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Miss Rhetta McCoy, of Cold water,
vlkdted Miss Lelah Urock part of last
Jess? Ferguson and lady friend
were seen on our streets Sunday evening-.
Joe Cordier and family spent Sun
day at the home of Noab Coate.
Several from this vicinity attend
ed the fiuu-rr.l of Miss Johnson lust
Mr. and M-s. Ezra Snider and
daughter, Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. Willie
Ilaer, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Monroe,
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Coate, Grandma
Coate, Miss Mellle Coate and Karl
Snider were dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. itoiiier Coate last Sunday.
Mrs. George Smith called on Mrs.
Harvey Tllion Satur.iuy afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. It. B. Monroe culled
on Mr. and Mrs. Sam Monroe Sunday
Mr and Mrs. F. P. Coate and fam
ily spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
George Coate.
Mary Ciitlirine, the little thrce-
i;ionth-old baby (laughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Hiram Miessc, died last Wed
nesday evenir.g and wns burled last
Friday morning at Beaver Chapel.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ferguson of
Huddle Drug Co.
At Ft. Recovery Is An Establishment
in Which the People Have Always
Had the Utmost Confidence A
Modern Drug Store Operated by
E. K. Huddle for the Convenience
of the Public.
During tuo time that he has been
In business in Ft. Recovery Mr. E.
l. Huddle has built up a reputation
for being one of the reliable yet pro
gressive business men of Mercer
county. When one visits the drug
store hi likes to know that he will
find a pharmacist in charge who Is
both eilii ient imd conscientious. At
the Huddlo Drug Company the peo
ple have long since learned that they
receive only pure and wholesome
drugs properly compounded.
In the proprietary line Mr. Hud
cile carries all of the standard and
well known brands, and enjoys a
large patronage In this department.
In keeping with his progressive yet
leliable policy he also carries a com
plete line of chemicals, rubber goods,
brushes, soaps, combs, perfumery,
toilet ai tides, one would expect to
find in an up-to-date drug store.
The great f.'iccess of this store is
due to the business ability Of Mr. E.
K. Huddle who has displayed more
than ordinary busings acumen and
professional ability in the conductor
his establishment. He is one of the
prominent business men of Mercer
county and .ias assisted In making
the rest of the country sit up and
take notice of Ft. Recovery.
The Democrat directs your atten
tion to this store as one of the dis
tinctive features of the commercial
efficiency of Mercer county and to its
able proprietor as one of our valued
Wabash, called at the F. P. Cordier
home Friday evening.
Mr. unu Mrf. F. P. Cordier spent
Monday and Tuesday with relatives
at West Mllum and Urookvllle.
Mrs. Alfred Smith called on Mrs.
George Smith last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kuhn and daugh
ter and son spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Chr.K Andrews at Erastus.
Thu baby of Mr. and Mis. Ernest
Yanv, which has been Quite sick, is
reported lettrr.
Mrs. Ed Coate spent Friday with
Mrs. Harvey Tilton.
J. R. Desch
At Coldwater Conducts One of Mercer
County's Leading Home Outfitting
Establishments, With An Fp-to-Date
Undertaking Busiuess in Con
nection Has Large Clientele
Throughout the County.
Mrs. J. II. Romer
Conducts a Very Complete General Storo at St. Henry,
Which Is Headquarters for Hundreds of People, Carry
ing Complete Lines of General Merchandise, a Line of"
Rugs, Linoleums and Furniture.
It may well be said that on busi
ness house transacting business in
Mercer county at the present time is
more wortuy of extended mention
than J. 11. Dcsch as he conducts, a
complete homo outfitting establish
ment ind renders metropolitan ser
vice in his undertaking department.
