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Street Railway Lines
fJKW YOIUC If tho nickels taken
is i'lty wore not collected nt the cud
iignln ut once, Now Yorkers would
there would not be u nickel In tho
.iiy available to pay carfare or buy u
loaf of dread. Thin remark was made
liy an olllelal of the liitorhorough IClo
VHted comiMiny.
Kvory visitor knows of tho hun
ninifl in uhhismijus ui jteojue w nu rusu
Idlher and thither every clay on ele-
vated iiml subway trains. Ittit few
know w hat the stream of nimill change
dreds of thousands of people, who rush
Jlowing into the ticket olliees In a
never-ceasing Ktreani uinounls to In
21 hours, nor how tills money Is col
lected. Every nlfiht shortly after inldnltiht the hank on wheels stnrts on Its
round of collectliiR the nickels from the subway mid elevated tdations. This
luink on wheels Is u curious car. One end looks like u bank. There are
screens, counters, pigeonholes and partitions used while paying off the nuh
way employees. At tho other end ure the quarters of the collectors. As noon
as the car nTives ut tho vtutlon the auent runs out of the ticket booth,
nhoves through the window of tho car two canvas bans of cash, oue day uud
the other nlnht receipts.
It takes about live hours for the bank car to make the trip on the sub
way and elevated. When It Is completed, over .$100,000 In nickels, dimes and
quarters and bills nre reudy for the accountants to paw over nud fix up In
liajjs for the banks.
Mondays ure the best days on the subway and elevated. The receipts
on those days Jump nbout ten thousand above the other days. This Increase
Is due to the women shoppers, who have had time to rend In the Sunday
papers the announcements of alluring bargains la the shops, and rush off the
lirst thin? Monday morning to buy them.
City Efficiency Reducing Dayton's Death Rate
DAYTON. O. The telephone In tho office of Henry M. Waite, Pnyton's city
manager, rings. Wnlte answers it. "My little boy came home from school
today with a bad sore throat and we're nfrnld It's diphtheria," suys a Dayton
mother. "Will you send one of your
tT (somebody
If the commission manager gov
ernment in Dayton Is working wonders In Increased efficiency und economy
In every department, It is doing still greater wonders nlong social-service lines.
What Is a human life worth? A thousand dollars? Then the commission
manager plan of government Is saving nearly $:(K),000 a year In human lives.
In IrtKJ bad food, poor sanitation,
Medical inspection of schoolchildren,
the city a death rate of 1.".7 per thousand.
Waite's efficiency experts took hold
was reduced to 1.1.7: to 13 In 1015. and it
Means nearly 200 less persons are dying
years back.
"Let It be said that Dayton Is the best city In America for a baby to be
born in," said Wuite. His 12 city nurses and corps of district physicians
made It so.
Kvery mother In Dayton can have
nursing and medical department In the
for Infants.
Sleight-of-Hand "Con" Men Infest Gotham Streets
NEW YORK. In New York city there prowls around a band of men who
try to dispose of their wares upon the unsophisticated class who usunlly
iook for bargains. Their specialty once was gold bricks, but now it includes
diamonds, gold watches und platinum
These prowlers usually parade
the busy sections where a little pros
perity reigns, and there they work
their game upon the Innocent.
"Say, feller, do yer want to buy
something good?" usually Is their In
troduction. Bargains everybody looks for.
"Let's see the article."
The faker then takes from a knot
ted handkerchief a highly polished
gold watch and chnin, and after looking around to see If the "coast Is clear,"
asks the purchaser to "inspect the goods."
Of course the bargain seeker sees the genuine, but does he get that which
the faker shows?
These fakers have studied sleight-of-hand and have a duplicate of nearly
everything they sell.
The argument nnd examination take place In some quiet corner. The
raker tells the purchaser that his "mug" is snapped in the gallery, und since
the article is u "copped" one the purchaser should not make much outward
display when somebody passes by.
Finally they come to terms, and when the purchaser Is ready to pass over
the money the faker says. "Just a minute," and whispers, "Wait till this guy
who is one of the band) passes. He looks like a detective." And In the
Meantime they walk a few yards, while the faker slips the watch and chain
back Into his pocket. When the deal Is finally completed the faker hands
over an exact Imitation, which is much inferior.
