and Chaplain as legally eligible
to a heal ing for parole. Said Application
will be for hearing on and after June 6,
1911'. W. I. lilSHOP. Chief Clerk.
Would you feel creepy if you were
lorn Kooney and was to drive the
car built for and partially by the late
Bob Burman? If you are the least
inclined to be superstitious, you'd
never enter the new Premier special
racing car in the Sixth Annual Inter
national Sweepstakes race on the In
dianapolis Speedway, May 30.
But Tom Eooney is not given to
spooky emotions that disturb mental
equilibrium and is glad of this, his
second chance of his racing career to
play the star role of driver. His first
opportunity he turned into victory
and a bag of gold to the amount of
ten thousand perfectly good made in
U. S. A. dollars. This was late last
fall on the New York speedway when
Tom came in second, averaging bet
ter than 100 miles per hour.
The big auto bus seen pulling Into
this city every day and running be
tween this city and Portland, Ind.
via Cold water, St. Henry, Wendelin
and l't. Kecovery, has established a
schedule as folows:
Leaves Portland G:35 a. in
Leaves Ft. Kecovery.. ..7:30 a. in
Arrive Celina 9:10 a.m
lie turning leaves Celina .. !) : 30 a.m
Leaves Ft. Kecovery.. ..11:20 a.m
Arrive Portland 12:00 m
Leave Portland
Leaves Ft. Kecovery . .
Arrive Celina
Returning leaves Celina
Leaves Fe. Recovery . .
Arrives Portland . .
On Saturday night leaves Celina at
8 p.m.
Parcel and freight service are ar
ranged for.
4 MM)
: r,r.
p. in
p. in
Tin: i;k;im' ko.i
Young man, you are a locomotive;
you are a thing that goes by power
mside of you; you are made to go.
In fact, considered as a machine, you
are very far superior to a locomotive.
The maker of a locomotive is man;
Your maker is man's Maker. You
are as (lillerent from an ox, or a horse
or a camel as a locomotive is from a
wheelbarrow or a cart or a coach.
Now, do yuo suppose that the Ileing
who made you manufactured your
machine, and put into it the motive
power did not make a special road
for you to run upon? My idea of re
ligion is that it is a track for a human
locomotive; and that just so sure as
it undertakes to run on a road adapt
ed only to animal power, it will bury
its wheels in the sands, dash itself
iinong the rocks, and come to an ine-
evitable wreck.. J. (J. Holland.
The Cincinnati Dally Post nnd 'the
Democrat, both one year for $3.00. The
Post ts a great market paper.
Not Hands
painting or
A great ninstoi'iiicco of "music,
Beulnturo, or i grout pocin is
tinislietl when the master thinks of it.
The id ell is the thing.
A master mind determined how best a best
coffee could be produced.
There is always a best of everything from
a pugilist to a chess player.
There is a best when it comes to coffee
Empire Coffee is the result of thought and
knowledge founded on much experience.
Most coffee just happens.
Hrains created Empire Coffee.
Your grocer has it at a popular price.
Ivvery package ol Umpire ColTre is fiillylguarantecd
without reservation or restriction, and should the
contents, I'OR ANY KICASON, not meet with ap
proval ol the purchaser, it may be returned lo your
grocer and he will refund the purchuKc price.
I uiiiuli tl IViii
( i:.i:d nv dkivk
Cincinnati Derelict Killed a Prom
inent .Mission Worker Who Had
Itell iemled Mini
Resolution No. 266
Superstitions or no Rooney was the
only racer in the big event to nearly
lose his life. The Premier turned ov
er, came down op top of the racer
and his mechanician, killing the lat
ter and laying Rooney iu the hospital
with a leg and arm broken and sev
eral ribs fractured. No he didn't
have number 13, just the dead speed
king's car.
L(D(D il
111 c ol
can fit you out on Electric Lights or
Water Systems, and all kinds of Belt
or Driven Machinery. I also handle Oil
Tractors and Thresher Supplies.
Call or write
A. A. Shupp, Mercer, O.
Rock ford Phone 2C1 J
DKCLARINlJ it necessary to Imnirive
Fulton stri.et from Al 11 in street to Cory
treet, by curliiiu; und scwerimj on em h
i'l'- thereof.
UK IT KKSOLVKD. liv the council of
the Villnne of C'cllllH, .Stale of Ohio, Hire,
fourths of all members elected thereto
oneuiTiiiK :
Sec. 1. That it is necessary to improve
"ulton Street, from Alain Street to Corv
Street, in the followliiK maimer: by build
iim cement curlmiKS and sewi iim with
inlets ami cateh basins out of concrete.
emetit and tiling und such other muteiiuj
as may lie preocriljed by the plum and
specilnat ions.
bee. -i. itiat the grade ol said street
i improved shall he the existing grade.
und lliat the grade of the curb and the
sewer shall be tile same us the established
grade of the street.
