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W. II. May
At Ft. Recovery Hai a Most Complete
Home Outfitting Establishment,
Rendering Service That Is Com
plete and Satisfactory Also Funer
al Director Who Conducts Cither
Auto or Horse-Drawn Funerals,
Rendering Diplomatic and Courte
ous Service.
There is no vocation requiring for
its successful prosecution a greater
natural attitude than that of a fun
eral director. In Mercer county this
Important profession la represented
by W. H. May, of Fort Recovery. His
establishment is well equipped and
thoroughly modern. He has been
Identified with the profession for
some yeurs and through his untiring
efforts and commendable methods has
progressed from a modest beginning
until today he possesses a clientale
extending over many miles of terri
tory. His ambition is to reach the
1 ighest point In his profession and he
has spared neither time nor pains to
ponder the magnamlmous service.
It Is needless to say that W. H.
May at Ft. Recovery, is prepared to
serve thj people of Mercer county
with excellent, and satisfactory equip
ment. Hid parlors and outside
equipment are distinctively metropol
itan. Hs is very conscientious and
most moderate In his charges.
Mr. May is very courteous and can
be reached cither day or night. He
has bulit up his business from the
fact that he conducts his very satis
factory and elegant funerals at most
moderate prices.
But Mr. May's activities are by no
means confined to his professional
work ?o? lie conducts a modern and
up-to-date furniture store at Ft. Re
covery. This is one of the leading
Btorcs of Mercer county and in It you
will find an immense stock of furni
ture of every description. Whatever
is known as the best in this line, that
1 the kind toat he has and is pre
pared to serve you with individual
pieces or complete sets. Here yon
will find lloor coverings of high qual
ity and evrything else that you would
expect in an up-to-date store of this
In this Prosperity Edition we are
glad to give lavorable mention to this
leading establishment and to Mr.
May's rrofessional activities.
Men Will Represent Every
Township in County
Will Serre Without Compensation
As Crop and Food Commis
sioners -Soma Pointers.
The following gentlemen have been
appointed as Crop and Food Commis
sioners to look after their respective
townships under the direction of the
Ohio Branch, Council of National De
fense, an organization national in" scope
aud reaching every nook and corner of
the United States. The list follows:
Blackcreek George Hill.
Dublin Henry Behrns.
Union John- Maurer.
Liberty Peter Linn.
Hopewell William Siebert.
Center Harry Lewis.
Washington Geo. Schroyer.
Jefferson Alfred Lincoln.
Butler Frank Birkmeyer.
Franklin Frank Schwieter
Recovery John Rheinhart.
Granville Frank Roemer.
Marion Vincent Lochtefeld.
Gibson Dell Mott.
The pink sheets are now being mailed
to all farmers in this county by the Ohio
Branch, Council of National Defense
and farmers are nrged to fill
them out, making known their
needs in the line of labor and return
time at once to the county food and crop
commissioner, Roy Jenkins, in this city or
send them direct ta the Columbus office.
Other needs and difficulties should be
reported to Mr. Jenkins, to the end that
a full acreage may be assured.
Those who are late with their oats
should use commercial fertilizer to stim
ulate its growth, using phosphate acid
and potash.
The township men who have been ap
pointed will co-operate with Mr. Jenkins
in keeping in touch with the situation in
their respective townships and will de
liver all information as it may arise.
Tell It To Joseph Tuerfs
That Is All You Need Do If You Live In or Around Cold
water and Need Anything in the Lumber or Building
Material Line Prominent Frrtn Transacts Large Busi
ness and Is Well and Favorably Known Over the County.
Tell it to Tuerfs. That's all that
Ik necessary if you live In or around
Coldwater and need anything In the
lumber or cement line for The Cold
water Lumber Co., of which he Is
manager, is ust about headquarters
in tbesj lines. Everybody knows
this company and everybody knows
that wbxn your order goes to this
firm you get what you want when
you want it.