The outfitting establishment is one
of the most complete In this section
of the state and is stocked with full
lines of furniture rugs hundreds of
others articles. Those have all been
teleeted with the idea of giving the
people the very best In all the var
ious lines. In the furniure line they
carry everything from a kitchen chair
tc the latent of period design. Their
rugs are modern and artistic, the col
orings, textures and effects charm
and delight the eye. He is familiar
with conditions and can tell you what
sort of a rug you should have to
match up with your surroundings so
that everything will move In peace
and harmony. We can with confi
dence advise our readers who may
want anything in these lines to ex
amine the varied assortments found i
at this store before purchasing else
where as both the goods and the
prices are right. Taken all in all
this representative business establish
ment is one of the most popular In
this seeiiou of the country.
In the uuuertaking department Mr.
Desch renders tkemost metropolitan
rervice, offering patrons the choice
between auto or horse drawn equip
ment. Mr. Desch is thoroughly
abreast of the times and conversant
ith the latest of scientific ideas and
methods of embalming. He special-J
izes in rendering the most diplomatic
service and giving special attention
to details, thus relieving those inter
ested of much worry at a most trying
time.. In tiie hundreds of cases that
he has been called he has gained by
his marked professional ability the
esteem and friendship of all.
In this Prosperity Edition of The
Democrat we are glad to give com
mendable mention to the business and
professional activities of J. It. Desch
at Coldwater, and to compliment him
upon the position he occupies in this
section of Ohio. ,
Luck Indeed are the people of St.
Henry and all the surrounding coun
tiy to nave In their midst and at their
beck and call ihe very extensive and
efficient ettnblishnient of Mrs. J. J.
Homer. This large peneral store,
whlrh approximates a department
store in point of diversity of articles
carried, is replete with full lines and
the departments vie with each other
in their efforts to serve the people.
The Romer Ftoro Is one of the lead
ing trading enters of this part of the
state and has long been known as
headquarters for hundreds of people
In nnd around St. Henry. Space lim
itation.! at this time prevents even a
rhort review of the large and various
stock of this concern, but such de
tailed leference Is not necessary. The
reputation of this etanbllshment for
goods of quality, extent of stock and
reasonableness of prices draws trade
not only from St. Her.ry but from all
the territory for miles around.
The flonier store Is a great booster
for St. Henry and whatever it Is In
the dry goods, grocery, boots nnd
shoes, furntiiire, rugs und floor cov
erings, that ou desire you should
see them. H is one of the most im
portant Uierchnntilo institutions in
this section of Ohio and brings to St.
Henry every year "thousands of dol
lars that otherwiso might be diverted
to oilier trade centi-is. It Is a fact,
her name and business Is to-day bet
ter known union the tanners of this
part of Ohio than nny of the institu
tions of like character In nearby
towns. It nuilts your confidence
and merit ti the most liberal patron
age froi.i the people, all over that sec
tion. The ,iuec(sr that the store of Mrs.
.'. J. Komi r has attained Is not a re
sult of luck, but of the service she
hat rendered the people by giving
them th best nt very reasonoblo
prices and making most of her porfit
off the principle of buying In large
quantities anil saving the discounts.
The undertaking profession In St.
Henry Is 'represented ably by Romer
Ilros. who conduct funerals with
courtesy nnd consideration. They
are amply prepared for all the work
that th. profession embraces and ren
der a service that is both complete
and satisfactory. .,
First National Bank of Mention
Accommodation of the Public Is the Policy That Directs the
Business Methods of This Bank, Which Is One of the
Leading Financial Depositories of This Section of
Northwestern Ohio.
Great Advances
Have Been Made in the Profession of
the Modern Veterinary During Re
cent Years, and People of Mercer
County May Avail Themselves of
These Latest Development If They
Secure the Services of Dr. Fred
Miller at Ft. Recovery.
Alway3 governored by the basic
laws of banking: finance. The First
National Dank of Meudon, is operat
ed for the accommodation of the
public. This i3 one of the financial
institutions of the middle western
states that has always enjoyed the
reputation not only of being up-to-date
in every particular but also as
cue of the strongest and most relia
ble banks now serving the general
public. Its management is in the
hands of men of experience in finan
cial matters, men who know what to
do when confronted by a difficult sit
uation and men who never lose sight
of the interests of their depositors.