Nee. ,i. I hut the plans, specilieations,
stiinates. and profile of the proposed Im
provement heretofore prepared by the en-
gn r and now on tile in the ollice of the
lei k, he, and the same are lierbv up-
.see. I. That the whole cost of said im
provement, less one liftietli thereof and
the cost of intersect ions, uliull be assess-
d by the foot frontage upon the follow
ing described lots und lands to-vvil: All
lots and lands in. muling and ubulting no
on Hie proposed improvement. Which said
lots and lands are hereby declared to be
peci.illy benclittod by said improvement.
ml the cost of said improvement shall
include the expenses of the preliminary
and other surveys, and the printing and
ulili hJi iK' of notices, resolutions und or-
diunccH reiiuired, und the serving of said
notices; the cost ol construction togeth-
with interest on bonds issued in un
ipation of tiie collection of deterred as
smeiits and ull other necessary exuen-
.Sec. 5. That the assessments so to he
vied shall be paid in two annual install
ments, with interest on deferred payments
live percent, per annum, payable seinl-
iimiially. Provided that the owner or
ny properly assessed, may at his option
pay .such assessment m cash within twen-
-Ilve days trom ami alter the passage
the assessing ordinance. In which case
id cash assessment shall not Include
y item of Interest upon bonds to be 1s
ed in anticipation of the collection or
I'errci installments of assessments
See. (i. That the bonds of the Village
Celina. Ohio, shall lie issued in antici
pation of the collection of assessments by
laliiuenis and in un amount eiiinil
ret o.
.See. 7. That the reminder of the etniie
list of said improvement, not specially
assessed, including the cost of Intersec
tions together with the cost- of any real
estate or Interest therein purchased or
appropriated, und the cost and expenses
of any appropriation proceedings therefor
and tiie damages awarded the owner of
aijjuii ing lands and the interest thereon
and the cost and expenses ot anv such
award, shall be paid out of the general
fund or by the issuance of bonds in the
maimer provided by law.
See. S. This resolution Is hereby declar
ed to be an emergency measure, the pub
lie safety and welfare requiring same,
and shall take effect und fie in force from
and utter the earliest period allowed by
l'assed May 29, 1!)16.
President of Council,
Attest J. M. Winter, Clerk.
Mrs. Nanny liealty. of Cincinati,
one of the best known and most loved
mission workers in Hie Central West,
was shot to death in lhat city last
Saturday by a man named Toicr,
whom Alts. Heatty befriended and
was trying to save from (he goiter.
What was (he cause of Ihe trag
Toker explains: "1 shot her be
cause I was crazed by driliK.
.Mrs. Heatty, 44 years old, the wid
ow ol the Rev. .siiirrard lieatt.i, nail
for years given her time energy nnd
much of a snug fortune to the. work
of helping the fallen. She establish
ed missions, visited r.tiier cities ia
c i mission work, and Toker was one
of the persons she picked up and fi
nally placed him in charge of a small
hotel In Cincinnati. The lure of John
IJarleycorn was too much for him and
in his drunken frenzy he struck down,
and killed the person who had. be
friended him.
Tin: ii:io( i:cv or thk dfai
Mrs. Fred Chesmoie, of Indianola.
Nebr., is here for a visit wilh her
sister, Mrs. Philip Linn, lOast. Fulton
In Ihe democracy of the dead, all
men are at last equal. Their is neith
er rank nor station nor perogatlve
in the republic of the grave. At this
fatal threshold, the philosopher ceas
es to be wise and the pong of the poet
is silent. Hives relinttiishes his mil
lions and Lazarus his rags. The
poor man is as rich as the richest
and the rich man as poor as a pauper.
The creditor loses his usury and the
debtor loses his obligation. There
the proud man surrenders his dig
nities, the politician his honors, the
worldling his pleasures; the invalid
needs no physician, and the laborer
rests from unrequited toil.
Here at last, is nature's final de
cree in equity. The wrongs of time
are redressed. Injusitce Is expiated,
the irony of fate is refuted, the un
equal distribution of wealth, honor,
capacity, pleasure and oportunity,
which makes life such a cruel and
inexpliciable tragedy, ceases in the
realms of death. The strongest there
has no .supremacy, and hte weakest
needs no defense. The mightiest
captain succumbs to that invincible
adversary, who disarms alike the vic
tor and the vanquished. John J.
Ingalls eulogy on Congressman Burns
of Missouri.
Come In and See the Weber
Here Are a Few More Points on the Weber
VOU will be interested in looking over the hound,
hub, skein and skein box construction. On the
Weber the hounds are of straight-grained oak; on the front
gear they are of the square type, wide and roomy in the
rear, to give the reach ample support in turning short. Thev ara
mortised and well braced with solidly welded steel.
Hubs are of white oak only, turned, shaped, and bored accurately
tor the Iskem boxes. Skein box is made so that a grease chamber is
formed. A solid collar keeps the oil away from the wood of the hubs.
M ud and sand cannot get into the axle and the skeins cannot wear into
the skein boxes 1 hat means long life and good service.
These are all reasons why you should have a Weber wagon that is
if you want a wagon for real work. Come iu and lot us show you.
The Celina Implement Company
South Main St., Celina, Ohio
Get Into the Game-
The fascinating game of looking into the future and enjoying
the prospect of a competence in your declining years.
This vision will be elusive as a mirage if you are spending
your sufcstance as fast as you earn it. But if you have the
good old-fashioned saving habit your glimpse into the future
will in time become a blessed reality. Join "The Savers" now.
The Commercial BankCo.,Celina,0
The Bank for your aavings
Open an

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