Ther is a. great satisfaction In do
ing bus nes with Joseph Tuerfs and
bib company because it Is thoroughly
conservant witli the line of Block and
the needs of their customers. Little
suggestions that assist you in your
plans and enable you to buy to the
neatest .'.dv.intage have won for
them a reputation of being able and
(IHclent lumbermen.
The great volume of business hand
led by this furn calls for the active
attention if one who knows his busi
ness and the satisfaction expressed by
the numerous patrons of this popu
lar house Is a tribute to the methods
and business judgment of its well
known manager.
Lumber and building material of
every description is handled by this
company and their stock is large and
most complete. Such efficient ser-
lce and such high class goods adds
to the co'iifutinity'B reputation for
being live and wide-awake.
They have purchased in the best
innrke's and have shingles that will
stand the weather and the test of
time. Their line of siding Insures
your buildings long lire.
In the line of Roofing and Build
ing papers they have chen lines to
sell that will uphold their reputation;
their plastering material and patent
plaster is the kind that gives you a
good dry house and -when properly
dried will not give off moisture and
discolor your interior decorations.
When it cornea to builders' hardware
11 ud sah n:id doors their Etock to se
lect from comprises the latest and
most artistic designs of the coun
try's best architects.
If there is anything new In the
building 1'ne that is worth while you
will find tuat they are handling it In
a short time after the tests as to Its
value bvve been made.
Mr. TuMfs is one of the leading
business men of the county and it Is
a pleasure for the Democrat to direct
your special attention to his up-to-date
establishment at Coldwater and
to compliment him and the Coldwa
ter Luin'cr Company upon the valu
able service and high grade material
they furnish.
Ohio State Journal.
There may seem 'a little confusion in
the efforts to get the land to yield more
this year, but just watch for results.
There will be more plenty than we sus
pect. The way the old soil is going to
have to hustle this year will 1 a ur
prise to it. There will be corn, wheat,
potatoes, cabbage, beets, &c, enough to
make the world smile. All can partici
pate except Germany, and if she only
discards her old Hohenzollernisb, we
will divide. Hut that old autocracy that
brought on the fearful war cannot have a
smidgen of our plenty. It is all for the
boys who are fighting the war-making
hosts. Every sack of wheat, bushel of
corn or crate of cabbnge we raise in this
country is turned over to peace, the
world's peace, now and forever. And
we want to change all our waste and lazi
ness into this beautiful benefaction.
The Montezuma Fertilizer Company
A Progressive Mercer County Industry, Under Competent
Direction, Which Is of Incalculable Benefit to the Com
munity Because of the Sanitary Value of the Service
Which They Render With Promptness and Dispatch.
Genuine Protection
As Regards Quality and Price Is Assured Those Who Pur
chase From and Employ the Wm. Ketcham & Sons
Modern Furniture and Undertakiug Establishment at
Why Buy New Tires
Does Every Little Break in the Casing
Mean Another Outlay of Money for
You? This Is Not Necessary If
You Will Visit the Modern and
Efficient Establishment of L. H.
Hegemeyer at Ft. Recovery.
The Smith Bros. Hardware Store
Which Is Under the Direction of W. M. and A. Smith, jr., Has
Come to Be Known as "The Farmers' Friend" in These
Parts Because of the Vast Stock of Implements and
Farm Supplies Offered at Reasonable Rates.
White it is of the greatest Impor
tance that the most strict legal regu
lations as regards sanitation be ob
served, nuny communities are placed
tt a disadvantage in the enforcement
of these requirements because they
have no Industry which is devoted
exclusively to the conservation of the
public health. In this respect Mer
cer county is quite fortunate and In
taking up thib phase of our onward
progress we wish to direct your spe
cial attention to The Montezuma Fer
tilizer Company which is under com
petent direction.