But while The First National Bank
cf MendoE has always been strong,
sale and conservative, it has also
kept pace with the times and it's
equipped to offei the accommodations
demanded by the people of the pres
ent day. It 13 furnished and arrang
ed with a view to banking efficiency
and the convenience of the public and
ita safes and other fixtures are of the
most approved design. Its clerks are
always pleasant of manner, compe
tent, and able in every particular. In
fact, we might make a long story
short by faying that this well known
Mendou institution is just what you
would expect a modern and up-to-date
bank to be.
The board of directors is compos
ed of prominent and well known bus
iness men of this section, men of rec
titude and well known financial abil
ity. They are men ut experience in
financial matters as their successful
careers and progress of the First Na
tional Lank of Mendon will testify.
To them and their associates the
people of that community should be
grateful for these conveniences in fi
nancial matters, and it is with great
satisfaction that The Democrat points
out this bank and its management in
this Prosperity Edition which reviews
those commercial, professional and
industrial firms that have added to
the prosperity of Mercer county.
There is perhaps no division of the
field of scientific research in which
greater advances have been made
than have marked the modern devel
opment of veterinary surgery. Some
of the greatest scientific minds of the
world have developed material prog
ress in this important profession and
all of the, features that have received
the approval of the leading veterina
ries of the country are available to
the people of Merler and adjoining
counties If they secure the services of
Dr. Fred Miller, of Ft. Recovery.
This popular Mercer county veteri
nary has kept pace with the times
and is considered by the eminent men
f his profession as one of the fore
most praet'oners In ihese parts. He
has carefully studied all of the devel
opments in thij important branch of
medical science and places his wide
experience and comprehensive knowl
edge at the service of the people of
this community.
It Is not strange, then that Dr.
Miller is one of the busiest profes
sional men In this community, for his
services are in great demand. He is
courteous and accommodating gentle
man and can he reached eitner day
or night The general satisfaction
expressed by his many clients and the
great demand for his services consti
tute a well merited tribute to his effi
ciency and conscientious methods.
The Democrat wishes to compliment
Dr. Miller of Ft. Recovery upon the
very valuable work that he is doing
in this section and to direct your spe
cial attention to his efficient methods
which are aiding in the development
of the agricultural and commercial
life of the community.
R. F. Tohle
One of Mercer County's Representa
tive Professional Men at Coldwater
Who Conducts a Metropolitan Es
tablishment, Offering the People
Metropolitan Service, With Choice
of Auto or Horse-Drawn Funerals.
In review of the professional and
buslnesi) life of Mercer county due
mention shiuld not be omitted of the
leading position occupied by It. F.
Tohle, of Coldwater, in the profes
sional life of the county.
His is a profession that requires
the most exacting service from the
most able of men. Always realizing
the requirements of his calling, Mr.
Tohle qualified early In his career
and is now proprietor of one of the
most modern undertaking establish
ments in this section of the state. He
has won an enviable reputation, not
only for being efficient in every fea
ture of his calling, but as well for the
carefulness ne exercises in suggest
ing the necessary paraphernolia for
burial. Tins reputation is not con
duct! to the city of Coldwater alone,
for Mr. Tohle conducts funerals
throughout, this section and Is well
and favorably known many miles
from his home ity. Ho handles all
ceremonies with tli3 most care and
delicacy, and is most moderate in hiu
Mr. Tohlo's parlors are first-class
in every sense of the word, well ar
ranged, excellently equipped and
tastefully decorated. His outside
equipment compares very favorably
with that of the most modern of the
metropolitan cities, offering his
clients their choice of either auto or
horse drawn funerals.
The Tohle undertaking establish
ment at Coldwater is one of which
that city and citizens may well be
proud and reflects credit upon the
community in which it is located.
The Democrat is pleased to com
pliment li i 111 upon his able and effi
cient professional work.