Milwaukee Ministers Must Be Jacks of All Trades
MILWAUKEE. Ministerial duties, regarded by the general public as trivial,
are actually strenuous and comprise the occupations of clergyman, legal
dvlser, employment agent, chauffeur, expressman imd public orator. A
multitude of work !s required of the
W you
Move MY
the phone by an excited woman, who said the bridegroom had disappeared,
and asked him to call on about 50 invited guests to notify them there would
be no wedding and no wedding dinner.
"If a minister is seen ou the tennis courts or at the bathing beach the
jieople say, 'Don't those preachers live easy,'" sighed Itev. It. S. Donaldson.
"Monday usually is a preacher's off day, and because it is he schedules every
thing for that day, and consequently does more work than on uny other day," .
indded the clerygman. '
In addition to their routine work, ministers must find time to visit the
homes for the aged, hospitals. Jail and other county Institutions, and almost
every bankers', architects', old settlers' and bookkeepers' club wants to have
pastor address them when they have a banquet. I
Three deposits of coal in Haiti have
been investigated by French engineers
and efforts will be made to develop
Holland has begun operating a new
line of. steamships that will ply be
tween Amsterdam and the west coast
pf SoiUh America.
By a loan to the government of
116,000,000 at 8 per cent, secured on
taxes, - the Bnnk of. England, stiirted
titrations In 1C94
Must Keep Nickels Moving
for faros on tho traction linos of this
of each day nnd put Into circulation
Had that la two or three duys ut uus
i . r r
H j fcJM
vj ?c f
doctors und nurses out to see
about It?"
"Certainly," says Waite.
Waite telephones his division of
health, and within a few minutes the
city government Las taken charge of
the case.
An average of 1,000 persons a
month In Dayton cither telephone or
call ut the otlico of their city manager
to tell their troubles.
unskillful care of babies, nnd Indifferent
had combined with other causes to give
of the problem In 1014 and the rate
will be less than 13 this year. This
In Dayton each year now than a few
the free care nnd ndvlce of the city's
matter of feeding, dressing uud curing
modern minister, especially If the con
gregation has provided him with an
Interviews with a number of Mil
waukee pastors disclosed that they
are often called upon to rush a par
ishioner to a train or tote some fur
niture from one part of the city to
A short time ago a Milwaukee
minister, who was to have solemnized
a marriage that duy, was called to
A barge built for harvesting kelp on
the Pacific coast gathers up about five
hundred tons of seaweed on a trip.
Wlllesden council bowling greens
and tennis courts in England are free
every morning to wounded soldiers.
Chinese railroad embankments are
protected from floods by planting them
with a native grass with tenacious
roots that resist erosion.
.Only about one-tenth of thfe vast
amount of iron ore mined In Spain
unr.unlly is utilized lit home because
of the scarcity of native coal.
This British official photograph taken on the western front kIiuh iue that may be found all along the west
ern front of Ilrlttsh soldiers killed In uctlon. Kach cross ha the uume uud udclrcm of the soldier, with the wordu
"Killed lu action," and tho address.
Far More South and Central
American Than United States
Vessels Go Through.
The Numerous Sailings Are Making
Thia Waterway a Much Traveled
Touritt Route Opportunity
Big for American to See
West Coast
Panama. South and Central Amer
ican steamers nre fur more numerous
than United States vessels us regular
users of the canal ut this time. This
fuct, with the fact that Chilean und
Peruvian steamers make the Atlantic
rather than the I'aciilc terminal their
Cunal port, is one of the greatest sur
prises of Canal operation und most
marked results of the European war's
effect upon cunal trnffic.
Chileun und Peruvian ships will prac
tically have the cunal to themselves if
the closing of the ports of the ltritlsh
West Indies nt night, Just announced
us a wur measure against German na
val raiders, tends to take English nnd
allied shipping uway from the Canal
as effectively us high freight rutes to
Europe huve taken United States ves
sels away from the waterway built for
their special benefit.
Berthing at the same pier, or at one
Immediately ndjucent, to that of the
regular passenger und freight steam
ers coming to the Atlantic terminal of
the Canal from New York nnd Europe,
the line Peruvian and Chilean steam
ers now making regular weekly and
scheduled trips through the Canal af
ford convenient and quick transfer of
passengers and freight for even such
far places at Buenos Aires und its
nearby cities on the East coast.