Because of the prompt and satis
factory service which this well known
company offers in the ' removal of
dead stock, the liberal prices which
they pay for the carcasses thus dis
posed of and the able and efficient
mann-sr in which this enterprise is
operated, The Montezuma Fertilizer
Company, since Its operation was tak
en over by the present management,
has won the confidence and liberal
support of the populace. While the
death of live stock is an incident al
ways to be regretted, the immediate
removal of the carcass Is always de
ferable and should be accomplished at
the earliest possible moment. No
matter how far from Montezuma you
live, of you aro within the borders of
Mercer county, you need only Inform
this popular firm and dismiss the
matter from your mind, for they have
von tiie enthusiastic commendation
of many farmers end stock men
througout t:iis section by the prompt
ness exercised In responding to calls.
Their service covers many miles of
territory and is by no means confined
to Mercer county alone for they
serve the people of this entire section
of Ohio and Indiana.
Many status in the union have
passed legislation providing for the
absolute" prohibition of the old meth
ods of burying dead stock. While
'Ohio he not yet adopted this safe
and sano law it is only a question of
time until it will be passed by our
law making body, this marking ano
ther period in the progress of the
science of sanitation within the bor
ders of the Buckeye state. In this
respect modern fertilizer companies,
such as The Montezuma Fertilizer
Company, are to be highly commend
ed because of the very prompt man
ner In which they remove dead stock
from the premises but especially be
cause every part of the carcass is ut
ilized. Thus they not only conserve
the .public health but turn to good
and profitable use the carcasses which
were formerly considered waste ma
terial. ThU is a matter which should
be given atteation by every farmer
and stock raiser and we urge all of
our readers to place such matters of
this kind that may come under their
direction into competent and respon
sible hands, tiius eliminating the pos
sibility of the burial of carcasses by
irresponsible parties who wish mere
ly to secure a profit from the dispos
al of the hide.
The very prompt service which
this company renders will be augu
mented in the near future by the ad
dition of several modern" motor
trucks, thus attesting to the com
pany's policy of keeping pace with
the times.
The head of this Important and
thriving industry, Is one of the prom
inent men of Meroer county who is
aiding in no little degree the progress
and expansion of the community in
in whicr. he lives. He is thoroughly
conversant with every feature of the
enterprise of which he is the direct
ing head and he is a steady booster
tor hishome community. The Dem
ocrat wishes to compliment him up
on the enviable success of the Mon
tezuma Fertilizer Company and the
admirable manner in which it Is op
erated for the benefit of the public.
The average person is not familiar
with Ih? values and prices of furni
ture. A little veneer, a high polish
an da neat finish will often deceive
even the initiated. Hence, those who
purchase their furniture from Wm.
Ketchem aud Sons at Rockford, ex
perience a deep satisfaction, know
ing that whatever they- buy will be
of the very highest quality at the
most reasonable prices. We do not
know of a more up-to-date or more
complete furniture store In this sec
tion. They are prepared to furnish
your house complete, from kitchen to
the parlor, uud their stock includes
the best as well as the less expensive
designs. Ihey can give you a set
ting of tho Adam periods, the de
signs of Louis XV, Missions, Early
fcngllsh or Colonial. In fact, their
ability to lit you out Is only limited
by the styles of the manufacturers of
men in cnarge that are anxiously
courteous aud accomodating.
In the undertaking department the
equipment includes the latest and the
best there is both in the funeral par
lors and oiuside equipment. It would
compare favorably with establish
nients of this, kind in the metropo
litan :itiss of the country. They
render the most complete service and
conduct t.neir funerals in the most
approved manner. They relieve you
ft the responsibility, attending to all
the little details, and their patronage
in this line is a result of the care
and precision they have used in the
conduct ol'theli business.
Mr. Ketchem and Sons can truly be
said to represent the best there is in
the professional life of Mercer coun
ty, and in this Prosperity Edition of
the Democrat we aro glad to give
commendable mention as to the lead
ing position they occupy in the bus-
today. Wnen you call you will find'iness and professional worb
The Coldwater Grain & Coal Company
Of Which Carl Hehmeyer Is the Manager, Operates a Large
and Complete Elevator and Is Furnishing the Farmers
an Exellent Market Are Also Dealers in Coal and
Allied Lines.