Pete Adams und family spent last
Sunday afternoon with John Ellis
and family.
Steve Sibert und family spent Sun
day will Heaver Creek relatives.
Mike Hnrner, of Cellna, was out
on the farm here Sunday and called
ou Coo Wilson and wife.
Harry Lew is and wife, of Portland,
Indiana, spent several days with John
Fills und family.
Lias Long and family spent Sun
day wit u Mr. Siilnn nnd family.
ErnU Bader und family and Grover
Ilines and family spent Sunday with
Chas. Biltcr nnd family.
John Davis und family, and Flihu
Davis spent Sunday with Coe Wilson
ami wife.
John Freeman, of Cellna, was de
livering fruit trees here Friday.
Mrs. Clarence Pricker and haby
baby spent Thursday with Mrs. Clelle
Jenkins and children.
Dr. Schlenker.of Cellna, was called
to Alec Kincald's Wednesday to treat
a very sick horse, which had some
lorm of liver trouble.
Mis3 Bessie Fetter spent Friday
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Fet ter.
Wm. Canary and family spent Sat
urday with Mis. Polly Canary and
son Lloyd.
Miss Nellio Hoel closed a very suc
cessful term of school here last Fri
day. Miss Grace Hoel begun the
term, bjt. on aecount of sickness was
compelled to give up teaching and
Miss Nellie tin. shed t lie term. Every
one wu satisfied the way the school
was conducted. On the closing day
the pupils nnd their teacher each pro
vided a lunch and at the noon hour
spread their dinner on the ground.
Justice wits do.ie the spread. After
the dinner was over the teacher gave
the pupiis a treat to toasted marsh
mellows. Everyone enjoyed the day.
Mrs. A. J. Boise and Mrs. Clelle
Jenkins were called to Coletown, In
Darke county, Sunday on account of
the serious illness of their niece.
Mrs. Dave Knox, of Dayton, spent
Sunday. wiln Scud Wilson and fam
ily. Verp-s Dixon and family, of Cellna,
spent Sunday evening with Samuel
Dixon and faimly.
Mrs. William Spinner spent Thurs
day evening with Clelle Jenkins and
Delbert. Huey and wife spent Sun
day afternoon with J. G. Behmer and
Monuments That Stand
For All Time Are Features of the Modern and Reliable Es
tablishment of J. E. Premer at Fort Recovery, Who Is
One of the Leading Monument Dealers of This Section,
Which Includes Eastern Indiana.
A monument is something that is
ordinarily purchased but once in a
life time and is expected to last with
out change or repair for all time to
come, and when this occasion arises
the people of this section feel a great
satisfaction in knowing that if they
consult with M'. Premer they will get
full value as well ai good quality and
woi'itmu.T.hip. The large numb'r of
nianuments 'hat he has erected n the
cemeteries of Mercer and adjoining
counties rdiow in what high estima
tion his work is held by the public.
Mr. Premer also carries the largest
pnd most complete stock of finir.i'-J
monuments and markers in this sec
lion and one has only to cupar.- ti;
quality l bis memorial to be con
vinced that Premer monuments are
pre-eminer.t. He is the pioneer in
introducing to Mercer County, the
very finest of materials for memorials
among which are the following: the
Famous Montello granite, Balfour
Pink granite, Berlin Wisconsin gran
ite, Blacii SweediBh granite. Pike
River Grey granite and many others
unknown to Mercer and surrounding
counties until introduced by Mr. I
Premer. The Famous Montello gran
ite is the very best granite known to
man and every monument set by Mr.
Premsr in this stock is guaranteed
with a jvritten guarantee both by Mr.
Premer and. also by the Montello
Granite Company who quarry this
stock. Any monument showing any
defects caused by climatic action af
ter years aud years " of exposure to
the weather will be replaced free of
all charge to the buyer of the mem
orial or his heirs or personal repre
sentatives and moreover he offers a
cash reward of one thousand dollars
to anyone producing a granite as good
as Montello.
