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The Pinch Back is a
Cracker jack
For a Young Man. It has
the snap and go that all the
young fellows like still
not flashy for the fellows
who are old in years but
not in spirit.
Worn by the best dressed
and liked by all, the pinch
back is the favorite for
Spring and Summer.
We still have a splendid
selection of the most want
ed, scarcest and hardest to
find just now in desirable
fabrics and colors. But we
are lucky in that respect,
in that we just received a
delayed shipment that
should have been here a
month ago, and as per con
tract received a price al
lowance, by reason of
which you will be surprised
at the special prices we are
making at
in Blue Serges and fancy
sport mixtures, and some
beautiful models from
$18.00 to $25.00
Real beauties, the kind that make you look and want
even the young ladies say they wish they could wear them.
In fact, it's just as a traveling man said when he looked
them over, that it would be hard to find as large or more
complete line of bright colors and snappy styles in the
most exclusive city gent's furnishing goods store. If .you
did you'd pay at least 75c to a dollar for the same high
quality of silk and tine make and finish instead of our price
of 50 cents. They couldn't keep up on so small a profit.
But President Wilson has requested all merchants to
do their bit and keep the country sane and fit by quick
sales and small profits. That, of course, has always been
our motto, and we will still strive to do more, but we think
it's as much or more necessary to use our best judgment
and care as to quality, good, dependable goods, that will
wear and give satisfaction. People are just beginning to
find out the deception, and it's getting worse every day,
but when you trade with us you don't take any chances.
Everything bought at this store must be right and give
full value or we make it such. Our goods and prices must
be right when people come only to look, always buy, and
what is more encouraging, that so many either come or
send their friends and neighbors to buy. If you have not
been in the store since the change, come in and renew old
acquaintances and look around. We will be pleased to
meet you.
Union Block, CELINA, OHIO
Storm Sower Assessment "' Much
kickiiiK Mai lor Comes JJofore
Hails Next Moolinu
Council held a brief session last
Tuesday night with" all members pres
ent but Coate, and with Mayor Scran
ton presiding.
The monthly reports of the Mayor
and Hoard of Public Affairs were
lead and approved and a number of
bills allowed.
W. F. Sohunck was granted per
mission to install a gasoline tank in
from of his auto supply and ire store
on West Fayette street.
The Mayor appointed Art Woods
as fireman for the three months pa
role service.
A number of East side property
owners wer present to look after their
interests for change of assessment on
the East Side Storm sewer. They
weie informed to their complaints
in writing with the Village Clerk.
There is quite a bunch of dissatisfied
owners .and their seems to be some
very grave errors in the report of the
assessing committee, due to lack of
proper information, it would seem,
that should have been furnished them
by Engineer Fishbaugh.
The matter will come up for con
sideration at the next meeting of
ii imam: socii:ty klkctk
The Mercer county Humane society
elected the following Board of Di
rectors at a meeting held last Mon
day evening: Mrs. S. H. Crockett,
Mrs. Alice Lewis, A. C. F. Gilberg, J.
W. T.oree, Robert Graff, O. A. I'etrie
R. H. Chapman and II. Fond.
It. H. Chapman and Humane Olb
cer P A. Ellis were chosen as dele
gates to the State convention of Hu
mane Societies to be held at Piqua
May 22 and 23.
The Board of Deputy State Super
visors of Elections met In the Com
missioner's office last Tuesday after
noon and organized by selecting H. F.
Drury, Republican, of Center town
ship ,as Chief, and Attorney John G.
Homer, Democrat, of this city, as
clerk. , .
Ti'lored I Fashion Pirk
i in. i i r
Conservative Sun Turns Bat
teries on Alcohol.
New York. The Prohibition wave
in the South and West has hit this
metropolis. Prohibition is dis
cussed in clubs, business houses, and
hotel lobbys. Even the newspapers
do not hesitate to declare that it is
not impossible for Prohibition to
overwhelm New York City.. Some
mornings ago the entire city gasped
on reading the following in the Sun
which has never been considered
friendly to Prohibition:
"King Alcohol's record is a sorry
one. Wherever his commercial ex
ploitation has been undertaken and
where has it not? a story of
wretched villainy has been, written.
The custodians of his business inter
ests have shown themselves ready
always and everywhere to ally them
selves with the worst elements of the
community. Wherever a direputable
den needed a friend one of the King's
fatuous men was sure to volunteer.