The Birkmeyer-MescherTile Company
A Flourishing Industry at Coldwater Under the Direction of
Henry Birkmeyer, Whch Operates a Modern Plant, Sell
ing All Over This Section, Aiding the Upbuilding of the
Country and Conservation of Our Natural Resources.
As the general purpose of this re- legislative halls have sounded the
view is to give both the local and the note of the conservation of our natur
outside world an adequate idea of al resources and the puollc has risen
our induBU'lal"progress and the gen- with one accord and demanded leg
eral excellence of the various pro- islatlon along these lines. It is not
ducts of the local plants we deem it every county that has the advantages
quite appropriate to devote space to of the location of a prigresslve con
Without an elevator any communi
ty would find progress exceedingly
slow and prosperity a condition al
most unknown. With an Institution
of this kind In Its midst, such as the
elevator operated by The Coldwater
Grain and Coal Company of which
Carl Hehmeyer is manager, prosper
ity, success Mid progress are assured,
for this well known institution has
been adding to the growth of the
community with marked success for
some time.
Very liberal with his dealings with
the public, Mr. Hermeyer attracts
trade from the country for many
miles around. The farmers of this
section have long ago learned that
he pays the highest market prices
and hence they seek no further mar
ket. The elevator is in every way
thoroughly reliable and the proprie
tor is ?. straightforward business man
who transacts a large business by do
ing as he would be done by. The
elevator has a large capacity, and the
fact that this capacity is tested of
ten during the year is evidence of
the success 'of his enterprise.
Into his dealing in coal, flour, feed
end seeds, Mr. Hehmeyer brings the
same honest methohs that character
ise, his operations in grain and has
won the same success and large vol
ume of trade. He is thoroughly con
versant with these lines, knows the
best feeds of the highest nutritive val
ues, seeds that have proved to be the
best producers, the flour that has
given the ..highest satisfaction and
coal that is economical.
It might be well to add that the
very great r.uccess that Mr. Hehmeyer
has made 'u this very important com
mercial entei prise is due to a large
degree to the fact that he is exper
ienced and knows his business. His
word carries the weight of authority
upon these matters and his enviable
imputation as a fair business man evi
dences the fact that he has merited
the success that has been his. Mer
cer county needs men like Mr. Heh
meyer and the vicinity is fortunate
that he an dins elevator is located
The Democrat is pleased to direct
your attention to the efficiency of
The Coldwater Grain and Coal Co
under his management and assure
you that whatever business transact
ed at the place will be handled in a
1 lost satisfactory manner.
V.F. Pixler
At Rockford Operate a Modern Store,
Which Is An Important Factor in
the Progress of That Community
Is Headquarters for the Well
Dressed Men of Rockford and Sur
rounding Territory.
The Birkmoyey-Mescher Tile Co., of
Coldwater, of which Mr. Henry Birk
meyer, is manager.
Here the analysis of the clay shows
it is peculiarly adapted to the pro
duction of the best grades of tile on
the market. With this foundation
The Birkuicyer-Mescher Co. equipped
their establishment with the latest
scientific machinery for the produc
tion of a h.'gh grade product.
Then the management has had in
its employment, only men of exper
ience, mcny ol whom have been with
the company for some time, thus. as
suring the public off a high state of
efficiency and uniformity In the pro
ducts. It may be well to add that the
plant is one of the best equipped as
well as one of the best conducted In
the country while the product has al
ways maintained a high standard and
finds a laigo and a ready sale.
Many farina are drained with their,
tile, wh'ch shows their reputation
and popularity at home and yet the
local consumption of the large out
put of the plant is only part of the
output of this large and flourishing,
Of recent years the papers and the
cern whose commercial activity is
confined almost exclusively to these
Interests. The tile industry con
serves out forests, it conserves the
land and makes places tillable that
were unfit for service. There can be
no excuso for any places about this
county to go untiled when the best
canbe secured so near. It pays ev
en to tile the hillsides as the tiling
lets the warm air in at the growing
time and this is recognized as one of
the correct principles of modern
farming along scientific lines.