Not only does Mr. Premer carry the
best and most expensive granites but
he handles the cheaper grades as well
for those who desire them but he nev-
or sells the cheaper grades without
explaining the fact to the customer
and consequently there are no dissat
isfied customers.
Mr. Premer is an able designer
and some of our most beautiful mem
orials are of his special design. He
is prepared to execute any special or-
dei that might be placed with him.
As to foundations, Mr. Premer be
lieves in good solid ones under mem
orials and to prove this all his mon
uments are standing erect as well be
h&ved monuments should.
That he has been elected as a dele
gate to the National Retail Monu
ment Dealers Association to be held
in Philadelphia In August proves that
Mr. Premer is a prominent figure In
State and National conventions and
also that be is up-to-date In his bus
iness. In making this review of the
onward progress of Mercer county,
the Democrat wishes to compliment
Mr. Premer upon the admirable man
ner In which he conducts his busi
ness and to suggest to our readers
that when considering anything in
his line they can not do better than
to consult with hiir.. He Is one of
the prominea business men of Mer
cer county, a steady booster and has
merited liberal support.
The Western Ohio Grain & Milling Co.
At St. Henry, Under Management H. E. Landman.Are Mer
chant Millers, Operating a Modern Plant and Extensive
Dealers in Grain and All of the Allied Lines One of the
Leading Enterprises of the Middle Western States.
The Rexall Store
At Ft. Recovery, Better Known As
the Adams Drug Store. Now Con
ducted by Otto Zimmerman, Is a
Twentieth Century Establishment,
Carrying All Dependable Drugs,
Toilet Articles, Paints and Oils.
M. A. Kessen
One of the Most Expert Concrete Con
tractors In This Section of Ohio,
Who Is Helping to Make Hold
ings in Celine, Mercer County and
Adjacent Territory Present a Pros
out and Substantial Appearance.
Mr. M. A. Kessen is recognized as
one of th most expert concrete con
tractors in this section of the state
and transacts a largo business by
reason of tho very first class work
that ho turns out for the people and
the reasonableness of his charges.
Mr. Kessen has made quite a study
of the concrete business and is fam
iliar w.lli all phase.i of the intrica
cies of the work such as the water
proofing nnd all the latest that the
scientific world has produced In tho
proper mixing and finishing of first
class work. Mr. Rest en Is prepared
to give estimate's on foundation, slde
alks, copelngs and porches and all
other classes of work. Mr. Kessen
is thoroughly abreast of the times
ou the architectural features of his
business and rt is able to design a
porch for you that will be strictly
up to the minute.
Mr. Kessen Is one of the thorough
ly reliable contractors In this section
of the country and in this Prosper
ity tdltlon of the Democrat, we are
glad to give commendable mention
to his business activities and assure
all our readers that whatever they
have In the cement line can be efN
trusted to Mr. Kessen with the great
est of confidence.
Rev. Suavely preached a very in
teresting sermon Sunday at Mt. Car
niel. Clello Jenkins and family took
dinner with Clarence Brlcker and
family Sunday,
Mrs. Joe Puncher visited with her
parents for a few days, at this place.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hanes have
returned to their home at New Lon
don. Jaiucj Kanorr and family have
moved on South Main street here.
Wm. Khoadob and wife were at Ce
llna Sunday.
Budy Uricker and wife and baby
spent Saturday evening with George
Ilelmer mid wtfe.
Freewalt and Rothaar are putting
down .1 well for Grandma Rhoades.
Mrs. Sherman Adams and daugh
ter spen; Saturday at the home of
Grandma Rhoades.
Fred Adams and family called on
LIU Rhoades und family last Sunday
George Helmer and wife spent last
Sflr.day und Monday with relatives at
Salem und Decatur, Indiana.
Notico is hereby given that until th
28th day of April, 1917 one o'clock p. m.
scaled proposals will be received at the
oltlce of ihe Clerk of the Board of Edu
cation of Liberty townthlp for painting
two school nouses in DIst. No. 8 and 9.