Wherever conditions became so bad
that a community rose in wrath to
abate intolerable nuisances one of his
court was at hand to combat cleanli
ness and bolster up vice. Wherever
weakness and ignorance gave some
little sign of striving for better
things some retainer of this arrogant
monarch was at hand to stifle it. Not
a bad cause lacked support from his
well-stuffed coffers, not a good
movement enlisted their assistance.
Corruption has recruited its first
lieutenants, its captains;, its generals
in chief from his train; every oppor
tunity for dirty work has been seized
ty them greedily; every indecency
cf business, of policies, of humanity
at large has been bolstered and up
held by his retainers."
WANTED Boat builders, cabinet mnk
,.t, joiners, painters, first-class all
iround carpenters, caulkers, pipe fitters,
.ind men who know how to Install en
gines. We have clean and well ventilat
ed shops. Port Clinton Is situated on
Uike Erie In the center of the famous
Iruit growing district, on the main line
of the New York Central Railroad; a Kood
inexpensive little town to make your
iiome In, within easy reach of the Great
iakes summer resorts, and there Is plen
:y of fishing, hunting and baiting. Non
union shop. We offer good wages and
...tcadv work. Tranxportation refunded.
ton, Ohio.
John Morrow's
Star Grocery
Lininger Bldg
Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits and
Vegetables. Prices always low. Quality the
best. Come in and compare our prices with
other groceries, in Celina or elsewhere.
We pay the highest cash price for But
ter and Eggs.
Remember the place.
Judge Miller last Tuesday granted
a divorce to Thersa Uarga from her
husband, Nickolaus Uarga, on the
grounds of cruelty and gross neglect
of duty. Plaintiff was given custody
of their two minor children.
tiff In
case of M. J. Hemmert, plain
error, vs. State of Ohio, defen
in error, was submitted to
Miller Wednesday and taken
advisement. Judge Mattingly
nted the plaintiff and Prose
Attornev Stubbs arid Assistant
Attorney Dempsey, the defnd-
Tells of the Benefits of Prohibition In
Toledo, Ohio, George W. Metzgar,
former merchant of this city, and now
engaged in the merchandise business
in Denver, writing to a Toledo friend
as to the operation of Prohibition in
Colorado, says:
"15y the way, if anyone tells you
that Prohibition in Colorado is not
a success, or has not benefitted busi
ness, you can tell him he is telling
an untruth.
"The benefits to business and to the
people have been wonderful. We
voted dry two years ago, but Denver
went wet by 8.000. Last fall, when
ac amendment was voted on to al
low the manufacture in the state of
beer alone, Denver went dry by
; 2,000, a difference of 20,000 votes in
"There is less crime, more shoes,
'ess booze, fewer bad accounts, hap
pier homes and fewer people in jailf
nd hospitals, and taxes are lower
mid vacant houses fewer."
CKKN, all parties having relatives and
friends buried in the cemeteries of ( enter
township. -Mercer County, Ohio, to mark
the graves of vour relative and friends
by May 1 :1 7. so the Trustees can lev
el' and clean the grounds of tile dillercnl
cemeteries. m. 1(,,,IV.
liy order of TOWNSHIP TKI S Thl'.S.
Universal City Is prepared. There
has been a tremendous outburst of pa
triotism nt the picture capitnl, which
had an opportunity for expression the
other day on the occasion of the rais
ing of the new flag to the top of the
new pole. Mr. Lnemmle, Universale
president, ordered the pole while on
hisTecent visit to the film capital, and
n n
Universal City Is Prepared.
the picture players turned out In a
body to celebrate the first flying of the
nation's emblem.
Lots were drawn for the honor of
landling the halyards, and fell -to
Molly Malone and Mignon Anderson,
two of the prettiest players In the
:ompany. One of the orchestras,
which was playing for a dramatic pro
luctlon, was requisitioned to lead the
'Star Spangled Banner," and the great
roup of players clustered about the
tmse of the tall pole joined In singing
the national anthem, as the jred and
vhlte stripes, with the starred blue
leld, rose for the first time into the
At (be SUn csTiJtaJ they give Presi
f Ii l
i rTITf .nT l; I.
The following were the quotation! for
strain, livestock, poultry and produce In
the Celina market yesterday evening:
(Furnished by Euckland Milling Co.)