At the head of the concern is Hen
ly Birkmeyer who has had much ex
perience ia the brick and tile indus
try and is counted among those who
are prominently lndentifled with the
county's manufacturing, commercial,
building and conservation progress
and is materially interested In its on
ward development. The Birkmeyer
Mescher Tile Co., of Coldwater, de
serves the support of the people and
merits the reputation it has attained
of being one of the country's princi
pal industries. Under Mr. Blrkmey
er's direction we feel that the com
pany will continue to maintain its
high standard in Its especial field of
industrial endeavor,
There is nothing so important to
the snmlloc city as an up-to-date es
tablishment where men of the com
munity are able to secure the metro
politan styles and uervice in cloth
ing and haberdashery. This Is the
day aud age when men, both young
and old, ni03t be neatly attired in
clothes of distinction and quality. If
they have to do their f-hopping along
these lines in some out-of-town store
the community in which they live suf
fers accordingly.
In Rockford and vicinity the de
sires And demands of the male popu
lation are more than satisfied at the
store of W. F. Pixler and Son. This
beautiful store is strictly modern and
up-to-date and stocked with a class
of goods that would do credit to a
city much larger than Rockford.
They feature the world famous Kup
penheimer clothes for men and young
men, which fact in itself is proof of
their butiiness wisdom, for this line Is
found only in the leading establish
ments throughout the country and Is
widely known for lis snap and style
as well as its high cuallty and wide,
range of patterns for both conserva
tive and ultra-fashionable customers.
You will find that the other de
partment are on a par with their
clothing for Pixler and Son are rep
resentatives for the widely known
and highly popular lice of shirts, col
lars and handkerchiefs wnicn nave
been known as the most superior
grade of moo's wear on the market
lor years. Hats and caps of the lat
fcEt spring and summer shapes, shirts
of the most approved fancy stripes,
ties that are approved by the arbi
ters of fashion for the present and
approaching season, hosiery of late
styles and patters and in fact every
need of the well dressed man will be
found, here.
Pixler and Son are business men of
ability, successful in their chosen
field of mcrchantile endeavor by rea
son of their experience and compre
hensive knowledge of men's clothing
and men's wear. They are authori
ties on tnis suDject ana are aiways
courteous, accomodating and willing
to serve you. They are leading bus
iness men of Rockford and the Dem
ocrat la pleased to compliment them
upon the very excellent establishment
which they conduct and which is add
ing to the prosperity and progress of
this community.
With white beans selling at 16
cents a pound and the piospects for
en unusual arr.;y demand, the culture
cf this crop, even though on a small
scale, will undoubtedly be most prof
itable for the farmer or Jor the' boys
end girls on the farm. Yields of 20
to 30 bushels to the acre are not un
common and os high as $90 per acre
lu net profits were nade by growers
last sea-.cn.
Bean.; are best adapted to well
drained, fairly open fertile loams;
they are unsuited to sour soils and do
best, ilka legumes, on soil carrying
an abuudant of limestone. They al
so resp md profitably to the use of
manure and fertilizer. Beans can
te planted as late as June 10 after
other crops. They Eliould be drilled
in rows 28 mc'ies apart and cultivat
ed every 1 0 days at least.
There are several ways of keeping
down the expense of operating an auto
mobile or motorcycle, and one of them
is in watching your tires closely. Some
owners think that as soon as the casing
shows the least sign of wear it is danger
ous to use it longer, and hence they are
continually complaining of expense.
In Ft. Recovery and surrounding coun
try, however, old tires are made like new
at the modern and np-to-date vulcaniz
ing establishment operated by L. II.
Hegemyer. Mr. Hegemyer can show
you that vulcanized tires from his estab
lishment will save owners many a dollar,
and his business is growing accordingly.