Also four concrete porches In DIst, No. 6,
8. 9, 10 u-id repairing porch In Dint. No. 3,
according to the plans and specifications
on file '.i the Clerk's olllee. None out
the lowest responsible bid will be accept
ed, nnd the board reserves the right to
reject all bids.
Hy order of the Board of Education
A Mammoth Enterprise
Is the Beaver Creek Stone Crushing Plant, Whose Large
Interests Are Centered Here in Mercer County, With
Crushers and Quary Four Large Auto Trucks Deliver
Products of Karch Plant Over This Section of Ohio.
Radiating progress and industry
The Western Ohio Grain and Milling
Company under the management of
H. E. Landman, at. St. Henry is es
sentially one of the most important
factors in the commercial life f Mer
cer county and through its efforts
have resulted to a laig'-i extent the
agricultural development of this sec
tion of Ohio.
The plant of The Western Ohio
Grain and Milling Company one of
the most modern and best (quipped
mills in the middlewestern states and
is admira ! located as regards the
receiving arid shipping to a;l parts of
the country of the products in which
it deals so extensively 'ihe r .ill has
been re-equipyed from time to time
as was necesisaty to keep with
the advances made in Milling machin
cry and is possessed of the most up-
to-date equipment of the period in
use in the manufacture of flour. It
has a capacity of many barrels per
day and in point of construction and
equipment represents the acme of
perfection iu twentieth century mill
ing. ' Through this model mechani
cal equipment only the choicest of
winter wheat is used. In fact wheat.
that has undergone analysis by ex
perts and in addition every grain is
thoroughly cleaned before being man
ufactured into flour. This insures
the upblic of a pure wholesome pro
duct that retains both the moisture
and the natural nutty flavor. By
having an extraordinarily large stor
age capacity and- using the very lat
est scientific knowledge they are able
to produce "Silver-Leaf" in its uni
formity. The facilities of the plant for
handling other grains and allied pro
ducts ate thoroughly complete and
compare favorably with the country's
largest plants. The Western Ohio
Milling Company is a large concern
with ample capital and circulates
.thousands ol dollars annually
through this section. It Is the prom
inent milling company of this part of
the mlddlewest and it is not strange
therefore that everybody considers It
their duty to boost for "Silver-Leaf",
for In addiion to the superiority of
this product, such boosting assists in
keeping money in local circulation.
The ieed department is In charge
of competent and authoratlve hands
ud their operations and manufac
ture Includes middlings, bran, chop,
oil meal, cotton seed meal, bay, salt
and everything tlse that you would
expect of such a modern and up-to-date
concern. The seed department
is operatad on the principle of scien
tific production must be born of scien
tific methods and the latest informa
tion is at your service. The feed de
partment is also in charge of experts
and thin line, includes not only do
mestic feeds that have proven their
worth hut imported feeds of the high
est nutritive value.
.The acute business judgment and
foresight of JJ. E. Landman, the
manager, has placed this concern in
Ihe middle-western industrial world
that it holds today. He and his com
pany are responsible to a large de
gree, for the agricultural develop
ment of Mercer county as they fur
nish the farmers with an excellent
market for their products and with
a service that is second to none.
Througn his progressive, straight
forward and nboveboard policies he
has built up a trade of immense pro
portions tor The Western Ohio Grain
nd Millinz Company and the reputa
tion of being one- of the most promi
nent, reliable and thoroughly up-to-
date concerns of the middlewest.
in maiung tins review or our on
ward progress The Deocrat is pleas
ed to direct your special attention to
The Western Ohio Grain and Milling
Company as one or the distinctive
features of the Industrial and agri
cultural efficiency of Mercer county
and to Mr. Landman as one of our
eminent and successful business
men and manufacturers who has
merited the prominent position he
holds in the industrial life of this
ection and who has always been a
teady booster for St. Henry and of
Mercer county, lending his support
nd assistance to all propositions that
promised pubjic improvement.