Wheat, per liushel 3 25
Corn, per hundred pounds 2 20
Oats, per hushel tS
Hailev. per IiusIh-I.t. 1 10
Kc, per bushel 1 60
Clover I" CO
Alslku 10 00
Tuiiutliy, per bushel 2 GO
(Furnished by J.W. & L.G.McMlllen)
T'liiolliy, haled per ton 15 00
Mixed 14 00
Clover 15 OU
(Furnished by Frank Fischer)
Hons ! !!' 15 00
Veal Calves X .'"'" H 00
CUle 6 50(10 00
(Furnished by Laudahn & Meiarvey)
Mutter, per pound ?0c
Kkks. Per dozen 30c.
l-dird. per pound -22c
1'otitoes, new, per bushel 3 10
ISig Pete says be has about 10,000
pair of shoes to be sold at last year's
prices which will save you $1.00 to
$3.00 per pair. ,
"Doctors siiould become total
abstainers," Dr. Haven Emerson,
New York commissioner of public
health, toM 150 Boston physicians
the other day. He continued:
"Their wives also should have the
courage to bar r.lcohol in any form
from their tables. We all know
that drink fcas not a leg to stand
on, yet do not always set a good
Dr. Emerson advices the co
operation of doctors with boards
or health throughout the state,
particularly in smaller towns, in
an attempt to lessen the demand
for alcoholic drinks by spreading
information about their harmful
dent Wilson's daughter, Mrs. Wm. Mc
Adoo, the credit for the formation of
the volunteer compnny among the Uni
versal players. All unconsciously, she
brought about the organization of a
company as spectacular as the famous
"Rough Riders" of Colonel Roosevelt.
There are 6,000 Inhabitants at Univer
sal City, and among them hundreds of
during, hardy, experienced chnps, who
form Ideal material for soldiers, while
the actresses, not to be outdone, are
forming a Red Cross corps.
Jack Mulhnll, starred In Red Feath
er photoplays, is a clever boxer.
Eddie Polo, playing in the Red
Feather, "The Bronee Bride," belonged
to a circus for 15 years.
Charles Hill Mniles, Universal char
acter actor, is a naturalized American,
having been born In Nova Scotia.
Ella Hall, the little Bluebird star,
plays with her mother, who looks like
her double, in her new Bluebird pic
ture, Hurry Carey, Universal's famous
player of western roles. Is a licensed
skipper, having sailed bonts all his
Claire McDowell, star of the Red
Feather, "The Bronze Bride,". Is a
grnndnlece of Sim Reeves, the famous
English tenor.
Myrtle Gonzalez, the Bluebird lend
ing lady, had to learn to walk on snow
shoes for her latest Bluebird picture,
directed by Lynn Reynolds and culled
"The Code of the Klo tdyke."
Herbert Rawllnson, Universal star,
Is one of the few leading men on the
screen who have no ambition to direct
as well.
William Franey, leading comedian
of the Universal Jokers, disguises him
self so completely on the screen that
he has never J)een recognized, even In
Los Angeles.
' Thii Dunham Is making a fire pic
ture, upon whlcl he and Vln Moore
are concentrating their efforts as co
directors. Phil Is a fire chief, and he
and Moore will superintend the de-.
struction by fire of ac entire L-KO
set In order to add realism to the
1'nvoitMl by Xulloiml iN'feiiHe Council
Meeting lit Fort lUfovwy
Tw0 Interesting and well atte
meetings under the direction of
National Defense Council were
lit Uockford Wednesday night a
nd at
Wabash last night.
Anothed Meeting will be
Vt Hecoverv this (Friday) ev
Ft. Recovery has been advertl
their meeting ciuite extensively
it to nvnonluil tVtulf mootlllf? Wi
"TU I ft I ft ' - 111111 w - -
Only one meeting was alloted
the council to eacn county, uui
1 1 . 1
cause or me agi luuuui ui
here Mr. Mesion succeeueu in
ing tnree meetings.
nm:.K von tiik farm
A number of boys from the local
high school have been given leave of
absence for the rest of the school
year for an opportunity to assist Id
farm work in response to an appeal
recently sent out by Governor cox.
Most of the boys will work on their
father's land and there will be keen
rivalry to see which one can aid In
helnine to raise the most corn to the
acre. They will no doubt, put Into
niaetiee th aerlcultural aid they
have obtained under the direction of
Leltoy Jenkins, hend of the manual
training department, and of the num
who will return to school In the fall,
will have much to tell of their work
and its results. Several on the list
are Keillors and the others are fresh
men, sopnomoies and juniors. They
will be iven credit for their work.