He nses only the most modern and
and scientifically correct machinery in
turning out the work which is guaran
teed to be satisfactory. It requires ex
perience and proper equipment to prop
erly operate a vulcanizing establishment,
and that acconnts for the popularity of
the place which is now operated by Mr.
Owners of automobiles and motorcy
cles will find that by patronizing this
establishment they can not only save
money but at the same time protect
themselves against much tire trouble on
the road. The ever-growing trade of the
concern proves the efficiency of the es
tablishment under Mr. Hegemyer s di
rection. He is one of the well known
young business men ot tt. Recovery,
and since be has been in charge of this
concern he has maintained a reputation
for honesty, reliability and high grade
In making this review of the onward
progress of Mercer Countv The Demo
crat wishes to compliment Mr. Hege
myer and to refer all of our readers to
him when confronted with tire problems,
with the assurance that they can depend
on Mr. Hegemyer to work out the solu
tion that will operate to their best ad
There is no one store In this sec
tion of thft Buckeye State that is su
perior to Hid modern establishment
ot' Tho Chattanooga Hardware Co.,
under tli'j competent direction of W.
A. and A. .Smith, Jr., when It comes
lo supplying the farmers with their
every need.
Here ttio farmer can find what he
wants in the way of farm Imple
ments and supplies of every descrip
tion. I'hi ir stock for this season in
cludes eveiylliing up-to-date and all
are in al the present time. It will
pay anyoiin to come in and study up
the proposition, an they have always
I iiul a ivnjtation of handling the very
highest grade of Implements and sup
plies for the farm on the market.
The people generally have come to
know that ttl.en they need anything
in this line the best they can do is to
s-t-e Tli' Chhttunooga Hardware Store.
This progressive establishment has
built up a wonderfully large trade
from tliiH and adjoining counties and
it is sale to ouy that they are widely
known thrornhout this section. If
you hiippn to be one who has not
made a purchase at this store recent
ly, i will pay you the next time you
aro in that section to drop In atthls
fawrite pieo of business.
The Sinlihfl.kiiow the business from
A lo . The same efficiency is
maintained throughout the entire es
tablishment and all of the imple
ments aic of high grade. Back of
each ono is his personal . guarantee
ulik'h in these parts means that you
M-t vuluo i reived.
They are very courteous gentlemen
who will be pleased to explain the
latest pattcrus to you. They have
by the ruaintalnence of fair honest
prices, brought the business to Its
present b!'U standing.
1 In y also handle buggies and wag-
oiik, paints, oils and stains, in fact
hliiL' that you would expect of
suoh a complete- and thoroughly mod
ern establishment. In making this
review of Mercer county's onward
pi ogress The Democrat wishes to
compliment the Smith Brothers up
on th admirable manner in
which t'ir business is operated, up
on the valuable service they are ren
dering th general public and on the
n.odern store which they operate. It
Is such business men and such stores
that add to the progress and prosper
ity of ttm county and assist in mak
ing this a more live and growing community.
In the January issue of The Journ
al of Nngro History, Professor Je-
rume Dowd, of the University of Ok
lahoma, in the course of a scholarly
article, explains the conditions essen
tial to development of chattel slav
ery. Among others he notes:
"A country where there Is an
abundance of free land. In such a
country It Is impossible for one man
to secuiv another to work for him
except by coercion; for when a nan
has chance to use free land and its
products he will woik only for him
self, and take all the product for him
self rather than work for another
nd accept a bare subsistence for
himself. On the contrary, where all
the land is appropriated, a man who
does not jwn land has no chance to
ve except at. the mercy of -the Iand-
ord. He is obliged to offer himself
a vage-earnr or a tenant. The
andlor-.l can obtain, therefore, all the
help ho nay need without coercion.
Free labor is then economically ad
vantageous to both the landlord and
he w ago-earner, since' the freedom
of the latter iurpires greatly increas
ed production. From these facts
and considerations, verified by his
tory, it may be laid down as a socio-
"gical law that where land Is monop
olized, slau-ry necessarily yields to a
regime of freedom."
Thia i rio' statement is in itself a
complete essay on the labor question.