The Rexall Store of Otto Zimmer
man at Ft. Recovery is a twentieth
century establishment that is strict
ly up-to-date and an institution that
is conducted along strictly modern
lines, carrying leaders in the various
lines of the period. '
A full line of dependable drugs Is
of course tne leading feature of the
place, and, no matter what you may
need in this line, all you have to do
i;-to go here and your every need will
bctukencare of. Prescriptions will be
filled as carefully here as if you were
filling It yourself.
In addition to this they carry a
full line. Oi druggists' sundries, In
cluding paints, stains and varnishes
and toilet preparations and various
The store is headquarters for the
world famous Rexall line of family
medicines and toilet articles. The
name Rexall signifies King of All,
and the formulas, are no secret, for
they will ti you what they all are
if you desire it. They are guaran
teed and your money wll be refund
ed if you desire it.
Mr. Zimmerman conducts an estab
lishment tjiat is heaquarters for hun
dreds of people in their line and an
establishment that is adding much to
the efficiency of Fort Recoevry, as a
trading center. He is a druggist and
business man of more than ordinary
ability. He is one of the men who
have merited the commercial success
that they have achieved in this sec
tion anil the Democrat in setting
forth the advantages of Mercer coun
ty wishes to give commendable men
tion to Mr. Zimmerman's modern es
tablishment and the commendable
policies he follows in Its management.
It Is very doubtful if any enter
prise in America has been marked by
such Immense progress as has The
Beaver Creek Stone Crushing Plant,
which is one of the largest institu
tions of its kind in the middlewest
From a vertible "hole in the ground"
to a flourishing industry transacting
an immense volume of business, its
history reads like one of the tales of
the famous Alladin of olden times,
Not that theie has been any magic
lamp In the success of the Beaver
Creek Crushing Plant for the only
magic used was hard work and the
wisdom and knowledge that always
breeds success.
In this comprehensive review of
the Industrial progress of Mercer
county It is essential that prominent
mention be nude of this enterprise,
which has been one of the vital fac
tors in the development of this sec
tion. Their plant at Beaver Creek is
strictly modern and up-to-date in ev
ery particular and is equipped with
the very latest of modern machinery.
The scientists that have given this
matter careful study have decided
what is most efficient and the com
pany nas adopted the machinery just
as soon as It has received their ap
proval. A railroad through the
piant tiansfers the materials from
the quarry to crushers. The quality
of the stone has no superior and the
vast quantities that are shipped to
every point o fthe compass have met
with the commendation of the pur
chasers and have greatly aided in
building up the middlewestern states.
In Mercer county particularly in
dustrial progress has been benefitted
by The Peaver Creek Stone Crushing
Plant. There is nothing more im
portant than the development of good
country roads and they have furnish
ed largo quantities of stone to Mercer
county, being one of the firms that
has been selected by the county offi
cials to supply the greater part of
their orders for this product.
It can leadily be seen that thou
sands of dollars are placed in local
circulation by this company which
otherwise would never make acquain
tance with the people of this section.
The large scale of their activities,
the industrial wisdom of the manager
Mr. John W. Karch and the straight
forwardness of his dealing have won
for him a place in the hearts of the
people of Mercer county and many
patrons in other sections. Mr. Karch
and his associates are prominent citi
zens of this community, identified
for years with her progress, and al
ways boosting for the community in
vhich their large enterprise is locat
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The Fox & Hess Co.
Operate a Modern Mill and Elevator
at Coldwater, Furnishing Farmers
With An Excellent Market for
Grain Make "Water Lily," a Su
perior Brand of Flour An Import
ant Factor in Our Commercial Life.
The Coldwater Electric Light Co.
Under the Efficient Direction of Frank Conrad, Is One of the
Commendable Public Utilities of Mercer County, and
Has Merited the Praise and Support of the People,
Which It Has Received in Liberal Measure.