The list Is as follows: Stanley Van
ry, Haiold Dilib;e, Floyd Groves,
Clar itu McMt'iray, Worth Reau
champ, Fred Snavely, ilobert Hi
bam, Kri.est Bailey, Mad-son Silcr,
Orley Morrison Minor Ricketts,
Floyd Trenary, Ernest Becher, Hom
er Hole Everett ' Barker, Cyrus An
drews, Harry Hall, Hugo Fahncke,
Willard York Clarence Pummel,
Louis A ml rows, Harold Brookhart,
Arthur Hansell, Ralph Felver, Milan
Fav-;t, Urban Bauer, Henry Bollenba
cher, Jacob Hole, James Andrews,
and Ralph Beauchamp.
Washington, May 10
senate conferees on the
House and
army bill on
Wednesday afternoon a
greed on its
nav increase feature an
das a result
all enlisted men receivi
ng less than
raised $10 a
$21 per month will be
Postmaster Forest L. May and wife
of Dayton, are guests of the latter's
mother, Mrs. Hein.
Mrs. Donald Emerson, East Fulton
street, is the guest of relatives at
Portland, Indiana, this week.
Mrs. William Aller, of Toledo, has
returned home after a visit of sever
al weeks with her mother, Mrs. Min
nie Stemen, East Fayette street.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Allis, of Woos
ter, have returned home after a visit
with Mrs. Ailis's parents. Dr. and
Mrs. J. E. Hattery, East Market St.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goslee, of Wa
pakoneta, were first of the week
guests of the latter's4 parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Philip Deitsch, East Livings
ton street.
Mrs. Orvelle Raudabaugh was at
Paulding the first of last week in at
tendance at the welding of her cous
in, Miss Florence Ross to Mr. William
Eyler, of Akron.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abraham, of
Muncie, Ind.; Ben Schlenker, of Cin-
nati; Mr. and Mrs. John Shclenker
and (laughter, of Delphos; Mrs. Geo,
Becher and Mrs. Henry Becher, of
Chaftanooga; Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Spriggsfof near Wabash, attended the
funeral of Carl Schlenker, which was
held last Saturday morning at the
home of his mother on East Warren
Chamber of Commerce Ha Numertui
Special Facilities for Bensfit of
Members and Out of Town Buyers.
Among the special facilities offered
without cost to Cleveland manufac
turers by The Cleveland Chamber of
Commerce are those provided by tfca
following departments:
Transportation Department: Main
tains accurate files of shipping tariffs
and other data; investigates disputed
claims for damages to shipments; pre
tects shippers' Interests affected by
state or national legislation or rulings
of the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion. . Foreign Trade Department: De
3igned by the Government as a co-operative
branch office of the United
States Bureau of Foreign and Domes
tic Commerce, distributes Information
soneerning foreign trade opportunities
Dbtained through consular sources or
by Hie Bureau's special agents, and
id vises local manufacturers with ref
srence to ftiethods or promoting for
ign trade.
Industrial Development Department:
Refers to Cleveland firms out-of-town
Inquiries. for their products and main
tains for this purpose a comprehensive
r '"org' index: secures new In
a us tries ror Cleveland, special efforts
being made to Increase the already
great diversity of local manufactures;
compiles commercial statistics and dis
tributes widely facts about industrial
Financing: The financing of Indus
tries removing to Cleveland is the
function of The Cleveland Industrial
Development Company, founded In
1916 by the Cleveland Chamber 'of
Commerce. Prominent Clevelanders
compose the company's board of direc
tors and list of stockholders.
ions w iiiKitiur nnniii nnpnin
Do not forget that corn will be the
main-stay crop while the world Is
hungry. It will furnish feed In and
out of the house. It makes bread as
well as pork and beef. We could
get along without most anything else
better than we could give up corn.
Plant it plenty. Good seed Is the
need. Whcn corn Is one dollar a
bushel, one bad ear of seed corn
planted, Is as bad as burning up a
ten dollar bill.
The world Is talking about the
farm and the coming crop. Millions
are on short ratiouB. Grow corn. It
will feed everybody and everything.
Mine Gott will you be my pardner?
You don't know who I am?
I am the German Kaiser
Der Emperor Will-I-Yam.
You know I whipped dem Beljlans
Und mitt bullets filled Russia full
Und I'll whip France and Italy
Und blow up Johnny Bull.
Now all dem other nations
I don give a damn,
if you just be my pardner
Und whip dot Uncle Sam.
You know I gott dem submarines
All Europe knows dot well
But dot Edison gat a patent now
Dot blows dem all to hell. .
Now Cbtt If you will do me this
Di n yoti I will always love
Und I will be Emperor of der earth
L'nd you be Emperor above.