Popular Tourist Route.
This opportunity to see the Andes
nnd the Canal is making the Isthmus
a much traveled tourist route. In
creasing numbers of people bound from
Argentina, notubly Buenos Aires, for
the United States ure mnklng the voy
age by wuy of the Canal. They go to
Valparaiso by way of the Trunsundean
railway and embark there for the
Isthmus on one of the two regular lines
of steamers nlvinz between Chile and
tho Atlimtlo terminus of the curuil. The !
voyage to the Pacific entrance of the
Canal is about fifteen days. At the
isthmus close connection is made with
ships running to the United States,
which are at sea from five to eight
Steumshlp service to the west coast
of South and Central America from the
Atlantic entrance of the Canal Is now
almost as continuous as the steamship
service through the Canal to other
parts of the world is limited and lrreg
ular.s The Chilean line, known as the South
American Steamship Company,, main
tains approximately a weekly service
between Christobal, the Canal port ut
the Atlantic entrance, and west coast,
ports as far south as Cristobal.
The Peruvian Steuihshlp and Dock
company of Callao maintulns a week
ly service between Cristobal and Ecu
adorian and Peruvian ports. These
Peruvian ships, built In Europe before
the wnr and in every way up to the
requirements of first-class passenger
liners, make their principal calls at
Guayaquil and Palta. With sailings
each way about once a week, the Pe
ruvian bouts will make freight and
passenger transfers whether it is possi
ble and practical for an enterprising
aud thoroughly up-to-the-minute man
agement to do so, and at the same time
keep close to its published schedule.
Chilean line steamers ure also nrst
class In the present use of the trav
eling world.
Many Other Lines.
The Pacific Steam Navigation com
pany, an Lingusn company, ozones
steamers from Cristobal as fur south
as Valparaiso and Coronel and us fur
north us San Jose de Guutemula, cull
ing at all principal wuy ports. For the
Central American ports north of the
Cunal this company's steamers leave
monthly. For Tumaco and Ecuadorian
ports as far south us Guayaquil the
Pacific Steam Navigation steamers
leave the Cunal every three weeks.
The Columbia Maritime Steamship
Can You Imagine an Ancient Man With
Molar That Weighed Two
Pittsburg, Kan. Can you Imagine
a prehistoric man whose tooth would
weigh four ounces, a tooth which
would take a wire cable to pull? Such
a tooth has been found In a coal bed,
more than 600 feet under the ground.
The tooth was found about two miles
northwest of Pittsburg, ia a coal
company, limited, imalntuliiH a steam
ship service twice a month between
the Canal und Buenuventuru.
The Pacific Mall Stoaiifshlp company
operates a ship about every nine days
from the Atlantic entrance of the Canal
to San Francisco. These ships call ut
all the prluclpul central Americun
ports passed on each voyage.
Between the Atlantic coast of the
United States nnd the Pacific const of
South America there is the heaviest
canal traffic at present principally ni
trates. The Merchants' line, operated
by W. It. Grace & Co., has a steamer
each way every two weeks, touching at
the ports of Ecuador, Peru uud Chile.
The West Coast line (Wessels, Du
val & Co.) mulntalns regular steamers
between New York, Chile and Peru
with a vessel each way about every
third week.
From Europe to Pacific.
From Europe to the Pacific coast of
South America the East Asiatic com
pany has a line from Copenhagen by
way of Gothenburg, Christ ianlu to Val
paraiso and Intermediate ports, with a
vessel touching at the Canal every two
The Johnson line piles between
Swedish und other Scandinavian ports
and the west coast as far us Vulpa-
ralso, with n steamer each wuy about
every sixty days.
The Booth line has a number of ves
sels in service between Great Britain
and t lie west coast of South America.
Departures have not been regular, und
the vessels In this service were regu
lar Brazil traders, trumping (luring the
war on account of Interrupted trude in
their usual area.
The Pud fie Steam Navigation com
pany frequently bus a vessel direct
from Greut Britain to Peru und Chile.
The principal service to Europe of this
company Is rendered by transfer at the
Atlantic entrance of the Cunal to the
Koyul Mall Stettin I'acket company nnd
other Atlantic carriers.