Civen frco land, labor will be free.
Without free land the abolition of
chattel slavery could not make labor
eionoiu'caliy free. The labor ques
tion is but a question of how to free
tho land, sinoe chattel slavery no
longer exists. And that question was
answered by Henry George, when he
wrote "c -ogress and Poverty. As
soon 'i3 tue measure there suggested
shall be applied, the labor problem
v ill be solved.
The Ft. Recovery Fertilizer Company
A Thriving Local Industry Which Has Gail ed a Well-Merited
Reputation As Regards Production of Superior Tank
age for Hog Feed and the Advancement of Sanitation in
Mercer County Adds to County's Progress.
Among the successful industries of
Mercer county which have been in
augurated in lecent years is the Fort
Recovery Fertilizer Company, which
is operated by Mr. E. Wagner. The
projectors of this enterprize who are
well and favorably known in this sec
tion believed that this section offered
an ideal location for the fertilizer in
dustry, and that their judgment has
been vindicated is attested by the
merited success wh'ch has crowned
their well directed efforts. The lo
cation here of this industry has been
of considerable benefit to the farmers
aud stock raisers in this vicinity for
they have not only found a market
for their dead stock but they have
been able to procure high grade tank
age for hog feed at much lower prices
than formerly and thus have been
benefitted both ways, a fact which
entitles the Fort Recovery Fertilizer
Co., to the well merited support and
patronag of all of this section en
gaged in these pursuits.
During the past quarter of a cen
tury more advances have been made
in the science or sanitation man in
any period of the world's history, and
the results have been of vast benefit
especially as regards the health of
the people in the various centers of
population throughout the country.
While it is of the greatest importance
that modern and sanitary regulations
shall be strictly observed in the cities
it should be none less so in the coun
try districts and of late years laws
have been enacted in many states of
the union providing for absolute pro
hibition of the old method of burying
dead stock, of anykind.
Then) are at the present time only
two safe methods of disposing of the
dead animals, namely, cremating and
rendering. Of the two, rendering is
to be commended for it is not only
the most sanitary way of disposing
of the carcass but it is best from a
commercial standpoint for modern
fertilizer concerns like The Fort Re
covery Fertilizer Co., not only trans
ports all dead animals free of charge
tr. its plant, but also in many cases
pays th'- o'3sr a reasonable amount
for each carcass removed. The peo
ple of Mereer county are fortunate in
having a plant of the sanitary value
of this kind located here for its op
eration is a distinct gain in this sec
tion both lrom a sanitary and com
mercial standpoint. The company is
always in close touch with the state
board of health and are always ready
to act upon any suggestion which will
do away with any obnoxious odors
which n ay arise when the plant is in
full operation.
Mr. E. Wagner, who personally di
rects the affairs of the company, is a
fentleman who is well and favorably
known in the business circles of this
section and we are confident that this
worthy enterprise will continue to
thrive and prosper under his capable
and. efficient management and we are
Pleased in this Prosperity Edition to
direct yout attention to his commend
able methods aud the admirable man
ner in which the Fort Recovery Fer
tilizer Co. is serving the public.
Farm of fcrly acrs in West Jeff
erson township. Possession at once.
Inquire of John Kramer, Attorney,
Celina, Onio.
WANTED Five men for Ohio territory.
Up to ?400 per month. Weekly pay.
Staple line, easily sold. Investigate.
KXTRA: filKOLiliUAi uu., Cleveland.
Beaver Creek Stone
Crushing Plant
JOHN W. KARCH, Proprietor .
Five miles west of Celina and five miles
northwest of Coldwater
Crushed Stcns, Screenings.
2nd Cement
Delivered to all parts of Mercer County
on short notice. Also handle
Caps, Fuse and Dynamite
For blasting purposes, which can be ob
tained at the Crusher Plant.
The White Mountain Creamery Co.