But Gott if you refuse me this.
Tomorrow night at leven
I'll call nine Zeppelins out
Und declare war on Heaven
I wouldn't ask dis from youn
But it can be plainyl seen
Dot when Edison pushes dot button
I got no submarine.
Arrangements have been complet
ed to open agencies to supply farm
labor In 20 Ohio cities. They are
Cle eland, Akron, Athens, Canton,
Chillicothe, Cincinnati, Columbus,
Dayton Hamilton, Lima, , Mansfield,
Marion, Portsmouth Springfield, Steu
benville Tiffin, Toledo, Washington
C. H., Youngstown and Zanesville.
Farmers In need of labor should ar
range to make their wants known at
o.m: ;r.ux more per ear corx
If only one grain of corn could be
added to each ear grown in 1917, it
would mean six million bushels of
corn for the United States. At 60
cents a bushel this would add $3,600
000 t0 the farmers wealth. It would
cost nothing except a trifle of effort
to test seed, or cultivate a little more
carefully, or watch the wastes more
Mrs. Peter Rihm and little daugh
ter, Florence Elanor, went to their
new home in Celina, Saturday morn
ing after a visit of two weeks In this
city with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rihm.
The Rihms are moving to Celina from
Bellefontaine, where Mr. Rihm is now
manager of the new Deissel-Wemmer
cigar factory. Wapakoneta Daily
ST. MARYS fer 1 9
I j400Performers-400 3--R. R. TrainS"3V
lll'Ifo finn rtnn p.n:ni
is&izuu-acis, reaiores
.ClATrained Wild
S-Mlle, Golden, Glittering, One 50c ticket admits to all. ChD
Bewildering, Million - Dollar ren ,unde'' "I,.p.r,ee- 1e"ta
fn -pJLi in a xr Illuminated by electricity at night.
Street Parade at 10 A. ivo performances daily, a and 8
Preceding First Performance P. M. Poors open 1 and 7 P. M.
mi i.iixii
Mrs. J. L. Fennlg, East Wfayne
street, pleasuntly entertained last
Monday evening In honor of the ap
proaching marriage of her daughter,
MIhb Ruth, to Mr. D. W. Allen, of
North Baltimore, which will be an
event of the forepart of next month.
Mr .and Mrs. J. J. Bills entertain
ed last Sunday at their home on West
Anthony street In honor of their
fifteenth wedding anniversary.
About forty employees of the Dels-el-W'ciniiier
Company went to the
home of Mulln T. Nevlll, West South
street, Thursday evening and gave
him a romlpete surprise. The event
was given as a farewell reception to
Mr. Neville who will leave soon to.
take up the superintendent of a'
Deisel-Wemmer factory in Celina.
The guests presented Mr. Neville with
a beautiful rocking chair and flowers.
The evening was passed in playing
games and several selections of lnj
strumental and vocal music were ren
dered. The vocal iiiubIc was furnish
ed by a uuartet oC young men the
Luke City Quartet. After a very en
joyable evening an appetizing lunch
was served t0 the guests. St. Marys
Miss Nellie Brumm, West Market
street, entertained the Queen Ester
Circle last Monday evening. At the
close of a pleasing program the fol
lowing officers were elected: Presi
dent, Nelle Brumm; 1st vice presi
dent, Clyde Andrews; 2nd vice pres
ident, Ethel Crampton; recording sec
retary, Francis Watson; Press and
corresponding secretary Ruth Shina
bery; treasurer, Winifred Johnson.
The regular meeting of the W. F.
M. society of th M. E. church was
held in the church parlors Tuesday
afternoon. The next meeting will
be held June 12. .
Miss Elizabeth Miller, North Wal
nut street, pleasantly entertained the
Bridge Club last Monday evening. In
a progressive contest favors fell to
Miss Marie Betz. Miss Loretta
Rhelnhart was a guest of the club.
Rev. Wm. Nungester, of Bryant,
Ind., pastor of Heaver Chapel, on the
date of May 20th, at 7:30 p. m. will
deliver a temperance sermon to which
the public Is Invited. Also services
immediately after Sunday school.
Come and enjoy the treat In store
for you.
On Real Estate for
Twenty Years
At a reasonable rate of interest. Pay
back any amount at uny time and stop
Interest. Xo commission charged.
Tlie Wagner Loan Co.
imun.Bj to nnn nnnlLilIO
ana densaiiunwuui
Animals f roro
uermany. SSfJ

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