From Europe to the west const of
North America the East Asiatic com
pany bus a service between Scundl-
The sandal fud has reached New
York from the Pacific const. New
York women will shortly do ull their
tangoing in sandals, according to re
port. The sandal, in addition to Its
comfort. Is a solution of the problem
of the high cost of leather. The pic
ture shows a Los Angeles girl wear
ing this type of old Greciun footgeur.
mine. Dentists claim that, because of
certain formations, It could be nothing
but a grinder from the head of a pre
historic man. While It Is light und op
pears to be bone, it is in a perfect state
of petrification.
It is practically impossible to de
termine at what age this man lived,
but It must have been many years
before the birth of Christ, because of
the depth at which the tooth was
found. However, it is possible that
thrf niolur could huve been pluced that
deep in mother earth by an upheaval
Washington. Almost .59,000,
000,0(10 was the aggregate value
of all crops of the country last
year. In an estimate unnounoed
by tho department of agriculture,
the exact value whs set at
S.!),U5S7.ooo. That was un In
crease of $2,iai,9S!),000 over the
value of 1915 crops and $,807,
200.000 over the average of the
years 1010 to 1914.
Texas held Its lend as first
state In vulue of Its crops, but
Illinois us second state In 1915
vas displaced by Iowa last year.
nuvlun ports nnd Sun Francisco, op
erating a vessel euch wuy ubout every
fourth week. The Johnson line ulsi
has a vessel over this line each way
every sixty days. The Harrison-Direct
line bus u service between Great Brit
ain and the West coast as fur north as
Puget Sound, with u vessel each way
approximately every month. The Ma
ple Leaf Hue sends Its steamers from
New York to Vancouver, to return to
Europe by way of California ports, ev
ery live weeks.
To the Orient
To Japan, Siberia, China nnd the
Philippine islands the traffic through
tho canal from the Atlantic cost of
the United States during recent months
has exceeded in tonnage the cargoes
one way ou any other of the routes
named, with the exception of the ship
ments from the West coast of South
America to the United States.
The principal lines operating In this
service ure the American and Oriental
line, the Barber line, Shewnn Tomes
& Co. and Alfred Holt & Co. Between
these companies a vessel comes to the
Canal about once every ten days from
New York. The American and Man
churlan company (known ulso as the
Ellerinuii & Bucknall) bus a vessel at
the Canal about once In three weeks.
The Nippon Yusen Kahushika, Kaisliu
has a fine vessel at the Canal approxi
mately every two weeks in each direc
tion. Messrs. Norton, Lily & Co. have
ships in this far Eastern service nt tho
Canal nt Irregulur lutervuls, but ap
proximately once a month.
To Australia.
To Australia and New Zealand the
United States and Australia line op
erates u vessel between New York and
New Xealund and Australia about once
a month. The Ellerman lines have a
service from New York to the same
ports, but with Irregulur leaving dates.
The Luckenbuck line also has a serv
ice between New York and Australia.
The Federal Steam Navigution com
puuy, a New Zeuland corporation, hus
a vessel between New York and New
Zealand every six weeks. In uddltton
to these boats the Amerlcan-Austrnllun
and the Commonwealth and Dominion
lines serve the sume trade area with a
vessel about every fourth week.
That there is no United States coast
wise trade through the Canal, the
World's correspondence from here hus
made us clear as that even for sailing
vessels the Canal makes the voyage be
tween the east and west coasts of the
United States one that Is very cheap.
Prior to the high freight rates which
tlie European war has caused the
American-Hawaiian compuny was ship
ping Hawaiian and West coust prod
ucts to New York and other Eastern
cities at a great profit. The Americnn-
luwalian ships have found it more
profitable to abandon this coastwise
afflc to carry nitrates to and gen
eral freight from Europe.
Trustees of, Indiana Reform Places
Decide to Help Inmates to
Make Money.
Indianapolis, Ind. The contract la
bor system In Indiana prisons will be
abolished. The trustees of the Insti
tutions have decided that at the ex
piration of the present contracts a
new form of employment will be insti
tuted. Under the new system proposed, as
much of the product as possible of the
inmates of the prisons will be used
at other state Institutions. The sur
plus will be sold In the open mnrket.
Farm facilities will be increased nt
ull penal institutions. It is probable,
too, that the prisoners will be paid
small wngos for their work, the money
to he saved for them or to be used In
supporting their families.
at some time.