In setting forth the advantages of
Mercer county and vicinity one of
the features that must be given a very
prominent mention is the very fine
service that is furnished to Coldwater
by Mr. Frank Conrod who directs the
Coldwater Electric Light Co. There
can be no questioning the fact that
the stores, the places of amusement
and the homes of Coldwater are" as"
well, if not better, lighted than those
of many cities in the country. Pro
gress and the attainment of all mod
ern conveniences are not confined to
the larger metropolitan centers, and
this is proved by the fact that this
popular man furnishes Coldwater
with a class of electric light and pow
er service that is unsurpassed in this
Ther5 are not. many cities the size
of Coldwater that enjoy such excell
ent electric, light service as -Mr. Con
rad and his company furnish. This
service is one of the important fea
tures of the commercial cterelopment
of any city and the fact The Coldwa
ter Electric Light Company is serving
the public so satisfactorily adds in
ao littlo measure to the progress and
expansion cf the community in which
it is located.
There is no questioning the fact
that the people of Coldwater and vic
inity owe a debt of gratitude to Mr.
Conrad for the very commendable
light service which he furnishes and
The Democrat is pleased to give him
prominent mention as one of the fore
most business men of Mercer County
whose progressive efforts have merit
ed the success that has been his nor-
The city that provides the farmers
of the currounding country with a
marke. for their grain and produce
is the one which will attatn the
greatest measure of prosperity. The
fact that the Fox and Hess Company
at Coldwater pay the highest market
prices at all times brings many dol
lars worth of business to that city
and alda in no small degree in mak
ing it a live and progressive town.
The Fox tmd Hess Company know
the business In which they are en
gaged from the ground up. The ap
plication of up to date business meth
ods by the management and the sus
taining of the mill's reputation for
fair and honest dealing with their
customers has won for them a prom
inent place in the life of the middle
western states. The farmers in the
territory for many miles around have
come to understand that they can
alwayB get the highest market prices.
But the Fox and' Hess Company
do not limit their dealing to their
operation:! In grain. The flour that
Is manufactured has won favor
througout th!s section and has prov
ed its superiority under all condi
tions. They specialize In producing
clean and sanitary flour that can al
ways be depended upon, hence hun
dreds of housewives demand "White
Lily," which is manufactured at their
There is no questioning the fact
that the Fcx and Hess Company and
their larg' establishment at Coldwat
er are Important factors in the agri
cultural and commercial life of this
Siler Brothers' New Garage
A Finely Conducted One, and One of Largest and Most Effi
cient of Its Kind in This Section of the State Are Sales
Agents for the Famous Allen Automobiles, and Are Me
chanics That Know the Business from A to Z.
With so ma'by automobiles on the
market the progressive purchaser is
besieged with the literature and ar
guments in favor of the buying of
every make of machine. To read this
matter and to listen to these sales
men one cauunt help but to notice
the similiarity of their argument.
But in this profusion, there are a
few cars that stand out prominently
iorlty on many occasions. It is made
In all the styles and sizes and will an
swer your every need both for busi
ness and pleasure.
Siler Bros, also operate a first
class garage which is headquarters
for everything pertaining to the au
tomobile. They are machinists of
ability and no matter what may be
wrong with your car thev or nno nt
their eificient assistants will repair
above all others and these are the it for yu and you will be able to
cars that the wise buyer investigates, drive along as usual No matter
Foremost among them is the Allen, whether it in
and the fact that the Allen organiza- parts or tho complete overhauling of
tion has selected Slier Bros, to be the your machine, Siler Bros will be ahl
sales agents, of Celina, for this mach- to look after the work for vou in
lne in Meteor county is a tribute to first-class -manner. In this ProsDer-
their business sagacity and also shows ity Edition of the Democrat we arV.
good Judgment on the part of Slier frlad to give commendable mention to
L ros. This car of national reputa- S.ler Bros, aud the first class esUb-
tion that has demonstrated iU supor- lisnment that Ihey couduct

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