Under General Management of Mr. C. V. Huenke, Operates
Model Sanitary Plants at New Bremen and Lima as Well
as St. Henry, Furnishing Valuable Market for Farmers
and Producing Superior Brand of Butter and Ice-Cream.
The plants of the White Mountain
Creamery Company which is ably
managed by Mr. C. V. Huenke of
New Bremen, are model sanitary in
stitutions of this pari of the country
that have met wih he universal ap
proval of the people. This company
has probably made greater strides
than any other similar institution in
this part of tl.e middlewest. The de
mand for its brand of butter is daily
increasing and so is becoming better
known the name and fame of this sec
tion. The creume-ry's brand of butter is
a neat package and there is no better
brand knov.n to the market today.
But why should not the White Moun
tain Creamery be able to produce as
good, i? noi better, butter than any
ether ?reamery on earth? Its plants
are in he midst of one of the most
prosperous farming sections in the
Tnited States; its supply of cream
comes from the healthiest and best
led cows in this particularly advan
tageous section, for they pay the
highest market price and pay in cash
thus inducing the farmers to properly
feed and care for their animals. The
creamery is positively as sanitary as
long experience and the expenditure
of much money can make it, and it
is in the hands of men who are thor
oughly conversant with every feature
of the creamery business.
Thera is uo reason why we should
not occupy u prominent place in the
better class ot butter markets and the
nbove are some of the reasons why
the brand of butter is becoming more
and more popular with particular
buyers, and why the White Mountain
Creamery is prospering far beyond
even the promoter's expectations.
The Y,hite' Mountain Creamery is
also a large producer of delicious ice
cieani. This is manufactured from
the most pure and wholesome ingre
elients and is not only health protect
ing bu'. health giving as well.
Throughout the- Ice cream depart
ment the same high stands d is main
tained and the popularity of their
brand of frozen dainties is daily in
creasing. Thia popular concern is under the
management and operation of C. V.
Huenke and to his 3.igacity and bus
iness foresight is due the great suc
cess of tha Institution which is one
of Mercer county's most advantag
eous industries, for he obtains the
raw material here and the money
spent 13 left at home while a large
portion of the product is sold outside
cf the county. The people of Mercer
county owe a debt of gratitude to the
White Muntain Creamery and to Mr.
Huenke and thia debt can be most
tatisfaetoi'ily liquidated by keeping
the creamery well supplied with
cream enough to keep running at its
capacity and by always asking for
and demanding their brand of butter.
The Democrat is pleased in this Pros-,
perity Edition of our onward progress
lo direct your especial attention to
this institution 'as one of the most
i.-iiportan;. factors in our progress and
one of our most valued industrial as
sets. The White Muntain Creamery Com
pany's plant at Lima is one of the
largest and most model sanitary in
stitutions of its kind in the country,
with modern equipment and a large
capacity. It is recognized as one of
the foremost creameries of the mid
dlewest and represents the acme of
perfection in twentieth century production.
There will probably be a shortage
cf sugar iu the United States in the
near futuie and there will be a need
for all the money that can be pro
duced. There is no danger of over
production as the 1916 crop has dis
appeared at good prices. Prospects
now inm :ate a good crop for this
year and market conditions seem to
indicate that there will be no de
crease in prices.
It behooves eery beekeeper as a
patriotic duty, to do his part by put
ting his apiary in condition for the
biggest production possible. Where
colonies have perished during the
Winter, entrance to 3uch hives should
bo closed at once to prevent robbing
and possible dissemination of disease.
Weak colonies shoula be combined,
materials and supplies should be rea
dy and prepared and every necessary
thing tx; done to be ready for honey
The Department of Agriculture of
Ohio through its force of apiary in
spectors is ready to lend beekeepers
every assistance possible, and will
curtail regular inspection duties in
order to give demonstrations, render
advice and lovd such other assistance
within Us power. The Federal Bu
reKun of Crop Estimates will continue
to issue reliable honey crop reports)
and the Bureau of Markets will do
every thing iu its power to assist lu
the proper distribution of the honey
Board of Agriculture, Columbus, O.

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