The coal mine lu which it was
found hus been In operation many
yours und is one of the deepest in the
Many persons nt first believed the
tooth wus that of a prehistoric ani
mal rather than of a man. However,
It was taken to several dentists, who
said that, because of certain forma
tions in the human tooth, which urn
absent In teeth of animals, the molar
must have been that of a prebstoric
human being.
Elevated Abote tha Other Arts B
causa It la the Moat Detached
of Them All.
The strength of every art lies ehlotly
In the completeness of Its detuchmenl
from reality. Sculpture does not gain
by being reullstlc, picturesque, or dec
orative; ou the contrary It Is at lt
highest when It Is Uieul, detached and
superhuman. Painting does not gain
by being categorical, but Is greatest
when it seeks something beyond the
outward, physical view." Tho novel or
tho essay depends for Its greatnesf
on its power of relating real persons,
things, and Ideus to that greater uud
deeper reality of which they are a
part. lu this sense music stands su
premo above the other arts because It
Is the most detached. The elements
of thought nnd feeling nnd action are,
in music, presented us elements. The
thought Is not thought even lu tho ab
stract, for it is not "ubout" unythlng;
the feeling Is not actual feeling und the
fiction Is not real uctlon. Euch of
these properties, or states, of the hu
man beings Is hero expressed in its es
sence, detuelted from ull nctuul munl
festittlon. None but the highest type
of mind, none but a heart full of deep
human sympathy, none but u vigorous,
militant spirit, could have conceived
and brought forth such compositions,
for exumple, as the third uud ninth
symphonies of Beethoven ; yet they nre
nothing but sound neither the Intel
ligence, nor the feeling, nor the action
is real. Thomas W. Surette, in the
Hunter Almeit Got Pedestrian at the
Time That He Secured His
Small Prey.
"Hey there; excuse me, I didn't see
you until after I pulled the trigger,
but I guess you are not hurt much,"
cuine au excited voice from some brush
at the side of the track aud at the
same time the hunter emerged. James
Jones, young man, to whom the upol
ogy was extended, begun an Inventory
of his person to see whether he was
shot, and be found thut he wus only
slightly wounded.
Junes was walking peacefully along
the switch track of the Pennsylvania
lines, near Hartford City, lending
through n clump of brush. He wus
sturtled when a rabbit Jumped out In
front of lilm, fairly on his feet. At
the same time there was a report of
firearms nnd bunny turned his toe
upward while Jones fell over bucn
ward. "J had been following that rabbit for
some distance and I wus bound that I
was going to get htm aud I did," said
the hunter. "But say, old man, I'm
t.orry if you're hurt. I didn't see you
at ull until after I pulled the trigger."
Indianapolis News.
Precocious Infant
Two proud fathers of babies about
the same age were having a bousting
contest 5n. the city train the other
"Can your baby talk yet?" Jones
"No not much," Brown admitted.
"Can yours?"
"Oh, yes ; talks like anything," Jones
replied, confidently. "Yours Is walk
lng about now, I suppose?"
"No, he hasn't begun to walk yet,"
said Brown.
"Not yet!" Jones exclaimed. "Why,
he's older than mine, and mine is tod
dling about"
Brown was beginning to get exas
perated. "By the way," he asked cas
ually, "does yours use a safety razor
or one of the ordinary ones?" New
York Globe.
Tricks In All Trades.
"Have you ever had any experience
in handling high-class wure?" usked a
deuler in bric-a-brac of an applicant
for work.
"No, sir," was the reply, "but I thlnlt
I can do it."
"Suppose," said the dealer, "you ac
cidentally broke a very valuable por
celuln vase, what would you do?"
"I should put it carefully together,"
replied the man, "and set it where a
wealthy customer would be- sure to
knock It over again."
"Consider yourself engaged," said
the dealer. "Now, tell me where you
learned that trick of the trade."
"A few years ago," answered the
other, "I was one of the wealthy cus
tomer class." Tit-Bits.
Always With Good Companions.
We know a man who always car
ries in his pocket a book written by
Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, Carlyle or
some other giant intellect who in
times past scattered broadcast the
blossoms of his thought that future
generations might inhale their frag
rance. In this age of hurry and fev
erish achievement, when men seem to
have little time for sober reflection, it
is good to be able to summon, at will,
such blessed companions to one's pres
ence. Los Angeles Times. v
The Wild Turkey.
When white men first cume to Amer
ica they found Indians, corn, tobacco
and Turkeys all wild. The turkeys
lived in the forests of Maine and west
ward as far as Nebraska and souths
ward to the lower parts of Mexico.
Gonzalo Fernandez de Ovledo, the
Spanish historian, who wrote many
books about the West Indies, printed
a description of the wild turkey at To
ledo in the year 1527. He had seen
the males In the muting season and
upi)"Sed ley were iieixwki).
His Main Prop.
1 There was a man In our town, sup
ported by his wife; but one day slit
turned him down- his only prop In Ufa
And when he saw his wife had fled, lu
started on the run he had no time to
lose, he said so he copped another
He You are more besutlful every
day. ,
She nardly that, I nhlnk. It is Jnst
that your qualities oi perception and
taut are crowing better.
Too III to Walk Upright. Operation
Adviied. Saved by Lydia E.
Pialham's Vegetable Compound.
This wemnn now run chlckona and
iloc-s manual labor, ltead her ttuiy.
Richmond, Ind. "For two years T
tti ao sick and weak with troubles
from my age thut
when going up
stairs I had to jro
Very slowly with
my bunds on the
tops, then sit down
at the top to rest.
The doctor said ha
thought I should
have an operation,
and my frienda
thought I would not
live to move into
our new house. My
daughter asked m
to try Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable
Compound as she bad taken it with good
rcBulta. I did bo, my weakness dis
appeared, I gained in strength, moved
into our new home, did all kinds of
garden work, shoveled dirt, uia tu!ld
Tng and cement work, and raised hun
dreds of chickens and ducks. I can
not say enough in praise of Lydia B.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
if these facts are useful you may pub
lish them 'for the benefit of other
women." Mrs. M. O. John STUN, RouU
D, Box 190, Richmond. Ind.
U. S. Government Boy
Authors and the Like.
"I suppose tho time Is coming when
men will tly to und from their work
In ulrplpnnes."
"Perhaps so," said the timorous per
son, "but If I live to see that (lay I'll
envy the man who works at home."
With the Fingers !
Says Corns Lift Out
Without Any Pain
Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns or
any kind of a corn cun shortly be
lifted right out with tho fingers if yoo
will apply on the corn a few drops of
freezone, says a Cincinuutl authority.
At little cost one can get a small bot
tle of fre'ezono at any drug store, which
will positively rid. one's feet of every
corn or callus without pain or sore
ness or the danger of infection.
This new drug la an ether compound,
and dries the moment It Is applied and
does not Inflame or even Irritate the
surrounding skin. Just think I You
can lift oft your corns and calluses
now without n bit of pain or soreness.
If your druggist hasn't freezone he con
easily got a smnll bottle for you from
his wholesale drug house. adv.
All Records Shattered,
The coal and coke output of the
United Stutos broke all records la
1910. The total coke production, ac
cording to estimates prepared by C. E.
Losher of the United States geological
survey, department of the4nterior. was
64,300,000 tons, an Increase over 1U15
of 12,700,000 tons, or 30 per cent, and
over 1913 of 8.000,000 tons.
Coal production records were
smashed by an output of 597,500,000
tons, compared with 570,000,000 tons,
the previous high rfecord established la
1913. The quantity of bituminous coal
mined was 500,000,000 tons, an In
crease compared with 1915 of 66,500,
D00 tons, or 15 per cent, according to
estimates by C. E. Lesher of the Unit
ed States geological survey depart
ment of the Interior. The quantity of
Pennsylvania anthracite was.ubout 88,
312,000 net tons, a decreuse of 0UO.0U0
Too Many Now.
"What's become of the old-fashioned
woman who exclaimed, 'brazen crea
ture ! every time she . saw another
woman Immodestly dressed?"
"I don't know, but I'm sure of ons
"And what Is that?"
"If she were alive today and still
tried to keep up that practice, she
would soon be out of breath."
Gain In Loss,
lie that loses anything and gets wis
dom by it, -Is a gainer by the loss.
There has been
No Increase
In the price of
Any Decrease
In the
Size of Package
Or Quality
Of the Food.

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